Saturday, December 12, 2009

Volkswagen Scirocco R

Therefore, it starts... The Volkswagen R-Line introduced a newest addition ever since the Scirocco was come back last year. Known to be the best of the Volkswagen R-Line models ever told, the Scirocco R is here.

With the sportier look than the regular Scirocco, the Scirocco R explodes the Autobahn with its performance, quality, styling, and packaging available for the German monster that brings out the gracefulness within.

What brings the beauty of this Autobahn beast is the new engine that was similar to the Golf R, the 2.0-litre, four-cylinder, TSI engine equipped in the Scirocco R explodes over 265ps of power at the top speed of over 250km/h. Not only the Scirocco R armed with a manual transmission, but also this monster is equipped with Volkswagen's 6-speed DSG semi-automatic transmission with paddle shifters as an available option. Aside from these, the Scirocco R comes with the performance features that keep adults trying this car for some more, such as the XDS electronic transverse differential lock, electronic stability program, DCC Dynamic Chassis Control, and double-flow exhaust system.

Despite this Scirocco R will not come to the United States or even in the Philippines, regarding no announcement of taking over the Philippine distributor of Volkswagen, the raw power of the Scirocco R is exploding with fun and excitement for adults hitting the thrills on the Autobahn. With the estimated price of about 3,000,000 pesos, there is no doubt this monster would take a heavy toll on the car enthusiast's budget. Only a wealthy adult would take the chance of driving the Volkswagen Scirocco R and tear down the streets of Metro Manila, even on the Saturday night at the Metrowalk. Still, the Scirocco R is the perfect road mauler for the major adults who are looking for some real thrills on the road.

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