Saturday, June 19, 2010

Audi A1

Attempting to recreate the web movie "The Next Big Thing,” starring Justin Timberlake, by yourself with the new Audi A1 is just one thing why you really like this hottest hatch built for the next big thing, but doing that is just the beginning.

Following several months of research and development from Volkswagen Group's luxury marque, nobody does it like how the Audi A1 made exclusively for the next big thing in Europe. At its first glance, the exterior of the A1 seems perfectly well designed but stubby as it looks. There could be a love-hate decision on the A1's decent design but it depends on what would their reactions be. It can be set by a single color or dual-tone to make the A1 look at its best appearance.

Following from its stubby exterior is the stylish interior. What you will experience from the A1's interior is its stylish two-tone seats. There are eight interior colors to choose from including the wasabi green interior, which gives a strong and spicy taste just how you taste the wasabi and retreat to drink plenty of water.

The Audi A1 features a wide array of engines only suitable for the next big thing. From the 1.4 TFSI engine that has 122PS of power output, and the 1.6 TDI diesel engine with the lowest carbon dioxide emission of 103 g/km, the A1 was made to be the next big compact car without sacrificing performance. It even has a choice of a 6-speed manual transmission or an S-tronic transmission. The A1 is also equipped with ESP for good stability that is suited for the next big thing.

My thoughts about the A1:
After watching all six-web episodes of The Next Big Thing with Justin Timberlake, and if you manage to get your hands on the Audi A1, then you are ready to recreate the entire Next Big Thing story by yourself, if you are in a safe environment, the lady, the bad guys, and the adventure you have on this compact.

Considering its stubby appearance, fashionable interior, powerful engine, and a budget worthy contender in this category, the A1 is a quick fire thing that makes us begging to PGA Cars to distribute it so we can do The Next Big Thing - Pinoy Version. The base A1's pricing can be cheaper than the Mini Cooper, but expensive than the Citroen DS3. When it lands in the Philippines, trust me, it would be an overpriced compact with just 2-3 million pesos. Only a bunch of UAAP players would try it for its looks and performance.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fiat 500C Abarth

Just when you thought that the Fiat 500 with the canvas-top roof, called the 500C, was not surprising enough to satisfy your hunger for European compact cars, hey guess what, the sportier Fiat 500 Abarth gets armed with the canvas top, and it’s called the Fiat 500C Abarth!

This Abarth-tuned 500C is a great getaway car when you were a kidnapper, a most-wanted criminal, a husband getting away from his hotheaded wife, escaping from your boss, or you just want to play with this pocket rocket. As a special treat, the 500C Abarth allows you to color it by a single color or two-tone coloring to mix and match your style for this miniature weapon. It really captures the attention of the 500C Abarth's striking personality when racing amateurs come approaching to this majestic premium compact sports car.

The 500C Abarth is not the Abarth without the turbocharged 1.4L engine that has the power output of 140ps/5000rpm and the torque output of 18.4kgm / 4500rpm. Even when both the 500 Abarth and the 500C Abarth can accumulate a top speed of 205 km/h, the 500C's 0-100km runtime is 8.1 seconds, meaning it is slower than the 500 Abarth's 7.9 second run, but you might get a hang of it later when you want to tune that Italian mobster around.

There is one thing I am not quite familiar of, the paddle shifters armed on the 500C Abarth, this is a quick fire thing not recommended for a novice racer. These paddle shifters are recommended for a highly skilled racer to learn the basics of when or where to shift gears by means of speed, corners, and everything from the city streets, highway, or the racetrack.

My thoughts about the 500C Abarth:
If you are not familiar about the Abarth name, sad to say, do not try pushing your luck trying on this car, but if you are an Abarth fan, feel free to enjoy the 500 Abarth with the canvas top armed and ready to blow your minds, showing the mafia who is their father. This 500C Abarth is a quick fire thing that makes you feel like a true-blooded mafia ready to take down some rival mafia men by whatever means necessary. I am sure this is such a winner that we want Fiat back in the Philippines, if CATS Motors takes the distributive rights for the Fiat brand, so we might be able to experience the car we made ourselves drooling with jealously.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pooyan this, Pooyan that, Heryan, Pooyan Mission!

Guys! Does anyone who loves video games remember some classic video game called Pooyan?

If you know what Pooyan is, there's a clip:

It's a game where you must shoot arrows to some balloon-hanged wolves trying to snatch your baby pigs. Well, of course, you know this old-age video game right?

Some might consider, the classic Pooyan is pooling in some Konami games like this:

On the left is some Nintendo DS game called Hayate No Gotoku! Ojousama Produce Daisakusen (日本名: ハヤテのごとく! お嬢様プロデュース大作戦 ボク色にそまれっ!) The second Hayate No Gotoku game for the Nintendo DS sold in Japan. As you may know, there are two versions of this game. Both versions let players have Nagi Sanzenin, Maria, and Hinagiku Katsura. However, the Oyashiki Hen (Mansion Version) lets you have Isumi Saginomiya, Sakuya Aizawa, Wataru Tachibana, and Saki Kijima (unlockable character when you're done), while the Gakkou Hen (School Version) allows you to have Yukiji Katsura, Ayumu Nishizawa, Izumi Segawa (the leader of the Hakuo Three Amiga), and Hermione Ayasaki (which is odd that person is Hayate Ayasaki but its an unlockable character when you're finished with this version).

In some part of this game, you (as Hermione) will play their version of the Pooyan game called, Heryan. In that mini-game, you will have to shoot some arrows through the balloon clinged Tama(s), otherwise Tama will start...ugh.. how can I say it politely.... you! Happen this three times or when the time is up, its game over! Once you're done, depending on your performance, you will gain goodies to raise your character.

Now, you guys know how does Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker feels like, right? There is also an extra ops mission called "Pooyan Mission". (Ugh, here goes the Pooyan reference!) Shoot the balloons that abduct soldiers before it reaches the sky! Fail three times and it's game over!

Got it?

Enjoy the Pooyan memory!

My PW First Impressions

A week ago after I bought the latest Metal Gear title called Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker (日本名:メタルギアソリッド:ピースウォーカー), of course what did I expect about this awesome addition to the legendary stealth action game that made it one of Konami's flagship titles...

To put up on this, sneaking missions can be easy or difficult, depending on which equipment you had and how your fellow player acts... Even when going solo, I can still take out the enemy leader without killing him and capture the armored vehicle, tank or helicopter I've encountered. I wonder if some guys doing Co-ops doing the same method as I am, no kills, enough Fulton recovery for each player, and the right equipments.

As you and I succeed, the missions getting more tougher and tougher, meaning you need more researched weapons and equipment essential to various missions, including Extra Ops.

As you progress the game, you can build the ultimate MG-ZEKE and use it on Outer Ops. To do this, you need to fight three AI weapons such as the Pupa (easy as pie), Chrysalis (too easy or too hard), and the Cocoon (extremely hard). As Huey says, try to leave parts intact.

The Peace Walker battle is far out to be the most difficult battle in this game. In your first encounter (in two leg form), this is easy to beat, unless you have enough supply marks and strike marks. The second, and mostly the last, battle (in four-leg form) is truly the most extreme battle you'll ever face, unless you need some co-ops with other players. Going solo is extremely hard, but in co-ops, you can take out of this "el basilisco" once and for all.

I'm sure I am truly addicted to this game. I handled several challenges, from sneaking various areas, doing some no-alert and no-kills, kick some AI Weapon butts, capture vehicles, surviving the dreaded torture from Dr. Strangelove, going through the final battle, then after completing the game; searching Zadornov (Galvez's real name) from his hiding spots, and rematch Pupa, Chrysalis, and Cocoon to gain essential MG-Zeke Parts. I like Cecile's imitation quetzal sounds, in some mission where you will retrieve the right ID card from a mercenary with some quetzal sounds nearby.

I am truly recommend this game for those who love it.

Say Peace!
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