Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Volkswagen New CrossPolo

Last 2009, Volkswagen unveiled the new look of their compact hatchback, the Polo. With the new Polo wearing its new look, new features, and new performance, it is not surprising this car won the prestigious World Car of the Year, outranked the Toyota Prius in the list of WCOTY finalists which includes the MB E-Class, judges state that you do not need an electric motor and a battery pack for fuel efficiency.

To celebrate the Polo for being a world champion, Volkswagen decided to expand the Polo range from the original, BlueMotion, and now, the rugged CrossPolo and the sporty Polo GTi. In the meantime, we should explain first the crossover compact of the Polo range, the CrossPolo.

The CrossPolo from Volkswagen combines the style of the latest Volkswagen Polo and the ruggedness of a sport utility vehicle, resulting to a rugged crossover that puts the SEAT Altea FreeTrack to a major setback, despite both of them are not called a true sports utility vehicle. While the exterior is mostly rugged, the interior is rugged with colored upholstery that is based on the CrossPolo's exterior color. The CrossPolo has different colors to choose:

1) Flash-Rot
2) Magmaorange
3) Hot Orange Metallic
4) Reflexsilber Metallic
5) Terra Beige Metallic
6) Deep Black Perleffekt

Depending on which body color, the CrossPolo can pick which multi-tone seating colors to choose, perfecting the colorful mixture of this rugged compact crossover utility vehicle.

From its rugged personality, the CrossPolo comes with engine variations that find it suitable for those who are looking for fuel efficiency or power. Beginning with the entry-level 1.2L engine, this is the basics for those who want to start their CrossPolo life but when you are looking for challenges, choose from the 1.2L TSI, 1.4L, and the flagship 1.6L TDI turbodiesel engine. Available transmissions are the 6-speed manual transmission and the 7-speed DSG transmission.

My thoughts about the CrossPolo:
With the new Polo awarded as the World Car of the Year, its status of being a world champion (especially Volkswagen Group becoming the world's number one carmaker), the CrossPolo makes a perfect addition from its world champion. Combining the look of the compact car and the feel of the sports utility vehicle, this sports utility compact is surely the decent choice for V-dub fans. I think the Philippines should need to bring back the Volkswagen brand and promise more dealerships than Toyota because Volkswagen is now the world's number one automobile manufacturer. As for the CrossPolo, maybe we are not in to that because of the upcoming Polo GTi, but if we want more adventures, maybe we should go for this. Just to remind to those Pinoy V-dub fans that we should congratulate the Volkswagen Polo for being the world champion and this new addition to the Polo family truly picks it up.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Porsche New Second-Generation Cayenne

Eight years ago, before the emergence of the brand's first sedan, Porsche developed their brand's first sport utility vehicle that combines the ruggedness of the SUV and the performance of the sports car, resulting to creating its first of its kind, the Cayenne.

Now, the brand's first sport utility vehicle touchingly obtained its new untouchable form that retains the original look but gaining a new rear design carrying the Porsche lettering since the Panamera.

The new Cayenne from Porsche offers different engine variants to choose from:
1) Entry-level 3.6L V6 engine,

2) High-performance 400HP V8 engine available on the Cayenne S

3) V8 turbo engine with 500HP of power

4) 3.0L V6 diesel engine

5) New 3.0L V6 hybrid engine (Porsche's first hybrid engine)

No matter which engine types you want to choose, the most, but not many, Cayenne variants are equipped with the 8-speed tiptronic S transmission that combines both automatic and manual transmissions in one unique transmission. It also comes with the Porsche Traction Management for traction control, giving the new Cayenne a fresh start at cornering directions. The Porsche Active Suspension Management provides this new age SUV a little help on different twists and turns on the road. It comes with the all-wheel drive system so you can go places you want to see and hear.

Numerous features provide the Cayenne a peace of mind for the driver. For instance, there is the new rear vehicle monitoring system that triggers a blinking on the side mirror, meaning a car is nearby the blind spot. There is also a cruise control system, which is useful for the driver, providing the safest speed when crossing the vehicle's rear side. It will tell you if the car you are facing is accelerating or braking. The new Cayenne also has auto-light system that allows the Cayenne to automatically turning on its HID headlamps when crossing through tunnels or dark places. It also has Adaptive Front Lighting System is useful for nighttime driving. For parking safety, a rear view monitor is equipped.

Conveniences are bountiful for the new Porsche Cayenne. With the luggage spacing and the seating arrangement, you can find this SUV useful on various circumstances. You can close the Cayenne's rear door at the touch of the button. For premium sound quality, the new Cayenne is equipped with the BOSE 10-speaker surround sound system. This premium sound system releases realistic sounds, which is perfect for listening orchestral music that feels like you are inside the opera house. Once more, Porsche's infotainment system is optional on the new Cayenne, provide a wide variety of options available for the driver such as entertainment, communications, navigation, and so on.

My thoughts about the Cayenne:
With the second-generation Volkswagen Touareg provided for power, the second-generation Porsche Cayenne feels the same way as its cousin do. Despite the same mainframe, both the new Touareg and the new Cayenne can be extremely fierce rivals on this category. With the new Cayenne's stale-but-redesigned exterior, newly redesigned interior, wide range of engine choices, finest safety features, and various conveniences, I am sure this is the best Porsche ever made to look at its best. The standard Cayenne is a balanced proportion, while the Cayenne S boasts sportiness, the Cayenne S Hybrid is a true eco-warrior, and the Cayenne Turbo is an untouchable temptress. Let us hope that PGA Cars will bring the all-new Cayenne to our shores soon, but as we know it, the new hybrid variant makes it more like the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle. When you put them all of the jigsaw pieces, it really makes a nice picture, and the new Cayenne is the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle that completes the Porsche-ism.

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