Saturday, April 16, 2011

I My Me! What happened to Donya Amalia?

Professional actress and former beauty queen, Pilar Pilapil, who is famous for being the villainous Donya Amalia from the 2010 fantasy drama, Agua Bendita, was reported stabbed seven times by carnappers! Thank goodness, she's still safe and alive...

This looks worse for the former beauty queen...

I hope she's okay....

"I need ur back Lulu"

Looks like we spent our April 15 fun with Alex Gonzaga, Empoy, Princess Ryan, Rainier Castillo, Valeen Montenegro, Joseph Bitangcol, Alyana Asisto, Diane Medina, Tuesday Vargas, JC De Vera, Caloy Alde, Edgar Alan Guzman, Milagring, Luningning, Mariposa, and the Boyz Avenue, otherwise known as the cast of Lokomoko U! Just like...

- Restaurant gags

- The refreshments taking the center stage in another Bata Bata Tayo'y Tumula! Well almost because the pamaypay is facing a minor trouble at the audience!

This pamaypay means trouble!

- On another dramatic episode of Lokomoko U's most dramatic portion that will made viewers cry with laughter, Bahaw Ikalawang Hain, Blue (Empoy) tries to stop Pinky (Diane Medina) from killing herself at the riverbank. Blue's right. Maybe they are better than both GMA's Telebabad and ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida combined, why would Pinky want to end it? This is Bahaw, you know. LOL about the "I need ur back Lulu" tattoo. xD

- Another round of Whose Line Is It... Anyhow?! Check out the lines from that episode!

Question 1: Nandito ako lagi sa harap ng bahay nyo!
Answer: Gate

Question 2: Hindi man ako marunong mag mahal may puso din naman ako!
Answer: Saging

Question 3: Lets DOH it!
Answer: Juan Flavier

Question 4: Kahit ilang yosi ang sindihan ko hindi ako magkaka cancer!
Answer: Lighter

Question 5: Bakit mo ako ibinitin? Kung kelan kainitan at basang basa ako?!
Answer: Sampay

Question 6: Hindi lahat ng dinidilaan batang nausog!
Answer: Sobre/Selyo

Question 7: My mother is not a pig!
Answer: Baka

Question 8: Sarap na sarap kang dilaan ako pag nag iinit ka!
Answer: Ice cream

"Ditu Puti! Ito ang champion!"

Another Friday night, another Bubble Gang night on that April 15, 2011 episode like;

- Hail a taxi? Hail a Bubble Gag!

- An interview that made the interviewer talk in place of guests

- Cheche Bureche flying kites

How's my kite?

- Find out how he deals with his "mortal na kaaway"

- Bubble Gang does Datu Puti Soy Sauce! They spoofed the Datu Puti Toyo TVC w/ Manny and Dionisia Pacquiao by gagging as Ditu Puti Toyo!

Bubble Gang does Datu Puti Toyo!

- Here we are again. Another Balitang News with Elueterio Ignacio and Electronic Ignition!

- Ahhh!! Multiple bad dreams!

- Girls are screaming because Chang Ge, Yee Saw, San Ban Yo, and Tang Ha Ko, otherwise known as D'Wonder Boys, are performing live at Bubble Gang!

D'Wonder Boys live in Bubble Gang! \(^o^)/

- Criminals planning what will they do next by any game show or raffle means necessary

- Are their relationships compatible?

- Acting at the restaurant

Friday, April 15, 2011

Teleportation, Magic Singh style!

Help me! I've been attacked by the gorilla!

Looks like we got shocked by another magic misfits from Banana Split's Magic Singh on that April 15 episode! He showed us some teleportation magic. After saying HARA HARA KING KING, a man got teleported to a cage and got attacked by the gorilla! MAGIC!

There was that 1st-gen Tucson again in Green Rose! There's also that Peugeot 206 CC!

A Hyundai Tucson in a Green Rose episode

A black, 1st-generation, Hyundai Tucson CRDi appeared again on a Green Rose episode since April 14, 2011. This was first appeared since Jerome (Jericho Rosales) spent years in South Korea working for Mr. Darren Lee (guest star Albert Martinez), providing an opportunity for Jerome to return to the Philippines using Darren Lee's identity and claim back what Edward (Jake Cuenca) got from him, especially Angela (Anne Curtis).

A Peugeot 206CC in a Green Rose episode

Prior to that, there was a Peugeot 206CC appeared on that latest episode as well. Gina (Alessandra de Rossi), Edward's former right-hand woman who was a fugitive because of the corporate espionage, rode on it. Seems that the Peugeot 206CC here in the Philippines was an instant classic.

Das tut sehr weh...

Gumpert Apollo crash

About that sentence "Das tut sehr weh...", that's German for "that hurts a lot" because I saw in the news that there was a crashed Gumpert Apollo in Germany!

Why would a 20-year-old male gotten a chance to drive his father's Apollo all the way with his female companion. Luckily, both of them are injured.

Wonder how could that happened?!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Equus vs. MJ

2010 Hyundai Equus

2010 Toyota Crown Majesta

Both of these Asian premium sedans were launched in March 2009 but I wonder which of these two Asian premium sedans is best enough for a wealthy conglomerate to relax on the road? Both the Hyundai Equus VI and the 5th-generation Toyota Crown Majesta are a sovereign treats for a wealthy businessmen or even politicians. Well, time for me to think about these two;

The Hyundai Equus VI is actually the second-generation of Hyundai's premium sedan, the Equus (known in the other markets as the Centennial). The Equus was launched in 1999 and positioned as the flagship of Hyundai. Its rival is the Kia Enterprise (and now the Opirus/Amanti). The second-generation Equus (codenamed VI) was an extended length version of the Genesis sedan, providing its FR drive-train, new Tau V8 engine, and loads of luxurious features fit for the Korean royalties. It even came with the Limousine version since Autumn 2009 as well. At 2011, all Equus variants are equipped with the new Lambda 3.8 Gasoline Direct Injection engine while the flagship variant comes with the all-new 5.0L GDI engine. This new engine provides the maximum power rate of 430ps/6400rpm, 52kg-m/5000rpm of torque, and 8.8km/L of fuel economy. It is mated with an 8-speed automatic transmission. On the inside, the driver's view looks exquisite, seats are comfortable, rear TV added, most of the premium features are top-notch.

The Toyota Crown Majesta is the flagship spin-off from the legendary Crown series. From the Majesta's first three generations, we saw the Majesta wearing the legendary Crown emblem. When the 12-generation Crown appeared in December 2003, sporting the new Crown emblem, the 4th-generation Majesta appeared on July 2004 and it was the first Majesta not to wear the Crown emblem, it only wears the Toyota corporate logo on the front. Eccentric for a flagship spin-off? When the Toyota Celsior was renamed as the Lexus LS, in light of the Lexus brand in Japan, the Crown Majesta became the brand's flagship sedan. In March 2009, the Majesta reached its fifth-generation and it's more of an enlarged version of the 13th-generation Toyota Crown series. What's new on the Majesta is the 1UR-FSE (4.6L V8) engine derived from the Lexus LS460. This engine comes with the D4-S direct injection system, capable of releasing 347PS of power, 46-9kg-m of torque, and the fuel economy of 9.4km/L. In comparison, the Majesta is fuel efficient than the Equus' 5.0L V8 engine. It is also comes with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

The driver's view of the 5th-generation Majesta might seems to be borrowed from the Crown Royal and the Fine Graphic Meter was derived from the Crown Hybrid. On the passenger's side, with the Majesta F-Type G Package, the Center Console packs a lot of conveniences. the Premium Sound System, the Ottoman seat on the left, the speakers on the headreast, every premium conveniences made the Majesta a majestic premium sedan!

In terms of design, both the Equus and the Majesta stands out but if I had to choose one, I'd say it will be the Equus because of its striking front and back. The Majesta's design needs to be more fine because the fifth-generation's look was actually derived more from the previous generation, making it a confusion. In terms of comfort, I'd say it will be the Majesta because the passengers' side is the best because of the speakers mounted on the headrest, Premium Sound System, and the center console that is too plenty for them. The Majesta's Fine Graphic Meter is a wow factor. It's up to you to decide which of these Asian premium sedans is the best...

SuperVeloce - The ultimate bull in GT5

Song played on my Personal BGM: Vortex by Akihiko Matsumoto
From the album: LINK+AGE
Two bulls in two eras face an endless war

At Lamborghini, every weapon needs a master. Here in Gran Turismo 5, this applies the same as well, every weapon needs a master and every master needs a weapon. In the Lamborghini dealership at GT5, witness the brand's ultimate weapon, the Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce.

Warrior in Grigio Telesto

Lamborghini's ultimate weapon was unveiled at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show and this is undoubtedly the most powerful Lamborghini ever built (as told by Rutledge Wood from the first episode of Top Gear USA) with the limited production of 350 units worldwide at the price of $450,000. As I watched the first episode of Top Gear USA, the Murcielago SV, driven by Rutledge Wood, is much faster than the Gallardo Balboni, driven by Tanner Foust, but lost to the lightweight Gallardo SuperLeggera, driven by Adam Ferrera.

SuperVeloce Nurburgring Drift

At its stock form, the Murcielago LP670-4 SuperVeloce has a max power of 660HP, max torque of 486.77ft-lb, and weighs 1565kg. In the hands of the master, this powerful weapon has a max power of 839HP, max torque of 555ft-lb, and weighs 1268kg. At high speeds, this bull is fierce but lacks cornering, making this weapon hard to master. With practice, this bull is a wrecking force to be reckoned with.

An instant classic - its the last of its kind

The SuperVeloce is classified as a Premium Tier car, which means you can dress up some new rims, aero parts, or you can even bring this powerful weapon to Kyoto, Bern, Ahrweiler, San Galgano, San Gimignano, Piazza del Campo, Red Bull Hangar-7, or Lucerne for some photo travels. Bringing out for photo sessions sounds cool to show it to your friends that you have Lamborghini's most powerful bull in GT5.

The mightiest will lead

Most Gran Turismo 5 players are choosy when it comes to choose which car is best suited for around-the-world races and with this SuperVeloce, choosy players may sometimes be delighted to have one in their garages and show them to the world that they have Lamborghini's most powerful weapon. Just remember, every weapon needs a master and every master needs a weapon.

It's been three years....

Hey guys! This is Leopaul!

It's been three years since I started blogging...

Three years since me and my family stayed on Seattle, WA....

Twenty years of my life enjoying....

You know what... for three years of my blogging, let me explain what goes in my mind...

I started blogging at Multiply since 2nd quarter 2008. When I got my Blogger account, I think I want to blog simultaneously on both Blogger and Multiply, for, you know, expanding my blogs' presence to the Philippines and to the rest of the world. I would like to say thank you for visiting my blog each and every other day.

As a treat of my three years of blogging, I will show you something extra for us to know, want to know what it is?


Announcement: My blogging days will be temporarily suspended for April 21 and 22 (Maundy Thursday and Good Friday) at 12:00AM Philippine Standard Time in light of Holy Week. My blogging will resume in April 23 (Black Saturday) at 12:00 AM Philippine Standard Time. Thank You very much.

Ryan's English 101.1 Lesson 2

Looks like we got a second English lesson from Ryan Bang as Professor Ryan Valkswagen on Ryan's English 101.1 in the April 14 episode of Banana Split Daily Servings. On that lesson, we learned that the word "breakfast" means "patigilin ang mabilis na sasakyan" and "Mississippi" said that spelling that word needs four "s" but in case we don't know, five "s".

Prof. Ryan Valkswagen

Before that, the Art Throb (John Prats) made us an art volcano with the use of paper, scissors, crayons, and matches (parental supervision required, kids!)

Art Throb makes a volcano

Another magic mishaps with Magic Singh again! When a photographer (Badji Mortiz) encountered Magic Singh (Jayson Gainza) and he said there is something better than seeing the landscape. Take this rabbit for example, Magic Singh covered the rabbit with some handkerchief and then he said HARA HARA KING KING. After that, he covered the photographer's face with the handkerchief! Now you see, now you speak, now you don't! )^o^(

Now you see me, now you don't

Bummer! McDonald's Philippines pulled out the BFGF ad!

Everyone in the Philippines know that the McDonalds BFGF ad aired in the Philippines is cute to watch. It was about two kids, a little girl ask a little boy is she wants to be his girlfriend but the little boy said he wasn't ready because girlfriends are demanding and the little girl wants some fries from McDonald's. The commercial derived from India is so cute to watch but there was some bad news...

McDonald's Philippines has decided to pull out the "BFGF" ad because of the complaints from the CBCP.

Aw geez... it was a good commercial while it lasted... (-_-;)

Insignia VXR Touring Car!

2011 Vauxhall Insignia VXR Touring Car

With the Chevrolet Cruze, Toyota Avensis, and other cars participating the British Touring Car Championship, another Euro-British car steps in and this Vauxhall Insignia VXR Touring Car is battle-ready!

This Vauxhall Insignia VXR (the Britannia equivalent of the Opel Insignia OPC and soon the Buick Regal GS) is ready to tackle the BTCC and oh man, looks like Forza 3 players got a noticing to replicate this using their own Vauxhall Insignia VXR! (-_-;)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

GM Korea Chevrolet Camaro

2011 GM Korea Chevrolet Camaro

*The 5th-generation Chevrolet Camaro is sold as the GM Korea Chevrolet Camaro in South Korea

After the 5th generation Camaro making a grand comeback in North America in the Spring of 2009, then later arrived in some countries including the Philippines, everyone's favorite Autobot, Bumblebee, is landed for shooting and this time, it's not for some Transformers movie (Dark of the Moon coming soon!), but Bumblebee's ready for his new challenge as a Korean celebrity and how will the GM Korea Chevrolet Camaro (쉐보레 카마로) stack up on Korean dramas and movies.

The Camaro is GM Korea's third out of the planned eight Chevrolet models according to GM Korea CEO, Mike Arcamone, after the successful transition from GM Daewoo Auto and Technology into GM Korea Company. The first two were the "Active Life Vehicle" Orlando MPV and the "Fun Riding" Aveo (coming soon in North America as the Sonic) 5-door.

2011 GM Korea Chevrolet Camaro

Although the Korean-spec Camaro was completely a CBU (Completely Built Unit) from North America, nothing's different from the Korean Camaro to the American Camaro except from the rear. The Korean Camaro has different tail lamps, making it slightly different to the American Camaro.

2011 GM Korea Chevrolet Camaro interior

Despite the different rear view of the Korean Camaro, the interior of the Korean Camaro remains the same, well for the speedometer set on the KM/H basis, which is a commoner to the Korean cars because the unit KM/H was used.

While the American Camaro has a host of automatic transmission, manual transmission, V6 and V8 engines, the Korean Camaro is different because the only offer from GM Korea's Chevrolet Camaro is the 3.6L V6 24-Valve DOHC engine that produces 312PS/6400rpm of power output and 9.1km/L of fuel economy. The 6-speed AT is the only transmission available for the Korean Camaro, which can be an unpleasant drawback for Korean fans.

The GM Korea Camaro comes with four introductory colors, which are Yellow, Red, Black, and Silver. That's less than the American-spec Camaro.

My Comment:
Despite offered less than the American Camaro, the Korean-spec Chevy Camaro from GM Korea Company is much more of a worthy competitor against the Korean FR Sports Coupe, the Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Well, don't ask me if which of these two will prevail because an article from Top Gear Philippines will explain. A minor drawback for the GM Korea Camaro is the pricing because the 47,000,000 Korean Won pricing sounds pricey than the Hyundai Genesis Coupe 380 GT-P's 33,480,000 Korean Won pricing. Despite pricing, the Korean Camaro has more power than the Genesis Coupe 380 GT-P because the Camaro gets 312PS while the Genesis Coupe only has 303PS. This leave those two a choice between the Mafias and the Triads.

Already reached its stardom as Transformers' Bumblebee, Ryan Agoncillo experienced it thanks for his role for Chevrolet to the Philippines, and now what will Bumblebee do on his new challenge in the land of Korean dramas and K-POP? Time will tell...

Photo: GM Korea Company

Two Alphas are better than one!

Alpha Bert and Alpha Boy Regino

Kuya Jobert as Alpha Bert and Igi Boy as Alpha Boy Regino sprung into action as they saw a beautiful woman got injured and can't get up. Alpha Bert and Alpha Boy Regino tries to help the injured woman but this is complicated. All they need now is a SUKLAY some man is using. The word is "SUKLAY" and replace the letter U with an A. Ta-da! SAKLAY! A woman got a saklay to help thanks to the Alpha duo of Jobert and Igi Boy! That's Alpha Bert and Alpha Boy Regino to you!

Another three things Banana Split wished you not to do it or else "ANG O.A. MO!"

Number One: Afriad of tule but you're 30

30 years old but afraid of tule

Number Two: When your child asks a simple question, you answered very complicating...

So much to know

Number Three: You're even more freaked out than your child upon a cockroach encounter

Ipis freak out!!!

The Next GS?

Lexus LF-Gh Concept '11

Toyota Motor Corporation unveiled the concept premium hybrid sedan, the LF-Gh (Lexus Future Grand Touring Hybrid), ahead from its New York debut!

The question was, could this be the next Lexus GS?!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Infiniti M Hybrid

2012 Infiniti M35h
*The Nissan Fuga Hybrid (HY51) is sold as the Infiniti M Hybrid in the United States

Infiniti's first full-fledged hybrid premium sedan, the Infiniti M35h, is not your typical hybrid premium sedan built for the green wealthy people who want to indulge in something extravagant while keeping their commitment to the environment. The Infiniti M35h targets the likes of the Lexus GS450h and the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid and by comparison, the Infiniti M35h is faster, more fuel tank capacity, more room, and more fuel efficient than these hybrid premium sedans offered.

At first glance, the Infiniti M35h is armed with the hybrid version of the VQ35HR engine, producing a standard power output of 303hp/6800rpm and the torque output of 264 lb·ft/4800 rpm. However, there's a catch; the exclusive Infiniti Direct Response System reaches the M35h's VQ35HR hybrid engine to a full potential, thanks to the 50kW electric motor, guaranteed to hear some sinister "ready to attack" sounds that no other hybrid sedans done it before and it can reach 6 seconds on the 0-60mph run, making a grand power output of over 360hp as advertised. It even comes with a 7-speed automatic transmission that has no torque converter, making it a smooth-shifter on the long and winding roads. Like most hybrid sedans in the world, the Infiniti M35h comes with the regenerative braking system that can recharges the Lithium-ion battery while going for a full brake. It can be essential with the electronic booster assist.

In comparison, the Infiniti M35h stacks up against the Lexus GS450h because the fuel economy of the M35h has 32MPG highway while the GS450h garners 25MPG. That's good news but the bad news is, the M35h is not worthy against the Americanized Lincoln MKZ Hybrid because the MKZ Hybrid garners 36 of those miles per gallon highway.

My Comment:

With the exclusive Infiniti Direct Response System armed and ready on the M35h's VQ35HR hybrid engine, it was surely enough to gain the power of a V8 engine while gaining a fuel economy of a four-cylinder engine. Surely a hybrid car with 360hp and 32 MPG highway is a sure fiery thing but the sinister M35h has a sinister "ready to attack" attitude to blow away the competition.

Photo: Infiniti

STILL Bumuhos man ang ulan...

Hey there! This is Leopaul again!

What a painful day, huh? Yesterday, Japan got hit by another aftershock and later, the Fukushima crisis was risen to the maximum level of 7, the worst of its kind since the Chernobyl crisis.

I saw that on NHK World via my iPod Touch 4. ( ̄ー ̄)

Looks like our lives are still Bumuhos Man Ang Ulan...

Yayakapin kita, ng walang hanggan, bumuhos man ang ulan ng walang hanggan...

Ugh... there goes that sad song from the pinoy version of Green Rose...( ̄ー ̄)

If I hear that song again on Tambayan 101.9, I would burst my tears to anyone...( ̄ー ̄)


7.4 percent of Lamborghini buyers in 2010 were women (No, Kiyama-sensei's Gallardo doesn't count)

Screenshot from the Railgun finale

According to a study, about 7.4 percent of Lamborghini customers were actually females, ahead from the two sports car brands, Lotus and Ferrari, and sits behind Maybach in the list of car brands with the most female purchases.

That looks more of a coincidence but the numbers don't lie. Honestly, men would go for high-performance cars while women would go for cheap, fuel-efficient, cars. Based on that survey, the Volkswagen New Bettle is a women's pick with 60.6% female customers while the Porsche 911 is considered manly because 87.9% of the customers are male.

I guess trends are always applied to cars as well, and it doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman, unless you have a driver's license and have enough cash to buy a new car. Decisions are always up to them...

Magic Singh drops something, Kuya Jobert pulls out his yoyo tricks


Another magic trick from Magic Singh happened on the April 12 episode of Banana Split Daily Servings! On that trick, he covered Rasheed with his coat and he said HARA HARA KING KING. After that, Rasheed dropped from the cliff! AHHHH!!!!!

Kuya Jobert got tangled by his yoyo

With Rasheed got pushed over by Magic Singh again, Kuya Jobert pulls out his own yoyo tricks. He showed his weird yoyo tricks to Jayson Gainza, and Kuya Jobert ended up being tangled by his yoyo!

There was another three things that can be fortunate but unfortunate in the end in another SWERTENG MALAS

Case One: Encountered a genie in a lamp but turned out to be expired

Case Two: Got past the MMDA officer when beating the red light but your can got run out of gas

Case Three: You got three women but later belong to tough men

Monday, April 11, 2011

What did we learn about the Fountain of Youth according to Kuya Keem?

Well, looks like we got another lesson from Banana Split Daily Servings' Mutanglawin on that April 11 episode as Kuya Keem explains more on the Fountain of Youth. Instead of asking more, Kuya Keem tries the water coming out from the Fountain of Youth. After drinking it, Kuya Keem transformed to a...

Baby Kuya Keem doll


The Art Throb made a star!

Is it possible to make a star out of a round shape? We know we can't but only the Art Throb can!

Check out another three things Banana Split don't want you to do it or else, ANG O.A. MO!!!

Number One: Can't sleep but what bothers is just a tiny piece of munggo seed

"Mommy, I can't sleep!"

Number Two: You want to have someone to pull her white hair but not your mother and instead, your 80-year old granny

Good luck pulling those white hair

Number Three: Reactions like "Eeewww!! Yuck!!! Germs!!! Virus!!! I need an operation!!" if you got sneezed by someone else

So much O.A. for Kiray! xD

Remember what Jason Francisco said, don't do anything O.A. if you don't want others calling you "ANG O.A. MO!"

A second strike of S. Vettel! ^_^

The 2011 Malaysian GP ended with another win from RBR-Renault's Sebastial Vettel! It's probably thanks to his pole position, again!

Check out the stats at:

I kinda disappointed that Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton got a 20-second penalty for their wrongdoings.

See you guys in China this April 17!

Seiko Wallet's first TV ad...

This must be the first Seiko wallet TV ad aired since early February 2011. In the bus, a man wished that he want to get accepted for his job when suddenly his Seiko wallet talked. While the Seiko Wallet talks, he imagines about his success; got a job, promoted as a boss, his parents bought him a huge HD TV, he got himself a Hummer with his personal driver, gained a lot of fans, changed his looks into something handsome, became a commercial model, became a showbiz star (LOL about that part holding the katol), became a box office king, the man said YAY but it was just a dream!

It's pretty darn hilarious about the Seiko Wallet. On the part where the Seiko wallet said "showbiz star", we saw him in his cowboy attire holding a katol? What's that? DRAGON KATOL?

Guess this commercial is more like Pop Culture to Filipinos like us.

Rate ko: 4.3/5

Minsan lang ang mga bulilit.,..

What just happen in the April 10 episode of Goin Bulilit?

- Goin Bulilit's music video of Gloc 9's Walang Natira

- Warzone jokes led by soldiers and rebels

- Payabangan ng mga tanod

- Some"Use It" jokes that are military-related;

1) AFP - Ang sama ni Clara! Lagi na lang ine-AFP si Mara!

2) Navy - Ang ganda ng t-shirt mo ah! Saan mo NAVY-li yan!

3) Platoon - Ang lakas kumain ni Carl! Nakakaubos ng tatlong PLATOON ng kanin!

4) Marine - Akala mo naman payat 'to! Ang chubby MARINE!

5) Attack - Magdala ka ng payong! Uma-ATTACK na naman ang ulan!

6) Army - Sa lahat ng sumuporta sa akin sa SCQ, ma-ARMY salamat po!

7) Assault - Ang ganda ng langit! Kulay-ASSAULT!

8) Foxhole - FOXHOLE, paksiw! FOXHOLE, paksiw!

9) Defense - The dog jumped over DEFENSE!

10) Combat - Ang lakas mo mang-asar ah! COMBAT-tukan kaya kita!

11) Mission - Kayo talaga! Wala kayong binigay sa akin kundi puro konsu-MISSION!

- Ready Get Set Goin in Obladi Obstacle!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chrysler 200 Convertible

2011 Chrysler 200 Convertible

The Chrysler 200, the Sebring's successor model, made Chrysler born again from the ashes of bankruptcy and with Chrysler's Imported from Detroit tagline (thanks to the Super Bowl XLV ad starring Eminem), it shows true Detroit blood running in the veins of Chrysler, bringing true American color for customers here and around the world. Now, let's see how Eminem meets up with the 2-door convertible model based on the "Imported from Detroit" Chrysler 200.

The Chrysler 200 Convertible carries the same features from the 200 Sedan while sporting its 2-door convertible finesse. With the convertible shape, the Chrysler 200 Convertible can be a fun to drive vehicle designed to appeal people looking for stylish convertibles. Well, it might seem to be claimed as the replacement of the Sebring Convertible, the 200 Convertible is classified as the minor model change of the Sebring Convertible despite its debutante naming.

Even with the convertible look, the new 200 Convertible still retains two engine types; a 2.4L GEMA (Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance) engine and the all-new Pentastar 3.6L V6 engine. The 2.4L GEMA engine provides 175PS/6000 rpm of power output, torque output of 166 lb·ft/4400 rpm, and has an EPA fuel economy rating of 29mpg highway. The new Pentastar V6 engine, on the other hand, releases about 287PS/6400 rpm of power output, 260lb·ft/4250 rpm of torque output, and has the same mpg as the 2.4L variant. Most are equipped with the 62TE six-speed transmission for enhanced driving and fuel efficiency unlike any other.

The 200 Convertible is available in exterior colors: Blackberry Pearl Coat, Bright Silver Metallic, Deep Cherry Red Crystal Pearl Coat, Bright White Pearl Coat, Black, Sapphire Crystal Metallic Clear Coat and Tungsten Silver Metallic Clear Coat.

My Comment:
"This is the Motor City. And this is what we do." These words truly describes the "Imported from Detroit" tagline from Chrysler and with that new slogan, it will surely expand Chrysler's American presence to the world market.

Looks like Eminem's ride got itself a soft-top haircut! The new 200 Convertible can be a decent rival to the likes of the Lexus IS250C and the Renault Megane Coupe-Convertible. With the new V6 mated, it will surely be a blast with this new age premium convertible built from Sterling Heights, Michigan, not far from Detroit, Michigan. Think this will work?

Photo: Chrysler Group, LLC.

What can I say about the Legacy B4 and the Axela sedan?

Early afternoon, I saw two cars parked near the Seattle Central Community College. Both of these cars are Japanese, both of these cars were launched in Japan since 2009, one is from the brand behind the boxer engines in Japan and one is from the car company that brought you first the idling stop system.

Seen here is the Subaru Legacy B4 (BM9) sports sedan. In the Philippines, we already have one via MotorImage Pilipinas. This is the North American spec of the Legacy B4 sedan. I guess this is one of the modest Subaru models ever built since when it first launched in Japan since mid-May 2009.

This here is the 2nd-generation Mazda Axela, known worldwide as the Mazda 3. We, Filipino Mazda fans, are crying over our poor predicament and we salivated it over since it was sold worldwide and now in Thailand this year (even it was built there). This model was launched in Japan in mid-June 2009 and it was the first car to equipped with the idling-stop system. It's been two years and why FGP-Mazda still hasn't confirmed when will the new Mazda 3 hit the Philippines soon...

Thankfully, I got my hands on the 2nd generation Mazda 3 (in Mazdaspeed3 variant) courtesy of Forza 3 from my XBOX 360 system.

I guess both the Legacy B4 and the Mazda Axela are good looking for me and for the performance, I can't tell...

Photographed by me via iPod Touch 4

More hula-hulaan and snakes in bananas

What just happened at the April 9 episode of Banana Split?






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