Sunday, June 24, 2018

2018 Radio Disney Music Awards

Los Angeles' Dolby Theater comes alive with the annual Radio Disney Music Awards, where the freshest and the loudest names in music come together to vie for the ARDYs as well as some spectacular performances this awards night delivers. No one come prepared to such intensity of excitement.

So, in case you missed all the excitement from the recent awards night, here is the list of this year's winners;

MASHUP! - It Ain't Me by Kygo and Selena Gomez
XOXO - Perfect by Ed Sheeran
STUCK IN OUR HEADS - New Rules by Dua Lipa
THE ONE - Shawn Mendes
THE BESTEST! - Kelsea Ballerini, Camila Cabello
THE BUZZ - Camila Cabelo
Icon Award - Kelly Clarkson
THE FRESHEST - Carly Pearce
DOUBLE TAP! - Max and Harvey
Impact Award - Janet Jackson

Looks like the K-Pop boy band BTS scored big at this year's RDMA by taking home four awards! Impressive! Anyway, congratulations to all the winners of this year's RDMA! See you next year!

FIFA WORLD CUP RUSSIA 2018 - June 23, 2018

FIFA World Cup Russia 2018
Belgium taking on Tunisia at Moscow's Spartak Stadium while South Korea takes on Mexico at the Rostov Arena and the Germans are taking on the Swedes at Fisht Stadium. That's 10th day of the FIFA World Cup Russia.

Starting at Spartak, Belgium massively defeated Tunisia at the score of 5-2 and Eden Hazard, who scored two goals that game and four shots, delivered a show-stopper to the entire crowd. Meanwhile in Rostov, looks like South Korea's in the brink of doom thanks to the Vela-Hernandez combo that made Mexico triumphant at the score of 2-1. And in Fisht Stadium, a last-minute crusher by Toni Kroos led the Germans to a victory against Sweden at the score of 2-1.

The next match will see England taking on Panama at Nizhny Novgorod Stadium while Japan takes on Panama at Ekaterinburg and Poland takes on Colombia at Kazan.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Bubble Gang - June 22, 2018

On the June 22, 2018 episode of Bubbke Gang...

- Motel gags

- A talented flirter

- The gay mob boss

- Hearing test

- Tough times

- Today's Balitang Ina topic is...Baklitang Ina.

- A well-sorted goodnight prayer

- Join the group of hardened women

- It's c-c-c-contagious.

- Basa-basa pik!

FIFA WORLD CUP RUSSIA 2018 - June 22, 2018

FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

Brazil taking on Costa Rica at St. Petersburg while Nigeria takes on Iceland at Volgograd and the Serbians are taking on the Swiss at Kaliningrad. That's day nine of the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018.

Beginning at St. Petersburg, a finishing two-point blow by Brazil knocked Costa Rica out of the tourney. In Volgograd, meanwhile, Nigeria roars back against Icelandic debutantes at the score of two points, all thanks to Ahmed Musa's show-stopping performance. And finally in Kaliningrad, a 2-1 finish ups Switzerland to second place in Group E while Serbia lands on the Round of 16.

The next match will see Belgium taking on Tunisia at Moscow's Spartak Stadium while South Korea takes on Mexico at the Rostov Arena and the Germans are taking on the Swedes at Fisht Stadium. Will these teams make it or fall from the World Cup? Stay tuned.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Third-generation Toyota Century (UWG60)

The Toyota Century has been the flagship saloon that served not just the Japanese royal family since the late Emperor Hirohito but also the high-ranking Diet men and other wealthy clientele who want to experience the true Japanese craftsmanship spent in the making of this car. Now in its third-generation, the Toyota Century ushers in the next era of Japanese history with the design, interior, drivetrain, and technology that demonstrates the future of Japanese motoring at its very best.

2019 Toyota Century
Demonstrating over 50 years of catering wealthy clientele with first-class luxury comfort that will upset expensive European imports, the Toyota Century has been given its long-awaited full model change in over two decades and with this third-generation, the new Century is ready to turn the page to a new era like preparing your Hobonichi Techo for a new year. Beginning with the design, the Century now features a more modern look while tracing its roots from the previous Century generations since the first one in 1967 and by blending the past, present, and the future, the new Century is still worthy of donning the emblem of a mythical bird that shines for many centuries to come.

2019 Toyota Century interior
2019 Toyota Century interior

Putting emphasis on its handcrafted interior, you will notice how much hours they spent perfecting the ideal Century interior of the next era in Japanese history, something that the next Japanese emperor will get acquainted with. On the driver side, the driver will be greeted with the heated steering wheel, tilted and telescopic steering wheel, 10-way power seat, 7-inch TFT color multi information display, and many others in store for the driver. On the rear-seat side, that's where the Century's royal piece comes into play because the clientele can treat the Century's rear space like a private room because it's got all of the nooks and crannies a good limousine possess such as an air-conditioning, massage on the rear seats, a rear-seat entertainment system with a Blu-Ray Player and SD Card Slot below the screen, 20 speakers, an 100V AC outlet, and a writing table, among many others. At the back, the Century carries 484 litres of boot space, capable of carrying a 9.5-inch golf back and others for trips to the country club or a five-star hotel for an important meeting with a certain delegate. Of all the luxury cars you've encountered, the new Century fits the bill of being a chauffeur-driven car targeted for Japan's rich and powerful people, especially the next emperor.

2019 Toyota Century

Because the third-generation Toyota Century is a representation of the next era in Japanese history, Toyota did some drastic measures to accommodate the winds of change. For instance, the glorious V12 engine from the past model has been thrown away for good and in return, it now comes with a 5.0L V8 engine coupled with a 1KM electric motor and a nickel metal battery, generating a total output of 431PS of power. That is the same hybrid powertrain used in the old Lexus LS600h and with today's Lexus LS500h no longer bears a V8 hybrid because it's now a V6 Multi-Stage Hybrid instead, this powertrain is now unique to the Century. It's like finding a new home after a massive hit that changed their lives and because of its hybrid powertrain along with its CVT, the fuel economy based on JC08 Mode standards is 13.6km/L.

Toyota have spent countless hours making the Century more quieter and more comfortable like a premium sedan should and that is why it comes with Active Noise Control, multi-link suspension on all sides, and Adaptive Variable Suspension system. When set to Normal or ECO, the new Century works brilliantly as a comfortable cruiser fit from getting out from the countryside and into the Diet building without breaking a sweat. However, when things get rough like for instance, some unknown assailant trying to chase you down, put it in SPORT S+, and things can get a little tricky for a luxury saloon. That's defensive driving to you.

Anyway, part of representing the future is the safety tech and the new Century is prepared with Toyota Safety Sense featuring Pre-Crash Safety system, Lane Departure Alert, Radar Cruise Control, Adaptive High-beam System, Blind Spot Monitor, Parking Support Alert, and many others. Utilizing these safety tech, the new Century promises a peace of mind for its occupants and that's something this ultra-expensive JDM saloon can do in its time.

Speaking of ultra-expensive, it really is and it starts at 19,600,000 Japanese Yen, making this the most expensive Toyota ever made, unless if you are part of the Diet or the Japanese royal family to get the most out of it. Anyway, since the Century is all about serving wealthy clients with its high-level of luxuriousness on the inside, the implementation of the hybrid powertrain can be either refreshing or revolting but still, this is what the new Century really wants to represent, representing a new era on the road ahead and this is how it begins.

Available colors: Kamui Eternal Black, Mashuu Shrine Blue Mica, Asuka Blackish Red Mica, and Seika Radiant Silver Metallic.

Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation

Fifth-generation Subaru Forester (SK9/E)

The Subaru Forester is one of the forerunners of the crossover utility vehicle craze since the Toyota RAV4 and the Toyota Harrier and while it was basically a bigger Impreza, the Forester is an all-rounder thanks to Subaru's legendary AWD powerhouse that keeps it going no matter what's going on ahead. For the fifth-generation model, the Forester's taking a radical new approach for crossover shoppers as it's going to the direction that will make speedo boys crying back to their mommies.

2019 Subaru Forester
2019 Subaru Forester
At first glance, the all-new, fifth-generation Subaru Forester looks slightly different than the previous model but believe it or not, this is an all-new model so everything around here is almost as fresh as freshly picked tomatoes in the sunshine and while Subaru promises to be their most promising Forester ever, it isn't the most promising for speedo boys elsewhere because with this new model, turbocharging and manual are now out of the equation, meaning the new model is now offered with a choice of a naturally aspirated 2.5L boxer-4 engine and the first-ever 2.0L e-Boxer hybrid powertrain. More with that later on but first, let's observe the design.

At the design flow, the new Forester looks almost the same as the old model, judging from the front view, but on the back, it's almost like a botched up Kia Sorento R at some point, making it a clear approach that their new model looks different from the old one, so job done. Did you know that in the X-BREAK model, it features black gloss finish frame, black-finish 18-in. wheels and rear roof spoiler as well as orange accents on the black underguards and roof rail mounts.

2019 Subaru Forester interior

Peeking through the interior, the new Forester is starting to shape like the Impreza's and because it now runs on Subaru Global Platform, like from the Impreza, it's now surprisingly bigger than the previous model, meaning there's more room for granny and her friends for a weekend trip at Ocean Shores and Leavenworth. Being a five-seater, it only works if you are in a middle of a one-child policy, but because this is the kind of crossover your granny's friend drove every other day, it works really rather well, now that you mentioned personal experience from the previous model. It's now surprisingly dirt-resistant as well so there's no problem getting dirty while getting inside after in a middle of a rainy day at Oregon. Benefiting the new platform is the added space on the back that provides over five hundred litres of storage volume, meaning there's more stuff for some stuff granny bought at the grocery store or stuff for their next retreat at the province.

2019 Subaru Forester
2019 Subaru Forester

Back to what I said, the new Forester throws turbocharging and manual out of the equation, which is bad news for speedo boys everywhere, and in its place, it's now powered with a choice of a naturally aspirated 2.5L boxer-4 engine and the first-ever 2.0L e-Boxer hybrid powertrain, all mated with Subaru's Lineartronic CVT with a Manual Mode setting. Beginning on the FB25 engine, it now comes with direct fuel injection and higher compression as well as active valve control system on the exhaust. It now generates 184PS of power and 239Nm of torque, which is less than the Mazda CX-5, a crossover that is somewhat more enjoyable to own than this. Under the new WLTC Mode regulations, it returns with a 13.2kmpl fuel economy which is also less than the CX-5 as well.

The Advance model features an FB20 boxer engine coupled with a 10kW MA1 electric motor and li-ion battery and with this new e-Boxer hybrid powertrain, which combines boxer engine with electric technology, it promises 14kmpl of fuel economy under the new WLTC Mode regulations, which isn't bad as should say. Disappointing it maybe, the upside with the Forester Advance with e-Boxer is in any case your granny's friend forgot her phone at your home, she can come back to pick it up and then go home without worrying about fuel for the next day she'll visit your home again and again and again. That's personal experience done it right.

After getting to know the performance, how about driving? Since it runs on the SGP, the new Forester promises to be more refined than the previous model, meaning the handling is pretty much relatively superior compared to the old one and there's one pinky-lifting thing that will have you noticed. There is now Active Torque Vectoring, which is the same as you get from the WRX S4, the WRX STi, and the Levorg, and coupled that with Vehicle Dynamics Control, the Forester is as subtle to drive as carrying a bag of rice you bought from an Asian store with both hands.

What's a Forester be without X-Mode? X-Mode utilizes the the engine, transmission shift pattern, Active AWD front/rear clutch force, brakes and the Vehicle Dynamics Control to handle all kinds of situations and in the case of some models like the X-BREAK, there is a dual-mode version of X-Mode that offers Snow/Dirt and Deep Snow/Mud modes to make it more capable when things get rough.

Since Subaru is now synonymous with safety, the new Forester comes with EyeSight that includes Automatic Pre-Collision Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure and Sway Warning, Lane Keep Assist, Pre-Collision Throttle Management and Lead Vehicle Start Alert. The EyeSight Safety Plus, meanwhile, adds more safety tech such as Subaru Rear Vehicle Detection, Adaptive Driving Beam, Smart Rear View Mirror, Front View Monitor, and Side View Monitor, giving the new Forester a more safer drive good enough for your granny's friend to enjoy what it's like to be in the most high-tech Subaru to date.

Should you buy one? The new Forester stats at 2,808,000 Japanese Yen, which is surprisingly cheaper to own than the Mazda CX-5 powered by a 2.5L engine, while the hybrid-powered Forester Advance starts at 3,099,600 Yen. The petrol one won't arrive dealerships until mid-July while the Advance arrives by September but either way, you'll be too late to have one anyway, considering the skyrocketing waitlist over the new model. Still, the new Forester disappoints speedo boys with the removal of the turbo and manual variants from the previous model but for some relatives you know had a previous Forester from the start, the new model shapes the Forester into a more generous crossover fit enough for trips to Leavenworth, Ocean Shores, or Oregon, and then come back home with some fuel left for work, making it a more rewarding experience and with safety tech's at hand, the Forester puts everyone inside it first and that's something Subaru's trying to tell to the world that they're trying to copy Volvo's safety success story and while it sounds too deep, the new model can trigger some mixed reactions on its first day and that was the trivia for the day.

Available colors: Crystal White Pearl, Ice Silver Metallic, Dark Grey Metallic, Crystal Black Silica, Crimson Red Pearl, Sepia Bronze Metallic, Jasper Green Metallic, Horizon Blue Pearl, and Dark Blue Pearl.

Photo: Subaru Corporation


Delegations from North and South Korea are set to meet today once again for Red Cross talks. Top of the agenda is arranging reunions of separated families, but other humanitarian issues could be discussed as well.

The South Korean delegation crossed the inter-Korean land border today morning. They left Seoul yesterday afternoon and spent the night in northeastern country of Goseon in Gangwon-do Province.

The Red Cross Talks have started between the two Koreas and the talks were scheduled to start at 1000 hours local time at North Korea's Kumgangsan Mountain.

South Korean is sending a four-member delegation led by the President of the South Korean Red Cross, Park Kyung-seo. North Korean delegation has three members and is led by Pak Yong-il, the vice chairman of the North's reunification committee.

The main agenda on the table is setting the schedules for the family reunions.

Source: Arirang News

Let's Do The News! (June 22, 2018)

- The Habagat continues to bring thunderstorms and rain showers over parts of Luzon, according to PAGASA. In its latest weather forecast, PAGASA said the  Southwest Monsoon or Habagat will continue to affect the western section of Northern and Central Luzon. Provinces of Ilocos, Zambales, Bataan, and Palawan will experience cloudy skies with light to moderate rains and isolated thunderstorms due to Habagat.

- Senators urged the Philippine National Police leadership not to stand idly by and simply wait for the Quezon City Police District to hand its findings on the death of a 22-year old man who was arrested for loitering. This as the Commission on Human Rights has started an investigation on the death of Genesis Argoncillo who was collared and put to jail in an anti-loitering operation by cops.

- French president Emmanuel Macron did not called Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte a "role model" following online reports circulated the web since last year. In this post from July 2017, Macron was quoted as saying: “The world may not agree, but let’s admit Duterte is a role model”. The post claimed Macron said this in relation to supporting Duterte’s war on drugs and terrorism, and said he made the comments at a G20 summit in July 2017 in Germany.

- An Indonesian court has sentenced radical cleric Aman Abdurrahman to death for ordering an ISIS-linked group to carry out attack including the January 2016 suicide bombing at a Starbucks in Jakarta. Several hundred police secured the Jakarta court where Abdurrahman’s verdict was announced Friday. Prosecutors had demanded the death penalty.

OPEC ministers are bracing for a stormy meeting in Vienna Friday where they will discuss a Saudi proposal to hike oil output despite fierce resistance from Iran, setting the stage for a showdown between the arch foes.

- The Supreme Court ruled that US states have broad rights to tax online sales of goods and services, reversing its own decision made 25 years earlier at the start of the internet era. Thursday’s ruling could have a major impact on both the online and brick-and-mortar retail sector — and give states the ability to shore up public coffers with sales tax revenues from e-commerce.

- Eurozone ministers agreed debt relief and a big cash payout for Greece earlier, part of a broad exit deal that will close eight years of austerity and bailouts for Athens.

- AKS, the talent agency behind AKB48 and other sister groups, added Vietnam to their ever-growing portfolio by announcing SGO48, making it the fourth ASEAN sister group since JKT48, BNK48, and recently MNL48. Auditions begin across the entire Vietnam on July 2018.

-  A potential white supremacist group behind last year's Charlotteville killing are holding an August 11 and 12 rally at a park at Washington DC that coincide with the annual Otakon convention.

- The newly formed Renault Nissan Mitsubishi alliance  is reportedly saving 5.7 billion euros of costs thanks to improved cooperation.


FIFA WORLD CUP RUSSIA 2018 - June 21, 2018

FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

On the eighth day of the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018, we saw Denmark taking on Australia at Samara Arena while France takes on Peru at Ekaterinburg Arena and Argentina takes on Croatia at Nizhny Novgorod Stadium.

Starting at Samara side, the thrilling battle between Denmark and Australia ended in a one-point draw courtesy of Eriksen's early lead and Jedinak's penalty equalizer. On the Ekaterinburg side, Peru got crushed by the might of the French, thanks to rising star Kylian Mbappe. And on Nizhny Novgorod side, Croatia massively defeated Argentina thanks to the triple threat of Rebic, Modric, and Ivan Rakitic, pushing the Argentinians on the brink of elimination.

The next match will see Brazil taking on Costa Rica at St. Petersburg while Nigeria takes on Iceland at Volgograd and the Serbians are taking on the Swiss at Kaliningrad.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

FIFA WORLD CUP RUSSIA 2018 - June 20, 2018

FIFA World Cup Russia 2018
Day 7 of the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 saw Portugal taking on Morocco at Luzhniki Stadium while Rostov sees a battle between Uruguay and Saudi Arabia and Kazan welcomes an Iran-Spain duel.

Beginning at Luzhniki, Portugal's soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo led the team to a one-point sweep against Morocco, wiping the North African nation out of the tourney. Meanwhile in Rostov, Uruguay reached the Round of 16 after defeating Saudi Arabia by a point. And in Kazan, Spain net their first win of the game after defeating Iran by one point.

The next match will see Denmark taking on Australia at Samara Arena while France takes on Peru at Ekaterinburg Arena and Argentina takes on Croatia at Nizhny Novgorod Stadium.

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: Japan halts missile drills after Trump-Kim summit

Japan has halted evacuation drills simulating North Korean missile attack in the wake of the historic talks between Washington and Pyongyang, according to reports.

Government officials did not immediately confirm the reports, but authorities in one town told AFP they were suspending a drill planned for next week on orders from Tokyo.

The decision comes after US President Donald Trump and North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un met last week in Singapore, with the pair signing a joint document calling for denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

Yaita in Tochigi prefecture north of Tokyo had been planning an evacuation drill for next week involving some 800 residents including 350 school children, city official Yutaka Yanagida told AFP.

But the city suddenly canceled all preparations late Wednesday after being instructed by the government that “drills should be postponed for the time being following a change in the environment after the US-North Korea summit,” he said.

Contacted by AFP, a Cabinet Office official said the government would announce its policy on evacuation drills on Friday, declining to comment further.

Source: AFP

Let's Do The News! (June 21, 2018)

- The Second Nationwide Earthquake drill held with the ceremonial venue at Brgy. Santa Ana, San Mateo, Rizal. The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council said local drills were conducted nationwide through the Regional DRRM Councils. The drills are necessary to prepare themselves in an event the "Big One" strikes through.

- President Rodrigo Duterte has signed into law the Republic Act No. 11036 or the Mental Health Act yesterday. The Act enhances the delivery of integrated mental health services, and the promotion and protection of the rights of persons utilizing psychiatric, neurologic, and psychosocial health services, by appropriating funds.

- Former Duterte counsel, lawyer Edna Batacan, could be one of the frontrunners to become the nation's next Ombudsman, according to a Palace official.

- US President Donald Trump's recent signing of an executive order overturning the policy separating migrant families at the Mexico border sparked confusion over how the new guidelines will play out and deep concern that the changes don’t go far enough, allowing children to still be held in detention even if they remain with their families. Trump said Wednesday he didn’t like seeing children being removed from their families, a recent practice that has sparked worldwide outrage. But he also said “zero tolerance” on illegal immigration continues, and children will be held with their parents while the adults are prosecuted.

- Taiwan signed a controversial bill slashing pensions from their military veterans as soon as next month, sparking violent demonstrations. Wednesday’s vote marks a victory for President Tsai Ing-wen, whose attempts to make sweeping pension cutbacks since she came to power two years ago have faced intense opposition.

- New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern gave birth to a daughter Thursday. She is the second elected world leader to give birth while holding office after late Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, who gave birth to daughter Bakhtawar in 1990.

- The third-generation Volvo S60 was unveiled and it will be the first Volvo to be made in the company's first US plant in Charleston, South Carolina. This will be the first Volvo not to be offered with a diesel engine, following Volvo's electrification promise.

2019 Volvo S60

- Ford and Volkswagen collaborate for a strategic alliance to develop a range of commercial vehicles.

- Emilia Clarke bids Game of Thrones goodbye after her final shoot with the hit HBO series, now on its final season.

- Your first look of the 5th season of BBC's Luther is here.

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