Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gスポーツ - 100のヴィ学

2011 Toyota Vitz G Sports Concept

Apologizes for why I typed this title in Japanese because 100のヴィ学 (hyaku no vi gaku) was the term used on promoting Toyota's third-generation Vitz/Yaris, and probably because of the awesome commercial starring Takao Osawa and Toma Ikuta.

Anyway, the two detectives has something to add this to the 100のヴィ学, its the Vitz modified by Toyota G Sports.

The Toyota Vitz G Sports Concept uses the Vitz 1.5 RS as its base and if went to production, this is perfect to hunt some teddy bears.

What would Takao Osawa and Toma Ikuta think when they see the Vitz G Sports face to face?


Photo: Carview

Top Gun's Warming Up

2011 Subaru Trezia STi Concept

Thanks to the Subaru Trezia Japanese TV Commercial starring Tetsuji Tamayama that goes like some take-off scene from the movie, Top Gun (cue the music titled Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins), Subaru Tecnica International (STi) unveiled the Trezia STi concept at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon.

Those who don't know about Trezia here goes; the Trezia is Subaru's five-seater hatchback that is essentially a rebadged version of the second-generation Toyota Ractis (Verso-S). It was unveiled in Japan since late November 2010 and it will make its European debut in this year's Geneva Motor Show. It will replace the both the Daihatsu Sirion and Subaru Justy at the same time when it reaches Europe soon.

The Trezia STi concept uses the Trezia's Type Euro as its base and made some cosmetic changes. Although specs haven't been told by Fuji Heavy Industries, the Trezia STi concept will be made into production soon as the limited-edition Trezia tS and when that happens, it's Top Gun all over again.

Photo: Carview


Well, today is January 15, 2011, and now I'm turning 20 years old. Now, I'm no longer a teenager now (well, almost) and I'm an adult. Despite being an adult, I'm still like I'm 9 years old and below. Hah! I may be 20 but my heart is still 9 years and below!

Anyway, since its my birthday, I'm showcasing my Gran Turismo 5 pics from London, UK! (Don't need to tell me why that I chose the London racetrack for my setting)

Subaru Impreza WRX STi (GRB)

Lotus Elise 111R (Racing Modification)

Lamborghini Nomad Diablo GT-1

Ferrari 430 Scuderia

Mazda Carol 360 Deluxe

Suzuki Swift Sport

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR
Premium Package

Chevrolet Camaro SS

Senior Citizen Gags in Lokomoko U

What just happened at the January 14 episode of Lokomoko U?

- Senior citizen gags that shows that even at their old age, laughter still got their Golden days.

- Lola Moko is back for "Mga Alamat ni Lola Moko" where this week's alamat is "Ang Alamat ng Bola", not bola that is ball, mambobola perhaps.

- Another episode of Bahaw: Ikalawang Hain (what just the narrator said?), Doc tries to charade what's going on and the characters saying a bunch of nonsense until the word Amnesia comes out. With tensions rise, Blue is singing the blues. Gulong ng Bahaw...

- Lola Moko again for "Ang Alamat ng Bangka"

- The moment we, Lokomoko fans, waiting for; PINOY BRAINLESS! This week's keyword is Pako and the wrong guesses that made us laughed are; pulis, patay na pulis, patay na pulis na gumaganti, pulis na jolly good fellow, bulita, tint na bulita, pintura, pinturang bakal, pokpok

Misspelling Gee-ing Around!

What just happened on the January 14, 2011 episode of Bubble Gang Kin-Z?

- "Who's that man/woman in the picture?" That was the Bubble Gag of this episode

- An interview with a scientist who has an idea of different pest control

- Another Cheche Bureche week! For this episode, Bureche has sore throat!

- Back by popular demand, Misspelling Gee is here and here are the words misspell by the contestants;

1) Disease - Dieceasee

2) Service - Scearveasce

3) Testicle - Testicklky

4) Trophy - Throwpie

5) Ghost - Jawwst

6) Business - Bassseanest

- Looks like some tough guy's visiting the wrong place because its gay

- The nurses are getting uncomfortable with the complaining patient

- The new "sosy" meaning of Social Studies

- Moymoy Palaboy and Roadfill in "Linkin Park's In The End"

- Painters are getting uncomfortable while painting a "nude painting"

- Who stole the girl's condom?!

Crud! Daihatsu leaves the European market in 2013!

2011 Daihatsu Boon

Check out the news from Carview:

In Translation: Daihatsu exits the European market starting January 2013!

The Toyota-owned compact car brand will be leaving the European market in January 2013 due to poor sales. Does that mean, no more New Sirion for Europe? The second-generation Boon won't make it to Europe soon as the new Sirion because it will be replaced by the Subaru Trezia coming to Europe!

The first Boon was worldwide as the Sirion but the new Boon is now Japan-only. What now?

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Amazing Nismo GT-R RC!

What an epic day! After watching the finale of the Banana Split mini-series, The Amazing Microwave Pandesal Rangers, now it's time to focus the grand unveiling of a heavily modified GT-R R35 from the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon!


Hours of having myself eating Pan De Sal has finally payed off to see the true identity of NISMO GT-R RC!

RC stands for Racing Competition and yes, there's no way Godzilla can't be this awesome!

Guess its pogi points will skyrocket right now!

Scoop (Japanese Only):


That January 14 episode of Banana Split is fantastic!

It was the day of the Pandesal Rangers Finale!

In the finale, teamwork between Noli (Jayson Gainza), Ted (Jason Francisco), Julius (Badji Mortiz), and Kuring (Nina Jose) pays off to kick the butt out of Pan De Coco Martin (Kuya Jobert). After they kicked Pan De Coco Martin's butt, Ted apologized to the three and the four siblings hugged themselves! That concludes the story of the peanut butter, liver spread, cheese, and butter combined to fight evil as The Amazing Microwave Pandesal Rangers! THE END!

After the epic win, Kuya Jobert teaches a man on how to effectively throw a Frisbee like how Olympic athletes do, well almost effectively on Isports Lang.

Then, Kuya Art, the Art Throb, teaches us how to make 3D Ikebana with different crepe papers plus shades.

The President's New Ride...

Who would have thought that our Philippine President, Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III, bought himself a sports car none other than the Porsche 911!

Although the variant of the Porsche 911 P-Noy bought remains scarce, most of them believed that the 911 he bought was used, and costs P4,500,000.

I wonder what 911 variant Our President bought? Will this helps regain The President's manliness and his love life?


Photo shown for illustrative purposes only. Actual model P-Noy bought may vary.

Hyundai Grandeur/Azera HG

In one episode of the KBS Action Drama, The Fugitive Plan B, in order to escape Jiwoo and Jini from the goons, they need a getaway car, and the getaway car Jiwoo and Jini unveiled was none other than the fifth-generation Hyundai Grandeur (Azera in some markets) HG. It is a shocker why the new Grandeur made a surprise appearance on The Fugitive Plan B, but now you can reminsce Jiwoo's escape because the new Hyundai Grandeur HG was unveiled on January 13, 2011!

2012 Hyundai Grandeur

Dubbed as 5G Grandeur (5G stands for fifth-generation), Hyundai's legendary premium medium-sized sedan is now evolved into the most sophisticated luxury medium-sized premium sedan since the first one debuted in 1986, then the second one in 1992, following with the Grandeur XG in 1998, and the previous Grandeur TG in 2005. For 25 years, the Grandeur will forever be known as the "Crown of South Korea" because of its historical events and this 5G Grandeur is the ultimate in the history of Grandeur-ism. Possible rivals can be the Kia K7, Nissan Fuga, Toyota Mark X, Nissan Teana, Audi A6, Toyota Crown, BMW 5-Series, or even the Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

2012 Hyundai Grandeur interior

With Hyundai's trademark design, Fluidic Sculpture, as seen on the Tucson iX, YF Sonata, Avante/Elantra MD, and the Accent RB, the new 5G Grandeur achieved the best design flow that brings its Kia K7 cousin to shame. Looking at the front, it looks like an enlarged version of the YF Sonata's front. On the rear view, the rear lamps shaped like the Maserati GranTurismo, Subaru Impreza Hatchback, and the seventh-generation Mitsubishi Galant combined. The design of the new Grandeur is just one of the reasons why this premium sedan would be called the perfect Korean sedan. On the interior, hospitality comes standard because the new Grandeur is fully loaded with luxurious conveniences both the driver and the passenger, such as premium NAPPA leather seats, information display, optional navigation system, premium audio system, heated seats, climate control, and some of the features that leaves them saying "what is hospitality in Korean?"

As an eco-car, the new Grandeur is outfitted with two Gasoline Direct injection (GDi) engines available for the South Korean market. First is the entry level Theta II GDi 2.4-litre engine (found on the YF Sonata) that produces a power output of 201 PS and the fuel economy of 12.8km/L while the flagship model is armed with the all new Lambda II GDi 3.0-litre engine that produces a majestic 270 PS of power output while fuel economy is at the modest 11.6km/L. Two GDi engines are offered on the 5G Grandeur but which of these is their pick? The GDi 2.4-litre variant is made for eco-car lovers while the GDi 3.0-litre variant is made for power-seekers. Both of these are equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission.

For safety, the 5G Grandeur comes with Vehicle Dynamic Control, Vehicle Stability Management, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Emergency Stop Signal, Smart Parking Assist System, and nine airbags on the inside. You can feel safe and secured inside the new Grandeur.

My thoughts about the Grandeur:

Adopting the Grand Glide concept, the new Hyundai Grandeur is the pinnacle of the premium medium-sized sedan category and it will take on the Kia K7, Renault Samsung SM7 (new model coming soon!), and the GM Daewoo Alpheon (Buick LaCrosse). With its new GDi engine, things go smooth for the new Grandeur thanks to its majestic power, impressive fuel economy, and the progress of being the most elegant Korean sedan most Koreans would love to take a spin for joy.

In my opinion, I think HARI may not be able to bring the new Grandeur as the Azera due to its poor sales and the YF Sonata will be the pinnacle of HARI's lineup aside from the prestigious RWD sedan, the Genesis. The 5G Grandeur is on sale in South Korea now and soon in North America, and other countries as well.

If you get your hands on the 5G Grandeur, you'll be more like Jiwoo from The Fugitive Plan B.

Photo: Hyundai Motor Company

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Earlier on Banana Split;

-In second to the last episode of The Amazing Microwave Pandesal Rangers; Noli, Julius, and Kuring accepted Ted for who he is and approaching through Ted while he attacks Pan De Coco Martin. Will they defeat Pan De Coco Martin?! See you at the finale!

-Then, Kuya Art shows us how to make a 3D Origami with paper and scissors

-Kuya Keem goes Fast Paced in the fast paced edition of Mutanglawin

-a game of Show It!

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai Original Soundtrack

Oreimo OST

The controversial TV anime series, Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai, or Oreimo for short (日本名:俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない) focuses in the life and times of Kyosuke and Kirino Kousaka, two siblings trying to fit in their daily lives. Most fans love Kirino Kousaka because of Azu-nyan's voice or maybe some fans like Kuroneko, whose real name is Ruri Goko, because of her, well, um, whatever. Most fans love Kirino and Kuroneko. Too bad, it ended in a 12-episode basis, but word that there will be a PSP game coming this January 27, the same date when To Aru Majutsu no Index PSP comes out too!

To comfort yourselves after watching Oreimo or waiting for the Oreimo Portable to come out soon, the Original Sound Track from Oreimo is finally here and 38 tracks included on this CD are here to "heart up" and "heart up" some more, relieving the slice-of-life moments of Kyosuke, Kirino, Manami Tamura, Saori, Kuroneko, and the gang.

There's also a TV Mix version of the opening theme song by Claris, titled Irony as well! Needless to say that there's no way this is a fine souvenir to your Anime soundtrack collection!

A Limited Edition comes with alternate covers starring Kirino Kousaka and Kuroneko!

Oreimo OST Limited Edition (Kirino Kousaka cover)

Oreimo OST Limited Edition (Kuroneko cover)


1. irony -TV Mix-
2. 一日のはじまり
3. 俺の妹が(ry
4. バカ兄貴!
5. 兄貴の日常
6. ageて行こう!
7. 深窓の令嬢
8. これがオタクの生きる道
9. 黒猫はタンゴ
10. \(^o^)/
11. 幼なじみ
12. ぽかーん
13. ひととき
14. 骨折り損
15. 右往左往
16. 滑り込みセーフ!??
17. アキハバラマーチ
18. オタクは辛いよ
19. gdgd
20. 暗雲
21. すれ違い
22. 痛み
23. よかったね
24. とある日常の背景音楽
25. wktk
26. 午後のティータイム
27. ジト目
28. しっとり
29. 落胆
30. 嫌悪感
31. 決意
32. 緊迫
33. ピンチ!
34. くぁwせdrftgyふじこlp
35. 通じ合えた心
36. 帰り道
37. 一件落着
38. めてお☆いんぱくと

MY COMMENT: Add this to your queue, I mean, your 100のヴィ学 (Hyaku no Vi Gaku), I mean, ARRGHH! There's no way how to describe the Oreimo OST!

Mitsubishi version of the Suzuki Solio to be named Delica D:2?

Check out this leaked leaflet photoshot by a certain Minkara blogger

Leaked leaflet of Mitsubishi Delica D:2

It seems that the name of the Mitsubishi version of the recently launched Suzuki Solio will be Delica D:2?!


Why D:2?

Here's the truth:

Since its debut in December 24, 2010 and already on sale since January 7, 2011, the Suzuki Solio will be rebadged by Mitsubishi for their new compact minivan. I am not sure why that why Mitsubishi will name this Solio an another Delica...

This another Delica will debut in Spring 2011...

Lexus CT 200h (ZWA10)

Most adults think that hybrid cars are just a children's toys. If they come looking on the new Lexus hybrid hatchback, the CT 200h, this hybrid car is no child's toy. It is a hybrid hatchback nested with Shadow Magic.

2012 Lexus CT

The reason how this new hybrid hatchback is enveloped with Shadow Magic because the Lexus CT 200h is the darker side of green. It is a hybrid car that has the Dark Side within reach, and you may already remember it on the special "Dark Ride" interactive web movie earlier. Dark times need a dark hero and this Lexus CT 200h is truly the "Gabriel Belmont" of hybrids.

2012 Lexus CT interior

Questioning from Lexus' design philosophy of L-Finesse, the Lexus CT 200h has a sharp proposal to attract wealthy buyers with its innovative design flow and hospitable interior. The exterior design seems to be more European than being Japanese but this hybrid hatchback truly shows its evil side outside but the interior has a good side within its menacing face. The interior packs with innovative conveniences including the Lexus Remote Touch that allows the driver to choose a wide variety of options while on the road. With L-Finesse, this evil hybrid hatch truly witness Hell in a greener side of view, that is Green Hell perhaps.

2012 Lexus CT

The Lexus CT 200h is equipped with the 2ZR-FXE engine, a 1.8-litre gasoline engine equipped with the Toyota Hybrid System II found on the third-generation Toyota Prius, accumulating a power output of a frugal 99PS with the 82PS motor equipped. As a hybrid car, the Lexus CT 200h accumulates a fuel economy of 34.0km/L (base model) and this has enough fuel economy to bring the Honda CR-Z to the guillotine. Although I admit that the CT 200h's power output is somewhat disappointing, I still want to take the Honda CR-Z instead but if fuel economy is just one thing, the Lexus CT 200h is my best pick.

Just like the Honda CR-Z, the Lexus CT 200h has a wide variety of driving modes to choose from, courtesy of the new Drive Mode Select. The Normal/Eco/EV Drive Mode is made for city driving or something casual and the Sport Mode is made to push the CT 200h beyond the bounds. Think of the Normal/Eco/EV Drive Mode as the Light Magic and the Sport Mode as the Shadow Magic as these mode suggests that Normal Mode is made for fuel efficiency and the Sport Mode for power and agility.

Lucky for you that the Lexus CT 200h is equipped with Paddle Shifters that allows the owner to have a feel of a sports car while driving the hybrid car on the Shutokou or Touge. Please take note that the Harmonious Driving Navigator monitors the CT 200h's fuel efficiency and how fuel efficient affects the outcome between you and your dark ride.

CT 200h F-Sport

2012 Lexus CT F-Sport

To bring the Lexus Ct 200h on its full potential, an available F-Sport Package is available to bring out the taste of LFA at the city streets. The F-Sport comes with the aggressive grille, F-Sport Emblem, tuned suspension, 17-inch rims, aluminum sports pedal, and F-Sport Steering Wheel. The CT 200h F Sport is like a CT 200h wearing the God Mask in order to save the world from darkness.

My thoughts about the CT 200h:
Dark times need a dark hero, and this new hybrid hatchback from Lexus was the Dark Hero that can save the world from darkness. Combining the thrill of a sports car with the efficiency of the hybrid car is just one thing the CT 200h knows but only wealthy, green-living, executives are welcomed to be indulged with the Dark Ride. CT stands for Creative Touring and this Creative Touring of Lexus is ready to dance at the streets of Tokyo. Although it was intended for Europe sale, the Lexus CT 200h made it a worldwide basis and I hope Lexus Manila will join the Dark Side with the CT 200h soon. Go ahead, dance with the CT 200h if you are ready to bring this dark ride to a date with destiny 'till sunshine!

Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


For this episode on The Amazing Microwave Pandesal Rangers from the January 12 episode of Banana Split, after Ted (Jason Francisco) kicked the butt out of the villain in black cloak, he challenges Pan De Coco Martin (Kuya Jobert) to a fistfight after Pan De Coco Martin spent seconds peeing on the wall. Meanwhile, while Noli (Jayson Gainza), Julius (Badji Mortiz), and Kuring (Nina Jose) healing themselves, they watch TV and they saw Ted fighting Pan De Coco Martin. Will they help Ted? Find out tomorrow!

John Prats, as Kuya Art, the Art Throb, is here again to make a gift to your parents with the use of paper and scissors.

While not being the menacing Pan De Coco Martin, Kuya Jobert helps a track-and-field athlete how to win a track-and-field effectively, well almost effectively.

After that, Jayson Gainza showcases three things made by idiots on "ANG O.A. MO!", such as that you don't like dirt but you're a beggar, convincing your boyfriend to marry but don't want to touch, and want to go home but you arrived at the office

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One of the most expensive GT5 Premium cars, the Jaguar XJ13!

Jaguar XJ13 in Gion, Kyoto

A beautiful British classic race car
staying in Gion

Ah, lucky me. 1/11/11. January 11, 2011. The date when I first got my hands on this ultra-expensive Gran Turismo 5 Premium Tier car that is none other than the Jaguar XJ13. I won this car from the 200-lap challenge at the Indianapolis, in A-Spec.

Messing the XJ13 at the Top Gear
Test Track

You can't beat the classics!

It's pretty amusing that this car is mostly expensive and you need to win more races to buy some. Fortunately for the Jaguar XJ13, this one is a prize car from winning the A-Spec 200-lap Indianapolis race. I used the Formula Gran Turismo on that race and it took almost three hours to win!

Classic vs. Modern?

I guess some GT5 amateurs, pros, and experts got their hands on this ultra-expensive Jaguar XJ13 as a prize car, but what would they react when they show it on online battles? Guess I would keep this vintage Jaguar classic as a memorabilia of hardships and I'm just two A-Spec levels away from getting the X2010 S. Vettel car. In the meantime, what should I do with the Jaguar XJ13 on GT5? It's a mega expensive car won from an endurance match and what could possibly go wrong? 

So Far...

On the Banana Split mini-series, The Amazing Microwave Pandesal Rangers, this January 11 episode,

As Pan De Coco Martin (Kuya Jhobert) wreaks havoc, Ted (Jason Francisco) wants to save his siblings but the villain in black cloak said no and he knows that these siblings betrayed Ted. Ted wants to save them but the bad guy electrified Ted. Ted splashed the super villain with water and turns out water was this villain in black cloak' weakness! The bad guy admitted that Ted's siblings didn't betray Ted, and turns out it was a set-up to separate them like The Beatles. Ted finally kicked the butt out of the Black Cloak! Will Ted reunite with the siblings and stop Pan De Coco Martin's monstrosity? Find out soon!

Later, John Prats, as Kuya Keem, explains more on magic and brings out Debra (RR Enriquez) for more. Abra Kadabra!

Two Americans share the same prize!

What did I know? Chevrolet's true eco-car, the Volt, and Ford's new Explorer won the 2011 North American Car (and Truck) of the Year at the 2011 NAIAS in Detroit, Michigan!


Congratulations to the both of them!

Monday, January 10, 2011

New foe unveiled on the 1-10-11 episode on Banana Split!?

Pan De Coco Martin...?

In Banana Split's The Amazing Microwave Pandesal Rangers, the mysterious Pan de coco named Pan De Coco Martin unveiled its face (wait, that's Kuya Jobert!) and he attacked our heroes!

Ted (Jason Francisco), as Pandesal Ranger 2 with Liver Spread, tries to attack Pan De Coco Martin, but he's too strong! Pan De Coco Martin attacked Ted (Jayson Gainza), Julius (Badji Mortiz), and Kuring (Nina Jose), leaving the villain in black cloak and Ted retreated. The reporter showed up and interviewed both the now harmed Pandesal Rangers and the new villain named Pan De Coco Martin! Wait! The reporter said it all, this is the final week! Find out tomorrow 'till Friday if our heroes survived the final challenge! Aw great! The villain in black cloak and Pan De Coco Martin... now what will our Pandesal Rangers do in the final week of Banana Split's mini-series!

Before that, Banana Split spoofed TV Patrol as "ANG TV PATROL". That's ANG TV...PATROL. Get it? ANG TV... PATROL. ANG TV... PATROL. 

Killer Truck captured! (as seen on Banana Split's
Ang TV Patrol)

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Appreciations of the couple between Asia's Songbird, Regine Velasquez, and singer-comedian, Ogie Alcasid, are always welcomed with the debut of their latest album, Magpakailanpaman.

This CD comprises of 15 tracks sung by Ogie and Regine and these songs are always welcomed to your OPM listening senses that made them a sharing passion and the love between the two singers.

It's been great that Magpakailanpaman is a great album from the two great OPM singers sharing the love of each other and we are all appreciated from the songs. This album was distributed from VIVA Records and available at Odyssey, and other record bars from your favorite malls nationwide and whoever has one may share the love between Ogie And Regine at the comfort at their homes.


1) Magpakailanpaman (duet)
2) Pangarap Ko Ang Ibigin Ka
3) Ikaw Lamang (Ogie)
4) Ikaw (Regine)
5) Magmula Ngayon (Ogie)
6) Minsan Lang Kitang Iibigin
7) Pangako Ko (Ogie)
8) Sa Piling Mo (duet)
9) Forevermore (Regine)
10) Mahal Kita (Ogie)
11) Pangako (Regine)
12) Minamahal Kita (Ogie)
13) Never Ever Say Goodbye(Regine)
14) Ikaw Ang Tangi Kong Pag-ibig
15) Hanggang Ngayon (duet)


The truth about the Banana Split apology message

Remember yesterday when there was an apology message before the January 8 episode of Banana Split?

As it said, there was a main reason:

The part from the New Year's Day episode of Banana Split where Melai burns the expressions, stuff, and issues from 2010 that needs to be forgotten.

Unfortunately, Mr. Fu, the radio DJ and TV star (he's now on WOW! MEGANON?!), reacted about that part where Melai burned a picture of unknowingly it was Mr. Fu on the pic that says "MEGANON?!" and Melai said that he looks like Megatron, the leader of the Decepticons and the famous arch enemy of Optimus Prime in Transformers.

That part on the Banana Split January 1 episode mentioned on the January 3 episode of TV5's Juicy and the hosts were too furious about that HOT ISSUE.

Come on, Melai never intended to do that, she did this for the spirit of fun, not to hurt anyone especially Mr Fu, Kimerald (Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson), mentioning of hatings between Angelica Panginiban and Claudine Baretto, Sharon Cuneta and Aga Mulach, and the most talked Christine Reyes and Sarah Geronimo.

Now, Melai will talk about that part on The Buzz later on ABS-CBN, talking about burning a "Controversial Photo" by mistake. :-(

Video credit to the uploader

There was an apology before the start of Banana Split?!

Before the January 8, 2011 episode of Banana Split fleshed out, there was some announcement

Banana Split apology

In translation

" Back in January 1, Banana Split aired one segment with Melai Cantiveros where the expressions, stuff, and issues that needs to be forgotten from 2010. We apologize that someone was hurt or angered from this segment.

We are trying to make fun and we are wrong from unintended use of photos of people not intended for involvement. On behalf of Banana Split, we apologize to the people who were hurt from this segment.

We are trying to say that Melai does not have an angry intention or someone behind our production. Thank you for your consideration."


Anyway, on this episode, a new segment called Hot Issue, with Angelica Panginiban, Pooh, and John Prats, tackling the hot issues in showbiz, almost. Then, some jokes from under the sea. Later, Ryan Bang as Igor Stojokovic Krystic gets his own spin-off segment called Tekkie Muna, a segment where Igor shows off his crazy inventions, like this Extreme Outdoor Flame Light he invented. Kuya Art, the Art Throb, teaches us how to make bird and egg with the use of paper and scissors. Melai, as Alpha Beth, saves a girl from the snatcher with one substitute letter to the word "baso", the letter T! In Mutanglawin, John Prats as Kuya Keem tells us about "kissing", then some dances pulled from the BS Boys, and a game of SHOW IT!
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