Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Premacy (CWEFW) vs. New Serena C26

The new third-generation Mazda Premacy (known as the Mazda 5):

and the all-new, fourth-generation, Nissan Serena C26

Both of these Japanese minivans are fuel-efficient, family-friendly, idling-stop powered, eco-minivans, but which eco-friendly minivan takes the center stage among Japanese families?

Launched in Japan since July 1, 2010, the new Mazda Premacy (Mazda 5) is powered with the fuel-efficient 2.0-litre LF-VDS engine packed with Mazda's innovative i-stop idling stop system. This engine packs a power output of 150PS and the outstanding fuel economy of 16.0km/L. Although I admit it that the Premacy is more fuel efficient than any other JDM minivans. I just really hope that Mazda Philippines gets one of these eco-friendly minivan. The design was borrowed from the Mazda Axela (Mazda 3), making it a nice minivan we wish to have.

Available this late November 2010, the new Nissan Serena C26 is the fourth of the Nissan Pure Drive range, a range consisting of eco-cars such as the new Nissan March K13, X-Trail Clean Diesel, and Fuga (Infiniti M) Hybrid. Under the hood, the new Serena C26 is powered with the new direct-injection MR20DD engine complete with Idling Stop system and Nissan's XTRONIC CVT. The fuel economy of the new Nissan Serena C26 is about 15.4km/L. Sadly, its fuel economy was not good enough to outperform the fuel economy of the new Premacy.

Rest assured. The Mazda Premacy stacks up against the Nissan Serena, but if style was an issue, the new Nissan Serena wins. Think of it minivan fanatics, no matter which of these are fuel efficient, you still want to decide by yourself. Both of these are a winner to me.

No buts!

No buts!

No buts! - A title of Mami Kawada's maxi single CD containing the theme song of To Aru Majutsu no Index II, No buts!, is just one of the many reasons how Majutsu no Index II is exciting to watch more than the first season.

This Maxi Single contains two song, one is the theme song of To Aru Majutsu no Index II, and another one is new to Mami Kawada fans. I guess we all know that this title of the song says it all, No buts means NO BUTS! Because the title of the song is No buts, I don't really need a reason how great this theme song is.

No Buts is one kick-butt song Index fans would love to hear it!

There is also a limited edition for this Maxi Single! Not only it packs the music CD, but also the DVD for the music video of No Buts, and an alternate cover featuring Mikoto Misaka and Index! Best to buy it because its a limited availability!

No buts! (Alternate cover)



When you guys experienced several closing themes per High School of the Dead episode, sung by Maon Kurosaki, what do you guys think of it? Of course, there are several ending themes of High School of the Dead, and now you can bring home all of the HOTD's closing themes in one album.

H.O.T.D. is a compilation of High School of the Dead's closing themes sung by Maon Kurosaki. This compilation is sure enough to ease off from your killer moments, even after watching the killer action anime series, High School of the Dead. Of course, it goes from Kimi to Taiyou ga Shinda hi to The Eternal Song. There are 12 closing themes total. Which HOTD closing theme do you think is the coolest?


1. 君と太陽が死んだ日
2. color me dark
3. Return to Destiny
4. cold bullet blues
5. Memories of days gone by
6. Under The Honey Shine
7. fuss fuzz
8. The place of hope
9. 宝石のスパイ
10. THE last pain
11. Hollow Men
12. The Eternal Song

High School of the Dead Original Soundtrack

High School of the Dead Original Soundtrack

The title says it all, High School of the Dead (日本名: 学園黙示録) is a killer anime series combines action, horror, and fanservice offered on that anime series that has a killer look among fans. It's Ikki Tousen meets Resident Evil due to the fanservice and the killer fight scenes offered that is oh so Rated M for Mature.

For those who enjoyed the killer anime series, Geneon Universal provided a killer soundtrack based on the killer anime series. It contains most of the in-anime BGMs composed by Takafumi Wada, which each tracks might pack of a killer tone, and two TV-sized versions of the opening and the first closing theme of the series.

Guess this soundtrack is fair enough to relive the killer moments, killer fanservice, killer fight scenes, and every little thing that made High School of the Dead a killer action-packed anime otakus liked. If looks could kill, this anime kills more than other horror anime series.

Joke's on the bike, Bureche! And Sure Bubble Round Two...

On that November 12 episode of Bubble Gang Kin-Z:

- Gags involve on "who ate something in the refrigerator?"

- Is their boss gay?

- Another episode on Cheche Bureche where Dad bought a bike as a gift. The bike belongs to Cheche. When Dad's gone, Bureche wants to ride a bike until she got ran over by the car! The bike joke is kinda similar on some "Ang Spoiled" episode, where the part where Angelina throw someone else's bike to the streets, Yaya tries to grab it, and Yaya got hit by a car.

- A genie who can grant your wish at the cost of your girl's clothing!

- Shooting for the movie gone awkward because of the kamag-anak

-  Tsismis with the girls

- Round Two of the Survivor Philippines spoof, Sure Bubble, challenges the survivors on the marshmallow-eating challenge. The rules are simple; three pairs of two, one man and one woman. Grab the marshmallow using their mouth and eat it with the partner together. Marshmallow game seems more similar to some game I'm familiar of. Loser goes to Sam Pinto and Antonio Aquitania, and the punishment; get themselves tickled!

- A new technique by some Japanese doctor (guest star Jacky Woo) to treat sore eyes.

For real?! GT5's new launch date...

When I woke up, logged in to my Twitter account, I notice something that one of the keywords was in the trending, and the trending keyword on twitter is none other than GT5.

It is trending because there is an announcement:

For real? I hope so because if its delayed again, I would really throw away my Playstation3.

It will be launched worldwide in the next two weeks... What do you think? Delayed or not?!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mitsuoka New (Teana-based) Galue

Back when the Mitsuoka Galue debuted since 1996, this eccentric flagship sedan that looks more of a vintage sedan but pinned from the Nissan Crew is somewhat a mystery. Later, in 1999, the Galue evolved from Crew-based to Cedric-based. Then, in 2005, the Galue received another full model change that was based on the Nissan Fuga Y50, following with the limousine variant in October 2008. There is also a Corolla-based spin-off of the Galue, under the Galue 2-04 name.

2011 Mitsuoka Galue
Today, in November 11, 2010, this new-generation Galue is back in the flesh, only this time, based on the second-generation Nissan Teana. The New Galue remains its Rolls Royce-like front but the side view now pinned from the Nissan Teana. It seems unclear that how nostalgic this eccentric flagship sedan could be, but I guess hospitality is now the main prospective of the New Galue.

2011 Mitsuoka Galue
Because the Nissan Teana is front-wheel drive (FF), today's Mitsuoka Galue is now FF. It seems disappointing that I still like the Fuga-based Galue, but that's for a cause. With FF drive-train provides exceptional driving comfort on the road. Under the hood, the New Mitsuoka Galue offers three different engines available; the QR25DE engine, VQ25DE V6 engine, and the high-performance VQ35DE. Most 2.5L variants get Nissan's XTRONIC CVT, but the high-end 3.5L V6 variant is equipped with the XTRONIC CVT-M6. The New Galue always thinking about luxury as a premium medium-sized sedan not just how it looks, it knows how it feels to be inside Mitsuoka's flagship.

2011 Mitsuoka Galue interior

2011 Mitsuoka Galue interior
On the interior, hospitality is the main theme of the New Galue. Most features from the New Galue include leather steering wheel with audio and cruise control, dual sunroof, ottoman-equipped front passenger seat, ventilated seats for both the driver and front passenger, Bose Premium Surround Sound System, optional navigation system, every luxury detail offered to bring out the best of becoming Mitsuoka's flagship.

My thoughts about the New Galue:
What an oddity, today's Galue is like a mixture of a Rolls Royce Phantom and the Nissan Teana. Whatever that is, this is more of a mysterious flagship sedan no one ever heard of or even tried it because of its vintage exterior and modern interior, just like the other Mitsuoka cars. I expect to be inside of this New Galue because I already tasted the interior just like the second-generation Teana. Think about it, this is truly a work of art from Mitsuoka. Trying it can be a familiarity.

Photo: Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Showtime: The Album

With the success of our ever favorite party show that showcases every Filipinos' wicked and cool moves and samples, Showtime, the music CD of the record-breaking TV show is now here, and now you can sample, sample, sample all you want. This CD is packed with 5 tracks, perfect enough to sample sample sample everyday and great for parties and events.


1) Showtime Theme Song (Vhong Navarro,Anne Curtis,Jugs,Teddy,Kuya Kim)

2) Magpasikat (Teddy Corpuz)

3) Madlang People (Vhong Navarro)

4) Hari Ng Dance Floor (Vhong Navarro)

5) We'll Get There (Anne Curtis)

My comment: Try sample sample sample with these five tracks offered from Showtime: The Album, and see if one of these is great to sample sample sample it to your family and friends. It's great to relive our favorite ABS-CBN show that showcases every move, every talent, and every sample. Your show, your time! IT'S SHOWTIME!

007: GoldenEye

007: GoldenEye (2010 version)

If someone remembered the video game based on the hit James Bond movie, GoldenEye, well, the GoldenEye experience we found on the Nintendo 64 is now refreshed, retouched, reloaded, and renewed exclusively on Wii. If you are familiar to the N64 version, then the Wii version carries the same happening from the N64 but now added with even more, including Daniel Craig playing the role of James Bond, and the storyline is written by Bruce Feirstein, the screen writer from the GoldenEye movie. From the dam, the snowy base, frigate, St. Petersburg, the jungle base, to the climactic antenna cradle, experiencing the 2010 video game remake of GoldenEye was never been so nostalgic and nostalgic now redefined.

Split-screen multiplayer (just like in the Nintendo 64 version) is also a nostalgic treat, gather up to four players, play as Bond, the Bond girls, the good guys, or classic Bond villains, classic rules, and everything that can be enjoyable. A four-player deathmatch can be a nostalgic feature, but the brand new online multiplayer is a not-so-nostalgic treat. You can compete against players worldwide and see who's in or out in the battlefield.

You can also use the Nintendo DS for a wide variety of features from solo to multplayer features. This seems new, but being new never been this of a classic.

Fans of the Nintendo 64 game, GoldenEye, might get their heads out with the old and in with the new with this Wii version of GoldenEye. You might recognize what you will do, but think again, everything's new to the classic FPS video game.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops

Call Of Duty Black Ops

The newest addition to the best-selling Call Of Duty franchise, Call Of Duty: Black Ops, welcomes COD veterans and noobs alike to experience the best jaw-dropping first-person shooter as the Black Ops forces ravaging through various missions spawn across the globe. And yes, this game is way better than the Medal of Honor video game for sure.

When playing solo, COD Black Ops' gameplay is so astonishing. The best weapons, menacing AI, and realistic damages in the corner makes it the best COD game to experience since last year's COD Modern Warfare 2. If you are a COD veteran, you may be familiar on how you play. If you were a noob, it's okay, you can learn various controls and maneuvers that help you survive in the blazing war zone.

The best feature in Black Ops is the legendary Co-op gameplay that lets you play with other COD veterans and noobs from across the globe. You can do some combat training with your pals or even fend off a bunch of zombies! You can also participate in multi-player battles to earn points to buy weapons, equipment, and others that help you gain an edge. It's just how you try to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. You can also gamble your points for the new wager matches.

With so much fun-to-play multiplayer features, think you can frag or be fragged in a middle of a world-scale battle?

Two limited editions are offered, and both of these are in limited availability, so best to buy one of these quick before they disappear! First limited edition is the Hardened Edition that contains not only the Black Ops game, but also some perks and privileges such as the premium SteelBook case, Black Ops medal with display case, 4 additional co-op maps not in the standard edition, and a special avatar outfit in XBOX Live/PlayStation Home. Second Limited Edition is the Prestige Edition , it contains most from the Hardened Edition and bonuses such as the remote controlled RC-XD, as seen as a killstreak prize.

Trivia: There's a Jeep Wrangler in COD Black Ops!

If you are a COD veteran, you can frag noobs on multiplayer battles! But if you're a noob to the game, take your time. Learn and master various methods and you can outsmart the veterans.

...signing off...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

CR-Z is 2010-2011 Japan Car of the Year Winner!

A few moments earlier, I watched a live stream of the 2010-2011 Japan Car of the Year. There were ten nominees on this award, which motoring journalists from Japan vote which JDM/Import car is deserved to be Japan Car of the Year. The nominees were:

1) Toyota Mark X

2) Nissan March

3) Honda CR-Z

4) Mazda Premacy

5) Suzuki Swift

6) Volkswagen Polo

7) Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedan

8) BMW 5-Series

9) Peugeot RCZ

10) Jaguar XJ

Upon witnessing the counting tally, it seems the Volkswagen Polo and the Honda CR-Z come neck and neck. The VW Polo got straight (especially when most Japanese motoring journalists gave it a 10 points), then the CR-Z strike back. I always thought that might won, but the CR-Z gained the crown as 2010-2011 Japan Car of the Year, with the VW Polo gained the title of 2010-2011 Import Car of the Year!

The world's first sport hybrid car gained the most respectful title and most Japanese are going to bow down! Congratulations CR-Z for being 2010-2011 Japan Car of the Year!

Full Scoop (Japanese Only):

Ikimonobakari ~Members Best Selection~

Ikiminobakari ~Members BEST Selection~

Famous J-Pop trio, Ikimonogakari, finally getting their own "best of" compilation album packed with the best songs handpicked by the members. Ikimonobakari ~Members Best Selection~ has all of your favorite Ikimonogakari songs such as Sakura, Koi Suru Otome, Akaneiro no Yakusoku, Kaeritaku Nattayo, Blue Bird, Kimagure Romantic, YELL, Joyful, Arigato, Kimi ga Iru, and more of your favorites. As an added treat, Ikimonogakari's new song, Kaze to Mirai, will be heard on the new Nissan Serena C26 Japanese TV commercial, is added to give not only Ikimonobakari fans, but also car enthusiasts a first chance to listen the new song of the new Nissan Serena as the Serena undergoes a complete eco model change!

Good to know that this song is added, so looking for that song of the new Nissan Serena is fun. This is a two-disc CD containing the best of Ikimonogakari.

What is Nissan's Pure Drive range and how fuel-efficient are these "eco cars"?

When the fourth-generation Nissan March (built in Thailand) launched in Japan since July 2010, Nissan gave birth of the new range for eco-cars. This new range is called PURE DRIVE. Just what in the JDM world is Pure Drive?!

Pure Drive is Nissan's new range of fuel efficient cars, possessing qualities of a true eco car (a car that is fuel-efficient and eco-friendly) such as idling stop, clean diesel, and hybrid.

PURE DRIVE #1: Fourth-generation Nissan March K13

2011 Nissan March

The new, fourth-generation Nissan March (Micra in some markets), is destined to be a true eco-car in the JDM world, despite it was built from Thailand. The idling stop feature , new HR12DE engine, and XTRONIC CVT plays an important role to produce an outstanding fuel economy of 26.0km/L. For that, this is bound to be the first Pure Drive car equipped with idling stop. I can't wait for the new March to come to the Philippines as a competitor to the Suzuki Celerio.

PURE DRIVE #2: Nissan X-Trail Clean Diesel

2011 Nissan X-Trail 2.0GT

Much about the word Clean Diesel, the Nissan X-Trail Clean Diesel is equipped with the M9R engine that is turbocharged and diesel-fed but good for the environment. When the X-Trail Clean Diesel was launched in 2008, it offered in only one transmission, a 6-speed Manual, then in Summer 2010, Nissan added a 6-speed auto for the X-Trail Clean Diesel. The Nissan X-Trail 2.0GT Clean Diesel can go as much as 14.2 (6AT) to 15.2 (6MT). Hope that this will be a good addition to our lineup because this is diesel-fed and it can withstand the challenge led by diesel-fed SUVs

PURE DRIVE #3: Nissan Fuga Y51 Hybrid

2011 Nissan Fuga Hybrid

Nissan's first hybrid car that was now on sale in Japan and soon in other countries as the Infiniti M35 Hybrid. The Nissan Fuga Hybrid is equipped with the 3.5 V6 hybrid engine that has a fuel economy of 19.0km/L. Compare this fuel efficiency to the Toyota Crown Hybrid and the Nissan Fuga Hybrid wins. This is the true opulent eco car built for the environment-conscious and wealthy people.

PURE DRIVE # 4: New Nissan Serena C26

2011 Nissan Serena

Most JDM minivans are going to be upset because the new Serena C26 is equipped with the new MR20DD direct-injection engine combined with idling stop (found in the March K13) and XTRONIC CVT, providing an opulent fuel efficiency of 15.4km/L! Good enough to outperform the likes of the Noah, Voxy, StepWGN, or even the StepWGN Spada, unfortunately the new Premacy outperforms the new Nissan Serena C26 in the performance side. A very good eco van we wish to have it to the Philippines because this is even greater than the Yulon-built C24 Serena we had.

These are the cars of the Nissan Pure Drive range. In the future, Nissan will release more eco cars straight from the Pure Drive range and who knows eco cars are over the future.

More info (Japanese only):

Monday, November 8, 2010

Nissan Serena C26

2011 Nissan Serena Highway Star

The Nissan Serena, as far as I know, was a family-safe minivan built by Nissan since its debut as the Vanette Serena in 1991, then the Serena followed a full change in 1999 as the Serena C24 (currently sold in Taiwan and in the Philippines). In 2005, the Nissan Serena underwent to a full model change, dubbed the Serena C25 (never forget that Suzuki has one of these as the Landy). I cannot believe why we did not have this model. Now, things are going to change differently as 2010 marks the change of Japan's best-selling minivan. Ladies and gentlemen, here's your 2011 Nissan Serena C26.

2011 Nissan Serena

The new Nissan Serena C26 is now even eco-friendlier than its predecessor, which means it's better than the best. The only oddity is, the exterior of the Nissan Serena C26 is much more of an upgraded C25 with the front view similar to the Ford Fusion. Anyway, the Nissan Serena comes in three various forms; the base variant (20G, 20S, 20X), the high-end Highway Star, and the Autech-modified Serena Rider (now in C26 basis).

2011 Nissan Serena Rider

Most Serena C26 variants are equipped with the new MR20DD direct injection engine (much like Hyundai's GDi 1.6L engine, even better) that produces 147PS of power output and the fuel economy of 15.4km/L! The Serena C26's fuel efficiency toppled the fuel efficiency of rival minivans such as the Toyota Noah and Voxy, or even the Honda StepWGN and StepWGN Spada, but its fuel efficiency was not enough to topple the likes of the third-generation Mazda Premacy. To achieve its true eco status, the Nissan Serena comes equipped with the idling stop system and XTRONIC CVT. A new eco meter is added to ensure the C26's status as well as its driving condition and fuel economy. As far as I can see, the Nissan Serena is the fourth kind of the Nissan Pure Drive range consisting of the new Nissan March K13, Nissan X-Trail Clean Diesel, and the recently launched Fuga (Infiniti M) Hybrid.

2011 Nissan Serena interior

A major change in the interior can be an intriguing fact, but the Serena C26's family-safe status is a sure thing to keep a Japanese family entertained for more. By the way, the Serena C26 is just like the new Premacy, it's a 6+1 seater thanks to the middle seat on the 2nd row that can be folded as a armrest, a multi-table, or as a tissue box. There are 14 seating arrangements offered for the new Serena, finding which suits your situation is a good fit for this minivan. Good to know that some features found in the Nissan Elgrand E52 are passed on the Serena C26 such as the one-touch auto slide door, panoramic roof, 11-inch rear-view monitor, a sunshade roll, and an extra compartment at the rear. It seems friendly that this one is cheaper than the behemoth Elgrand E52.

My thoughts about the Serena:

This new Serena is even more better than the Yulon-built C24 Serena we have in the Philippines because not only the Serena has the sense of style, or even it had some of the features from the Alphard-killing Elgrand, but also it has the same idling stop technology derived from the latest Nissan March. It's like the Elgrand and March all fused into one. It comes in eight colors; Solid White, Brilliant White Pearl, Brilliant Silver Metallic, Blade Silver Metallic (available in base variants), Super Black, Natural Herb Metallic (new color, only available in base variants), Steel Blue Metallic (found in Juke 16GT) and Aurora Mauve Multiflex (available in Highway Star). It seems the high-end Highway Star variant will be put customers under its spell, but the Serena Autech Rider can be a fitting choice for hardcore minivan enthusiasts. The best-seller has got even more...better!

Photo: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Toyota Motor Corporation Pays Tribute to Mr. Hiromu Naruse

When legendary Toyota test driver, Hiromu Naruse, died in a car crash, where the Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition prototype and a BMW sedan crashed face to face, it seems most JDM Toyota fans will never forget such a tragic event happened. His death was a huge lost to Toyota Motor Corporation, when this automaker was still in recall crisis.

Every JDM Toyota fans from around the globe will always remember Mr. Hiromu Naruse as a master test driver, and even a mentor to them. He was the man responsible to give birth of our ever favorite Toyota sports cars.

For that, Toyota Motor Corporation (company behind the Toyota and Lexus models) made a special tribute clip as a salute for the Nur-meister.

As always...



The spirit of Toyota sports cars will live on just when the Lexus LFA comes.


Here we go again! As I keep on hearing the noise coming out on modified Hondas such as the Civic, Prelude, Accord, Fit, NSX, or Integra (Acura RSX), it seems my favorite hybrid car, the Honda CR-Z got tuned for SEMA 2010!

Check out the rest of the modified Honda CR-Z:

Time to get my earplugs on because these modified CR-Z Sport Hybrids from the SEMA 2010 are sure enough to blow some super noisy sounds straight from the muffler!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Eh? Uban Zone on Banana Split again?

This November 6 episode of Banana Split goes like this:

- Fresh bash of showbiz news straight from Balitang Siksik Showbiz Edition

- Jokes at Boracay, include, riding on the yacht, at the dance bar, and at the beach

- The crazed masseur, Rizza Masahista (RR Enriquez) , strikes back! As if, strikes the back of Jayson Gainza 'till his body is covered in sand!

- Angelica Panginiban, as Badaphne, visits a safari-themed room on the Urban Zone spoor, Uban Zone. When she visits some bathroom, which has a tiger on it, Badaphne attacked by a tiger!

- Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco, that's Melason to you and me, in the tattoo parlor. Something wrong? Melason rewinds it back to you! (Yep, Melason tandem is the funniest tandem)

- The boys visit D'Mall, Boracay, for some dances

- John Prats, as Kuya Keem, in "Mga Shorts ni Kuya Keem (Mutanglawin Trivia)", explains more on sunblock. Can sunblock be also used on the fishes?

- The most ridiculous stuff to do are featured in the segment called "Ang O.A. Mo!" Some stupid stuff that is OA include, surfing on the log, lifeguard at the kiddie pool, and yelling if you were hurt but henna tattoo is placed without the sting.

A special joy of BMW Z4...unless if you're in Japan...

If you were a Bimmer fanatic reside in Japan, then BMW Japan launched a special, limited-to-15-units, edition of the second-generation BMW Z4.

2011 BMW Z4 Silver Top

Dubbed the BMW Z4 Silver Top, this limited edition, Japan-only, BMW Z4 offers a silver roof, black body, and red interior.


Guess we may never going to get this special joy because the joy of the special-edition Z4 is for Japanese consumers only and its limited to just 15 units. Luckily we might be able to have one of these thanks to Forza 3.

BMW Z4 "Silver Top" on Forza Motorsport 3

See what I mean? A BMW Z4 Silver Roof made by leopauldelrosario on Forza Motorsport 3, to replicate the look of the Japan-only BMW Z4 Silver Top limited edition. It's obvious that Forza fans can replicate everything they saw!

Pricing of the BMW Z4 Silver Top limited edition costs around 5,590,00 Yen (about below $50,000 or 6,850,000 Pesos, not that accurate, but depends on the import tax) and its limited to just 15 units.
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