Saturday, January 22, 2011

Desu No! White and Black

Aston Martin Cygnet Launch Edition

It seems that Aston Martin, famous for Bond cars, announced the pricing for the Toyota iQ-based Cygnet city compact! The pricing for the Cygnet starts at 30,995 British Pounds (about 3,950,000 Philippine Pesos) and because of that, a special edition called the Cygnet Launch Edition is announced.

This special primer comes with two special colors that made me saying


White and Black! 

That's right! 

Snow White and Magic Black are the colors for this special edition Cygnets, great for those who want to take the first step of Aston Martin's first compact car designed to wow the crowd.

Ha ha ha! Now, that's Kuroko's song!

Wait, this is somewhat similar that back in 1997, Toyota Motor Corporation launched special edition models of the Camry Gracia (sixth-generation Camry) station wagon in Pearl White and Black colors. This is the first "Desu No! White and Black" situation.

Anyway, time to listen to the song "Desu No! White and Black"

This time, the brand behind Bond cars does Kuroko's song

The things we make, make us

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Is this it? Word from CATS Motors is that they'll officially bring the legendary, American-made, Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 to the Philippines at the end of 1st quarter 2011!


Surprise! But this will offer only in the new Pentastar V6 engine, A legendary American SUV is coming just in time when the Philippines is under in a scorching hot summer season!

If it hits, time to take a grand vacation and sing the Philippine Geography song as this American SUV travels through the Philippine Geography!

We'll be waiting... I think this is somewhat better than the Nissan Patrol Royale and the Toyota Fortuner...

"Para sa paborito kong apo, si Karen"

In the January 21 episode of Bubble Gang;

- gags that made us evacuate the building for fun

- a phone call interrupting the job interview

- Bureche tries to make the floor slippery just so to injure Cheche. I wonder why Cheche doesn't feel something slippery?

- The classic McDonalds Philippines commercial ("Para sa paborito kong apo, si Karen") gagged by Bubble Gang. The classic commercial gets spoofed! HAH!

- Interview with the zombies

- OK, OK, who invited a ghost to a party?

- And a sketch on something BANANA SPLIT?! EH? Banana Split? That was from the rival network, what's that Banana Split doing in this Bubble Gang sketch with guest star Jacky Woo and Jackie Rice?

Banana Split sketch in Bubble Gang

Fake Kingdom

Something happened on the January 21, 2011 episode of Lokomoko U;

- Fake Kingdom gags. Some Ancient Chinese gags served by the Lokomoko U gang!

- Ahem, let's time travel back to the prehistoric times as another episode of B.C. Bishian is up! In this segment, we learned how spoon and fork is made on Prehistoric times.

- Tensions rise in Bahaw: Ikalawang Hain, where Tatay (JC De Vera) has amnesia. As it gets worse, something's wrong with the pregnant Pinky (Diane Medina)! Can this get any worse? I know because the narrator said that's only the beginning.

- Lola Moko is here again on "Mga Alamat ni Lola Moko". That week's alamat is "Ang Alamat ng Muta".

- And yes, the students in insect costumes are invading this week's episode of Bata, Bata, Tayo'y Tumula, the hilarious segment with some twisted dula-dulaan. OK, why there's a flypaper, flyover, and bio-data included? LOL

Kill or Kiss?

There was another Alpha Beth episode on the January 21 episode of Banana Split!

In the beginning, there was a hired killer trying to kill a man. A man yells some help because, SHE WAS GOING TO KILL HIM!


The word is "Kill" and the solution; replace two L's with two S's and the word should be "Kiss"!

Problem solved!

I almost forgot! Kuya Art, the Art Throb is here and he taught us how to make binoculars with the use of two toilet paper rolls. Eh, what?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Goodbye Daewoo, Hello Chevrolet

What a shocker! When GM Daewoo CEO, Mike Arcamone , announced the Chevrolet brand in last years Busan International Motor Show, he's not joking, this is the real deal!

Scoop (Korean):

2012 Chevrolet Sonic (coming late 2011)

2010 Chevrolet Camaro Transformers edition

Officially official! The historic American brand behind the Camaro and Corvette (and also the Volt) is coming to the land of favorite Korean dramas, replacing the Daewoo nameplate once and for all! Cars like the upcoming Sonic sedan and hatch and the Camaro, are coming to South Korea this early 2011! Other cars which are GM Daewoo Lacetti Premiere and the Matiz Creative will be renamed as Chevrole tCruze and the Chevrolet Spark. The not-for-USA Chevrolet Orlando may come in South Korea too and built it here!

It is an unfair truth that the U.S.A. may not get the Orlando MPV, the Cruze Hatchback, and the Captiva's Minor Change but only the Sonic sedan and hatch may come in the U.S. this Autumn.

From now on, GM Daewoo Auto and Technology will be known as GM Korea Company. There will be eight Chevrolet models coming to South Korea including Camaro, Orlando, Sonic, the minor change Captiva, Cruze hatchback, and a new sedan replacing the Daewoo Tosca.

Now what?! Can these new ones come to the Philippines too? Remember, we already got the Camaro, and the Cruze sedan. Now we are waiting for the Orlando MPV, the Captiva's face lift, the Cruze hatchback, and the Sonic.

I hope that TCCCI got that memo...

Nissan Murano Z51 Facelift

What an unbelievable stroke of unluckiness among Filipino owners of the Nissan Murano Z51, launched in the Philippine market last year, because this Kanagawa-based car maker has pulled the wraps of the Nissan Murano Z51's minor change, and we are disappointed that Japan now has the latest revision of the Nissan Murano Z51 just like from Europe and in the North America.

2012 Nissan Murano

The Nissan Murano Z51 was launched in Japan since September 2008 and it was the crossover that gave birth to the Nissan Premium Factory range, a range consisting the finest luxury Nissan models such as the Fairlady Z Z34, Fuga Y51, Skyline V36, and the Elgrand E52. The Murano Z51 is now mildly redesigned to appeal the wealthy buyers who are experiencing more than just LA-Z-BOY recliners and bottomless iced teas. This crossover is at the center of its business-class stage because of its sports car-like performance and luxury car-like conveniences.

2012 Nissan Murano

The Nissan Murano Z51's face-lift features a redesigned grille, aggressive headlamps, new aggressive front bumper, and sporty rear lamps that provides exceptional elegance for the Z51's minor facelift.

2012 Nissan Murano interior

Nothing's different about the interior because the Nissan Murano Z51 face-lift remains the interior but there is a slight change on the fine vision meters. The Nissan Murano Z51 offers BOSE Sound System for top-class sound quality executives love to listen to. It offers a dual sunroof for a breezing atmosphere while an executive tries to read a book in a middle of a heavy traffic. A Mild Flow System is equipped for enhanced air-conditioning inside the Murano Z51. This is somewhat good to cool down while taking a trip through EDSA.

The Nissan Murano Z51 offers two distinctive engine types to choose from; a flagship VQ35DE (3.5L V6) engine, which produces a power output of 260PS/6000rpm and the fuel economy of 9.3km/L (4WD), and the entry level QR25DE (2.5L) engine, which produces 170PS of power output and the fuel economy of 11.6km/L (2WD). This crossover is equipped with Nissan's innovative XTRONIC CVT for maximized fuel economy when you need it. An available XTRONIC CVT-M6 is added on the Murano Z51 for sporty performance. The Nissan Murano Z51 comes with the ALL-MODE 4x4-i (Yaw Moment Control) for all-round cruising on any road conditions.

My thoughts about the Murano:
Ms. Elizabeth Lee, senior vice president of Universal Motors Corporation, you made a wrong move about the Murano Z51. What you bring last year is the old, pre-face-lift model, now in Japan, since January 20, 2011, what they did is the facelifted Murano Z51 is out and scheduled for Japanese sale this early February. Please do something about that Murano Z51! This Murano Z51 we had in the Philippines is old now and we need the face-lifted version, just like the Japanese have, now!

I hope Elizabeth Lee, the senior vice president of UMC, will take my memo and realizing it was a bad move and bad timing that we were far from the schedule about the Murano Z51's launch and I just hope that the latest face-lift of the Murano Z51 will appeal more buyers than the Lexus RX 350.

Photo: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Suzuki -Third Generation- MR Wagon (MF33S)

The term "MR" in the MR Wagon nameplate does not means "mister" and its not referring as a midship engine, rear-wheel drive kei car just like the Mitsubishi i. MR in the MR Wagon name stands for "Magical Relax", but before explaining the latest generation of the Suzuki MR Wagon, time for a little history class.

Launched in 2001, the Suzuki MR Wagon is a kei car targeted for female Japanese customers. The MR Wagon also sold in India as the Maruti Zen Estillo (now Maruti Estillo) and rebadged by Nissan as the Moco, also sold for Japan. In January 2006, the MR Wagon made a full change following with the Nissan Moco in February 2006. For two generations, this Magical Relax Wagon is the most relaxing kei car for the female customers thanks to its adorable design, relaxing interior, and impressive fuel economy.

2012 Suzuki MR Wagon

Now in January 20, 2011, the Magical Relax Wagon is now on its full model change as the Suzuki MR Wagon reaches its third generation and now made for young drivers, both male and female, well sort of...

As the Mama Wagon now made even more cuter, what to expect more on the new MR Wagon; the front face is now made into more of a worried look. From the past two generations, the MR Wagon always had its smiley face, but now, the look of the third-generation MR Wagon feels like this cute compact's worrying and panicking about something, but can the panicky look panic the buyers for saying that this looks "vanilla-ish" and "plain".

2012 Suzuki MR Wagon interior

Despite the plain interior, there is a special surprise at the new interior. The new MR Wagon has a touch-screen in place of a conventional FM/AM/CD/MP3 player. This new player has the feel of an iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad and its a great convenience that owners can swipe various options such as listening to music from the radio/CD/MP3,

The new Suzuki MR Wagon is equipped with the new R06A engine. A new 660cc engine has a power output of 54PS/6,500rpm and the fuel economy of 25.5km/L. The fuel economy of this new engine makes the MR Wagon as the most fuel-efficient in all of Suzuki's lineup but this is not well enough to outsmart the TNP27 of the fifth-generation Daihatsu Move. It comes with the innovative CVT for improved fuel efficiency on the city and on the highway. For those who need turbo, there's a variant for that! The MR Wagon T has a turbocharged R06A engine that has a power output of 64PS/6,000rpm and the fuel economy of 22.5km/L. No matter which engine type you will choose, you will have to make through with the panicky face of the new Suzuki MR Wagon.

My thoughts about the MR Wagon;
The new face of the new MR Wagon made me worried that this may not going to like it among kei car enthusiasts because they still prefer the new Daihatsu Move because of its TNP27 concept. The target for the new MR Wagon is always young Japanese people looking for some fuel-efficient Suzuki cars. The new MR Wagon is the most fuel efficient in all of Suzuki's variant but not quite fuel efficient against the three kings of fuel efficiency such as the Nissan March K13, 3rd-generation Toyota Vitz/Yaris, and the TNP27 Daihatsu Move. Anyway, sales of the new Suzuki MR Wagon starts now and the third-generation Nissan Moco may follow shortly this mid-February 2011.

Photo: Suzuki Motor Corporation

Melai's tips to make "lusot" out of birthday blowouts

Did you know that there is something better than 3D or 4D in terms of entertainment purposes? Ryan Bang, as Igor Stojokovic Krystic, in Tekkie Muna invented 5D Entertainment! What's 5D Entertainment? Not only watching and hearing even better, you can feel it! LOL!

OK, forget 5D, time now for Melai Cantiveros' tips to make "lusot" out from your birthday blowout with your colleagues on M3: Melai Mo Magwork;

5) Pretend you're going to a charity party at the orphanage

4) Leave your watch, shoes, wallet, and your car at home and the reaction; "sorry, I got hold-upped"

3) Tell them NO MORE BLOWOUTS during your birthday

2) Use the horoscope as a reason

1) Tell them that you're sick and your life's end is near

These are Melai's tips that you can make "palusot" out from the birthday blowouts! If you need to play some darts better, just ask Kuya Jobert in "Isports Lang with Kuya Jobert". I thought Kuya Jobert's good with darts but ended in hilarious results!

Will this work?

Kia K5 '11

Ford Explorer '11

By February 15, Felix Mabilog Jr. will resign as the president of Columbian Automobile Corporation, the distributor of Kia Motors, and some rumors say he will be replaced by some female executive from Ford Group Philippines, whose name will not know yet.


Guess the females are now the driving force of the Philippine automobile industry, and with this new female executive working for CAC next month will be on the list of female heads of Philippine automotive industry.

Question is, "will this work?"

K-On!! Character Image CD 6 - 8

Here it is, Character Image 6, 7, and 8 made its debut and it features the sub-characters from the second season of K-ON!, dubbed as K-ON!!, and perfect enough to complete the entire K-ON!! Character Image CD collection!

Once you got Character Image 1 to 8, you are glad to say these words;

With the choice of

6) Ui Hirasawa (CV: Madoka Yonezawa)

7) Nodoka Manabe (CV: Chika Fujito)

and the new addition to the range;

8) Jun Suzuki (CV: Yoriko Nagata)

You'll be glad to say すごぉいの来てますけど?! with the regulars from K-ON!! Can you complete them all?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Mazda Minagi Concept sketch

Mazda's Kodo -Soul of Motion- Design just get even more advanced since the reveal of the Shinari concept last year at the Mondial D' Automobile in Paris, France. Now, looks like this is the sketch of the upcoming Mazda concept crossover coming at the 2011 International Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland, under the name of MINAGI.

Minagi? Looks like why most Mazda concept cars are in Japanese names and they did it again! It's even hard to Google Translate the alphabetic word "Minagi" from English to Japanese.

I have a funny feeling that the Minagi name was derived from some character in the anime, Air, but what's MINAGI?

The Minagi is part of the Kodo -Soul of Motion- design philosophy and this concept's going to debut in Geneva this March!

OH MY! Turbocharged CR-Z on its way!?

Honda CR-Z at GT5
 OH MY! Word from Autocar is that a turbocharged version of the Sport Hybrid Car, the Honda CR-Z, rushed through production!

Does this mean there will be another CR-Z made for the adrenaline-hungry Honda maniacs?

Is there possibility a CR-Z Hybrid R coming true?

Word from it is, it could debut in this year's Tokyo Motor Show this mid-December 2011! If this could happened, this would be the first Honda sportscar equipped with the turbocharged engine and it will bring the Hyundai Veloster to a complete ruin! Needless to say,


Photo shown is the blue CR-Z in Gran Turismo 5 and for illustrative purposes only.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Akumajo Dracula Harmony of Despair OST

Akumajo Dracula -Harmony of Despair-
Original Soundtrack

Available exclusively on Konamistyle, this original soundtrack from the XBOX 360 downloadable game, Akumajo Dracula/Castlevania -Harmony of Despair- features some of the revised versions of the BGMs based on the popular Akumajo Dracula/Castlevania series. Needless to say, the classic Akumajo Dracula BGMs frequently heard throughout the series are now retouched, revamped, and renewed to bring out more of some Vampire Killer goodness after spending countless hours fending off a pack of immortal enemies by yourself or with friends. Although Harmony of Despair is a downloadable game exclusively at the XBOX Arcade, this is a fun game where you gather a pack of vampire-killing pals online and join the quest of the never ending battle against evil. The Harmony of Despair OST is available exclusively at Konamistyle and not available in other stores, so you need an edge of luck hunting this rare find!


01 Drone
05 荒城回廊
06 闇夜の激闘
07 懺悔の後に
09 尖白の闘志
10 見上げよ、闇を
11 暴虐のエスキース
12 漆黒の翼
13 闘魂狂詩曲
14 ガルガンチュア
15 繻紗魔交響詩
16 幻想的舞曲
17 Tanz mit einem Clown
19 Ein Weltherrscher
20 Hail from the Past
21 切り裂かれた静寂
22 失われた彩画
23 死の詩曲
24 ドラキュラ城
25 しもべたちの祭典
26 Vampire Killer
27 Nothing to Lose
28 いけ!月風魔
29 龍骨鬼
30 漆黒の進攻
31 悲境の貴公子
32 狂月の招き
33 隠された呪禁
34 黄昏の聖痕
35 夜まで待てない
36 Aquarius
37 Slash
38 乾坤の血族
39 シモン・ベルモントのテーマ
40 Tractus

"Test the brakes, test the steering wheel, test the clutch"

If I can remember in one line in Banana Split's Ang TV Patrol, John Prats said this line;

"TESDA Brakes, TESDA Steering Wheel, TESDA Clutch"

Well, the bus driver training from TESDA is already on the way...


Bus drivers can TESDA (Test The) Steering Wheel, TESDA (Test The) Brakes, and TESDA (Test The) clutch, learning how to be safe bus drivers in order to prevent the common causes of bus accidents that are far too common in the Philippines.

I wonder what will happened if bus drivers in the Philippines are now fully trained by TESDA?

Guess I can forget about that line from Banana Split's Ang TV Patrol...

Need a watch that talks?

In the Tekkie Muna segment on the January 18 episode of Banana Split, Ryan Bang, as our favorite crazed inventor, Igor Stojokovic Krystic, invented some kind of Talkie Walkie Watch. Voice activated and packs a disaster when it talks itself without knowing! ROFL

Also, to turn the jewerly snatched by ruffians into snakes, bring in Melai, I mean, Alpha Beth! The word is "alahas", remove the letters L and A and its AHAS! That will scare the ruffians away! Then, put them back intp ALAHAS!

What it feels like inside Kiyama-sensei's car...

The bull in Rome

I really got the intention of painting the Lamborghin Gallardo LP 560-4 with the color blue because the blue Gallardo appeared on To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, driven by Harumi Kiyama-sensei. Anyway, this is my bull of choice on Gran Turismo 5 because I can race it on Italian Festival, Lamborghini Exclusive, and the Gallardo Trophy.

Raging bull's taking a rest in Gion

Is that Kiyama-sensei's car

TEKKIE MUNA! The Lamborghini Gallardo is really one of the Lamborghini fan favorites and second best to the Murcielago because the Gallardo is the V10-powered bull on the history of the raging Lamborghini models. This here is the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4. 560 stands for 560 HP and 4 stands for 4WD (four-wheel drive). Never thought a 4WD exotic exists but hey, I really love the way Kiyama-sensei's car is.

Kiyama-sensei's Gallardo plays through the rain

Gallardo in the highway by night

Fierce, powerful, cool, and hot. My Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 is definitely the coolest of the V10 exotics but my pick was the Ferrari 430 Scuderia because I love the sound of the Scuderia's engine. If I choose between the Gallardo and the 430 Scuderia, what would I pick? I guess both of these Italian exotics were my favorites in GT5 but my pick goes to Kiyama-sensei's car.

It's going to be AIM Burst all over again when I got myself behind the wheel of the Gallardo! LOL

Sunday, January 16, 2011

What are the two letters that can add to the word BAD?

Anyway, what just happened in the January 15, 2011 episode of Banana Split?

- Hottest and not-so-hottest showbiz issues in HOT ISSUE!

- Dormitory jokes

- Kuya Keem in Mutanglawin Short Version tells more on Palengke, but Igor Stojokovic Krystic invents some kind of Bumili Na Kayo Media Player

- Singh the Magician proves that magic does exists with his magic tricks!

- Melai, as Alpha Beth, to the rescue! The snatchers are "BAD". the word BAD can be added with the letters U and Y. Voila! It's BADUY! Turns BAD into BADUY!

- Here come the Dance Floor Dynamites!

- A game of Show It pitting the cast of Banana Split vs. Pinoy Dream Academy scholars!
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