Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

With Ford Motor Company decided to axe the Mercury brand, it seems that there will be no more Milan Hybrid to offer. For this luxury marque, Lincoln unveiled its first hybrid car set to take place from the banishment of the Mercury Milan Hybrid.

2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

The new MKZ Hybrid offers the same MKZ comfort with the new hybrid power-train that simply defines "eco-car" to the supreme level. Since the MKZ Hybrid is a full-fledged, all-American eco-car, it features the 2.5L Atkinson-Cycle I-4 Hybrid Engine, dedicated to bring out the green factor for this luxury sedan. With the CVT added for the MKZ Hybrid, the fuel efficiency for this American luxury hybrid can go for about 41/36 mpg.

My thoughts about the MKZ Hybrid:

As Ford fans trying to think twice before saying farewell to the Mercury Milan Hybrid, and other Mercury models, Lincoln's gaining an edge for bringing new models in the future, and the MKZ Hybrid tries to stand out without the risky sacrifice of becoming the most fuel-efficient Lincoln ever made. With the same pricing as the regular MKZ (2WD), for about $34,330 or 4.8 million pesos, most luxury car enthusiasts who has a sense of green driving cannot go wrong with this premium hybrid car.

The MKZ Hybrid still carries Bridge of Weir leather, Heated/Cooled 10-Way Power Front Seats, SYNC connectivity, and other luxury items, perfect to turn things around for the upperclassmen. The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid targets the Toyota Crown Hybrid, Lexus GS Hybrid, and the upcoming Nissan Fuga Hybrid respectively.

Photo: Ford Motor Company

Major major week in review...

Some major major stuff I saw this week:

Another week, another Walls Upon a Time in Hole in the Wall Season 2, only this time Michael V portrays as the princess while Ogie retains his Prince Charming role.

Wow! Mali undergoes a major major upgrade, turning a single-week show into a major major 5-day laughfest with a new title, Wow! Meganon. It's the same as Wow! Mali!, only this time, weeknight servings!

It's the final week of the Banana Split Daily Servings' mini drama titled Mga Mahirap Pa Sa Dagang Mahirap (They're Poorer than a Street Rat). After Aunt Miriam (Pooh) killed Ismael (Baron Geisler), she was going to kill our little pals, but Arturo (Badji Mortiz) showed up persuading Aunt Miriam to stop it, then the kids told the whole story, but Aunt Miriam wants to kill them all. Luckily, Aunt Miriam was hit by a Buko on her (his) head. It ended where it all began.

Face To Face host Amy Perez covers a new kind of Face To Face, showing the complaints' Untold Stories. That's Untold Stories mula sa Face To Face. A drama shows the complaints' stories right before showing up on Face To Face. It goes every Thursday before Wow! Meganon.

From now on, Friday night is Lokomoko night, because Lokomoko U is now on Fridays! All right! Those who are done at school on Fridays deserve an after-school laugh trips! On this episode; gags at the resort, another Caloy Alde's Pick-Up Lines that leaves ladies hurting him badly, more granny's knock knock jokes on Talentadong Family, a spoof of an upcoming reality show, Star Factor, called Star Factory, and another wrong-guessing madness on Pinoy Brainless!

Another week, another Bubble Gang, with gags that leaves them guessing who's that kid, what if soap operas have no conflicts, rehearsal, a different kind of "siga", a grim reaper that not gives them death, but headaches, more IyoTube, noticeable stuff, James Wang (guest star Jacky Woo) in action, and Super Siamese twins.

Friday, September 10, 2010

iPod Nano Mk.VI

The sixth-generation iPod Nano

The iPod Nano of the new decade is now changed and its no longer more similar to the classic iPod. The new sixth-generation iPod Nano is now an iPod Touch with a shape of the iPod Shuffle, as part of the new iPod range, consisting of the 4th-generation iPod Touch (now with the camera), and the new 4th-generation iPod Shuffle which goes retro but with the new voice recognition feature.

What impresses the new iPod Nano is the new touch screen feature. I think this new feature borrowed some aspects of the iPod touch but the size makes it eccentric. What makes it on this size, this iPod Nano is now fully focused on playing music. With the lack of the video camera feature, voice recorder, and video playback, this would be rather disappointing.

This new iPod Nano is not my type, unless if someone had it with their old iPod Shuffle may be ready to get their hands on the new iPod Nano. For this iPod claimed as "the iPod Touch look with the iPod Shuffle size", this would be the cutest of the iPod range. Most tech-savvy girls are welcomed to purchase this cute gadget and put some of their favorite songs and enjoy their music trip.

Can this new iPod Nano be a hit? Let's pray that Power Mac Center, the official Apple retailer in the Philippines, will sell these.

Photo: Apple Inc.

The Sphere

This girl group may not be familiar to J-Pop fans, but anime fans will recognize it as a group of four female seiyuus. This girl group would be known as Sphere.

Why called themselves Sphere? This seiyuu unit consists of four familiar seiyuus we are familiar from their famous anime roles.

First, there is Minako Kotobuki, fans recognize her as Tsumugi Kotobuki from the K-On! series, then there's Ayahi Takagaki. I can only recognize Takagaki-san as Arrester Blanket from Fight Ippatsu Juden-Chan. Next, there's Haruka Tomatsu. Fans will recognize Haruka Tomatsu as Shiho Sannomiya from Zettai Karen Children, Nagi from Kannagi, Lala from To LOVE-Ru (coming this fall is the second season titled Motto To LOVE-Ru), and the Kirishima twins from Nyan Koi. Last but not the least is, OMG, Aki Toyosaki. Everyone recognized Aki-chan as K-On's Yui Hirasawa, Kazari Uiharu from To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, Satsuki from Maid-sama, and other roles she was familiar of.

From their first single, titled Future Stream, from the Super Noisy Nova, all the way to their latest maxi single (pictured above), and more to come from this four-seiyuu unit, most anime and seiyuu fans will add Sphere to the list of their favorites.

Do you think they'll be the next big thing? Trust me, my only favorites on this seiyuu unit were Haruka Tomatsu and Aki Toyosaki. I am not familiar with a seiyuu named Ayahi Takagaki, but for those who watched the Fight Ippatsu Juden-chan anime should recognized Takagaki-san as Arrester Blanket, Plug Cryostat's busty rival and ally. Minako Kotobuki's cool, but Aki Toyosaki is way better because, she's our favorite Yui Hirasawa from K-On!

Official Sphere site:

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

iPod Touch (Fourth-generation)

Apple iPod Touch (4th Generation)

With the introduction of the iPad and the iPhone 4, our favorite fun-loving Apple iPod Touch made its full-model change and this will be called the Apple iPod Touch 4.

Why this iPod Touch reached its fourth-generation model? In this model, the iPod Touch can now do things the same as the iPhone 4, such as the new FaceTime feature. This feature does the same trick as the iPhone, you can do a little talk with your pals face to face thanks to the new camera feature, for the first time attached on this model. This app makes video calling at its finest. Also new to the iPod Touch 4 is the new retina display, which brings the most clearest view to this wonderful handheld gadget. From webpages, games, apps, and more, this display will shock you with excitement.

If you want to capture videos in High-Definition, there's an app for that. The new iPod Touch 4 now comes with the HD video camera, which allows you to snap photos and HD video that you can wow them when you send them by Facebook, YouTube, and others. This iPod is way better than my old iPod Touch.

My comment:
This iPod Touch is even better than my old iPod Touch because it now has video call, HD camera, retina display, and more that meets the gadget junkie's eye. With the SRP of $299 - $399 (about 25,000 to 40,000 Pesos), most Apple fans will start saving up some moolah before buying this! I hope this new iPod Touch will be on sale soon at the Power Mac Center, the Philippines' number one Apple retailer.

Photo: Apple Inc.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Right megane-shoujo, wrong megane-shoujo

A certain question comes up in my mind saying that hey, am I getting used to some megane-shoujo (glasses girl) I frequently, or rarely, saw on animes?

My answer comes up on my mind saying, what about it? Well, maybe...

The only megane-shoujos come up in my mind are those I saw on various anime shows. For instance,

Haruna Saotome from Mahou-Sensei Negima (consider it right)

Subaru from Maid-sama (eh?)

Mii Konori from To Aru Kagaku no Railgun (Hmmm...)

Saki Kijima from Hayate the Combat Butler (Tee-hee, her cute side always gets us)

Aoi Nogami from Zettai Karen Children (ooooh)

and wait there were others, but I guess its too plenty to explain it.

Well, anyway, they're cute, funny, cool, weird, and everything. Well, why didn't I think about these types of anime girls dealing with?

My favorites were Saki Kijima and Aoi Nogami. Tee-hee, what do you think? They're really look like themselves, but they're different. Saki was Wataru Tachibana's maid while Aoi Nogami was the teleporter of the crime-fighting trio, The Children.

Sometimes, these moe-worthy girls hiding their deepest secrets...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Who is Ayrton Senna for you?

Born from 1960, began racing karts in 1973, participated on Formula One in 1984, gained the first of three championship titles in 1988, and later died in an accident in 1994, the name Ayrton Senna became one of the most legendary faces in the history of Formula One.

As far as I can remember I can only recognize Mr. Senna from the Japanese Honda Prelude commercial.

Now, a Japanese trailer given us the first glimpse on the documentary of one of Formula One's most legendary faces.

Looks like the whole world's looking forward to check out the documentary flick about the legendary Ayrton Senna. That documentary flick shows us the challenges of the legend, from his first challenge to the end of his career (in an untimely death).

Audi A7 Sportback

Audi's first-of-its-kind premium hatchback, the A7 (not to be confused with the Kia K7), tries to stand out against its main competitor, the Porsche Panamera. However, the million-dollar question is, will the Audi A7 take advantage with its eccentric design?

Audi A7 Sportback

Just how eccentric is the Audi A7's design? For instance, the front view of the A7 resembles like the present third-generation A8, the side view looks more of an A5 Sportback, and the rear view that makes it more eccentric. With that design, most German car enthusiasts will keep guessing whether they will like the A7 or not. As for me, I think this rear view will be placed in a scrapbook of ugliest rear sides because just one look will make their reactions go eccentric.

On the inside, the A7 seems to have an eccentric feeling. Compare this car to the A5 Sportback and the results will remain eccentric. The rear seats of the A7 Sportback can be flipped down to make room for some more luggage space, which reminds me of other hatchbacks I know from the past to the present. On the driver's side, the A7 Sportback offers the same level as the new A8. With the available handwriting recognition, MMI Navigation Plus, and the new heads-up display, these features will keep the driver informed while taking on the most eccentric places on Europe.

From its arrival, three available engines are available for the A7. These engines include the 2.8 V6 FSI engine, diesel powered 3.0L V6 engine, and the high-performance 3.0L V6 TFSi engine. Most variants come with the seven-speed S-tronic transmission and Audi's legendary quattro technology. Finding which A7 variant suitable for you still offers you with this transmission and drive-train available only on this eccentric premium-sized hatchback.

My thoughts about the A7:
With the A7's sales start this autumn at the suggested retail price of 51,650 Euros or my predicted price will be under the seven-million peso mark, this eccentric sportback will try to keep itself eccentric thanks to its eccentric rear view that others think this is very ugly to look at it. On the bright side, 51,650 Euros is good enough to topple the base Panamera's price of about 75,899, but I still prefer the Panamera because this is more appealing than the A7.
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