Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Queen Sang Joke Finale

That night's Bubble Gang episode marks the end of the Bubble Gang-gagged version of the hit Korean TV drama Queen Seon Deok, titled Queen Sang Joke. On the finale, it seems that Jokman (Michael V's take on Deokman) told a boring joke. That joke not only bored Yo-Si ( Antonio Aquitania's take on Yusin) but also the time for Lady Mi-Shell (Wendell Ramos' take on Mi-Shil) to retaliate the entire kingdom. Both Jokman and Mi-Shell's troops are down and on to the final battle, Jokman has taken down Lady Mi-Shell, leaving nobody hearing another one of Jokman's jokes. Because of that, Jokman kills herself and this is the end of the Queen Sang Joke story.

After that, there are gags that warn your friend "don't move!", the romantic man, a dashing debonair named James Wang (Jacky Woo), a couple asking by themselves, a man incapable of feeling harm except on the inside, more IyoTube with Moymoy Palaboy and Roadfill, a woman (Jackie Rice) lied for having a beer breath, hassles before buying a pirated DVD, and a man without an alibi.

Friday, August 13, 2010

GM Daewoo Alpheon

GM Daewoo Alpheon
Slated for Korean sale this late summer following with the entry-level grade this October, GM Daewoo's newest luxury sedan, the Alpheon, is truly the main target of the new Kia K7 and the upcoming Hyundai Grandeur HG, despite the pricing Koreans want to know more about this medium-sized premium sedan.

Do not be hasty just because the Alpheon is the OEM of the second generation Buick LaCrosse, this would be different from what you used to the new LaCrosse. Pretend you will learn more about this car for the first time, readers. The Alpheon delivers a gorgeous exterior that makes its rivals mow down before the might of the Alpheon's prestige design that is simply a Korean-American flair. It is equipped with the adaptive headlamps so whenever you turn the steering wheel from the left to the right, the Alpheon's headlamps will also turn left or right, for a safer night driving on any direction.

The Alpheon's interior shows its true beauty with its swooping lines scattered around the premium interior. At night, the Alpheon shows its Ice Blue lighting that shows its aura of elegance with an exquisite contrast, leaving the Kia K7's interior mow down before its might. With an 8-inch navigation system equipped on the Alpheon, this premium Korean-American sedan shows the right way and the enjoyment on the go thanks to the Digital Media Broadcasting (DMB) feature so you will never miss a thing when it comes to sports, music, news, and entertainment.

The Alpheon comes with the 3.0L V6 SIDI engine that has the power output of 265 PS/ 6900 RPM and the torque output of 29.6 kg-m/ 5600 RPM. On the downside, this engine spec was not good enough to outsmart the Kia K7's 3.5L V6 engine, but with the entry level 2.4L engine (coming this fall) with the 185 PS of power output, the Alpheon declares checkmate against the K7's 180 PS 2.4L engine because it has 5 PS more.

My thoughts about the Alpheon:
Since GM Daewoo planned to bring the Chevrolet brand to Korean next year, would the GM Daewoo branded cars be branded as Chevrolet in the Korean market? The answer would be revealed in the near future. As for that, we have to make do with the latest offering that slots between the Holden Statesman-based GM Daewoo Veritas premium sedan, the Buick LaCrosse-based GM Daewoo Alpheon is made for the Korean alpha males suitable for their luxury lifestyles. The Kia K7 seems to be catchy enough to topple against the Alpheon but if all else attacks, the Alpheon will strike back, just how the LaCrosse dubbed as the "Lexus Fighter" by the press when General Motors has been resurfaced despite the never ending Lehman Shock. That Lehman Shock claimed many of everyone's favorite car genres, will the Alpheon pay it back from them?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This is the latest single from the hit J-Pop girl trio, Perfume, featuring the song Voice that was featured in the Japanese Nissan TV commercial and the other song 575 that is featured in the KDDI TV-CM. Well, forget about the second one, I want to talk about Perfume's latest song, Voice.

My Comment: Voice by Perfume fuses a mixture of kawaii and upbeat tones, leaving listeners, especially Nissan enthusiasts, listen to this song for more! I am sure this song would be a nice addition on the list of car commercial songs from across the globe and as a car enthusiast listening to songs only car addicts love to hear, I would gladly recommend it to some music lover who droves a Nissan, a Nissan enthusiast, and for the J-Pop lovers.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Which minivan is the real "King Of Minivan"?

With the launch of the Nissan Elgrand E52 since last week, Nissan calls this new Elgrand the "King Of Minivan" because of its new look, new features, new platform, and the new XTRONIC CVT offered.

Photo: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

The only question for minivan enthusiasts, especially those who are in the Philippines is, which minivan truly deserved to be the "King of Minivan"?

Let me go straight to the point. In the U.S., the minivan business doesn't seem to be decent. There is Chrysler offering the Town and Country (also known as the Grand Voyager in other countries) and Dodge offering the Grand Caravan. It seems that only the Chrysler brands offer minivans that Ford and General Motors used to have but they don't due to slow sales.

Video: Chrysler Group LLC (via YouTube)

Not only that, Japanese carmakers also built minivans only for the American market, targeted for the soccer moms, such as the Toyota Sienna, and the USDM Honda Odyssey. Word from the American headquarters from both Nissan Honda that they'll bringing the new Odyssey and the new Quest next year. The latest USDM Odyssey will be based on the current fourth-generation Odyssey sold in Japan and the latest Nissan Quest will be based on the new Nissan Elgrand, despite these two wearing different faces.

Photo: American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (Concept Shown)

Photo: NMAC (Pre-Production Shown)

In some countries like the Philippines, we've enjoyed buying used Japanese vans via grey market at Subic Bay. One of the most popular vans in the Philippines (by grey market or in official dealers) includes:

The first generation Toyota Estima (Previa in other markets) in regular, Emina, and Lucida versions.

Kia Carnival (from pre-facelift to post-facelift)

Hyundai Starex (from MC before to MC after)

Hyundai Grand Starex (popular in the Philippines since 2007)

Mitsubishi Space Gear

including hard-to-finds such as the Toyota Granvia, Nissan Elgrand E50, and the Mazda Bongo Friendee.

With so many new minivans sold but overpriced such as the latest Toyota Estima/Previa, the recently launched Toyota Alphard, the Kia Grand Carnival, and other vans sold in this country, the only minivan Filipinos called this a "King" is the Hyundai Grand Starex because of tis seating capacity, luxurious features, and even a limousine variant. Sounds weird but can I wait till NMPI or UMC will bring the Elgrand/Quest?

Even when the new Nissan Elgrand E52 gained the title "King Of Minivan", there are so many minivans in the world want to snag the crown taken from the E52 Elgrand. Will this title be remained on the new Elgrand, or waiting to be snagged by its rivals? This is going to be a tough one.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game

To win her heart, you have to be the best fighter among the rest. In Scott Pilgrim's story, everything is possible. If you enjoyed watching this cool movie, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, think you can enjoy this video game based on the popular movie that rocked teens with a piece of action, romance, and laughs?

In Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game, players pit along the role of Scott Pilgrim and his friends (Ramona Flowers, Stephen Stills, and Kim Pine), each with their own signature attack power, and their blend of fighting power. This game not only lets you play solo, but also lets you team up to three friends for a Co-Op party that makes it more enjoyable.

What I don't really like this game is the retro graphics. Even when you brought your HD TV, that game really sets in a boring 2D, thinking that this game is nothing more of an oldies video game. What also frustrates is the boss battles because it takes a lot of time to bring down seven of Ramona's ex-boyfriends. Just like in the movie, to win her heart, you have to be the best fighter in the world.

That game wasn't as cool as the movie itself.

NOTE: This game is not available at stores. Its available as a download on either XBOX Live (for XBOX 360 owners) or PlayStation Store (for PS3 owners).

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A week in review....

OK, let me think of something I remember this week....

Last week's Hole In The Wall features new characters dressed by Michael and Ogie, and these were none other than the part hero, part villain, tandem as Supermin and Mari Pusa. Weird for them to dress themselves as superheroes but fun. I wonder what they'll be on next week?

Who often watched Banana Split Daily Servings on ABS-CBN? Who sawed the new mini drama titled Mga Mahirap Pa Sa Dagang Mahirap (They're poorer than a street rat)? At first, three kids named Andrew, Angelica, and Austin, spend their happy life with their dad. When their dad got hit by a buko on his head, their lives have changed forever. they got themselves dragged to the streets by their wicked Tita Miriam (played by Pooh), grabbed by some notorious man, and their clean names replaced by their "pulubi" names. How far will these three siblings survive amidst their challenges? Tune in every weekdays!

Saturday's Banana Split episode features more showbiz news louder than any gossips from neighbors at NNNN, drugstore gags, more Tongue Tarangtongue (where one Pinoy sentence gets revised, Italian-style or Japanese-style LOL), Melai's tips on saving water on M3: Melai Mo Magwork, and Banana Split's new game, Huwag Kang Lilingon (Don't Turn Back)!

Thursday's Lokomoko U focused on birthday party gags, another anger management case on Case To Case (Face To Face spoof) focused on the security guard (Caloy Alde) complains to Amy Xerex (Tuesday Vargas) against the "perfect man" (JC De Vera), egg-splating laughter in Usapang Itlog, Sound of Silence, and another tear-dropping chapter of Bahaw: Ikalawang Hain.

It's Baklang Grasa yet again on Friday's Bubble Gang where Greasy (Ogie Alcasid) shows his "sosy" side. If that wasn't enough, there's gags where men forgot their wives' birthdays, all-out gang war, "hipo siga", a wounded soldier, IyoTube-ism with Moymoy Palaboy, a man got annoyed by people blocking his movie-viewing, and what if names derived by sound effects.

Also, ventriloquist Ony Carcamo guest stars in Bubble Gang in the "Puppet Abuse" sketch where, um, a ventriloquist demanded by his own puppet? And a blabbermouth puppet against the ventriloquist? In the end, the policeman has his own puppet? Never forget that Wanlu, also a ventriloquist, guest stars at Lokomoko U with his puppet friend Nicolo share jokes to the Lokomoko U cast.

VW Polo V GTi

2011 Volkswagen Polo V GTi

If the Golf GTi was too expensive for a Geman hot hatch aficionado like you, this hot hatch could be a cheaper alternative to the almost 30,000 Euro sports hatch.

Since the cost of this highly modified Polo is 4775 Euros less than the Golf GTi, the Polo GTi is a great hot hatch to begin tearing down every track day meets at the cost of your adrenaline pleasure. Available in 3-door and 5-door variants, choosing which Polo GTi style suits from your pleasure of trying on the cheaper alternative to the Golf GTi. No matter which body style you choose, you might be able to take a plunge on the Polo GTi's 1.4 TSI engine that comes with the standard 7-speed Direct Shift Gearbox. Despite the raw power of the turbocharged engine, the DSG on the Polo GTi makes it dull to drive if you are an avid fan of manual transmissions, because this GTi does not offer a manual transmission, making it a decent machine suited for the amateurs. If you want to go professional, try choosing the Golf GTi because it offers the manual transmission.

On the design story, the Polo GTi truly shows its hot hatch side, wearing a trademark GTi red grille, GTi badges, and trademark GTi rims. With these looks, I am assuring that the Polo GTi looks at its best as if does to its big brother, the Golf GTi. On the interior, the dark interior color and the seats seems to be bland but OK for the hot hatch addict. What needs on the Polo GTi's interior is to put some bucket seats so it can show off its sporty side and the enjoyment while driving the Polo GTi on any track it desires, especially the Nurburgring.

My thoughts about the Polo GTi:
If I crossed my fingers that Volkswagen will return on the Philippines soon (I hope that PGA Cars, the distributor of Audi and Porsche, got the memo), my thoughts that the Polo GTi is too blurry to sell it because of its decent looks. Aside from that, the DSG is not much of a game changing experience because what professional V-Dub enthusiasts want is the Golf GTi because it offers the manual transmission. If the Golf GTi does not suit to your income, maybe the Polo GTi should be the best compact for the job. Since this hot hatch has a reasonable price and features, only the amateurs are welcome to try on this premium sports compact car.

Photo: Carview
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