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Let's Do The News! (July 29, 2015)

- The leader of Turkey's pro-Kurdish party, HDP chairman Selahattin Demirtas, told that the Turkish and the Americans are making a "safe zone" in Syria in an attempt to stop the PKK separatists from forming their own territory during the fight against the Islamic State.

- One man was killed as at least 1,500 migrants tried to enter the Channel Tunnel in Calais, France, according to authorities, following British PM David Cameron's vow to combat the migrant crisis.

- US President Barack Obama vows his nation's willingness to strengthen economic ties with the African Union during his Ethiopian visit as part of his African Union tour. He is the first US leader to give a speech at the African Union HQ in Addis Ababa.

- According to a US research group, construction of a rocket launch site in North Korea may be complete and enable them to fire long-range ICBMs of a larger scale than before.

- The Senate will begin their investigation regarding Canada's alleged dumping of its waste in the Philippines, according to Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. This investigation will also determine the risks these toxic wastes are.

- The Boy Scouts of America lifted their ban on gay adult leaders after 79 percent of its National Executive Board members voted for it on Monday but the policy allows church-sponsored units to maintain the exclusion.

- For the 2016 model year, the Chevrolet Colorado pickup now adds the long-awaited 2.8L Duramax diesel engine producing 181HP of power and 369lb-ft of torque. This diesel variant is available in both LT and Z71 Crew Cab and a choice of 2WD or 4WD, all come with a 6-speed AT with a standard automatic-locking rear differential. Thanks to the Duramax engine's torque, tow rating is 7,700lbs (7,600lbs for 4WD models).

- The Ferrari 488 Spider was unveiled and the open-top version of the new 488 GTB, served as the replacement of the 458, still comes with the same 3.9L Twin Turbo V8 engine producing 661HP of power and 560lb-ft of torque. The Spider model can go 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds and onwards to 203mph, slightly slower than the hardtop equivalent.


Audi R8 - Second Generation

Since its launch in 2007, the Audi R8, named after a prize-winning Le Mans racing prototype, is engineered to be Audi's first bona fide supercar that can tackle against supercars in its ranks, but weirdly, it's just a toned-down version of the Gallardo. With the rise of the Lamborghini Huracan, looks like the Audi R8 supercar is ready for its make-up transformation by regenerating it to an all new model.
2016 Audi R8

At first look, you will notice that the new model looks similarly the same as the previous model it replaces but Audi insists that this is a brand-new car engineered from the ground up and it features some of the components derived from the Lamborghini Huracan. It's got a toned-down version of the same 5.2L V10 engine from the Huracan, a brand new space-age bodywork, and lots of brand new features. So the question now is, does this new model now have the sense of humor that the old model can't?

2016 Audi R8

Judging by the way the new model behaves, this new model still doesn't laugh in a comedic manner every time when it sees an old rich lady and her mute yaya tagging along on the public, and don't even think about finding the fun factor inside because for this all-new model, the manual gearbox has been thrown away and the only gearbox you can find is Audi's 7-speed S-tronic double clutch gearbox, the same as you can find on the Lamborghini Huracan. While enthusiasts are pining themselves on the manual gearbox's demise, this double-clutch gearbox works brilliantly with its 5.2 V10 engine developing 610PS of power and 560Nm of torque in the range-topping Plus variant. It will do 0-100kph in 3.2 seconds and onwards to 330kph, which is blisteringly more than what the Huracan pulls out in the bag. For fuel efficiency, the new model also comes with a device that can shut off its engines at a set of lights.

Thanks to the new Audi Space Frame, the new R8's tub features a blend of carbon fiber and aluminium, making it easier and repair and durable when you ding it on the bumps. It's the same blend that you can expect on the Huracan as well.

2016 Audi R8 interior

You might imagine that all four-wheel drive cars are more grippy than rear-wheel drive cars but for the new R8, it isn't. Thanks to its midship-engine 4WD layout, it still manages to be as tail-happy as possible and well-communicative on the bends thanks to its responsive electromechanical power steering system. Some say that this new R8 behaves like a sportscar rather than a supercar but that's just a compliment because even though it's a bewitching machine you can take out on the open roads, it's still very civilized.

On the interior, it's all about being driver-focused and nothing else because the sat-nav system is now located on the instrumental panel rather than a separate screen. That's sounds nice but be wary though that even though it features a blend of science-fiction and brute force, its sat-nav remains rubbish even when driving on ancient cities like Bologna or Intramuros or Jerusalem or any other ancient cities in history. You have to rely on your local knowledge get through your destination rather than relying on its sat-nav because pretty soon, you'll feel like you've been left behind in traffic or small gaps.

2016 Audi R8

Yes, the new interior can be somewhat problematic but nothing's more problematic than the price tag itself and it starts from 165,000 to 187,400 Euros. That's quite a lot for a supercar and you're going to spend more for some optional extras. So, despite the pricing, the all new R8 is a potent supercar that drives fast than the old model, handles better, and in the real world, well-mannered. The loss of the manual gearbox and its questionable interior sounds more of a let-down for some but nevertheless, the new R8 can surely be one of the best cars to drive this year.

Available colors: Dynamitrot, IbisweiƟ, Vegasgelb, Camouflagegrun Metallic, Florettsilber Metallic, Mythosschwarz Metallic, Suzukagrau Metallic, Daytonagrau Perleffekt, Arablau Kristalleffekt, and Camouflagegrun Matteffekt.

Photo: Audi AG

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How to dress as one of the 765PRO ALL-STARS idols


Nothing in the world of THE IDOLM@STER is more so than the 765PRO ALL-STARS because with so many installments come and go, you can't really beat the original idols because they're unique, they're great, and most of all, they are what you really called the poster girls, or idols, of the whole franchise for 10 years now. Of course, these idols are well-known for their wardrobe on their in-game and on-screen antics but hold it right there. Because of the array of wardrobe to choose from, cosplaying as a 765 Production idol is hard but happily, you don't need some fancy clothing to be a 765Pro idol, well for some. All you need is some hairstyle that correspond to your favorite 765 Pro idol!

As Haruka Amami: Haruka maybe more of a clumsy type but she's the best asset to the 765 Production. She would never give up even on her colleagues and the producer. Admittedly, being Haruka isn't such a bad idea on your next cosplay and before you can pull off some of the most iconic wardrobes in IM@S history, your hairstyle needs to be brown hair, short, and with two ribbons. Red ribbons are recommended but you can use any ribbon you like, just to replicate the Haruka Amami look. When done, feel free to use any outfit suitable for your Haruka Amami cosplay. An ideal recommendation includes the Forever Star outfit, the Starpiece Memories outfit, her school uniform from the first episode of the IM@S anime, her outfit from the anime DVD/Blu-Ray covers, and her luxury outfit. Oh, and please don't trip yourself like what Haruka does on her onscreen antics...

As Makoto Kikuchi: Makoto's the buttkicker of 765 Production and if I were you, I'd better be away from her because when singing is her second favorite thing, her first favorite is kicking your butt out. Don't say I've warned you but for the tough ladies out there who have a knack for iM@S, here's your chance. Just a short jet black hair should do the trick but to be Makoto, it's best to be outfitted with your favorite IM@S wardrobe of your liking.

As Chihaya Kisaragi: Chihaya Kisaragi devotes everything to music in a stoic manner. Despite her dark past, her voice is lyrical as an angel. That sounds a lot of love for her and being Chihaya is the one thing you would want for your next IM@S cosplay at a certain convention. Since Chihaya's hair is blue, a long blue hair should do the trick. With your long blue hair in possession, feel free to choose which wardrobe suits you. Recommendations include her signature luxury outfit, her winter outfit, or her outfit as seen in the anime DVD/Blu-Ray covers.

As Azusa Miura: Azusa Miura likes to do things at her own pace but she has qualities. Annoyingly, it's her big-chested physique that woos certain fans or maybe is her rather erotic voice? Who cares? Anyway, like we dealt with Chihaya's hairstyle, blue is the best color for your hairstyle but there are two options; you can go for the long hairstyle or for the short hairstyle. For ideal recommendation, go for the short hairstyle. That should do nicely. With the hairstyle at hand, feel free to choose which outfit you'll go for your Azusa Miura cosplay but the best idea would be the wedding dress with some petal of flowers covered. It's like she's running through a bouquet of flowers from a certain episode.

As Yayoi Takatsuki: Yayoi Takatsuki is a dependable part of the 765 Production and she's devoted to her big family. She also has a very cute personality that will capture the hearts of many fans. Becoming Yayoi sounds like hard work, right? Especially as cosplaying as her because to become her, all you need is a long orange hair and give it a twin-tail look but don't make the twintails too short. Just the right size of the twin-tails that matches Yayoi's. With your orange hair with the matching twintails, you can use whatever outfit you like that works well with your Yayoi cosplay.

As Ami or Mami Futami: Ami and Mami Futami are twins who love to make double trouble. As to cosplay either of the Futami twins, you can either do this alone or pair up with a buddy to pull off your Futami twins cosplay. One thing you need to aware is the tail of their hairstyles. The tail of Ami's hairstyle goes to her right while the tail of Mami's hairstyle goes to her left, just to avoid confusion between these two. If you already sorted out which one of the Futami twins will you cosplay or go on both with a mate,

As Yukiho Hagiwara: Yukiho Hagiwara's a bashful type of idol who lacks confidence but she's doing her best to change onstage. Cosplaying as her isn't a bit of a challenge when it comes to her hairstyle but when it comes to wardrobe, I'll leave the rest to you. Just be sure that the hairstyle you're looking for is somewhat of a tan or a light brown color because anything darker than that, you'll have to resort being Haruka. If you have the right color of the hairstyle that matches Yukiho's, you can choose any wardrobe you like.

As Miki Hoshii: Miki Hoshii is an idol who has endless potential but lacks motivation. Much to the popularity of this 765 Pro idol, dressing as her isn't an easy task, especially when you're looking for a hairstyle that matches her's. Just a long blonde hair should do the trick and if you got the right blonde hair for the job, try to find the costume that works well with your Miki cosplay. Recommendations include the My Dear Vampire outfit, the Starpiece Memories outfit from the IM@S movie, or even the one you saw from the anime's DVD/Blu-Ray covers.

As Takane Shijou: No idol in the world of anime is as nobler and more mysterious as Takane Shijou. Even though this idol has a secret she would never tell, most fans gone bedwetting every time they remember her. Sounds gross but she's very gorgeous onstage and on her personality that steals the hearts of many. Being Takane is good if you are a woman who has the face of an angel and the body of a supermodel but annoyingly, anyone can dress as Takane as long as the one in their dispersal is a long white hair you bought at your nearest wig shop. If you got the right hairstyle for your Takane cosplay, feel free to choose whatever outfit suits best. My recommendation includes the Dressy Alice outfit, the Forever Star from the final episode of the IM@S anime, a certain yukata, her outfit from the anime DVD/Blu-Ray covers, and to send fanboys wetting their pants on naptime, her signature luxury outfit. Nice!

As Ritsuko Akizuki: Despite her idoling past, Ritsuko Akizuki is a necessary member of 765 Production. Whether if she's a deputy producer on duty or a part-time idol when they need her help, her motherly instincts really give the idols a much-needed morale. Her hairstyle is a bit of a challenge because there are two styles to choose from but as a precaution, make sure your dark hair's not too short or else, you can't commence either of these two. Anyway, on her hairstyles; you can go for her braided twin tail look to reminisce her idol days or go for the messy bun hairstyle that matches her look. Best to go for her messy bun hairstyle right away because that's well recommended for your Ritsuko cosplay. Why not? To give you that bossy feeling as the right hand producer and part-time idol of 765 Production.

As Hibiki Ganaha: Hibiki's the kind of island girl who smiles like the sun shines. Believe it or not, she loves animals, especially her pet hamster named Hamzou. To be Hibiki, it's best to maintain your long black hair and if you lose it, you'd better off find a long black wig for yourself in case you chopped your hair off by accident. As for the hair accessory, you're free to do so but the ideal recommendation is a big, teal-colored, ribbon that fits perfectly well with your Hibiki cosplay. If you managed to sort out Hibiki's hairstyle, you're free to pick whatever outfit you can dress as long as it's related to IDOLM@STER.

As Iori Minase: Grew up from a family who had their hands full with a multinational conglomerate, Iori's the bossy boots of the pack despite her cute appearance. To become Iori, it's ideal that you have maintained a long brownish hair for a long period of time. If not, it's off to the wig shop to find a long brown hair for you. However, your long brown hair is not enough because there's one missing piece for your Iori cosplay; a pink headband. With the hairstyle set, you're free to pick whatever outfit suits your Iori cosplay.

And there you have it. Choosing which idol suits your personal preference on your next convention sounds like hard work but it's the heart that counts when it comes to decide which 765 Production idol will you cosplay and so is the wardrobe of your choosing. Whichever floats your boat, your love for all things IDOLM@STER is what's important.

765 PRO, FIGHT!!!

Let's Do The News! (July 28, 2015)

- Envoys from all 28 NATO countries are holding an emergency meeting to discuss Turkey's fight against the Islamic State militants and the Kurdish PKK separatists.

- South Korean PM Hwang Kyo-ahn declared a "de facto end" of the nation's MERS outbreak and over the past 23 days, no new infections were reported. Although, South Korean officials dealt with the deadly outbreak that killed 36 people, this thing isn't over yet according to the World Health Organization because to declare MERS-free, it needs to have 28 days without a new infection to make the announcement.

- The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant began work to dismantling the Number 1 reactor building. Workers are using a remote-controlled crane to remove one of the panels of the ceiling.

- Following his final SONA speech, Philippine President Benigno Aquino III still received a failing grade from militant and human rights groups as well as teachers who expressed disgust for his performance.

- A cyber security firm warned of an Android security issue which lets hackers break in with a text message. Zimperium Mobile Security states that the cyber attack will commence when they got a user's phone number, using which they can remotely execute code via a specially crafted media file delivered via MMS. It can even delete the message before the user can see it.

- Fiat Chrysler Automobiles have been hampered by a 105 million dollar fine due to their recall woes especially ones that were easily hacked by some. Now, the Italian-owned American automotive giant must offer to buy back from customers hundreds of thousands of their vehicles as part of a costly deal with safety regulators to settle legal problems in about two dozen recalls.

- The unsung legendary German carmaker Borgward is teasing their all-new product, set to debut at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, and their first product for the Borgward's resurrection is a crossover.

- As Japan prepares for another Pikachu outbreak this August, check out this special clip as the presenters of Pokemon Get TV, the official Pokemon variety show airing on TV Tokyo, dancing with the world famous Pikachu!

- New Pokemon XY toys from Takara Tomy on the radar! For August, Hoopa Unbound is joining the MonColle lineup in honor of the recent Pokemon XY movie Hoopa and the Clash of Ages. This terrifying djinn Pokemon, transformed from its Confined form via a prison bottle as seen from the film, is yours for 1,500 Yen. Also in the MonColle lineup, and much to the amusement for collectors of Mega Evolution Pokemon figures, Mega Altaria's arrived! The figure version of the Dragon-and-Fairy Pokemon, which is the mega-evolved form of the peaceful Dragon-and Flying Pokemon Altaria, is yours for 650 Yen.

MonColle Hoopa Unbound

MonColle Mega Altaria


Things we learned from President Aquino's final SONA

File Photo

July 27, 2015 - Philippine President Benigno Aquino III delivered his final State of the Nation Address to the public before his administration ends next year. In the midst of violent protests outside the palace and across the nation's capital, the President addressed what he had accomplished during his term since he took office five years ago. Here's what we learned from his final SONA:

- During his term, he placed several rightful people to the government-related positions they truly deserved, replacing the ones that committed wrongdoings in the past, and the people PNoy hired them had strong integrity to different sectors of the government.

- The GOCC dividend during his term was improved from 84.18 billion pesos to 131.86 billion pesos. The tax collection from the Bureau of Internal Revenue for this year is expected to reach 1.5 trillion, which is projected to be two trillion more than last year.

- During his term, the Philippines is ranked as the second fastest growing economy according to a Bloomberg article. The World Bank calls it "Asia's Rising Tiger", Moody's Analytics called it "Asia's Rising Star", and The New York Times called it "Asia's Bright Spot". The JCR's credit rating for the Philippines is BBB+. The Net Foreign Direct Investment of the Philippines saw a six-time increase last year, netting 6.20 billion US dollars. The domestic investments during Aquino's administration has been improved to 2.09 trillion pesos. Because of his reforms, the nation's economy sharply improved through the years.

- In terms of employment, the number of OFWs working in other nations was improved from 9.51 million to 9.07 million last year. A 4.4% improvement because some OFWs returned home and found decent jobs in the Philippines. The Philippines experienced much lesser labor strikes during his term, with only 15 labor strikes occurred That's the lowest ever recorded by the Department of Labor and Employment.

- Education, during his term, has been improved. In a 2013 survey according to a certain institution, there are 1.2 million out-of-school children reported, less than 2008's record of 2.9 million out-of-school youth. It's all because of the nation's Alternative Learning System, K-12 program, the Pangtawid Pamilya program, and other educational improvements in collaboration with the top government sectors. Thanks to these, the Philippines is expecting 4.7 million students enrolled, with 33,608 out of the 118,000 planned classrooms opened this year , 29,444 out of the 130,000 teachers hired this year, and 73.9 million textbooks delivered with another 88.7 million more this year.

- During his term, there are 7.8 million graduates from TESDA's training for work scholarship program and as of right now, 821,962 have finished and 71.9% of the graduates found themselves decent jobs.

- Onto the nation's healthcare, during his term, the number of Philhealth members has been improved from 47 million to 89.4 million beneficiaries.

- In Aquino's administration, 25,257 villages have been given electricity from October 2011 to June of this year, thanks to the nation's electrification program on rural areas.

- The nation's aviation industry has been improved during his administration, with numerous bans from other nations lifted, including European nations. As for maritime progress, the Philippines passed the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers as well. Despite the success in aviation and maritime industry in the Philippines, President Aquino still complains about the private companies running the MRT, and to deal with this, he passed to the government the regulations to the private companies running the MRT.

- The modernization of the Armed Forces of the Philippines was tackled and thanks to the president, the nation's military morale has been improved thanks to the procurement of modern equipment that will keep them prepared for future conflicts as well as disaster relief operations.

- The president tackles on the improvement of the Philippine National Police thanks to the 1:1 pistol-to-police ratio policy as well as increased equipment, firearms, and transportation that will keep policemen well prepared for future conflicts against high-profile crimes. The government also provides 57,000 housing units for the qualified PNP personnel (with 81,000 planned before his term ends).

- The president also tackles the approval of several infrastructure projects as well as flood-control projects such as the Phase 2 of the Pasig-Marikina River Channel Improvement Project, the Blumentritt Interceptor Catchment Area, the Laguna Lakeshore Expressway Dike, and so on, He also tackles on the roadworks as well and he stated that the new roads he made during his administration is not made by majority but by the people's needs.

- The public-private partnerships was also tackled and during his administration, an SWS survey states that 8 out of 10 Filipinos believed that the Philippines will become competitive with the other developed countries. A Gallup survey also states that the Philippines, out of the 143 nations, is ranked first in Asia-Pacific and 2nd highest in the world in terms of job optimism. Car sales jumped to 27% increase last year.

- His relations with the Muslim Mindanao was tackled and he states that the Bangsamoro Basic Law, criticized by many, will remain as a top priority legislation in his final year of his administration.

- During the Aquino administration, the Philippines embraced new laws with thanks to the Congress such as the Philippine Competition Law, Act Allowing the Full Entry of Foreign Banks, Sin Tax Reform Act, Responsible Parenthood Act, and many others. He also states that now is the time to pass the Anti-Dynasty Act.

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Let's Do The News! (July 27, 2015)

- Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoglu says that they have no plans to send ground forces into Syria to fight against the Islamic State group and states that air strikes against the militants and the Kurdish PKK separatists in Iraq could "change the game".

- Shares in the People's Republic of China fall more than 8% on growth concerns, marking its biggest one day fall in over eight years. The Shanghai Composite closed down 8.5% to 3,725.56 after more weak economic data raised concerns on Asia's economic superpower.

- The Sendai nuclear plant began its 4-day emergency drill based on a meltdown scenario in a bid to clear a final regulatory hurdle. If passed, it will be the first in Japan to return online. The plant's operator hopes to restart the reactor as early as August 10 and begin generating electricity three days later.

- North Korean leader Kim Jong Un warns that his nation has enough firepower to deter US attempts to provoke a nuclear war during yesterday's speech, one day ahead of the 62 anniversary of Korean Armistice, which the North designated it as Victory Day.

- Cabin crew and passengers of the Shenzhen Airlines flight ZH9648 had stopped a man who started two fires while it was approaching Guangzhou. Two people are hurt.

- To celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Morgan Plus 4, the British car company unveiled the AR Plus 4, armed with a powerful 2.0L Cosworth engine producing 225HP of power. It's limited to 50 units.

2015 Morgan AR Plus 4

- Mitsubishi Motors reportedly cease its North American production and putting its Normal, Illinois, plant, where it currently builds the RVR crossover, for sale.

- Due to inconsistent public demand, Five Nights at Freddy's 4 is now available to download in your PC via Steam. Get ready for the most scariest installment that will jump out to your living room after dark!

- One of the organizers of this year's Tanayburgring road trip event was killed yesterday when his car crashed along the event's route in Naic, Cavite. The organizer in question is driving a red Toyota MR2 (plate no. RGT-603) and hit a post after he had avoided an oncoming motorcycle while he had been overtaking a truck.


F1 2015: Hungarian GP

Photo: Getty Images
Two dominant drivers from the Mercedes F1 team faced their worst in this season's Hungarian GP and with Hamilton and Rosberg faced bitter consequences, looks it became everyone's game in Hungaroring and in this epic battle royale, Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel clinched his second win of the season, edging out against two Red Bull drivers Daniil Kvyat and Daniel Ricciardo.

Ricciardo, placed 3rd, recorded the fastest lap in 1:24.821 during lap 68.

In the overall standings, Hamilton retains his season lead with 202 and Rosberg's 21 points behind Hamilton, and Vettel now 21 points behind Rosberg.

The next race is set at Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium, on the 23rd of August.

GM Korea Chevrolet The Next Spark

South Korea is the first nation to get the new-generation Spark, which will arrive in the USA in early 2016 and soon in other markets (except Europe because of Chevrolet's pullout in the EU market), and since the latest-generation Spark is built by Koreans, for Koreans, these people are lucky enough to gain early access to "The Next Spark", which is a compact car emerged from being a low-life Daewoo Matiz to a world-proven Spark that captured the global audiences, even first-timers.

2016 GM Korea Chevrolet Spark

2016 GM Korea Chevrolet Spark

Here it is, the latest version, and it's yours for an affordable 10,150,000 KRW (estimated 8,700 US Dollars), which is a smart buy for those who got themselves a driver's license for the first time but what do you get for this uber-cheap city car? For starters, the design looks not very premium-ish for the new model. The previous-model looks fine when kitted out with extras but for the new model, the design looks unpleasant for the Chevrolet, especially with its signature dual-port grille that has gone on the wrong side of the road by putting the Chevy badge to the top of the grille rather than the middle that mosts Chevys do. What retains from the previous model is the secret rear doors which makes it more of an occasion for the new car.

Since this is the Korean-spec new Spark, the only engine available for Korean customers is a newly-developed 1.0 SGE ECOTEC engine mated with either a 5-speed manual or a Next Gen C-Tech CVT gearbox. This small engine develops 75PS of power output and 9.7kg-m of torque, which isn't sounds like much but in the small car like this, it feels peppy and perky. There's also an optional feature where it can shut off its engine at a set of lights, capable of delivering a combined fuel economy of 15.7km/L.

2016 GM Korea Chevrolet Spark interior

Thanks to its aerodynamic design and enhanced chassis, the NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) has been improved, meaning that the new Spark delivers a best-in-class comfort unlike any other small cars in the market. This isn't half bad for a car suitable for first-time drivers but when it comes to your next barkada trip, you should better off with another car because even though it has seating enough room for your stuff and your mates, it's relatively small, meaning you can get bothered by people chit-chatting about what they saw on TV, what plans for the weekend, or any other blabbermouth your barkada might expect to ask.

What's also bizarre that this is the first-ever Chevy on sale to come with Apple Carplay which acts...just like your iPhone and that's it.

So, should you buy one? With the starting price of 10,150,000 KRW, yes, you can afford one but you have to spec it all out with some fancy stuff, including the CarPlay, to bring out the best to your city car, and since this car is ready to be sold in other markets soon, especially the Americas, this is one global car that deserves the credit of being a world-proven city car. Sadly, if you're European, you can't have one because of Chevrolet's pullout from the EU market but don't worry, the new Opel Karl/Vauxhall Viva compacts will supplant the Spark's EU demise. Look at this way, they're made in the same Korean factory, the same chassis, the same stuff, and the same behavior, despite their different appearances.

Available colors: Creamy Beige, Urban Titanium Grey, Blu-ray Blue, Carbon Flash Black, Blue Splash, Switchblade Silver, Mystic Violet, Fresh Lime Green, Solar Red, and Pure White

Photo: GM Korea Company

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On the July 24, 2015 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Soaperman meets a new hero named Tanda Woman!

- The king's funeral gags

- IKAW AT ANG INA takes on...relationship goals!

- Cook & Relax with Cookie Ochoa!

- Bubble Gang does McDonald's Chicken McDo by spoofing this commercial as CHICKEN WCDO! Luv ko 'to!

- Interview with experts about the nation's rise in population.

- Two lovers are revealing themselves

- An interview with a talking dog.

- Tsugi o Churva!

Volvo S60 Cross Country and V60 Cross Country

2016 Volvo S60 Cross Country

2016 Volvo V60 Cross Country

Following Volvo's rebirth of the Cross Country lineup starting with the V40 Cross Country tall hatchback, looks like the Swedish carmaker decided to give the S60 midsize saloon and the V60 station wagon a more rugged and outdoorsy experience and by judging on its character, it's hard to say if these latest versions are proven to be quite a handful to be lifestyle vehicles targeted for people who want to go out and do leisure stuff on the weekends.

On the contrary, they're nothing but just an S60 and V60 with some fat chunky tires, added ground clearance, and that's about it. There's nothing you can expect that these Cross Country models are made to go anywhere when the elements are thrown at them. The V60 Cross Country isn't so bad, especially it was made for those who can't afford an XC60 crossover, which is usually based on that car. As for the S60 Cross Country, looks like the big tires really spoils the sports saloon's looks. It looks like a ghetto man's donk car going on the alleyways on the evening playing with some rap music on his radio. Ooh, how would the neighbors think when they see one of these?!

Despite their odd appearances, the added ground clearance, the chunky tires, and the ALL WHEEL DRIVE system are all here to keep the car going while facing numerous road conditions like cobbled roads, slippery roads, speed bumps from your local suburbs, loose gravel, and many others. They're not really scary to drive as well especially on elevated roads like the ones you'll face somewhere between Gemini St., Leo St., and Pisces St.

Even though the V60 Cross Country and the S60 Cross Country are relatives, their engine choices are ironically different. In the S60 Cross Country model, the only engine offered is a 2.0L D4 engine producing 190PS of power output while mated with a 6-speed MT or a 8-speed AT. In the V60 Cross Country, on the other hand, it has a smaller 2.0L D3 engine, 2.0L D4 engine, and a 2.0L T5 engine producing 245PS of power. Now that's a lot of power for a station wagon of that size.

The S60 Cross Country starts at 373,200 Kr while the V60 Cross Country starts at 320,000 Kr, which is cheaper to buy than the saloon counterpart! How's that possible? No one really knows but either way, both the S60 Cross Country and the V60 Cross Country are well-targeted niches targeted for the lifestyle enthusiasts who prefer to go outdoors. Yes, they may not be as tough or rugged as any other SUVs know and they're big and horrible, but these cars aren't just cars. They're lifestyles in their own rights.

Photo: Volvo Cars

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The Oh My G! finale

In the finale of ABS-CBN's religious daytime drama program, Oh My G!, as Anne Reyes, the long-lost sister of the show's heroine Sophie Cepeda (played by Janella Salvador), got hospitalized again after their sisterly walk in the park, emotions sparked as Sophie, along with the people who are close to her including her Teacher-Ninang. Daddy-Ninong, and her friends, especially her former foes such as her Aunt Lucy and her cousin Miley, gathered as Anne Reyes says her final words. Sophie prays, everyone close to Sophie and Anne prays, and as the sudden appearance of G (as in God) appears, Anne Reyes's life is in a critical condition.

As prayers continue, G approaches to Anne Reyes and a few seconds later, a miracle happened. Anne's front of Sophie's eyes.

Moments later, Sophie and Anne went to her parents' graves to pay respects. While they were there, the two sisters talked about their experiences with G and how did their encounter with Him changed their lives forever. After their emotional conversation, the two sisters took themselves a groupie and when Sophie suddenly encountered G, at the very place where she first met Him, she felt thankful and sorry for losing her trust with Him. As she recalled her moments of pain and mercy, her trust in God made her matured through the outcome and learned something valuable not just for her but for everyone around her. As the two bid farewell, G told Sophie that He will always be at her heart.

As Sophie and Anne arrived home, everyone surprised her because it's her birthday. Everyone close to her greeted her a very happy birthday and as for the two boys who captured Sophie's heart, they have gifts for her, so is her sister Anne. After that, Sophie does her one last groupie with everyone around her.

The show ends as when Sophie got out from the cafe, she encountered G on the streets and said the title "OH MY G!".

And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes the spiritual and wonderful story of OH MY G! Throughout this series, we have learned many things about family values, teen life, growing up, and most of all, trust in God. As we have trust in God, we have learned that we should never give up, stay true to yourself, find your true calling, and most of all, be merciful like the Lord.

Thank You and God Bless You.

Let's Do The News! (July 24, 2015)

- US President Barack Obama admitted that the gun control laws are the biggest frustrations of his administration even in the face of repeated mass killings, according to a BBC interview.

- Turkish government says it has bombed Islamic State targets in Syria. Also, Turkish police launched raids to arrest suspected IS militants on Friday morning in over 100 location in the Turkish capital, Istanbul. It was carried out in 26 districts of the city and involved 5,000 officers.

- Yesterday, the Iglesia Ni Cristo sacked Felix Nathaniel "Angel" Manalo and his mother Tenny by executive minister Eduardo Manalo after the two claimed that their lives are in danger because of alleged death threats, probably a standoff between the religious movement's management and the alleged abduction of some of its members. Angel's viral video message asks the public that they are in grave danger and in need of help but INC General Evangelist Bienvenido Santiago denied such allegations. This was the biggest scandal in the history of Iglesia Ni Cristo as it approaches its 101st anniversary this month.

Right now, Angel Manalo asks the INC brethren to remain vigilant, repent, and keep the faith in the midst of the biggest scandal in INC's history.

- Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte mulls a revolutionary action if politicians have crossed the line by commencing drastic reforms in the government such as closing down all government agencies, except the judiciary, and place the nation under a revolutionary government.

- Free Wi-Fi services of the Department of Science and Technology has commenced at Manila's Rizal Park and Quezon City's Elliptical Circle. The DOST's Information and Communications Technology Office chose the two biggest cities in the nation for their "alpha launch test" of the 1.408-billion peso project.

- Porsche gave everyone a sneak peek on the facelifted 911 (991) range ranging from its updated looks, and the biggest of all is the use of downsized turbocharged flat-six engines with added power and efficiency.

- Seiyuu Sumire Uesaka (KanColle's Fubuki, THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls' Anastasia) contributed an essay to the book about pacifism. Her essay argues that increased engagement with the world is necessary to prevent war. Believe it or not, Sumire's fond about the history of the Soviet Union and once a student of Russian studies at Sophia University. She once visited the Russian capital Moscow, two years ago, to attend a convention just to negate her view about Russia as a "dark, cold, scary place".

- Basketball superstar LeBron James is collaborating with Warner Bros. for a production partnership that spans movies, television, and digital content, following his upcoming appearance in the comedy flick Trainwreck.

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