Saturday, January 29, 2011

XFR in GT5

This executive sedan cruises the
city streets at night

Despite branded as a Standard Tier car, the Jaguar XFR, the high-performance version of the Jaguar XF executive sedan, made its appearance at GT5 and nope, you can't buy it at the dealerships...yet!

On the highway, the XFR's beauty shines

To obtain the elusive Jaguar XFR, you must first win gold at the Top Gear challenge where you have to overtake the Kubelwagens in the Kubelwagen (Watch out for the incoming Schwimmwagen vehicles!).

Nighttime cruising with the cat

Driving the Jaguar XFR made more like a rich executive but here on GT5, it's all about racing on this big cat. At night, the XFR looks more elegant. Heh, I even know that this executive high-performance saloon is one heck of a cool car but I believe that I may take some time to master the Jaguar XFR in Gran Turismo 5.

Cool beauty underneath the hulking
Jaguar XFR

If you even show it on online mode, who cares? Every GT5 player knows exactly how the Jaguar XFR look like but still, they don't even mind it but questioning "how to win the Jaguar XFR in GT5" all over. Folks, its on the Top Gear challenge. To win this car, finish the Top Gear challenge (the Kubelwagen part) in gold. The Sambabus part of the Top Gear challenge rewards gold winners the Top Gear Test Track while the Lotus Elise 111R part of the Top Gear challenge rewards gold winners a special Lotus Elise Type 72. Need to repeat myself?

Finish the Sambabus part of the Top Gear Challenge in Gold to unlock the Top Gear Test Track

Finish the Lotus Elise 111R part of the Top Gear Challenge to win the Lotus Elise Type 72

Lastly, accomplish Gold in the Kubelwagen part of the Top Gear Challenge to win the Jaguar XFR

(panting) Oh well, I'm enjoying myself driving the XFR at the highway with a fresh Personal BGM...

Oh Yes! Bicolore version of Kiyama-sensei's car!

Lamborghini Gallardo Bicolore

Back at the 2011 Qatar Motor Show, Lamborghini debuted a Gallardo Bicolore special edition. (What I meant to say that this is the Bicolore Edition of Kiyama-Sensei's Gallardo, you know what I mean)

In Europe and Asia-Pacific markets (especially Japan); the Gallardo LP560-4 Bicolore will be offered while in the North American markets; only the 2WD Gallardo LP550-2 Bicolore will be offered. It may be disappointed for North American Gallardo fans that they got the downgraded, 2WD version of the Gallardo Bicolore but wherever which country you're in, the Gallardo Bicolore is colored in stylish two-tone and its available in five authentic colors; Giallo Midas, Arancio Borealis, Grigo Telesto, Bianco Monocerus, and Blu Caelum.

I believe when it hits in Japan soon, they'll go gaga over the Blu Caelum color because that was the color of the Gallardo Kiyama-sensei drove in To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. With this Bicolore special edition, this is Kiyama-sensei's car in a new direction. LOL


That was my question;


I watched the news about construction workers died from an gondola accident at some construction site at Makati City.


Deepest condolences to the families of the deceased construction workers. As I noticed it, SINO ANG DAPAT SISIHIN? (Who's Going to Blame?) The construction firm? I think so because they were behind this!

Families of the deceased construction workers (about 11) are trying to seek justice from this incident.

Aside from that, anyone heard of the BUS BOMBING in Edsa?




Who knows...we'll find the answer someday...

"Lakas na walang sabit!"

What just happened on the January 28 episode of Bubble Gang?

1) Cliff gags that you won't lose grip on these!

2) Cheche Bureche in "Ako Legal Daughter": Dad bought a beautiful Chinese dress and Bureche told that it should belong to Cheche. Why? Because Dad told that his wives will come to this house and he told Cheche and Bureche that they should be at their best behavior. This segment ends where Dad just got slipped at the kitchen because of the spilled cooking oil!

3) Bubble Gang does the spoof of the Manila Beer commercial and gagged as Vanilla Beer! LAKAS NA WALANG SABIT!

4) Maureen Larrazabal explains what do we, kids, do if our parents made something wrong.

5) Bubble Gang imagines the "Insektoserye"; where the insects are the heroes of the story!

6) Here comes the gay reaper!

7) A silent war at the library

8) Fall in love with Moymoy Palaboy and Roadfill in IyoTube

9) A masseur shows the ladies on effective massaging techniques

1) Ogie Alcasid explains what if traffic enforcers, doctors, and robbers are pro dancers.

Case to Case is back?!

Here's what happened on the January 28, 2011 episode of Lokomoko U;

- Chinatown gags in time for Chinese New Year

- Eh? Case to Case is back?! Anyway, the Lokomoko U-gagged version of Face To Face is back and this time; the case involves on a call center agent who drank poison that didn't know it was expired. The culprit who sells expired poison showed up and oh my! IT'S A TOTAL RIOT IN CASE TO CASE! LOL

- In Talentadong Family; looks like our favorite Lola of Knock Knock Jokes was in jail! Oh no! Because she can't do Knock Knock jokes, she uses her new joke which we are familiar of; The USE IN A SENTENCE Jokes!

1) Use "8th Avenue" in a sentence: Hoy! Sinong nag-park ng kotse na yan sa gitna ng kalsada? Nakakaabala! 8TH AVENUE!

2) Use "Guava" in a sentence: Iha, bakit ayaw mo sa mukha ng asawa mo? Masa-GUAVA?

3) Use "Amoeba" in a sentence: Hay naku iha, yung mga pulis na 'yan, kanina pa ako nagpapaalam para umihi! Hay, di ako napalabas kaya umihi ako dito! Iha, AMOEBA?

4) Use "Devastation" in a sentence: You can ride the bus in DEVASTATION.

5) Use "Entertain" in a sentence: My favorite numbers are eleven, twelve, ENTERTAIN!

6) Use "Parachute" in a sentence: I-asinta mo ng mabuti ang bola sa ring PARACHUTE!

..oh well looks like its Jail Time for the Family!

- Fast rewind back to the prehistoric times please because here comes another Jurassic-age pun on B.C. Bisihan! In that segment; we observed how the pliers and the toothbrush was made in prehistoric times!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Kuya Jobert Austria's "Damoobs" in Bike

On the January 28 episode of Banana Split, we saw that hilarious Kuya Jobert Austria again on "Damoobs with Kuya Jobert". On that segment, Kuya Jobert teaches a female cyclist on how to ride a bike, like the way Lance Armstrong do. In the end, the female cyclist turned out to be the bike theft, and the real owner of the bike mistaken Kuya Jobert for a bike thief! OUCH but LOL!

There's no way Kuya Jobert can't be this funny!

Speaking of funny, we got another art lesson with Kuya Art, the Art Throb. On that segment, the Art Throb shows us how to make an anger decoration with the use of art papers, glue, and scissors. He folded the art papers like cone, cut the excess, insert glue, smack, and voila! An angel decor! What happens if he didn't put glue? He does the same and the result; an ugly devil decor.

After that, headline mishaps in ANG TV PATROL!

Nissan mulls to rebadge the 3rd-generation Premacy?!

2011 Mazda Premacy

Check out the sccop from Carview:

In translation; Nissan plans for an OEM version of the 3rd-generation Mazda Premacy (known worldwide as the Mazda 5) and it will be on effect this late spring 2011.

I have a probability that the Nissan version of this latest-generation Mazda Premacy will replace the Lafesta but will this work?


Some lucky Forza 3 player named "RacerX DSW" made a design based on the amazing NISMO GT-R RC debuted in 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon!

RacerX DSW's NISMO GT-R RC Design

Looks like this XBOX player did it! HE REPLICATED THE AMAZING GODZILLA OF GODZILLA! Kudos to RacerX DSW for making it possible!

RacerX DSW's NISMO GT-R RC Design

Those looking for that design should come visit the Forza storefront to snag this amazing replica based on the NISMO GT-R RC!

RacerX DSW's NISMO GT-R RC Design

A Forza front bumper, Forza spoiler, and some Rays Wheels are highly recommended but someone has a tuning setup available at the storefront! An XBOX player, Raudi, has the best GT-R tuning setup for you to try and its free at his storefront!

Congratulations to whoever made this and I love your work!

To Aru Majutsu no Index II Original Sound Track 1

To Aru Majutsu no Index II OST 1

To Aru Majutsu no Index II (日本名:とある魔術の禁書目録II), the second round of Majutsu no Index continues the fight beyond good and evil in Academy City as Toma Kamijo, Index, and Mikoto Misaka. It was definitely better than the first one and with Railgun character, Kazari Uiharu, included on Index II, this season is bound to be more impressive with even more fast-paced brawls. This is going to be one heck of a psychic battle royale if you keep your eyes on Index II.

Geneon Universal unveiled the first original soundtrack based on To Aru Majutsu no Index II and original score for Index II was led by I've Sound's Maiko Iuchi. Not only that, there are TV-sized versions of No buts and Magic∞world included. The first 23 tracks are included to savor the continuing saga of the never ending psychic battle royal beyond good and evil in Academy City as Toma, Index, Biribiri, and the other characters involved in this series.

Index II OST Part One is now on sale while OST Part Two will debut this late Spring 2011!

1) No buts!(tv-size)
2) ファナティック
3) 急襲
4) 追走
5) とある日常の光景
6) 異端審問
7) 迫る影
8) 最強の名乗り
9) 混迷
10) サイキックバトル
11) 忘却の日々
12) 自業自得?
13) ティータイム
14) 策謀
15) 速記原典
16) 魔道書
17) 打ち止めと一方通行
18) 強大なチカラ
19) クロススピード
20) 受難
21) 炎に焼かれるモノ
22) 幕間
23) Magic∞world(tv-size)

The next PSP?

Sony NGP Concept

At the 2011 PlayStation Meeting since January 27, 2011, the exact date when Oreimo Portable and Majutsu no Index PSP are on sale, Sony announced more on the next-generation PSP codenamed NGP.

NGP, or Next Generation Portable, previews the next generation of PSP, and it will rival against the upcoming Nintendo 3DS.


Although details of the NGP remain slim, we just have to wait further. Let's wait 'till E3 2011, gamescom 2011, or Tokyo Game Show 2011 to delve deeper about the NGP Concept.

Photo: Sony

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Don't call me PANGIT coz I have PANGIL to scare you!

In Alpha Beth on the January 27 episode of Banana Split, drunk men called an approaching ugly guy and they called him "PANGIT" over and over. This looks like a job for the alphabetic superhero, ALPHA BETH!

The word is "PANGIT" and the letter T replaced with the letter L and, presto! Its "PANGIL" and these will scare the drunk men away!

Kuya Art, the Art Throb, shows us how to make a face mask and how? I can't understand what's next on how to make a mask? ROFL

Pokwang, as Etang, is here again on Dear Etang, a segment takes "ma-dramang sulat" to a new spin.

3OW POWHZ! It's Igor Stojokovic Krystic again on Tekkie Muna, where Igor invented "THE RUNNING SHOES". (Sapatos Lang Yan!) Igor claims that these were different from common shoes and once he wear these, he can't stop it! ROFL

To Aru Majutsu no Index PSP

To Aru Majutsu no Index PSP

With Index II still kicking on Tokyo MX, the folks at ASCII Media Works pleased to announced that To Aru Majutsu no Index (日本名:とある魔術の禁書目録) PSP is now here and witness the pulse-pounding, adrenaline-pumping Index action from the anime series straight to your PSP!

In Academy City, as Toma Kamijo, you first met Index at the balcony of the apartment and she said she was hungry. As you never know, Index is the priestess who is hunted by the bad guys and only Toma can protect her. Aside from Toma, there's friends and enemies lurking around the Index story such as the amazing Mikoto Misaka, Kuroko Shirai, Stiyl Magnus, Kaori Kanzaki, Accelerator, and other friends and foes waiting to make your move.

Index PSP is a remarkable fast-paced fighting game that features your favorite Index characters in fast-paced battles. Each character has their own unique blend of attacks such as Toma's Imagine Breaker and Mikoto Misaka's Railgun (Oh yeah! Biribiri is everyone's pick on this game because she's far out cool).

The story mode in Index PSP is more like a storyline based on the first season, but reworked to make it more original. How to progress the story mode is up to you and who knows, you'll be gaining unlockable characters to test out his/her attacks or even pit out against a friend in fast-paced ad-hoc battles.

For this limited edition; not only you received the Index PSP game but you also scored an exclusive Mikoto Misaka figma!

EASTER EGGS: Kirino Kousaka from Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai (Oreimo) guest stars on some part of this game as part of the Oreimo-Index II collaboration!


Atsushi Abe as Toma Kamijo

Yuka Iguchi as Index

Rina Satou (Negi Springfield from Mahou Sensei Negima!) as Mikoto Misaka

Satomi Arai as Kuroko Shirai

Kisho Taniyama (Syuji Sakaki from Zettai Karen Children) as Stiyl Magnus

Shizuka Ito (Hinagiku Katsura from Hayate the Combat Butler!) as Kaori Kanzaki

Nobuhiko Okamoto as Accelerator

Nozomi Sasaki as Sisters

..and others.

Official Site:

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai Portable

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni
Kawaii Wake Ga Nai portable

For twelve episodes, the controversial but irresistible anime TV series, Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai, or Oreimo for short (日本名:俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない) leaves otakus craving for the super-cute little sister of Kyosuke, named Kirino Kousaka. As they know, most of them love Kirino but it's not just her cuteness but also her voice that is similar from K-ON's Azusa Nakano. Most of the Oreimo fans love Kirino but some prefer Kuroneko, whose full name is Ruri Goko.

No wonder this anime ended in a 12-episode basis after facing several controversies, including the episode 2 problem at Anime News Network. I guess this is somewhat problematic for this show but in partial terms of endearment; the PSP video game of Oreimo is now here and bring the misfits of Kirino and the gang wherever you go in Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai Portable!

This game is somewhat similar to Toradora Portable but with some tweaks to keep Oreimo fans craving on what's next. Well, actually, Oreimo Portable is a dating sim game which leaves players a few choices to deal with, affecting how the story goes and the characters progress. Features of the game that made me hard to understand include the O.I.U. system, Real Time Tsukkomi System, "if route", and ORE (Order Record Effect) System.

With the game-play seems to be more stressing, Oreimo Portable is quite possibly as irresistible as Kirino Kousaka and Kuroneko!

Who cares? There's no way this PSP game is dull but fun to play...


1) Standard Package includes the game and a special DVD in place of an instructional booklet called "How to Imo-Talk DVD". Use the Live2D feature to make use of it!

2) A Limited Edition "Zuttoko No Mama" Pack includes the Oreimo Portable game and a special booklet!

3) The Ultimate Oreimo Limited Edition Package; the "Imouto no Koi Shiyo" Pack includes the Oreimo Portable game, 5 stick posters, special DVD, special booklet, and a special game called "Imouto no Koi Shiyo!" exclusively on this package!

EASTER EGGS: There is a part of the Oreimo Portable where the Oreimo girls cosplayed as the girls from To Aru Majutsu no Index, as part of the Oreimo-Index II collaboration. See Kirino as Mikoto Misaka, Kuroneko as Index, or even Saori as Kaori Kanzaki! It's a major major party party!! Say LOL!


Ayana Taketatsu (Azusa Nakano from K-ON!) as Kirino Kousaka

Satomi Sato (Ritsu Tainaka from K-ON!) as Manami Tamura

Hitomi Nabatame (Yukiji Katsura from Hayate the Combat Butler!) as Saori Vageena (Saori Makishima)

Kana Hanazawa (Sakura Hanazono from Maid Sama!) as Kuroneko (Ruri Goko)

Saori Hayami as Ayase Aragaki

...and others.

Official Site:

Survival of Team Up

Sam Concepcion and Aaron Villaflor
hosts Shoutout Level Up

First the Coolelats, then the Team Overload, now we witnessed how "Team Up" surviving the demanding auditions judged by Jake Macapagal (Acting), Lindie Achacoso (Vocal), and Denis Sahagon (Choreography) on yesterday's episode of Shoutout (Level Up)

I guessed that only Emman and Piero showed their true potential in singing and they did well on Shoutout (Level Up)!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Kirino Kousaka and Index at
the cover of the February 2011 issue of
Dengenki PlayStation

The question says it all;


That's what Japanese said because tomorrow, in January 27, both the Oreimo Portable and Index PSP are coming on sale.

Part of the Oreimo-Index II collaboration, both Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni kawaii Wake ga Nai Portable and To Aru Majutsu no Index PSP are here and it's like two birds in one stone!

Oreimo Portable is a dating sim game pits you in the misadventures of Kirino Kousaka, Kuroneko, and the gang while To Aru Majutsu no Index PSP is a fighting game where you get to pit as Toma, Biribiri, Accelerator, Kuroko, Stiyl Magnus, Kanzaki, and the rest.

And yes, there are easter eggs on both of these; Kirino Kousaka guest stars on Majutsu no Index PSP and in some part on Oreimo Portable where the Oreimo girls cosplaying as Index girls (Biribiri, Kanzaki, Index, and the other Index girls).

This will leave them saying; 


How Team Overload struggles

Empress and Robi Domingo hosts
Shoutout Level Up

On January 25 episode of Shoutout (Level Up), the Team Overload undergoes intense auditions judged by Director Rahyan Carlos (Acting), Monet Silvestre (Vocal), and Mickey Ferz (Choreography).

As I watched this; members of Team Overload such as Paul, Linn, Ann, Miles, Mica, Tricia, Aria, and those who are on Team Overload were struggling to get them right because they were judged by these coaches.

I guess the goal of Level Up is to reveal the Shoutout teen's full potential.

It's the first time we saw Aria Clemente playing some mini-guitar as part of showing her full potential.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Italian Journey?!

2012 Fiat Freemont

As the Dodge Journey (Dodge JC in Japan), received a minor change and soon on US dealerships this year, I think that Fiat has something to bring this facelifted Journey to Europe as a Fiat.

Replacing the Europe-spec Dodge Journey is the Fiat Freemont, the OEM of the Dodge Journey.

I have one weird feeling; if FIAT returns to the Philippines soon, can the Fiat Freemont replace our Dodge Journey?

I don't know but the Freemont is scheduled for Geneva debut this March...

Special edition X-Trail Tough Rider

Nissan X-Trail Tough Rider '11

Nissan's 2nd-generation X-Trail gets even more tougher with this special edition Tough Rider edition.

RIDER? Hey, wasn't that supposed to be an Autech? Sorry about that, but this is no X-Trail Autech to me, despite the Rider naming used on the Autech-modified versions of the Elgrand and Serena minivans.

Consider the front and rear bumper overrider, rear sensor, hyper roof rail, and HID headlamps, the X-Trail Tough Rider looks tough, but the same X-Trail experienced.


Level Up...

Last week's Shoutout on ABS-CBN caused so much problems, and the risk of being pull out. I don't know what's just happened but what went wrong?

Oh wait, about Enrique Gil, did he made something wrong on Shoutout?

Because of some mishaps, I guess all the Shoutout groups are facing their new challenge;


Erich Gonzales and Enchong Dee hosts
Shoutout Level Up!

The goals of the Shoutout Level Up:

- teammates must audition

- there will be two production numbers every week; the Theme of the Week and Free For All Performance

- the decision will belong from the three coaches; Carla Martinez (acting), Sherwin Casepe (choreography), and Olive Cruz (vocal)

After last week's problem, will Shoutout be reborn? As I watched it, I can see the teens struggling, even former host Enrique Gil.

After all, despite troubles, they still had fun at the stage!


Shoutout Level Up airs Weekdays after Juanita Banana on ABS-CBN and oh, stay strong!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Kia Morning/Picanto Mk.II -Full Model Change-

Launched in 2004, the Kia Morning (known worldwide as the Picanto) is the replacement to the Hyundai Atoz-based Visto and it revolutionizes the Korean compact by storm. It even got itself a minor change in 2008 to appeal more. Here in the Philippines, the Kia Morning is more of a decent rival to the Hyundai i10, Toyota Yaris, and Suzuki Celerio. Now, the Morning lost its luster because of heavily advanced rival compacts and leaving this compact Kia car to a complete surrender. However, things has changed for the Morning as January 24, 2011 saw its full model change.

2012 Kia Morning

Thanks to the Peter Schreyer design, the Kia Morning is now more stylish than ever and life as we know it, the new Morning is essentially more of a miniature version of the Europe-only Venga MPV. I guess this new model has a striking design than the third-generation Toyota Vitz/Yaris and the Nissan March K13, but the Daewoo Matiz Creative/Chevrolet Spark has a better design than the new, second-generation Kia Morning. Let's face it Korean car fans, this second-generation Morning is much more better than the previous one thanks to the new design philosophy thanks to Mr. Peter Schreyer himself. If it hits in Europe, this will shock the Citroen C1 and the Peugeot 107 for sure.

2012 Kia Morning

One thing to know about the new Kia Morning is the eco-car status; The Kappa 1.0-litre Multi Port Injection engine is capable of the power output of 82PS/6400rpm and it comes in 4-speed automatic and 5-speed manual. For fuel economy, the 4AT grade has the fuel economy of 19km/L while the 5MT grade has the fuel economy of a doubled 22km/L. What can I say? I guess the manual transmission variant of the new Morning makes it perfect for starters but for those who need some "easy driving" on the city streets, the automatic transmission may come in handy.

For safety, the new Morning comes with six airbags, HAC (Hill Assist Control), disc brakes, Vehicle Stability Management, power steering, and side windows automatically lowers down when incoming objects are nearby these windows. This Korean compact car made it more concern for the driver and passenger, at least this is how the new Morning behaves like.

2012 Kia Morning interior

2012 Kia Morning interior

On the inside, the new Kia Morning is a whole different view to tell. One glance of this new interior and someone might say that this is much better than the Suzuki Celerio and Hyundai i10 combined! On front view, the Morning is much more like a shrunken version of the popular Kia K5/Optima sedan, and it has the heated steering wheel found on the K7 and K5. There are five panel colors available to make a good look out of the new Morning; Black High Gloss, Soft Orange, Metal Silver, Metal Beige, and Gray. The seating comes in three colors; black, orange, and gray. Good to know that there is an available option where you can connect your iPod and listen to your music stored from your iPod while joyriding the new Kia Morning.

The new Morning comes in ten delicious colors to choose from;

1) Alice Blue
2) Bright Silver
3) Cafe Moka
4) Galaxy Black
5) Honey Bee
6) Lemon Grass
7) Milky Beige
8) Original White
9) Signal Red
10) Titanium Silver

My thoughts about the Morning;
The Kappa 1.0L Multi-Port Injection engine, the new design, the new interior, ten colors, nothing makes it more interesting than the full model change of the Kia Morning. It debuted in South Korea, and soon it will make a global debut in Geneva Motor Show this March. I just hope that Columbian Automobile Corporation will bring the Morning's full model change as the new Picanto and this is surely much better than the Hyundai i10 and the Suzuki Celerio combined. Speaking of much, there is so much getting to know about the Morning's full model change and I think this is enough for now.

Believe me, the new Morning is much better than the Hyundai i10 and the Suzuki Celerio in the design category. If it arrives in the Philippines soon, imagine an endless possibilities you can do with the new Morning/Picanto. Showing this up on SCTEX, SLEX, or NLEX really wows the traffic crowd, and I mean it.

Photo: Kia Motors

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Compact Renaissance Zero vs. Creative Touring

Yes, the two hybrid hatchbacks made in Japan, the Honda CR-Z and the Lexus CT 200h. If you were not into Priuses and Insights, consider these two hybrid hatches are an alternative to boring hybrid cars. For a junkie; these can be boring. For a hybrid lover, both the CR-Z and CT 200h are sporty hybrids that possesses fun at the green level. For me, I wonder which of these hybrid hatchbacks is my good pick?

The Honda CR-Z is the world's first hybrid sports car that resembles like the 80's CR-X, henceforth that Honda fans called it the next CR-X, despite the naming is CR-Z, which means Compact Renaissance Zero. This car is made for green-living, fun-loving, people because of its 1.5L engine with Honda's Integrated Motor Assist. 

So far, tuners from Japan modified the Honda CR-Z to make it more fun to drive rather than being a normal, boring one. In some countries, there was some tuner miraculously engine swapped the CR-Z's hybrid engine into the engine used from Honda Type R cars.

The fun fact about the CR-Z is the 6-speed Manual Transmission. This transmission is the common amenity of Japanese sports cars and this hybrid has this kind of transmission, making it worthy to be called a fun-to-drive hybrid hatch.

The most disappointing fact about the CR-Z is its performance. Of course, some people think that the CR-Z is boring, others said it was much OK than the Prius. The hybrid engine doesn't satisfy my craving but for fuel efficiency, this is somewhat good, or is it? Boring but it was okay because most tuners are always welcome to tune the CR-Z further.

About Lexus' first hatchback, the CT 200h, this is somewhat their first entry to the premium hatchback segment. The CT naming in the CT 200h stands for Creative Touring. If I came close to its numbers; all I cay say is the CT 200h has more fuel economy than the CR-Z because the CT 200h has a fuel economy of 34.0km/L while the CR-Z gets 25.0km/L (CVT variants). However, the maximum output of the CR-Z is higher than the CT 200h because the CR-Z is 114 PS while the CT 200h is 99 PS. That was for the maximum output, but in terms of system output, the CT 200h has greater numbers than the CR-Z because 124 PS of system output of the CR-Z is not enough against the CT 200h's system output of 136 PS.

The CT 200h wins in terms of system output and fuel economy. In pricing, the CR-Z wins because the CT 200h costs about 3,380,952 Japanese Yen (about 2,650,000 Pesos) while the CR-Z costs about 2,160,000 Japanese Yen (about 1,960,000 Pesos). Consider the CR-Z cheaper than the CT 200h.

In the inside, I think the CT 200h has a better interior than the CR-Z. I believe the interior of the CT 200h is somewhat high-tech while the CR-Z is just ordinary and borrowed from the second-generation Insight.

There you have it folks. For me, I think the CR-Z is my pick because, this was last year's Japan Car of the Year. No wait, not only that, it still looks more fun to drive for a green-living driver. The CT 200h is somewhat an executives' choice with a price tag higher than the CR-Z. I just hope both of these hybrid hatchbacks will come to the Philippines soon.

Another mission for James Bang

OK, here's what happened on the January 22, 2011 episode on Banana Split;

- Hot showbiz issues in HOT ISSUE

- Gym jokes

- Kuya Keem tells more on the human skin

- Jayson Gainza, as Singh The Magician, is back for some hilarious magic tricks on Magic Singh

- dance to the tune of Sorry Sorry

- Another mission for the hilarious spy in Banana Split, James Bang .007; prevent some guy named Jojo from being drunk

- a game of SHOW IT!
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