Friday, June 11, 2010

The New Saab 9-5

Since Spyker bought the Saab brand from General Motors during the Global Financial Crisis, and Spyker reinvigorates the Swedish brand, we can see that Saab is the "Militaires Sans Frontieres (Soldiers Without Borders)" of the automobile industry, and the second-generation Saab 9-5 is their outer heaven or so we love to call it.

Once they call it a "phoenix rose from the ashes", we call it the Outer Heaven of Sweden, since Spyker Cars resurfaced the near-death Swedish car brand. Slated to be on sale this year, the new 9-5 proves to its Scandinavian brothers how worthy to be called a soldier without borders. To examine the true phantom beauty of the Saab 9-5, the exterior combines the aptitudes of the sports car and the luxury car to become the perfect sedan that has everything the potential men have to try it.

The interior has a commanding presence that is well suited for a well-mannered executive who are out from their mother bases, I mean, their businesses from day to night. The cockpit is designed to be more combat-ready, like how Saab dedicated to produce fighter jets, thanks to its heads-up-display, optional navigation system, instrumental clusters, and climate control. There is also an available rear seat entertainment system to cool down stressed executives, great for those who want to watch some war movies or even listen to some classical songs tempted to ease out their war stress.

Straight in the eyes of an car enthusiast, the new 9-5 offers several engines to choose from, such as the 2.0L turbodiesel engine, 2.0L turbo engine, and the flagship 2.8 V6 engine. There might be an 1.6L turbo engine and the 2.0-litre BioPower E85 engine available soon. Most 9-5 variants are six-speed semi-automatic equipped but do not let your boss caught you playing with the paddle shifters! The new 9-5 may come with an optional Saab XWD for the best all-wheel-drive experience.

My thoughts about the 9-5:

Can you declare Spyker Cars a heaven or hell for Saab? Its neither heaven nor hell, its Outer Heaven for Spyker Cars gaining ownership for Saab and the true meaning of Militaires Sans Frontieres would be right under the Big Boss of Saab Spyker Cars, Victor Muller himself. The new Saab 9-5 makes a formidable foe against its potential rivals such as the Nissan Fuga, Kia K7, Toyota Crown and Mark X, Lexus IS and GS, and the MB E-Class. It may also pick a fight against the new BMW 5-Series for its outer ops.

As expected, the new Saab 9-5 is worthy to be called a soldier without borders because it drives without borders.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The reasons how an automobile manufacturer disappears....

Hey car addicts,

As you realize, one of readers might question me that how does one carmaker dies?

In my opinion, there are numerous reasons how a single carmaker dies, and how it will affect owners of the cars built by the now-extinct brand...

1) Because of the economy

2) Because of sales

3) Because of some issues

4) Because they don't want it...

Just ask the American brands such as Plymouth, Eagle, Geo, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn, Hummer and now, Mercury. These are the American car brands who already bitten the dust due to the severe economy, sales, and some different issues.

We are sure we are going to miss these car brands... even premature ones like the Pontiac Vibe, Pontiac G8, and the Mercury Milan Hybrid..... (sniff)

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Rewind back at the 2009 IAA from Frankfurt, Germany, and when you step nearby to the Seat IBZ Concept Car, it made other enthusiasts triggered many questions that could that be the Sport Tourer variant of the Seat Ibiza. In reality, this is the Seat Ibiza ST, which is recently unveiled at the 2010 International Auto Show in Geneva, Switzerland. Based on the fourth-generation Ibiza, this new addition to the Ibiza range, consisting of the regular, FR, and Cupra, is built for spacing purposes as European families brace themselves for the long summer vacation, meaning they are ready for more fun outside.

The Ibiza ST is more of a stretched version of the Ibiza 5-door, just how Renault's Megane do for the estate variant. When it comes to pricing, the Ibiza ST's pricing is barely cheaper than the Renault Megane Estate, but as for the styling cues, we can give it to the Renault Megane Estate because it is more stylish than the Ibiza ST.

The Ibiza ST still retains the plain Ibiza interior, only this time, as a tourer, spacing is top priority for the Ibiza ST, but would that be enough for an European family to pack it all for the long summer vacation? In fact, it could have a possible chance to bring every summer vacation preparedness stuff and the kids before beginning the super-long weekend trip all over Europe.

The Ibiza ST has an array of Volkswagen-engineered engines available such as the entry level 1.2L engine, 1.4L engine, 1.2L TDI diesel engine, to the high-end 1.6L TDi CR engine. Choosing which engine type depending on performance, ecology, and style, can be a challenging task for the first-time buyer of the Ibiza ST, but only the customer can pick the right engine for the right journey. Depending on the variant, the Ibiza ST may get the following features necessary for their trip such as the Electronic Stability Program, Anti-Lock Braking System, rain sensor with anti-dazzling mirror, and tire pressure warning. You will be glad to have it on your European summer trip.

My thoughts about the Ibiza ST:
When the European summer is near, meaning European kids are getting out from school and parents packing up for the super-long weekend with the kids, the Ibiza ST is the perfect addition to the list of family movers needed to begin the long European summer excursion from town to town. Kids are going to enjoy playing "I spy" all over again while the Ibiza ST travels across the road from left, right, up, down, round and round. With the driving style seems too bland for the Ibiza ST, it is almost not so fun to drive with this grand touring sports wagon, unless if the Ibiza ST tries to make room against the Renault Megane Estate and the Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon. Glad if this is engineered for the European families preparing for the super-long vacation.
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