Saturday, October 24, 2009

The New Nissan Fuga Y51 (New Infiniti M)

Since August 2009, at the Pebble Beach Concours d'elegance, Nissan's Infiniti division unveiled the third generation Infiniti M (most likely in virtual form) that surprises car enthusiasts with the new design flow. The third-generation M hinted the world as the second-generation of the Cedric-Gloria successor, the Toyota Mark X's formidable foe: the Nissan Fuga.

The Fuga name was derived from a somewhat classical music, known as fugue, made by the legendary Johann Sebastian Bach. (Consider his fugal works by the way) Back then, in 2003 Tokyo Motor Show, it starts with the Fuga concept, and according from the sources, this could be the replacement of the aging Cedric-Gloria cars, hopeful that these two cars with the same face join themselves as one. In October 2004, the fugue of awakening has begun. The Fuga finally awakens from its concept form to production form to surpass against rivals such as the Honda Legend and the Toyota Mark X. (the Mark II's replacement)

The Fuga's fugal exterior design was based on the Infiniti Essence concept, with the sexier side view that others might think how would smart designers derived a body of a Haven Trooper to create a sexy side view, like no other premium sedans done in the first place. (Can’t tell how) On the front side, the Skyline-reminiscent headlamps came so clearly, it shines like the crescent moon. And with the bold new grille design that Nissan fans clearly state this would be a second-coming design that is truly original. On the rear view, the new design remains its Fuga quality with endless possibilities.

The Fuga provides a choice of two engines: a high-powered 3.7L V6 VQ VVEL engine that delivers over 300ps of power and the 2.5L V6 VQ engine provides 12.2km/L of fuel economy. Most car enthusiasts think the 3.7L variant is great enough but the 2.5L variant is a great start for beginners, thanks to Japan's new eco car tax break laws. Aside from having the 7-speed automatic transmission, the Fuga also has optional paddle shifters to have this premium sedan the thrill of a sports car. By judging the thrill of a sports car, there are different suspension types to choose from: the double piston shock absorbers, sports tuned suspension, and the comfort suspension. The Drive Mode Selector provides four modes the driver can chooses and sees how it fits the driving condition.

From its sexier yet feisty exterior, the new Fuga's interior made executives cannot describe how the interior balances the elements of the inside and the outside world. The texture of the interior has an exquisite balance between man and machine, providing the owner the magic touch made from the Fuga. From the texture, the new wood design was borrowed from the texture of the violin, giving the interior the classic touch that revolves around the new look of this premium sedan. On the new Fuga, the world's first forest air conditioner finally made possible by Nissan, providing the fresh air of the forest come inside to give owners the freshness of the outside world they need. From the "A Package" variant of the Fuga, there are features this variant gets are for instance: power ottoman seat and the Bose Surround Sound System with 16 speakers and 14-channel digital amplifier, while the "VIP" variant gets everything premium, for instance: rear seat entertainment system. Depending on the line-up, you can find which interior variation is best suited for you, especially for a seasoned Fuga owner.

There are numerous of helpful features that give the owner a pleasant driving, such as the safety shield that takes away the scratches from the car, intelligent pedal that was accompanied with the navigation system, intelligent cruise control, cornering stability assist, Lane Departure Prevention and Lane Departure Warning, and DSSS. (Driving Safety Support Systems) These features bring the owner come closer to safe and pleasant trip on the road.

The all-new Nissan Fuga has a list of rivals such as the Honda Legend (Acura RL) and the Toyota Mark X. Other possible rivals include the Porsche Panamera, Toyota Crown and Crown Majesta, Hyundai Genesis & Equus, Lexus LS & GS, BMW 5-Series & 7-Series, and even the Mercedes-Benz E-Class & S-Class. (Never forget the upcoming Kia K7/Cadenza premium sedan)
The fugal design and the balance between simplicity and cunning strategy aligned them to create a premium masterpiece that is about to hit the airwaves all over the world. The new Fuga is coming at late 2009 following with the new hybrid variant coming next year. With the aspects of speed, comfort, and simplicity, all fused into one, the new generation Nissan Fuga will unleash the new aura you will never forget.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Suzuki Kizashi

In the wake of the 41st Tokyo Motor Show in Japan, Suzuki, the brand behind small cars such as the MR Wagon, Wagon R, Swift, and the Palette, removed the curtain to make way to the new flagship medium sedan that targets popular medium sedans such as the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord/Inspire, Subaru Legacy B4, and the Mazda Atenza. Welcome to Kizashi

Before the real Kizashi exists in Japan, this production model made a world premiere at Detroit since the end of July 2009. Although most people sparked its arrival after several spy shots of this car bombarded the online forums and journals presses, the Japanese flagship sedan is no equal to other medium sedans, despite not being related to the GM Daewoo Tosca/Chevrolet Epica.

On the exterior side, the Kizashi resembles the three Kizashi concept cars revealed at Frankfurt (since 2007), Tokyo (same year) and New York (last year), giving the future of the medium sedan a brighter possibility with no impossibility of exploiting the owner of the car. Much ado about its sporty yet elegant style, the Kizashi's exterior can be somewhat seducing due to its sexier design angle.

By the time the Kizashi was born, the 2.4L engine was its only mainframe for this new-age medium sedan, having the power output of 188PS, at the torque of 23.5kg・m, with the fuel economy of 12.6km/L. The Kizashi is armed with the latest Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with paddle shifters found on the steering wheel to give the car's shifting a whole new dimension.

On the safe side, the Kizashi's host of safety features such as the Electronic Stability Program, Electronic Brake force Distribution, ABS, Hill Hold Control, Parking Sonar, Suzuki's TECT, nine airbags, SRS airbags, and auto light system provides the driver the safest side he needs.


As a direct competitor to successful medium sedans in the world, Suzuki's first full-fledged medium sedan takes on the center stage and soon it will stand out the crowds like you've never seen before. Technically a Japanese-made car built with Western flair, this is surely a so-so for this car. How I describe this new Suzuki sedan is possibly hard to understand its design language. It might have some ups and downs, some flaws and appeals, some goods and bads about this car, but this will shape the brand image with it.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Toyota SAI

With the new Prius launched since May and the Lexus HS250h arrived since July, Toyota favored to create its "third kind" of hybrid vehicle that is truly a "true hybrid sedan" you cannot refuse. What is somewhat interesting is that new kind of hybrid sedan borrowed most of the elements found on the Lexus HS 250h. From the creators of the ever-popular Toyota hybrids such as the Prius and the Lexus HS 250h; meet SAI, the newest expansion to the Toyota hybrid line-up.

Expected to be on sale at Late 2009, the new hybrid sedan combines talents and colors into one unique power of the eco-car from having the charming exterior, unsurpassed performance of a hybrid car, the finest safety features, and the hospitable interior provides more for everyone.

The Exterior Side:
On the front view, the SAI looks somewhat indistinguishable to its sister car, the Lexus HS 250h, but the rear side copied the look of the American Nissan Sentra. Much ado from that, the exterior design finds others somewhat inspirational thanks to Vibrant Clarity, Toyota's design language, and there are seven exterior colors to choose from the Aqua Mica Metallic to the Blackish Red Mica.

The Performance Side:
Gifted with the 2AZ-FXE, 2.4-liter engine with the 143PS motor that brings the fuel economy to a stable 23.0km/L(10・15 mode), the SAI is truly a commitment to the future of the environment. Also on the SAI is the Eco Passport feature that allows G-Book subscribers from Japan to compete themselves for the best fuel economy done on the SAI. This is somewhat similar to the Honda Insight's Eco Grand Prix campaign that allows owners to battle for fuel economy supremacy.

The Safety Side:
The SAI provides a bountiful of safety features that provide the owner the help it deserves in face of various situations. With Steering-assisted Vehicle Stability Control system, Pre-crash Safety System, Brake-signal system, Lane Keeping Assist, radar cruise control, and the wide-view monitor for parking safety, the SAI is very talented for the safety category.

The Comfort Side:
Much ado from the outer side of the SAI, the interior side balanced for rest and relaxation for the passenger. Like a modern house built for comfort, the SAI is a sanctuary of silence and the therapy received for grown-ups. In Toyota history, the Remote Touch system (found on the new Lexus RX and the Lexus HS 250h) makes its brand debut, giving the driver a variety of options at the driver's fingertips.


Comfort, power, economical, trust, its finest features, the SAI is full on talents that bring everyone the respect it needs. Treat the SAI with the respect it deserves and you will be the top tier among other SAI owners from Japan. The SAI makes a perfect rival against the Honda Insight and other hybrid cars compete for hybrid power and respect among environmentally conscious people everywhere.

New Toyota Mark X (GRX130/133/135)

With the launch schedule of the second-generation Nissan Fuga is just a few weeks ahead, Toyota has just revealed the second chapter of their "X-Body" machine. By the "X-Body” concept, its real name was the Mark II's alternative: the Mark X.

Since late 2004, the Mark X became the descendant of the long-running Mark II sedan that lasted for over three decades. Originally, the car would have been the tenth-generation Mark II, but due to some historical issues since Nissan fused the long-running Cedric and Gloria sedans into the ultra-luxury premium sedan, known as the Fuga, Toyota decided to rename the Mark II into Mark X. In terminology, the "X" in the Mark X logo does not represent the tenth Mark II (because X represents ten in the Roman numerals), and the true definition of the letter X is shrouded in mystery right now.

On its second-generation, the Mark X continues the X-Body story targeted for men from ages 30 or up. (Remember the promotional "X for Men" short stories starring famous Japanese male actor named Koichi Sato a few years back) It is jokingly the "Japanese Jaguar" because of the X term since all Jaguar cars of today always starts with the letter X. (for instance: XJ, XF, and XK)

The new Mark X splits in to three different styles to choose from, the Standard Type provides a well-balanced proportion; the Premium Type provides excellent comfort for executives, and the Sports Type, which is more suitable for seasoned car enthusiasts who are looking for real action. Depending on the type, try to examine the new exterior design. On front, it is similar to the Lexus IS, but the grille has a big X mark in it, while the rear shapes like the Hyundai Avante/Elantra.

No matter what type you will drive, the new Mark X has heavily armed with two types of engines:

  • V6 3.5L (2GR-FSE) engine with the power output of 318PS at the fuel economy of 10.2km/L.

  • V6 2.5L (4GR-FSE) engine with the fuel economy of 13.0km/L.

  • Best of all, some Mark X types included a six-speed Super ECT automatic transmission with optional paddle shifts for sportier feeling, Driving Response and Acceleration Management System, optional full-time 4WD for all-round cruising, 17-inch disc brakes, front double wishbone and rear multilink suspension, and Adaptive Variable Suspension System.

    On the safety side, the Mark X has all the features that you can keep yourself safe. Depending on the type, this car gets the following features such as:
    1. Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management,

    2. Radar Cruise Control,

    3. Intelligent AFS for accurate turn of the headlamps on the night side,

    4. Lastly, the innovative Pre-Crash Safety System that provides some of the features, such as the camera mounted on the car's exterior and the driver monitor, to give the driver a safe and pleasant driving on the road.

    The comfortable interior completes the extraordinary description of the all new Mark X. From the 8-way adjustable front seats, luggage space, optional rear sunshade, climate control, smart entry and start system, optional sunroof, optitron meters, and the trademark Toyota steering wheel (found on the new Prius and the new Prado) provide excellent comfort and convenience for the grown-ups who are willing to try this feline. Never forget the Super Live Sound System with 12 speakers; it has everything for clearer sound on the move.


    On the slight verification, the Mark X's front bumper could alarm most Crown fanatics thinking these front bumpers of different Mark X types hinted the 13th generation Crown's minor change next year but forget what I told about this thing. Anyway, the second-generation Mark X combines the sportiness of the sports car and the comfort of the luxury car into one prowling package. The second chapter of the "X-Body" begins now at all Toyota's prestigious Toyopet dealerships from all over Japan, and rumor has it, they will put it on China sometime as the new Reiz.

    How will the Mark X be? Could be a perfect competitor to the upcoming Nissan Fuga? Could be a little green bag from other luxury medium sedans? The answer will reveal once you are behind the wheel on the all-new Mark X! It is truly a question of honor!

    Reader Note: Why I put "Question of Honor" and "Little Green Bag" on my conclusion? To put it simply, the song "A Question of Honour" is the song used in the Mark X commercial since November 2004, and the talented Sarah Brightman sang it. On the 2006 minor change (with the endorser Koichi Sato on the set), the song "Little Green Bag" by George Baker used on this commercial, and it lasted until 2008.
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