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Audi A5 Cabriolet

Take a normal A5 luxury coupe, get rid of the top, and replace it with the automated soft top to create Audi's addition to the convertible line-up. The A5 Cabriolet welcomes you to take a seat on the open wind sports car based on the standard A5 coupe.

With the wind breezing through the streets, the A5 Cabriolet plunges through the roads with its striking looks, a choice of engines, including the entry level 1.8 TFSI engine to the 3.0 TDI diesel turbo engine, soft-top that can be opened or closed at the touch of the button, and more that everyone asks for this amusing cabriolet.

For those who think that the A5 Cabriolet was not enough for their testosterone junkies, the revved-up version of the A5 Cabriolet, known as the S5 Cabriolet is perfect for those who think performance is the main need for the thrill-seeking drivers. Although I got to say that the S5 Cabriolet's 3.0L V6 engine, revved up with over 333PS of power and the top speed of 250km/h, packs so much adrenaline and more fun for the German sports car lovers everywhere.

Checking from the Cabriolet's interior, you may notice that luxury comes standard, but for the A5 Cabriolet, most of the features provide many choices for everyone. It has the Multi Media Interface, Bang & Olufsen premium sound system, Bluetooth connectivity, optional comfort package that provides the driver with premium amenities offered for this ride and MP3/USB/iPod connectivity that allows everyone to play their songs here.

On the good side: Sporty feel, open-air fun, all-round excitement for convertible lovers.

On the bad side: Lack of excitement for the original, did this thing replaced the A4 Cabriolet?

Source: http://leopauldelr.multiply.com/reviews/item/183

Opel Insignia (Buick Regal or Chevrolet Vectra)

The Opel Insignia is the successor of the late Opel Vectra, and it provides drivers with some mystery that no other medium sized cars would ever have. This car has awarded as 2009 Car of the Year from Europe and gained many expectations from European car enthusiasts from all over the world. It also exported to other markets under the Chevrolet Vectra or Buick Regal namesake.

No one tells how the Insignia looks like. At first glance, this car has based on the concept car with the same name showed from several years ago. However, the platform used by this car was General Motors' Epsilon II platform, this platform also used in the second-generation Buick LaCrosse as well. The Insignia delivers three variants, the 4-door saloon, the 5-door hatchback, and the sports tourer variant.

There are several engines to match the Insignia's mysterious performance such as the 1.6L Ecotec engine that runs the power of 115PS, 1.8L Ecotec engine, 2.0L CTDi common rail diesel engine, 2.0 Ecotec turbo engine, and the high performance 2.8L Ecotec V6 engine that boasts the maximum power of 260PS @ 5500rpm, but these engines were just the beginning. The Insignia has the full time 4WD system that handles all twists and turns one corner at the time and the Opel Eye system acts intelligently on all roads such as detecting road signs everywhere. This car is engineered to be almost a psychic to all drivers.

This perplexing German car also has a not-so-mysterious interior that blends the elements of relaxation and hospitality, creating a new age modern living for the driver. The navigation system provides plenty of options for the driver to provide some smart choosing all over the road.

The Opel Insignia is packed with all the features that no other car can find it anywhere else such as the intelligent Opel Eye system, adaptive front lamps and full-time 4WD system that knows all roads every time. Believe me; this car will not segregate you and the feeling of having a foreign car in your garage. To shake things up, there is a high-performance OPC version of the Insignia, how will it affect the outcome? We will never know.

New Toyota Crown Majesta (URS206/UZS207)

2010 Toyota Crown Majesta
Welcome the new Crown Majesta. This is known to be the ultimate Crown sold in the Japanese market, slots among the Toyota Crown series (Athlete, Royal and the new Hybrid variant), mistaken for the American made Toyota Avalon, and dubbed as the Japanese Lexus LS of today. One look of the Crown Majesta’s exterior is really surprising. The grille, just like the previous-generation Majesta, doesn’t have the trademark Crown insignia. It has the Toyota logo on it, but being the only Crown without the Crown emblem doesn’t mean it is a Crown, it’s just the most supreme vehicle only Toyota made their minds for, especially served for wealthy people everywhere. The side view is somewhat a Crown quality, meaning it has the same look as other Crowns and the rear view remains “true MJ quality” which means the back remains the Majesta look from the last four generations. Do not judge the Majesta’s rear for the European Toyota car called the Avensis because of the surprising rear lamps really look like the Avensis for sure.
2010 Toyota Crown Majesta
What makes the new Crown Majesta a car so majestic that is definitely above all luxury saloons? The improved V8 4.6L engine with dual VVT-I and Direct lnjection four stroke gasoline engine Superior version (D-4S) with the noble 347PS power or the V8 4.3L engine with the power of 280PS at the torque of 43.8kgf・m makes it superior. Not only that, the new Crown Majesta now has DRAMS (Driving Response Acceleration Management System) and VGRS (Variable Gear Ratio System) to keep the driving more elegant than an unicorn in a little girl’s dream. For safety, the Crown Majesta has all the safety features such as the driver monitor, pre-crash safety system and the unique Majesta feature is, night vision which provides visibility on dark roads.
2010 Toyota Crown Majesta interior
2010 Toyota Crown Majesta interior
The interior of the Crown Majesta looks the same as the other Crowns but there are new packages only a VIP can take advantage of. Rear entertainment system allows the VIP watch some more movies or TV shows on the run. Consider a wealthy executive watching his favorite soap operas while driving on quiet roads or mountain passes. The Toyota Premium Sound system allows a clearer, live sound that provides premium sound like they never heard in the car before. Consider listening to some orchestra music like you are in the opera house on the road. And wide array of luxury features provide the ultimate convenience for the executive who needed a break from the busy day or formal parties.
CONSIDER ON THE GUEST LIST: You are here. The Crown Majesta’s luxury features are elegant like you are offered to rescue a princess from a fairy tale of your dreams. Take a seat to this luxury saloon and what you will experience in the Crown Majesta is expected from your prom date, birthday parties, and your daughter’s debut or every occasion you’ve dreamt for thanks to the premium sound that provides live sound so clearly, it’s like you are in the front seat of your favorite theatrical performance everywhere. What I like about this car is its true beauty of the exterior. One look of it will realize the Majesta beauty within their hearts and noble people take advantage for it.
 Photo: Carview

Hyundai New Equus VI

2010 Hyundai Equus

Despite the economy splintered into chunks, Hyundai Motor Company, the brand behind the luxurious Genesis and the aggressive Genesis Coupe, just unleashed their true prestige sedan that is above all the rest of luxury saloons in the world. The new Equus has just come out from the curtain and into the guiding light of the automotive industry.

It is like this; the Genesis was the first FR sedan from Hyundai that battles the Audi A6, Lexus GS, MB E-Class, and the Nissan Fuga. (Infiniti M) Then, the Genesis Coupe is the first FR coupe that is also targeted by most iconic sports cars such as the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Subaru Impreza WRX STI, Nissan Fairlady Z (370Z), Nissan Skyline (Infiniti G) and other European sports cars such as the BMW M3, MB CLK-Class, and Audi A5. For the newly evolved Equus, this premiere saloon is the betting target of the MB S-Class, Lexus LS, Audi A8, and the Nissan Cima (Infiniti Q). First launched in 1999, and exported in other markets as the Centennial and in Japan as the Mitsubishi Proudia (not to mention it was disappeared from the Japanese markets a few years ago), the Equus is a breakthrough luxury sedan among executives everywhere.

There are five words to describe the true beauty of the Equus; Excellent, Quality, Unique, Universal, Supreme. These five pure words clearly analyze the look and feel of the Equus. Now in its new form, new engine and new FR drive train, it finally evolved into something more what they expect from other luxury cars. There are two available engines only the New Equus has to offer, first is the award winning 4.6L Tau V8 engine found on the US-Spec Genesis provides a maximum power of 366ps with the fuel economy of 8.8km/L and the high-performance 3.8L Lambda V6 engine capable of carrying 290PS with the fuel economy of 9.3km/L. Besides the 6-speed automatic transmission, there are new safety features of the new Equus, such as the Pre-Safe Seatbelt, Lane Departure Warning System, and the completely new way for convenient parking, PGS (Parking Guide System)

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THIS: Hyundai is finally fight back the wages of the shattered economy thanks to its premiere luxury sedan, the Equus. Much ado from that, the previous generation Equus was a centennial to other markets. Now with the newly redesigned Equus, this premiere machine is ready to take on others, as you have never seen before. In addition, when it hits the worldwide market, it also be called a Centennial anymore, rather, it would also be another name for the new Equus or possibly another Genesis machine with a sleeker name you can guess at.

Photo: Hyundai Motor Company
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