Saturday, September 18, 2010

The rebirth of Battle of the a musical kind of way

Last night's Lokomoko U brings back our ever favorite Tropang Trumpo portion called Battle of the Brainless (remember this?). With the UP Jazz Ensemble performing the musical number, Valeen Montenegro hosts this ever favorite brainless quiz show that brings back our Tropang Trumpo memories.

Wrong answers makes me ROFL a hundred times, since this is Battle of the Brainless The Musical! ROFL! ROFL! ROFL! ROFL! ROFL! ROFL! (over and over)

Then, massage gags, another tear-dropping chapter of Bahaw Ikalawang Hain (what's going on with Blue, played by Empoy?), another Star Factory segment on how to make foot-long hotdog sandwich, and more of Granny's knock knock jokes on Talentadong Family,

And oh, we also forgot that another mice and rats chatter on another episode of Keso City.

Cheche Bureche yet again...

Last night's Bubble Gang episode showing gags about their katulongs leaving, a cooking show, a katulong's case on the house, best actor, a sign language on the news takes on a new dimension, a clean conscience at the nightclub, spirit of the glass gone awkward, more of Moymoy Palaboy and Roadfill, a retired genie, and a tagakilos for hire.

Also, our newest favorites Cheche and Bureche, are here again, for the third time, in Cheche Bureche! For the third time, our lovable Cheche's watching cartoons, then the grumpy Bureche showed up and she wants to watch some action. Then the father showed up with two gifts, big and small. Cheche chose the big one, then Bureche chose the big one. While the father's away, Cheche and Bureche swapped gifts, then the father showed up, saying why did they swapped gifts. He's proud of Cheche because this small gift is better. Cheche opened the small gift, and she got a cellphone! Then, Bureche opened a big gift, and it's a hat inside! Better luck next time, Bureche!

Impostor ended...and Momay ended too!

Impostor ending and Momay ending

OH MY! Two dramas in ABS-CBN shared the same day when it ends! 

First its Impostor, part of the Precious Hearts Romances, starring Sam Milby and Maja Salvador. You know, its Melai in Maja's identity, ooooverrr!! That ending was tragic at its first minute (with part having the villain, played by Precious Lara Quigman, killed the real Mariz, played by Maja Salvador) and in the end, Melai, the former Devon that Maja Salvador also plays that role, makes a special comeback at the end of Impostor.

With the Impostor ending is OOOOVERRR, time to say OH MY at the final episode of Momay.

How it end? Rewind it at the first minute. We first see a espiritista, one of Aunt Hillary's, played by Ogie Diaz, stop by at the espiritista who captured Momay, telling this is the time. Meanwhile, Alyssa tries to persuade that her father was responsible for the arson of Shirley's house, the house where Momay and Justin resides. In fact, the person responsible for the crime told the truth!
Then, Justin and Momay trying to rescue their mother, Shirley, but its too late. Outside the currently burning Fun Land, with Shirley been taken to the hospital, Aunt Hillary showed up, trying to kill Justin, but Uncle took the shot. With Justin's uncle shot by Aunt Hillary, she was about to kill Justin, but the cops took her out. With that nasty aunt died, her soul was been taken by some "giant hand" and her soul, I'm sure, was taken to hell, you know, at the fire! OH MY!

At the hospital, the siblings tried to do everything to keep their mother, Shirley, alive, but it was time's up for Momay. Her "Flower of Life" was withered, and Momay was slowly disappeared. 

Moments later, at the house where Justin and Momay resides, Justin and his mother, Shirley, reminded that our friendly ghost was the only one who saved their lives, but forgot to say goodbye. Later, we heard the word "choo-choo!" It's Momay playing with her best pal, Andrew. Of course, she has to say good-bye first to her best friend, her brother Justin, and her mother Shirley. (I'm crying....)

Both dramas shared the same day when it ends! OH MY! OOOOVERRR!!!

Next week, Precious Hearts Romances will present Alyna, which stars Shaina Magdayao, and for three years, our favorite alien buddy, Kokey, is back, with the funniest tandems, Vhong Navarro and Toni Gonzaga, Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco, come full force with some oooveerrr laughs, tears, suspense, and more YAKAPAMILYA on Kokey@Ako!

Hope I"ll catch up with these new additions! Like we said, with great endings come great beginnings.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Tongue Tarang Tongue - The next-generation of Brod Bro Bru

We all going to miss the classic Banana Split portion called Brod, Bro, Bru (in original, level up, props edition, Brod Bro Bruce Lee, celebrity edition, to Brod Bro Bruken).

Since our Philippine summer vacation, ABS-CBN's Banana Split introduces a new kind of Brod, Bro, Bru:

It's called Tongue Tarang Tongue

Why Tongue Tarang Tongue? It's simple. First the Pinoy (first Zanjoe, then John Prats, now Ryan) will say a very Pinoy sentence. Then the Pinoy sentence gets revised Italian-style (Jayson Gainza) or for the funniest, Japanese-style (Pooh).

For instance:

See what I mean? It seems that Tongue Tarang Tongue on Banana Split is the next generation of Brod Bro Bru. Say a Pinoy sentence, then when Italian, LOL. And say a Pinoy sentence, then when Japanese, ROFL!

Paalam! Arrivederci! Sayonara!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Reversible shirt-ing around and Melai's tips to outrun the MMDA officer

Back in May 2010, during the Bubble Gang Summer Special, a Haka-haka portion showing the myth about the reversible shirt that once dressed backwards will he find a way back?

The result, "KALOKOHAN", it felt like he was beaten up.

Now, yesterday, on Banana Split Daily Servings, the reversible shirt joke goes like this...

While the woman is asleep, we saw a man dressed backwards approaching in. The woman wake up and yelled him "saan ka naman galing?!" He will ask why but FREEZE! John Prats' version of Justin Bieber, Dyaskeng Bieber, is here! The best reason? "He got lost, so he wears his shirt backwards and he went home."

Also on Daily Servings yesterday,

Melai Cantiveros' tips to bypass MMDA officers on M3: Melai Mo Magwork

5. Use the classic "Uy! Si (insert famous artist's name)!" trick

4. Pretend that your family is a high-ranking official higher than MMDA. I.E., the President of the Philippines, and blackmail the MMDA officer for doing that.

3. Scare the MMDA officer with a fake BOMB!

2. Pretend you have a contagious disease.

and number 1: Use the line "Hindi mo ba 'ko kilala?!" ("You don't know me?!")

You'll thank Melai for her uber-tips that sounds weird but M3 (Melai Mo Magwork).

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Halo Reach

Halo Reach

Welcome to the prequel of the world's best XBOX game that made a sensation among XBOX players thanks to its futuristic effects, immense storyline, and everything for Halo nerds like you.

Halo Reach foretells the story that started the battle beyond Covenant and Earth, as the legendary Noble Team, a group of highly-experienced Spartan soldiers. You'll play the role of the newest member, Noble Six.

This game is truly where heroes and legends were made to fight thanks to its intensive mission, intense enemy AI, host of new weapons, and multiplayer co-op gameplay that allows you and players from across the world to experience Reach to the world best.

As I said multiplayer co-ops, there are more multiplayer gameplay offered for the heroes and legends within. Your rules, your battles, your games, your destiny. The multiplayer gameplay shows everyone who is noble enough to call himself/herself a legend. That is, someone worthy enough to say "I am legend" in his/her own rights.


Sir/ma'am, this game will surely rock everyone if you are done playing with Halo 3:ODST. Since Reach is the first, and last, of the ever-legendary Halo series, everyone will grab a copy and play it to enjoy the world best experience that is surely to the world best, especially newcomers to the Halo series. This game will be much cooler than your average halo-halo served at your nearby table.

LIMITED EDITION: In limited availability, Halo nerds will experience Reach in two special edition flavors; the limited edition comes with the Halo Reach game, armor set used for multiplayer battles, and Dr. Hasley's documents that changed the Halo story forever, all bundled in a recovered ONI black box. The legendary edition, on the other hand, not only bundles everything from the limited edition, but also the Noble Team statue courtesy of McFarlane Toys, plus a flaming helmet feature for multiplayer battles! Better hurry up sir/ma'am and get those because these were at a limited availability.

Since we're in a -Ber month (September to December), Halo Reach is the perfect early Christmas gift for all. Imagine someone's going Monito Monita and if you're lucky, you're getting your own copy of Halo Reach as a gift from someone...

A not so major major ending...

Recently, on September 14, 2010, with Japanese otakus flipping their HD TV remotes to Tokyo Broadcasting System, the second season of K-On! (K-On!!) ended in a not so major major way.

Screenshots from the final episode:

With the second season's twenty-four episodes of existence, I can say that there is nothing major major excitement shown on this season because this season seems to be OK for them, with the upcoming character CDs (Character CD 2nd series), and the full album coming this October.

And by saying major major, it seems most Filipinos are enjoying that word spoken by Maria Venus Raj, 4th runner-up in Ms. Universe.


With the second season recently ended, you can still enjoy some goodies left such as K-On!! Character Image CD Series. With Yui and Mio coming this September 21, expect the Azu-nyan, Tsumugi, and Ritsu character CDs coming this November.

Two opening songs (Go! Go! Maniac and Utauyo Miracle) and two closing songs (Listen and No, Thank You!) are still on sale, although the limited editions (shown below) are running out fast.

As for that, how about some insert songs from the second season which includes Pure Pure Heart by Hokago Tea Time, Gohan Wa Okazu/U&I by Hokago Tea Time, and Love by Death Devil.

More goods at the official TBS K-On site:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Nokia C3

From my point of view, the Nokia C3, one of the Nokia C-Series, is surprisingly the main opponent of some BlackBerry QWERTY-keyboard phones, because this Nokia looks similar to the BlackBerry phones I know.

The Nokia C3 comes in three distinctive colors; in beige, smoke, and magenta, and it has some distinctive features as seen on those QWERTY-keyboard type cellphones, especially the BlackBerry phones with these cool keypads.

First off, the C3 comes with a customizable home screen that allows the user to change backgrounds with their downloaded wallpapers and icons. This home screen allows you to check on FaceBook statues and Twitter tweets and allows you to get connected with your friends and family by selecting the person's picture to talk or text.

For connectivity, the C3 comes with either a 2G or W-Fi connectivity. If Nokia makes a 3G version of the C3, I would gladly go everywhere and surf the net everywhere I go, especially wild parties, appointments, and others. Also, the C3 has Web Search feature, you searched it, you keep it. This feature is just like the Web Search feature from the Sony PSP, but whatever, this is how this thing works.

Since this cellphone has a QWERTY keypad, texting made simple. Imagine myself texting messages with my friends and family with that kind of keyboard designed for easy access and convenience, if you know what I mean.

For photos and video, a 2.0-megapixel camera is added to give users a fun factor to take pictures and videos for their uploading pleasure to the internet. Keep that in mind that the internal memory for this phone is up to 55MB and the optional MicroSD memory card up to 8GB will take you further for more photos, videos, and music. Speaking of music, this phone can match your favorite music based on your feelings. It even has an FM radio to listen your favorite FM stations such as Tambayan 101.9, Home Radio 97.9, Yes FM 101.1, and other FM radio stations I know.

What can I say? This Nokia is the target of BlackBerry phones wearing the QWERTY keypad, because this Nokia looks more like a BlackBerry phone! Weird, but cool to keep it as a collector's item.

Photo: Nokia

What happened yesterday?

Ugh? What just happened on TV yesterday?

On GMA's Hole in the Wall Season 2, Ogie retains his Prinsi-pepe on the Walls Upon a Time, while Michael V is now portraying as another princess named Ganda-rella. LOL

On ABS-CBN's Banana Split Daily Servings, a Balitang Siksik segment features a jetski rider blooper, a basketball player slam dunked his head near the ring, and some funny speaking woman.

Then, it's Andy the absent-minded handyman again. When we last saw Andy (Jayson Gainza) forgot his pencil, we know it was in his ear! Such an absent-minded handyman. ROFL Now Andy shows us how to change lightbulbs. Nice try using the PVC pipe to turn on the lightbulb. ROFL

After that, John Prats' take on Justin Bieber, named Dyaskeng Bieber, is here on the situation when the vase is broken, using the 6-headed cobra excuse. "Gotta Go! Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh!"

Monday, September 13, 2010

Baby on plane?

Yesterday, I heard some breaking news when I was hearing some show hosted by Tita Swarding. The news calls that some airport officials found a live baby in the airplane's garbage bag!

The baby was miraculously alive when they found it. What kind of mother would she do that?


Now what do they do to the newborn baby found in the plane's trash bag? At first, they'll have to put him to the hospital for checking, just to be sure if this baby has plague or not. Then, they'll have to find for the baby's mother.

How? The "airplane trash bag baby" doesn't know where his mother is, so leave it to the authorities. Let's hope that there will be someone kind enough to take custody of the "airplane trash bag baby".

As I said "airplane trash bag baby", it reminded me of a Family Guy gag about the prom night dumpster baby.


Nokia X2

A certain stylish part of the Nokia X-Series, the X2, blends the trend and tech into one fashionable cellphone suited for its budget. Although this is a fair phone for the kids in their fourth to sixth grade and teens in their high school years, the Nokia X2 features a moderate host of features such as FM player, dual stereo speakers, one-touch keys, 5-megapixel camera, and a host of Ovi apps to take part of it.

It seems that this cell-phone wasn't great for the professional techies, but only the rookies and amateurs will be appreciated to the Nokia X2 because of its entry-level size, entry-level features, and a host of optional accessories, including a MicroSD memory car for additional space for your photos, videos, and music.

On my side note, this Nokia is quite OK for me if I want to swap out my old 3230 for that phone because both the 3230 and the X2 have the same features, but different in terms in style, quality, and packaging. If you are a spoiled brat, this cellphone might just change your course because it has a certain sense of style. You'll be glad this is from the stylish Nokia X Series, designed for the generation X.

Photo: Nokia

Infiniti QX56 Full Model Change

2011 Infiniti QX

Infiniti's flagship utility vehicle, the QX56, gained a full model change, and now it was based on the Nissan Patrol Royale, which was launched in the Middle East since February 2010. By making it more aggressive than its Nissan Patrol Royale brother, the new Infiniti QX56 is completely armed with some extras, which are guaranteed to please the sovereign passengers who are looking for outdoor fun in the sun or something more of a politicians' delight.

2011 Infiniti QX interior

The front view is similar to the Infiniti M37/56 (known in Japan as the Nissan Fuga Y51), providing this premium SUV some tough characteristics inspired from a rhinoceros. While the exterior is sinister enough for its toughness, the interior is sincere enough to please them because of the dual 7-inch monitors mounted behind the front seats, the Infiniti Hard Drive Navigation System that is standard for multiple conveniences, BOSE 2-channel, 13-speaker Premium Audio System for the best sound quality that feels like you're in an opera house and perforated semi-aniline leather seating.

Just like the Nissan Patrol Royale, the new Infiniti QX56 is equipped with the world's first Hydraulic Body Motion Control (HBMC) suspension system which uses technology from WRC cars for adaptive terrain capability that is far superior than the Toyota Land Cruiser 200's KDSS (Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System). The All Mode 4x4 system with variable 4x4 Mode Select allows the new QX56 to convert from its 4WD mode to 2WD mode plus various settings that adapts through tough conditions such as gravel, sand, and snow. With this technology, the new QX56 can possibly be the "grand master" of all-terrain combat.

The key engine of the new QX56 is the all-new VK56DE engine mated with Infiniti's first VVEL DIG mechanism. This gasoline direct injection VVEL V8 engine is made for improved performance and less emissions, making it more fuel efficient than other V8 engines mounted on other SUVs. Anyway, the VK56DE has a power output of 400 hp/5,800 rpm, torque output of 413 lb-ft/4,000 rpm, and depending on the variant, it has an EPA estimated fuel economy of 20 miles per gallon highway. Unlike the Patrol Royale that has 5-speed Automatic Transmission, the additional 2 gears on the new QX56 with Adaptive Shift Control (ASC) makes it a huge advantage.

My Comment:
The new Infiniti QX56 can be an expensive version of the Nissan Patrol Royale because of its rhino-like looks, premium conveniences, 5.6L V8 VVEL DIG engine, 7-speed auto, improved Around View Monitor, ALL MODE 4X4, world's first HBMC, and everything you might blow your pockets at. Not only the new Infiniti QX56 can be a proven weapon in the desert, gravel, and rocky roads, it can also be a luxurious limousine when you're travelling through the metropolis. Those dual monitors mounted behind the front seats can be an effective boredom-killing machine, great if you want to watch some movies while if you were stuck at the traffic in EDSA. With these features, could this be an alternative to our Nissan Patrol Royale? We can't tell...

Photo: Infiniti
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