Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ford Explorer Mk.5 (U502)

2011 Ford Explorer

From mid-size SUV to full-size crossover SUV, the new fifth generation Ford Explorer is now evolved to take on all sorts of grounds and it will be the best Explorer ever made after months of countless teaser photos.

Consider this a rival to the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 or the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Explorer's full model change surprised us with its new unibody structure, new engine choices, new conveniences, and everything that is new to the latest Explorer.

On the design flow, the new Ford Explorer sports a corporate grille on the front, staying true to its roots. On the side view, the new Explorer looks more like a Toyota Fortuner, the Philippines' favorite Toyota full size SUV. On the rear view, what else? The rear view looks sharp at every angle. With its sharp design, the new Explorer will topple away against the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 and the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The main engine on the new Explorer is the 3.5L TiVCT V6 engine. This V6 engine that powers the new Explorer is the better than its predecessor thanks to its EPA rating of 17MPG City/25MPG Highway. Its power output is 290HP/6500rpm and the torque output is 255lb.-ft/4100rpm. This engine is much more powerful than the GMC Acadia but not powerful enough against the Toyota Land Cruiser 200. The fifth-generation Explorer comes with the Intelligent 4WD System that provides exceptional traction at every corner. There is also a Terrain Management System that allows the driver to take a pick on four options; Normal, Mud/Ruts, Sand or Grass/Gravel/Snow. Choosing the right option on the right terrain is the key to attain better cruising for the new Explorer.

While destined to be the safest SUV built for the American family, the new Ford Explorer has a wide array of safety and security features that provides the peace of mind for the owner and family. First off, there's Curve Control. The Curve Control system is a world's first, it will automatically slows down the new Explorer in case of an incoming tough curve. Next, is the Adaptive Cruise Control system that functions like conventional cruise control system, except now, let the sensors do the cruise control for you. The innovative Blind Spot Information System with Cross Traffic Alert is a smart feature to monitor blind spots and seeks approaching vehicles. There is even a Collision Warning system that detects slow moving traffic and it flashes a warning signal. The biggest safety feature is the world's first inflatable air bag seat belts. There are so many safety features made the new Ford Explorer the safest SUV built for everyone.

In the convenience side, the new Ford Explorer provides exceptional hospitality for everyone. The third-row seats can be easily folded at the touch of a button without the stress. For entertainment purposes, the MyFord Touch is included, keeping you entertained with SYNC, satellite radio, HD Radio, and Advanced Navigation System. To keep the passengers entertained, there is even a Dual Headrest DVD Players that allows them to watch their favorite movies everywhere even when they're stuck at traffic No wonder the interior of the new Explorer is built to be on its premium status.

My thoughts about the Explorer:

I just really hope this new Explorer may come to the Philippines soon and it will be bought by wealthy people because of such heavy pricing and premium features that provide a touch of class among the rich and famous, even politicians. Consider this an American alternative to the Nissan Patrol Royale when it arrives in the Philippines soon.

The new Ford Explorer is the best Explorer ever made to surprise its rivals with its convenience, the safest features, and the premium status only Ford has to offer. Think of Grand Canyon, Mt. Pinatubo, Dubai, Hokkaido, and other places where tough terrain are a common oddity, this Explorer is a perfect bet for off-road enthusiasts!

Photo: Ford Motor Company

On the 12-03-10 episode of Banana Split...

On the 12-03-10 episode of Banana Split...

- Our newest superheroes, The Amazing Microwave Pandesal Rangers, springing in action. For those who haven't heard of it, this is about four siblings (Jayson Gainza, Jason Francisco, Nina Jose, and Badji Mortiz) who want to start their own baking business after their father's death. With the encounter of some mysterious microwave oven and when they put the flour on the oven, something strange happening to them and transformed into our breakfast's newest superheroes that is "THE AMAZING MICROWAVE PANDESAL RANGERS". On this episode, the Pandesal Rangers trying to stop the man who is going to commit suicide. After that, some villain saw the Pandesal Rangers, and the villain approached our heroes because of the microwave oven. Will the Rangers survive against this enemy? Find out in Monday!

- Kuya Keem (John Prats) tells more about Obesity and Igor Stojokovic Krystic (Ryan Bang) invents some crazy inventions such as the "i-Barbel 4" and "Dehydration Treadmill". The i-Barbel 4 part is darn hilarious.

- Jayson Gainza tells what another new jobs will our famous Pinoy boxer can take on such as being an interrogator, getting the buko, and becoming a MMDA officer.

- The Melason tandem is at it again as Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco (as Cheche and Monmon) tries to record a domino dropping sequence for YouTube. Oops! Cheche forgot to hit "record" on the video camera! LOL

Goodbye, Pinyoko (AGAIN) :-(

December 3, 2010 marks the finale of Kokey@Ako. What?! Aw man! We had fun with our alien pal!

Kokey@Ako ending

Aw man! We had all the good times with Bruce (Vhong Navarro), Princess/Jackie (Toni Gonzaga), Josa (Melai Cantiveros), Adonis (Jason Francisco), Kekay, and everyone's favorite alien buddy, Kokey!

The ending is simple. The final battle is set at the mansion where our friends now reside after Jackie was reunited with her family. Annie showed up and wants to take out Jackie and her family! The battle ends where Jackie used the mirror to reflect Annie's alien power against her.

After the battle, it was the day where Bruce and Jackie were finally married.

I never knew our alien buddy left before Christmas again! Just like the past three years when he left before Christmas!

Aw great! Now we're going to miss the fun filled adventures of Kokey and friends.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Nissan Leaf (ZE0)

2011 Nissan LEAF

The Leaf, Nissan's first-of-its-kind electric hybrid vehicle is the key to attain Nissan's brighter future for creating eco cars that serve as the mainframe to achieve a vision for the better tomorrow. With the rise of electric cars such as the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and the Chevrolet Volt, Nissan steps up to the electric car competition with the Nissan Leaf, to see which electric car reign supreme.

As an environmentally conscious car enthusiast. I like the way how the Nissan Leaf behaves. Look at the back, no tailpipes! The absence of the tailpipes is the main purpose for Nissan's Zero Emission program. This program will achieve a better tomorrow with the Leaf. Everyone knows how to recharge the Leaf. Charging to the Leaf's front is somewhat an originality.

The Leaf is powered with the electric powered EM61 motor that achieves the highest electric economy of 124km/L. 124km/L! This electric car is so amazing, you can go further every time before the battery drains! Think about going around the world with the Leaf. This is just perfect to achieve its true eco-car status. Aside from its eco-car status, there is a 100% tax cut thanks to Japan's "Eco Car Genzei" system. The plug to charge the Leaf's EM61 motor is 200V, so you need an 200V outlet to charge the Leaf. Plug the wrong side and boom! You're hopeless to charge the Leaf until you find another 200V outlet to charge it!

My thoughts about the Leaf:
I'm afraid that NMPI or Universal Motors Corporation can't bring the Nissan Leaf yet until our government approves the law to sell electric vehicles to our country. The question really is, can the Department of Environment and Natural Resources talk about the Nissan Leaf. Of course this is an electric car, imagine how many students from Philippines' most successful universities such as the UP, De La Salle, Ateneo, Far Eastern University, San Beda, and other universities take advantage of the Nissan Leaf for their science reports to discuss it in front. I'm sure these students may pass because of the remarkable inspiration of the Nissan Leaf.

The Leaf is scheduled to go on sale in Japan in mid-December, following with North America and Europe. Speaking of Europe, the Leaf won the 2010-2011 Europe Car of the Year, outwitting Europe's finest such as the Citroen C3/DS3 and Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

This electric car defines "biri-biri" to a new level...

Official Site:

North America:
Global :

Subaru WRX STi 4-door (GVB) at GT5

I love this kind of WRX STi! Even at Gran Turismo 5, it still runs like the real thing! The Subaru WRX STi 4-door is truly an eye-catching Subaru built for thrill-seekers. I gotta admit it, I love the rear wing of the GVB. It represents tradition from the past Impreza STi models from the first to second generation (the generation underwent two facelifts).

Driving the WRX STi 4-door (GVB) on GT5 feels like I'm driving the real thing! I even try to beat the car's Nurburgring Lap Time of 7:55:000 by myself, but everyone wants to beat that time with that car.

I really love to say that the WRX STi 4-door is much better than the original 5-door WRX STi!

Powerhouse of Proton Concepts at the 2010 KLIMS!

Just like Lotus showing off a powerhouse of concept cars at the Paris Motor Show 2010, Malaysian automaker Proton unveiled a powerhouse of five concept cars at this year's Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show.

2010 Proton Tuah Concept

2010 Proton Lukiu Concept

2010 Proton Lekir Concept

2010 Proton Katsuri Concept

2010 Proton Jebat Concept

First was the Tuah Concept, a medium sedan concept that if once heads to production, it will ruin the Kia Forte and Hyundai Avante MD for sure. 

Second was the Lekiu Concept, a crossover based on the Proton Exora MPV. 

Third was the Lekir Concept. Eh? A Proton Concept Sports Car based on the axed Lotus Europa? I know that the Europa is gone, but why they would made such a too-little, too-late, concept car based on some axed British sports car? Never mind, still it looks handsome.

Fourth was the Katsuri Concept. I'm not sure about this concept car but it hints on the Proton Saga's minor change coming to Malaysia since the Saga MC unveiled at the Thai Motor Expo 2010. 

Last but truly my favorite, the Jebat Concept, a sportier concept sedan based on the recently launched, Mitsubishi Lancer EX-based, Inspira sedan. I love the way it looks. So cool!

These concept cars were named after the Malaccan Hang (warrior) in Malaysian history. It represents Malaysian quality for the brand and shapes up the brand's image. If most of these go into production, best to hide our cars!


Eh? Another new Volkswagen PH distributor in the works?

Read this scoop:

I thought that PGA Cars will take the distribution rights for Volkswagen, but the Ayala Group joining the turf on who's going to be the new Volkswagen distributor in the Philippines.

Who's it gonna be, anyway? The answer will be revealed in the near future...

What makes the new Accent a Guy's License?

Remember the TV ad aired from Korea

You heard it. Gentlemen are too old and boys are too young. The new Hyundai Accent is really targeted for real guys in their right age. As if, GUYS ONLY!

About last night, the new Hyundai Accent RB is finally in the Philippine market!


Two engines are offered; a 1.4L Gamma DOHC engine and a 1.6L Gamma DOHC engine. The 1.4L variant is armed with a 5-speed manual and a 1.6L variant comes with a 4-speed auto. Suggested Retail Price starts at 588,000 to 808,000 Pesos. Sounds cheap! Can be a perfect taxi!

I just really hope for the 1.6L GDi variant or the CRDi variant. But anyway, time to play the song Cold Rock the Mic by Apollo 440! As you may know, the song Cold Rock the Mic by Apollo 440 was the song played on the new Hyundai Accent Korean commercial.

The new Hyundai Accent is really a GUY'S LICENSE!

Photo: Top Gear Philippines

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cocoa or Lapin?

Suzuki's Alto Lapin

and Daihatsu's Mira Cocoa

Both are JDM, both are kei cars, and both are targeted for the young and fashionable women. In my feminine side, I wonder which of these are the best?

The Suzuki Alto Lapin is a spin-off of the world-famous Suzuki Alto and it doesn't share the Alto's mainframe. This car was launched in 2002 and followed with a full model change in late 2008. There used to be a Mazda OEM of the Lapin, called the Spiano, but it was discontinued after the Lapin gained its second-generation. Two engine types are offered on the Lapin; a Natural Aspiration K6A engine and a Turbocharged K6A engine. Whoa! A turbocharged Lapin! Seems that someone would go for the Lapin rather than the Cocoa because of the turbo variant!

There is something cute about the Lapin, the interior... When you start the Lapin's engine, you will be greeted by some animated display on the Lapin's dashboard. How cute!

The Cocoa is a spin-off car from the Daihatsu Mira. Although it replaces the Mira Gino and the Move Latte, feminine side is always go first for the Mira Cocoa. Unlike the Lapin, the Cocoa is equipped with just only one engine, the KF-VE engine. No turbocharger included. On the bright side, this engine has more power output than the Lapin's Natural Aspiration K6A engine, but not quite fuel efficient than its rival even when both of them have CVT. There is one feature that the Lapin didn't have; the back monitor equipped on the Cocoa's room mirror.

For styling, I think I'll go for the Daihatsu Cocoa, but for performance-wise women, the Suzuki Lapin takes the bet. It depends on how Japanese women think about these two super-cute kei cars targeted for a certain young Japanese woman.

Lexus LFA

2011 Lexus LFA

After years of extensive R&D, Intel, and testing through world famous racetracks, including the Nurburgring, the Lexus LFA revealed its true self after years of being a concept car several times. It was unveiled at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show and production for the LFA starts at the end of 2010 to 2012, limited to just 500 copies worldwide (with 165 available in Japan).

This LFA faced many struggles, including the death of its own Godfather, Hiromu Naruse, at a car accident, driving an LFA Nurburgring Prototype, then crashed with some BMW test vehicle face to face. It seems this will take some time for the LFA to heal its own wounds after the loss of its creator.

This LFA project began in 2000 under the supervision of Mr. Haruhiko Tanahashi, chief engineer, during the Sugo Test Drive. It took 10 years, and a process of trial and error to create an ultimate masterpiece only Toyota Motor Corporation has to offer. In 2005, at the North American International Auto Show at Detroit, the first Lexus LFA was unveiled, following with the sculptured LFA concept at the 2005 Design Week Milan. After showing the concept, the team continues for another trial and error process, and right until 2007, an LFA Concept Type-II is shown at the 2007 North American International Auto Show at Detroit, showing its work in progress. After times of showing its concept form, the LFA prototype joined the legendary Nurburgring 24-Hour Endurance in 2008 and 2009. After prototype testing, the true LFA was unveiled at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show.

Powered with the new 1LR-GUE engine, this 4.8L V10 masterpiece can go to about 560PS/8,700r.p.m. and the torque output of 48.9kg-m/6,800r.p.m. It's armed with the 6-speed Automated Sequential Gearbox. Judging with this new engine, this LFA is truly a Japanese masterpiece under Toyota's right. It's biggest rival was the Nissan R35 GT-R. At first, the LFA defeated the GT-R barely, but this was just the beginning. With the newly facelifted GT-R armed with the improved VR engine, will this rematch between the LFA and Godzilla became a reality? I think I hope so because I can't wait to see this kind of rematch very soon.

LFA customers can choose which color of the LFA suits their taste. There are normal colors and special colors (available in early 2012) available to mix and match for their own personal preference. There are dozens of interior color combination offered which is mostly like the Lexus LS' L-Select customization program offered for Japanese customers or the Godzilla (Nissan GT-R) version of the Lexus L-Select offered from its EGOIST variant. For me, the LFA's car color would be "Whitest White" and the interior should have contained black paneling and red leather seats.

My thoughts about the LFA:
In the Philippines, Toyota Motor Philippines and Lexus Manila will bring the LFA in just one WHITE copy at the cost of over forty million Philippine Pesos. Who would buy that rare item, but they'll have to leave it on display at Lexus Manila. Those who are dreaming to try the Lexus LFA can also try Forza 3 Ultimate Collection (with Stig's Garage Pack DLC) for the XBOX 360 and Gran Turismo 5 for the Playstation3 to test out the capability of the Lexus LFA. It's hard buying the limited-production LFA but thanks to racing video games, they had their first taste.

The Lexus LFA is limited to just 500 models worldwide and remember the saying, first come, first served. But most customers already served their orders since the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show. Anyway, my impression about the LFA is its remarkable 1LR-GUE engine that has a remarkable power that can blow away the likes of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG!

Guess I already had my taste on the Lexus LFA courtesy of video games such as Forza 3 Ultimate Collection and Gran Turismo 5, so there is nothing to worry about how the Lexus LFA feels like. Besides, the starting sound of the Lexus LFA sounds awesome, I just want to record that sound and be my cellphone's ringtone all day!

Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation
Official Site:

Leaf is 2011 Europe Car of the Year even it hasn't been in showrooms yet!

The Nissan Leaf is haven't been on sale in Japan before the end of the year, but it got something that makes it proud.

The Nissan Leaf is awarded 2010-2011 Europe Car of the Year!

Honestly, it's Japanese. But how did one Japanese electric car beat against Europe's finest such as the Alfa Romeo new Giulietta, Citroen C3 and DS3, or even the Opel/Vauxhall Meriva?

I don't know, but anyway, congrats to Nissan for winning the holy grail for European cars. The Japanese car that won the Europe Car of the Year made it the biggest competitor in the new age of electric cars.

Sadly, we can't get the Nissan Leaf to the Philippines yet unless the PH Government has to approve the law that allows sale of Electric Cars to our country.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ractis vs. Trezia

Toyota's new Ractis (soon in Europe as the Verso-S)

and the Subaru version of the new Toyota Ractis, the Trezia

Wait a minute, both of them have the same engine, same interior, and same platform. Why would I compare them if both have the same traits? Don't worry, it's the style I'm comparing...

With Yui Aragaki leading the commercial for the new, second-generation, Toyota Ractis, this is truly every Japanese families' answer to the question "Korette, Ari?" (これって、あり, does that mean, there?) The answers on the new Ractis include, but not limited to; a choice of a 1.3L and 1.5L engine, three types (Standard, L'epice, and Sporty Type), and convenient tax cuts due to Japan's "Eco Car Genzei" system. The new Ractis is built as an everyday compact hatchback for the everyday Japanese, and soon Europeans. Take note, the new Ractis arrived in Hong Kong as the Ractis Verso. 

The commercial from the new Subaru Trezia pits Japanese male actor, Tetsuji Tamayama, ala, Top Gun. It feels like you're in a jet fighter. But let me explain about the Trezia. With the same engine offerings from the new Ractis, convenient tax cuts from the Eco-Car Genzei, and the special specification Trezia dubbed the Type Euro, it seems both the Trezia and the new Ractis are the same. The main difference is the face. The Trezia has an Impreza-like face that looks like a photoshopped Ractis, but it is a reality.

I would really go for the looks of the new Ractis because it strikes a pose more than the Trezia. The Trezia's face seems decent because of its chubby Impreza face. I observed why most Japanese prefer the Trezia rather than the new second-generation Ractis. Is it because of the face? The commercial? The marketing? Doesn't matter. I hope both of these come to the Philippines with different names. The Ractis will be on Europe as the Verso-S while the Trezia, there's a rumor that it may come as the replacement of the Toyota Passo/Daihatsu Boon-based Justy.

Athena drama coming to SBS on December 13!

Check out this news:

Officially official! The spin-off from the hit 2009 Korean action drama IRIS, titled Athena: Goddess of War, will be exploding to SBS starting December 13!

December 13!!

Can't hardly wait! With Jeong Woo-seong returning on Korean TV after a decade and a half, will his comeback to Korean TV made this new Korean drama to topple off KBS's The Fugitive Plan B?

I'm sure Athena will topple off Fugitive, that's for true....

On the 12-01-10 episode of Banana Split...

OK, what happened earlier on Banana Split?

- Jokes that are too cold and too funny!

- Episode Two of the new Banana Split mini-series: The Amazing Microwave Pandesal Rangers.

- Jayson Gainza explains more on what jobs will the People's Champ take on, such as wine maker, construction worker, and wood cutter.

- Pinoy-Spanish-Japanese fun with Ryan, John, and Pooh on Tongue Tarang Tongue. On today's Tongue Tarang Tongue:

Pinoy: Maraming Lechon
Spanish: La Loma

Pinoy: Naiinis
Japanese: Ike-Banas

Pinoy: Di ka kasali
Spanish: Hetsa Puwera

Pinoy: Pautang
Japanese: Pahiramoko

Pinoy: Nahuling Nambababae
Spanish: Me marka sa cuello

Pinoy: Pakonti konti lang ang tikim
Japanese: Pakurot-kurot

Pinoy: Mga mahilig maglasing
Spanish: Tomador

Pinoy: Nakakabato

The Fugitive Plan B Original Sound Track

The Fugitive Plan B Original Sound Track

The hit Korean action drama from KBS, titled The Fugitive Plan B (한글: 도망자 PlanB), is truly the next big thing for Korean superstar, Rain, as Jiwoo, a private investigator administrator who travels around the world to solve the most grueling cases, including the pursuit of Melchidec, the man who killed Jini's adoptive parents and she was next to be killed.

This Korean drama is so popular, most of them think that "The Fugitive Plan B" puts its rival Korean action drama "Athena: Goddess of War" to shame.

There is a soundtrack of the hit Korean action drama. It includes the BGMs from the drama, plus songs such as Running and Running by Mblaq, Chaos A.D. by 4minute, Mayday by Oran-G, and more. Guaranteed to relive Jiwoo's globe-trotting cases at the comfort of your own home.

01 Running & Running 엠블랙
02 사랑같은건 믿지 않지만 신승훈
03 Chaos A.D. 4minute
04 Poison 제아
05 Mayday Oran-G
06 Crazy Bounce
07 Gun Likes A Girl
08 Gloria
09 Dragon Of China
10 잿빛 노을
11 Break Out
12 I Like To Move It
13 Bullet Dance
14 천국으로의 편도
15 Born To Run
16 No More Cigarette
17 Unlimited

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Opel Astra Sports Tourer

2011 Opel Astra Sports Tourer

Since 2009, Opel launched the new fourth-generation Opel Astra for European markets. It seems North America may not be able to get its own Astra since the Saturn Astra disappeared, following with the disappearance of the Saturn brand, and succeeded with the Chevrolet Cruze. This situation is somewhat similar with Holden, as the Holden Astra removed from the Holden lineup with the launch of the Holden Cruze.

In 2010, after its debut in the 2010 Paris Motor Show, the full model change of the Astra Caravan received a new name; the new Opel Astra Sports Tourer. The Sports Tourer naming is mostly similar to the Insignia Sports Tourer.

Although this is the same as the hatchback cousin, the Astra Sports Tourer represents true spacing on the rear, giving rivals such as the Mazda Atenza Sport Wagon, Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon, and the Renault Megane Estate a run on their money.

The Opel Astra Sports Tourer still offers different engine types as the hatchback did; from the 1.4 ecoFLEX, 1.6 ECOTEC, 1.4 Turbo ECOTEC, 1.6 Turbo ECOTEC, 1.3 CDTI, 1.7 CDTI ECOTEC, and 2.0 CDTI ECOTEC. It still offers some cool features like the Astra hatchback have such as FlexRide and AFL+ adaptive forward lighting.

My thoughts about the Astra Sports Tourer:

Despite being a tourer, the Opel Astra Sports Tourer still shares the same fun from the new Opel Astra. With the rear carrying different luggages that suit your lifestyle, you can rest assure that the new Astra Sports Tourer is a different kind of Astra only an European car enthusiast can expect.

Photo: General Motors

Shoutout - The "That's Entertainment" of 2010

Shoutout (ABS-CBN TV Show)

Monday, November 29, 2010, the exact date when ABS-CBN unknowingly aired its pilot episode of the new show "Shoutout", the next generation of That's Entertainment.

Shoutout is just like That's Entertainment, there was a Monday group (Shoutout calls it Mondeerifics), a Tuesday group (Tuesdelicious), Wednesday group (Miyerkulitz), Thursday group (Friends-Thurs), and an all-star Friday group combining all of the groups to one (T.G.I.F). Of course, since Shoutout started on Monday, it begins with Mondeerifics! (Thank goodness, the funny guy Ryan Bang from Banana Split was included! ^_^)

Hosted by Erich Gonzales (Chloe from Magkaribal), Empress (Rosa from Rosalka), Enrique Gil, Sam Concepcion (Boy Bawang from Super Inggo), Robi Domingo, Arron Villaflor and Enchong Dee (Caloy from Magkaribal), Shoutout is going to be the best party show every late afternoon after Down With Love on ABS-CBN.

Aside from the main hosts, there will be a group of teen stars every day.

On Mondeerifics (Monday): Ryan Bang (I can see him on Banana Split, especially he's Igor Stojokovic Krystic from the Matanglawin spoof and the Pinoy from the Tongue Tarang Tongue), Jenny Kim, Julia Montes, Ann Li, Tippy Dos Santos, Martin Del Rosario, Aria Clemente, Makisig Morales (Super Inggo), and Rhap Salazar.

On Tuesdelicious (Tuesday): James Reid, Devon Seron, 3AM, Imelda Schweighart, Emmanuel Vera, Inno Martin, and Piero Vergara.

On Miyerkulitz (Wednesday): Bret Jackson, Fretzie Bercede, Miles Ocampo, Jane Oineza, Mikylla Ramirez, Kathryn Bernardo, John Manalo, Paul Salas, and Sue Dodd.

On Friends-Thurs (Thursday): Ivan Dorschner, Trisha Santos, Nel Gomez, Young JV, Jaco Benin, Benjamin De Guzman, Anna Bianca Casado, Yen Santos, and Linn Oeymo.

All of the hosts, the Mondeerifics group, the Tuesdelicious group, the Miyerkulitz group, and the Friends-Thurs group all joined into one at T.G.I.F (Friday).

Shoutout is truly the next generation of That's Entertainment. It airs on ABS-CBN after Down With Love.

Busou Shinki Character Song & Special Radio Rondo

Busou Shinki Character Song and Special
Radio Rondo
The Konamistyle exclusive Busou Shinki Character Song & Special Radio Rondo is the next best thing to your music CD collection if you are an avid fan of the Busou Shinki toys, the online Battle Rondo game, and the Battle Masters video game. This Konamistyle exclusive CD features some of the character songs from your favorite Busou Shinki toys at disc one. Disc two features remixed versions of the Busou Shinki character songs. The third and final disc is a DJCD hosted by Eri Kitamura as Howling and Kana Asumi as Arnval. The Busou Shinki featured on Busou Shinki Character Song & Special Radio Rondo are Arnval Mk.2 (CV: Kana Asumi), Strarf Mk. 2 (CV: Minori Chihara), Altlene (CV: Megumi Nakajima), Altines (CV: Kaori Mizuhashi), Babyrazz (CV: Aya Hirano), and Sharatang (CV: Ayahi Takagaki).

1 Promise
歌/天使型 アーンヴァルMk.2(CV:阿澄佳奈)
2 Destination
歌/悪魔型 ストラーフMk.2(CV:茅原実里)
3 超Happyなのです
歌/戦乙女型 アルトレーネ(CV:中島愛)
4 永遠のトレモロ
歌/戦乙女型 アルトアイネス(CV:水橋かおり)
5 イイじゃん♪
歌/エレキギター型 ベイビーラズ(CV:平野綾)
6 you&me
歌/ヴァイオリン型 沙羅檀(CV:高垣彩陽)
7 Promise(instrumental)
8 Destination(instrumental)
9 超Happyなのです(instrumental)
10 永遠のトレモロ(instrumental)
11 イイじゃん♪(instrumental)
12 you&me(instrumental)

1 Promise (MK Remix)
2 Destination (Hommarju Remix)
3 超Happyなのです(mitsu Remix)
4 永遠のトレモロ(Trance Core Remix)
Dizzi Mystica
5 イイじゃん♪(Hommarju Remix)
6 you&me (MK Remix)
7 Promise (MK Remix) (instrumental)
8 Destination (Hommarju Remix) (instrumental)
9 超Happyなのです(mitsu Remix) (instrumental)
10 永遠のトレモロ(Trance Core Remix) (instrumental)
11 イイじゃん♪(Hommarju Remix) (instrumental)
12 you&me (MK Remix) (instrumental)

1 オープニング
2 ふつおた
再び復活した「武装神姫RADIO RONDO」に皆さまから届いたたくさんのメールを紹介するコーナーです。
3 教えて阿澄先生!
4 武装神姫ラジオ劇場
5 神姫リング de BATTLE
パーソナリティの二人が「武装神姫 BATTLE MASTERS」をガチンコ勝負します。
6 エンディング

Monday, November 29, 2010

Subaru Trezia

2011 Subaru Trezia

With the partnership between Toyota Group and Fuji Heavy Industries because of the "Toyobaru FT-86" project, most of the cars built from Toyota and Daihatsu such as the bB, Coo, Atrai Wagon, Tanto Exe, and Mira were rebadged as Subaru OEMs such as Dex, Dias Wagon, Lucra, and the new Pleo. Now, the partnership between the two companies goes even further as Subaru launched their own version of the new Toyota Ractis (Ractis Verso in Hong Kong and Verso-S in Europe), called the Trezia.

Trezia, coined from the word "treasure", is just one of the precious memories both Toyota and Subaru collaborate each other because of the FT-86 project they promised to work on. And if I said "precious memories", there are some key points you can check on the Trezia. The Subaru Trezia goes like this, a Ractis/Verso-S with the Impreza's face because on the front size, that looks more of a fat Impreza. Since this is one of Subaru's OEM cars since the bB-Coo-based Dex, you may be familiar about how the Trezia looks like because you already noticed on the new Toyota Ractis/Verso-S.

2011 Subaru Trezia

I am very familiar about the Trezia's interior. After checking on the new Ractis' awesome panorama roof, this panorama roof can also be applied on the Trezia, and its applicable on the 1.5L variant.

Since the Trezia is the Subaru version of the new Toyota Ractis/Verso-S, it still offers two different engine types; a 1NR-FE (1.3-litre) and a 1NZ-FE (1.5-litre) engine. However, there's a catch; the Trezia 1.3L variant offers only a normal CVT while the Trezia 1.5L offers a CVT with a 7-speed Manual Mode, providing an edge of sportiness. If the Toyota Ractis has a Sporty Type (take note: The Toyota Ractis 1.5 S), the Subaru Trezia offers Type Euro. The Subaru Trezia 1.5i Type Euro offers a Euro-tuned suspension, sporty rims, orange stitching on the dark interior, Type Euro instrumental cluster, rear disc brake, and Muffler Cutter. The Subaru Trezia Type Euro is guaranteed to be the real hot hatch designed to be more European.

My thoughts about the Trezia:

It is somewhat suspicious that some Japanese car enthusiasts prefer the Trezia rather than the new Ractis. Despite both the Trezia and the second-generation Ractis were made under the partnership between Toyota and Fuji Heavy Industries, I never thought why some Japanese like the Trezia rather than the new Ractis because of the Impreza-like front view. I think the new Ractis is much more stylish than the Trezia, but that depends, both the Trezia and the new Ractis are the same.

There is a probability that this may come to Europe to replace the Passo-based Subaru Justy. But we will never know about that. This could be a double whammy! Could Toyota Motor Philippines bring the Toyota Ractis to the Philippines as the new Verso or MotorImage Pilipinas (the official Subaru distributor for Asia, including the Philippines) bring the Subaru Trezia? I could get confused if both the new Ractis/Verso-S and the Trezia clash against each other...

Photo: Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Third-Generation Audi A8 L

2011 Audi A8L

As you may know, the Audi A8 is Audi's flagship premium sedan and the first sedan to be equipped with the special navigation system that has Google Earth on it. I really like how the A8 feels like because only a combat businessman can wield the true art of Audi's prestigious premium sedan that welcomes the year 2010 with a bang. Now, there is an addition to the prestigious A8 sedan that makes it the king of A8s. Enter the new Audi A8 L.

L stands for "Long" referring to its long wheel base. Using the third-generation Audi A8 as a base, the A8 L is the stretched version of the Audi A8, suitable for the corporate warriors looking for some sense of comfort.

2011 Audi A8L interior

For a corporate mercenary, the new A8 L is designed for comfort amidst the corporate battlefield. The executive rear seat is an exclusivity on the A8L, providing comfort and hospitality for the corporate mercenary to take time to relax on the road. This interior is way more comfortable than the Toyota Crown Majesta because of the high tech features on the rear. On the driver's side, a wide array of features such as a handwriting recognition, Google Earth navigation, and automatic climate control are added to ensure an user-friendly convenience unlike any other premium sedans. The most fun part on the Audi A8 L is the wi-fi interface. You can use your Wi-Fi gadgets to surf the internet while riding on the Audi A8L. Have fun Facebook-ing and twitter-ing everywhere!

Just like the short wheel base Audi A8, the Audi A8L offers four different engines; from two petrol engines (3.0L TFSi, 4.2L TFSi) and two diesel engines (3.0L TDi, 4.2L TDi). Coming soon is the A8L exclusive; a 6.0L W12 quattro that will be the top tier A8L as we know it. Most of them are equipped with the standard quattro all-wheel drive technology.

My thoughts about the A8L:

A sovereign treat for the corporate mercenary, the Audi A8L provides exceptional comfort and can be a suitable car of choice for wealthy people who want to escape the corporate battlefield. It can be a perfect limousine or a powerful war machine, whatever floats your boat.

I really hope that PGA Cars brings the new Audi A8 to the Philippines soon so most of the Philippine wealthy people can indulge the comfort inside the Audi A8 and A8L.

Photo: Audi AG

Volkswagen Passat B7

Most of them think that the latest Passat (in sedan and Variant wagon) was a full change, but they were wrong. Just like the Chrysler Sebring facelifted and changed its name into Chrysler 200, coming soon in North America, the Passat B7 is a massive facelift to the previous Passat B6. However, expect this B7 won't come to North America because VW USA plans a NMS (New Medium Sedan) as a replacement. I still do not know what could the NMS is but let us find out how the Passat B7 feels like.

2011 Volkswagen Passat

In the tradition of Volkswagen's new trademark design led by Walter de'Silva, the Passat B7 stays true to its fellow V-Dub models such as the Golf, the facelifted Phaeton, the second-generation Touareg, and the upcoming Jetta. However, the Passat B7 sticks to the same platform from the previous Passat B6, so nothing's untouched, except for the increased length of the wheelbase.

2011 Volkswagen Passat interior

There are some massive changes on the Passat B7's interior. It still looks more like the previous model, but modified to look at its best with the addition of the analog clock, newly improved instrumental cluster, automatic climate control, and every luxurious detail to have the Passat B7 maintain its premium status. It defines luxury in a completely new meaning.

The Passat B7 is now made into an eco car thanks to the 1.6L TDi and 2.0L TDi engine. These diesel-fed variants are now equipped with the new start-stop system and for the first time, a micro-hybrid system (similar to the e-HDi engine found on the new Citroen C4).There are also petrol engines offered such as the 1.4L TSi engine, 1.8L TSi engine, 2.0L TSi engine, and the new 1.4L TSi EcoFuel engine. What's EcoFuel? I think this is somewhat similar to Ford's EcoBoost technology. On the good side, the 1.4L TSi EcoFuel engine is twin-charged (Super Turbo?), capable of releasing a power output of 150PS/5500rpm and a torque output of 220Nm/1500-4500rpm. However, this twincharged engine is not a bigger deal for me because the most powerful Passat offered is the 2.0 TSi engine because of the power output of 211PS/5300-6200rpm and thr torque output of 280Nm/1700-5200rpm. Depending on the variant, the VW Passat B7 comes equipped with either a 6-speed manual, 6-speed DSG, or even a 7-speed DSG transmission.

There are several safety features offered on the new Passat such as the new city emergency braking function, and the new driver fatigue system (similar to the driver monitor found in most luxury Toyota models such as the Lexus LS and Toyota Crown). These new safety features keep the new Passat B7 safe and secured for the driver.

My thoughts about the Passat:

In the eyes of an North American VW fan, he/she will expect no driver fatigue system, and no city emergency braking function because there will be no Passat B7 in the North American market, but instead it will be replaced by the New Midsize Sedan coming next year. The new Passat B7 is now on sale in most European markets and soon in other markets. If I hope that Volkswagen returns in the Philippines (come on PGA Cars, give us back Volkswagen, please!), maybe we could try the most safest eco car Volkswagen has to offer. Think of Volvo S60 meets Honda Accord Inspire...

Photo: Volkswagen AG

Sunday, November 28, 2010



For those who liked the opening theme song of To Aru Majustu no Index II (日本名:とある魔術の禁書目録II), titled No buts! by Mami Kawada, why not enjoy the closing theme song of To Aru Majutsu no Index II, titled Magic∞world, by Maon Kurosaki?

We all know that Maon Kurosaki was way famous for several closing themes from the killer survival action anime, High School of the Dead, and now, she will held responsible for the closing theme of To Aru Majutsu no Index II, the second season of the original continuing the quest of Toma Kamijo, Index, Mikoto Misaka, and the rest.

This song seems to be the great alternative from No buts, but the different flavor of this song captures the ears of every Index fans everywhere. Seems enjoyable, but there's a treat. For the first time, you can listen to Maon Kurosaki's song, ANSWER, from the upcoming To Aru Majutsu no Index PSP video game. That's two special treats at the price of one maxi single CD!

A limited edition copy includes not just the maxi single CD, but also a special DVD with the music video of Magic∞world by Maon Kurosaki. Hurry up and buy one before its gone for good!

One Piece Serena collaboration puts the Ultraman-StepWGN team to shame...

Seen here is the Nissan Serena C26, debuted in November 8 and on sale in Japan this November 29, teamed up with One Piece, the world famous anime series highlights on a group of heroic pirates in search of the One Piece treasure. Everyone knows this popular anime right?

The biggest tie-up between the Nissan Serena C26 and One Piece really throw a curve on both anime fanatics and car enthusiasts alike.

What bothers me is this One Piece-Nissan Serena collaboration really puts the team-up between Ultraman and the Honda StepWGN to shame...

Back in October 2009, the month when the new Honda StepWGN released to the public, a commercial for this new model shows various Ultramen (oh, there's even Ultraman's baddies from the Spada commercial back then). That's how the collaboration between the car and the sentai hero begun.

We enjoyed watching the fourth-generation Honda StepWGN Japanese commercials starring Ultraman last year. What we will react if the special Nissan Serena C26 - One Piece Collaboration commercial airs this December?

Image source: Carview

Melai's tips to have your ex noticing you...

Let's see what just happened on the November 27, 2010 episode of ABS-CBN's Banana Split...

- Fresh batch of showbiz news on Balitang Siksik Showbiz Edition.

- Christmas decor jokes

- Jayson Gainza explains what if our number one Philippine boxer takes on new jobs like for instance; Magbubuko, Bouncer, and Rescue Worker

- John Prats explains the most "over active" stuff in another round of "Ang O.A. Mo!" such as; complaining on hot weather but you're hot because of the coffee, laughing on yourself by the mirror, and a bald guy using a bunch of shampoo.

- Everyone's favorite "good influence", Melai Cantiveros, shares some tips to have your ex noticing you on another M3: Melai Mo Magwork;

Tip no. 5: Pass a cell phone load until your ex replies you.

Tip no. 4:: Pretend your're sick and your death is near.

Tip no. 3: Rent a luxury car, wear formal clothing, and hire a bodyguard.

Tip no. 2: Pretend you're gay after the break-up

Tip no. 1: Fake Your Death! (But be careful not your ex!)

- Some dances

- Saving for best for last: This is your show, what is it? IT'S SHOW IT!
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