Thursday, December 3, 2009


Meet Hinagiku Katsura, she is just your average teenage girl, charming, sweet, aggressive, wonderful, and daring enough to take your heart down! And above all, aside from being the Hakuo Gakuin Student Council President, she is the perfect "president of student government" and Hayate the Combat Butler's number one character among fans everywhere! And you can have her too in her first single album, sung by the voice over behind the tsundere student council president, Shizuka Ito!

This album is jam-packed with ten Hinagiku Katsura tunes, including "Power of Flower" found at Hayate the Combat Butler Character CD four and "Steppin'“, the ending theme song from the Hayate the Combat Butler original video animation. (if fans know what this is) So when you are a die-hard Hinagiku fan sure enough to admire her, and for those who wanted to be just like the "president of student government”, this music CD is for you!

Track Listings:
1. Steppin'
2. Power of Flower
3. スクールDays
4. 愛と情熱のカルナバル
5. 100点満点なんかじゃない!
6. 微熱
7. 想い絶ちがたく、初恋なりがたし
9. あしたのわたし
10. Heart of Flower

If you realize why the heck they choose Hinagiku, it is because she is just perfect for fans everywhere. Take her advice for it, this CD might rock your heart over Hinagiku-ism forever and ever. Get your wooden swords ready because she is here to rock your life!

Opel Astra - Fourth Generation

It has been moments since General Motors decided to axe the Saturn brand by next year and keep the Opel/Vauxhall brand to the European GM division. But the differences ascend to the boiling point since the new Opel Astra came to the public and soon reaches to the world market either this, as a Vauxhall Astra in the United Kingdom, or as the Buick in China and if possible, the United States as the replacement for the evaporating Saturn Astra.

Available as a 5-door variant only, following with other variants filling up the new Astra range sometime, the quality of this Opel provides exceptional design, unmatched quality, and the performance that is well-made for the premium hatchback for adults. At the first rate, the new Astra looks similar to the sports variant of the Mazda Axela (Mazda 3), with the headlamps shaped like the Kia K7 premium sedan, but the heart of the Astra truly bred in the Autobahn.

The new Astra has a list of engines available as of press time. From the 1.4-litre, ecoFLEX engine to the 2.0-litre, CDTi ECOTEC diesel engine, there are nine available engines to choose from. Aside from the engine choices, the new Astra comes equipped with the FlexRide switch, providing the feel of the luxury car, a compact car, or a sports car, all in one package. Choose which mode, and feel free to drive the new Astra any way you want. The Compound Crank with Watt's Link rear axle suspension provides improved control and stability, giving the new Astra's driving control enjoyable for adults.

The Astra's interior design still carries Opel's new design language ever since the Vectra's replacement, the Insignia, provided the new look of Opel. With the comfort of the sports car with the spaciousness perfect enough to carry luggage, the exceptional interior of the new Astra is truly a modern living for adults who wished to try this new hatchback.

With the new look of the Opel Astra; there is no difference between the words "luxury" and "sporty" all at the same time. The new Astra is a rival to the Mazda Axela, the Toyota Auris/Blade twins, and the Mitsubishi Galant Fortis (Lancer) Sportback. Promise this car, it will be perfect enough for adults to try this new hatch on the road.

Photo: GM Europe

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nissan Roox

The cousin of the Suzuki Palette that was premiered at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show is known as the Nissan Roox, a newest addition of the Nissan Kei Car line-up consisting of the Mitsubishi eK Wagon-based Otti, Suzuki MR Wagon-based Moco, Mitsubishi Pajero Mini-based Kix, and the Mitsubishi Town Box-based Clipper Rio.

There are two distinctive styles to choose from the Nissan Roox; the base variant (E & G) offers a simple taste for budget-conscious customers, while the flagship Highway Star variant offers an extreme taste of style just like the Suzuki Palette SW.

On the inside, the Roox has an interior tall enough to fit in four passengers, and it is arrangeable to suit your luggage needs.On the base variant, it offers both bright and dark colors, while the Highway Star variant offers the darkest interior color you will ever see.

Under the hood, the Roox comes with either a 660cc or a 660cc turbo engine (HIghway Star only) that comes with the Suzuki-sourced CVT for improved fuel efficiency. Most Roox variants may come with an optional 4WD for all-round fun on the go.

My thoughts about the Roox:

The Roox name combines the word "room" and "max", which means this kei car has a maximum interior room to fit in because of its tall shape. As an OEM of the Suzuki Palette/Palette SW, the Roox truly stands out the crowd of kei-car fanatics. Its turbo engine makes a cool addition for the Roox.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Renault Clio/Lutecia III Range Phase Two and Clio/Lutecia GT

The Renault Clio (known in Japan as the Lutecia) was known to be a trendy hot hatch in the 21st century since the arrival of its third generation back in 2006. In 2009, the Renault Clio line-up (from the regular, the spacious Estate, and the sporty Renault Sport) received a mid-life minor change for the first time and its minor change welcomes a new addition to the Clio line-up, the Clio GT.

The revised Clio III received Renault's trademark design as seen on the Renault Megane III, distinguished to show its true Renault side from the outside to the inside. The look of the normal Clio seems to be as bland as an old Twingo, while the Clio Estate remains true to its colors. Both the Clio GT and the Renault Sport Clio has testosterones aplenty because of its aggressive design, aggressive performance, and packs a sporty interior suited for the hardcore car enthusiasts.

There are a wide variety of engine options available for the Clio such as the entry-level 1.2L 16-valve engine, 1.6L 16-valve engine, and the RS-only 2.0L 16-valve engine. There is also a wide selection of dCi engines with Renault Eco2, making the Clio a well-balanced eco-compact.

My thoughts about the Clio:
Even without the V6 engine as seen on the second-generation Clio, we still enjoy plenty of fun time at the French streets with the Clio GT and Clio Renault Sport, but for true eco-car enthusiasts, both the regular Clio (in 3-door and 5-door) and the Clio Estate are strong recommendations because of the dCi diesel engines. These different Clio variants does not make any sense at first but as the enjoyment levels up, the Phase Two of the Clio III would be rather be an enjoyable French compact car for those living in Europe. Still, this is a sure thing for car enthusiasts to have fun with the Clio no matter what variant they are.

Gran Turismo Original Sound Collection

Gran Turismo Original Sound Collection

This music CD based on the Gran Turismo PSP game packs with 22 tracks contained on the Gran Turismo PSP game. It might seems to be OK about this CD but this is decent enough to play these in-game BGMs on your next road trip.

Gran Turismo Original Sound Collection makes it a decent addition to your video game soundtrack collection, but it can be a perfect listening choice for GT fans and car enthusiasts alike, to savor the music found after minutes playing the Gran Turismo PSP video game. It seems OK, but whatever. This is somewhat good.


1. Moon Over The Castle (2009 Remix Version)
2. City
3. rainbow 3000
4. close my eyes, eyes, eyes
5. Be lost in a Maze
6. Adrenalin Navigation
7. Windy
8. The Dubless in Tokyo
9. One Blue Spaceshore
10. Summer Searching
11. stepping inside with outside
12. Playing in 4D
13. Under the Huge Misting Tower
14. over the horizon
16. Walking throw Zero-Gravity Lounge
17. Yummy Trip 4:09
18. colorful monochrome
19. Moz
20. planet tension
21. Be My Baby
22. Moon Over The Castle (Orchestra Version)

New MB E-Class

The all new Mercedes-Benz E-Class is now ready to take on other luxury medium sedans with its bold new look, new features, and a host of new engines to choose from. To make things possible, the new E-Class is a sure thing to bring the word "luxury" to a whole new meaning. Take a look at the exterior; it looks more noticing than the previous-generation E-Class, which is in fact the front headlamps look sophisticated than before, the side looks more nicer and the rear is somewhat look like another luxury car you know. These looks can be quite fresh and good enough for the executive to have a modern living. For safety and security, the New E is equipped with all of the features suitable for a luxury car such as the Intelligent Light System, Adaptive Brake system, Night Vision for superior visibility after dark, cruise control, parking system for good parking, lane assist that is effective for corrective lane changing, speed limiter, PRE-SAFE, the latest anti-theft system, and more features long enough to mention the whole humble machine.

The true modern living of the all-new E-Class is the interior. Just notice the ergonomics and the comfort inside. It looks just like the S-Class with the dashboard that is sort of look like the C-Class with some aspects only a true blue “Auto-Enthusiasten” can be fond of. Let’s not forget the audio system; it’s quite good for the executives to listen some orchestra music while driving on the highway.
For those who doesn’t deserve a modern living E-Class can also choose this modern living sports car, The E-Class Coupe. It should be available soon worldwide. The only question regarding the E-Class Coupe is, can this car replace the CLK?

And for those who are looking for some space, the E-Class Estate can be a perfect fit for you too. The E-Class Estate provides sedan-like capabilities with wagon-like spaciousness you can trust.

This is truly a good modern living executive premium medium sedan that is the target of other luxury medium sedans like the Lexus GS, BMW 5-Series and the Audi A6 while the E-Class Coupe is the betting target of the Audi A5. The E-Class Estate makes perfect enemies with the Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon, Audi A6 Avant, and the BMW 5-Series Estate. No matter how many times you said “Modern Living” a hundred times before, think before you unwind, live, and steer the New E-Class anywhere you go.
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