Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Chrysler 300 Commercials

With Chrysler's "Imported From Detroit" tagline and the launch of the all-new Chrysler 300, there were new commercials aired for the new Chrysler 300.

In the new Chrysler 300's first commercial, we witness more on last year's NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year and Defensive Tackle football player for the Detroit Lions, Ndamukong Suh. He's going back to his Oregon hometown while driving the all new 2011 Chrysler 300 while this ad slightly showcasing Ndamukong Suh's "humble beginnings" as a football player.

The second man on the new 300 ad is John Varvatos, fashion designer. He uses some Detroit-based music as inspiration for his fashion design and on that ad, we saw him driving a Chrysler 300 prototype with some optional accessories to be on sale this Summer 2011. As a Detroit-born fashion designer who lives up to his name in New York City, John Varvatos uses some music as his inspiration to design his fashion trends, and that's his "blue collar attitude" in a "white collar" world.

This is the latest commercial for the Chrysler 300 starring Dr. Dre, rapper turned businessman for the Beats by Dr. Dre collection. He drives a prototype version of the Chrysler 300S, the custom variant of the new Chrysler 300, packed with Beats by Dr. Dre audio system to bring out the bling bling on the most notorious gang car in North America. "This is L.A. and this is what we do" Dr. Dre says. That sounds similar to the Chrysler 200 Super Bowl ad starring Eminem. Well, good things come to those who work. ^_^

Anyway, the custom variant of the Chrysler 300, the 300S, packs a sense of style for the big-time rushers who want to show off their brute force. Let's hope that CATS Motors will bring the all-new Chrysler 300 to the Philippines soon!

Balagtasan in "new" Lokomoko!

It's weekends! Let's see what just happened on the June 10, 2011 episode on "new" Lokomoko:

- Gags outside the church

- With Makata Tawanan guested, Lokomoko goes all out Balagtasan!

- Flying stuff are flying around the Dula-Dulaan stage on another Bata Bata Tayo'y Tumula!

The problem with the saranggola

- Another Whose Line Is It... Anyhow?! on the June 10, 2011 episode on "new" Lokomoko! Check out the lines:

1) Wala ka talagang masasabe kapag natikman mo ang lasa ko! - Wasabe

2) Pigang piga na ako! Sagad hanggang buto! - Kalamansi

3) Ang dumi dumi ko na ayaw mo pa akong tigilan! - Basahan

4) Bago mo ko gamitin, magshower ka! - Swimming Pool

5) Bakit n'yo ba ako ginigisa sa sarili kong mantika? - Longganisa

6) Walang tulugan - Burol

7) Bakit OK lang sayo na magmura ako?!? - Gasolina

"Why pay more for beautiful hair?"

The first week of school sounds boring but our boredom kinda swept away with a little dose of the June 10, 2011 episode of Bubble Gang, such as:

- "Hiwalayan mo ang boyfirend mo" gags really want to say... hiwalayan mo ang boyfirend mo!

- When shooting for a drama ends, the real trouble begins on the interview

- Cheche's having a toothache, so Bureche wants to pull it with pliers!

Cheche had a toothache

Here, Cheche, let me pull it!

- It's the end of themselves as they know it with a bottle of beer

- Pina-hair spa yan, 'di ba? Hindi po, Lejoice lang yan. Bubble Gang does Rejoice shampoo by gagging it as Lejoice! Why pay more for beautiful hair?

Bubble Gang does Rejoice!

- Back to school means back to MISSPELLING GEE! Check out the misspelled words!

1) Beach - Biyak

2) Castle - Cashchewleigh

3) Tangerine - Tangarin

4) Testimony - Tasteteamougemeigh

5) Cologne - Calawnge

6) Amoeba - Amoughiebaghe or Amoyba?

- Live at Studio 6 again, formerly Game Show Today, now it's TALK SHOW TONIGHT! On TALK SHOW TONIGHT, Linda from Quiapo guests and explains about being a victim of burglary.

Linda from Quiapo

- Iyotube in Westlife's Fool Again

- This guy's suck at sneezing

さようなら, 川上とも子さん. orz


In that article, famous anime seiyuu, Tomoko Kawakami (日本名:川上とも子) passed away since June 9, 2011, her agency said.

She was debuted in 1994 at the anime Metal Fighter Miku and we will remember her as Revolutionary Girl Utena, Hikaru from Hikaru no Go, Chiriko from Fushigi Yuugi, Sugar a Little Snow Fairy, Ai Mori from The Law of Ueki, Athena Glory from Aria, Hinata Fuyuki from Sgt. Keroro (Sgt. Frog) and many others.

Reports said she was hospitalized in 2008 by an unknown illness. Later, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, reports also said.

We can't believe she died. We will never forget her anime roles.

RIP 川上とも子 (1971-2011)


Friday, June 10, 2011

Toyota Chaser Tourer V in a Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin episode!

Yellow Toyota Belta cop car chases a white,
souped-up, JDM Toyota Chaser Tourer V on a
Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin episode!

I just notice something that a white, souped-up, Toyota Chaser 2.5 Tourer V has been spotted on last night's Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin episode.

This FR JDM Toyota sedan appeared when Javier (Coco Martin) and some punks at the bar escaping the cops driving yellow Toyota Belta cop cars. Wouldn't you believe all the drifting pulled by some bar punk?

Never seen that thing coming. How did that JDM Toyota Chaser Tourer V get there? What drifting techniques did this punk do? Whatever the heck it is, the old Chaser looks cool.

All 5 K-ON girls were made it on the BEST 30 female anime characters, Animedia said

On the 30th anniversary issue of Animedia, this magazine listed the top 30 anime characters separated by male and female. Looking at the top 30 female anime characters, 5 of the K-On girls made it on the top 30! It's like every magazine in Japan that has every K-ON character made it on the top spots.

*Photo taken by a certain blogger

Yui Hirasawa was in 1st place, Azusa Nakano lands 2nd, Ritsu Tainaka in 4th, Mio Akiyama in 5th, and Tsumugi Kotobuki in the 30th place! 

1, 2, 4, 5, 30! This makes it a perfect lotto combination except for one more.

If I am picking for a 6-number lotto combination, it would be a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 30 and why 3? December 3 of course. December 3, 2011 was the date the K-ON movie is slated to show in Japanese theaters, making it a perfect pre-Christmas treat.

CATS Motors begins Dodge's NEVER NEUTRAL with the new Durango

It's 2011. Wonder where the Durango's been for the last 2 years? That was the question from the Dodge Durango commercial. Now, the all new 2011 Dodge Durango is now in the Philippines via CATS Motors and this exclusive distributor finally accepted the new Dodge logo!

2011 Dodge Durango

I don't know if that one is the North America version or a Dubai version (because we often got a load of Dubai version SUVs due to its full options) but the Dodge Durango offers only the Pentastar 3.6L V6 engine and a 5-speed automatic transmission. The all new 2011 Durango costs 3.78 million Philippine pesos. If you are a wealthy politician or a celebrity, consider the new Durango your new personal ride to the Metro Manila.

A decent rival to the upcoming Ford Explorer, Toyota Land Cruiser 200, or especially the Nissan Patrol Royale! Good thing it's a Dubai Version Durango! (shrug) ( ̄▽ ̄)

Why Dubai version? Full options of course! If I am rich, I would get my hands on the new Durango since its 2-year absence!

Third-generation Mazda Demio/2 Minor Change (DE3FS/DE3AS/DE5FS) and Demio 13-SKYACTIV (DEJFS)

2012 Mazda Demio

The third-generation Mazda Demio (Mazda 2), launched since July 2007, is now a world-proven compact car that is already proven to take on the world. Europe has one, America has one, Africans has one, Australians has one, Asians (especially in the Philippines) has one, the whole world has one because the Mazda Demio is a fuel efficient compact car that takes places. Last year, the Mazda Demio received minor changes worldwide except Japan where the pre-MC model takes place until late June 2011. This late June 2011, Japan will witness the big minor change on the third-generation Mazda Demio and now it is the first Mazda to be ever equipped with the new SKYACTIV Technology!

What is SKYACTIV Technology?
Part of Mazda's vision to create a perfect harmony between ecology of the hybrid car and the performance of the gasoline-powered car, the term SKYACTIV was born. The SKYACTIV technology provides driving pleasure and outstanding eco-friendly and safely performance to customers with the fuel efficient engines, efficient transmissions, and "lighter and rigid" platforms. To learn more about SKYACTIV, visit


Mazda P3-VPS engine

The new 2012 Mazda Demio is the first Mazda to be equipped with the all new P3-VPS (1.3-litre SKYACTIV-G) engine. The new SKYACTIV-G engine is the next generation of Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engine that is the first to attain the world's highest petrol engine compression ratio of 14.0:1, 15% increase of fuel efficiency and torque, and a 4-2-1 exhaust system, cavity pistons, multihole injectors and some of the technology that makes SKYACTIV "Only the sky is the limit" after all. The Mazda Demio 13-SKYACTIV provides 84ps/5400rpm of power, 11.4kg-m/4000rpm of torque, and the fuel economy of 30km/L (10-15 mode). With that, the new Mazda Demio SKYACTIV is the reigning "king" of fuel efficiency, dethroning the 27.0km/L cars like the fifth-generation Daihatsu Move and the third-generation Suzuki MR Wagon!


Good to know that Mazda's i-stop feature found on the second-generation Axela/3 and the third-generation Mazda Premacy/5 is included at the Mazda Demio/2 13-SKYACTIV model. With i-stop equipped, it will automatically shut-off the P3-VPS (1.3L DOHC SKYACTIV-G) engine when stopped at the red light. Also included is the CVT for enhanced fuel efficiency, good for those who want to take a long Japanese trip this summer.

i-DM (Intelligent Drive Master)

2012 Mazda Demio i-DM (Intelligent Drive Master)

To determine how good you master the 2012 Mazda Demio 13-SKYACTIV, a new i-DM (Intelligent Drive Master) is added to the right of the tachometer. The i-DM determines the skill level, fuel economy, stats, and miscellaneous stuff while driving the Mazda Demio 13-SKYACTIV. It shows how good you used the SKYACTIV-powered Demio at various aspects.

Other Choices
Aside from the 13-SKYACTIV variant, the new Demio still offers non-SKYACTIV variants like the 13C 5MT, 13C EC-AT, 13C-V (with CVT), 13C with e-4WD, 15C 5MT, 15C EC-AT, and the Demio Sport that has a 1.5L DOHC engine and it comes with either a 5-speed manual or a CVT with a 7-speed manual mode. Available colors are Crystal White Pearl Mica, Sunlight Silver Metallic, Aluminum Metallic, Ice Blue Metallic, Spirited Green Metallic, True Red, Radiant Ebony Mica, Metropolitan Gray Mica, and Brilliant Black, with the addition of two new colors such as Burgundy Red Mica and Aquatic Blue Mica (13-SKYACTIV exclusive color).

My Comment:
The third-generation, world-proven, Mazda Demio is now gaining its new face and a new SKYACTIV-G engine that is truly meant to say "only the sky is the limit" once and for all. The next generation GDi engine provides exceptional fuel economy and performance, perfect for the long trip ahead. This is the ultimate in eco-car history.

Question is: When will the new SKYACTIV-G engine reach the Philippines? If Anika Salceda-Wycoco, Ford Group Philippines assistant vice president for communications, read this, she will reply with this; NOT YET AND WE ARE STILL UNDECIDED WHEN WE WILL BRING MAZDA'S SKYACTIV ENGINE TO THE PHILIPPINES. orz

One more thing in my opinion, I think the SKYACTIV engines are too dirty to handle the Philippines' own dirty fuel. I hope the government revise about clean gasoline and if that, there will be chance for Filipinos to witness SKYACTIV.

Photo: Mazda Motor Corporation

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Melai's tips to avoid getting eaten by a dog

If you have been asked by your mother to buy something at the sari-sari store, you are worried because of the dogs at the street. How can you can avoid getting eaten by the dogs on the street? Let Melai Cantiveros give you tips to avoid getting eaten by dogs roaming around the street on M3: MELAI MO MAGWORK. AAAAHHHH!!!

5) You won't be eaten by a dog if you wear some kind of Gorilla costume!

4) Bring a big bone but not for feeding, for beating the crap out of it!

3) Bring a cat while you're buying some suka!

2) Hide behind the plant and stealthy go all the way to the store!

1) Wear some armor so you won't get bitten

These are Melai's top 5 tips to get past against the dogs while going to the store. Hope you'll don't get rabies when you're out there!

Sabi ni Misis: Lolokohin ko ang mister ko kunwari isa akong call girl!
Nakita ni Misis si Mister.
Sabi niya: Hello pogi, pwede ka ba ngayon?
Sagot si Mister: Ayoko nga sayo. Kamukha mo misis ko.

856 viewers said HAVEY while 48 viewers said WALEY!

Foton SUP/Blizzard on a Guns and Roses episode

Foton Blizzard pick-up on a Guns and Roses episode!

A Foton SUP/Blizzard has been spotted on a Guns and Roses episode last June 8, 2011.

This Blizzard pick-up was spotted on the scene where Abel (Robin Padilla) is helping an old lady crossing the street.

What's this Chinese pick-up truck doing here?

Lexus ISF - Forza 3 Owner's View

As tested by Auto Review's Ron de los Reyes...?

Blue Tears vs. Akatsubaki

Final Impressions: Wow, even in the Forza Motorsport franchise, there really was such thing as "The Battle of IS" after all because of the 2003 Lexus IS300, 2006 Lexus IS350, and the 2009 Lexus IS F. But first, I have to tackle first of my favorite IS, which is the ISF.

Before I explain that, just how did I fell in love with the IS name? Don't ask me. I know why because IS stands for "Infinite Stratos" but I am not accepting that answer why I got loco over the Lexus IS naming. Considering it a high-performance super saloon, the Lexus ISF can be somewhat a good car but decorating it can be a total eyesore especially the metallic paint job. At least I am laughing why I would turn my heads over this.

It maybe new, but the Lexus IS F shows some signs of improvement. However, it is not merely popular among Forza owners but I'm sure they'll figure it out how to perfect the ISF's tuning and decoration with precision. Wield Precision!

2012 Nissan Moco deserved the TNP27 treatment...finally

2012 Nissan Moco 660cc X Idling Stop

If you recalled that in March 10, 2011, Suzuki launched the Idling Stop variant for the 2012 MR Wagon, launched since January 2011, well ladies and gentlemen, it seems that the 2012 Nissan Moco followed suit as it received its idling stop function, making it the fifth member of the Nissan Pure Drive range!


As the 5th member of the Nissan Pure Drive range, the 2012 Nissan Moco X Idling Stop grade provides the wondrous idle stop and go feature that brings the 2012 Moco's R06A engine (a new 660cc engine developed by Suzuki Motor Corporation) to a complete stop when stationary. With that, the fuel efficiency is a record breaking 27.0km/L. This is Nissan's TNP27 or should we say "トマール猿人" for sure? (Laughing)

(we're still waiting for Subaru when will the Stella Custom be equipped with the turbocharged RS variant!)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Flashback: Hilarious Kia KC2700 Thai ad with a very funny cross-breed animal

Back in 2006, Kia aired a hilarious Thai TV Commercial for the Kia KC2700 Truck and the main character was a cross-breed dog-horse. His name is Jumbo. He's half dachshund dog and half horse. You can't believe how hilarious this ad was. When the farmer scolded the dog-horse, the dog-horse dragged the farmer all the way to the big city to see the Kia KC2700 Jumbo Pickup because of the truck's long back. That's as long as the dog-horse's long back. LOL

Rate Ko: 4.9/5

In Yokohama, there are "GUNS" and "ROSES"

The date was June 5, 2011. The place is Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan. The weather seems to be partially sunny or cloudy. There are two things happening at Yokohama; there are GUNS and there are ROSES. I was just exaggerating about the whole GUNS AND ROSES thing because there are two things happened on that date in Yokohama. One which is the COOL side and the other one is the CUTE side. First off, let's start with something at the COOL side.

The COOL side was, the Red Bull Formula One car appeared for the first time at Japan for the RED BULL ENERGY FOR JAPAN. Despite the accident on June 4 at the Makuhari Messe, spectators at the Yokohama Motomachi Shopping Street are gathered to see the Red Bull F1 car burning rubber at the streets of Yokohama and a motorcade with Toro Rosso driver Sebastien Buemi are here. In the motorcade, there was two Infinitis and two Renaults. There was a Infiniti M Hybrid (Nissan Fuga Hybrid), second-generation Infiniti FX, Renault Megane RS 250, and for the first time in Japan, the Renault Wind roadster. The Renault Wind roadster was on sale in Europe since Summer last year and it is slated to be on sale in Japan this summer. I'm glad most Japanese Red Bull fans got winged up for the coolest charity event held by Red Bull. Red Bull Energy For Japan provides enjoyment and encouragement for Japan, which was fallen victim from the 3.11 disasters.

(Photo courtesy of: YALLAF1)

The RED BULL ENERGY FOR JAPAN is considered cool and listed on the "GUNS" side. What about something from the "ROSES" side? Oh yes. The Infinite Stratos One Off Festival held at Yokohama BLITZ!

Infinite Stratos One-Off Festival

Whoever had the special ticket found on the Infinite Stratos DVD and Blu-Ray Vol. 1 Limited Edition got invited to the special one-day only event for saying thanks for supporting the anime series based on the best-seller novel, Infinite Stratos (日本名:インフィニットストラトス). Outside the event, a Super Taikyu Honda S2000 with Infinite Stratos livery (about 90% repaired after a crash at a Super Taikyu race) was exhibited. Inside, they were greeted by the stars of Infinite Stratos. Kouki Uchiyama as Ichika Orimura, Yoko Hikasa as Houki Shinonono, Yukana as Cecilia Alcott, Asami Shimoda as Huang Ling Yin or Fan Rinin, Kana Hanazawa as Charlotte "Charles" Dunois, and Marina Inoue as Laura Bodewig are here and special appearance by Minami Kuribayashi who sang the opening theme song STRAIGHT JET. In the concert, it has free talks, music and more.

Which reminds me, Houki's character song from IS DVD/Blu-Ray Vol. 1 Limited Edition, titled 紅く、紅く, and Cecilia's character song from IS DVD/Blu-Ray Vol. 2 Limited Edition, titled Noble Heart, was featured and by interest, Huang Ling Yin's song titled 好吃スマイル (coming at IS DVD/Blu-Ray Vol. 3 Limited Edition), Charlotte's song titled mon cherie, ma cherie, and Laura's song titled An die Freude made a world premiere at the IS One Off Festival. As expected, Huang Ling Yin's song will be on IS DVD/Blu-Ray Vol. 3 Limited Edition but I'm guessing that Charlotte's song would be on Vol. 4 while Laura's song would be at Vol. 5, my guess.

Also announced at the event is the special Infinite Stratos Encore OVA coming to DVD and Blu-Ray this Fall!

The special IS OVA will be released this late November while the IS One Off Festival DVD and Blu-Ray will arrive this late October! Want one?

And that's what the GUNS AND ROSES happened at Yokohama since June 5, 2011. What's the most memorable happening?

Next Generation PSP is called Playstation Vita

PSVita (Pre-Production Model shown)

Ahead from the E3 2011 world premiere, Sony unveiled the Playstation Vita, the next generation portable gaming system that follows the footsteps of the Playstation Portable.

Check out the video:

Those cool new features really wow us.

With the release date remain unknown for now, the special preview takes place at the E3 2011 this June 7 to 9.

Does it meet our expectations?

Not sure how does the Shoutbox mounted on my site work?

Hey guys, this is Leopaul.

Since June 1, 2011, I've added a Shoutbox on my site. It's on the right side. Unfortunately, I think no one is using that Shoutbox mounted on my site. You see, I put it so when the next time when I check on the search queries, there will be no questions. Just search terms only and not questions like what, when, where, how, why, or any of those WH- questions. All your questions will be put on that Shoutbox but nobody listened to me.

OK, you know what? I'll explain how does that Shoutbox added on my site works:

(click to enlarge)

See on the right side of my blog? That's the Shoutbox. To use it, type your name at the Name box. Screen names will work and there is no need to log in to that chat box. It is optional to put your website's URL at the Website box. At the message box, type your message. There is no limit in how many characters or words you want to place. Type as many as you want and then click "Shout" to post message.

Be sure not to post everything rude or showing personal information at the Shoutbox. This Shoutbox placed on my site is a clean zone. BE WARNED!

So, there you have it. I've explained everything about how to use the Shoutbox placed on my site, right? This is a place on my site where you can ask some questions. When the next time I checked on your search queries and when the next time I see a "question" as a search query by any means of using WH- questions, I'll notify someone via Twitter.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Balloons and BOMB-ILYA


When Mang Ben (Jayson Gainza) accidentally knocked off the ice cream the boy (Igi Boy Flores) who is eating at, how can he can repay the minor accident to the boy. Giving him a balloon of course! Mang Ben gets a small white balloon but the boy didn't want so Mang Ben finds something big...much much BIGGER! The boy was happy about the balloon when suddenly, the giant balloon flew alongside with the boy! Uh-oh!


With the balloon problem, who needs BOMBILYA?! Just ask Alpha Bert (Jobert) of course! You need a SILYA to do that and also the BOMBA. For the SILYA, remove the S. For the BOMBA, remove the A. Combine BOMB and ILYA and its BOMBILYA! Light bulb at your service!

Sabi ng Pasahero: Mamang tsuper, may bayad po ba kapag bata?
Sagot si Driver: Wala po.
Tanong ulit si pasahero: Kapag kandong?
Sagot si driver: Wala din po.
Sabi ni pasahero: OK anak, umupo ka na, kakandong ako.

498 viewers said HAVEY while 6 viewers said WALEY!

Is "asking a question what is the title of the song in a car commercial" became a habit among car enthusiasts?

These are all too common for car enthusiasts. When they watched a good car commercial on TV and later when they hear vocals on the car commercial, car enthusiasts start asking this;


This question irritates me. It's so O.A. and degrading. Why would car enthusiasts like us want to find the title of the song played in various car commercials? For what, just so they can find it and steal it to hear it? Face it, most of the car enthusiasts from around the world doing this modus operandi every day.

This goes like this. Suppose that most of them watched the latest Hyundai Tucson iX Korean commercial, then they hear lyrics like something something "lipstick" and spurting out the question "what was the title of the song?" and replied "Lipstick by Jedward". After getting the answer, he/she will Google search for that song and want to find it on file-hosting sites to download that song from the car commercial without spending a little penny. Isn't that hurtful? 

There's also a case like this, when they saw the Japanese Lexus CT 200h commercial and hearing a beautiful song, boom goes the car enthusiast. The car enthusiast is asking what was that song but nothing replied until a few months ago, the song played on the Lexus CT 200h ad was released as a track from a certain album we know it as Boom and the title of the song was "Here I Am" by Maia Hirasawa. Boom goes the dynamite. They want to Google search that and snatch that song without knowing it.

Another situation I am familiar was the song played on the Nissan Juke commercial in Japan. In that ad, the commercial has the funky song sung by Orianthi and (my gosh, here they come) the song was Sunshine of your Love Juke Mix, included in the Japanese version of Orianthi's album, Believe II. Car enthusiasts want to find it as a torrent and get that song only.

What about tie-ups? The Mitsubishi Adventure commercial starring Parokya Ni Edgar which the song played was The Yes Yes Show, Japanese Toyota Isis commercials that has Miki Imai since 2009 and now Hideaki Tokunaga, Honda Zest Spark with Ayumi Hamasaki, Suzuki Solio with KAT-TUN, and some commercials which feature stars who sang the car commercial songs. Yes, car enthusiasts would go gaga for those and they are crude enough to get those car commercial songs without spending a straw penny.

Today's music industry is somewhat bright or so they thought but digital piracy is a common thing. People find ways to get songs without spending a straw penny. Mark my words,

When car commercials playing good songs, car enthusiasts unexpectedly Google search and steal it like a thief at the night.

When will this habit put to an end? Can commercial agencies responsible for the car commercials counteract against car enthusiasts by putting original BGM on car commercials? It's not forever and more and more car enthusiasts find ways to get those car commercial songs without wasting their wallets. Shame on them because they want to fuel their passion for cars at the expense of the music industry. They are ruining that more than ruining their spare parts and there is no bolt-on kit for searching it. When the next time you saw a car commercial and when you hear lyrics, you guys better shut up and don't ask an irritating question on what is the song played on the car commercials. Common sense and budgeting is the only way and Google searching, torrent-ing and others won't help you find the answer to your questions. Stay out and relax.

Latest Daihatsu Move Conte commercial does TNP27!

With the introduction of the 2012 Daihatsu Move Conte and Move Conte Custom minor change since June 6, 2011, Daihatsu released a TV commercial for the new Conte and OMG, this one does TNP27 except the new Conte is not TNP27 (because the fuel economy is 25.5km/L) even if it has Eco Idle (same as the fifth-generation Move).


Daihatsu Move Conte Commercial

Daihatsu Move Commercial

Whoa! These commercials are far too TNP-ism! Seems that the Move Conte minor change wants to follow the same steps as the fifth-generation Move because of its Eco Idle function.

I heard that Toyota is planning their own version of the Move Conte this autumn and with that, this will be a possibility but I hope they won't wind up just like the Subaru Stella because they didn't offer the turbocharged RS variant.

Daihatsu Move Conte and Move Conte Custom - Phase II

2012 Daihatsu Move Conte

2012 Daihatsu Move Conte Custom

Launched in August 25, 2008, the Daihatsu Move Conte is the squarish member of the Daihatsu family designed and engineered for the smartest drivers in Japan. It was separated into two kinds; the standard Move Conte for the simple living drivers, especially women, and the elegant Move Conte Custom for those who want a touch of class. Get ready for the spectacular twist because for the 2012 Model Year, both the Move Conte and the Move Conte Custom are now on its biggest minor change yet.

On the standard Move Conte, you will be greeted by a new front design that is somewhat cute to look at it. On the Move Conte Custom, elegance has progressed because of the new front design inspired from the second-generation Daihatsu Tanto Custom but on the back, the "CUSTOM" paneling was shelved. No matter which of these Conte you'll choose, you will still be greeted with the upgraded KF engine that produces 52PS/7,200rpm of power, 6.1kg-m/4,000rpm of torque, and 23.0km/L of fuel economy.

There is a major major news happened to the 2012 Move Conte X and the 2012 Move Conte Custom G because the Idle Stop and Go feature known as "Eco Idle", first applied on the fifth generation Daihatsu Move and Move Custom since December 2010, is now applied, providing an optimized fuel economy of 25.5km/L. Needless to say, the new-for-2012 Move Conte has the right to be applied TNP25.5 because of its Eco Idle feature that brings the 660cc KF to a complete shutoff when stopped at the red light. This is the second Daihatsu model to be equipped with the idling stop function. Don't forget that when you're out there.

My Comment:

The Move Conte and Move Conte Custom's minor change received the much awaited Eco Idle function that provides the exceptional fuel economy of 25.5km/L. Maybe this new Move Conte tries to follow the footsteps of the TNP27 Move but we'll see if the new 2012 Move Conte will achieve its lifelong dream of becoming the most fuel efficient kei car from Daihatsu. Good luck and enjoy the new idling stop function, Move Conte.

Photo: Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Moshidora (Movie) Original Soundtrack

Moshi Koko Yakyu no Joshi Manager ga Drucker no 'Management' o Yondara
Original Sound Track

Since Moshidora (日本名:もしドラ) shown in theaters in June 4, 2011, and stars AKB48's Atsuko Maeda as Minami Kawashima, the substitute manager of the high school's baseball team who was inspired from the quotes of Peter Drucker's Management book she mistakenly bought at the bookstore, more and more viewers were inspired from the teachings of Peter F. Drucker about "Management" and Minami Kawashima's inspiration brought us the true meaning of "leadership" by a home run. DRUCKER IN THE DUG OUT! A JAPANESE BASEBALL GIRL MEETS PETER DRUCKER!

The original soundtrack based on the inspirational movie that was based on last year's best seller novel, Moshidora, is packed with movie background musics as heard on the Moshidora movie. Original music score by Takayuki Hattori.

The BGMs are good enough to relieve the inspirational movie that inspires them to read Drucker's Management and find out how this book made a home run when it comes to leadership.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Officially official! Hayate the Combat Butler TV Drama will air on June 19!

Hayate the Combat Butler (Taiwan TV Drama)

It's sealed Hayate fans! The Taiwanese live action TV Drama, Hayate the Combat Butler, will air on June 19, 2011, at GTV! This was a shocker because of the released teasers!

Like what it said, the Hayate the Combat Butler TV Drama will star George Hu as Hayate (Xiao Feng), He's Beautiful's Park Shin Hye as Nagi (we don't know that name in Traditional Chinese), and with the addition of Tia Li as Maria. There will be more characters coming soon and when will expect real versions of Hinagiku, Isumi, Sakuya, Wataru and Saki, Nishizawa, Yukiji-sensei, Hakuo Three Amiga, and the rest? Is George Hu ready to dress as a girl, you know, Hermione?  Not sure, but drop everything and pray! This is the most ambitious masterpiece yet and lots of people worked hard for this!

What I heard, ABS-CBN's going to air that too really really soon! Do you think this will work?

Hayate The Combat Butler will air on GTV this June 19, 2011. Be warned, fans. orz

Hyundai Veloster in City Hunter

By interest, a Hyundai Veloster in Blue Ocean color appeared on SBS' action drama, City Hunter, which stars Korean heart throb, Lee Min Ho. Also by interest, this was the car Lee Min Ho used on the Veloster Relay Mission Show.

This "Blue Ocean" Veloster was a favorite among Veloster fans because they were huge fans of Lee Min-Ho.

When a Korean car appeared at a Korean drama which stars famous Koreans, fans made a perfect balance. The Veloster driven by Lee Min Ho in City Hunter was just what we Filipinos are saying "We want a Blue Ocean-colored Veloster because of Lee Min Ho!" and guess what, Hancars has one. The most respectful gray market dealer do have a Veloster but does Hancars have the Blue Ocean-colored Veloster like the one Lee Min Ho drove during the Veloster Relay Mission Show and City Hunter Korean Drama?

Lee Min Ho in City Hunter

Hyundai Veloster in City Hunter

It's fun to be back to school, Bulilits!

What just happened at the June 5 episode of Goin Bulilit?

- Goin Bulilit does Abakada by Florante de Leon

- Tag-ulan sa pasukan gags

- Boy Scout Clarence helps a girl wounded at the forest. Looks like this isn't bandages, it's snakes!

Boy Scout Clarence

- Payabangan ng mga call center agents

- Use it jokes that are college-related:

1) U.P. - Tuwing tanghalp, manood kayo ng Happy U.P. Yehey!

2) La Salle - Lahat ng bagay ay nakukuha sa LA SALLE!

3) Arellano - Ang sarap ng ulam namin. ARELLANOng bangus!

4) C.E.U. - Ingat ka sa biyahe. C.E.U. soon!

5) N.U. - Clarence, hati na tayo dito sa binili kong pagkain. This is for me N.U.!

6) St. Paul - Nahihirapa ka dun? It's so ST. PAUL!

7) St. Scho - Maswerte ako! Dahil ang gamit ko, ST. SCHO wallet. Ang wallet na maswerte!

8) Ateneo - Ate nyo ba yun? Ang ganda ng ATENEO!

9) New Era - Hayaan nyong ako na ang maunang bumati sa inyo ng Merry Christmas and a happy NEW ERA!

10) UE - Cancelled ang pasok! UE-an na! UE-an na!

11) I.S. - Kamusta ka? I.S. ka ba diyan?!

12) Mapua - Wag kayong makulit! MAPUA kayo sa tingin!

- Gags got parents and teachers explaining

- School supplies gags

- Ice Ice Candy is the name of the Ready Get Set Goin game on the June 5 episode of Goin Bulilit!

The "Touch Panel Audio" feature on the 2012 Suzuki MR Wagon/Nissan Moco

2012 Suzuki MR Wagon

2012 Nissan Moco

When we think about "touch screens", what goes on our mind? We are addicted to everything touchy. We often get hooked with our iPhones and iPod Touches because if it touches, it goes. How does a carmaker like Suzuki created the first "touch panel audio" exclusively on the new 2012 MR Wagon? It's simple, they want to create a feature so addicting that music lovers would love to "touch" it whatever they want. Despite the ugly exterior, both the new 2012 MR Wagon and its Nissan version, the 2012 Moco, provided one addicting feature that targets the music lovers. It's like the iPad minus the apps.

2012 Suzuki MR Wagon's Touch Panel Audio

Check out the video showing how does this "Touch Panel Audio" (タッチパネルオーディオ) work:

Wasn't that addicting to use the new "Touch Panel Audio" feature mounted on the 2012 Suzuki MR Wagon and 2012 Nissan Moco? Plug your iPod using the USB and this would be one heck of an enjoyment. Maybe this "MR" naming in the MR Wagon should have been called "Music Room" because of the addictive "Touch Panel Audio" feature.

Photo: Suzuki Motor Corporation, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Youtube credit to user: aboutcar

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe (C204)

2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe

2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe interior
Following with the minor change of the W204 C-Class, it seems that the C-Class based CLC-Class sports coupe is about to be replaced by the Benz's latest debutante, in celebration of the automaker's 125th anniversary. This is known to be the C-Class Coupe and it is essentially based on the W204 C-Class.

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe is the sportiest member of the C-Class range, which consists of the sedan and estate and this would be the best addition yet because it targets the Cadillac CTS Coupe, BMW 3-Series Coupe, and the Audi A5. One thing's for sure, the new C-Class Coupe is not merely a good alternative to those two but it can be a good addition to your garage full of Benz models.

On the C-Class Coupe, there is a new generation of telematics attached as seen on the W204 C-Class Sedan and Estate minor change. This new telematics gain internet access everywhere this car goes. It works only if the car is stationary such as stop at the red light or parking. Also, the navigation system provides a 3D view of cities and it makes it more innovative and fun to use for those that are on the go.

The standard AGILITY CONTROL suspension sharpens the C-Class Coupe's cornering perfection and the three-link front axle, multi-link independent rear suspension does the help to make it more fun and agile to turn.

The C-Class Coupe offers a 4-Cylinder CRDi Diesel engine (available at the C220 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY and C250 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY), a 4-cylinder petrol engine (C180 BlueEFFICIENCY and C250 BlueEFFICIENCY), and a 6-cylinder petrol engine (C350 BlueEFFICIENCY). Most models do come with the idling stop function for enhanced fuel efficiency and some models do outfitted with the 6-speed MT, or the 7G-TRONIC transmission.

C63 AMG Coupe

2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe

For those who want to make it most out of their extreme lives, there is also the new C63 AMG Coupe. The Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe is the suitable rival to the BMW M3, Audi RS5, and the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe. If that comes, this would be a grueling death match between those high-performance coupes. Under the hood, the C63 AMG Coupe carries the M156 6.2L V8 natural aspiration engine that produces about 457PS of power, top speed of 250 km/h, and 0-100km in 4.5 seconds. It is mated with the AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-Speed transmission that features a manual mode for smooth shifting at all comers.

My comment:

Mercedes-Benz finally get their portfolio right by replacing the criticized CLC-Class with the new C-Class Coupe to meet the demands against the Cadillac CTS Coupe, BMW 3-Series Coupe, and the Audi A5. If only CATS Motors bring the new C-Class Coupe to the Philippines soon...

Photo: Daimler AG

Remembering the "Arch Rivals"

2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STi

2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STi

2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

Yes, both the Subaru WRX STi and the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution are both arch rivals but I surely miss those rides since I first encounter them in 2007 when both the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X and the third-generation Subaru Impreza WRX STi (GRB) emerged in the Japanese market and later landed in the world market in 2008.

Both of these are fun to drives but with ages pass by, I think I surely forgotten the Arch Rivals, even I still remember one wild card I've encountered last July 2010.

2011 Subaru WRX STi 4-door (GVB)

That was the Subaru WRX STi 4-door (GVB/GVF). It was in Japan since July 2010 and I'm impressed about this one. Turns out, this one's can be easily forgotten because of the incoming fourth-generation Subaru Impreza coming soon.


Let's check out what happened at the June 4, 2011 episode of Banana Split:

- This just in at HOT ISSUE:

1) Krissy, ipagtatapat na ang katotohana sa relasyon nila dumano ni Sen. Cheez!

2) Binoy, Bea, Diet at cast inaabangang teleserye na Guns and Roses, may mga pasabog sa kanilang pictorials!

3) Bianca Manalo, sinagot na ang isyu na type niya ang co-host sa Happy Yipee Yehey na si John Prats!

4) BLIND ITEM: Beteranong aktor, diumanoy's bading!

- Wedding and honeymoon jokes

- Another Banana Split spoof of Happy Yipee Yehey's Ikaw ang Bida and this time, Bratty's looking for some "puga" for IKAW ANG PUGA! Come to Bratty!


- Melai Cantiveros' tips to further understand to people using words you don't know on M3: MELAI MO MAGWORK! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!

5) If you are questioned and you can't understand, use a language he doesn't understand

4) If you are on a date but you can't understand, answer him with a "standard" answer

3) If you are not sure on the question, there's only one answer: MAYBE!

2) If you can't understand a question, make her repeat the question until she's exhausted!

1) If most were asked a question you don't know, think something out from them and don't hesitate acting like an idiot.

- Wedding dances

- A game of Just Draw It with Team Stressed and Team Relaxed!

* Be sure to check out I Lilly Lilly Like It Ryan Bang Party Party Hits!

I Lilly Lilly Like It Ryan Bang Party Party Hits!
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