Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bongbong strikes back! (and some kidnapper gags to follow)

That night's Bubble Gang episode...

Kidnapper gags, a family never accepts their father's death, weird hair growth on some areas, spoilers at the emergency room, little boys playing action figures in a weird kind of way, seventh Sabi-Sabi episode focused on "probinsyanong lalaki" protecting "probinsyanong babae" from three men seducing on the "probinsyanong babae", and a Sleeping Beauty story revamped with a king inviting a Japanese-speaking Prince Charming (played by guest star Jacky Woo) to wake the princess (Ruffa Mae Quinto) from a slumber that only be awakened by an... alarm clock!

Also, Bonggang Bongbong (Michael V) is back on a segment called "Sumbong Sumbong Kay Bonggang Bongbong" where the most annoying stuff gets featured and warned. In this segment Bongbong warns about a techie showing-off his iPad, women speak in gay lingo, and a person wears an eye contact even without an eye difference.

Moymoy Palaboy and Roadfill gone Jejemon in the IyoTube part where the Jejemon song is played.

Remember what Bongbong said "dito kayo mag-sumbong, diretso pa ang aksyon!"

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Misshitsu No Sacrifice

What lurks in a mystery organization called Foundation? What is a Foundation? How can you find a truth behind the shadowy organization?

Misshitsu No Sacrifice tells the tale of five young girls trying to find the truth behind the Foundation, while they are relying on themselves. On this game, it starts more of a visual novel with full voice. There will be decisions to make during the visual novel part. After the part, there is a search part where you have to solve puzzles around the corner. Some might be simple, but some can be extremely difficult, requiring more time to solve a tricky problem such as codes, arrangements, locks, and everything else lurking around you.

Once you're done you might be able to move on to a next chapter, but advancing might be complicated because there are certain conditions before advancing on the next chapter. There are various endings on this game depending on the stage and the characters (Miki, Asuna, Olga, Chloe, and Jitka) on this game. Find out what ending's worth it!

You'll begin on the Miki chapter, then when you're done, you might be able to play the next Miki chapter or choose from either the Asuna chapter, the Olga chapter, the Chloe chapter, or the Jitka chapter respectively. Each character will be based on the task you will do on this chapter. Remember the difficulty because it would be somewhat hard to finish this chapter by numerous clues.


Kei Shindo as Miki, a young girl whose an athletic dream was abolished by an accident.

Eri Kitamura (Ami Kawashima from Toradora!) as Asuna, we first encounter her covered in blood.

Shizuka Ito (Hinagiku Katsura from Hayate No Gotoku!) as Olga, an honor student, posing as a leader of the group.

Yukana (C.C. from Code Geass) as Chloe, a computer hacker.

Asuka Ogame as Jitka, a mysterious Slav girl.

The end of Subic's finest racetrack

A certain news published in Top Gear Philippines' official site:

A year since the death of Pocholo Ramirez, one Philippine Motorsports legends, marks the end of the racetrack where he and his family established a few years ago and this track bids farewell this year. As Subic International Raceway draws to an end, this racetrack is holding an event called "Last Lap".

July 30 - Practice Laps

July 31 - The most successful car clubs in the Philippines come together on this track. Also, pro drifter David Feliciano shows his drifting skills on the track. Races on this date includes the Philippine Touring Car Championship, Miata Cup, Circuit Showdown and Run What You Brung series.

August 1 - 5:30PM - Time to say goodbye

I hope that whoever visits the Subic International Raceway on the final weekend would make it memorable. Hope you guys take a picture to make it your personal memorabilia to post it on your Facebooks. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Zettai Karen Children Starring Collection

So sir/ma'am, you got a hold on all things Zettai Karen Children, from CDs, DVDs, costumes and everything. Does your heroism increased ten-fold? Think again before gaining the insignia of "Zettai Karen" enthusiast. You may not complete all of these without this kind of CD. Zettai Karen Children Starring Collection is a character cover CD thanks from the R&D of Geneon Universal Entertainment, compiles the best character songs made possible by the Zettai Karen Children cast, including drama CD songs for some Zettai Karen enjoyment.

It's an all-star cast, from Kaoru Akashi, Aoi Nogami, Shiho Sannomiya, Koichi Minamoto, Kyosuke Hyobu, Naomi Umegae, Syuji Sakaki, Oboro Kashiwagi, The Double Face, and the rest. This character cover CD is truly a "Haidaraaaa!!"-worthy experience, and if we say "Haidaraaaa!!" we truly mean it sir/ma'am. From two discs and a total of 22 tracks, Zettai Karen Children Starring Collection is just more than enough to satisfy your craving over your favorite characters.

Track Listings:

1. NO !!!!(明石 薫 starring 平野 綾)
2. 瞬間少女(野上葵 starring 白石涼子)
3. さわってViolet(三宮紫穂 starring 戸松 遥)
4. I'm Here(皆本光一 starring 中村悠一)
5. 自由という名のRestriction(兵部京介 starring 遊佐浩二)
6. 半分子猫シンフォニー(梅枝ナオミ starring 藤村 歩)
7. Romantic Workaholic.(賢木修二 starring 谷山紀章)
8. プロフィールもnot解禁っ(柏木 朧 starring 浅野真澄)
9. フェイスはダブルの歌心(ザ・ダブルフェイス starring 中尾衣里&佐藤利奈)
10. あのね、オトコノコ(花井ちさと starring 福原香織)
11. シュ・ビ・ドゥ B.A.B.E.L. (桐壺帝三&柏木 朧 starring 小杉十郎太&浅野真澄)

1. ひまわり(明石 薫 starring 平野 綾)
2. 3 Shinin' 3(野上葵 starring 白石涼子)
3. 濃密ウィスパー(三宮紫穂 starring 戸松 遥)
4. You’re Freedom ! (皆本光一 starring 中村悠一)
5. God Breathless(兵部京介 starring 遊佐浩二)
6. 703 SENSATIONAL(梅枝ナオミ starring 藤村 歩)
7. Snatch(賢木修二 starring 谷山紀章)
8. ア・ブ・ナ・イ Jewelry Heart(澪 starring 釘宮理恵)
9. のよっ!うぉー禁とーく(マッスル大鎌 starring 三宅健太)
10. 職場恋愛おぼえていますか?(谷崎潤一&梅枝ナオミ starring 家中 宏&藤村 歩)
11. 微睡Gravy Lips(蕾見不二子 starring ゆかな)

My Comment:
Yes, if you lock your eyes on this character CD, you might end up saying "Haidaraaaa!!" and henceforth going to buy it to listen from the songs done by your favorite characters. LOL. You may not intent saying "Haidaraaaa!!" unless you listen it to enjoy it because Zettai Karen Children Starring Collection makes a fun addition from your ever-growing anime music CD collection. For a limited time you may buy both the Starring Collection and the All The Best in a bundle that grabs them all after the OVA's launch, Zettai Karen Children Ultimate Songs. Hurry up and buy it because there are a few in stock.

Zettai Karen Children All The Best

The case says it all, Zettai Karen Children All The Best CD features all the opening and closing theme songs of the hit 2008 anime previously aired on TV Tokyo, Zettai Karen Children. Zettai Karen Children focuses on the action-packed story of Koichi Minamoto and the three cute but terrible heroines sent out by B.A.B.E.L., called as The Children, in their fight against evil ESPers trying to commence world domination. With a compilation of twelve Zettai Karen songs, including No Surrender by Yuichi Nakamura, Koji Yusa, and Kisho Taniyama (who lend their voices as the guys from Zettai Karen Children, Koichi, Kyosuke, and Syuji) and two theme songs from the Zettai Karen Children OVA (Zettai Karen Children Aitazosei! Ubawareta Mirai?), which the opening is titled Seventh Heaven by The Children (Aya Hirano, Ryoko Shiraishi, and Haruka Tomatsu lend their voices as The Children, ranging from Kaoru Akashi, Aoi Nogami, and Shiho Sannomiya) and the closing theme is titled ...Out of Control... also sung by the guys from Zettai Karen Children.

Track Listings:

1) Over The Future (1st Theme Song sung by Karen Girl's)
2) Zettai Love x Love Sengen (1st Closing Theme by The Children)
3) Datte Daihonmei (2nd Closing Theme by The Children)
4) Over The Future (The Children version)
5) MY WINGS (2nd Opening Theme by Karen Girl's)
6) Break+Your+Destiny (3rd Closing Theme by Yuichi Nakamura, Koji Yusa, and Kisho Taniyama)
7) MY WINGS (The Children Version opens from Episode 46)
8) Zettai Love x Love Sengen (Karen Girl's Version closes Episode 46)
9) No Surrender (by Yuichi Nakamura, Koji Yusa, and Kisho Taniyama)
10) Soushunfu (4th Closing Theme by The Children)
11) …Out of control… (OVA Ending Theme by Yuichi Nakamura, Koji Yusa, and Kisho Taniyama)
12) ☆Seventh★Heaven☆ (OVA Theme Song by The Children)

My Comment:
Sir/Ma'am, these 12 tracks truly relieving the whole Zettai Karen adventures while relieving the newly released OVA, now on sale, for keeps. If those can't keep you entertained, try Zettai Karen Children Starring Collection, sung by the entire cast of Zettai Karen Children (sold separately). With these combos, I'm sure these can make a perfect souvenirs from your anime music CD collection.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Toyota Hiace/Regius Ace Type-III

Toyota Hiace/Regius Ace 2011MY

As a favorite among Philippine families, tycoons, celebrities, politicians, and the rest of the people, the Toyota Hiace (also sold in Japan as this or Regius Ace) shows that this Japanese-built commuter van does it all aside from being a limousine, a school service, a taxi, or everything else we, Filipinos, do with this Toyota van.

Now, in 2010, the fifth-generation Toyota Hiace/Regius Ace received a second facelift, calling this the Type III version of the fifth generation Hiace. Since its Japanese debut in August 2004, and entered Type II since August 2007, this Hiace keeps getting better and better and I cannot help myself getting a hold of this latest minor change.

The only thing that changed in the Type-III version of the Toyota Hiace is the new front bumper and the redesigned headlamps. The new front look truly brings the new Hiace a good stance, but still too redundant to tell if this new face suits every Philippine entrepreneur among its rival vans, including the Foton View, the Toyota Hiace clone with the Alphard's front face.

While the Regius Ace only offers in van form, the Hiace comes in three forms, the van variant for family use, the wagon variant that is perfect as a taxi, and the commuter variant that makes it a perfect school service, good enough to bring the kids heading to school. Choosing which Hiace variant suitable for you depends on your outcome of your perception and if that goes well, the Hiace makes it your perfect companion for your business.

Both the new Hiace and the new Regius Ace comes with the new 1KD-FTV engine. This 3.0L diesel turbo engine has a power output of 144PS/3,400r.p.m. and a torque output of 30.6kgf・m//1,200~3,200r.p.m. Both of these vans also offer with either a 2.0L DOHC VVT-i or a 2.7L DOHC VVT-i gasoline engine. As for the transmission, either the 4-speed automatic or the 5-speed manual transmission is available for the Hiace and Regius Ace.

My thoughts about the Hiace/Regius Ace:
With Japan offering the latest facelift of the fastest-selling Hiace van, I guess we cannot wait if Toyota Motor Philippines, Inc., would bring the revised Hiace to our shores soon. With its facelift, can the new 3.0L diesel turbo engine succeed from its commercial van rivals? I hope that this new engine is good enough against the Nissan Urvan Escapade for sure.

Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Trick X Logic

A cunning mystery game for the PSP that leaves players spend 100 hours of game play solving the most out of the mystery novels unsolved by many. In this game, you will read one mystery novel, then what you will notice that you may use the mystery novel's storyline to solve by choosing a sentence that somewhat connects to this mystery novel. You can carry up to five sentences to carry your thesis. If one sentence relates to the sentence carrying the same reason, thought, and feeling, you will be able to combine these two related sentences into one complete thought or thesis. This trick is somewhat to be called the "Hirameki System". It is not going to be easy mastering the Hirameki system because it takes a few hours to read the entire mystery novel and create complete thesis statements. It looks challenging for a newbie, but for those who are interested in mystery novels might find "Trick X Logic" challenging but fun.

Trick X Logic divides this mystery-solving game into two seasons sold separately. Season One (Now On Sale) features the first four mystery novels ranging from the expensive figure case to a trespassing case. Season Two (Debut this September) features novels 5 - 10 with added difficulty and challenge, ranging from the Hamlet case to the alibi. Your brain is the only weapon to master the world of "Trick X Logic", do whatever it takes to read the whole mystery novel, and find a complete thought, statement, and thesis of this mystery novel with the "Hirameki System". I know it is not easy, but do whatever it takes to solve it.

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