Saturday, February 12, 2011

For Crewe, James?

Bentley Continental GT for Carte Blanche

Over the years, the legendary British spy, James Bond, drives several Aston Martins, BMWs, and rarely a Lotus Esprit. Did you know that James Bond also drives a Bentley? Prior for the new Bond book, 007: Carte Blanche, schedule to hit British bookstores this May 26, two days before the 103rd anniversary of the James Bond writer, Ian Fleming, which was on May 28, the new car for James Bond will be none other than (gasp) the Bentley Continental GT!

Although the Continental GT will be featured on the new James Bond book, we expect that the new Bond car may get some high-tech gadgets only Her Majesty's Secret Service would need. For Crewe, James?

NOTE TO SELF: I hope that Daniel Craig will get behind the wheel on this new Bond car, the Bentley Continental GT, so we can enjoy his new mission on his new wheels while catching the bad guys and some dames.

Two dramas based on Martha Cecilia's books, Alyna and Kristine, ended in the same day!

Alyna final episode and
Kristine final episode

Well, it had to happened. Yesterday ended not just one, but two dramas that were based on the books created by Martha Cecilia. These TV drama adaptation of the books that were none other than Alyna (which stars Shaina Magdayao, Jason Abalos, and Kaye Abad) and Kristine (starring Cristine Reyes, Zanjoe Marudo, and Rafael Rosell)

I guess I can't tell how both of these dramas ended but I am sure they turned out to be decent. Most viewers want to blog how the ending of both Alyna and Kristine turned out to be.

In the Alyna finale; Dominic and Victor tries to rescue Alyna, held captive by Lynette. Victor shot Lynette and Alyna was saved and reunited with her baby, Nico. After several moments later, Victor bids farewell to Alyna, then 9 months later, the imprisoned Lynette gave birth. 

Alyna and Dominic finally came together.

In the Kristine finale; Bernard, Marco, and the gang tries to rescue Jewel, now captive under her Aunt Margarita. They are trying to rescue Jewel before the bomb explodes but Aunt Margarita showed up. Margarita tries to stop her son, Nathaniel, but Nathaniel persuades his mother to stop it. Jewel also persuades her Aunt Margarita to put this madness to the end. After the persuasion, Margarita handed to Nathaniel the key to free Jewel but the necklace that leads to the "Treasure Without Boundaries" was dropped. All of them were escaped but Margarita coming back to pick up the necklace and Margarita was killed from the explosion.

Moments later, peace was regained at Paso De Blas and Villa Kristine and that concludes the story of Kristine.

Two books ended in the same day and that's how it resulted...


Hey? What just happened on the February 11 episode of Philippines' flagship gag show, Bubble Gang?

- Valentines shopping gags that says "BREAK NA TAYO!"

- Machete, meet Masyete, Bubble Gang's take on Machete!

- Bureche had a bad dream that Cheche's tolerating Bureche! When she wakes up, Bureche scares Cheche with a bee! Dad came and tells Bureche what scares Cheche. The bee stung Bureche! AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!! (Looks like Cheche's showing off her inner Angelina! Well, that's Ogie Alcasid...)

- Women carrying 4 or more bags? Drivers sticking something yellow on their car windows? People smiling with their braces? THEY'RE TOO ANNOYING!! Bring in Bonggang Bonggang Bongbong and warn these guys!

- Bubble Gang spoofs the commercial of Ulalammm and gagged as Ulamlam! "HINDI LANG BASTA ULAM! ULAMLAM!"

- Two good guys argue each other

- A one-on-one duel happened in the Wild West. It ended in a draw.

- The couple's taking care of some old man

- Moymoy Palaboy and Roadfill in Brian McKnight's Back At One

- A Bubble Gang sketch pokes fun at Ophiuchus, the new zodiac sign

Did you miss another one of Lola's "Use in a sentence" jokes?

Hey Lokomoko fans! Did anyone miss another one of the "Use in a sentence" jokes on the February 11, 2011 episode of Lokomoko U? Probably because you saw most of the dating on the sunset gags or another case on Case to Case where a familiarly blind man complains about his "utang" to someone Chinese. Anyway, here's what;

1) Use "Lebanon" in a sentence; Iha, di ba yung panty ko nakita mo naninilaw na, ba't ganun di ba ikaw nag-LEBANON.

2) Use "kitchen" in a sentence; Iha, pakibili nga ako ng gamot, masa-KITCHEN ko!

3) Use "Melchora" in a sentence; Everybody, nakita niyo ba ang girlfriend ni Rainier? MELCHORA ha?

4) Use "Hopia" in a sentence; Ikaw, anong gusto mong regalo? Gitara HOPIA-no?

5) Use "merciful" in a sentence; Iha, napansin mo bang medyong ngongo ako lately? MERCIFUL kasi ako.

6) Use "marinade" in a sentence; Iha, ilang beses ko na bang sinabi sa yo na lakasan mo ang boses mo pag kausap mo si Jojong Bingi, kasi di ka MARINADE!

7) Use "false teeth" in a sentence; Iha, yung kumpare ko ay kakauwi ng galing abroad. FALSE TEETH sign ang mga pasalubong!

8) Use "bartolina" in a sentence; Inday, kamusta na ba ang anak mo si BARTOLINA ba?


Friday, February 11, 2011

A black cat turned into a black Toyota Belta!

Alpha Beth turned a cat into a Toyota Belta!

Hah! Didn't see that thing coming? A black cat turned into a black ToyotBelta on that morning's episode of Alpha Beth on the February 11 episode of Banana Split Daily Servings, where a office lady tries to hitch a ride and Alpha Beth helps her with today's word "CAT", then replace T with the letter R and it's a "CAR"!

Also something that didn't see it coming are a letter for Ate Etang about a kasambahay trying to be an actress and another magic trick from Magic Singh where Singh the Magician performs the coin magic.

As always, good luck Melai and Kuya Jobert for your appearance on the new noontime show, Happy Yipee Yehey, starting tomorrow!

New X3 F25's Philippine Debut is attention-grabbing! All of them are sold out, fast!

2011 BMW X3

Last night, February 10, 2011, Asian Carmakers Corporation, the official BMW distributor to the PH, just launched the 2011 BMW X3 and since this is much more attention grabbing, the new X3 has been sold out when it comes out! 

Grabe, bilis!

All of the new X3 units are sold out in the Philippines, fast! What just happened? Lucky for them, the new X3 (F25) has some of the features such as 2.0-litre diesel engine, idling stop system, and Brake Energy Regeneration System!

I guess this is a simple joy of "first come, first serve" as the new X3 is expected to be on sale at the end of the month, as expected.

Oh well, while it may be out of stock for a while, at least the new X3 is here...

They gave a new Ferrari F1 for 2011 F1 a bad name?


Ferrari F150th Italia '11

Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Supercrew '11

Uh oh, here it goes for the Ferrari F1 team. When they name their new F1 car for the 2011 Formula One season, the F150, in honor of Italy's 150th anniversary of unification, Ford Motor Company took the rap and warned Ferrari not to use that name because F150 is F-150, the name of Ford's pickup truck.

By honest mistakes, Ferrari decided to rename it as "Ferrari F150th Italia" just to be sure.

I guess mistakes often happened for Ferrari.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

First, there were Etang-natics, now, there were Mutang-holics!

Yesterday on Banana Split, on the Dear Etang segment, Pokwang, as Ate Etang, called the viewers Etang-natics because this portion targets problematic maids and domestic helpers and come up with the solution. That's why Pokwang, as Ate Etang, called them "Etang-natics" because they love this new portion of Banana Split.

Now, on the February 10 episode, John Prats, as Kuya Keem, his take on Kuya Kim Atienza, called us "Mutang-holics" because we love John Prats' take on Matanglawin called "Mutanglawin" on Banana Split. On that segment, Kuya Keem tells us more on the most popular social network site known as Facebook! When Kuya Keem asked questions to someone claimed to be the roommate of the Facebook founder, he replied that "this is a good question!" Eh? LOL!



TOKYO CONNECTION is the mini-album released by the famous J-Pop Hip Hop duo, HALCALI (you may remember them from their version of Konya Ha Boogie Back, the song heard from the 2009 Nissan Cube TV commercial). If you were looking for the song, Marching March 80KIDZ Remix, the song from the 2011 Nissan March K13 Japanese TV commercial, well you're in luck car enthusiasts who are hunting for some car commercial songs. This was included in the list of seven remixed versions of HALCALI songs including Roman Hikou, Girl!Girl!Girl!, and Giri Choco.

A perfect treat for HALCALI fans (and also for the car addicts who are looking for the song from the Nissan March K13 TV commercial) to plug it in and slam dunk the funk with the remixed versions of their favorite HALCALI songs. At least, most J-Pop fans are familiar with HALCALI for sure.

Better plug this CD on the Nissan March K13's audio and enjoy!



Former 765 Productions Idol now turned Producer Ritsuko Akizuki (CV: Naomi Wakabayashi) established her own idol unit called "Ryugu Komachi" consisting of Ami Futami (CV: Asami Shimoda), Iori Minase (CV: Rie Kugimiya), and Azusa Miura (CV: Chiaki Takahashi). This idol unit serves as one of your rivals in THE IDOLM@STER 2's Idol Academy Award. Before you challenge this idol group on THE IDOLM@STER 2, coming late February 2011, you must first get to know more about the Ryugu Komachi unit with this maxi-single CD titled SMOKY THRILL.

SMOKY THRILL is a maxi-single CD comprises of five songs and two free talk tracks. Tracks 1, 2 and 4 are the songs made possible by Ryugu Komachi while tracks 3 and 5 are the two-part talk part, giving yourselves the first listen on this unit established by a former idol now turned producer. Tracks 6 and 7 are the karaoke versions of tracks 1 & 2.

I know, this unit will be served as one of your fiercest enemies at the Idol Academy Award but they're still our favorites!

2. 恋するミカタ
3. トーク01
4. チクタク (友情出演)
5. トーク02
7. 恋するミカタ (オリジナル・カラオケ)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bank Robbery? Leave it to Alpha Beth!

Yes! Alpha Beth again on the February 9 episode of Banana Split! There was a bank robbery and the security guard's having a hard time catching the bad guys! This looks like a job for Alpha Beth, the alphabetic superhero!

She performs the most complicated trick in the history of Alpha Beth episodes; she throws a bamboo to the robbers and the word is "BAMBOO"! For this "BAMBOO" word, take away the extra O and arrange the letters A and O and its "BOMBA!" BOOM!

Oh wait! The katulongs and kasambahays who watched Banana Split experienced another round of Dear Etang, with Pokwang as Ate Etang reading a letter from the lavandera... Guess the katulongs and kasambahays are now Etang-natics. LOL

Eh? Kapamilya males guest star during Mara's 16th birthday?

Christian (Albie Casino) gives
Mara (Kathryn Bernardo) a green

Hey guys! Did you saw last night's Mara Clara episode?

In some part of the episode, after Amante, apparently Mara's true father, danced with Mara (Kathryn Bernardo) for her 16th birthday, it seems that last night's episode throw a curve with the guesting of some Kapamilya males, including Sam Milby, Jason Abalos, Joem Bascon, there's even Zaijan Aranilla, Jericho Rosales, Rap Fernandez, or even Jake Cuenca. What an expendable guesting!

After that, Christian (Albie Casino) gives Mara a Green Rose. (?) OMG, the Green Rose is going to be refer to the upcoming ABS-CBN remake of the hit Korean drama, Green Rose, coming soon!

I always thought having Kathryn Bernardo being the new Mara is fabulous. I guess fans felt accepted over Kathryn Bernardo, especially on that special scene on last night's episode where Mara danced with her real father, some Kapamilya males, her best friend, and even Christian who gives her a Green Rose!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Utau Loveplus

Utau Loveplus

Exclusively on, Utau Loveplus carries 9 of the Loveplus songs sung by the three Loveplus girls; Nene Anegasaki, Rinko Kobayakawa, and Manaka Takane, including the exclusive song on this Konamistyle exclusive album, バレンタインの愛言葉.

We believed that it's almost weeks before Valentines Day and Utau Loveplus is the perfect CD to listen the songs from the three virtual girlfriends that made a headline throughout Japan, and made this game one of the newest flagship titles from the brand behind Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Dance Dance Revolution, and Akumajo Dracula (known worldwide as Castlevania). As a Konamistyle exclusive item, you may not find it on other stores. Utau Loveplus is the perfect pre-Valentines Day treat!

1) バレンタインの愛言葉
3) そばかす
4) MUGO・ん…色っぽい
5) ラムのラブソング
6) デリケートに好きして
7) 私がオバさんになっても
8) 淋しい熱帯魚
9) アジアの純真
10) 渚のシンドバッド

Bartender's Damoobs

Kuya Jobert as a bartender

One of my favorite Banana Split segments, Damoobs ni Kuya Jobert, is here again on the February 8 episode! We saw Kuya Jobert as a bartender at a bar, then some woman approached him and she wants to show how bartenders juggle. He's making some kind of Zombie cocktail and the segment ends where Kuya Jobert ended up being a zombie! (Get it? Zombie!)

BTW, in Ang TV Patrol, Pooh mentioned the event happened at the hit TV drama, Mara Clara, where their fates are now reversed after revealing their true parents. Does the fans want to rename it as Clara Mara? Nobody knows...

Opel Corsa D Minor Change

2011 Opel Corsa

Opel's Corsa (or Vauxhall Corsa in the Great Britain) is much more of a novice in Opel's lineup and and a European compact car good for everyone because of its value for money. In Japan, the second-generation Opel Corsa was known as the Vita because Toyota has one as the Tercel's twin. When the fourth-generation Opel Corsa broke cover in 2006, they will no longer be known as the Vita because of Opel's withdrawal in Japan due to poor sales.

The Opel Corsa/Vauxhall Corsa (formerly known as the Vita), now on its fourth generation, reaches its second phase and for this second phase, the Vita, I mean, Corsa gets a new aggressive front look and a new interior to keep the Opel compact fresh and updated to meet the demands of style-worthy customers.

The ecoFLEX version of the revised Vita, I mean, Corsa, now comes with the idling stop package. With cars such as the second-generation Mazda Axela having the i-stop, Nissan's March K13 comes with the idling stop feature, Daihatsu's TNP Move gets the Eco Idle, and the Toyota iQ Go 6MT and 3rd-generation Vitz/Yaris armed with Smart Stop, the Corsa's minor change gets the idling stop package exclusively on the Corsa ecoFLEX 1.3 CDTi. The Corsa ecoFLEX 1.3 CDTi Start/Stop uses idling stop technology, which allows the engine to shut off automatically when stopped. Power output of the Corsa's 1.3 CDTi engine is 95 HP, consumes for about 3.5 liters/100 km, and the lowest CO2 emissions of 94g/km (3-door variants) to 95g/km (5-door variants).

There are other engine variants available for the face-lifted Corsa D such as the 1.2 Twinport 1.4 Twinport, 1.6 Turbo, and the 1.7 CDTI engine. The high-performance Corsa OPC/VXR comes with the 1.6-litre turbo engine that has the power output of 192 PS and reaches a maximum top speed of 225km/h. It consumes for about 7.3 Liter/100 km.

My thoughts about the Corsa:
No longer called Vita, the fourth generation Corsa is Opel's compact car that wows the crowd with its compact capabilities. Now on its second phase of this fourth-generation model, the new Corsa bows to be more stylish than the Mazda Demio and the Ford Fiesta, but not in my point of interest. If I compare the looks of the facelifted Corsa and the Mazda Demio, I would say that the Corsa is much more stylish than the Demio.

With Mazda gets i-Stop, Nissan's idling stop is under the Pure Drive series, Daihatsu gets Eco Idle, and Toyota gets Smart Stop, the face-lifted Corsa ecoFLEX has a Start/Stop innovation on the 1.3 CDTi engine for optimized fuel efficiency.

Can this one still be called Vita?

Photo: General Motors Europe

Stay strong, Robert Kubica!


What a tragic even happened to the F1 driver working for the Lotus Renault GP, Robert Kubica after he crashed a rally-spec Skoda at the Ronde di Adora.

With the injury, does this mean that Kubica's F1 career will end? I hope not! (Please!)

I hope Mr. Robert Kubica's recovery will be as fast as a Formula One car but we should pray that he will be better soon...


Monday, February 7, 2011

Best Super Bowl XLV ad ever from VW USA!

NFL's Super Bowl XLV is not just more on the duel between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, and also not just the halftime concert with the Black Eyed Peas. Its all in a powerhouse of TV commercials from pugs, misunderstanding elders about the Chevy Cruze Eco, disturbing, border patrol, classics, black beetle, tasteless Groupon ads, epic ride, post Facebook status with your Chevy Cruze, escape the old luxury, imported from Detroit, surprise appearance of the upcoming MB C-Class Coupe and SLS AMG Roadster (especially the new SLK and the new CLS) in the Mercedes-Benz Welcome ad, movie trailers, and most of it. Of all the SB45 ads I've watched, my pick goes to the Volkswagen Passat NMS (New Midsize Sedan) commercial titled "The Force" and how Lil' Darth Vader deals with not-just-your-average-household and the Passat NMS!


As always this is the new American Passat and its totally unrelated to the Passat B7 unveiled at 2010 Mondial D' Automobile in Paris, France. Sales of the Passat NMS will start this Summer and soon in Mainland China.

Glee x Chevrolet Collaboration?

I noticed something...

During the Super Bowl XLV commercial breaks, I saw the Glee x Chevrolet collaboration commercial where the cast of the popular teen comedy drama, Glee, gets to be on the commercial for Chevrolet and each of them will receive a Chevrolet Cruze. That's what Sue said.

Later on, during the commercial of the Football episode of Glee, here it goes:

"See the USA", that's brilliant for the Glee-Chevrolet collaboration! At the end, Sue thinks this is ridiculous.

"I was going to donate my Chevrolet Cruze to Charity. Charity's my cat. She totaled her SUV last weekend."

Brittany said that line. LOL

Thank you FOX and General Motors for this wonderful collaboration!

The Three Kings of Gran Turismo 5

The top three fastest machines of Gran Turismo 5 based on everyone's experiences (especially showing it on Special Stage Route 7, the favorite racetrack for those who want to push their cars to the max) are the ones everyone's bragging about. I know it's rude to brag on others or what we Filipinos say, Payabangan ng mga mabibilis, If Goin Bulilit's going to make a sketch on "Payabangan ng mga mabibilis na kotse", I say go for it.

Anyway, based on my research, experience, and test drives, here are the Three Kings of Gran Turismo 5 and how to obtain one and my 100のヴィ学 on these.

Number 3: Bugatti Veyron 16.4

Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti Veyron

How to get it: Find one in the used car dealer for just a whopping 2,000,000 credits. It's a rare find! An alternative way to get it is to win the Supercar Challenge in A-Spec.

100のヴィ学: The world's most expensive and the most fastest supercar on the world takes its center stage on GT5. Don't think that this is new to you because this king was appeared in various video games, especially the Gran Turismo PSP video game. On straightways, the Veyron is invincible but on corners, the Veyron is somewhat extremely hard to handle despite its 4WD drive-train. Supercars like the Lexus LFA, Nissan GTR, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and especially the original king, the McLaren F1, are afraid to challenge this ultimate monster, but I say that challenging a Veyron to a Le Mans Prototype is strictly not recommended because of the weight. I see why most GT5 players often try it out on some tracks or show it off on Special Stage Route 7. It only blows away normal production, concept, and tuner cars, but not recommended against LMPs and lightweight race cars.

Number 2: Formula Gran Turismo

Formula Gran Turismo

Formula Gran Turismo

How to get it: Rare find at the used car dealer or better yet, ONLINE DEALERSHIP! The cost of the Formula GT ranges below the 5 million credit mark. Save up some cash on that one!

100のヴィ学: Since GT3 and GT4, the Formula GT is the new king, dethroning the original Gran Turismo king, the Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version/Dirt Trial Car. It also came in the GT PSP game. The Formula Gran Turismo is not just a required car for the six-track, 20-lap, Formula GT championship, but a perfect car on almost all A-Spec races. Even more than the Ferrari F10 and the F2007, the Formula GT is a Standard Tier car that is forced to be reckoned with. In online battles, most players may find them challenging.


X2010 (S. Vettel special model)

X2010 (S.Vettel special model)

How to get it: For the special S. Vettel model, complete the Red Bull Challenge on the Special Events section. Please take note that relying on the stick controller alone may not help you win the Red Bull Challenge. It's a trial and error process so try and try until you get the target time. If you're not into that, you can get the original X2010 model but the process would be difficult. Reach the maximum A-Spec level of 40 and gain 20,000,000 credits to obtain one. The Red Bull X2010 is the most expensive car on this game. If you can't afford, find an online buddy who has an extra X1 Prototype to share it but your online buddy will ask you that he/she will give you the X1 Prototype in exchange of a more expensive car. Think of the Ferrari F10 and F2007, Jaguar XJ13, Ford Mark IV, Ferrari 330 P4, or even the forbidden (banned in real life but not in GT games) Chaparral 2J. If you received his/her X1 Prototype, keep that in mind that there is only one phrase you shall remember; Utang Mo, Please? (Your Debt, Please?) To repay the debt, you have to play hard to reach A-Spec Level 40, have 20,000,000 credits, and obtain your own X1 Prototype in order to repay the debt he/she owes you from the X1 Prototype.

100のヴィ学: The fastest racecar in the history of Gran Turismo, outranking the Formula GT and henceforth be known as the King of Gran Turismo cars for now. With over 500kg of weight and over 1000PS of power output, the Red Bull X1 Prototype or X2010 now is the ultimate racing machine everyone dream to have one. In B-Spec races, this is a great way to level up your low-ranking driver on extreme races. If they show it on online races, what they expect? They will just bow down. Honestly, I borrowed it from a fellow GT5 player in exchange for a 12,500,000 Ferrari F2007 and I promise not to show it on an online race. I made my promise not to brag and remain humble on the X1 Prototype. Bragging is a total waste and it may disappoint the previous owner of this machine.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Peugeot 508

2011 Peugeot 508

Although the controversial Peugeot 407 and the aging Peugeot 607 met their demise, it seems that this new Peugeot premium-class, the 508, is much more similar to Toyota Mark X because the Mark X combined the Mark II, Cresta, and Chaser (don't forget the Verossa) into one premium sedan. The Toyota Mark X is too premium enough against the Peugeot 508. The real rivals of the Peugeot 508 are the Volkswagen Passat B7 and the Kia K5/Optima.

STYLING: The Peugeot 508 is essentially a production version of the "5 by Peugeot" concept car as seen on the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. It comes in two available body styles; the 508 sedan for premium preference and the 508 SW for spacious premium. It is somewhat disappointing that Peugeot did not offered a coupe version of the 508 yet. Still, I still prefer the styling of the Kia K5 over the new Peugeot 508, but on the lighter side, it looks more attractive than the Volkswagen Passat B7.

2011 Peugeot 508 interior

INTERIOR: The Peugeot 508's interior design is somewhat more of a carbon copy of its French arch-rival, the Renault Latitude (known in South Korea as the third-generation Renault Samsung SM5). However, the Peugeot 508's interior is the best-looking interior in all of Peugeot's lineup because of its premium amenities offered such as colored HUD (Heads Up Display), four-zone air conditioning, hands-free access and start-up, JBL audio system, multi-function steering wheel, navigation system, and a whole lot of conveniences offered on the 508. 

PERFORMANCE: Being a full-fledged European eco-car, the 508 comes with the new 1.6L e-HDi FAP engine. This micro-hybrid system has a power output of 112PS, consumes for about 4.2 liters of diesel and it has the lowest CO2 emissions of 109-110 g/km. This is considered to be Peugeot's finest because of its micro-hybrid technology. The 1.6L e-HDi variant on the 508 comes with the new automated 6-speed manual transmission. Other engines available as of launch are the 1.6L HDi FAP engine with the power output of 112PS and comes with the 5-speed MT, and the 1.6L VTi petrol engine packed with 120PS of power output, 6-speed AT, and consumes 6.2 to 6.3 liters of premium gasoline. A turbocharged 1.6L engine and a 2.0L HDi engine may follow this 1st quarter of 2011. 
SAFETY: For peace of mind, the Peugeot 508 comes with the finest safety features such as the xenon headlamps, Electronic Stability Program, six airbags, ISOFIX, power steering, and Peugeot Connect SOS. 

My thoughts about the 508: 
Based on the design from the Peugeot 5 Concept, the Peugeot 508 defines premium to the next level and trust me. The 508's design is even more attractive than the Volkswagen Passat B7 but less attractive than the Kia K5/Optima. Other rivals of the Peugeot 508 include the Hyundai YF Sonata, Toyota Camry, Chrysler 200, Chevrolet Malibu, Nissan Teana, Honda Accord Inspire and Accord Euro, Renault Latitude, Citroen C5, and Subaru Legacy. With the new e-HDi engine equipped on the 508, this lion is grown to be more "clean and economical" on European roads. Although most Europeans deserved more from a medium-sized sedan, this Peugeot is the most majestic of all the Peugeots ever made. Photo: PSA Peugeot Citroen

Can't fall asleep and waiting for the helicopter?

Here's what happened on the February 5 episode on Banana Split:

- You want showbiz? Count on HOT ISSUE!

- Veterinary jokes

- Kuya Keem's waiting for the helicopter

- Can't fall asleep? Bring in James Bang to put you to sleep with his SLEEPING PIL-LOW!

- Some dances

- You can't beat Team Banana Split on a game of Show It, especially when their opponents are the Mocha Girls!
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