Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friendly ghost Momay or little Anna Manalastas?

Well, I gotta admit it that those two roles Xyriel Manabat played were too close about "second chances" but these two roles are different by any means;

First off, Momay is a little girl who died on an accident (most notably that Auntie Hillary killed Momay by turning off some kind of life support), and later Heaven gave Momay a second chance as a ghost to protect her family (such as her younger brother Justin "Jay-Jay" and her mother Shirley).

Then, there's Anna Manalastas, a violent business tycoon who spends her life ruining the lives of everyone that stands in her way with her words "You're fired, kuha mo?" Anna Manalastas died on some kind of a car explosion and upon her encounter with the Heaven's gate keeper, the gate keeper told Anna that she caused major damages and she deserves to be punished but Anna said she wants to deserve a second chance and she has to correct all hew wrongdoings in as little as 100 days in order to be accepted from Heaven. Problem is, she's back and this time, Anna became a little girl.

Those two roles share the same theme of "second chances" but they are different, you know what I'm saying. If it's "Oh My!" or "You're fired! Kuha mo?", these two roles Xyriel Manabat played are too cute and I'm very proud about those.

In the past, I witnessed Momay tries her best to save her family with a little help from a timid boy named Andrew. Now, little Anna Manalastas does whatever she can to correct all the damages she done, with a little help from a conniver named Sophia. Wow, they're not alone because both of these, the ghost and a businesswoman-who-died-and-then-deserved-for-second-chance-as-a-little-girl, are not alone to achieve their long-term missions with some trusted friends at their backs.

Guess I'm happy about little Xyriel Manabat's performance and what can I say? She's pretty cute and her way of acting provides warmth and laughs, making Xyriel earned many fans.

If you died and deserved a second chance, who do you going to prefer for a second chance of life? Being a ghost like Momay or being a little kid like Anna Manalastas from 100 Days To Heaven?

Momay from last year and 100 Days To Heaven (now on air) are all about second chances. Who do you prefer? Momay or little Anna? It's up to you! ^^

The Prius Alpha is here but...NEW PROBLEMA...

2012 Toyota Prius Alpha

So, Toyota finally released the Prius Alpha, the wagon/minivan variant of the Prius since May 13, 2011, but however...


Expect delays of delivery of Prius Alpha models due to the ongoing effects of the "March 11 sinking of Tohoku" and it may take up to Spring 2012 for delivers, bad news for those who placed pre-orders.


What a "swerteng malas" situation and that's a NEW PROBLEMA to you!

Part Two of Bubble Gang Back-To-Back Summer Treat!

Guess what, they're back at Thunderbird Resort La Union for one more time in the second part of Bubble Gang Back-To-Back Summer Treat aired on May 13, 2011!

Welcome to Bubble Gang!

Now what happened on the second half of the Summer special;

1) Photographer gags are more than just model shooting and say cheese!

2) Some hassles at the golf course

At the golf course

3) Cheche and Bureche collecting sea shells at the sea shore!

Cheche and Bureche collecting sea shells
by the sea shore

4) Wonder Boys are ready at some music video shooting for the song Baby Baby!

Wonder Boys for some music video

5) Have a twisted good time because Bubble Gang does Goya by gagging as Gaya! Enjoy life, enjoy Gaya!

Bubble Gang does Goya!

6) Heads up, another Balitang News is underway! Two assists, two steals, two blocks, thrown out of the game!

Balitang News

7) Think you have time over the dead body? Too late because it's Check Out time!

What should I do?

8) Spend some summer time with the Syokoy Family!

Syokoy family

9) Think they can save a woman before it's too late?

I need some help!

10) Iyotube in I Want It That Way


11) Some hassles before doing a group photo with the barkadas.

Let's take a group picture together!


Toyota Prius α "Alpha" (ZVW40W/ZVW41W)

The third-generation Toyota Prius, launched since May 2009, became a sensational hit because of its top-tier fuel economy of 38.0km/L (10-15 mode, 32.6km/L on JC08 mode), making it the ultimate hybrid car for the masses. Now, the Prius family gets a lot bigger and with the addition of the first hybrid MPV, the Prius α "Alpha" (known in the North American market soon as the Prius V and in Europe as the Prius + "Plus"), Toyota created the plural form of Prius, which is officiallyPrii. If you're disagree with this plural form of Prius, well you're fired, kuha mo?

2012 Toyota Prius α

2012 Toyota Prius α

The Prius Alpha is Toyota's first hybrid MPV that uses the platform based on the third-generation Prius. With the concept of "Hybrid×Space" the Prius Alpha provides the same ecology power from the third-generation Prius now with the extended wheelbase and space that suits your lifestyle. This will go head-to-head with the upcoming Honda Fit Shuttle Hybrid, coming soon this June. Normally the Toyota Prius Alpha is set to launch since late April 2011 but due to the sourcing problems because of the March 11 sinking of Tohoku, Toyota pushed the launch schedule straight to this date; May 13, 2011, the date that the Prius Alpha is set for its Japan debut! This is similar to the Honda Fit Shuttle that it was originally set for March 18 launched but delayed through the June 2011 release date with that same reason.

2012 Toyota Prius α

The Toyota Prius Alpha is the most ambitious creation from Toyota Motor Corporation, using the same 2ZR-FXE hybrid engine from the third-generation Prius, providing a standardized 99PS/5,200 rpm of power output and 142Nm/4,000rpm of torque output. However, the additional 3JM electric motor that produces 60kW of power output makes the Prius Alpha's 2ZR-FXE engine a direct response, accumulating up to 136PS of power output when you need it. The standard Continuously Variable Transmission is equipped for optimized fuel economy. As for the fuel economy, the Prius Alpha accumulates 26.2km/L on JC08 mode and 31.0km/L on 10-15 mode, With gas prices rising uncontrollably, it's good to know that the Prius Alpha is your only people carrier needed. Once more, you can set it to EV mode that allows the Prius Alpha's battery, sourced from Sanyo, to work and with the regenerative braking system, charging the Alpha's battery takes a single brake away.

2012 Toyota Prius α interior

The Toyota Prius Alpha has a choice of either a 5-seater or a 7-seater variants. As a multipurpose passenger vehicle, the Prius Alpha is bound to have seating arrangements. Pick your arrangements carefully depending on which situation you're on. There is a special grade applicable for the Prius Alpha 7-seater variant that features a panoramic roof (called Skylite Roof), giving them a perfect view to the blue skies and the blue moon. This makes it an adventurous hybrid MPV fit for the next Japanese summer vacation!

The Prius Alpha 5-seater and 7-seater comes with 8 exterior colors such as Super White II, White Pearl Crystal Shine, Silver Metallic, Gray Metallic, Black, Red Mica Metallic, Clear Stream Metallic, and Dark Blue Mica.

My comment:
The Prius family gets a lot bigger and starting from the addition of Prius Alpha MPV, the official plural word for Prius is Prii. Get it? PRII! If I hear you guys saying Priuses, not Prii, well you're fired, kuha mo?

Anyway, the Prius Alpha is finally here at Japan after its major major problem caused by the March 11 sinking of Tohoku, the Fukushima crisis, and parts shortage. With recovery takes place, Toyota's getting bullish about the Prius Alpha since gas prices keep going up uncontrollably just like radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Well, the "new problema" is, with Best Motoring gone for good, we may never see the Prius Alpha test drive at Tsukuba Circuit. If you want to test drive the Prius Alpha at Tsukuba Circuit, it's up to you.

The Prius Alpha will soon come in North America as the Prius V and in Europe as the Prius + "Plus", Asian arrival, especially the Philippines remains uncertain and I hope I'll have one as a grey market at Subic since this is an MPV.

Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation

Citroen DS4

2012 Citroen DS4
With the success of last year's Citroen DS3, the first of Citroen's new DS (Different Spirit) line that characterizes more of a "premium youth" sub-brand, (much like Hyundai's Premium Youth Lab), the second book of the Citroen DS line begins and this time, it was based on the second-generation Citroen C4. Called DS4, the second runner of the Citroen DS range was heavily based on the Citroen DS High Rider Concept as seen at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. Unlike the Citroen DS High Rider Concept, which has three doors on it, the Citroen DS4 is essentially a 5-door hatchback, noticeably the secret rear doors similar to the Alfa Romeo Giulietta hatchback. Is this what they called the successor of the axed Citroen C4 Coupe? The French car enthusiasts said "non" (French for no) because one hint at the Citroen DS4's secret rear door and they'll be ready to burst out their POV (points, opinions, violent reactions) why the production version of the DS High Rider concept added an additional two doors. Is the DS4 suppose to be the three door version of the Citroen C4 II? Forget about it, but still it was worth it because the DS4 is all about premium styling targeted for the "premium youth" in France.

2012 Citroen DS4 interior

The premium interior of the new Citroen DS4 is outstanding because of the high-tech features loaded on it. Although it was heavily derived from the Citroen C4 II, the DS4 made some modest order-made touches, and also take note, the highly luxurious front seats on the DS4 Sport Chic, in order to bring out its premium sedan-like amenities at the heart of this prestigious French 5-door hatchback. Now, if only France-tan would love to see this.

With France-tan steals the show with its gorgeous exterior, the Citroen DS4 offers six engine types such as the VTi 120, THP 150, THP 200, HDi 110, HDi 165, and the all-new e-HDi 110 loaded with micro-hybrid technology sourced from the Citroen C4 II. The micro-hybrid technology loaded on the Citroen DS4 e-HDi 110 provides the exceptional Idle Stop and Go function, which allows the diesel engine to be automatically shut off when stopped at the red light. There are three kinds of transmissions available on the DS4, depending on the variant, such as a 5-speed manual for those who are getting a head start at the DS4, a 6-speed manual transmission applicable for the hardcore DS4 owners, and the electronically controlled 6-speed manual transmission with paddle shifters.

My comment:
Despite it was a production version of the Citroen DS High Rider Concept, the Citroen DS4 was essentially a 5-door hatchback because of the secret rear doors similar to its biggest opponent, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. This is becoming a bad news for those who want to know that the DS4 is the replacement of the Citroen C4 coupe. As I thought, it was a "promise unfulfilled" for the enthusiasts but despite that, I'm really impressed about the DS4's elegant exterior that makes it more luxurious than the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Consider it a good choice but for the pricing, the DS4 takes a minor damage against the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. It's up to you to decide how far the DS4 goes.

Photo: PSA Peugeot Citroen

Kia Motors and Philippine AZKALS

Kia Motors and Philippine AZKALS

Columbian Autocar Corporation, the official distributor of Kia Motors in the Philippines, announced their partnership with the world famous Philippine AZKALS. Wish that your favorite AZKALS members, especially James and Phil Younghusband were riding in which Kia models? The Philippine AZKALS' official Facebook and Twitter page will tell.

I think James and Phil Younghusband from the AZKALS would love to see this as part of the KIA-AZKALS collaboration. This was set by AZKALS team manager Dan Palami and CAC president Ms. Ginia Domingo.

Based on that photo, the Kia Sportage R is teased again and we're still waiting when will the Kia Sportage R arrives to the Philippines soon. Feels like nobody at CAC got the response and going AWOL.

Photo: Top Gear Philippines

Friday, May 13, 2011

Peryahan ng katatawanan!

What happened on the May 13 episode of TV5's Lokomoko U?

- Perya gags

- Puppet Manny, led by guest ventriloquist Wanlu, tells all!

Wanlu and Pacquiao

- Our favorite joke-bursting Lola (Valeen Montenegro) on our ever-loving Talentadong Family segment got sick but despite her sick nature, she still fires more jokes on her mouth to our laugh box;

1) Arowana - Ayoko na dito sa hospital! AROWANA be here!

2) clumsy - Ayoko ng pagkain dito sa hospital. Ang pancit nila, kulang ng CLUMSY!

3) Cubao - Bakit ganun? Sinunod ko ang lahat ng payo ni doc, bakit ako nandito? May kasalanan CUBAO?

4) statue - Minsan sa sobrang labo ng mata ko, hindi ko kayo makilala. Serafin? STATUE?

5) Venetian - Alam mo ba kanina nong nakahubad ako, dumating ang isang gwapong nurse pero di pa nya akong na-VENETIAN.

For a little bonus since you guys want more of Talentandong Family from this episode, here are the words Nanay (Tuesday Vargas) said were understood by Jojong Bingi (JC De Vera)

What Nanay said > Jojong Bingi understands

1) Lola > Bola

2) Kondisyon > Tuition

3) Mag-alala > Tulala

- Another round of Whose Line Is It... Anyhow?! hosted by Ms. Tuesday Vargas! Check out those lines;

1) May mata ka nga di naman nakakakita!
Answer: Pigsa

2) Ako ang laging handa!
Answer: Pansit

3) Hindi lahat ng pink pa sweet
Answer: MMDA

4) Pag isinaksak mo nag iinit ako
Answer: Plantsa

5) Dahil ba sexy ako, kalabit ka ng kalabit?
Answer: Gitara

6) Kaylan kaya puputi ang lahi namin?
Answer: Uling

7) Lagi mo na lang akong tinutulugan
Answer: Unan

8) Oo pinipilahan ako at isa akong bayaran
Answer: Cashier

Thursday, May 12, 2011

New Problema...

Art Throb does charcoal art

We got another art class with Kuya Art, the Art Throb, on the May 12 episode of Banana Split. This time, he teaches us how to make a "Charcoal Art" with the use of canvas, gloves, charcoal, and a buddy you can use as a subject. First, pour charcoal on the subject's face, pour as much as you can and then put a canvas. Make sure it goes completely like a portrait.

Major Problem in NEW PROBLEMA

Everyone knows that there is a solution to a problem, but what if your solution might end up creating a new problem? Ryan Bang as Major Problem showcases these examples on the new segment called NEW PROBLEMA.

Case One: You can't sleep and you have to resort drinking sleeping pills but when you wake up, you're late for work.

Oh no! I'm late!

Case Two: Throwing away trash but the trash turns out to be "important documents"

Where's the documents?

Case Three: You have electricity at home but the house is burning because you used a jumper

The price of stealing someone else's electricity

The lesson is, think twice before problem solving because solving a problem could cause another problem and that's NEW PROBLEMA!


"Si Manny tumakbo sa pagka-congressman sa Gensan.

Sabi ng reporter: Manny anong masasabi mo sa peace and order sa inyong lugar...Gensan?

Sagot ni Manny: Ah, yun ba? masasabi ku lang dyan ay maraming fish sa Gensan pero wala masyado umo-order!"

About 1,894 people are favored by this joke while five said WALEY. Those five who said WALEY were Manny Pacquiao and his family.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mang Ben in automatic sliding door mishaps

Mang Ben can't get through the sliding door

Jayson Gainza, as Mang Ben, is here again on the May 11, 2011 episode of Banana Split Daily Servings. This time, Mang Ben deals with the automatic sliding door. This explains why the heck people get through the automatic sliding door but Mang Ben can't. No matter how many procedures Mang Ben does, he still can't get through the sliding door until the security guard approaches Mang Ben and explains why. IT'S AN EXIT! WHOOPS!!!

Art Throb's shining art

We got ourselves another art lesson with Kuya Art, the Art Throb, and this time Kuya Art teaches us how to make a "shining art" that requires glue and lots of glitters. It's all that glitters.

Alpha Bert makes PLANCHADO by
combining PLANT and MECHADO

Alpha Bert to the rescue! When a man is worrying that his clothes are not ironed yet and the angry housewife yells at him, Alpha Bert is here and he helps him by making the word "PLANCHADO" by combining the words PLANT and MECHADO. Uh, wait. You said PLANCHADO, how can his sleeves not ironed yet? Then who? His wife's hair got PLANCHADO! Whoa there!

Another lucky-unlucky scenarios featured by Natasha alyas Ansha on ANG SWERTENG MALAS.

Case One: You are fully healed just in time for the outing but you're friends got sick

What do you mean my friends are sick?

Case Two: It's good to be a senior citizen because of the senior citizen discount but they're letting you pay for all the treats

It's good to be a senior citizen

Case Three: Survived the killer highway but caught by the cops for jaywalking

Surviving the killer highway


Mag-asawang nag-aaway;
Sabi ng babae: Mas ok pa yata kung nagpakasal ako sa demonyo!
Sagot ni lalake: Wehhh! Bawal kaya magpakasal sa kamag-anak!

5,234 viewers said HAVEY while seven viewers said WALEY. As suspected by Melai Cantiveros, those seven viewers who said WALEY were the wives whose kamag-anak were demons.

Most vandalized car in Britannia is the Lexus IS! (This could mean trouble for Cecilia Alcott! xD)

Lexus IS '11

According to some article found at Carscoop, the most vandalized car in the United Kingdom (or you can call it Great Britain or Britannia if you're an otaku) is none other than the Lexus IS! 2nd place goes to the BMW Z4, third goes to the Mini One, fourth goes to the jurassic Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class, and the Audi TT scored 5th. This is bad news because car vandalism in Britannia is a common threat to British drivers who are owners of luxury cars.

What I'm also worrying that there was a vandalized Lexus IS in the form of an itasha of everything Cecilia Alcott (セシリア・オルコット) from IS -Infinite Stratos-, which makes it a overacting editorial for me because Cecilia is British and she's a cadet representative. I could find a chance that a vandalized Lexus IS in the UK could possibly be an itasha that is loaded with IS' Cecilia Alcott. (-_-;)

Cecilia Alcott from
Infinite Stratos

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What's Bangungot? And how can we stop it?

Ryan Bang's having a nightmare

Looks like we got another trivia from Mutanglawin Kuya Keem on the May 10, 2011 episode of Banana Split Daily Servings. Just what is bangungot? Bangungot, or nightmare in English, is caused from eating too much, stress, and sleeping position. When your nearby sleeping pal is swaying left to right, there's a probability that he may suffer bangungot and to stop it, wake him up immediately by splashing him a glass of water. Also, to prevent bangungot, we have to stay awake and carry something...heavy! I'm glad we learned a lesson from Mutanglawin Kuya Keem.

Also, we learned a lesson on some situations Banana Split don't want us to do it or else ANG O.A. MO! Such as;

1) You want nobody to litter at this place, but you don't want someone to litter hairfall

Hey kid! No littering!

2) Your love for Rizal made you stay near Rizal's house all day

Watching over Jose P. Rizal's house

3) You don't know everything Pinoy because you were from the States but it turns out you're departed since you're a TNT.

What kind of place is this, man?!

Sabi ni Boy: Alam mo para kang drugs...
Sagot ni Girl: Aber! Banat na naman? Sige nga bakit dahil ba nakaka-adik ako?
Sagot ni Boy: Hindi! Nakakasira ka kasi ng buhay ko!

According to Melai Cantiveros, 2,345 viewers love the joke while the other 3 don't.

LOVE IT! World's first augmented reality navigation system!

World's first AR navi system

The world's first augmented reality navigation system debuted on the Pioneer Carrozzeria Cyber Navi on May 2011 and schedule for Japanese sales late this month!


We're getting anxious because only the techie Japanese drivers are welcomed to savor the world's first AR Navigation system.

Check more at:

Monday, May 9, 2011

Ang aking first impressions, KUHA MO?

Meet Anna Manalastas, a very aggressive businesswoman who caused damage to everyone that gets in her way. Her catchphrase goes like this;


Anna died at the explosion and in Heaven, she encounters some kind of gate keeper. He knows that Anna caused a massive damage to people around her and he will punish her. Anna pleaded that she deserves a second chance to Earth and correct all her wrongdoings in as little as 100 days before she is accepted to the gates of Heaven.

The only problem is, Anna returned to Earth as a...little girl. Will she accomplish her 100-day mission in her child-sized body?

100 Days To Heaven is from the people behind the highly-successful 2009 religious TV drama, May Bukas Pa, and this new TV drama marks the comeback of one of the Philippines' most successful actresses, Coney Reyes as Anna Manalastas and the cutest female child star on Philippine television, Xyriel Manabat. We may remember Xyriel as the young Agua Bendita, friendly ghost Momay, and Nica, Jacob's best friend, on Noah. It's been a while and Xyriel Manabat's all warmed up for her another main character role.

Also starring are Jodi Sta. Maria (Noah), Joel Torre, Dominic Ochoa (May Bukas Pa, Rosalka), Valerie Concepcion (Wowowee, Mga Nagbabagang Bulaklak), Rafael Rosell (Kristine), Smokey Manaloto, Neil Coleta, Vice Ganda (Showtime, Petrang Kabayo), Gloria Romero, and introducing Louise Abuel. Mark Gil (Magkaribal) and Shaina Magdayao (Alyna) make special appearances as well! There are more artists to be appeared on this new drama and trust me, it will make you laugh, cry, and learn valuable lessons in life.

I'm really excited about Xyriel because she's highly interesting and when every time we see her, we react about her because Xyriel Manabat's talent is full of warmth and laughter and made Xyriel earned many fans.

Looking forward to watch it on Primetime Bida!

Ang hindi, YOU'RE FIRED! KUHA MO? ^^


On the Mother's Day (May 8, 2011) episode of Goin Bulilit:

- Find out what's the truth behind RATED PG

- Noon Ngayon jokes on a mother's care

- Marugang Ina jokes

- Coatable Coats : No matter how strong we hold on, still there comes a time that suddenly we fall - Butiki

- some "kaguluhan" jokes

- Pediatrician jokes

- Ano ang pinagkaiba ng;

1) Pari sa nanay - Ang PARI kapag may kasalanan ka, magdadasal ka muna bago ka patawarin. Ang NANAY kapag may kasalanan ka, magdadasal ka muna bago ka paluin.

2) Nanay sa alimango - Ang NANAY maalaga! Ang ALIMANGO maaligue!

3) Nanay sa anino - Wala, susundan ka nila kahit saan ka pumunta

4) Nanay sa labandera - Ang LABANDERA sinasabon ang damit mo. Ang NANAY ikaw mismo ang sasabunin.

5) Nanay sa tatay - Ang NANAY nag-aalaga ng anak. Ang tatay nag-aalaga ng manok.

6) Nanay sa anak - Ang NANAY ilaw ng tahanan. Ang ANAK, tigapundi ng ilaw ng tahanan.

7) Nanay sa taong mahilig mag-isa - Wala, pareho silang magulang!

8) Nanay sa akin? - Ang NANAY, masarap magluto. Ako masarap kumain.

9) Nanay ko sa ampalaya - Ang NANAY ko mabait! Ang AMPALAYA mapait!

10) Ina sa peste - Ang INA nanay! Ang PESTE anay!

11) Nanay sa akin? - Ang NANAY understanding. Ako, under lang!

- Goin Bulilit kids are singing Sana by Amy Nobleza

- Coatable Coats: Ano ba ang kailangan mo sa akin, kalabit ka nang kalabit? - iPad

- Coatable Coats: Sa susunod na buwan, hindi nyo na ako makikita. Bilang na ang araw ko! - Kalendaryo

- Ready Get Set Goin in Dakdakan Na

S. Vettel's revenge at Turkish GP

Sebastian Vettel, otherwise known as S. Vettel by fans, may have been beaten by Lewis Hamilton in China but in Turkey, S. Vettel raged his way as the Turkish GP victor, using his pole position (S. Vettel's forte) as an opportunity to win the Turkish GP.


If you say S. Vettel, we say he's FAST AS X2010!

Further details:

See you guys in Spain this May 22!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mazdaspeed Axela/3 (DBA-BL3FW) - Forza 3 Owner's View

Looks nice at Tsukuba

This looks great for a car magazine!

This fantasy livery is heavily inspired from
Tuason Racing School's Mazda BT-50
Drift Pick-up

Final Impressions: You're a Filipino, and you want Mazda Philippines to bring the second generation Mazda 3, debuted in Japan since June 11, 2009, but this is taking too long. Well, that's okay, because at least FGP president Randy Kreiger and FGP vice president for communications Anika Salceda letting us rot while the rest of the world have the second-generation model, at least those two didn't want the second-generation Mazda 3 to land in the Philippines soon, until next year. You know what, (heads up Pinoy Mazda fans salivated over the second-generation Mazda 3), here's what should do if you want to experience the second-generation Mazda 3 in your own Pinoy hands, at least Mr. Randy Krieger and Ms. Anika Salceda of FGP-Mazda won't mind us what we are doing.

Buy your own XBOX 360. I'd recommend the newly facelifted one. After that, go to the mall to buy Forza Motorsport 3 Ultimate Collection. I'd recommend the original one, not the pirated one. I'd recommend you Pinoy Mazda fans to buy that game at some malls like SM Mall of Asia, Robinsons, Greenbelt, Alabang Town Center, SM Southmall, SM Megamall, any mall in the Metro Manila you know that has Forza Motorsport 3 Ultimate Collection for sale. It will cost us about an estimate of 2,000 Philippine Pesos.

The reason why I would recommend you, Pinoy Mazda fans, to buy Forza 3 Ultimate Collection somewhere at some malls at the Metro Manila is because the second-generation Mazda 3 (in Mazdaspeed3 form) is right at this game. I tried it and it looks like it hasn't been changed since the first-generation Mazdaspeed Axela/3.

If you are good in vinyl making, you can make some Philippine License Plates and slap it on the back of the second-generation Mazdaspeed 3. That will make it look like the new model arrived in the Philippines we, Pinoy Mazda fans, think.

This will make it "Leader of the Philippine Resistance" for sure. Mr. Randy Krieger and Ms. Anika Salceda letting us rot while the entire globe have the second-generation Mazda 3 but they will never take our XBOX 360 consoles that has Forza 3 on it. ^^

Melai's tips to avoid drowning while swimming

What just happened at the May 7, 2011 episode of Banana Split?


- Jokes at some swimming resort

- Melai Cantiveros' tips to avoid drowning while swimming on M3: Melai Mo Magwork

5) Swim at the kiddie pool

4) Always wear a float...always!

3) Use a tabo if you want to shower at the swimming pool

2) Remove the water from the pool so you won't drown

1) If you're a girl, wear a two-piece swimsuit so you won't get warned by the lifeguards

- Mutanglawin Kuya Keem explains us more on pagtutuli. I mean hey, the pukpok kind of pagtutuli. Hope you guys learn before going on a libreng tuli!

- some dances

- a game of Just Draw It!

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