Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Chocolatiest Ever!"

What just happened in the March 18 episode of Bubble Gang?

- Marathon gags that keeps them running for laughs!

- This guy's teaching some guy some hopes in the sketch called "Puro Pagasa"

- HANEP SA ENERGY! Do you see some rockstar pouring so much energy on the concert?! ARE YOU READY TO PARTY! LOL

- Can a "Hostage Swap" possible in the hostage drama?

- Time to get to know "The Writer" named Jojo M. Burnal

- Bubble Gang does "Chocolatiest Ever" Bingo! They gagged this commercial as "Chocolatiest Ever" Dingo! It's truly delightful treat! Such a fine chocolate cookie for my discriminating taste! Mmmm... lovely! You're absolutely right! (Aw great! I can't find the original ad on YouTube! Anyone has the Bingo commercial with that tagline?)
Bubble Gang does "Chocolaties Ever" Bingo!
- Cheche Bureche in Ironing. Who says "Let me in" now or is it the burning flat iron, Bureche?
Bureche doesn't know how to iron clothes!
- With the "Laff Syrup", laughter is ultimately the best medicine, literally!

- Looks like husband and wife fighting each other because of "Kabit?"

- Introducing "Hi Phone", the coolest smart phone loaded with apps and features!

- IyoTube in SWV's Weak

- Looks like here comes the "Lipat Tao!"

- Telling a "kwento" with matching background musics from the guitar!

Whose line is it anyhow?! ROUND TWO!

Let's see what just happened on the March 18 episode of TV5's Lokomoko U!

- Fire Department gags

- The stuff from the dining table taking over the center stage of Bata Bata Tayo't Tumula. Ahem, why is the "napkin with wings" included in the stuff from the dining table? LOL

- Tensions are set to the maximum level at Bahaw Ikalawang Hain, where um...ah...WHY DOES MS. WANG, I MEAN, MRS. LULU TRYING TO TAKE AWAY SOMEONE CLOSE TO BLUE JUST SO FOR THE BLUE BABY?!!

- Round Two of" Whose line is it anyhow?! Check these out;

Question 1: Hindi lahat ng maasim may Vitamin C!
Answer: Kilikili

Question 2: Biktima din ako ng abortion!
Answer: Balut

Question 3: Hindi lahat ng may sayad baliw!
Answer: Gulong

Question 4: Pinapaligaya na nga kita palipat lipat ka pa!
Answer: TV

Question 5: Akala ko ba the more the merrier? Eh bakit ka naiinis?
Answer: Pimples

Question 6: Pinagpuyatan mo akong makuha pero ayaw mo naman sa akin!
Answer: Eyebag

Question 7: My brother is not a pig!
Answer: Nora Aunor

Question 8: Ginagamit mo lang ako pag nag-iinit ka
Answer: Thermometer

Question 9: Bakit pag lini-lips to lips mo ako, kailangan ko pang tumiwarik?
Answer: Bote

Friday, March 18, 2011

Some risky maneuvers from Alpha Bert and Dear Etang

BSDS Risky Maneuver # 1: Wife gets mad at her husband because of his beer-drinking habits. The two gone fighting mad. Alpha Bert to the rescue but the situation's getting worse; drunk man strangles his wife with a TUBO! By the word TUBO, that's the word of the day. Only two letters needed; L and O, replace T and U with L and O and the word is LOBO! The pipe turned into a balloon and the wife fights back!

Turn TUBO into LOBO!

BSDS Risky Maneuver # 2: Another episode of Dear Etang where Ate Etang read a letter from a kasambahay trying to prevent prank calls from the Dugo Dugo Gang. When the phone rings, the kasambahay is trying to prove that is that her amo or just a scam from the Dugo Dugo Gang. She prevented it but the coincidence is; the caller's no Dugo Dugo Gang but it's her amo! Looks like we got a lesson learned from Ate Etang; not most callers are from Dugo Dugo Gang and you're a kasambahay, not a game show host, try to lessen some questions!

"Prove to me that you're my amo
and not some kind from Dugo Dugo Gang!"

The Ultimate Heartthrobs' Machine

Edward Fuentabella's car in Green Rose

The first generation BMW Z4 can be sometimes a common show-off in some Asian dramas and movies. Lee Dong-gun (as Gerry) drove one in the Korean drama Stained Glass, Rico Blanco (as Lucas) drove one in Imortal, even Jake Cuenca (as Edward) drove one in the Philippine version of Green Rose. Also, this car appeared incidentally on the 2011 comedy drama movie "Who's That Girl?" and this was driven by Luis Manzano, who is the main character on that movie.

The first generation Z4 previously made its first Gran Turismo appearance at GT4 on PS2, then later on it was carried on Gran Turismo PSP and now Gran Turismo 5 on the Playstation3. With the required level of 2 and the cost of about 38,600 credits, GT5 players can add the BMW Z4 '03 model to their ever expanding garage full of race cars and yes its a Premium Tier car.


My BMW Z4 on GT5 is fully tuned to about 383hp/6900rpm, weighs 1136kg because of the weight loss, and its Performance Points is a modest 506. Upon taking a spin on the heartthrobs' machine, it reminds me of the good old days of Stained Glass. Hah! I could often get used to this Autobahn roadster more than often but for those who think the regular BMW Z4 '03 model is not good enough, the high-revving BMW Z4 M Coupe '08 model is for them.

The Z4 M Coupe is fast and curious

The Z4 M Coupe is its first appearance in the Gran Turismo series but most video games featured this car. Players who reached A-Spec/B-Spec level 7 can buy this car at the cost of 69,500 credits. In standard tune, the BMW Z4 M Coupe has a power output of 338hp/7900rpm, weighs 1495kg, and the Performance Points is 469. Thanks to the credits spent in tuning, I accumulated my own Z4 M Coupe to a power output of 422hp/8500rpm, lost 250 kg of weight, and it has 513 Performance Points. How to tune its LSD and Suspension is up to you.

This car stands still at Red Bull Hangar-7

Just like the regular Premium Tier Z4, the Z4 M Coupe is a Premium Tier car. You can change its rims, add aero parts, install carbon fiber hood, or go Photo Travel with this car! Just like mine, I take a picture of this car at Red Bull Hangar-7, which is one of the photo travel locations only Premium Tier cars can take a picture at.

The duel between the two Z4 models

Who knows? Both the BMW Z4 '03 and the BMW Z4 M Coupe '08 can be the fiercest rivals and it's up to you to decide which Z4 is your pick. I personally think that the fully tuned Z4 M Coupe has a higher power output than a fully tuned BMW Z4 3.0i but the max tuned BMW Z4 3.0i is lighter than the max tuned Z4 M Coupe. This is going to be a neck-to-neck experience when I try them both and deciding which is which may probably take some time. Still, the first generation BMW Z4 is definitely the ultimate heartthrobs' machine and the Z4 M Coupe is the ultimate thrill-seekers' machine.

It's up to you to decide...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another episode of Mommy Dionesia in Love is a "snatch"!

Mommy Dionesia Poohkyaw shocked

Shocked? There was another episode of Mommy Dionesia in Love earlier on Banana Split Daily Servings, where Mommy Dionesia Poohkyaw encountered another handsome kind of fellow and his name was Toby. When Mommy D handed Toby her stuff and asked him to put these in the car, looks like Jinkee Poohkyaw came to fetch her, but who's Toby? Uh oh, Mommy D fell in love with a SNATCHER! What a shocker!

Banged by a cymbal!

Another shocker was another magic from Magic Singh, where his magic is to make you deaf with the use of his cymbals! When in effect, you'll never heard what he said!

Hang Ten, Arroyo!

Another gagged photo appeared on Banana Split's Ang TV Patrol showing former president Arroyo gone surfing. About the report that the Supreme Court will not be called Arroyo Court according to Jason Francisco, he imagines what would Arroyo's court would be and here's the pic!

LISTEN UP! Jason told us another three things Banana Split don't want you to do it in another "ANG O.A. MO!" segment such as;

Number One: Suppose you bought popcorn and you're watching at your neighbor's TV set via the window!

"Do you have your popcorn ready?"

Number Two: Hiring a driver on your sidecar or padyak

Hiring a driver but your transport
was a padyak?

Number Three: Bought a new aircon so you can wear your new jacket!

"That was cool!" Not!

These are the three things that are OA and Banana Split doesn't want you to do it. Wait...

at the end of the segment, looks like Jason missed Melai sooooo much! "WAAHH!!! MELAI!!!"

Cheer up Jason Francisco! At least you and Melai are together on Mana Po! (^o^)

Looks like Jason missed Melai so much! LOL

Bumuhos man ang ulan...

Holding my Nagi Sanzenin-ojousama...

Well, we are very very worried about the real "Sinking of Japan" situation plus the trouble in the Fukushima prefecture. I'm getting worried about what will I buy next.

As I worried, the stuff that I bought from Japan like for instance, CDJapan, Play Asia, or whatever you guys know where you bought your anime merchandises, is there a possibility that it has some RADIATION? What if? Could we not buy something yet until this situation's back to normal?

Um, there goes the song "Bumuhos Man Ang Ulan" again for us...


Let's hope that the situation not just in Fukushima but the rest in Japan will be completely back to normal and oh, any alternatives to buy something that is completely radiation-free?

♪Everybody Getting High♪

2011 Honda Fit RS

2011 Honda Fit

Looks like most Pinoy Honda fans playing the song "Everybody Getting High" by Mick Jagger from the MP3 players because the latest minor change of the second generation Honda Jazz (known as Fit in other markets) is now here!

Offered is the 1.3 S variant that comes with a 5-speed manual and 5-speed auto and the top-of-the-line 1.5 V variant. I have a suspicion that the Jazz 1.5 V variant looks closely similar to the JDM Honda Fit RS sans the 6MT. What we have is a 5AT variant with paddle shifters.

In case we're wondering, did this thing imported from the already-sinking Japan? Nope, we got it from Thailand, so nothing's wrong.

Prices start at 752,000 Philippine Pesos for the 1.3 S 5MT variant to 857,000 Philippine Pesos for the RS-like Jazz 1.5 V 5AT variant.

What's great for me is if I owned the 1.5 V 5AT variant of the Jazz, I'll find some RS badges and stick it to make it look like the JDM Honda Fit RS! (^o^)

What's needed is the CVT variant and the Hybrid variant. We'll catch up later!

Video from Top Gear Philippines:

Thai TV commercial:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Alpha Bert has a "KAMA" for you!

Turn DAMA to KAMA!

Suppose there was some guy playing dama in a boring way because he doesn't find a place to sleep? Luckily, Alpha Bert's here! The word on this episode is DAMA, then replace D with K, and the word is KAMA! Your KAMA's here! BOING!

Guess what? Another episode of Dear Etang is up! On this episode, Ate Etang read a letter written from a kasambahay whose her simple joy taken away from her amo!

Kasambahay and her amo's husband

Well, her amo took away her simple joy because her amo took her cellphone. Then, the kasambahay turned the tables when she got her amo's husband. A simple joy might be an unexpected twist. Taking what's right is just what's right...

Ford Explorer meets JabbaWockeeZ

Hey! Remember the champions of America's Best Dance Crew known as JabbaWockeeZ? Oh yes, I remember them since they made special guesting on Banana Split since the summer of 2010 in the Philippines! Heh, looks like I remember these "figures of our imaginations", and seems that JabbaWockeeZ are letting us knowing how does the new Ford Explorer's new 3.5L V6 engine differs from the previous generation's V8 engine.

Ford Explorer meets JabbaWockeeZ

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Heart Japan, Pare!

It's been awhile since "Sinking of Japan" gotten real since Friday, March 11, and the disastrous results made us worried about their future. We Filipinos are often hooked in everything Japanese, we love their gadgets, their anime, their cars (especially the surplus once), everything that what makes us like everything Japanese. We even gotten ourselves the controversial JPEPA that ties these two countries together.

I think I felt sad of seeing this happened, as much as having myself crying upon hearing the song "Bumuhos Man ang Ulan" sometimes. I just can't sleep tight every evening 'till midnight because I'm still longing for the Japanese people who suffered.

I posted some GT5 pics of everything JDM in Gion, Kyoto, to show how much I missed Japan so much because this is how Japan-holics we are and I strongly believed that they need us more than we need them. Since Japan is JDM, and tough men like JDM, we couldn't help but pray for Japan always. I always remember the acronym for JAPAN; Just Always Pray At Night. We are always pray for Japan to heal its wounds.

Subaru WRX STi 4-door (GVB)

Honda CR-Z

Honda Insight (second generation)

Toyota Prius (third generation)

Lexus LFA

Nissan GT-R (R35)

Nissan Skyline GT-R (R33)

Mitsubishi i MiEV

Nissan Fairlady Z/370Z (Z34)

Lexus IS-F RM

For a little something for our miseries for them, a song called "Bumuhos Man ang Ulan", the theme song of the 2011 remake of the smash-hit Korean drama, Green Rose. Once I listened to this, I would end up crying over and over again. Heh, guess whoever put this song as a "Personal BGM" on GT5, they would end up crying while driving JDM. (Sniff)

As always, we heart Japan, pare!

Some summer escapades with James Bang, Mommy Dionesia Poohkyaw, and Magic Singh!

Hot version of James Bang's boss!

James Bang just got lucky this time. He scored himself a hotter version of his boss. Anyway, his latest James Bang mission is to help someone who's having troubles with barbells.

He's having barbell problems

Yep, he's the guy having trouble lifting up the barbell. James Bang's here and one gadget figure this out, the RUBBER JACKIE!

Rubber Jackie

James Bang clinged the Rubber Jackie to the barbell, lifting up, and up, and...OUCH!!!

OUCH! The Rubber Jackie was a flop, but his boss showed up and she said to him; CONGRATULATIONS. So is it mission accomplished? Indeed it is!

Got hit by a Mitsubishi Montero Sport!

"Are you OK?"

There was episode 3 of Mommy Dionesia in Love, where some guy captured the heart of Mommy Dionesia Poohkyaw and his name was Paolo or Papa P. Well, looks like Mommy D. got lucky but Papa P. got hit by a Mitsubishi Montero Sport! Another ouch moment in Banana Split history. Turns out Papa P. got hit by Mommy D's driver! You probably remember him from the first episode. Huh, another flop for Mommy Dionesia Poohkyaw's love life.

If Magic Singh kissed the card of your choice,
he kissed you!

Another kick-in-the-pants magic trick from Magic Singh! His latest magic is simple; you pick the card, and he'll take control of your body using the card that is similar to the card of your choice! For instance, if Magic Singh kissed the card of your choice, he kissed you. Also, if Magic Singh punched the card of your choice, he punched you. MAGIC!

Launch date of the 2012 Honda Fit Shuttle hits a snag

2012 Honda Fit Shuttle and
2012 Honda Fit Shuttle Hybrid

Those Japanese customers who are anticipated to the launch of the 2012 Honda Fit Shuttle gotten themselves a bad news upon hearing this;

3月17日(木)に予定しておりましたフィット シャトルの発表を延期させていただくこととしました。
なお、3月18日(金)~21日(月)にHondaウエルカムプラザ青山にて予定されていた、フィット シャトル関連イベントについても延期させていただきます。"

Source: Teaser Site

To translate this; Since the earthquake happened in Japan since March 11, 2011, Honda decided to cancel the launch of the Honda Fit Shuttle. Originally this car will be launched to Japan this March 17, but because of the disaster, Honda decided to postpone the launch. The new launch date and sale date will be decided by Honda soon once the situation is back to normal. Also, the debut fair (March 18 -21) for the Fit Shuttle at Honda Welcome Plaza will be delayed as well.

Honda will bring them the new launch date of the 2012 Fit Shuttle soon once if the situation in Japan is completely back to normal.

SIDE NOTE: Because of the disaster, we'll have to wait a little longer... (-_-) 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Need tapis? Alpha Bert's here!


Summer's almost here in the Philippines, and there was another Alpha Bert episode on Banana Split Daily Servings earlier. A woman yells because there's no towel in the bathroom. Alpha Bert's here and he'll give her something different than a towel. The word is LAPIS, replace L with T, and the word is TAPIS!

Art Throb's balloon flower

Art Throb's balloon heart

Kuya Art, the Art Throb, invited the kids to learn how to make unique shapes using a long balloon. The Art Throb made a flower and a heart from a long balloon. Made me cheered up. (^u^)

Motorcycle rider holdapper

Another gagged photo showed up on Banana Split's Ang TV Patrol, regarding a "motorcycle rider holdapper" reported by Jason Francisco. Is that a cartographic sketch? Hmmm? Looks weird.

iPad 2

Apple iPad 2
When the Apple iPad came on sale in April 3, 2010, Apple ushers in to the new category of "portable tablets" that later on other companies making their own tablets that have something that the iPod can't have.

The missing camera function is just one of the main weakness of the iPad, forcing them to buy some tablets with the camera function, causing the first iPad to go belly down on the sales chart. To resolve this, Apple made a major minor change to the iPad, and this iPad is leveled up as iPad 2.

This iPad has progressed, and now has two built-in cameras attached in front and back. With the new camera, this new iPad can now take pictures everywhere and perform FaceTime with your friends and family. Once more, the iPad 2 can do almost everything that its predecessor can't do, such as a faster A5 chip, faster graphics, longer battery life, LED-backlit display, multi-touch, advanced iOS 4, instant on with the push of the home button, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, new accelerometer that recognizes your every move, AirPlay, new Video mirroring, and AirPrint.

Sold separately are the stylish Smart Covers available for the iPad 2 to bring protection and style without the bulk. The iPad's Smart Cover comes in 10 colors and finding which color that suits your personal preferences is up to you.

More info:


The iPad has progressed and it's got a camera as seen from the latest iPod Touch and iPhone! Cool! Think of it as an enlarged version of the iPod Touch, even better. Great things come in large packages for this one! With sales of the iPad 2 started on most North American markets in March 2011, I hope that Power Mac Center, official Apple retailer of the Philippines, sells this latest iPad upgrade and let those tech junkies do with the new camera function of the new iPad 2! This is the next big thing for Apple!

Photo: Apple Inc.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Audi A6 Fourth Generation

The Audi A6 is progressed. With its new design, new interior, new features, this premium midsize sedan is ready to progress against the likelihood of the BMW 5-Series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, or even the Buick LaCrosse (known in South Korea as the GM Korea Alpheon).

2012 Audi A6

The A6's exterior design has progressed and heavily inspired from the styling cues from the eccentric Audi A7 Sportback. Although it was inspired from an eccentric Audi fastback, the sedan look of the new A6 doesn't seem to be eccentric, even with the same side view from the previous 3rd generation model and the rear view heavily inspired from the latest-generation Audi A8. The progressed design really brings out the "Vorsprung durch technik" catchphrase and the executives will be salivated over the A6's brand new look.

2012 Audi A6 interior

Also progressing on the new A6 is the interior as well. Even though the new interior looks similar to the Audi A7 Sportback, it still has some of the technological features offered to bring out the future to the drivers, like the available MMI navigation plus system that features real-time navigation when they need it.

There are various driver assistance systems offered on the new A6. First of all, there were three cameras attached; the front, the back, and infrared that is useful for night driving. Next was the sensors attached at the front, side, and back, then there was also two special sensors; the crash sensors and this one sensor some of them don't understand what it is; the SARA sensor which automatically activates the ESP and Audi pre-sense basic. These cameras and sensors are highly essential for parking, cruise control, and crash response, making it more safer to drive than other European premium medium-sized sedans. This is how safety is progressed.

By the time the new A6 sedan arrives this March 2011, the available 2.8L FSI, 3.0 TFSi, and 3.0 TDi engine are available as of press time and there will be a "hybrid" version available very soon. The 2.8L FSi engine is the most fuel efficient of the line-up because not only it comes with the CVT, but the fuel consumption of 7.4 Liter/100 km as well. The most powerful variant of the new A6 for now is the 3.0L TFSi engine because of the high-revving power output of 300PS and it reaches 5.5 seconds on the 0-100km run. It consumes 8.2 Liter / 100km of fuel, making more frugal to go further.

My thoughts about the A6:

I guess luxury has progressed for the new Audi A6 just how the latest Audi A8 and the Audi A7 Sportback progressed its luxury status thanks to its "Art of Progress" this premiere German luxury car maker wants to achieve and become the Alpha of the luxury car brands. The sedan version is the only new A6 available and sales start this March following with the Avant variant this Autumn 2011. An allroad variant is unlikely to happen but I believe that Audi may not bring the allroad variant of the new A6 due to the previous generation's low reception. This looks more choppy to expect for me.

Still, the progressed design doesn't look more choppy to me, because it has the styling cues the predecessors failed to achieve. I'm glad the progressed design made it into something special. The new Audi A6 makes a perfect fistfight against the BMW 5-Series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Lexus GS, Buick LaCrosse, or GM Korea Alpheon.

Photo: Audi AG

Madali lang, just name it!

Good thing we're saved by the laughs offered from the 3/12/11 episode of ABS-CBN's Banana Split, such as;

- Fresh showbiz updates on Hot Issue

- Summer time activities jokes spoiled our near-summer vacation for fun

- "Madali lang, just name it!" They made us guess who's that celebrity by offering us some clues while listening to some upbeat song

- some dances

- Ryan Bang goes "educative" as Professor Ryan Valkswagen in a segment called Ryan's English 101.1, where we get to know what's the translation of these English words, such as "Barking" and "When there's a will, there's a way". Never realized that "Barking" means "hari ng inuman"!

- Another new game on Banana Split called Just Draw It! It's like a game of Pictionary!
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