Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dance with Hybrid - Lexus CT 200h Philippine Debut!

2012 Lexus CT 200h F-Sport

After its Japan debut in January 12, 2011, Toyota Motor Philippines and Lexus Manila finally brought the first full-fledged premium hybrid hatchback, the Lexus CT 200h, in the Philippines! And yes, this is how they do it!

Check out the new Lexus CT 200h at

Ang dramang ito ay brought to you by...

...OK, no time for drama. We experienced some laugh trip on the February 25 episode of Bubble Gang! That night's episode includes:

- "Anong ginawa mo sa anak ko?" gags

- Drama with a hint of advertising like Dolkelan pain killer, Red Snake energy drink, Silver Puti tomato ketchup, Albatros all-in-one shampoo, and Mentals chewy candy.

- SPLASH REPORT! There was a protest coming and the newscaster didn't catch what happened!

- What happened to Bureche's doll? The head is missing... When dad came, Bureche passed the heat to Cheche (after swapped dolls). Later on, someone showed up and found the head of Bureche's doll. It's Justin Bibbo!

Cheche, Bureche, meet Justin Bibbo!

- Bubble Gang does Nido! They spoofed the commercial of Nido, then gagged as Medo. More milk, less sugar. See the difference!

Bubble Gang does Nido

- Bubble Gang does Baker King! They spoofed the Korean drama, Baker King, gagged as "Beke King!" Great, another Korean drama parody from Bubble Gang!

Beke King

- Does this guy can walk well?

- Bubble Gang presents "Salingawngaw"

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Koreana ending made us had enough...

Koreana ending

Well, almost, kind of. Even when Koreana ended, we Filipinos still remain our love to all things Korean. Guess Kris Bernal's performance on the daytime TV drama on GMA wasn't so bad after all.

About the finale, Benjo and Joshua tries to rescue Jenna, trapped in a coffin alive. Well, I can't remember the rest of what happened...

Guess, we had enough of our liking to all things Korean, well almost. Even Koreana has ended, we still like everything Korean, and also that Kapuso star, Kris Bernal.

Mitsubishi Delica D:2

2012 Mitsubishi Delica D:2
When the new Suzuki Solio launched since December 24, 2010 (and already on sale since January 7, 2011), Mitsubishi Motors collaborated with Suzuki for selling their own version of the new Solio. As a result, in February 24, 2011, the Mitsubishi version of the second-generation Solio turned out to be "another Delica", coming to dealerships this March 10.

Calling this "another Delica" that slots next to the Delica D:5, my understanding about the new Delica D:2 is pretty much the same as the new Suzuki Solio. In case that Mitsubishi fans want to know more about the 2012 Mitsubishi Delica D:2, here are five things you should know about this "another Delica" that has the same features found on the new Suzuki Solio;

1) Big Space - The Mitsubishi Delica D:2 is very spacious indeed. Spacious enough to fit up to five people and its legroom is not so shabby either.

2) Sliding Doors - The Mitsubishi Delica D:2 has two sliding doors, making it a fun-to-access experience for this compact minivan made exclusively for Japanese Mitsubishi fans who think that the Delica D:5 is too expensive for them. They can be open either physically or from a touch of a button.

3) Seating arrangements - The Mitsubishi Delica D:2 has a wide array of seating arrangements that fits your every scenarios.

4) Fuel Economy - The Mitsubishi Delica D:2's K12B (1.2-litre 4-cylinder DOHC VVT engine) has a fuel economy of 22.5km/L (10-15 Mode, 20.0km/L in JC08 Mode). It comes with a CVT for optimized fuel efficiency.

5. Eco-car privileges; Most variants of the Mitsubishi Delica D:2 receive a 75% tax break as part of Japan's "Eco-car Genzei" system.

My thoughts about the Delica D:2:

Well, pretty much the same as the new Solio. Which means, there's nothing so special about the Mitsubishi version of the new Suzuki Solio, the Delica D:2. Just leave it to the Japanese Mitsubishi fans...

Just imagine that this is a new Suzuki Solio photoshopped with something Mitsubishi, well, this is no photoshopped Solio, this is the real deal!

Photo: Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Brod Bro Bru for 2-24-11

Here's the Brod Bro Bru earlier from the 2-24-11 episode of Banana Split!

1) BROD: Kapitan Inggo kumakain ng bala
    BRO: Captain Inggo, the bullet eater
    BRU: Kapitana, lumalafangga ali-bang bangga

2) BROD: Batang sirena
    BRO: Little mermaid
    BRU: Danggit bulilit, danggit bulilit!

3) BROD: Isa lang ang nakakakita
    BRO: One-eyed Jack
    BRU: Randy Santiago

4) BROD: Pakita mong binabae ka
    BRO: Show that you are gay
    BRU: It's your show, it's your's shokla

5) BROD: Bata pa si Sabel
    BRO: Sabel is very young
    BRU: Bawal ma-elya kay Sabelya

6) BROD: Halika rito
    BRO: Come here, bro. Come here.
    BRU: Alyna

7) BROD: Patindi ng patindi
    BRO: Major major
    BRU: Bumivenus Raj!

Igor invented Basuracan!

Also on Tekkie Muna, starring Ryan Bang as Igor Stojokovic Krystic, a "basuracan" was invented by Igor for easy throwing the trash. Just be sure that the trash may throw it to you!


It came as a phenomenal "Japan Original" since it was first debuted in Jaunary 2007, garnered spin-offs, music CDs, live performances, Xenoglossia anime, and the soon-to-be-aired anime series coming to TBS, the IDOLM@STER series is known to be the "Japan Original" before it was overtaken by other video games. Now, February 24, 2011, IDOLM@STER is back and this time, it's better than the best in THE IDOLM@STER 2!

Yes, anime and game otakus. THE IDOLM@STER 2 has landed and everyone's playing it after they picked up from their doorsteps. THE IDOLM@STER 2 follows the same chemistry of its predecessors, combining the elements of a dating sim game and some Dance Dance Revolution-style button-mashing action at the same time. As the producer, you are taking responsibility to the idols of your own choice; from Haruka, Hibiki, Miki, Makoto, Chihaya, Takane, Yukiho, Mami, and Yayoi.

Every rehearsals, every concerts, every dates, everything you need to know as a producer is the key to achieve higher rankings and every idol's happiness. Once more, personalization can be a notable feature. Every idol's style can affect the outcome of the game and how you personalize your idols is up to you.

Also, feel free to snap shot your favorite idol's precious moments during concerts. It's best to keep your favorite idol moments after the concert.

As a producer, it's your responsibility to check schedules on when will the auditions, live performances, and others occur and best to be active on those venues in order to bring out the idols' star factor. If there's nothing left, feel free to spend time talking with your idols but just like any other dating sims we know, trust is necessary to make stronger ties between the producer (that's you) and the idols.

Annually, Namco Bandai games will present a wide array of downloadable contents to mix and match to your idols, plus songs you may want to try out for your next session.


- Standard Package comes with the game plus a downloadable code for the song Little Match Girl and two PR cards from Weiss Schwarz.

- Limited Edition is jam-packed with a "Kirakira package" pics from your favorite idols, and a 765 Pro ID.

SIDE NOTE: THE WORLD IS ALL ONE! Responsibility, cuteness, and determination. That makes the "Japan Original" game returned with the fresh new challenge, new hopes, and a new IDOLM@STER experience. Can you handle this new experience packed with more cuteness?


Eriko Nakamura as Haruka Amami

Manami Numakura as Hibiki Ganaha

Akiko Hasegawa as Miki Hoshii

Hiromi Hirata as Makoto Kikuchi

Asami Imai as Chihaya Kisaragi

Yumi Hara as Takane Shijou

Asumi Asakura as Yukiho Hagiwara

Asami Shimoda as Mami Futami and Ami Futami

Mayako Nigo as Yayoi Takatsuki

Naomi Wakabayashi as Producer Ritsuko Akizuki

Rie Kugimiya as Iori Minase

Chiaki Takahashi as Azusa Miura

Now on, Daewoo Matiz and Lacetti will be known as GM Korea's Chevrolet Spark and Chevrolet Cruze!

GM Korea Chevrolet Spark and Cruze

GM Daewoo's Lacetti Premiere (launched since late 2008) and GM Daewoo's Matiz Creative (launched since Autumn 2009), will be renamed as GM Korea Chevrolet Spark and GM Korea Chevrolet Cruze (differentiating from the US Chevrolet Cruze, launched since Autumn 2010) as part of the Korean launch of Chevrolet and the renaming of "GM Daewoo Auto and Techonology" into "GM Korea Company" starting late March 2011.

Despite renames, they are not counted as one of the eight new Chevrolet models coming to South Korea this year, ranging from the Orlando ALV, Aveo Sedan and Hatch, the Camaro (CBU from America), Captiva SUV, new midsize sedan, an unnamed imported Chevy model, and something that will built at the Bupyeong plant.

We already have these two in the Philippines so the new naming will take effect to South Korea this March.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ssangyong Korando C

2012 Ssangyong Korando C
The rebirth of Ssangyong is the time to rebirth a legendary name in the form of its new crossover look. The Korando name, stands for Korean Can Do, is now reborn and it's no longer a jeep form, it's now evolved into a Classy Utility Vehicle, designed and enhanced to topple against the Korean crossovers like the Hyundai Tucson iX, Kia Sportage R, and GM Korea's Chevrolet Orlando ALV. Don't call the new Korando C sexy nor smart. The C in the Korando C naming means "Classy", giving the concept term Classy Utility Vehicle come alive.

On its new look, the Korando C boasts a luxurious design that looks somewhat similar to Hyundai's Tucson iX and Kia's Sportage R, but its Classy detail is fit enough for the "classian" to get in. I'm impressed to see that the Korando C is no longer an ugly Korando in the past and now made even more stylish to meet the demands of style-worthy customers. On the inside, the new Korando C looks stylish, but it's pretty much more like the aging Super Rexton SUV. Despite that, this 21st Century Korando garnered some of the appeals from legendary designer, Giorgietto Giugiaro, making this reborn Korean crossover a world-class touch everyone deserves.

The new Korando C is powered with the new e-XDi200 engine. This new engine has a power output of either 175PS (manual variant) or 181 PS (auto variant), torque output of 36.7kg-m, and the class no. 1 fuel economy of 17.6km/L (2WD MT variant). With this fuel economy, I'm sure this will put the sexy Tucson and the smart Sportage to shambles. The reborn Korando made it more economical and finally garnered a status of being a Korean eco-car. Depending on the variant, two transmission types are offered to the Korando C; a 6-speed manual and a 6-speed E-tronic. The E-tronic variant uses shift-like dials on the steering wheel instead of paddle shifters. To shift down, press the "D-" button and to shift up, hit the "D+" button. First timers may find it hard to master this different E-tronic variant from the Korando C, but if they get a hang of it, it can be somewhat enjoyable. However, I still prefer the 6MT variant of the Korando C because with the 2WD and 6MT combined, this has the class-leading fuel economy.

The new Korando C comes in three types; Chic, Clubby, and Classy. Depending on the type, customers can choose either the 2.0L 2WD 6MT, 2.0L 2WD 6AT, 2.0L 4WD 6AT, or the 2.0L 4WD 6MT variant. It comes with seven exterior colors;

1) Space Black
2) Grand White
3) Silent Silver
4) Tonic Grey
5) Ice Blue
6) Vitamin Red
7) Sable Gray

My thoughts about the Korando C:
First encountered this 21st century Korando as the C200 concept in the past, debuted in February 22, 2011, and sales start early next month, the 21st century Korando marks the rebirth of Ssangyong Motor Company, after brinks of bankruptcy and now under Mahindra and Mahindra's control. It's good to say that if the Hyundai Tucson iX is sexy, and the Kia Sportage R is smart, the new Ssangyong Korando C is classy, as in "Classy Utility Vehicle" and its made for the upperclassmen who are in search for perfect crossovers. With class-leading fuel economy of 17.6km/L, the Ssangyong Korando's grand comeback staged victorious against those but is it worth the challenge? I hope someone compares these trio of Korean crossovers and decide if sexy, smart, or classy is the right thing when it comes to decide which Korean crossover will prevail, and with the Korando C, what new challenges will take on?


MELAI & JOBERT?! (and Brod Bro Bru for 2-22-11)

Melai and Jobert

Eh? Melai? Back on BS? Anyway, Melai teams up with Kuya Jobert for some kind of segment of Banana Split, called Melai and Jobert, a segment on how to deal on different scenarios and they will give you tips. Like for instance, breaking a vase. Wait a minute, this isn't a tip-giving segment, it's a laugh-out-loud riot!

By the way: here comes the Brod Bro Bru for February 22's episode;

1) BROD: Chismis lang yan!
    BRO: That's just a rumor
    BRU: Carelezz Whizper!

2) BROD: Grabe!
    BRO: Shocking, bro!
    BRU: Empress Shucks!!!

3) BROD: Si Bangs parang walang buto
    BRO: Looks like Bangs doesn't have bones, bro!
    BRU: Boneless Bangus!

4) BROD: Bili na kayo dito! Bago na, mura pa!
    BRO: Buy here! It's cheaper and it's newer, bros!
    BRU: Morayta Avenue!

5) BROD: Bumaril si Kuh Ledeshma
    BRO: Kuh Ledesma fired a gun, bro!
    BRU: Bangladeshma!

6) BROD: Tagal nama ng order namin!
    BRO: My order is very late, bro!
    BRU: Very Portugal ang order ko teh!

7) BROD: Tama ang presyo
    BRO: The price is right!
    BRU: Presyosa koreka host si Kristeta!

Headset Audio Enhancer

In case you don't know, there was another mission for James Bang. His latest mission is to tell the woman's neighbor to turn off his sounds because it disturbs her. If the guy can't hear what he said, one gadget has the answer, the HEADSET AUDIO ENHANCER!



Guess I can't hear what it is but mission accomplished. The woman's neighbor turned off the radio but he thinks even the small volume of voice thinking it's too loud. Ano sabi mo?


James Bang is watching Banana Split!

Athena -Goddess of War- Original Soundtrack Vol. 2

Athena Original Sound Track Vol. 2
Most of the fans who watched Athena -Goddess of War- (한국: 아테나 : 전쟁의 여신) found out that this is much more better than 2009's IRIS, despite both IRIS and Athena were explosive creations from Taewon Entertainment and both of these dramas were espionage dramas, involving on an secret agent's race against time against an international terrorist organization. With the powerhouse cast of Jung Woo-Sung, Cha Seung-won, Soo Ae, and one of the finest actors and actresses in Korean TV, I'm impressed to see such a majestic performance and this Korean TV drama has the coolest appeal since IRIS.

Happy with Athena OST Volume One? There is Volume Two of the OST based on the drama! Including the songs from Park Hyo-Shin, Brown Eyed Soul, Jang Jae-In, Supreme Team and Baek Chan from Eight, you can listen from the second wave of theme songs from the series!

Please note that the in-drama BGMs (original score by Lee Dong-Jun) found in Vol.1 retained from Volume 2. Not that much of a special treat but it's a choice if you want to listen Vol. 1 or Vol. 2 of the Athena OST.

01. 널 사랑한다 – 박효신
02. 내려놔요 – 브라운아이드소울
03. Please – 장재인
04. Get Ready – 슈프림팀
05. 주문 – 백찬 (에이트)
06. Athena main title
07. Mission-The long road
08. Agent
09. Attack
10. Infiltration
11. Hard Boiled
12. The Game
13. True Love
14. True Love Version
15. True Love Solo piano
16. Love&Hate
17. Conspiracy 1
18. Conspiracy 2
19. N.T.S
20. Cool Bass
21. Chase 160

New Bentley Continental GT

2012 Bentley Continental GT

2012 Bentley Continental GT

Although Bentley dubbed this the "second-generation" Continental GT, this latest Continental GT is pretty much more of a minor model change, but honestly, despite minor change, Bentley claims that this is the Continental GT's first "full model change" after eight years of existence. With an even more bolder design, the new Bentley Continental GT is the Grand Touring coupe now refined to take on other challenges from the Crewe-based luxury marque that is under Volkswagen's control.

With the design derived from the flagship Mulsanne sedan, the new Continental GT has an improved headlamps, revised front bumper, new set of rims, sleeker side view, and a revised rear lamps. The new design for the new Continental GT made it more sleeker and more aristocratic for the sophisticated men in their 40's. On the interior, there are some mild refreshes around here, like the new steering wheel, new paneling, and something else. Checking around every nook and cranny and I expect that despite being called a "full model change", it is still the same Continental GT as far as I know it.

Powered with the brute 6.0-litre W12 Twin Turbo engine, the new Continental GT has a maximum power output of 575PS/6000rpm and the torque output of 700N-m/6000rpm. The standard transmission is a ZF 6-speed tiptronic automatic transmission with paddle shifters. The new Continental GT's maximum top speed is 318km/h and it can go for about 4.6 seconds on the 0-100km/h run. Coming soon is the V8 engine that delivers an impressive fuel economy and lower emissions, suitable for the eco-conscious driver.

My thoughts about the Continental GT:
Is it a Minor Change or a Full Model Change. In the eyes of fans, it was a minor change, but for Bentley, the term "second-generation" really states that this is the Continental GT's first full model change for after eight years starting from 2003.

I love the fact about the W12 twin turbo engine because this grand tourer behaves just like exotics despite this is a 2-door, 4-seater, premiere luxury coupe suitable for the aristocrats. Imagine myself getting one of those...

I'm impressed upon leveling up the Continental GT from ordinary to extra-ordinary because of its new design based from the Mulsanne. Created by the finest craftsmen in Crewe, the new Continental GT boasts an excellent elegance from the outside to the inside. Despite being called a "Full Model Change", I sense that this is still the same Bentley Continental GT as we first met this car in 2003.

But still, I am very happy to see Bentley's flagship coupe all grown up...

Photo: Bentley Motors Limited

Monday, February 21, 2011

Athena -Goddess of War- Original Soundtrack Vol. 1

Athena Original Sound Track Volume 1
Athena -Goddess of War- (한국: 아테나 : 전쟁의 여신) is known by most Korean drama fans as the next IRIS, despite the drama is the spin-off from the hit 2009 Korean action drama, IRIS. It highlights on a special agent from the fictitious NTS (National Anti-Terror Service), Lee Jung-woo (played by Jung Woo-Sung), With the casting of Cha Seung-won as the villainous Son Hyeok (the leader of the terrorist organization known as ATHENA), Soo Ae as Yoon Hye-in, Lee Ji-ah as Han Jae-hui, Kim Min-jong as Kim Gi-soo, and Choi Si-won as Kim Jun-ho, Athena -Goddess of War- is proven to be as successful as IRIS, and that's not all, it even made a tie-up with Kia Motors for their vehicles served on this espionage drama.

From Seoul to Rome, Venice to Honolulu, New Zealand, all the way to China, the shooting locations of Athena was proven to be a worldwide phenomenon, highlighting most about the storyline about an agent on his mission to stop global terrorism led by the international terrorist group. The espionage drama's success leads them to release two volumes of OSTs based on the drama itself.

Athena OST Vol. 1 packs the songs based in the drama, including from Tae Yang, Kang Ta, or even from Korean-Japanese idol BoA. Once more, it includes in-drama BGMs that will made fans relieve the Athena thrill from the TV sets. Too much to handle?


01. 사랑해요 (태연)
02. 아테나 (동방신기)
03. 화살(ARROW) (강타)
04. 옆사람 (보아)
05. Athena Main Title
06. Mission-The Long Road
07. Agent
08. Attack
09. Infiltration
10. Hard Boiled
11. The Game
12. True Love
13. True Love (String Version)
14. True Love (Solo Piano)
15. Love & Hate
16. Conspiracy 1
17. Conspiracy 2
18. N.T.S.
19. Cool Bass
20. Chase 160

Singaporean Gallardo! All we need now is a Singaporean girl to cosplay as Kiyama-sensei!

Lamborghini Gallardo Singapore Limited Edition

Lamborghini Singapore launched a special edition Gallardo, dubbed as Gallardo Singapore Limited Edition, exclusively for the Singaporean customers!

Yes, a Gallardo with a Singaporean touch or what we otakus (who hooked on Railgun) said this is the Singaporean edition of Kiyama-sensei's car! All we need now is a female Singaporean to cosplay as Kiyama-sensei from To Aru Kagaku no Railgun! It's a combo, right?

This special model is up to 10 models available and for every purchase, Lamborghini Singapore will donate 20,000 Singaporean Dollars to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund. A charity organization dedicated to help educate the poor Singaporean students and improve the schools from Singapore.

As always, the Singaporean version of Kiyama-sensei's car goes "Desu no! White and Black!" because it's offered in two colors; White and Black! The limited edition comes with red stripes on the side and the Merlion logo labeled on the exterior.

Oh yes! If you were a female Singaporean who own this special Gallardo, best to cosplay as Kiyama-sensei and it's a perfect match!

Kuya Jobert fixes a computer

He's trying to figuring out
what's the problem...

Looks like "Damoobs ni Kuya Jobert" on the February 21 episode of Banana Split Daily Servings takes on how to fix a computer.

Fixing a computer from Rasheed is somewhat a long process for Kuya Jobert and it takes a lot of fingertips to fix the computer's problem.

In the end, what was the problem of Rahseed's Apple MacBook like what Kuya Jobert said? The answer is "LOW BATT!" LOW BATTERY!!! LOL

Guys Only Accent appeared in last night's Goin Bulilit episode!

Hyundai Accent in Goin' Bulilit
Driving Test jokes

Hey! Looks like the 4th-generation, guys only, Hyundai Accent (known as the Verna and Solaris) appeared on some kind of "Driving Test" jokes in Goin' Bulilit last February 20!

Turning this masculine compact sedan into a playground for their jokes really got the Goin Bulilit kids messing with the Hyundai Accent!

Yes! Melason on the new drama, Mana Po!

Since we first met Melason (the famous combo between Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco, both are housemates) at Pinoy Big Brother (where Melai won), we Filipinos had fun with the best tandem that made us laughed and smiled. From their Melason in Love special, Melason in the City, their appearance in Banana Split, and in Kokey@Ako, not forget Impostor (that Melai turned into Maja Salvador), the Melason tandem is far out cool, active, and fun to watch in the eyes of Filipino youth.

Guess what, they're back! Melason is back on the new daytime TV drama as part of Precious Hearts Romances, which titled Mana Po. Mana Po is about a young girl who was the daughter of a businessman. When her father died, there was a twist. Her father's inheritance may go to his best friend, which believes that he belongs to a poor family. With mistakes twisted her, how can she keep up? A comedy-drama experience with the taste of Melason is just perfect for making a new series that is a part of the Precious Hearts Romances series.

I'm glad that Melason is back and kicking with even more appeal to please fans!

HOORAY for the Melason tandem back on track for the new drama!

Bubble Gang's Sumbong Sumbong kay Bonggang Bongbong vs. Banana Split's Ang O.A. Mo!

In life we do things that are pleasant to see in the eyes of ordinary people. However, what we really don't like are the people who are doing unpleasant. There are two kinds of people doing unpleasant things; one is somewhat "annoying", someone who does something that is taking it too far. Examples of people doing "annoying" stuff like carrying too much ATM cards, people showing up their cellphones if they hear a ringtone, putting a bag on chairs, fake accents, fake Facebook profile pics, parents scaring kids by saying "kukunin ka ng mama", too much foam padding, couple sharing a song from an iPod, singing very loud because of the loud volume from his headphone, and other things that are far out annoying in the eyes of concerned citizens.

Second are people doing "acts of stupidity" or what they called it OA/Over Active. Examples of people who are OA are laughing on himself, bald men taking too much shampoo, yelling while the ride hasn't start yet, wearing a pirate costume before riding Anchors Away, fully armed but the enemy was the mouse, wearing a full chef costume but cooking isaw, wearing something formal for a date but the date takes place at the food court, wearing scuba gear but swimming on the inflatable pool, surfing on the log at the beach, and other kinds of OA stuff that is somewhat stupidity.

That's why two rival gag shows, Bubble Gang from GMA and Banana Split from ABS-CBN, made some segments that features three things these gag shows don't want you to do it.

For Bubble Gang, they have this portion called "Sumbong Sumbong Kay Bonggang Bongbong", a portion that Michael V, as Bonggang Bonggang Bongbong, showcases three of the most annoying stuff he warns you not to do it. When it first appeared on the 2nd Quarter of 2008, I thought that this was a parody of some show called "Isumbong mo kay Tulfo" or "Bitag" but because of the popularity of Ben Tulfo's show, Bubble Gang created this segment with a unique character that looks tough but not tough. They made it because of the annoying things concerned citizens doesn't want to see, and thanks to Bongbong, I'm glad we won't be seeing people doing annoying things or else he'll send them straight to their sumbong.

LOL. I love this Bubble Gang segment!

There is a segment on Banana Split that targets against people who are doing stupid. If they see you doing stupid, three simple words: ANG O.A. MO!

The "Ang O.A. Mo!" segment in Banana Split features three stupid, or what Banana Split claims them O.A., things that Banana Split don't want you to do it, so everyone will not call you OA!

Two rival gag shows that features segments with three things they don't want you to do it. Bubble Gang's Bonggang Bongbong targets against the annoying stuff while Banana Split's Ang OA Mo targets against acts of stupidity. Follow these and I'm sure you'll promise not to do it next time. Being serious just never been this fun!

Ssangyong Korando C is a CLASSY UTILITY VEHICLE?

Last 2009, Hyundai launched the second generation Tucson, called Tucson iX, which has a concept of "Sexy Utility Vehicle", because of its sexy yet feisty exterior, plus fully loaded with the new R-diesel engine.

Later on, last Spring 2010, Kia takes on Hyundai's sexy Tucson ix with the smartest crossover, the third-generation Sportage, dubbed as Sportage R, giving the concept "Smart Inside" because of its smart innovation, smart design, smart exterior, and a smarter diesel engine. (Gosh, I just hope the new Sportage should arrive the Philippines soon! This is taking too long!)

With the Tucson iX and Sportage R battling around the Korean market, another contender steps in and it's not sexy, not smart, only Classy...

That's right, this crossover is neither sexy nor smart. It's Classy. CLASSY! I said! The Classy Utility Vehicle slated for sale this Spring is the Ssangyong Korando C. After facing several delays due to Ssangyong tries to make part of its new owner, Mahindra and Mahinda, an Indian automobile. With the prelaunching TV CF aired on some South Korean networks, needless to say that the "C" in the Korando C name really stands for "Classy", giving it a luxurious status for the owners.

Slated to be released in late February and sales start this early March, the Korando C is the new premium of the Korean crossovers. It's classy status giving it more of a touch of class.

Which would you prefer? The sexy Tucson ix? The smart Sportage R? Or the classy Korando C?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Welcome back, Brod Bro Bru!

Brod, Bro, Bru 2011 Bago 'To!

Due to consistent public demand, the February 19 episode of Banana Split marks the comeback of the fan favorite "Brod, Bro, Bru", labeled as BROD BRO BRU 2011 "BAGO 'TO!"

HOORAY! With Zanjoe Marudo back on track, joining alongside with John Prats and Jayson Gainza, the classic Banana Split segment is back and it's bigger, better, funnier! Here's what's what:

1) BROD: Sabi ng aking impormante!
    BRO: According to my sources!
    BRU: Tweet, Tweet, Tweet, ang sabi ng ibon!

2) BROD: Brod, tinangay ang tsikot!
    BRO: Carnapped, bro!
    BRU: Minatingger-Z ang carumba!

3) BROD: Mahilig sa bata!
    BRO: Cradle snatcher, bro!
    BRU: Justin Bieber ang type ever!

4) BROD: Masayang Masaya
    BRO: The happiest, bro!
    BRU: Happy Yipee Yehey!

5) BROD: Mamahalin
    BRO: Super expensive, bro!
    BRU: Pricey-la Meirelles

6) BROD: Bumili ng bagong kotse!
    BRO: Bought new wheels, bro!
    BRU: Brand Newton ang karu ng lola mo!

7) BROD: Maling-mali ang Ingles!
    BRO: Broken English, bro!
    BRU: Um-Angelica Jones!





韓国ゼネラルモーターズ - 100のヴィ学

A two-hit combo for the Autobots! Bumblebee made its Korean debut while Skids and Mudflap made their Philippine debut at the 2011 Chevrolet Motorama! Whoa!

Chevrolet Spark (GM Daewoo Matiz Creative)

Chevrolet Camaro

The Chevrolet Camaro made its Korean debut in February 18, 2011, as part of introducing the Chevrolet brand to the South Korean market. It was the third out of the targeted eight Chevrolet cars to be launched in South Korea this 2011. The first was the Chevrolet Orlando, the Active Life Vehicle made in the Bupyeong plant and soon to be exported worldwide except the USA, Japan, and some countries. The second was the Chevrolet Aveo hatchback, coming to US this late 2011 as the Sonic. The first three Chevrolet models were slated for sale this March, starting with the Orlando. 

This is a huge step for Korean car domination since GM Daewoo decided to change its company name into GM Korea Company, differentiating from the official Cadillac distributor for South Korea, GM Korea Ltd., then later on they will replace every single Daewoo model from the Lacetti Premiere to Matiz Creative, while retaining the GM Daewoo brand to the Damas, Labo, and the Alpheon luxury sedan, which was launched in Autumn 2010. It seems there will be more models coming to South Korea soon under the Chevrolet brand, including the Captiva SUV, Lacetti Premiere hatchback, an imported Chevrolet from North America, Aveo/Sonic Sedan, and a replacement for the Daewoo Tosca/Chevrolet Epica. Six Chevrolets will be built in the Bupyeong plant in South Korea, while the other two, especially the Camaro, are imported from North America...

I know this is their fate chosen thanks to the head of GM Daewoo, now head of GM Korea Co., Mike Arcamone, but since Chevys that are produced in Bupyeong are labeled "domestics" to the Korean market, we may consider GM Korea Company as their next Maruti Suzuki. Think of it as dual-citizenship status. With Maruti Suzuki labeled as Indo-Japanese because of the lndian-built Suzukis and other Suzukis imported from some countries, including Japan, GM Korea Company will do the same thing. They'll produce Chevrolets in their Bupyeong plant in South Korea while this Chevrolet Camaro, and the other Chevy, are distinguished as Completely Built Unit (CBU), meaning that import duties may give a high price increase on the Camaro. As always, Mr. Arcamone, and behalf to the GM Korea Co., executives, welcome to the team!

To distinguish the two Chevrolets, a Chevrolet built in North America, and another Chevrolet that was built from South Korea, I have to determine it by calling them. If a Chevrolet that was built from North America, then it's the original Chevrolet. If a Chevrolet's made in South Korea, could I still call it GM Daewoo? Remember that Mr. Arcamone decided to take away the Daewoo brand except the Damas, Labo, and the Alpheon premium sedan. Let's just label it GM Korea. Why GM Korea? There are lots of international GM companies out there. Since General Motors is a global company, car enthusiasts can't decide which is which. There was GM Europe, specialized in the Opel and Vauxhall brand, there there was other GM plants from other countries. Also, there was Shanghai GM, specialized in Chinese-made GM cars, including the new Baojun brand for Mainland China. GM Korea Company is now a major major...major, specialized in creating Korean Chevrolets for the expanding global market, including the Philippines.

If I encounter a Chevrolet that is "Made in Korea", then I will label it "GM Korea" in my list. It's a big world out there. GM Korea Company tries to be more competitive from the likes of Hyundai and Kia. It will become a valuable commodity for GM Korea Company, and there will be clients around the globe who need their services. This is only the beginning but it's not going to be that easy.

What about the recently launched Camaro in South Korea? Can I put it on the "GM Korea" list? I say no because the Camaro in South Korea is CBU from North America. I cannot put it on the "GM Korea" list and it will be on the "Chevrolet" list.

Well, at least for now, I can consider "GM Korea" as part of the the family and this 100のヴィ学 told me about this is the fate chosen for the South Korean arm of General Motors.

Speaking of which, the Chevrolet Spark made its Philippine debut since the 2011 Chevrolet Motorama at the SM Mall of Asia from February 18 - 20! It's now here and it will cost under the 600,000 Philippine Peso mark! My gosh! This is the cheapest Chevrolet you can get. Everyone's ready to take home Skids or Mudflap and if there was a TV commercial for this, I think Ryan Agoncillo will show up because he's the CM Character for Chevrolet Philippines since the Chevrolet Cruze last year. Since Ryan Agoncillo's the brand ambassador, he's going to take a spin with Skids and Mudflap.

As part of the South Korean launch of Chevrolet, there is a 90% possibility that the remaining GM Daewoo models; Lacetti Premiere and Matiz Creative, will be renamed as Chevrolet Cruze and Chevrolet Spark. If that might happen, I may as well add it on my "GM Korea" list.

And that's my 100のヴィ学 regarding the rise of the new company name "GM Korea Company", the Korean debut of the Camaro, and the Philippine debut of the Chevrolet Spark. I may think about adding the new folder "GM Korea" for Chevrolet models made in South Korea. See you then!
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