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Tokimeki Memorial 4 Vocal & Stories Vol.1 and Vol.2

Tokimeki Memorial 4 Vocal & Stories Vol.1

Tokimeki Memorial 4 Vocal & Stories Vol.2
The Tokimeki Memorial 4 Vocal & Stories features character songs from your favorite heroines from Tokimeki Memorial 4 (日本名: ときめきメモリアル4), a hit dating sim game that was a part of the Tokimeki Memorial franchise and it was launched at December 2009. It even features a mini audio drama that explains more from your favorite characters such as Maki Hoshikawa (CV: Asuka Ogame), Tsugumi Godo (CV: Sayuri Yahagi), Aki Koriyama (CV: Umeka Shouji), Miyako Okura (CV: Misato Fukuen), Itsuki Maeda (CV: Emiri Katou), Yu Satsuki (CV: Juri Takita), Rui Nanakawa (CV: Kaori Mizuhashi), Elisa Dolittle Naruse (CV: Kanako Tateno), Fumiko Yanagi (CV: Yuka Iguchi), Kai Ryukoji (CV: Chie Matsuura), and Rhythmy Kyono (CV: Kana Hanazawa).

These are surely come in handy to hear your favorite characters singing and indulge with their audio drama right at the comfort of your living room. Feel free to enjoy listening with the best girls from Tokimeki Memorial 4.


Tokimeki Memorial 4 Vocal & Stories Vol.1:
01 君とメモリアル
02 めくってスキ!?キライ!?
03 キミとわたしのChemistry
04 夢はデコレーションケーキ
05 水の中のうさぎ
06 It's my Revolution
07 バイノーラルストーリー:ていすと・おぶ・しょーとけーき
08 バイノーラルストーリー:放課後の実験室(はーと)忘れ物は机の下に?
09 バイノーラルストーリー:水もしたたる?

Tokimeki Memorial 4 Vocal & Stories Vol.2:
01 七色のSeason
02 萌え萌えはっぴぃDAYS
03 純情可憐乙女だっCHA
04 DOKI*DOKIラブモード
05 夢路の先
06 Love is a Melody
07 バイノーラルストーリー:お気に召すまま
08 バイノーラルストーリー:漫才・恋の勝負はお手の物
09 バイノーラルストーリー:萌えきゅん☆指南


Hey! Remember last week's episode of Bubble Gang where there is a Jejemon sketch on foot?

That was pretty funny, huh?

Now, the third Lokomoko series, Lokomoko U, can't escape the Jejemon madness, in a form of a quiz show sketch called "j3j3mOn K00w1z b33h" (Jejemon Quiz Bee) hosted by Tuesday Vargas and Empoy!

Seems the Jejemon madness slip through one of my favorite gag shows. Speaking of which, there is a Jejemon song given Lokomoko U viewers their first listen.

Crazier than the Talentadong Family sketch and the Nursery Chrymes gags, the Jejemon sketch truly captured me in the glimpse of Jeje-madness!

Seems the Jejemon-ism is now a part of their weekly humor right now. ROFL.

To Aru Kagaku No Railgun Original Sound Track 2: Moment

It's here, the second part of the original sound track from the To Aru Majutsu No Index spin-off, To Aru Kagaku No Railgun. Composed by I've Sound's Maiko Iuchi (after hours of Biribiri fans reminisce back the first half of Railgun), the second wave of the anime's BGMs covered most of the second half to the final battle. In addition, the TV-sized version of Level 5 Judgelight by fripSide and Real Force by Elisa are included to this original sound track. If you want to hear the full versions of these two songs, you can buy them separately as a maxi single CD.

This second part is truly perfect to complete the entire memory of watching all Kagaku no Railgun episodes which stars none other than Mikoto Misaka (the electromaster fans love to call her Biribiri), Kuroko Shirai (Misaka's crazed roommate who calls Misaka her onee-sama), Kazari Uiharu (the computer genius) and Ruiko Saten (Uiharu's roommate, which fans find her an interesting character) in their dramatic events, pulse-pounding action, and some laugh-till-you-drop moments among them.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Yumeiro Patissiere My Sweets Cooking

Yumeiro Patissiere My Sweets Cooking

Mmmm...mmmm...good. That DS game based on the Yumeiro Patissiere manga and anime, Yumeiro Patissiere: My Sweets Cooking, never been tasted this good but this game makes it a perfect gift for a little girl who wanted to be just like the aspiring Ichigo Amano, the story's main character, in her quest to be the best pastry chef.

If you have a dream to be a pastry chef, just like Ichigo Amano, Yumeiro Patissiere My Sweets Cooking, is good game for you. It features more than 100 sweets recipes to cook, from the milfeulle (sounds tasty), milk crepe (yum), choco fondue (yummy), tiramisu (hey, I'm familiar with that pastry) and more.

You can also use the Wi-Fi to get more ingredients and recipes to grow your collection, but doing everything on this game seems to be a hard act to do if you want to inspire your pastry creativity. I guess this game would be a perfect birthday gift for your daughter (who aged from 6 - 10) or for your wife, your girlfriend or your best friend.

Don't tell them to someone who's taking HRM! Results not typical for them.

Renault Wind

Renault Wind

If you are an avid French car enthusiast and if you stumble across the newest compact roadster from Renault, called the Wind, you might have a ratio of 60:40 for stating that the Wind looks more of an successor of the sporty Renault Spider.

These chances can be proved wrong because the Renault Wind is not the successor of the super-sleek Renault Spider and it is the cabriolet version of the second-generation Renault Twingo compact. Look closely all over the Wind,the front was derived from the Twingo and the rear butt looks more of a shrunk Megane Coupe-Cabriolet. If looks can be deceiving, the Wind can open or close the top in 12 seconds. That is eight seconds quicker than the Lexus IS C.

For your information, the Renault Wind is a two-seater roadster accompanied with a decent-styled interior, which finds it not so bad in the eyes of a sports car aficionado. What really confuses me about the Wind is the strap that you can find it on the inside. It was like "wow, what was that for?" but you will find out when you get inside the Wind. If you are a music lover, there is good news, USB/iPod connectivity is available on the Wind to listen your recently downloaded songs while taking a spin on the French Riviera. It also has Bluetooth connectivity as well.

Two available engines are offered on the Renault Wind such as the 1.2-litre TCe 100 turbo engine and the 1.6L 16-Valve engine developed by RenaultSport Technologies. The TCe 100 engine variant has the power output of 100HP and torque output of 152Nm while the 1.6L 16-Valve engine delivers a high-performance 133HP of power and 160Nm of torque.

My thoughts about the Wind:
I can observe that the two-seater Wind has a bright potential to prove that this is better than the latest Megane Coupe Convertible. You can personalize the Wind any way you want with the choice of exterior colors and interior combinations to suit your styling preferences. Be warned, the Renault Wind is not the next Renault Sport Spider, this is the first of its kind in which its bright future would be over the future.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trick: Rei Noryoku Sha Battle Royal

Trick Rei Noryoku Sha Battle Royal

Naoko Yamada (the talented magician) and Jiro Ueda (the crazed professor) are back! In celebration of the mystery Japanese TV series' 10th anniversary, Trick returns in the all-new third movie showing in theaters since May 8 and this third Trick movie is a tribute of the hit 2000 Japanese sci-fi TV series that was aired in TV Asahi within three seasons and two full-length movies showing in theaters a few years back, following with the spin-off drama starring Namase Katsuhisa as Detective Yabe that was aired since April.

Trick: Rei Noryoku Sha Battle Royal (translates to "The Psychic Battle Royal" in Japanese) centers on Naoko Yamada (played by Yukie Nakama) and Jiro Ueda (played by Hiroshi Abe) in their newest adventure as they set foot in a small village where the competition between skilled magicians set place. In fact, Naoko Yamada is up in the challenge where may the best magician wins.

This movie is quite possibly the best tribute for the show's 10th anniversary, packing Yukie Nakama's awesomeness and Hiroshi Abe's eccentric ways combined to spice up the whole movie. With Nakama-san's role take the taste of magic and Abe's role doing some investigation in the movie, this is surely a good-to-watch for those who watched the entire TV series, those who are a big J-dorama fan, those who are a big fan of Yukie Nakama, and those who are new to this craze.

Trick Rei Noryoku Sha Battle Royal can't be an awesome Trick movie without some suspense, some heart-pulsing thrills, and a few laughs between them. If you are a big fan of this J-dorama, this movie is recommended for you because of its fantasy elements, and more of Yamada-ism.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A J-Dorama we never knew exists...

If you are a big fan of J-doramas (like for instance Hana Yori Dango, Gokusen, and the Japanese version of Hana Kimi) and you are always addicted to those, let me tell you some J-dorama we never knew it existed a few years back.

Rewind back in the year 2000, and you will remember the only Japanese TV drama we never knew it was existed now on its 10th anniversary. This J-dorama is titled Trick (日本名:トリック)

TRICK highlights the adventures of a young female magician named Naoko Yamada (played by Yukie Nakama, from Gokusen) and an crazed professor named Jiro Ueda (played by Hiroshi Abe) in their investigations for something supernatural. Seems creepy to tell the entire TRICK Storyline. There are movie versions of this creepy TV. As of now, there is a third movie showed in cinemas since May 8. Seems that TV Asahi aired Trick one last time since May in celebration of the show's 10th anniversary. The special presentation aired in TV Asahi since May 15. Seems why nobody told me I should have watch this? We think the role of Naoko Yamada, played by Yukie Nakama, is essentially cool and awesome in the eyes of an J-dorama fan.

To add more TRICK for TRICK fans, Konami (famous for the flagship titles such as Metal Gear Solid, Dance Dance Revolution, and Silent Hill) made up a game based on the TV series!

This is quite new, but the game follows an all-new TRICK story you won't find it on TV! 

Don't think I'm bored about this. I think Yukie Nakama-san is great for portraying the role of a talented magician, in many ways!

The egg is cracked! Time to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this mysterious J-dorama we want to watch it.
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