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Have you tried CDJapan's Special Request Shopping Service yet?

For over the moments, CDJapan became the most trusted online store that sells CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, and some anime goodies for international and English-speaking customers. Trust me, I visit there often to buy some CDs (and rarely DVD) for my collection.

Now, CDJapan goes up the ante by offering the new Special Request Shopping Service! If the item you are looking for is not listed at CDJapan but available at some Japanese stores, you can request them to buy them for you and you can buy it once it's here. Now's your chance to buy some Konamistyle exclusive CDs such as the Akumajo Dracula Harmony of Despair OST, Utau Love Plus, or the Otomedius Original Soundtrack you guys wish to have! But be warned, this would be more expensive than you used to.

For how-to:

If you are ready, go to:

It may take up to a few days. If its not here, please try again. If its here, you can buy it at an outrageously high price or save it for later.

Does anyone try it?

Renaultsport Megane - Forza 3 Owner's View

Renault Megane RS 250

Riichan's Megane...?

Renault Megane RS 250 decorated
with everything Perrine!

Final Impressions: Without XBOX 360 and a copy of Forza Motorsport 3 Ultimate Collection, on sale now, I would have never got my hands on the Renault Megane RS 250, the high-performance variant based on the third-generation Renault Megane Coupe.

As a European Hot Hatch, the Renault Sport Megane is armed with the 2.0L twin turbo engine, that makes it a preferable choice for a Renault fan but less powerful than the fan favorite Clio V6. If you are preferable to the Manual with Clutch setting, it will take a lot of time to master the Renaultsport Megane's 6-speed manual transmission.

If they say Megane, we say Megane....? Sometimes, the Renaultsport Megane is favorable to be decorated with something Megane or Meganekko or what the heck. Sometimes, there were others trying to recreate the Renault Megane RS N4 by any means of vinyl editing!

This Parisian hot hatch's ready to roll...

Another whose line is it!

Sorry for the wait, but what just happened on the May 6 episode of Lokomoko U?

- Nightclub gags

- The signs are invading the dula-dulaan on another Bata Bata Tayo'y Tumula

- Another Whose Line Is It Anyhow?! Here are the lines from this episode;

1) Paano tayo makakabuo kung hindi ako papatong sa iyo?
Answer: Lego

2) Siguradong di ka makakatulog pag natikman mo ang init ko!
Answer: Kape

3) Itanggi mo man ang katotohanan, sa akin ka pa rin nang galing!
Answer: Unggoy

4) Ayoko nang masikip! Ayoko nang maputik!
Answer: Sapatos

5) Basang basa sa ulan!
Answer: Aegis

6) Talaga bang lahat ng puno nakakalbo?
Answer: Rico J.

7) Tumigil ka na! Gamitin mo na ako!
Answer: Preno

8) Hindi lahat ng natutumba nababagsak
Answer: Tumba Tumba

9) Habang kinakamot lalong sumasarap
Answer: Buni

10) Nakita namin si GMA, matangkad naman pala siya!
Answer: Mahal at Mura

Two channels, two endings! About the Mutya finale and about the Dwarfina finale!

Two rival TV stations share two different endings! ABS-CBN ended Mutya and GMA ended Dwarfina! That's two sides of the same coin!

First off, about the Mutya ending;

Mutya ending

It's been a while after the death of Aries' father and Mutya's foster father, Tonio (Jayson Gainza), and Octopina has the Black Pearl on her sinister attempt to eliminate King Irvin (Alfred Vargas) and his army of good. A traitor merman saw Nerisa (Nina Jose) is weakening and Chabita asks him to seek help to someone none other than his enemy, King Irvin.

He apologizes to King Irvin and he wants Mutya (Mutya Orquia) to cure Nerisa. Then, when Mutya and her family came to the near-death Nerisa, Mutya uses the song "Sana" until Nerisa's fully healed. With Nerisa fully healed, King Irvin decided that this traitor merman, Chabita, and Nerisa have their lives spared by imprisoning them to an island nested with darkness. With the traitor confessed and accepted his fate, he gave King Irvin the Red Pearl as a necessity to defeat Octopina and her evil army.

One of Octopina's army heard of it and Octopina plans to kill King Irvin and his army! King Irvin decided Cordella and Mutya to stay while he and his men trying to finish this last battle beyond good and evil.

In an island where the traitor merman, Chabita, and Nerisa imprisoned. Chabita learned the truth that King Irvin is not her father.

While Mutya, her mother Cordella, and her foster brother Aries stayed at a safe place, Octopina unleashed the power of the Black Pearl, causing a huge disaster.

It's up to Mutya to end the battle. When Mutya came to the battlefield, her father, King Irvin, gave the Red Pearl to her, having Mutya managed to combine two Red Pearls and this is where the final battle begins. Thanks to the combined powers of the two Red Pearls, Mutya defeated Octopina and her army of evil mermen, leading King Irvin's army to victory and the world's saved from despair and destruction!

That concludes the story of Mutya.

Now, about the Dwarfina finale...

Dwarfina ending

After Dwarfina's revival thanks to Gwendina's powers, Dwarfina (Heart Evangelista) faces the final battle against Romera at a place where Dwarfina's mother was killed by Romera. Revenge is best served and the battle beyond good and evil begins.

With Romera had her butt kicked by Dwarfina's sword skills, the powers of King Calypso and an army of good were back and the forces of good fights back. With the army defeated Romera's army, Dwarfina defeated Romera. Romera's about to kill Dwarfina with her magic but Dwarfina's sword reflected back Romera's evil power and defeated Romera.

With evil gone, peace has returned to the Dwarf world and Dwarfina catches up with Lyndon (Dennis Trillo). King Calypso showed up and he said he's no longer king after he witnessed Dwarfina's bravery. He wants Dwarfina to be the new ruler of this kingdom but Dwarfina refused the offer because she has so much things to do at the human world, especially she has to marry Lyndon and stay with her human friends. Therefore, Calypso passed the throne to Gwendina as the new queen with Elvin as the new king. The newly appointed queen Gwendina gave Fina some kind of magic hair that will make her turned to human forever. Dwarfina's back and now in her huge human self and reunites with her human parents. Both Lyndon and Fina are ready for the wedding.

At the wedding, when Lyndon's about to kiss Fina, he reverts back to his normal size and this is where "happily ever after" happens.

That concludes the Dwarfina story.


After a long wait, this is it! The Bubble Gang Summer Special 2011 is here and the guys are at La Union!

Welcome to La Union!

They're here; Ogie Alcasid, Michael V, Ruffa Mae Quinto, Boy 2 Quizon, Antonio Aquitania, Maureen Larrazabal, Sam Pinto, Diego, Moymoy Palaboy and Roadfill, and some special guests like Sheena, Glaiza, and Janna! From the Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point San Fernando La Union, to the beaches of La Union, we witnessed the summer misadventures with the gang!


Second, we witness there are other ways to say "Thank You, Mom"

Face it my son, he's not your dad

Third, Balitang News at Thunderbird Resorts La Union with Elueterio Ignacio and Electronic Ignition! Did we enjoy this?

Balitang News

Fourth, Bureche tries to ask Cheche to inflate the float or suffer the consequences!

Cheche Bureche's vacation

Then, Bubble Gang does San Miguel Light! They spoofed the San Miguel Light commercial with Sam Pinto by gagging this ad as San Pigil Light! Pwede! Magaan sa tiyan, low calorie. Mahaba-habang inuman...

Bubble Gang does San Miguel Light

Next, if you want to get the girl at the pool, pretend that you're drowning!

He's pretending to be drowning

In other terms, a father is angry to his son about his son's failing grades.

He's very disappointed to his son

This just in; Chang Ge, Yee Saw, San Ban Yo, and Tang Ha Ko, D' Wonder Boys are hanging out at Thunderbirds Resort La Union!

D'Wonder Boys hanging out at
Thunderbirds Resort

Then, there were hassles before taking a group picture at the cliff.

Cliff Picture?

Then, Jujnjun Magturo teaches us the value of how we, Filipinos, are hospitable

Junjun Magturo

After that, Iyotube in Britney Spear's Oops I Did It Again!


MY IMPRESSION: This is the best Bubble Gang summer special since the previous Bubble Gang summer specials! No wonder they chose La Union for some misadventures but still I think this is the best! I love it!

Friday, May 6, 2011

STILL STILL Bumuhos Man ang Ulan...

Okay, you got me, I'm still obsessed by the "Bumuhos Man ang Ulan" tune. One day, this would be my ringtone and I would often hear this theme song from Green Rose all day.

Anyway, as I heard from someone at Japan, back on April 18, the author of the Japanese light novel titled MM! (日本名:えむえむっ!), Mr. Akinari Matsuno, died.

Obituary to MM! light novel author,
Akinari Matsuno

For those who don't know what's MM!, it's a light novel serialized on Media Factory's MF Bunko J. It highlights on some masochist named Taro Sado. We saw him fell in love with a woman who is in fact, a cross-dressing male named Tatsukichi Hayama. To get rid of Taro's masochism, he seeks help from Mio Isurugi and Arashiko Yuno, the only girl who made Taro a masochist. In the beginning, this light novel spawned to drama CDs and later on it spawned an anime series aired from October to December 2010 by 12 episodes. Talk about freak insanity happened on this light novel.

10 volumes were published and with Matsuno-sensei's death, the MM story remains left untold and unfinished.

I guess this is a sad fate and it's "Bumuhos Man ang Ulan" for us.

HOLY CRAP! Hatsune Miku stars at some Toyota Corolla Altis commercial in North America!

Here comes an OMG moment; Toyota Motor Sales USA (the North American division of Toyota Motor Corporation, one of Japan's biggest automobile manufacturers) teams up with the greatest star everyone love because of such popularity. We're talking about the world's greatest virtual idol, Hatsune Miku, making a special appearance at the latest Toyota Corolla (Corolla Altis) commercial in North America.Toyota Motor Sales USA calls the 2011 Corolla "the official car of Hatsune Miku" and yes, we otakus and car enthusiasts were shocked to see two worlds collide.

Those of you guys who owned the 2011 Corolla Altis, launched since last year's PIMS, and who witnessed the latest North American Toyota Corolla ad starring Hatsune Miku, were you guys shocked?

For those who want to know what song is played, it's The World is Mine by supercell featuring Hatsune Miku.

Check out the special site:

What did Banana Split tell you on doing such stupid things at Nayong Pilipino?

What did Banana Split tell you on doing such stupid things at Nayong Pilipino? Such stupid things such as

1) Take a picture on a plain white stage

Take a picture of me!

2) Your tour guide is O.A.

Ang O.A. na tour guide

3) You want to surround with strangers for photo-taking

O.A. na adik sa picture

You annoying, stupid, O.A. people. (Like what Jason Francisco said) Didn't Banana Split warned you not to do it? Fine for me because you guys are...


This PSA is brought to you by the May 6 episode of Banana Split Daily Servings. O.A. people, be warned. LOL

Busou Shinki Character Song & Special Radio Rondo Vol. 2

Busou Shinki Character Song and
Special Radio Rondo Vol.2
Busou Shinki Character Song & Special Radio Rondo Vol. 2, available exclusively at, is the art of progress when it comes to fandom among the Busou Shinki collection you wish to complete. It features another wave of Busou Shinki character songs on Disc One, remixed songs on Disc Two, and a DJCD hosted by Kana Asumi as Arnval and Eri Kitamura as Howling.

Guaranteed to satisfy your cravings over Shinki-ism because this can be a perfect balance of cuteness and coolness.

Busou Shinki featured on Busou Shinki Character Song & Special Radio Rondo Vol. 2 are Ach (CV: Yui Horie), Yda (CV: Yukari Tamura), Howling (CV: Eri Kitamura), Maochao (CV: Mai Hashimoto), Artille (CV: Mai Nakahara), and Raptias (CV: Aya Endo).


1 YES!
歌/ハイスピードトライク型MMS アーク(CV:堀江由衣)
歌/ハイマニューバトライク型MMS イーダ(CV:田村ゆかり)
歌/犬型MMS ハウリン(CV:喜多村英梨)
歌/猫型MMS マオチャオ(CV:橋本まい)
5 Going my way
ヤマネコ型MMS アーティル(CV:中原麻衣)
鷲型MMS ラプティアス(CV:遠藤綾)
1 YES! (starving trancer Remix)
starving trancer
2 SHINE (starving trancer Remix)
starving trancer
3 BREAK THE SILENCE (Dizzi Mystica Remix)
Dizzi Mystica
4 LOVE LOVE なのだ (Hommarju EUROBEAT Remix)
5 Going my way (Milky Remix)
6 HOLD ON (MK Remix)
1 オープニング
2 ふつおた
またまた復活した「武装神姫RADIO RONDO」に皆さまから届いたたくさんのメールを紹介するコーナーです。
3 教えて阿澄先生!
4 神姫リング de BATTLE
5 エンディング

Moymoy Palaboy and Roadfill asked us who's our favorite Bubble Gang girl?

The lip-synching duo responsible for the enjoyment of Bubble Gang's Iyotube portion, Moymoy Palaboy and Roadfill, posted some fun poll at their Facebook page, asking us who's our favorite Bubble Gang girl? Their choices were Ruffa Mae Quinto, Maureen Larrazabal, Jackie Rice, Sam Pinto, Gwen Zamora, Ellen Adarna, and (ewww) Mykah.

<_< Not sure why they added Mykah on the list but to me that Mykah's the female counterpart of Diego.

Out of the popularity poll, Ruffa Mae "Booba" Quinto turned out to be the most popular Bubble Gang girl of all time since she was there for LONG LONG TIME. 2nd place goes to Sam Pinto, the ex-housemate from Pinoy Big Brother. Not bad for a newbie. 3rd place goes to Jackie Rice. (Geez, I love her part on the Enteng Inosente sketch since the December 24, 2010 episode of Bubble Gang).

Despite this poll-for-fun made by the Moymoy Palaboy duo, at least they made a good popularity poll and most Bubble Gang fans know that Ruffa Mae Quinto is the fan favorite at Bubble Gang. She's even more popular than Michael V and Ogie Alcasid. ^^

Bubble Gang's Ruffa Mae Quinto

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Samurai Halo-Halo (YUM!)

Samurai Halo-Halo

Need a halo-halo for summer? Try samurai halo-halo! With ingredients like banana, kamote, ube, macapuno, mangga, ice, leche flan, and milk all made by some samurai warrior, experiencing the Samurai Halo-Halo would be the best way to eat this summer! This is brought to you by the May 5, 2011 episode of Banana Split Daily Servings!

This just in: Magic Singh strikes again! He lets the girls slip with the man, and then, he will bring the man's girl by means of HARA HARA KING KING!

Magic Singh brings the man's girl

The man's girl gone angry when she saw his man flirting with the girls!

The blockbuster Mini Vader VW commercial edited for the Passat B7

The whole world loved Volkswagen's Mini Vader Super Bowl commercial starring the US-made Passat NMS (New Midsize Sedan). Now the blockbuster ad has been edited with the use of the European-spec Volkswagen Passat B7. This edited Mini Vader commercial was aired straight at Great Britain.

Rate Ko: 4.9/5

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mang Ben in vending machine hijinks

Jayson Gainza as Mang Ben

In the tradition of the Three Stoodents and Cheche Monmon, the May 3 episode of Banana Split Daily Servings whipped us another silent comedy sketch that made us laugh. Jayson Gainza as Mang Ben whipped us up on some funny doings on the vending machine. When Mang Ben encountered some man (Rasheed) drinking some refreshment, Mang Ben wants to buy one at the vending machine using the 50-peso bill. Unfortunately, the 50-peso bill can't fit in because it was crumpled. He tries to de-crumple it and nothing worked. After than, the man appeared and he wants Mang Ben's 50-peso bill in exchange to his 20-peso bill. After that, Mang Ben inserted the 20-peso bill and nothing appeared! Turns out this isn't a vending machine, it's a donation machine! YIKES!

BMW 1-Series M Coupe

2012 BMW 1-Series M Coupe

The BMW 1-Series M Coupe might be highly late to the party (because of the upcoming 1-Series coming soon) but it can be the belle of the ball if those high-performance car enthusiasts are willing to say shotgun to the latest addition to the BMW M range. Like the Audi RS3 Sportback, the BMW 1-Series M Coupe arrived late for class but accelerated to the highest level of overall enthusiasm.

2012 BMW 1-Series M Coupe interior

The front view of the 1-Series M Coupe features a sporty front bumper courtesy of BMW M Power, providing the most aggressive face only hardcore drivers brave enough to stare against the 1 M Coupe's terrifying facial aggression. The face is not only we could be afraid of, even the side skirts, M badging, and the modified rear bumper is what something we should be bracing ourselves. With these exterior details, the invasion has just begun.

On the interior side, we are surprised that we are finally take control of the brute force by observing its bloody red stitching that adds vigor on the 1 Series M Coupe's interior. The instrumental panel seems to be carrying the tradition of BMW M Power cars but its still knows what we are doing, trying to push this car to the limits. The sports seats with red stitching make us feel like we are greeted with great power and a fresh smell of leather wrapped on the hungry mongrel. Every interior detail is the joy of expressing how cool is this M Power version of the BMW 1-Series Coupe. That's my point.

What else? The BMW 1-Series M Coupe is powered with the 3.0-litre BMW M TwinPower Turbo petrol engine that is loaded with 340 PS of power, 450 Nm of torque, top speed of 250 km/h, 4.9 seconds in the 0-100km run, consumes 9.6 Liter/100 km (combined), CO2 emissions of 224 g/km, and its Euro V compliant. The standard 6-speed manual transmission is the epitome of fandom, making this a real fun-to-drive 2-door coupe that will shun its competitors. A special M Dynamic Mode is added to take advantage of its DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) and other features for handling control unlike any other.

It comes in three colors; Valencia Orange metallic, Saphirschawrz metallic, and Alpineweiβ uni.

My comment:
The BMW 1-Series M Coupe might seem to be arrived late but this could be a kick-in-a-pants to drive. The good side about the 1-Series M Coupe is that it has the three-pedal goodness we, car enthusiasts, love to take action on the Autobahn. If you are willing to bring the 1-Series M Coupe to the Shutokou or the touge, it's up to you because this is not your average sports car targeted for the hardcore enthusiasts. One hot mama you can't resist because of its Twin Turbo engine and the 6-speed manual transmission we all love to shift.

Photo: BMW A.G.

GM Korea Chevrolet Aveo Sedan

2012 GM Korea Chevrolet Aveo Sedan
The addition of the 4-door sedan variant to GM Korea's Chevrolet Aveo (coming soon to North America as the Sonic) marks the sixth Chevrolet out of the eight models to arrive in South Korea thanks to the company name transition from GM Daewoo to GM Korea, using the Chevrolet brand as a front. The first five were the active life vehicle Orlando MPV, the Aveo 5-door hatchback, Bumblebee Camaro, C6 Corvette coming soon, and the real SUV Captiva (changed its name from the highly criticized Daewoo Winstorm). The last two remaining are the Cruze Hatchback and the global Malibu mid-size sedan, which they will be built at Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, South Korea. Seems that GM Korea Company's aggressive launch portfolio seems to be working after all and everyone appreciated the positive tactics done by GM Korea Company CEO, Mike Arcamone.

The same fun riding goodness from the Aveo five-door hatchback now in the 4-door sedan form. This will be the hardcore compact sedan Koreans would love to have it since the Aveo hatchback went on sale at March 2011, which is the date when GM Daewoo changed it into Chevrolet officially except for the Damas van, Labo mini truck, and the Alpheon flagship sedan. The four-door look of the GM Korea Aveo sedan makes it even more enticing but the lines made it more disappointing in the eyes of design-conscious consumer. Most of them think that the Aveo 4-door is more poorly designed and some would prefer the Hyundai Accent RB or the upcoming Kia Pride/Rio/K2 in my opinion. Once they look at the Aveo sedan, they would react that this car was made in China because it looks similar to the China-made Chevrolet Sail. It was a rather disappointing design but will this work against the Hyundai Accent RB and the upcoming Kia Pride/Rio/K2 in terms whatever the heck is?

Despite the design is mistakingly Chinese, the Korean-made Aveo sedan comes with the 1.6L 16-valve DOHC engine, capable of releasing 114ps/6000rpm of power output, 15.1kg-m/4000rpm of torque output, and it comes with two transmission types; a 6-speed automatic transmission and a 5-speed manual transmission. The 6-speed automatic transmission comes with a Manual Mode that allows the driver to press the "+" button to shift up and the "-" button to shift down. This would be rather disappointing and the 5-speed manual seems to rather redundant even for those young Korean drivers who have desires over manual transmission cars. In terms of fuel economy, the Aveo sedan's 1.6L 6AT grade can go up to 15km/L while the Aveo sedan's 1.6L 5MT grade can go up to 17.6km/L. I would recommend them the 5MT variant of the Aveo sedan because of its fuel efficiency.

2012 GM Korea Chevrolet Aveo interior

Despite the ugly exterior design on the Aveo Sedan, the interior looks cool enough to please the customers. With the Dynamic Meter Cluster penned from the Chevrolet Spark, three-spoke steering wheel, ice blue ambient lighting, and a hint of entertainment system, the Aveo sedan satisfies the customers' cravings over compacts.

My Comment:
It's rather disappointing about the Aveo sedan's design and I still prefer the 5-door hatchback variant of the GM Korea Aveo because the rear view was heavily inspired from the Chevrolet Spark. Despite the troubles I said, the Aveo 4-door sedan is the sixth Chevrolet out of the eight models coming to South Korea thanks to the transition from GM Daewoo Auto and Technology to GM Korea Company. With the arrival of the Orlando, Aveo 5-door, Camaro, Corvette, Captiva, along with the remaining two Korean-made Chevrolet cars to be built in the Bupyeong plant soon are the Cruze Hatchback and the new Malibu mid-size sedan, the sixth member makes GM Korea's aggressive launch campaign more interesting and this latest variant matches up against the Hyundai Accent RB and the upcoming Kia Pride/Rio/K2. If it hits the Philippines soon, if TCCCI has the chance, this would be a fierce rival against our compact favorites such as the Ford Fiesta, Hyundai Accent, Toyota Belta, or even the Mazda 2/Demio.

Photo: GM Korea Company

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The predecessor's back!

Hara hara king king to the kettle!

Another Magic Singh mayhem at the May 3 episode of Banana Split Daily Servings! This time, he showed us he can pick up a coin at the hot kettle without burning his hands on hot water! Can he do that? Of course he does but in truth, he waited till the water gets cool so he can get the coin in the kettle. LOL

Alpha Beth and Alpha Bert helps a woman

Alpha Bert's predecessor, Alpha Beth, is back in the flesh and this time the predecessor will help Alpha Bert as a team! A woman got her heels broken and the predecessor-successor duo has arrived! This time, two words fused into one, like the words PAA and PITO combined into SAPATOS! Why SAPATOS? Alpha Beth uses the woman's PAA as a word and she arranges it then adds the letter S. Then, Alpha Bert borrows a policeman's PITO and remove the letters P and I then replace them with the letter S. SAPA+TOS=SAPATOS!

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid vs. Kia K5 Hybrid

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

Kia K5 Hybrid

What can I say? Both the YF Sonata Hybrid and the K5 (Optima) Hybrid were launched yesterday in South Korea. They're both equipped with the Nu 2.0L MPI engine with 30kw electric motor providing almost 200 ps of power output. They're both armed with a Li-ion battery which is essential for the EV mode. I guess both the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid and the Kia K5 Hybrid shared the same technologies but I wonder which of these executive hybrid medium-sized sedan is my pick?

The South Korean market finally gets the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid after months of waiting for this variant to come since the 2010 New York Auto Show debut. What's different is the front view that ditches the grille from the current-generation Hyundai Sonata and the front bumper has some kind of an hexagonal hole on it, as part of the Fluidic Sculpture. With the concept of "New Thinking, New Possibilities", the Sonata Hybrid is a different kind of hybrid you'll ever face on the streets of Seoul. I am highly appreciated over the Sonata Hybrid's exterior design but I think it needs to be more better.

The Kia K5 Hybrid/Optima Hybrid is the latest addition to Kia's award-winning K5/Optima sedan. It remained its Tiger Nose grille while the front bumpers and tail lamps were changed to be more "down to earth" and this is one of the coolest design flow I have ever seen in the history of hybrid cars. What I don't like are the rims because they are much more hideous to see than the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid.

It's up to you to decide which of these two Korean executive hybrid sedans is your pick.

Kia K5/Optima Hybrid

After winning its 2010-2011 Korean Car of the Year, the red dot design award, and the Product Design award 2011, Kia Motors celebrated the K5's success by offering Korea's finest executive medium-sized sedan with a hybrid variant of the K5 (known to the world market as the Optima), the all-new Kia K5/Optima Hybrid.

2012 Kia K5 Hybrid

2012 Kia K5 Hybrid interior

This is ecology to the world best, the Kia K5 is based on the blockbuster K5 sedan with some minor touches to make it more aggressively nice. What differs the gasoline-fed K5 to the K5 Hybrid are the front bumpers, EcoDynamics badge on the side view, and a different view of the tail lamps. This design made it more sophisticated and highly aggressive than the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid and with the trademark Tiger Nose grille penned by Peter Schreyer, expect the K5 Hybrid's design to the world best.

Same thing from the Hyundai YF Sonata Hybrid, the Kia K5 Hybrid is powered with the Nu 2.0 MPI engine that produces 150 PS of power output but it can be turned into 191 PS thanks to the 30kW motor attached to it. It even has the Lithium-ion Polymer battery, which is a perfect match to use the K5 Hybrid's EV mode when you're not in a hurry, saving some gas and saving you some money. Unlike the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, the Kia K5 Hybrid is the most aerodynamic production hybrid medium sedan in South Korea because of the Tiger Nose grille that absorbs a lot of air, giving you a straight push to South Korea's finest executive hybrid medium sedan that is not your ordinary hybrid medium sedan.

On an uphill climb, both the Nu 2.0 MPI engine and the Li-ion battery are active but at a downhill climb, the Li-ion battery is presently active.

The Kia K5 Hybrid attains the highest fuel economy in its class because 21km/L of fuel economy is as far as she goes and it is mated with a clutch and a six-speed automatic transmission connected to the engine and the electric motor, allowing the vehicle to run solely on the electric motor at low speeds.

The Kia K5 Hybrid is available in three trim levels such as Luxury, Noblesse, and Prestige and it comes with four available colors such as Snow White Pearl, Satin Metal, Light Graphite, and Ebony Black.

My Comment:

Both the Sonata Hybrid and the Kia K5 Hybrid are arch rivals, showing which executive hybrid sedan is the pick among Korean executives. The Kia K5 Hybrid shared its success from the Kia Forte Hybrid LPi, the brand's first LPG-powered hybrid car that shares the functionality of Hyundai's Avante LPi Hybrid. We don't which of these two are fit for environmentally-conscious drivers like us but to me the Kia K5 Hybrid's design makes it an obvious pick over the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid.

Let's hope that Ginia Domingo, the head of Columbian Autocar Corporation, add the K5 Hybrid to the queue of upcoming Kia cars in the Philippines and I hope she'll not mess up with the pricing for sure. I think I might be seeing another overpriced hybrid sedan. If you're in a hurry, why not request this to Hancars? Since Hancars are highly-respected in offering new grey market cars from South Korea, I expect that Hancars are willing to accept reservations to the K5 Hybrid, ahead before Ms. Ginia Domingo green lits the distribution of K5 Hybrid as the Optima Hybrid to the Philippines soon. I hope....

Photo: Kia Motors

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

2012 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

2012 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

Following with the success of the Hyundai Avante LPi Hybrid (launched in July 2009), the first LPG-powered hybrid car in the Korean market, Hyundai Motor Group unveiled the true gasoline-electric hybrid medium sedan known that will revolutionize the "New Thinking, New Possibilities" concept by any means of ecology, the all-new Sonata Hybrid.

First debuted at the 2010 New York Auto Show and sales in South Korea starts now, this May 2011, the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid is the brand's second hybrid car and the first premium hybrid medium-sized sedan based on the YF Sonata, which was launched in September 2009.

In terms of design, the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid became even more aggressive because of its front side that ditches the traditional YF Sonata grille, in favor of its highly aggressive front fascia. The rear lamps were modified to make it even more elegant at nighttime. In the side view, customers may notice the Blue Drive badge as seen on the Avante LPi Hybrid.

For those who don't know what is Blue Drive, this is Hyundai's eco-brand that sustain cars emitting zero emissions, and brings out the harmony among cars, people, and the environment. Blue means blue plant and sustainable life and Drive means mobility and impulse according to Hyundai Motor Group.

The new Sonata Hybrid is powered with the all-new Nu 2.0 MPI engine that delivers 150 PS of power output but thanks to the 30kW motor attached, the power output of the Sonata Hybrid leveled up into 191 PS. As a hybrid sedan, the Sonata Hybrid is packed with the Lithium-ion Polymer battery that can be used at 20kph speeds. For a true eco car, it has a CO2 emission of 111g/km and it has a fuel economy of 21km/L.

Another thing about the Sonata Hybrid is its 4.2-inch full color TFT LCD at the instrumental cluster, which shows the eco level and eco point, depending on your driving style. You can even expect seeing cool animation on this LCD that shows how fuel efficient is your Sonata Hybrid is. When you're not in a hurry, you can use the EV mode that allows the Lithium-ion Polymer battery to be used in place in gasoline engine.

There is also a catch; when you are going uphill, both the Nu 2.0 MPI engine and the Lithium-ion battery are active, generating more uphill power on the go but when going downhill, only the Lithium-ion battery becomes active, saving some gasoline while descending downhill. This is a very crucial tactic for the Sonata Hybrid.

The 6-speed automatic transmission is a highly exclusivity standard transmission offered on the Sonata Hybrid.

The Sonata Hybrid comes with six available colors such as Hybrid Blue, White Crystal, Sleek Silver, Hyper Metallic, Dark Grey, and Black Diamond. It comes with two available trim variants such as Premier and Royal.

My Comment:

It's about time that South Koreans finally get the Sonata Hybrid after months of waiting since its debut at the 2010 New York Auto Show. I just hope that Hyundai Asia Resources will get the environmentally-friendly Sonata Hybrid to the Philippines soon. Maybe we, Filipinos, haven't got the chance to try Korean-made hybrid cars. We got succumbed by hybrid cars sold in the Philippines such as the third-generation Toyota Prius, Lexus LS 600hL, Lexus RX 450h, Lexus CT 200h, and the Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid. If those Filipinos can't wait to get their hands on the Sonata Hybrid, why not request to Hancars? Because Hancars is a highly respected gray market dealer of all things Korean such as the Hyundai Grand Starex, I'm sure that Hancars are willing to offer the Sonata Hybrid first before HARI officially brings the Sonata Hybrid to the Philippines soon.

Forget about what I said, anyway, the Sonata Hybrid is Hyundai's full fledged gasoline-electric hybrid medium sedan that shares the success from the Hyundai Avante LPI Hybrid, the first LPG-powered hybrid vehicle launched since the summer of 2009. Looks like the Koreans are ready in the age of eco-cars but can the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid stacks up against its balanced rival, the Kia K5 Hybrid?

Photo: Hyundai Motor Company

Monday, May 2, 2011

WHAT?! Best MOTORing and Hot Version met its demise?!

Best MOTORing

Hot Version

We, JDM fans, know about the Best MOTORing and Hot Version DVDs because these DVDs enrich us the JDM culture. Best MOTORing  and Hot Version are two combos that brings more about Japanese and Foreign cars testing and testing. These were a favorite among JDM fans worldwide.

One time, I read the worst news on the net, saying that both Best MOTORing and Hot Version DVDs are euthanized, which means they are no longer produced because of poor sales. That's too bad because it was announced by 2&4 Motoring, a subsidiary of Kodansha (famous for the Shonen Magazine franchise).

With them gone for good, how can they try the next generation Porsche 911, Toyota's 21st century Hachiroku based on the FT-86, and other JDM and foreign sports cars? That's unfair. We may never see them on Tsukuba Circuit, Fuji Speedway, Suzuka Circuit, Twin Ring Motegi, and other Japanese racetracks they know.

Is this "sayonara" to JDM culture?

The car that fueled the Royal Couple...

Aston Martin DB6 Volante

The 1966 Aston Martin DB6 Volante is the vintage British sports car that fueled the Royal Couple Prince William and Kate Middleton.

After the Royal Wedding occurred in April 29, 2011 from Westminster Abbey to the Buckingham Palace, the Royal Couple Prince William and Kate Middleton went for a joyride with the Aston Martin DB6 Volante, the convertible version of the DB6 Coupe.

This car came from Prince William's father, Prince Charles, and he is glad that his Royal father generously lend the keys to his son because of he and Kate successfully tied the knot.

For interest, the plate number of the DB6 Volante the Prince and Kate rode was JU5T WED, which means JUST MARRIED.

I'm glad things turned out really really well for the Royal Couple. I wonder what will the Royal Couple's first honeymoon will be? For them, it's a secret. <_<

Labor Day is Bulilit Day!

On the Labor Day (May 1, 2011) episode of Goin Bulilit:

- Ano ang pinagkaiba ng...

1) Pipi at Ligot - Ang PIPI kapag tinatanong mo, sumasagot kahit papaano! Si LIGOT hindi!

2) Hindi sakim at sakim - Kahit HINDI SAKIM, walang pag-iimbot ang SAKIM, panay ang pag-iivoke!

3) Ate Vi at Ivler - Si ATE VI, v.i.p. sa showbiz, si IVLER, v.i.p. ng selda!

4) Azkals at Kris Aquino - Ang AZKALS, may James and Phil Younghusband. Si KRIS AQUINO, may James at Phil-ip na ex-husbands!

5) Football players at Corrupt - Ang FOOTBALL PLAYERS, naninipa. Ang mga CORRUPT, sinisipa!

6) Robin at Angelina Jolie - Si ROBIN, may Tum. Si ANGELINA JOLIE, may Tum Raider!

7) Gagraduate at Goin Bulilit - Ang mga GAGRADUATE, may clearance. Ang GOIN BULILIT, may Clarence!

8) Saging at Illegal Recruiter - Ang SAGING, may puso!

9) iPhone at Chess - Ang IPHONE, touch screen. Ang CHESS, touch move!

10) Ako at Sharon - Si SHARON, megastar. AKO, megasgas. Nadapa ako kanina!

11) Ano ang pinagkaiba ni Dagul sa toll fee, gasolina, at pamasahe? Silang lahat nagtataasan!

- Protest gags

- Coatable Coats: "Sana paminsan-minsan bisitahin mo naman ako." - Friendster

- Goin Bulilit music video of Bugoy Drilon's Nang Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig

- Coatable Coats: "Kahit anong mangyari nasa likod mo lang ako." - Puwet

- Rewind back time to reminisce the old hospital jokes on Rekolilit

- Goin Bulilit does Lucky Me Instant Mami Itnok! The Lucky Me Itnok "Mini Me" commercial gets a new twist from Goin Bulilit!

- BREAKING NEWS WITH JULIUS BABAY! A video of twin babies talking bombarded Youtube and other social networking sites!

- Coatable Coats: "Huwag mo akong sisihin. Kasalanan mo yan!" - Salamin

- Ready Get Set Goin in "Push-Pushang Laban"

Sunday, May 1, 2011


2011 MG MG6 GT

After spending years with its current owner, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC), they've decided that Morris Garages (MG for short) will be send them back to the Great Britian, even when this British car brand is still under China's control. The first MG model that will stage a comeback to its own roots is the MG6 GT.

Derived from its Chinese derivative, the Roewe 550, the MG6 boasts sporty elegance and the modest performance only a true British hatchback should offer. The MG6 stays true to its British roots because it was designed by the MG Motor UK Technical Centre and engineered at its Longbridge plant despite this was a completely knock down (CKD) unit. Honestly, the MG6 was made in China but shipped to the UK for some finishing touches. In China, two body types are offered; the 5-door hatchback and the 4-door saloon. The 5-door hatchback is the first to be offered for British customers while the 4-door saloon will arrive in the Britain this summer.

2011 MG MG6 GT interior

On the interior, the MG6 is a boastful experience for the driver. In night time, the red ambient lighting adds a nice touch on the MG6's interior, which is well suited for some nighttime getaway in London town. The MG6 GT S and the MG6 GT SE offers fabric interior while the top-of-the-line MG6 GT TSE offers leather interior, which is somewhat a brave act to follow. Since this is a 5-door hatchback, the MG6 GT is utility-wise. Imaging how many stuff you can pack on the back.

The only engine offered on the MG6 GT is the 1.8T TCI-Tech engine. This turbocharged 1.8-litre engine boasts 158bhp/5500rpm of power output and 215Nm of torque capacity. Top speed is 120 mph (limited) and accumulates 8.4 seconds in the 0-60mph run. The 5-speed manual transmission is standard on the MG6 GT, which can be somewhat a great news for thrill seekers but not quite good enough if its 5 gears. This engine consumes 35.6MPG (7.9L/100km) combined. For a cleaner driving, the emission regulation and emission controller is added for reduced emissions, resulting at a CO2 mass emission of 184g/km.

My Comment:
There's no need to celebrate MG's return to the Great Britain even when MG is still Chinese-owned. We can celebrate about the arrival of the MG6 GT, the hatchback designed and engineered in the UK for the ultimate fun-to-drive experience. My biggest criticism of all is how does the 5-speed manual be any more fun to the MG6 GT? One gear is missing on it but never mind, it's still looks good to drive. Sadly, no automatic variant available on the MG6 Hatchback, which makes it a weird news for automatic fans. The MG6 GT targets the Opel/Vauxhall Insignia Hatchback, Alfa Romeo Brera, Lancia Delta, Mazda Atenza Sport, Citroen C4, or even the Renault Megane Berline as rivals. Find out how does MG's comeback to the UK will stand.

Photo: MG Motor UK Limited

What is "The Ringtone?"

Meet Brix the heartbreaker, Macmac the techie boy, Nancy the hopeless romantic, Tricia the sexy babe, and Vanessa the third sex with a third eye. These guys are off on their summer getaway when suddenly the van thud a white lady and when the guys come out of the van, the white lady's not here! While searching, Macmac picked up a cellphone from the unknown. After that, the van stopped at nowhere and when Nancy opened the van, they were shocked by the two clowns and greeted them to...the LAST RESORT!

What lurks inside the LAST RESORT? What's creepy about the cellphone Macmac found it after the van hit and run the white lady?

That's the question only we can answer on Spooky Nights presents The Ringtone.

The Ringtone is their latest installment in the Spooky Nights series. It stars Kris Bernal (Jenna from Koreana) as Nancy, Aljur Albrenica (Machete) as Brix, Sam Pinto (Bubble Gang) as Tricia, Sef Cadayona as Vanessa, and Gerould Aceron as Macmac. Also starring DJ Rico Robles as the voice of DJ Papa King, Gene Padilla as Mang Aga the driver of the van the gang's riding, Benjie Paras as Dr. Morgan and introducing Moymoy Palaboy and Roadfill from Bubble Gang.

Scream with laughter with The Ringtone! Airing every Saturday nights on GMA, right after Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho!

Nissan Urvan in The Ringtone episode

*Photo shown is the Nissan Urvan driven by Mang Aga on the first episode of The Ringtone

Melai's tips to make you feel like "you're from the vacation" even if you're not...

What just happened on the April 30 episode of Banana Split?

- The hottest and latest showbiz news on HOT ISSUE!

- Jokes at Nayong Pilipino

- Mutanglawin Kuya Keem (John Prats) explains what is the meaning of Intramuros and how does this "within the walls" work

- Everybody's best friend, Melai Cantiveros, gave us tips to make us feel like "we're from vacation" even if we're not on M3: Melai Mo Magwork

5) Buy some "pasalubong" at the mall such as dried mangoes and peanut kisses

4) Keep putting make up until your skin is on tan color

3) Buy some sticker tattoo and put it on your body. This will make you feel like you were on Boracay

2) Create souvenir shirts

1) Create a Chocolate Hills background wallpaper so you can have souvenir photos. Make sure no kapitbahay can see it because someone's jealous.

- John Prats introduces the Nayong Pilipino welcome dance

- a game of Just Draw It! Happy brithday, Jayson Gainza!
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