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#BubbleGang - May 22, 2015

On the May 22, 2015 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Anything you're looking for can be found in the LOST and FOUND!

- "Pinalayas ako" gags

- Jealousy at the class reunion...

- Antonietta was abducted by Mylene Dizon and faces a much familiar foe!

- IKAW AT ANG INA takes on "Can't Sleep" posts!

- More helpful advice from Tata Lino!

  • Ang mata ay sa harap para makita ang daan at hindi sa likod para tanawin ang nagdaan.
  • Kung hindi totoo ang forever na yan, ba't ang lolo't lola mo, nagbabahay-bahayan?
  • Ang buhok ko'y puti na at ang balat ko'y kulubot pero ang tungkod ko'y matigas at hindi bumabaluktot.
- Soaperman and Batnaman are stopping the bank robbers!

- Istambay, Istambay sa Looban, 'Tigil na muna ang Pagte-textan, Eto ang kwentong kapitbahayan, Away sa maliit na...DAHILAN!

- More lait-lait from the one-and-only Lala Ytera!

The Forevermore ending

The show Forevermore has became a phenomenal hit with fans not just in the Philippines but also the rest of the world via TFC and they just can't get enough seeing how the Xagnes love story, which in the case of Xander (played by Enrique Gil) and Agnes (Liza Soberano), starting to unfold from the start to the finish.

Now, here comes the ending of Forevermore everyone's been talking about. In the finale, we saw Xander and Agnes stranded in the middle of nowhere during a sudden downpour. While stranded in the middle of nowhere, Agnes began telling the truth to Xander, about how she felt when he left him, about how she met Jake, and how she overcome during Xander's departure. Meanwhile, everyone at La Presa's worrying about these two.

When the rain stopped and the sun shines, the people of La Presa finally found Xander and Agnes safe and sound. Meanwhile, upon arriving at the hotel, Xander tells the truth to everyone at the board, including his mother and his grandmother. Upon telling the truth, he exposed that the San Juans are held responsible for sabotaging La Presa's water supply and therefore arrested for their charges.

Meanwhile, Papang (Joey Marquez) gave Agnes some allowance for her trip to Japan and knowing how much she's grown. Agnes felt the same too, knowing that she's free to do whatever she wants. As for the people of La Presa, they're feasting about Jake and Agnes' departure. Agnes shares some of her memorable moments while living in La Presa.

As for Xander, he explains about his love for Agnes to his friend Alex (Erich Gonzales) and Alex felt even more emotional upon knowing about Xander's feelings towards Agnes. After his chat with Alex, Xander rushed to La Presa to find Agnes but Papang told that Agnes left.

Agnes left wondering at the countryside during a rainfall and when Xander encountered her, he has sworn that he will never make the same mistake to Agnes and he will always be there to her forever. When Agnes showed Xander the ring, he threw it away, knowing that love isn't about twin strawberries, Xander showed the ring to Agnes and then goes his four little words "will you marry me?". Agnes happily says yes!

Forevermore ending

This concludes the story of Forevermore.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Let's Do The News! (May 22, 2015)

- The Islamic State has taken over the last Syrian government-controlled border crossing between Syria and Iraq as government troops retreated from the border. With the border takeover, the IS are beginning to take control of the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra. What's worse, they'll be using the ancient ruins as their main line of defense against airstrikes.

- A report from an ASEAN correspondent from BBC delves deeper on the human trafficking trade in Thailand. He spent six months analyzing the gruesome human trade occurred in this ASEAN nation.

- British PM David Cameron plans to negotiate the EU on restricting migrants' access to the UK welfare system. He wants to ensure that the nation's benefits are not a drive of the EU's freedom of movement rules.

- Cho Hyun-ah, the former Korean Air executive infamous for her "nut rage" last year, was released when the appeals court overturned her conviction for violating aviation safety laws.

- It is said that the National Security Agency plans to hack Google and Samsung's app stores to plant spyware on smartphones. It was all part from the leaked info by fugitive Edward Snowden regarding the NSA targeting innocent people by spying on their data.

- The Philippine National Railways is unlikely to continue their operations before the start of the school year next month because rail experts from the US were recently arrived this week and they will resume their operations likely before the June 12 Independence Day.

- The next generation of Need For Speed is coming on the PC, PS4, and XBOX One this fall. Here's your first look at the upcoming racing game.

- A new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game has announced! It will be titled Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon and it's coming on the 3DS late 2015.

- Rin Hoshizora from Love Live! anime series loves ramen and because she loves ramen so much, she even got a role for an upcoming commercial for Acecook, promoting their limited-edition noodles as well as The School Idol Movie, coming next month.


Red Nose Day USA

Red Nose Day

For the first time ever, BBC's Comic Relief-style charity telethon, Red Nose Day, has landed in the USA with a special three-hour telethon aired on NBC and keeping it true to Red Nose tradition, it features a plethora of comedy sketches, musical performances, and watching our favorite celebs giving back to the communities, even for the children from Africa and elsewhere.

Over the course of the telethon, we see Seth Meyers' celebrity phone tree, what happens when ladies do male roles from movies, Ed Sheeran performs with Kermit the Frog, Hollywood Secrets, Nick Offerman vs. Will Ferrell in The Voice, British celebs helping people, and so much more. It's not just about hilarity, it's about helping others like in the case of comedian Jack Black visiting Africa to help the children, Blake Shelton on the Health Fund, and Fast and Furious' Michelle Rodriguez visiting Peru to rebuild people's' lives.

It all ends with boyband Coldplay doing a musical version of Game of Thrones that didn't go exactly as planned.

Over $14 million have been donated by the viewers and the sponsors, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the numbers continue to grow even after Red Nose Day USA ends.

For ongoing donations (US residents):

Suzuki teases all-new Lapin, debuts this June

2016 Suzuki Lapin teaser

There's an all-new Suzuki Lapin coming up and the third-generation of Suzuki's female-friendly kei car has been teased ahead of its June 3 launch. Based on the teasers, the headlamps and the rear lamps are now round shaped and the interior will be more friendlier to female drivers many. Not much info is given but expect the new Lapin to use Suzuki's S-ENE-CHARGE system to have its fuel economy surpass the rival Daihatsu Mira Cocoa's 29km/L fuel consumption.


Honda launches Jade RS with 1.5L VTEC Turbo

2016 Honda Jade RS

A few months ago, Honda launched the Fit-based Jade MPV, which served as the replacement for the Civic-based Stream MPV, only in hybrid with the 1.5L i-VTEC engine coupled with an electric motor and Li-ion battery. For those who are not interested in the hybrid version, wait no more, because there is now a petrol version of the Jade and here's the kicker; it's powered by the brand new L15B 1.5-litre VTEC TURBO engine you get from the recently-launched StepWGN. That new variant of the Jade is called the Jade RS.

The new L15B VTEC TURBO engine produces 150PS of power and 203Nm of torque. Mated with a CVT gearbox (with a Manual Mode feature where the driver can use its paddle shifters to shift gears), the fuel consumption is a reasonable 18.0km/L.

It even comes with a new Agile Handling Assist which adds brake vectoring through corners, reinforced chassis, and a more stiffer suspension.

The new RS version starts at 2,530,000 Japanese Yen.


Mazda Roadster ND

For over 25 years, the Mazda Roadster (MX-5 Miata in the world market) continues to provide exhilarating thrills in a lightweight package suitable for a Japanese sports car for the masses. Because it was influenced by British sports cars of the past century, it values aerodynamics over performance. With the lighter bodywork, smaller engine, and rear-wheel drive, the Roadster continues to impress numerous car enthusiasts worldwide and now, there's a new version.

2016 Mazda Roadster

Welcome to the all-new Mazda Roadster ND, the latest generation of the hit lightweight sportscar, and starting at just 2,494,800 Japanese Yen, it's still an affordable sports car you can buy. This is an all-new car because the new Roadster implements Mazda's revolutionary SKYACTIV Technology which balances fuel efficiency and performance at a same pace. This is an all-new car but even though it's all-new, the Roadster formula still remains; light body, small engine, rear-wheel drive, and its fun-to-drive character.

The new Roadster features an all-new body which is now 100kg lighter than the previous model and it's all because Mazda employed their "gram strategy", involving the extensive use of lightweight aluminum materials which makes it as light and rigid as the first-ever Eunos Roadster from the distant past.

2016 Mazda Roadster
In true Roadster tradition, the new model is powered by a small engine in the form of the new SKYACTIV-G 1.5L petrol engine developing a reasonable 131PS of power and 150Nm of torque while mated with either a 6-speed automatic (annoyingly sourced from the Toyota 86) or a newly-developed SKYACTIV-MT 6-speed gearbox developed specifically for the new Roadster. To further enhance the fuel consumption for the new Roadster, an available i-ELOOP regenerative braking system is offered, resulting to a fuel economy of up to 18.8km/L by JC08 mode standards.

Handling-wise, the new Roadster, thanks to its lightweight bodywork, is becoming more accessible and soon, more popular. The front suspension is double-wishbone, the weight distribution remains perfect, it's got electric power steering, and it's more enjoyable in the bends. The way it handles is becoming more generous than struggling with the more powerful sportscars and as long as there are blue skies and the long winding road ahead of you, the Roadster feels like it's completing an image of what motoring dreams are made of.

2016 Mazda Roadster interior

Even though this is a lightweight car, the new Roadster still comes with concessions of comfort despite being a driver-focused sportscar. You can have available leather seats, climate control, even the available MAZDA CONNECT, which allows the driver to stay connected with some apps, navigation, and entertainment. That's a great car to live in and it's not like you're sleeping in a storage room for numerous reasons.

2016 Mazda Roadster

If there's something I didn't like about the new Roadster, then probably it's the design that makes the case for itself. I know this car is good as well as the Kodo design language but I'm afraid that it wasn't as aggressive-looking as any other sports cars would be. It can be somewhat problematic on the city streets because even with the roof close, discretion is no longer a priority and people are starting to know you are driving this.

But it doesn't really matter though because despite its flaws, the new Roadster really has a lot to live up with. It's still one of the most enjoyable sportscars money can buy but there's a bit of an argument because most people will believe that the best lightweight sportscar you can enjoy is an Alfa Romeo 4C but you should remember that the new Roadster ND is more affordable than the 4C even if it has a Spider version coming up.

However, if you compare it to a much smaller roadster available in Japan in the case of the Honda S660, that's a different story because the S660's more cheaper than this and it's more enjoyable thanks to its MR layout but let's note that the S660's available only in Japan while the new Roadster will be available globally shortly after its Japan release. Fact.

Available colors: Ceramic Metallic, Soul Red Premium Metallic, Jet Black Mica, Meteor Grey Mica, Blue Reflex Mica,  Crystal White Pearl Mica, and Arctic White.

Photo: Mazda Motor Corporation

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Let's Do The News! (May 20, 2015)

- Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell recently announced that he will let the Republican-controlled Senate to vote on the controversial USA Freedom Act, which was passed last week, but he was threatened to block. With time running out, the Republican-controlled Congress have to act quickly before some key provisions of the Patriot Act expired, including the feared provision where the NSA has full authority to collect in bulk the phone records of all Americans.

- The Iraqi government calls on volunteers to help eradicate the Islamic State militants and recapture the city of Ramadi.

- Over 370 Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants, including at least 50 women and children, have been saved by fishermen off the coast of Indonesia as nations hold emergency talks regarding the recurring migrant crisis in ASEAN nations.

- PHIVOLCS released detailed maps that can trace the Valley Fault System through the Greater Metro Manila area, which consists of the 10km East Valley Fault and the 100km West Valley Fault. Is your home near the quake-prone area in an event a major quake strikes the Philippine capital?

- The owners of Kentex Manufacturing Inc., could face imprisonment for various charges, including violations of labor regulations that caused the factory in Valenzuela set on fire, killing 72 people inside last May 13., according to a report from the Department of Labor and Employment.

- Presenter Arnell Ignacio goes into his talent management business and the first person he'll be producing, well he's now a producer for new talents, is a male named Ken Psalmer,a singer he met and discovered at a certain comedy bar. Recently, Arnell plans to file for annulment on his wife.

- Former PBB All In housemate turned actress Maris Racal admits being affected by the loveteam between Manolo Pedrosa and Oh My G's Janella Salvador.

- The BMW E63 M3 saloon driven by Richard Hammond from a certain episode of Top Gear is now going under the hammer at between 7,500 to 10,000 pounds.

- ICYMI, yes, there's going to be a Muppets TV show coming this autumn on ABC and the folks from Disney released some exclusive pics for their upcoming TV show featuring your favorite Muppet characters including Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and many many others.


Suzuki Spacia - 2016 minor change

2016 Suzuki Spacia

2016 Suzuki Spacia Custom

Two years ago, Suzuki replaced the Palette kei minivan with the Spacia, in two different flavors ranging from the plain but normal model and the spunky Spacia Custom. Both of them have best-in-class fuel economy benefitted by Suzuki's fuel-efficient technologies that its rivals can't keep up as well as cutting-edge safety features that make them a class apart from its rivals.

Now, they've launched improved versions of both models for the 2016 model year and apart from their updated looks, their class-leading fuel economy has been improved to 32.0km/L by JC08 Mode standards, thanks to the revolutionary S-ENE-CHARGE system that assists the 660cc R06A engine's acceleration with a motor by adopting the Integrated Starter Generator and a Li-ion battery that specifically made for this system.

2016 Suzuki Spacia interior

2016 Suzuki Spacia Custom interior

Apart from the added fuel economy, the 2016 minor change features, for the first time, a dual camera brake support system, which detects the vehicle and pedestrians from about 5kph in the speed range of about 100kph and to avoid collisions, the automatic braking feature triggers with the alarm and then it stops. Other features in this new system include a lane departure warning function, and a stagger alarm function, among many others. This new feature is an optional extra for all models.

The Spacia now starts from 1,274,400 to 1,503,360 Yen for the normal models while Custom models start from 1,528,200 to 1,762,560 Yen.

Photo: Suzuki Motor Corporation

Gran Turismo 6: What's Z11SN?

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

If you made it on Stage 3 of the annual Nissan GT Academy, you may have noticed that you are behind the wheel of a never-before seen vehicle for the first time in Gran Turismo 6 while trying to set a qualifying lap round Spa-Francorchamps. What you're looking at here is the Zytek Z11SN, specifically it's a #42 Greaves Motorsport Zytek Z11SN driven by GT Academy graduates Lucas Ordonez and Jann Mardenborough, alongside veteran racer Michael Krumm.

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps_1

Used in the 2013 24 Hours of Le Mans, this Z11SN is powered by Nissan's race-spec version of the no-longer-available-in-their-Japanese-cars VK45DE 4.5L V8 engine, lifted from race-spec GT-Rs used in the Super GT500 class of the Super GT, but accommodated with a new ECU and custom intake/exhaust materials, to comply with the rules that all LMP2 class cars must have mass-produced production engines.

This #42 Greaves Motorsport Zytek Z11SN was an important milestone between Nissan and Gran Turismo because aside from racing veteran Michael Krumm, GT Academy graduates Lucas Ordonez and Jann Mardenborough were behind the wheel of this LMP2 prototype and it placed 4th place in the LMP2 category, making it the fastest out of the Zytek entries. Not bad for their results.

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps_2

For a limited-time, during the course of the Nissan GT Academy 2015, you can participate Round 3 and drive at least one full timed lap to acquire this new machine in game while gunning for a lap time that will take you to the final round of the Nissan GT Academy 2015 next month where you'll be driving a never-before seen vehicle and your chance to be part of the professional racing programme courtesy of Nissan.

Orphan Black Original Television Soundtrack & Original Television Score

Orphan Black Original Television Score

Orphan Black Original Television Soundtrack

Aired on BBC America since 2013, Orphan Black is a pulse-pounding sci-fi drama series revolves on the tale of Sarah Manning (played by Tatiana Maslany) as she sets on a deadly mission to uncover her origins upon witnessing the death of a woman who looks like her at a subway. This is the series that turned Tatiana Maslany from a newbie actress into one of the most fiercest females on television not just for being Sarah but also the clones such as the desperate housewife Alison Hendrix, intellectual Cosima Niehaus, the very lethal Helena, and Rachel Duncan, among many others. However, it's not just the actress who managed to pull off multiple roles at the same time, it's the explosive storyline that delivers an estranged cast of characters, the most suspense, the most thrills, the most plot twists, and the most fans who called themselves the Clone Club. Everyone's got in the edge of their seats upon watching the hit TV series, knowing what's next for Sarah and the other surviving Project Leda sestras.

For the first time, two soundtracks from the hit BBC America TV series have arrived. First, there's the Original Television Soundtrack which features the Orphan Black theme tune by Two Fingers as well as the compilation of songs as heard from the series. Second, there's the Original Television Score featuring the background musics from the TV show made possible by Trevor Yuile himself.

These two soundtracks from Orphan Black will get you through like piercing Rachel's left eye with a pencil or torturing Donnie with a glue gun so enjoy your wait...I mean, enjoy your easy listening because "you're damn right" about enjoying these two soundtracks from the show. Get it? You're damn right.

Orphan Black airs on BBC America. Check local listings.

TRACK LISTING (Soundtrack):

1. Theme From Orphan Black – Two Fingers (0:36)
2. Rain Of Gold – Young Empires (3:16)
3. It Ain’t You – The Ettes (2:23)
4. Earthforms – Matthew Dear (3:33)
5. Mon Ton Ton – Humans (4:38)
6. Shuggie – Foxygen (3:21)
7. Bitch – Merideth Brooks (4:13)
8. Blame Fiction – The Belle Game (3:51)
9. Live In The Bedroom – Tim Moxam (4:53)
10. Head Over Heels – Tears For Fears (4:15)
11. Crazy – Diana Salvatore (3:14)
12. When I Was Abroad – Daniel Romano (2:16)
13. West End Sky – Elliott Brood (2:39)
14. Love Is All Around – The Troggs (3:01)


1. Orphan Black Theme – Two Fingers (0:38)
2. Previously On (1:07)
3. Kira’s Cue (1:47)
4. We Meet Helena (1:48)
5. Organic Eggs (2:32)
6. Duncan’s Demise (2:00)
7. Unconditional Surrender (2:07)
8. Kira & Intervention (3:06)
9. They’re Killing Us (1:42)
10. An Honour (2:55)
11. Cosima’s Treatment (1:45)
12. Alison Kills (3:20)
13. Marriage of Helena (2:14)
14. I Killed Ainsley (0:49)
15. Seqeunce of Events (1:32)
16. Cosima’s Dying (0:57)
17. Farewell Thomas (1:17)
18. Rachael Meets Duncan (1:31)
19. Maggie Chen Crime Re-enact (3:58)
20. Rachael’s Home Videos (1:40)
21. Endless Forms Most Beautiful (7:19)

Doctor Who Series 8 Original Television Soundtrack

The eighth series of BBC's phenomenal TV show, Doctor Who, sees the maiden voyage of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor alongside Jenna Coleman reprising her companion role as Clara Oswald and over the course of the eighth series, which aired late last year, we seen them taking on a bigger threat at Victorian London, encountered a Dalek with a different personality, teaming up with Robin Hood, delving deeper on Danny Pink's past and future selves, staging a robbery at the Bank of Karabraxos, saving Coal Hill from the Skovox Blitzer robots, uncover the monster lurking in the moon, stopping the mummy from terrorizing the futuristic Orient Express, solving the mystery behind the walls, going through the London wilderness, and it all ends with a face-off against an army of Cybermen and a mysterious woman named Missy, who is revealed to be none other than The Doctor's arch nemesis, The Master. Oh, and there was last year's Christmas special where The Doctor and Clara had a fateful encounter with Father Christmas himself.

The eighth season really is a brilliant start for the 12th and so is the music prepped for the whole series. Now, you can finally listen to Series 8 background musics whenever you like with the original soundtrack where most of the music was crafted by the BAFTA-winning Murray Gold himself and performed by the ever-talented BBC National Orchestra of Wales. This three-disc compilation is a must have for every Whovians who witnessed the 12th Doctor's maiden voyage from saving Victorian London to his encounter with Santa Claus.

You have everything you need so, as what the Twelve says, shut up. Buy this OST anytime you want.

For UK customers:
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