Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another minor tweaks...

Lamborghini Gallardo

Yesterday, there was another update applied on Gran Turismo 5, and for that Update 1.06; there was some numerous changes occur; most are highly generous but some don't;

- Remote Racing debut! Pit your shared B-Spec drivers online against other players who have shared B-Spec drivers for this kind of race. It applies on the Community section of GT Mode. 

- If you see a friend share his/her own car online, you can borrow it!

- Gear ratios, weight adjustments, and power limiters added

- Performance Points included to make it more challenging. Think of it like Performance Index. If you host a race online, you can now set rules on this kind of regulation.

- Replays of 2-player races can now be saved!

- Amateurs who reached Level 30 and taking on the Red Bull X Challenge at the Special Events section deserved a generous chance because the lap times are now adjusted. This is great for amateur players trying to win the King of Gran Turismo cars.

- Prize money reverted back to normal but experience points are now increased. This is great to increase their A-Spec experience and if they reach Level 40, they are ready to buy the ultra expensive X1 Prototype in different colors!

- Stricter penalties in Special Events section

- You can select multiple items while holding the L1 button

- If you own an internet cafe jam-packed with multiple PS3s and multiple copies of GT5, the Multi-Monitor feature is a great feature because you can watch multiple races in multiple scenarios!

- Controller Steering Sensitivity added to give players relying on Stick Controller an edge of cornering.

"Sebo, talsik! Mala-kamay dalaga, balik!"

Anything happened on the Feb. 18 episode of Bubble Gang?

- Excavation gags might end up breaking inside the bank, but just for fun!

- A man, a woman, and hidden men in the house on the sketch called Raining Men

- In the Wish You Well sketch, a housewife tries to find some poison to kill herself, until she found a bottle that releases a Genie that grants her three wishes!

- Cheche and Bureche's dad invited Ms. Cruz for some guidance counseling.
Does Cheche or Bureche had a problem?
...Ms. Cruz told that Cheche needs more attention at school. When she left, dad tries to spank Cheche but Ms. Cruz came and she told by mistake! It was Bureche that needs more attention to school! Bureche deserves a spanking! OUCH!

Sorry Bureche, but this is for your own good...

- Bubble Gang does Joy Hand Care! They spoofed the commercial of Joy Hand Care, gagged as "Choy Hand Care!" Sebo, talsik! Mala-kamay dalaga, balik!

Bubble Gang does Joy Hand Care

- Remember last week, when there was a Bubble Gang sketch that pokes fun at the new zodiac sign, Ophiuchus? Guess what, Bubble Gang imagines another creature to be added in the Chinese Zodiac! That's the year of the ROBOT?!

- Welcome to the Fantasy Bar, my friend!

-  Moymoy Palaboy and Roadfill in Big Mountain's Baby, I Love Your Way!

- Ogie Alcasid explains what could your "worst friend" be...

- There's no way this BF can't be that praning!

Cosplay gags in Lokomoko U

"Exciting ka masyadong mag-cosplay!"

Whoa there! February 18 episode of TV5's Lokomoko U has gags poke fun at cosplay. Guess cosplaying never thought to be that hilarious! Also on that episode;

- Dining table invented by cavemen in another episode of B.C. Bisihan.

- Need exercise? Check out Ohtistic Aerobics! Staying fit never been this fun, especially the Ohtistic Aerobics!

- E. Tan Ong is back on "Itanong mo kay E. Tan Ong", where all your questions answered by E. Tan Ong himself!

- The tools of carpentry take over the "dula-dulaan" stage in another round of Bata Bata Tayo'y Tumula!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Oh, I've wasted my bananas...(...about the Juanita Banana finale)

Bananas are every Kapamilya's best friend. A banana made us laugh, but sometimes a banana made us cry. That's why ABS-CBN did a remake on Juanita Banana. It looks odd why ABS-CBN made another show that has "Banana" on its title, just like Goin Bananas and Banana Split. No wonder Kapamilyas love bananas because these fruits are fun to express joy to every Filipinos.

Juanita Banana ending

In order to save her mother, her father Val, her siblings, her love interest Joaquin, her best friend, her biggest rival Donya Digna, Aunt Margaux, and others, Juanita makes a choice if she has to marry the prince of dwarfs, Rikitik or not. As everyone pleads to Juanita not to leave the human world forever, Prince Rikitik decided to let Juanita go. When he explained to his father, the King of the Dwarf World, Prince Rikitik decided not to marry Juanita but marrying a princess from another Dwarf World.

Later on, everyone thanked Juanita because she was free, her family's reunited, her siblings apologized to Juanita's mom (well that's how you get to have a real mom, Bubwit), Juanita's best friend Maryukit lends Margaux a handkerchief to cry on, Juanita's father, Val, accepted Juanita for what happened, Margaux admitted defeat, and Donya Digna apologized to Juanita.

Moments later, Prince Rikitik married a princess from another dwarf kingdom.

...and that concludes the most delicious daytime TV comedy-drama that smiled and cried most Kapamilyas for bananas, Juanita Banana. I wonder what's next for the beauty queen who played Juanita Banana, Bianca Manalo? Gosh, we felt so sorry over Bianca Manalo's status but that's okay, there's hope for the beauty queen after the drama's ending.

See you soon, Ms. Bianca Manalo, and remember what she said "Wanna eat a banana?"

Lend an Extra Hand Prototype, anyone?

Ryan Bang, as Igor Stojokovic Krystic, in Banana Split's Tekkie Muna for Feb. 18, invented something handful! Something that is called an Extra Hand Prototype!

Igor Stojokovic Krystic invented
the Extra Hand Prototype!

Did this inventor created a hand? Not just any ordinary hand, it's an Extra Hand Prototype! LOL

Just how handful is this handy hand? Imagine you broke into a fight. Then someone will apologize and shake hand. When he shake your hand, it's not your hand, it's the Extra Hand Prototype! He's running away screaming like a girl! HA! HA!

There are other uses for this Extra Hand Prototype such as back-scratching, wiping you buttocks in place of toilet paper, slapping, and choking!

Anyway, that's the hand that is hand-made by Igor Stojokovic Krystic in Banana Split's Tekkie Muna! ROFL

Samurai Selections

Toyota Mark X

Back when the second-generation Toyota Mark X (known in Mainland China as the Reiz) launched in mid-October 2009, Toyota Motor Corporation adopted the SAMURAI concept for the new model. The term "SAMURAI X" really scored a spot for the new Toyota Mark X because of its sharp design and a powerful aura only a spirited driver can wield its true power of this executive sedan. In February 14, 2011, Valentines Day, the Toyota Mark X Zio (unrelated to the Mark X sedan) multipurpose vehicle made a mid-life refresh and it has an aggressive face on the regular and a elegant front grille on the Aerial variant. How are these two Samurais differ?

2010 Toyota Mark X

First of all, the second-generation Toyota Mark X is an improved version of the first-generation Mark X. The Toyota Mark X was the successor of the legendary Toyota Mark II sedan and it rivals the Nissan Fuga, which is the successor of the legendary Nissan Cedric and Gloria twin sedans. Upon taking a peek on the second-generation model, I'm impressed that the new Mark X is the SAMURAI X within reach, just like the TV commercial with Koichi Sato. Three styles are offered for the new Mark X; Standard Type for basic, Premium Type for enhanced luxury, and Sports Type for the aggressive driving. My pick was the Sports Type because this is the best style suited to be called a samurai.

2012 Toyota Mark X Zio

Dubbed as the Grand Station Wagon, the latest facelift for the Mark X Zio is now worthy to be called "SAMURAI WAGON" and its probably thanks to the latest TV commercial starring Yusuke Iseya. In 2007, the Mark X Zio is a new station wagon, highly unrelated to the Mark X sedan. The name "Zio" is an acronym for "Zone in One". By terms of Zone in One, the interior can be set to either Sedan type, Wagon type, or Minivan type, perfecting different arrangements offered on this Samurai Wagon. Two styles are offered on the Zio; the regular Mark X Zio boasts an aggressive face while the Mark X Zio Aerial has an elegant front grille, making it more sophisticated for the spirited adventurer. It can seat up to six, while some can seat up to seven. There's also a Mark X Zio variant, called "Five Style", that can allow up to five people to seat.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The Mark X's concept is "SAMURAI X" and the new Mark X Zio's concept is "SAMURAI WAGON", both of these Samurai Selections are a deadly combo for Toyota. Think about it, the Mark X sedan is made for the spirited businessmen while the Mark X Zio station wagon is made for the spirited adventurers. Which samurai will you take on?

Axela Minor Change + SKYACTIV! (..and we're still waiting for the new Mazda 3 to reach our shores!)

Mazda Axela SKYACTIV

While we, Filipino car addicts, crying over our poor predicament to the new second-generation Mazda 3 (known in Japan as the Mazda Axela), the Japanese automaker behind the phenomenal i-stop automatic start stop system tease us even further with the Second Phase of the second-generation Mazda Axela/3 and with the addition of the new SKYACTIV engine!

If this latest minor change with the new SKYACTIV engine will make this way to our country--if Ford Group Philippines finally puts the all new Mazda 3 on sale. WAKE UP, FGP-MAZDA!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Alpha Bert's Maiden Voyage!

Jobert, as Alpha Bert, on his
first adventure!

Remember last Saturday? Melai passed her "Alpha Beth" power to Kuya Jobert when Melai left Banana Split for Happy Yippe Yehey! From now on, Kuya Jobert Austria, the heartbreaker of Studio 23's Usapang Lalake, the wise guy with "damoobs", will be forever be known as ALPHA BERT! On his first adventure, a woman cries to her mom because she needs medicine. Alpha Bert showed up! The word is "KAMOT" and replace "K" with "G" and its GAMOT! Yay! Whoops! Wrong GAMOT! But whatever! Alpha Bert saved the day! YEHEY TO KUYA JOBERT!

Also in Dear Etang, a kasambahay didn't understand the word "It's Up to You" and ended up "Ketchup to You" to her master! HA! HA! Remember Ate Etang's advice; "IT'S UP TO YOU!"

Looks like Jayson Gainza, as Magic Singh, showed up again and this time his magic trick will surely kick Jason Francisco's butt once and for all, using Magic Singh's Juice Trick. Magic Singh gave him a glass of water, Magic Singh wants Jason Francisco's Cell Phone number, Magic Singh called Jason's cellphone, and when Jason confusingly called no one, Magic Singh poured powder on the glass of water and stir until it's juice! Magic or not magic? What do you think? Magic Singh's darn hilarious!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tattoo Damoobs

Okay, okay, looks like our newest funny man (possibly from Usapang Lalake), Kuya Jobert Austria, is here again on Damoobs ni Kuya Jobert and that day's Damoobs tackles more on Tattoos. Of course, you need to be precise when you want to make "Name Tattoos" but for Kuya Jobert, that looks hilarious to poke fun on someone with tattoos.

About the Dear Etang part; you saw a maid using some voodoo magic on the woman with pimples. The maid was a witch? Why writing to Ate Etang?

Guess I'll just time travel forward like Magic Singh's Time Travel magic.

Nissan -Third Generation- Moco

2012 Nissan Moco

In January 20, 2011, Suzuki launched the new, third generation, MR Wagon that is packed with the new R06A engine that has an impressive fuel economy, making it the most fuel efficient in all of Suzuki's lineup. However, in terms of design, some people don't like the new front face because it looks somewhat sad and worried, or somewhat crazy. I guess the Nissan version of the new Suzuki MR Wagon, the new Moco, has the solution and the new Moco's face is much more impressive than the new MR Wagon's face.

2012 Nissan Moco

The new third-generation Nissan Moco, designated as MG33S, takes center stage to the Nissan's kei car range ranging from the Suzuki-sourced to the Mitsubishi-sourced, such as the Roox (based on the Suzuki Palette/Palette SW), Kix (based on the Pajero Mini), Clipper Rio (based on the Town Box), and Otti (based on the eK Wagon). On front, it abandons the Primera-like design from the previous two generations, making way to the new front grille based on the standard Nissan Roox (NOTE: The ordinary Roox, not the Highway Star version of the Roox). The new front grille really gives a charming smile to women from their 20's to 30's.

2012 Nissan Moco interior

Good thing the iPod Touch-like touch screen, as found on the new MR Wagon, is added as one of the options for the new Moco, but if you look closely on the seats, much to say that the decor keeps it more fashionable for the Japanese women. The seats on the new Moco is much more oriented than the two-tone seats found on the +Hana variant of the Toyota Passo, making it an obvious choice for the women with the sense of style.

Despite differences, the new Moco is outfitted with Suzuki's new R06A engine, in Natural Aspiration and Turbo versions. The NA version of the R06A engine has the fuel economy of 25.5km/L, making it the most economical in all of Nissan's kei car lineup. Power output of the NA version of the R06A engine is about 54PS and torque output is about 6.4kg-m. The turbo variant has increased the R06A's power output by about 10PS and torque output increased by about 3.3kg-m.

My thoughts about the Moco:
Adapting the new concept of "Deca Moco", it's time to go Loco Moco over the new Moco, Japanese ladies. The new Moco's front face is much more better than the crazy front view of the new Suzuki MR Wagon, even when they are twins. The new Moco and the new MR Wagon may have different looks but they have the same feelings. If you have to choose between the new MR Wagon and the new Moco, what would it be? Find out for yourself...

Photo: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Honda Green Machine 001 meets GT5

Test driving the Insight at Tsukuba
minus the Best Motoring crew

Honda's second generation Insight, dubbed as Honda Green Machine 001, is the first of the established Honda Green Machine series, a series dedicated to environmentally friendly vehicles, especially Honda hybrids. Because the Insight turned out to be a major seller in 2009, the hit PS3 racing game of 2010, Gran Turismo 5 added the second-generation Insight to the list of over 1000 cars in the game and its placed on the Premium tier.

Staying true to its Honda roots at Suzuka

Unlike the third-generation Toyota Prius, which has a CVT that makes it more dull to drive, the Insight can be set to either Automatic or Manual, despite the Insight has CVT on it. Although the Insight is the most eco-friendly Honda available in the market, it made it more of a pleasant collection in GT5. I think this is much more fun to handle than the Prius because I can set it to either Auto or Manual before the race.

Elegant and stylish in Crystal Black Pearl

Insight at Ahrweiler, Germany

Ever since I first met the second-generation Insight in 2009, it was known to be the cheapest alternative to the Prius but in terms of fuel economy, the Prius wins. By vast majority, you can expect more Prius owners in Japan than Insight owners because this is the fastest selling hybrid but I believe the Insight has some possibility. By demand, the two hybrid rivals were added as Premium Tier cars on GT5 and with the addition of the Sport Hybrid Compact, the Honda CR-Z, and electric cars such as the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and Tesla Roadster (Gosh, I don't like the way an electric car sound like). Despite hybrid, both the second-generation Insight and the third-generation Toyota Prius can be tunable to gain more horsepower and reduce weight.

The most stylish eco-car from Honda

In my opinion, I think no other GT5 player showing up their Insight online. Maybe someday, there will be something special for the Insight, just like in one Special Race where the Toyota Prius is required but no tuning restrictions. What it will come up is for some photo sessions by Photo Mode during replays and Photo Travel, just like the Insight colored with Crystal Black Pearl taking things handsomely at the streets of Ahrweiler, Germany.

I'm appreciated that both the Honda Green Machine 001 (the second-generation Insight) and the Honda Green Machine 003 (the CR-Z) showed up on GT5. I tried them both but the winner for me is none other than my favorite hybrid car, the CR-Z.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Toyota Mark X Zio (ANA10/ANA15/GGA10) -Phase II-

Created exclusively for the Japanese market, Toyota's Mark X Zio is the next generation of multipurpose passenger vehicle. It does not share the platform from the Toyota Mark X, currently on its second generation, it only shares the name on it. With the Mark X sedan reached its second generation, the Mark X Zio received a mild refresh, keeping it more updated and gained the concept of "Samurai Wagon" much like the Mark X's "Samurai X" concept, designed and appealed for spirited people.

2012 Toyota Mark X Zio

2012 Toyota Mark X Zio

With the Mark X sedan made for spirited executives, the Mark X Zio is made for spirited adventurers looking for some thrills on the outside world because it was made for everyday lifestyles. On front, the Mark X Zio receives its aggressive stance, giving it more of a killer look than the previous pre-facelift model. What's more is the revised grille on the Aerial variant of the Mark X Zio. The standard Mark X Zio has a sporty face while the Aerial variant gets even more elegant with the new grille. The rear lamps also changed, giving it some sporty character on this Samurai Wagon. On the inside, it retains the Zio's trademark arrangement of being a sedan-type, wagon-type, and minivan-type. Most Zio variants can seat up to six or seven people, depending on which side they're on. However, the Mark X Zio 240 Five Style is the only Mark X Zio variant that can seat up to five people, minus the third-row seats, providing more space and more practicality for the spirited adventurer.

Despite minor change, the Mark X Zio retains two available engines; the 2AZ-FE (4-cylinder DOHC) engine and the 2GR-FE (V6 3.5L) engine. The 2AZ-FE engine is the entry-level engine that comes with the power output of 163PS and the fuel economy of 13.2km/L. The top-of-the-line 2GR-FE engine has the power output of 280PS and the fuel economy of 10.2km/L. The 2.4L variants of the Mark X Zio are the only ones to get additional Four-Wheel Drive to keep the adventure off and running.

My thoughts about the Mark X Zio:
Just like in the 2009 TV Commercial with Japanese actor, Koichi Sato, the Mark X is the Samurai X. Now on the Zio's facelift, this will be forever know as the "Samurai Wagon", With the Mark X Zio destined as the Samurai Wagon, expect to see the face of Japanese actor, Yusuke Iseya, to go along with its Zio marketing campaign. Yusuke Iseya is the new TV commercial character for the Mark X Zio's facelift.

I'm glad that the Zio's now refreshed to keep more "Samurai" oriented.

Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation

New Chrysler 300/300C

Over the years, since its debut in 2004, the Chrysler 300/300C became the most notorious premium sedan made for the American market because as by interest, the flagship of Chrysler is preferable by the most notorious gangsters in North America. The reason why I called the Chrysler 300 a gangster's favorite because most of them put something "Bling Bling", something from the armory, and some hydraulics. Then, most gangsters love to listen Rap and Hip Hop on the Chrysler 300. Now, in 2011, the new Chrysler 300/300C flips the top like a Flip Top rap battle and wow, most gangsters would go crazy with this new look.

2011 Chrysler 300

2011 Chrysler 300 interior

Now even more notorious than the previous model, this flagship Chrysler sedan takes on all comers and with the choice of the 5.7-litre HEMI V8 and the new Pentastar 3.5L V6 engine, I am pretty sure that this new model will tempt gangsters and wealthy people to stick with the new 300/300C and if that happens, get ready to flip the top! The front view of the new 300 now incorporates the new Chrysler trademark grille as well as the new logo first seen on the Chrysler 200 medium sedan. The new look of the new 300 incorporates more of a "Corporate Muscle" and for other reasons, they made it more like a bouncer in the bar rather than being a most wanted gangster in North America. The new futuristic interior of the new 300 really wows the gangster, tempting to use every premium amenities offered on the new 300 especially the new Uconnect system, incorporating voice activation, touch screen controls, navigation, music, everything needed for the most wanted.

Looking over on the two engine types; the Pentastar V6 3.5L engine incorporates a power output of 292HP/6350RPM, torque output of 260lb-ft/4200RPM, and the fuel economy of 27MPG highway (FR models). The top-of-the-line 5.7L HEMI V8 engine has a capability of 363HP of power output, torque output of 394lb-ft, and the fuel economy of 25MPG highway. The choice of The Godfather is the 5.7L HEMI V8 engine because it has a high power needed to escape a brutal police chase or even crash the rival mafia's hideout but those who are focused on the fuel economy may choose the new Pentastar V6 variant of the new 300. Pentastar V6 first applied on the new Jeep Grand Cherokee last year and I'm sure the new Pentastar engine helps regain the Chrysler image after the brink of a bankruptcy and now owned by Fiat.

My thoughts about the 300:
It's a "Yes, We Can" for the new Chrysler 300 because not only it regained a new Chrysler image, but also outfitted with the new 3.5L V6 engine that is the first from Chrysler Group, LLC. The badder the new gets, the more chances gangsters want to snatch it and trick out with everything that goes "Bling Bling" after dark.

The Mafias, Yakuzas, Vory, Mafiya, Triads, and other gangsters are going to be so proud that Chrysler renewed the 300 for their own personal preferences and not only the gangsters would indulge in the temptation of Chrysler's flagship, even the wealthy. The new 300 may also come to Europe as Lancia's flagship sedan but details about Lancia's flagship sedan remains slim for now until Geneva. Some say this Lancia version of the Chrysler 300 will be outfitted with a turbo diesel engine and it may come in an estate variant pretty soon.

Let's hope that CATS Motors bring the new Chrysler 300 someday but only big-time criminals are allowed to get one of these. The Chrysler 300 is a Mafia car now made even badder for the next generation of Mafias and gangsters. It's a "Give and Take" risk for the 300 but can this new model succeed?

Photo: Chrysler Group, LLC.


DIDDY DOO♪ Patrol!"

Starting now, Pokwang joins the ranks of Angelica Panganiban, John Prats, and Pooh in the Banana Split parody of TV Patrol, called ANG TV PATROL! Get it? ANG TV! PATROL! ANG TV! ♪DO WA DIDDY DIDDY DAM DIDDY DOO♪ PATROL!

Since Melai is officially now an Alumni of this show because she's a part of the new noontime show, Happy Yipee Yehey, Pokwang takes over as one of the misfit news anchors of Banana Split's Ang TV Patrol.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Escudo Pikes Peak Version is a rare find at the GT5 Used Car dealership!

Escudo Dirt Trial Car in Monza

Back when I was kid, and playing Gran Turismo 2 on my PSX, I tried to win more and more races just so I can get this one-of-a-kind rally car from Suzuki, the Escudo Pikes Peak Version. Every GT fanatics love the Escudo Pikes Peak Version because of the over-the-1000HP power output.

At Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec on PS2, the Escudo Pikes Peak Version is dethroned by the Formula Gran Turismo race car and the reason is because of the Formula GT's lightweight capability, making it a more agile, faster race car that can achieve better lap times that the Escudo Pikes Peak Version can't. The Formula GT can be used only on tarmac while the Escudo is made not just on tarmac, but on dirt because this is a rally car we all loved.

Trying to keep up with its reputation...

On Gran Turismo 4, the Escudo Pikes Peak Version, now renamed as Dirt Trial Car, can be obtained as a prize car. Well, I forgot what race what that but anyway, you know what it is. And now, in Gran Turismo 5, the former King of Gran Turismo cars is here to stay at the used car dealership and it's not easy buying that car because I think the pricing goes to a 1.4 million credit mark and the required A-Spec Level is 23.

...even for the former King of Gran Turismo cars

I felt like I may be not in a mood of driving the former King of Gran Turismo cars (since it was dethroned by the Formula GT and now, the Red Bull X1 Prototype) but since I want to collect more, I have the urge to buy the Escudo Dirt Trial Car.

(Laughs) Just like old times, Escudo. I thought I never forget you. At least the probability to find the Escudo Dirt Trial Car on the Used Car dealership is somewhat 5%, so check back every time until you find this former King.

Despite reputation, the Escudo's still a GT King for me...

If I am unhappy, I could just gift it to an online buddy who didn't have one...

Shoutout is over!

Oh, my gosh! It seems that the youth-oriented show, and possibly the new generation That's Entertainment, Shoutout, ended since February 11, 2011!

Shoutout! (ABS-CBN TV Series)

Despite Level Up, many Shoutout teens, especially the hosts, tried and tried their best to level up, but they failed. So sad...

What now? With the Shoutout teens nowhere to be seen on TV for now, I hope nothing's gone wrong since the show was cancelled.

Remember what the Senior Vice President of ABS-CBN, Linggit Tan, said during the January 25 episode of Shoutout?

"Objective ng programa ay para i-present sa Filipino audience kung ano ang best sa youth natin today pero matapos ang dalawang buwan, wala pa rin tayong improvement. Bawat isa sa inyo, gusto niyong maging mahusay at sikat na artista. Subalit hindi ito basta basta nakakamit. Kailangan pinagtratrabahuhan kasi meron kayong responsibilidad sa audience. We're going to give you one month to shape up. Pag hindi niyo napaghusayan sa loob ng apat na linggo at wala kaming nakitang improvement sa inyo, 'Shoutout' will be cancelled."

That was a total shocker for the teens. Especially those who left Shoutout including Piero, Yen, Joe, Jenny, Ryan Bang (current judge at Showtime, he's in Banana Split, he's Kuya Kim Atienza's newest sidekick in Matanglawin, and he's the host of Studio 23's 3OW POWZH), Kathryn Bernardo (Mara from Mara Clara), John Manalo, and Julia Montes (Clara from Mara Clara).

With the show cancelled by the network due to poor performance, what now?

Were you guys saddened by the cancellation of Shoutout?

Alpha Beth no more? Meet your newest alphabetic hero! (And happy birthday to John Prats!)

What just happen at the Feb. 12 episode of Banana Split?

- HOT ISSUE gives you the first impressions of the new noontime variety show, Happy Yippe Yehey

- Jokes on the outside, inside the apartment, and inside the bedroom.

- Alpha Beth no more? Indeed it is. However, Melai passed her "Alpha Beth" power to Kuya Jobert. Meet your new replacement superhero that has a letter to your problems. Starting now, Kuya Jobert will be ALPHA BERT! Weird name, but will Alpha Bert succeed where Alpha Beth left, as in, helping people with the use of letters?

Meet your newest superhero, ALPHA BERT!

- some dances

- A very special Show It game in celebration of John Prats' birthday, pitting Team Banana Split vs. John Prats' friends.

Happy Birthday, John Prats!
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