Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Top 5 Hayate Girls

Hello otakus who are reading this, did everyone just saw episode 25 of Hayate the Combat Butler!! 2nd Season? If they said "Yes! I watched it!", then, congratulations, you guys did some way to watch that episode. If some of the otakus said "No... I forgot", I appreciate it because of your reasons. To wrap up everything I've notice from the 1st and the 2nd season of Hayate the Combat Butler, I'm making a top 5 list on my favorite Hayate girls as seen in both the manga and the anime for such perspectives!

5. Hakuo Three Amiga. You think I may not know these girls yet, but I guess I remember their names; Miki Hanabishi, Izumi Segawa and Risa Asakaze. Others might say, "Oh, are those the Hakuo Three Amiga? I did not realize that, Yep. They're cute".

I thought so...

4. Ayumu Nishizawa. It's not like that she's not that bad, she's kind, gentle, and uh....forget it, I can't do this.. she's something I can't describe.

Talk about awkward thoughts!

3) Maria. Sometimes a maid like her just to look at her best. It's like she's my favorite Hayate girl at all times thanks to her sweet personality, well almost to sweet as heaven. Sweetness really happens, one look at Maria's personality makes me wanna go for the go-between in just one second. LOL


2. Hinagiku Katsura. Most fans said "Is Hinagiku a tsundere?", my reaction would be "I'm not sure if Hinagiku is a tsundere or not." Possible clues of how Hina's a tsundere might be her tough personality, sometimes carries a sword, or whatever. Anyway, she's one of the fan favorites in the manga and the anime. A seiyuu who played Hinagiku in the anime series, by the name of Ito Shizuka-san, is so popular among male viewers. Hinagiku's made herself a one-half of the special "Maplus Portable Navi 3" downloadable contents aside from Hayate Ayasaki himself (played by Ms. Ryoko Shiraishi). The point is, Hinagiku's a great female character. And that's it. Unless you love to hear her voice for your hearsay?

Get it?
H-I-N-A Hinagiku! (woot! mentioned the line from the song "Honjitsu Mankai Watashi Iro" which is in fact the first ending theme from the second season!)

Fast fact: Not only Ito-san played Hinagiku from this series, she also did other characters such as Misa from Negima, Rei from Maria-sama Ga Miteru, or even Tamaki Kousaka from the popular "ToHeart" franchise

...and my favorite Hayate Gal is:

Nagi Sanzenin. Ahh.. yes... Nagi-ojosama. The tsundere I always love to look at her angry personality, despite being a rich girl. The crowd loves Nagi-ojosama because of her number one attitude aside from being a hikikomori or whatever (I don't know), being a tsundere.

Seriously, yes, she is a tsundere. As a tsundere afficionado, I always love to see the angry side of Nagi Sanzenin. Especially when she saw Hayate committing a mistake at any moment.


This tsundere never shuts up.


OMG! I LOVE THIS CHARACTER NO MATTER HOW ANGRY OR HAPPY SHE IS!! XDOne more thing, as you already know, we love that seiyuu who played Nagi Sanzenin from the anime. With Rie Kugimiya, most viewers love to hear her voice no matter which character she plays. Especially tsunderes (because Kugimiya-san is the tsundere queen thanks for being the role of famous tsundere characters such as Louise from The Familiar of Zero, Shana from Shakugan no Shana or even Taiga from Toradora).


Thursday, September 17, 2009

The all-new Hyundai Sonata

A sonata is a musical term for a composition composed by one or two instruments and usually in a third and fourth movement. At Hyundai Motor Company, the name Sonata is a luxury medium sedan launched since the 1980's in the Korean market and gained a huge success in the international market against popular medium sedans such as the Mazda Atenza, Toyota Camry, Nissan Teana, Honda Accord & Inspire, Subaru Legacy B4 and other medium sedans in the market. Now, in September 2009, the internationally honored Hyundai Sonata has finally reached its all-new form and taken Hyundai's new trademark fluidic sculpture as seen on the face lifted Verna/Accent, face lifted Santa Fe, and the sexy utility vehicle called Tucson ix (ix35 in the European market).

The all-new Sonata from Hyundai has finally opened the books for modest drivers like you. With its new fluidic design, which is now Hyundai's new design language, coupe-like structure, and all the luxury amenities offered for this premiere medium-sized sedan, this is the only musical score that settles the scores against other orthodox medium sedans on the road. There are a few pointers on the new generation model; the front side is somewhat a mixture between the ultra-luxury Genesis (Rohens) sedan and the ultra-aggressive Genesis Coupe (Rohens Coupe), the body side is somewhat based on the familiar bodywork from Kia's upcoming VG executive sedan, and the rear view is aggressive to bring the beast within this majestic machine.

From its majestic exterior, the new Sonata is powered with the new 2.0-litre Theta-II MPi engine deliver an improved power of 165ps at the torque of 20.2kg•m and the improved fuel economy of just 12.8km/L. Available transmission is a 6-speed automatic transmission only. Rumor has it; Hyundai will be putting a fuel-efficient GDi engine to the Sonata next year. Not only that, the Sonata now has improved features such as Vehicle Dynamics Control, Electronic Parking Brake, Parking Guide System, six airbags, and the world's first Amplitude Selective Dampers.

New optitron meters, climate control, leather seats, butterfly-shaped steering wheel, optional navigation system, premium audio system, USB/MP3 connectivity and everything to list at the Sonata's majestic interior. Combining modern living and a piece of prestige on the inside provides plenty of harmony between the passenger and the driver of overall excitement. In addition, the instrumental panel in this car might be bland but it adds beauty for the new generation model.


Contrasted to the previous generation model launched since autumn 2004, both Korean and international buyers took advantage to its form. Now on the new generation Sonata, this is no equal than the last-generation model. With its new form and new packages available for this car, things are bout the change a bit differently when owners finally opened their books to this majestic Korean sedan. Some called it luxurious but others called it sporty. The new Sonata has not made it becoming a full-fledged car but it is getting close. With the new generation Sonata, the books opened for you to attest its honest affair.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We, the internet users, are sick of seeing those strange "don't pay for white teeth" ads! What is like "Don't Bleach" or "I cured my yellow teeth" or "don't let the dentist fooled you" or even "learn the trick discovered by a mom". Well, it's a scam, all right? Why did these toothy ads won't leave us alone?

Everyone knows it's a scam all right? Users, next time when you encounter those weird "White Teeth" ads that's like it was discovered by some single mom or someone, please tell those toothy ads to leave us alone so we can enjoy the internet without getting ourselves encountered by those!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Back in 2007, Toyota launched the fully redesigned Land Cruiser (LC200) and gained the ultimate reputation as the "King of 4WD" among SUV fans from around the world. Crossing from the muddy dirt to the pavement, from the mountainside to the city side, nothing beats the king of sport utility vehicles. Much ado from that, it also sold from around the world as the Lexus LX 570 or a Land Cruiser V8 from around the globe. Just when you thought that, the original Land Cruiser is truly the SUV King of the world, wait until you will see its nimbler prince waiting to succeed the same way as its "father" did.

Introducing the all new, all powerful, Land Cruiser Prado and it is now ever better than its original Land Cruiser 200. In the previous generation, the Land Cruiser Prado sold in the U.S. as the Lexus GX and in the Europe as simply Land Cruiser. (Not to be confused from the Land Cruiser V8 this is in fact a Land Cruiser 200) The impression of the new Prado is like a tsundere, the exterior is aggressive but the interior is a gentle side because of its spacious yet luxurious amenities only an executive has to offer, like for example; a premium sound system, leather seats, optional navigation system, adjustable seats, cup holders, start/stop engine button and optitron meters.

From its so-called tsundere personality, the new Prado also comes with the optional third row seats giving this car a seven-seater capacity to bring more friends or family for the long trips ahead from your schedule. For the performance that carries the long tradition of the Prado history, there are two available engines to choose from; from the 2.7-litre 2TR-FE engine that carries 163PS at the fuel economy of 8.8km/L to the powerful 4.0-litre V6 1GR-FE engine that delivers 276PS at the fuel economy of 8.2km/L. The KDSS (Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System) and the "crawl control" feature found on the Land Cruiser 200 are applied to the new Prado to give this prince of sport utility vehicle a gene carried its royal heritage to the long tradition of the Land Cruiser history. For the first time in Prado history, the new version is equipped with Toyota's first Multi-Terrain Select that allows the driver to choose which option is suitable on the road ahead, for instance; tarmac, gravel, mud, whatever the Prado crossed ahead on the road ahead.

For the peace of mind, the new Prado is equipped with Pre-Crash safety system, clearance sonar, radar cruise control, Electronic Brake-force Distribution, Anti-lock Brake System, Vehicle Stability Control, SRS airbags, reinforced body, and the world's first Multi Terrain Monitor (similar to Nissan's Around View Monitor) that seeks road conditions with the use of four cameras mounted on the new Prado.


Despite this next generation model is targeted by mostly middle-aged men in their 40s, the new Prado is truly the prince of SUVs as fans would love to speak about this new model. When it hits the world market either this one, a Lexus GX or simply a Land Cruiser moniker, it will do the same thing as its LC200 "father" did from the sand dunes to the city lights. Be prepared to want one.

Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation
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