Saturday, July 3, 2010

Courting gags, jejemon rehabilitations, and a Korean idol?

That episode of Bubble Gang turned out to be exciting. There was some courting gags, the motivator, angel and devil at the office, saving the ship from sinking, sleep talking near the wife, more Iyotube fun with Moymoy Palaboy and Roadfill (I wonder what was the title of that song), new rules at the city hall, rehabilitating Jejemons (another jejemon sketch in Philippine gag comedy?), saying good night, and for this episode, the Korean idol sketch!

On that sketch, fans are excited to meet Korean idol Kim Min Yung (played by Ogie Alcasid), then there's Bianca (played by Michael V), the number one fan of Kim Min Yung. As so many fans appealed, the ruffians appeared, trying to mug some to Kim Min Yung, but Bianca fends them off with her, um, some martial arts! Leaving the Korean idol's personal assistant out cold and fired and henceforth making Bianca as the new personal assistant for Kim Min Yung! LOL!

Word from everyone is we can also see the idol-fan tandem on the second season of Hole in the Wall on GMA! Who knows they'll be again on BG for more..

Friday, July 2, 2010

Eh? Case to Case?

Rewind back to June 17's episode of TV5's Lokomoko U, and when you skip past the gags, and the hilarious Talentadong Family sketch, you might realize that TV5's first talakserye, titled Face To Face, gets gagged by Lokomoko U, and its called Case To Case, their "tagayserye". From this Lokomoko U-gagged version, this case involves there's a blind man accused as the "Peeping Pervert" from the female victim. I've enjoyed that angry "tagay-payo" blasts some hot-headedness to the victim, and later, the blind man appeared and too much hot-headedness throws in Case To Case! LOL

On last night's episode, this case was involved on the woman who was the victim by some massager/pervert, then later, the psychologist (one of the tagay-payo) throws one angry word about massaging, then later, the blind man, apparently the massaging pervert, appeared and hot-headedness flies on Lokomoko U's gagged version of Face To Face! What do you think? Too hot-headed for you?

And if that wasn't enough, Lokomoko U did some version of Eat Bulaga's Pinoy Henyo, called Pinoy Brainless. Hey, the opening number kinda sounds like the Caronia dance from Tropang Trumpo. Still too hot-headed when time's up.

Guess hot-headedness never thought to be hilarious...

STILL (Panting....) More bad case of Toyota's mass recall

Another bad case happened at Toyota Motor Corporation, days after the death of the legendary Hiromu Naruse, master test driver.

According from an Autoblog article, Toyota is prepping a recall in over 270,000 cars armed with the 3.5L V6 engine and the 4.6L V8 engine because of the faulty valve springs.

In that case, most of these cars involved in the recall were the Lexus LS, Lexus IS, Lexus GS, and Toyota Crown models (Athlete, Royal Saloon, Hybrid, and Majesta).

Who would have thought, could there be any connection from the mass Toyota recall to the death of the nur-meister? Could TMC ended up like being like a disaster movie? How can TMC recover from the endless recalls that spreads worldwide like the A(H1N1) virus? Is this the reason how the mass Toyota recall be related to the death of Naruse-sama?


Hope we, Toyota loyalists, can solve this out, Face to Face!

Face To Face! Sinong Sisimangot?

Face To Face! Sinong Ngigiti?

Face To Face! Ang mga problema,

Face To Face! 'wag mong talikuran,

Harapin mo, Face To Face!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Subaru WRX STi GRB/GRF Minor Change and New WRX STi GVB/GVF 4-door

When the feud between the Subaru WRX STi and the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution rages on, it seems that, the hatchback version of the WRX STi is not finally alone in the battle against the Evo, even when the hatchback is now facelifted. This time, the hatchback's minor change welcomes the return of the WRX STi sedan. It seems that the MItsubishi Lancer Evolution is now outnumbered by two Subaru WRX STi variants. This will leave loyal Subaru fans screaming "venceremos" all the time but how "hasta la victoria siempre" can the redesigned STi hatch and the new STi sedan is?

From its world premiere at New York, from the beginning of sales in Japan starting now, there are so many reasons how Subaru loyalists love to take advantage on these two WRX STi variants. Considering the hatchback gaining a new bumper and a strikingly aggressive face, the new sedan variant boasts a striking poise and a cool beauty beyond limits. Without the wing on the STi sedan, it looks somewhat redundant, but with the wing attached, the WRX STi sedan shows its true self. Now, all that is left are the gold rims to complete the entire puzzle, but never mind. Oh, and one more thing, the interior of the WRX STi remains intact.

There are two performance types available on both the hatchback and the new sedan, a 2.0L BOXER DOHC Turbo engine with 6-speed manual transmission and the 2.5L BOXER DOHC Turbo Engine with Subaru Dynamic 5AT and Paddle Shifters. Every WRX STi loyalist knows that the 2.0L variant is better than the 2.5L variant because of the power output and the transmission. All variants are equipped with Subaru's finest SI-DRIVE that allows the driver to choose from three modes depending on ride, comfort, and power. Both are not complete without Symmetrical AWD, which is the main skeleton of all Subaru models.

My thoughts about the WRX STi:
A JDM sports car's redundancy is not the main objective for the new WRX STi variants, its main priority is to show who has the right judgment to say "judgment desu no (judgment indeed)" to the JDM fanatics. There is no wonder how this star of the show gained the Nurburgring Nordschleife lap time of 7:55:00 and henceforth dubbed as the fastest Subaru ever made. This will surely rock the hearts of every Subaru loyalists in the world and henceforth this will start a revolution where you are here to drive this hand-made beast. Once you tried, you might scream yourselves "venceremos" while running with the heart of the Pleiades.

Photo: Fuji Heavy Industries

Mazda New Premacy/New Mazda 5 (CWEFW)

After its preview at Geneva, since March, and now on sale in Japan, the new generation Mazda Premacy (known as the Mazda 5) indulges the flavor of becoming the most fuel-efficient minivan today, and it is also one of the main reasons we want to have, aside from the new Mazda Axela (Mazda 3) to arrive in the Philippines soon.

Using the same "Nagare" design flow from the Mazda Axela, the true beauty of the new Premacy is distinctively Japanese, and the side view adds a nice touch, indulging every family to gander every astonishing detail and using its new look as an excuse from its rivals.

Despite the beautiful exterior design, the interior quality is not nearly as perfect as the outside view since it copied most from the Mazda Atenza (Mazda 6), meaning there is nothing too perfect about the interior quality of the new Premacy. However, the new Premacy is a 6+1 seater thanks to middle seat found on the second row that can be used as an armrest. If you have one more passenger to seat, flip the armrest from the second row seat to turn from a 2nd row 2-seater to a 2nd-row 3-seater. See? It does not seem to be redundant using its feature. Aside from that, you can use the middle seat as an access to the third row, if you have any passengers to seat with, especially the kids.

Good to know that the fuel-efficient i-stop technology from the second-generation Mazda Axela and the Mazda Biante is also included in the new Premacy, providing the 2.0L DOHC 16-Valve engine with the outstanding fuel economy of 16.0km/L of fuel economy. This fuel economy is sure enough to outperform the fuel efficiency of the Honda RK StepWGN/StepWGN Spada.

My thoughts about the Premacy:
We are sure that this latest model is more like a minivan version of the Mazda Axela (Mazda 3) thanks to its familiar design. With i-stop equipped, the Mazda Premacy can be the most fuel-efficient minivan today, giving the new meaning of the FTW acronym "for the world,” if I do say so myself. For its interior, the middle seat from the second row is a valuable tool not just as an armrest but also as an easy access for the third row. It is perfect for the mothers who are busy for themselves, especially fetching the kids from school. Since it is summer time in Japan, the new Mazda Premacy is the perfect getaway vehicle for the entire Japanese family, guaranteed to make the entire Japanese summer getaway memorable.

Photo: Mazda/Carview

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Toyota Noah and Voxy G's (G Sports)

In the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon, Toyota Motor Corporation unveiled their answer against Nissan's Autech division, called G Sports, or G's for short. On June 23, the mastermind who gave birth to Toyota G's, Gazoo Racing, and other sports cars, including the Lexus LFA, Hiromu Naruse, died in a crash while driving the Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition prototype at the Nurburgring. His death caused a big loss not just the fans of Toyota sports cars, but also the company itself in the brink of the mass recall.

Seven days later after the Nur-meister's death, the G Sports versions of both the Toyota Noah and Voxy, recently facelifted in April, are now on sale to bring minivan customers an everlasting memory because Mr. Naruse left a piece of himself on these field-upgraded versions of these twin vans.

The new Toyota Noah and Voxy G's are tuned with the sporty features most Toyota fans claim it that the Nur-meister left a piece of himself on those, such as an aggressive front face, sporty front bumper, optional G Sports rims, and a dark interior only G's can offer. They can be available as a 7-seater or an 8-seater, depending on how many people you can fit in with those sporty minivans.

Both the Noah and Voxy G's are equipped with the 3ZR-FAE engine that can be also found on the regular Noah and Voxy vans, and they are equipped with Super CVT-i 7-speed sequential sports shiftmatic. These paddle shifters provide a sporty character on these minivans, or that is how we thought because this is somewhat an exciting feature.

Both the Noah G's and Voxy G's offers cool options such as the G Sports brake pads, G Sports pedals, G Sports suspension, G Sports vinyl, G Sports engine start/stop button, dual muffler, and a special tune for the Version EDGE variant.

My thoughts about the Noah and Voxy G Sports:

Both the Noah G's and the Voxy G's will bring Toyota fans a memory left from Hiromu Naruse. Thanks to its field upgrades provided by the new G Sports, there is a potential that both of these will surely kick the bumper of the Nissan Serena Rider for sure. I just hope that the G Series will come to the Philippines too if Toyota Motor Philippines have a chance to bring it and who knows, they will be making a G Sports versions of our favorite Toyotas such as the Innova and the Fortuner.


Year: 2010

Filmmaker: Cinemedia Films, Inc.

Cast: Coco Martin
Cherry Pie Picache
Erich Gonzales
Baron Geisler
Joem Bascon
Cheska Billiones
Vice Ganda

Every person has their own story. If a person speaks his/her own story, we all listen to him/her about the outcome. In the movie, Noy, this story is about one man (Coco Martin) poses himself as a journalist to cover up a documentary about a presidential candidate, Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III.

In Noy, this movie is about a man named Noy who stands up for his family after his father's disappearance and poses himself as a journalist covering up the story of the progress of a presidential candidate who wanted to change the future of the Philippines. This movie also stars Cherry Pie Picache (Tayong Dalawa), Erich Gonzales (Katorse), Baron Geisler (Elias Paniki), Joem Bascon, Cheska Billiones and the artist who keeps saying "May nagtext!", Vice Ganda (Showtime).

Mr. Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III and his family including Kris Aquino also appears as part on this movie where the fictitious titular character, Noy, covers up the documentary of a presidential candidate.

This movie focuses on life's struggles, responsibility, and the country's futurity. It is about two men, one name, different fates that share the same goal for the country's future. It changes from real-time scenes of both Coco and Mr. Benigno Aquino III to some dramatic scenes where Coco, as Noy, focuses on his family, his life, and his future as a so-called journalist for the sake of his family. That character was truly inspirational, as most people who lived in the slums find inspiration to change the futurity of the Philippines, doing jobs that we never meant to do. It expresses almost everything to keep this movie interested.

Noy is a movie that shows inspiration for the movie viewers and I am quite sure this is a good drama movie combined with real-time scenes on both Coco, as Noy, and Noynoy's (now we called him P-Noy, since he's the president) progress.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Revised VW Phaeton

Honestly, the flagship Volkswagen Phaeton sedan never became a huge hit in this category dominated by other premium sedans such as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7-Series, Lexus LS, and the Audi A8. Now, things are going to change when the aging Volkswagen Phaeton entered its new phase, that is, a minor facelift that will shape things up for this flagship of Volkswagen.

The only thing changed on the Phaeton's front view is the grille based on Volkswagen's design DNA by Walter De Silva. However, this new trademark grille was not quite a fitting for the Phaeton, but it shows off its straight character, giving it some sporty aura within reach. What has not changed in the revised VW Phaeton is the interior, it is still plain in the eyes of an executive, but still, it carries various features that fits royalty beyond quality. Once you sit inside, hospitality comes standard for the new Phaeton.

Under the hood, the Phaeton comes with either an entry-level 3.6 V6 engine, 4.2 V8 engine, or the top end 6.0 W12 engine. It also comes with the 3.0 V6, TDI engine that can be quite possibly a valuable diesel option for this premium sedan.

The Phaeton minor change comes with a wide variety of enhancements that suits well for the driver. First, there is Dynamic Light Assist that is an adaptive front lighting system that allows its lamps to turn where the steering wheel turns. Next, there is automatic distance regulation with front and side assist that keeps your driving on track for enhanced safety. Try experimenting with various features that suits the Phaeton's needs while taking a stroll in the famous European landmarks.

My thoughts about the Phaeton:
Most countries do not enjoy very much about the Volkswagen Phaeton, except China, where it enjoyed such success among Chinese executives. Just do not expect to see this facelift coming to the Philippines, when PGA Cars has a chance to return the Volkswagen brand soon.

The Phaeton is quite possibly a not-so-fun-to-drive in the eyes of a car aficionado, but the interior is a true fit for royalty, even if you are managed to spend 7 million pesos for this ride. The New Phaeton comes with either a 4-seater or a 5-seater variant, depending on which people can sit inside the VW Phaeton. If you were a politician, a business tycoon, an heir of a wealthy family, or a godfather of a mafia, you would think twice before taking a gander on the Phaeton's minor change.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Peugeot 308 GTi

It seems that the GTi's past is finally returned to scare its European rivals and show which hot hatch is built for deterrence. When Renault successfully returned the Gordini name and use the Renault Twingo Renault Sport and recently facelifted Clio (known in Japan as the Lutecia) Renault Sport for their Gordini spin-offs, Peugeot decided to revive the GTi (please note that it is Peugeot's GTi naming, not Volkswagen's) name via the high-performance version of the hard-hitting blockbuster from Europe, the Peugeot 308.

Destined to be locked-on by its rivals such as the SEAT Ibiza FR, Volkswagen Golf GTi, and the Renault Clio/Lutecia GT, the 308 GTi is not merely a cruise missile launched by the French Army but it has a heart of an officier subalterne (French for Junior Officer) which makes it a formidable choice among amateurs. With the base price of 26,900 Euros, which is pricier than the Renault Clio/Lutecia GT but affordable than the Volkswagen Golf GTi, how else can you expect more from this hot hatch built for excitement? To make it simple, the 308 GTi is powered with the standard turbocharged 1.6L, 200 PS, THP engine that covers the top speed of 237km/h and the split time of 7.7 seconds on a 0-100km run. Compare these stats with the Renault Clio/Lutecia GT and the 308 GTi say "you're such a loser" to its rival. The 308 GTi comes with a standard 6-speed manual transmission.

My thoughts about the 308 GTi:
Some things that were once disappeared may reborn in various forms. The GTi naming for Peugeot is finally reborn but not just in a form of an eccentric reason, but a reason to fight back in this economy. With this 308 GTi, this hot hatch is merely a good deterrent in the streets of Europe. It is merely to be known as "the return of the myth" since the GTi naming is back. With the JDM Civic Type R Sedan's disappearance, and the Type R Euro remains for one more chance, the 308 GTi can be a fair rival against the Honda Civic Type R Euro. It is not just made for fun, it is made for passion, if I do say so myself.
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