Saturday, July 10, 2010

....Baklang Grasa again...

This night's Bubble Gang turned out to be OK, but aside from the rescue gags, fifth Sabi-Sabi episode, someone who is attracted by something round, shoplifter, more IyoTube madness with Moymoy Palaboy, first aid tutorial gone awkward, and for this episode...

Oily (Michael V) and Greasy (Ogie Alcasid), the "Baklang Grasa", showed up for the second time! In this Baklang Grasa episode, who cleaned up Oily's place?

BTW: The idol-fan tandem appearance from Hole In The Wall Season 2 is complete. What characters will these two hosts be for next week? Could it possibly Oily and Greasy from the Baklang Grasa sketch? Or someone else?

Friday, July 9, 2010

More brainless, more Jejemons, and more Case to Case?! Lokomoko U Rules!

Last night's Lokomoko U on TV5....

It's darn hilarious! Aside from those haunted gags served, there is round 2 of Lokomoko U-gagged version of Pinoy Henyo, called Pinoy Brainless. That's right, the one with the opening number sounded like Tropang Trumpo's Caronia dance, and hosted by those guys named Christoper (JC De Vera) and Fermin (Rainier Castillo). With 60 seconds of wrong guessing, it leaves me laugh endlessly because of their hilarious guesses! LOL

Later, another round of j3j3m0n koowiz b33h (Jejemon Quiz Bee) hosted by j3j3b4b3 (Tuesday Vargas) and j3j3b3@r (Empoy) is on the way.

Then after the gags, episode 3 of Lokomoko U-gagged version of Face To Face, called Case To Case involving a repairman beaten by, you guessed it, a blind man (3rd time?!) because of the bills from repairing TV.

For the first time, no one's getting hit by a beer bottle due to the anger point, even when the plaintiff (the beaten-up repairman) and the defendant (the blind man apparently been here for the third time) reached their anger point and calmed down to the end.

Oh Yeah! Long Live Lokomoko!

Nissan Second-Generation X-Trail -Revised-

It is so much for NMPI's tactic when the second-generation X-Trail arrived in the Philippines a few weeks ago. It seems that NMPI only obtained just the pre-facelift model of the second-generation X-Trail. In Japan, the second-generation X-Trail received a minor treatment to made things complicated for Pinoy Nissan fans, except Japanese adventurers looking for more at this blazing hot summer Japanese vacation.

With temperatures in Japan are getting hotter and hotter, the second-generation X-Trail's Second Phase just keeps getting hotter and hotter thanks to its revised headlamp and the grille that looks similar to the upcoming Nissan Patrol Royale (coming soon to the Philippines this year) and the Nissan Juke. What captures in the eye of an off-road cruiser is Nissan's innovative All-Mode 4x4-i system. The All-Mode 4x4-i system can be adjusted from all-wheel drive to front-wheel drive, depending on the type of terrain you are. It also features Vehicle Dynamics Control for enhanced stability of the X-Trail. A Brake LSD (Limited Slip Differential) is equipped on the X-Trail, providing the most out of braking and distribution, depending on various corners.

Three available engines are offered on the X-Trail, such as the MR20DE, QR25DE, and the ecological M9R clean diesel engine. The MR20DE is the entry-level engine because this 2.0L engine can go within 13.2-14.0km/L of fuel economy, while the QR25DE is a high-performance engine that releases 170 PS of power output. The fuel-efficient M9R clean diesel engine is the top-of-the-line engine that is 3 PS more than the QR engine and fuel efficiency rose from 14.2-15.2km/L. It comes with 6AT, 6MT, and CVT as available transmissions offered for the X-Trail.

My thoughts about the X-Trail:
Timing was the worst kept bet for those who obtained the second-generation X-Trail at their nearest Nissan Philippines dealerships because what they obtained is their Phase 1. What in Japan Nissan launched is the Phase Two of Nissan's second-generation X-Trail and this should be at its boiling point. Oh well, it is better to be late than never obtain the new X-Trail. In Japan, the second-generation X-Trail Phase Two comes in regular (20S, 20X, 25X), clean diesel (20GT 6MT and 20GT 6AT), and the special edition "X-tremer X by Autech Japan" suited for the adventurer type.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Honda Freed Spike

While we are waiting for the Freed to arrive in the Philippines, the JDM Honda Freed uncovered its "big brother" and this sportier version is the fresh fit for the long Japanese summer getaway, despite the scorching hot weather Japanese families faced.

With temperatures rising from the streets of Tokyo and most Japanese people are heading through the hot springs, beaches, and other famous destinations, Honda has just unveiled the Freed Spike, the newest addition to the multipurpose Freed minivan.

It seems that the naming is quite obviously a "fan service" because the Freed Spike is the main successor of the squarish Honda Mobilio Spike, but the looks remain an oddity. The new Freed Spike sports the same Freed rear side and the front side combines the sporty look of the StepWGN Spada and Zest Spark, resulting into an unique sports MPV for the adventurous Japanese people on the go.

What covers most in the Freed Spike is the unique interior. At its first glance, the interior is most likely the Flex version of the Freed, which means it can only sit five people inside. Despite the capacity, the Freed Spike has a wide array of seating arrangements, with the optional rail and the cargo tray, so you can find out which arrangement is perfect for your next adventure. For those who are looking for some fun at the sun, the Freed Spike is your perfect adventure partner. It can be perfect not just for adventure, but great for small business owners as well. Imagine various possibilities when you are with the Freed Spike, which is hundreds of possibilities you can do with it!

The Freed Spike is equipped with the well-balanced 1.5L SOHC i-VTEC engine that produces 87 PS of power output, the fuel economy of 14-16.4km/L, and it includes two available transmissions such as the 5AT and CVT as well.

My thoughts about the Freed Spike:
Still as plain as the Mobilio Spike it replaces, but the Freed Spike has a wide array of seating arrangements that can be mixed and matched for your adventurous purposes. With these seating arrangements, you can find which suited for your next adventure, like for instance; on a beach trip, a hunting trip, a trip to the hot springs, a rescue mission, a delivery, or various trips you can do for the Freed Spike. We might or we might not be getting the Freed Spike to the Philippines but despite this, the Freed Spike is the good match for the scorching hot summer vacation in Japan.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Few pointers before the Zettai Karen OVA debut...

With the new Zettai Karen Children OVA titled "Zettai Karen Children Aitazosei! Ubawareta Mirai? (日本名:絶対可憐チルドレン -愛多憎生!奪われた未来?-) coming out in Japanese stores this July (not far from next week), most fans of this series are going to prepare most before taking a gander of the grand comeback of the crime-fighting heroines known as "The Children", Koichi Minamoto, and the rest of B.A.B.E.L. Oh, and we also forgot to mention Kyosuke Hyobu as well, showing his sinister attitude again.

If they said they already watched the entire Zettai Karen Children episodes from the start to finish, then, they're ready to watch the OVA coming this July. For those who are new to the series, best to watch the anime series first before getting your newbie hands on the OVA. I wish I want to see the anime series first before the OVA, any ideas? It's a long show and it is not going to be that easy watching the show from the start to finish.

Who listened the entire Zettai Karen Children songs from opening themes, ending themes, and character songs? That's an interesting question. With opening themes like Over the Future, ending themes such as Zettai LoveXLove Sengen, to character songs done by our favorite Zettai Karen Children characters, you might be welcomed more than your sixth sense. Also, a few weeks after the OVA's debut, there will be a powerhouse of Zettai Karen Children CDs to collect such as this:
Considering a limited edition packaging, the "Ultimate Songs" package features these:
The Zettai Karen Children "All the Best" CD contains the entire opening and closing theme songs as heard in the anime, including the OVA's opening theme Seventh Heaven (by Aya Hirano, Ryoko Shiraishi, and Haruka Tomatsu, the voices of Kaoru, Aoi, and Shiho) and ...Out of control... (by Yuichi Nakamura, Kisho Taniyama, and Koji Yusa, the voices from the men of Zettai Karen Children; Koichi, Syuji, and Kyosuke) as well. Also included in the special "Ultimate Songs" packaging is this:

The Starring Collection CD contains every single character song from your favorite characters, including new character songs only available on this CD. Seems to be perfect for a fan to get a quick start.

CASE 3: Do I need to put another case for a fan to be prepared before the anime's OVA debut? Well, there's only one way for this case, enjoy yourselves!
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