Thursday, March 4, 2010

BMW 5-Series -Full Model Change-

BMW F10 5-Series
The 5-Series Gran Turismo launched from last year truly given BMW fans a glimpse of the next-generation 5-Series, from the outside to the inside. Now, to bring this vision into reality, the BMW 5-Series received a much-awaited full model change that brings out the seduction within the reach of successful executives from around the globe.

On the exterior, the new 5-Series used BMW's new design flow happened to the latest 7-Series, and it brings out most of its sexiness to attract appealing drivers. On the inside, executives take advantage of the technological features of the new 5-Series, from the leather seats, climate control, next-generation iDrive, and more technological features offered within reach. When compared to such rivals as the Toyota Crown, Hyundai Genesis, Nissan Fuga, Kia K7, Audi A6, and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, the 5-Series has a major strategy to take these rivals to the dead zone, if only this car has a chance.

A choice of a four-cylinder diesel engine, six-cylinder diesel engine, six-cylinder gasoline engine, or the new TwinPower turbo V8 engine is the main brain of the BMW 5-Series, when customers has a choice between ecology or passion on the Autobahn. Not only that, there are other performance enhancers to take advantage of this new form, such as the brake energy regeneration, 8-speed automatic transmission, power steering, auto start stop function, and air vent control for dynamics against emissions. For safety, the new 5-Series is equipped with the finest features such as the active cruise control, camera systems, lane change warning, night vision, and an emergency call in the face of an emergency.

My thoughts about the 5-Series:
This car is untouchable in the eyes of the rivals, but touchable in the eyes of the Bimmer fans. The new 5-Series is classy on the outside, innovative on the inside, to bring executives' emotions released for its sexualized form, stronger performance, and resourceful technology. The secret of this new generation executive medium-sized sedan is best to be kept secret not only from the owners, but from the brand behind this wonderful machine. There are more models, including the spacious Touring variant, and the E63 AMG's worst enemy (a.k.a. M5) coming soon. As for that, they will have to make do with the sedan variant.

Photo: BMW

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

To understand a K-Pop Song easily...

2NE1's Fire

2NE1's I Don't Care

Super Junior's It's You

and Super Junior's Sorry Sorry/Sorry Sorry Answer

I know, these are my favorite Korean Pop Songs as most most people heard on their MP3s, buying these songs on either the internet or at their leading Music CD stores such as Odyssey, Astroplus, Astrovision, Music One, and Tower Records. Most people don't know is understanding the lyrics of each song, because these songs are set in Korean language and most Filipino fans don't understand Korean, well a few can understand Korean...
To make Pinoy fans of these hit Korean songs understand the lyrics of these, TV5's number one gagfest, known as Lokomoko High, come up with these parodies with words sound like the Korean lyrics, and brings out the humor engine within the fans

It sounds crazy, but understandable. ROFL
BTW, In the Lokomoko High-gagged versions of these Korean hit songs, they mentioned the car names Daihatsu, Kia, Honda, Cadillac, Mitsubishi, Ford, and Nissan.


Sunday, February 28, 2010

Maserati GranCabrio (GranTurismo Convertible)

Based on the satanic GranTurismo sports car made by the premier Italian car manufacturer, the GranCabrio (known in the U.S. as the GranTurismo Convertible) seeks temptation in the eyes of lust-worthy drivers who are speeding their way without borders. This car is truly the brand's first four-seater convertible model that succeeds from the two-seater Maserati Coupe/Spyder. It retains the power of the trident mark that became a part of the Maserati tradition. As a light shining in the light of the Italian machine, the GranCabrio is armed with the 4691cc V8 engine that holds 440PS of power and the maximum top speed of 283km/h. It features a six-speed, ZF automatic transmission with the hydraulic torque converter that allows this transmission to handle the torque of the GranCabrio's raw V8 engine. It also has the standard skyhook control suspension for precise handling on several turns; from curves to u-turns, no matter where this car will go. The Maserati Stability Program is equipped on the GranCabrio and it works well with the anti-lock braking system to avoid the case of locking of wheels during braking.

Since this is a convertible, the GranCabrio comes with the soft-top that can be opened or closed in just 24 seconds. This is great when you are experiencing open-air travels and let the wind be your companion on the highway.

My thoughts about the GranCabrio:
With the wind chasing on the rear bumpers, the Maserati GranCabrio is perfect for those who wanted a four-seater convertible armed with the special features adults want to experience the devil within the convertible. Sadly, this Italian monster cabriolet is not worthy to take down its sister car, the Ferrari California, but on the pricing side, we might consider the GranCabrio a real winner.

Photo: Maserati

My wish My love

My wish my love, the official ending theme song of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st, sung by Yukari Tamura, shows that this song is definitely the best song in the Yukari Tamura music list. This maxi single CD includes four tracks, including the both the ending theme of Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st and the song, Tiny Rainbow, which is the ending theme of the PSP video game, Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable: The Battle of Aces. Let's skip the other two great songs included in this maxi single CD, I'm talking about the first two songs in this CD, which of course sung by none other than the seiyuu of Nanoha Takamachi herself, Yukari Tamura.

The song, My wish, My love, might not as great as Nana Mizuki's Phantom Minds (which of course the opening theme of the movie), but for the ears of Yukari Tamura fans (or Nanoha fans), this song is great to listening the song heard from the movie's closing credits, honestly speaking. With the mixture of slow, sweet tempoes, soothing tones, and Tamura-san's kawaii voice, I can say that this song is sweet at the beginning and sweetest at the end of the song. Makes me wonder how many times I'll listen to this cute song. On the song Tiny Rainbow, which is the ending theme of the Lyrical Nanoha video game on PSP, it has an upbeat tone mixed with the sweetness of Yukari Tamura's vocal sweetness.

Above all, this maxi single CD has the mixture of soothingness, tenderness, sweetness, and calmness, all bundled into one. Hope everyone will find a copy of this CD at their nearest anime stores, and listen to these tender sweet songs that is perfect for the otakus before their bedtime. It definitely gives me the hug.

Are you Facebook-ing to death?

I just saw something on the website regarding how people put status updates to their Facebooks and Twitters:

"The evidence is mounting that too much Facebooking, Twittering, and other online social- networking activities could kill you.

By taking the place of face-to-face conversations, they up your chances of being felled by cancer, dementia, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, a new study concludes."

So what? Who cares? Does anyone can say that Facebooking can kill you as much as snoring yourselves to death?

Why there are so many experts doing anything against Facebook, Twitter, or any social networking sites we use today? Do they think we should stick with old-fashioned methods.

We love using Facebook! We love Farmville! We love Pet Society! We love Mafia Wars! 

If they think about Facebooking kills people, can we face it? Or stand up against the study?
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