Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The battle of the "Korean car designs"

With the "Peter Schreyer design" plunged all over Kia Motors since the face-lifted Lotze/Optima/Magentis takes place since June 2008, and the fluidic sculpture from Hyundai taken the new role since the face-lifted Verna/Accent Korean Domestic Model sedan takes place since last year of June, most car enthusiasts with the passion of Korean cars can't tell the difference which Korean car design will prevail. To the eyes of the enthusiast, one must think about which design will win....


Kia's new Peter Schreyer design?


Hyundai's fluidic sculpture?

Before you decide, here are some explanations on both of these designs:

From the Kia side, when Peter Schreyer takes place as the new design chief of Kia Motors, he revolutionize Kia's new design platform with the form of the H-grille. It was introduced on some concept cars and production models such as this:

and on the Hyundai side, the fluidic sculpture is an abundance on most concept cars in past auto shows and now, this new design language is applied in most models:

Now, you know...

With the new look of these Korean car makers, there is no surprising that these two Korean car designs is truly a battle of wits. It's quite a spectacle for me who wanted to take a look on these designs. I can't wait to see who wins...

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