Saturday, May 1, 2010

Second-Generation Volvo S60

The new second-generation Volvo S60 plays a major role in safeness on the road rather than becoming the most naughtiest sedan ever made for the naughtiest drivers on the coast.

What makes the new S60 so naughty, that drivers want to take advantage of its new form? Well, since this is a production version, the new S60 is the Volvo equipped with the new design language as seen on the XC60. This new design gives this naughty sedan some naughtiness and sportiness like no other sedans ever made. For the interior, it simplifies more like the Kia K5 sedan, with even more naughtiness than its rival car, even if it comes with leather upholstery. That is correct, folks. The new S60's redesigned interior is pleasantly designed for the naughty drivers who are willing to take comfort of its naughty interior.

To add naughtiness on this new form, the new S60 is equipped with the new Dynamic Chassis. This new chassis brings the naughty sedan an extra packaging armed for the grand touring challenge. Best of all, the new S60 is equipped with the thicker front struts and the new polyurethane damper mountings, for the best handling performance like no other sedans ever engineered. For improved driving pleasure, it is equipped with the Dynamic Stability and Traction Control system to prevent skidding on different corners. It also has the Corner Traction Control for smooth handling, handled for the naughtiest drivers on the road.

There are different engines and different transmissions to choose from the new Volvo S60. On the list of engines, this new sedan is offered in the following engines:

1) 2.0L Four-cylinder direct injection turbo gasoline engine (203HP)
2) D3 Five-cylinder turbodiesel engine (163HP)
3) D5 Five-cylinder turbodiesel engine (205HP)
4) T6 Six-cylinder turbo charged gasoline engine (304HP)

Depending on the engine type, there are different transmissions to choose:

1) A six-speed manual transmission
2) A six-speed automatic geartronic transmission (also available on the 4WD variants)
3) A six-speed Powershift semi-auto transmission

The ultimate level of the new S60's naughtiness is Volvo's innovative City Safety technology. With City Safety, the new Volvo S60 prevents incoming accidents from the highway and now, pedestrians as well, with the use of auto-braking feature. This auto-braking feature automatically puts the S60 to a complete halt when it reaches a nearby vehicle and this time, pedestrians, making it the safest sedan ever built. The Blind Spot Information System (similar from what they found on the latest Ford Taurus and the latest Mazda Axela) allows the S60 to detect incoming vehicles nearby at the flash of a small blinking icon found on the side mirrors, providing the safest while maneuvering at various circumstances. A Lane Departure Prevention (similar to what they found on the Hyundai Equus, Nissan Fuga and the Kia K7) triggers an alarming sound when the driver crosses the wrong lane. An added Active Cruise Control with Queue Assist makes this naughty sedan automatically sets its designated seat at the car from the front, telling the driver what speed you take and when you will brake. For parking safety, an added front, and rear parking sensors with the camera makes it useful for parking circumstances.

For convenience, the new S60 is equipped with the new infotainment system. This new system is armed on the five or seven inch monitor, giving the naughty driver a wide variety of options to choose from such as entertainment, telecommunications, navigation, and more for what the driver asks. This is the one of the first cars equipped with the Audyssey MultEQ technology, for the best sound quality as heard from reality.

My thoughts about the S60:
Destined to be the naughtiest car built for the naughtiest drivers on the world, the new S60 takes assurance and pride of its finest safety features that makes this naughty car playing safe on the roads. With the new body, new style, new performance, new packaging, and the best safety features, prepare to be gone wild because these features made this new Volvo sedan gone wild because this is a Volvo gone wild and rated XXX for its excellence, exceptional, and its expertise. Do not worry, this car is not built to have explicit content, this car is built to have the safest content. Stay sharp, everyone.

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