Saturday, July 17, 2010

Busou Shinki or Loveplus?

Cuteness is in the eye of a Japanese otaku. In the hands of the troops from Konami, the words "Buso Shinki" and "Loveplus" seems to be differ depending on which Konami fan decide on those two. Could an otaku choose a "take-everywhere virtual girlfriend" or figures with movable parts most Konami fans love especially the PSP game where they show who's Busou Shinki is the boss?

Konami's not all things Metal Gear, DDR, Silent Hill, and Castlevania. These troops also specialize in all things "moe" and cute, especially animes with their own Konami-branded games, goods, and others.

About Busou Shinki, these were the figures that were cute and customizable. It uses MMS (Multi Movable System) to move the figure's parts freely as the customer wishes to do with it. It debuted since fall 2006 with the introduction of the very first two Busou Shinki figures, Arnval and Strarf, following with different Busou Shinki variants in the following years.

The Busou Shinki shock in Japan is not just the success of these figures, but also online ( and now on the PSP video game Busou Shinki Battle Masters. From the net to the PSP game, most Busou Shinki enthusiasts in Japan can customize their Busou Shinki the way they want, and pit them to battles. Reputation is the key in the eyes of the Busou Shinki owner and his/her Busou Shinki, and the only way to gain reputation is to win battles. If they win battles, the Busou Shinki will gain experience based on their performance. A key reminder is its respect, if his/her Busou Shinki wins more, it will respect more on the owner. Talk about a part-dating sim, part fighting-game....

Since its debut from fall 2009, Loveplus is a real-time dating sim game that pits lonely male Japanese players to choose either Manaka Takane, Rinko Kobayakawa, or Nene Anegasaki. What the player do to the selected virtual girlfriend is spend time together any way a player wants.

Since the Loveplus shock that made this game successful in Japan, the R&D of Konami decided to give Loveplus some minor changes and the Loveplus's facelift, called Loveplus Plus, debuted just in time for the long Japanese summer vacation.

Fast fact: Some Japanese guy tied a knot with the choses Loveplus gal, Nene. Read the scoop:

My Comment: Seems the Konami name is not just a "Militaires Sans Frontieres", the R&D of Konami also specializes in all things "moe" and cute, especially the wide success of either the Busou Shinki figures and the Loveplus game. Hope I can find one of those in selected Comic Alley stores...

Kia K5 to be featured in IRIS Spin-off

Back in late 2009, with IRIS making a huge success thanks to actor Lee Byung-hun and others, Taewon Entertainment made tie-ups with Kia Motors for the vehicles shown in this Korean action drama, including the K7 premium sedan.

Coming late 2010, Taewon Entertainment is planning a spin-off from the successful IRIS action drama, titled Athena.

Read the article:

And also according to the Korean car enthusiast site, Megaauto, the Kia K5 will be making an appearance in this IRIS spin-off drama.

Last they heard, they've seen the K5 during the Athena shooting, as far as I know. It seems to be a cold principle, but the K5 is a hard-hitting blockbuster car, defeating the Hyundai Sonata as the top-selling car of this category.

Thumbs up to Taewon Entertainment and good luck for this project, and thumbs up for Kia Motors for making the K5 successful.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Trick DS -Kakushigami no Sumu Yakata-

With the success from the 2000 mystery J-drama series and movies especially the latest Rei Noryoku Sha Battle Royal movie, Konami (famous for its flagship titles such as Metal Gear, DDR, Silent Hill, and Akumajo No Dracula, otherwise known as Castlevania) has decided to bring the mystery drama straight to Nintendo DS, as a direct alternative to PSP's Misshitsu No Sacrifice.

This Trick game made exclusively for the DS is far more to be a mixture of visual novel that covers the new adventures of talented magician Naoko Yamada and eccentric professor Jiro Ueda and as a searching game to look for items and puzzles that proceed you to different aspects.

It might seem rough to do it but this game is much more like the PSP game called Misshitsu No Sacrifice, but the storyline is original, showing not only characters from the TV drama but in-game characters as well. I think this game is rather more primitive than other games that were visual novels at first but its a puzzle-solving game that requires the player's mind to solve puzzles for a very long time.

My point: The TV drama seems to be OK in the eyes of a J-dorama addict but fans are going to be frustrated when they're playing this DS game. It's worth attempting...

Zettai Karen Children -Aitazosei! Ubawareta Mirai?-

Zettai Karen Children -Aitazosei! Ubawareta Mirai?-

Made for DVD and Blu-Ray sequel of the ever-popular 2008 anime, Zettai Karen Children focuses on the new mission of the now-grown The Children, now on their junior high school days. Their latest mission is to find out who's responsible on the attack of B.A.B.E.L. and take this culprit once and for all. Unknowingly, the key person, Koichi Minamoto was held responsible for the attack but he's not involved on the attack. He was possessed by an evil power from the villain called the Phantom Daughter. Dubbed herself as the "queen", the true "queen" is none other than Kaoru Akashi, and only she can stop the Phantom Daughter. Things are getting complicated for the Children because also on the OVA, their first encounter with the three girls from BABEL's rival organization, PANDRA.

The OVA of Zettai Karen Children might seem to be okay because our crime fighting trio are all grown up. Seems that Kaoru Akashi is now more look a lot like that red-haired girl from Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou, Aoi Nogami hasn't changed a lot from her 10-year-old to her teenage look, and Shiho Sannomiya now looks a lot like Peace Walker's Paz Ortega Andrade, if you know what I meant. However, the storyline seems to be quite an original, sometimes suitable for the otaku's personal taste, some are not. Fanservice? Rarely, but almost, because of the swimming pool scene and the shower scene.

Despite the original storyline, this OVA is still a Zettai Karen Children favorite even when our favorite crimefighting trio are now grown to be teenagers. Still, it's enjoyable.


Aya Hirano (Haruhi Suzumiya from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) as Kaoru Akashi

Ryoko Shiraishi (Hayate Ayasaki from Hayate the Combat Butler) as Aoi Nogami

Haruka Tomatsu (Lala from To LOVE-Ru) as Shiho Sannomiya

Yuichi Nakamura as Koichi Minamoto

Koji Yusa as Kyosuke Hyobu

Kisho Taniyama (Stiyl Magnus from To Aru Majutsu no Index) as Syuji Sakaki

Marina Inoue (Yoko from Gurren Lagann) as the Phantom Daughter

..and others.

Based on: A manga serialized from Shogakukan's Shonen Sunday


Original Score: Kotaro Nakagawa

Director: Keiichiro Kawaguchi

Screenplay: Shinichi Inotsume

Chraracter Design: Takahiro Kagami

Animation Work: SynergySP

DVD and Blu-ray Release Date: July 16, 2010

Distribution: Geneon Universal Entertainment

Happy Birthday Mr. Manny Pangilingan!

Last night's episode of Lokomoko U celebrates the birthday of Mr. Manny Pangilingan! I don't know who is he but it sure is interesting.

It's not just him, but the granny of knock-knock jokes throws some more knock-knock jokes from the Talentadong Family sketch. Guess we could do birthdays without cakes, just candles. ROFL

Another ROFL-prone madness from that night's episode is another complaint on Case To Case, where a woman was complained by, you guessed it, a doctor who was used to be one of the tagay-payos. Why baby blue and baby pink colors were used? No need to ask but this sketch is more prone to ROFL.

Also more prone to ROFL is Round 3 of Pinoy Brainless, the Lokomoko U-gagged version of Pinoy Henyo.

What do you think?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

To Aru Kagaku No Railgun Archives 1-3

Just because that the To Aru Majutsu No Index spin-off, To Aru Kagaku No Railgun (日本名:とある科学の超電磁砲), ended does not mean you missed the fun-filled adventures of Mikoto (Biri-Biri, Onee-sama, Level 5 Electromaster) Misaka, Kuroko Shirai, Kazari Uiharu, and Ruiko Saten.

With the OVA special coming this fall, Geneon Universal welcomes them back in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun Archives, a drama-music CD that features a two-part audio drama with elements never before told from the anime and two character songs for the high-voltage excitement Railgun fans will love. I'm sure they will listen to Archives after watching the entire Kagaku No Railgun story, and these CDs pack more Biri-Biri in the ears of otakus.

Archives One features a two-part mini-drama plus a song from Biri-Biri (CV: Rina Satou) and the Judgment member, Kuroko (CV: Satomi Arai). (Availability: March 2010, the date when Kagaku No Railgun anime ended)

Archives Two features another two-part audio drama with songs from Uiharu (CV: Aki Toyosaki) and Saten (CV: Kanae Ito). (Availability: April 2010)

Archives Three features the final two-part audio drama and two duet songs. First song features Mikoto and Kuroko while the last song features Uiharu and Saten. (Availability: July 2010)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The New Fourth-Generation Nissan March

In Japan, most cars that are Japan-branded but built in other countries such as the U.S., Thailand, or U.K., they do not enjoy much success as true Japanese-built cars, like for instance the Toyota Avalon/Pronard, Honda Fit Aria (the JDM Honda City), Mitsubishi Triton (known by Filipinos as the Strada) and the Toyota Avensis. Today, the latest Nissan March (known in other countries as the Micra) is another one of the Japanese cars built from other countries, and this latest-generation was built in Thailand, much like the Japanese cars in the Philippines that were built in Thailand where success is inevitable. Would this Thai-built Japanese compact car become a major success or a major flop in the eyes of Japanese female buyers? It is time to find out how the new March shares a mixture of Japan's Miso soup and Thailand's Tom Yum soup.

The new March sports a cute exterior face that resembles more from the previous generation model, but this new generation model's cute look is not the kind of March you expect because this is plainer than the JDM Suzuki Alto. This plain characteristic also applies to the interior as well, meaning the comfort is rather unquestionable to seat. If I would choose between the new March's interior and the new Toyota Passo +Hana's interior, I would rather pick the +Hana's interior because it is stylish than the cheap interior of the new March.

With the Toyota Passo comes with the 1.0L and the 1.3L engine types, the Thai-built March only comes with the HR12DE engine which has 79PS of power output that is greater than the Passo's 1.0L engine's 69PS power output. The base engine's fuel economy of 24.0km/L is sure enough to obliterate the sweet little Toyota Passo. Combine the new March's HR12DE engine with Nissan's Pure Drive (which is like Mazda's i-Stop) idling stop system and you will have the most fuel-efficient engine combined with XTRONIC CVT. This fuel-efficient combo is sure enough to be as fuel efficient as Japanese kei cars, even when the Nissan March is not classified as a kei car.

There is also an Autech-modified version of the March made to be somewhat retro. It is called the March Bolero, now made even better.

My thoughts about the March:

I guess I can take it all back about what I said about Japanese cars built from other countries. This Thai-built Japanese compact is the most fuel-efficient compact car engineered thanks to the combo of the HR12DE engine, CVT, and Nissan's Pure Drive idling stop system. There were some Japanese cars built from other countries enjoyed their JDM success such as the Honda Civic Type R Euro and the Suzuki Splash. I guess this latest generation model will have its true potential of becoming the most fuel-efficient vehicle ever made. Because we, Filipinos, enjoyed playing with Japanese cars built from ASEAN countries, I am assuming that this new March will have a probability of reaching our shores soon. Now what we need is a sporty SR variant or the super turbo, but scrap it away folks, because this car will always be targeted by women.

Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2

Surprisingly, the new Jeep Grand Cherokee brings the meaning "made in U.S.A" to the next level and this new model features more features than the previous Grand Cherokee before the Chrysler brand sold by the Italians via Fiat. Despite the American brand now under Italian control, a brief metaphor when German and Japanese cars take control of American land, in an Axis Powers kind of way, the artisanship of the new Grand Cherokee is simply American. This is the only way this SUV shows its blood only portrayed in the eyes of an American car consumer who are spending their American dream everywhere. It is not only Americans who take part of the Grand Cherokee revolution, but also the Europeans, the off-roaders from the Middle East, and Asians as well, if I do say so myself.

In the Philippines, when the Chrysler brand was under Norkis distribution, the Jeep Grand Cherokee was the prizefighter among wealthy politicians, before the Philippine distribution of Chrysler brands took control by CATS Motors and succeeded by another Jeep vehicle, the Commander. With new full-sized SUVs came, come, or will come to the Philippine soil, including the Toyota Land Cruiser 200, the Nissan Patrol Royale, the Mitsubishi Pajero, the BMW X5, and the MB GL-Class, will the fourth-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee come back to kick some mud on the opponents' faces?

Using the platform from the Mercedes-Benz M-Class, the new Grand Cherokee retains its Spartan style and rugged characteristics, showing off its muscular exterior and always armed to the teeth. Aside from the muscled frame, the interior is built on a high-class level, showing off its premium status perfect enough for the politicians to step in, even when its made to have the sound of silence. The optional CommandView panoramic sunroof adds the Grand Cherokee's premium level by one, giving the perfect tool for stargazing during camping trips with the kids. Beyond that, the seating only allows five people, with enough luggage space to pack up the most for their everyday lifestyles. From golf bags, dozens of Prada bags bought by shopaholics, purchased ammunition, Balikbayan boxes, and other luggage known to people, the new Grand Cherokee does it all. The sure thing that keeps the rear passenger delighted is the reclining rear seats, similar to the Toyota Premio and Allion. These rear seats are delightful for the stressed rich kid after a hard day's work and play.

On the main feature, the new Jeep Grand Cherokee features the new Quadra-Lift air suspension and Selec-Terrain for driving capability no matter which terrain you are tackling with your new Grand Cherokee. The Quadra-Lift air suspension can be easily adjusted with the twist of a knob. It can be selected from Park, Aero, Normal Ride Height, Off-Road 1 and Off-Road 2, depending on your chosen path. The new Selec-Terrain system allows the driver to choose from various conditions depending on the area it chooses. This system determines several vehicle management systems necessary to pull out on its own warpath. There are two available engines available as of its initial launch, ranging from the 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine and the top-of-the-line 5.7L V8 engine with Variable Valve Timing. The 3.6L V6 variant offers a five-speed automatic transmission while the hulking 5.7L V8 variant offers the multi-speed AT added for various circumstances.

A tougher body frame, several airbags for the peace of mind, Blind Spot Monitoring system, Forward Collision Warning, Rear Cross-Path Detection, Electronic Stability Control, Rain Sensing Wipers, Rain Brake Support, anti-theft system, and an array of parking aides. These are all of the safe features offered to the new Grand Cherokee that is built for their peace of mind. These features got them covered in various situations.

My thoughts about the Grand Cherokee:

Adapting the TV Commercial slogan "The things we make, make us" can be a patriotic work of camaraderie for Americans, and the heroism increased tenfold after years of R&D, trial and error, and final testing in various areas. Just think about any area will the new Grand Cherokee conquer where no rivals attempt to do it, from the sand dunes, the snowy path, muddy areas, majestic jungle territories, even the bustling highways of the city. For every Grand Cherokee they bought belongs from the blood, sweat, and tears of hard-working Americans standing up from their challenging times, fighting not for government, not for ideology, but for themselves. This offering would be their creation without borders that does not need to find a reason to create it. Americans created the new Grand Cherokee because they were needed. If CATS Motors brings back the Grand Cherokee, their priority is only in the eyes of politicians, celebrities, PBA players, and the rich kids on the block.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Renault Dacia Duster

Renault's Romanian arm, Dacia, seems to be a small brand born being a simple car manufacturer, but its determination seems to be huge, even when Dacia was under the ownership of Renault.

As crossover utility vehicles became a top priority to European people, including families, it seems that the Romanian brand of Renault launched their first crossover targeted for the adventurous Europeans with the price that matches the pricing of the Chery Tiggo and the Foton Blizzard. The Dacia Duster is not the kind of a crossover you expect from the others. Despite being new to the public since its launch and began sales since spring, the Duster is quite obviously their kind of crossover partner when they were ready to travel all over the vast landmarks from Europe. The Duster's primary target is the Skoda Yeti because from what I can see, both the Duster and the Yeti are competitive in terms of ruggedness and power. The outer view looks more of a carbon copy of the Renault Koleos, but the looks can be as simple as the Skoda Yeti.

On the inside view, the Duster seems to be a bit normal, with no other feature you can find but just the plain-looking seats, audio system, climate control, and the capacity to seat five passengers. There is nothing more to describe the Duster's average interior look but what you feel is what you think.

Depending on your adrenaline and your adventure level, the Dacia Duster comes with different Renault-made engines available for your different tastes of adventure, ranging from the 1.6L, 16-valve engine with 105PS of power output and the 1.5L dCi diesel engine. The Dacia Duster's status as a off-road machine is a major task for the owner via the system similar to Nissan's All-Mode 4x4-i found on the X-Trail and soon to be on the Juke. It can be set at AUTO for the recommended setup at various areas and corners, LOCK for power cruising on tough areas, and 4x2 for economical use.

My thoughts about the Duster:
A probability to own a Duster is a good start for the budget-conscious customer, even when the introductory price starts at 12,000 Euros or about a predicted pricing, which matches the pricing level of Chery Tiggo and Foton Blizzard. It might seem to be a European car with the price of a cheap Chinese car, but the Duster is not a good match for this country dominated by Fortuners, Monteros, Alterras, and other successful SUVs, because it is not well-known in the eyes of a Filipino car enthusiast. What I can say is leave it at the Europeans because Europe is where the Romanian arm of Renault enjoyed its fair success.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama! OST

Kaichou Wa Maid Sama OST 1

Imagine you, as Misaki Ayuzawa, a student council president who has a secret identity as a maid at some maid cafe, think you can handle this double task? It is tough being either a student council president or a maid at the maid cafe, but with this soundtrack, from the fresh 2010 anime series, "Kaichou Wa Maid-sama!" (日本名:会長はメイド様!), you can relive the sweet moments not just from the life of times of Misaki Ayuzawa, the student council president/maid, but from the rest of the students and fellow maids surrounding her life. With the TV-sized versions of the anime's opening and closing theme included and some of the anime's BGM handmade by Wataru Maeguchi, this is sure that these tracks will make Maid-sama fans relieve the life and times of the part-seitokaichou, part-maid, all-perfect gal, Misaki Ayuzawa, and the rest.

1. My Secret (TV size)
2. メインテーマ
3. サブタイトル1
4. 美咲順調マーチ
5. 一人じゃないよ
6. すさんでBLUES
7. 碓氷拓海
8. 碓氷の光と影
9. 特にゴージャス
10. 傍若無人
11. アイキャッチA
12. これでこそじゃないか!
14. 激しいね
15. 重たい気分
16. どうせこんなもん?
17. 穏やかなのが好き
18. アイキャッチB
19. これはこれで呑気です
20. 負けるものか
21. 男子だって面白くないよ
22. 振り返って見つめて
23. サブタイトル2
24. 軽くゴージャス
25. 美咲も高校生
26. 調子に乗ってる?
27. 懸賞が当たると良いな
28. 無力?孤立?
29. 相当シリアス
30. スッキリ帰り道
31. 急いで会長
32. 戦いの予感
33. 会長さまのお通りだ!
34. やさしい気持ち
35. 穏やかな日々
36. 予感 (TV size)

What's Great: The secret's story's safe with them with these tracks...

What's Not So Great: Can you spice these up?
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