Friday, August 6, 2010

New Seat Alhambra II

2011 SEAT Alhambra

With the Volkswagen Sharan reached its second generation, why would European car enthusiasts ever forget the Spanish VW Sharan Seat calls it the Alhambra? Now that the Seat Alhambra molted out from its ugly look as seen on the first generation, and into the sportier detail only the second generation has to offer. Since this is Seat's version of the new Volkswagen Sharan, the Alhambra gained a new look and new packaging well enough for an average Spanish family to fit in, even when the entire European summer getaway draws near to the end. What it will make up for the new Alhambra is for the "madre del fútbol" or soccer moms taking on their hectic schedules ranging from going to work, fetching their kids to school, and everything else only a soccer mom can do.

On the inside, the new Seat Alhambra can accommodate seven people, ranging from the kids in their school age to the adults who are done with their desk jobs. In addition, the new Easy-Fold system allows the owner to fold the seats for a wide range of seating arrangements depending on luggage capacity, passenger capacity, and multiple lifestyles suited for everyone.

Depending on the trim levels ranging from the Reference trim and the Style trim, the new Seat Alhambra has four different engine types available and how these engines react is up to the owner. First, there is an entry-level 1.4 TSI engine with Seat's Ecomotive Technology, engineered to behave like an eco-car. After that, a 2.0 TDI engine that runs in either 140 - 170PS of power output, turning the new Alhambra into a game-changing minivan.

My thoughts about the Alhambra:
Finally, the Seat Alhambra is graduated from the ugly look to the sporty look that makes it appealing in the eyes of European families. Now that summer is coming close to the end, and kids are going back to school, the new Alhambra is ready to make it memorable. Since this is Seat's version of Volkswagen's new Sharan, the new Alhambra will do anything to do better as its Sharan counterpart.

Photo: Seat

Hey! Is that....?

On that night's episode of Lokomoko U, look closely on one of the birthday gags.

Hey! Is that....

Is that....

is that....

is that spoiled brat Angelina?!

Yaya & Angelina (The Spoiled Brat Movie) 2009 DVDrip [Filipino]

nah.... it can't be him/her...

it can't be the spoiled brat we had fun for...

There's so many characters that look like Angelina, they act like Angelina.

For instance, 

Hayate No Gotoku's Nagi Sanzenin

Lucky Star's Kagami Hiiragi

and Kuroko Shirai from the To Aru series...


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nissan Dualis Type II

Most of you know that the JDM Nissan Dualis' latest facelift is more plain than the Euro-spec version (the Qashqai) because the front face of the JDM version carries the Murano-style grille while the European-spec version gets the revised front. Sounds weird, but can Nissan Motor Philippines or Universal Motors bring has a chance to bring the Nissan crossover that is a hit from Europe?

2011 Nissan Dualis facelift
Since its Japan debut in 2007, the Nissan Dualis is the only crossover that appeals younger buyers with its European flair, appealing design, and modest performance you can even imagine. When the Qashqai gained the new face a few moments ago, the JDM Nissan Dualis does not match to the European version because now, the grille is somewhat similar to the Z51 Murano. This also applies to the American Nissan crossover called the Rogue.

What completes the Dualis is the main aspects such as the MR20DE engine, XTRONIC CVT-M6, Eco Mode for fuel efficiency, and the ALL MODE 4X4 that has a wide variety of modes depending on the current terrain. With these features, the Nissan Dualis performs just as other crossovers do.

My thoughts about the Dualis:
Nope, this is not the Dualis I have expected for because what I want to see is the face as seen in Europe, but why using a Murano grille for the Dualis' latest minor change? Never mind, the only question comes up in my mind is, can NMPI or UMC has a chance to bring the Dualis to our shores or not? While we currently having the X-Trail, the Murano, and the Patrol Royale, maybe this crossover can be a worthy addition, and it will raise the bar against the upcoming Mitsubishi ASX.

Photo: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Monday, August 2, 2010

So the mystery shampoo was... the newly improved Pantene, right?

A few weeks ago, I bump into the teaser ads regarding the so-called mystery shampoo.

Most women from around the globe, including the Philippines, want to know what is this mystery shampoo. They want to know what it is....

A week before the revelation of the mystery shampoo, I bump into this ad.

Yep, epic fail. Same thing happened in India since the mystery shampoo Indian women didn't think it was Dove Shampoo that is the mystery shampoo.

How did Filipinas got fooled by the mystery shampoo revelation that was just the Sunsilk Damage Repair range? It was still July, the shampoo has to reveal on August 1.

Now, in August 1, during a commercial break at ASAP XV, the mystery shampoo is revealed as the new Pantene Pro-V range. The new range comes in three variants suitable for a woman's hair types. It can prevent split ends, treats tangled hair, and reduces hair fall. Every variant comes with a shampoo, conditioner, and the new Treatment item. Those three are surely come in handy for every Filipina.

Visit the site:

If you are ready, go to your nearest groceries and supermarkets (think Mightee Mart, Shopwise, Ultra Mega, Makro, and any store you visit) and see for yourself.

Don't worry, a sachet is on the way!

Video: P&G Philippines, Unilever Philippines (via YouTube)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Official Visual Book

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
Official Visual Book

The official visual book from the girls' day out spin-off of To Aru Majutsu no Index, To Aru Kagaku no Railgun (日本名: とある科学の超電磁砲), packs a bunch of pics from Mikoto "Biribiri" Misaka, Kuroko "Judgment Desu No" Shirai, Kazari Uiharu, and Ruiko Saten. These high quality pics are sure enough to satisfy more Railgun-ism with them every page.

Also added are the sequences from the opening and closing themes, episode guides, plus a special DVD that has a little something from Episode 13.

This visual book is always a best pick for Railgun fans who want to keep this as a fine souvenir from this girls' day out spin-off!

Nissan Elgrand E52

Imagine yourself, an owner of a second-generation Toyota Alphard, trying to get inside the Alphard. Before getting inside, you might hear something strange. It is not the Cocoon AI weapon trying to attack you, but the heart and soul of a Cocoon AI weapon, in the new Nissan E52 Elgrand, trying to blow away your Alphard in pieces.

Destined as an elite luxury minivan targeted for royalty, the new Elgrand will surely blow away the aging Honda Elysion and the Toyota Alphard/Vellfire, just how the Cocoon readies its main cannon. The new Elgrand is reverted from being an RWD van into a FWD van, sacrificing this drive-train for greater riding comfort for the rich and famous Japanese tycoons, including the Diet members. That is the reason because the new Elgrand shares the platform used from the Z51 Murano and the J32 Teana.

The great fight between the Alphard and the Elgrand would be rather be set to its extreme difficulty. While the Alphard has a Vellfire twin, the Elgrand has two body styles to bring elite customers whose side are they on. The XG variant is the base variant for the Elgrand, providing a simple detail that shows its modest level, recommended as a budget-level Elgrand among families. The Highway Star variant, on the other hand, sets the E52 Elgrand's luxury to its elite level. This variant is truly a Cocoon-at-heart, even without the primary weapons that the Cocoon had such as Gatling guns, hedgehogs, missiles, and the main cannon. If both the XG and the Highway Star variant did not suit your battle-scarred potential, Autech Japan come up with the field upgrade version of the Elgrand, called the Elgrand Rider, now on its E52 basis. The Autech-upgrade Elgrand Rider is truly a force to be reckoned with, especially standing up against the Toyota Vellfire.

The new Nissan Elgrand E52 is not mostly comes with the heart of an armored vehicle but the interior is a fit for royalty status because of the premium amenities offered inside this luxury war machine. On the interior side, the E52 Elgrand offers the finest features fit for the elite Japanese tycoons to spend hospitality beyond reasons. The new Elgrand still carries seven or eight passengers, showing that this war machine can still accommodate more infantry units as for the previous E51 Elgrand. On the comfort zone, if you chose the Highway Star Premium variant, the E52 Elgrand offers a triple-ottoman 2nd row seats that offer three modes of comfort on the 2nd row seats, imagine how rich people spend their Japanese summer days with these seats, especially armed with the optional sunroof. For entertainment purposes, the E52 Elgrand comes with the rear entertainment system with an 11-inch monitor and the Bose 5.1 ch Surround Sound. Speaking of the comfort, you might use this to watch your recently bought Zettai Karen Children OVA inside the E52 Elgrand, or even the Silent Hill movie.

Like most military vehicles offering high-tech features, the new Elgrand offers a wide array of high-tech features such as the one-touch switch that opens doors, luggage underbox to hide your firearms, one-push side sheet to automatically folds the third row seats, the innovative Around View Monitor, and the Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Under the hood, the Elgrand comes with either the basic QR25DE engine or the high-end VQ35DE engine. The 2.5L variant has a fuel economy of 11.6km/L while the 3.5L V6 engine offers a power output of 280PS /6400rpm. It is good to know that both of these variants are armed with the XTRONIC CVT for optimized fuel efficiency.

My thoughts about the Elgrand:
With the Elgrand facing against the Alphard and the Vellfire, expect to see those Toyota twin vans exploded because the new Elgrand reached its ultimate level, a level that the Toyota Alphard and Vellfire could not achieve. In my product of fantasy, when the E52 Elgrand is escorted by troops, an armored vehicle, a tank, or an attack chopper, this "King of Minivan" is unstoppable on its tracks. With the exterior painted with its war colors, the new Elgrand's interior is a hospitable treat that feels like, smells like, and hears like Outer Heaven. For those planning to buy and for those who owned the Toyota Alphard/Vellfire, you can expect a heavy battle when facing against the new Nissan Elgrand E52. With so many luxury cars offered that could be treated like war machines such as Toyota's Land Cruiser, Crown Majesta, Audi's A8, and Volkswagen's Touareg, the new Nissan Elgrand will shine in the battle of the flagships, because it is not just a palace on wheels, it is a battleship on treads.

Photo: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Hyundai Avante MD (Elantra Mk.V)

Since its world premiere at the Busan International Motor Show at BEXCO, the Avante (known worldwide as the Elantra) received an eagerly awaited full model change after spending four years with the previous Avante HD (while this platform still be used on the Avante LPI Hybrid, now on its 2011 model year) that was based on the axed Kia Cerato.

Being a true rival to the Kia Forte seems to be a trump act to follow, the new Avante is now better than the best thanks to the Wind Craft concept as part of Hyundai's fluidic sculpture philosophy and the brand's first GDi 1.6L engine that makes the Avante the best Korean eco car manufactured.

What is Wind Craft?
As part of Hyundai Motor Company's design philosophy "fluidic sculpture", the new Avante MD's exterior is biased on the Wind Craft concept design. If we want to know why Wind Craft is described on the Avante's exterior is, it is simple. Try examining the front face, the new Avante is somewhat similar to the latest Tucson ix crossover, and if you look closely to the back, the Avante is much more of a miniature version of the Sonata YF. With the Wind Craft design concept, the new Avante provides a strikingly aggressive look that scares away the Kia Forte for good. This applies the same as the interior as well.

What is the GDi 1.6L engine?
For the first time in Hyundai Motor Company's history, the new 1.6 GDi engine equipped on the new MD Avante made this compact car a true fuel-efficient eco car that is worthy enough to prove that even Koreans create eco cars more than Japanese car makers do. About this new GDi engine, the power output is 140PS/6300 rpm that has more power than the Kia Forte's 124PS found on the 1.6L engine. By gaining a eco car status, the new Avante's fuel economy reached to a modest 16.5km/L, which means that fuel economy is also greater than the Kia Forte's 15.2km/L found on the 1.6L engine. This is how so many reasons Koreans are ready to switch to the new Avante thanks to its advantages of a true eco car.

My thoughts about the Avante:
When Japanese car manufacturers focused on creating eco cars, Koreans are never left behind making eco cars targeted for its fuel efficiency. With the new GDi 1.6L engine equipped, the new Avante shines on the battle of the eco cars that makes car manufacturers as participants of the Battle of the Brains. I am truly sure which car manufacturer has the brains to create fuel-efficient cars. Look around them, Honda has the CR-Z, Nissan has the March, Mitsubishi readies the i-MiEV, and other brands readying their fuel-efficient eco cars to show which has the brains. The new Avante truly has the potential of being a staunch eco car targeted for the masses and if that is enough, the Philippines might have a chance of getting the Avante as the Elantra and if I price it, the new Avante will cost 1.8 million Pesos as I speak.

Photo: Hyundai Motor Company
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