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Lantis Appeal

Lantis drifts to Tsukuba

In 1993, Mazda launched the Lantis in a form of a 4-door sedan and 5-door coupe. It was produced since 1993 to 1997 and it was essentially used Mazda's CB Platform which was close to the Eunos 500 (Xedos 6). It was also known as the Mazda 323F in other countries and the Lantis was sold in the Philippines back in the 90's when Mazda is part of Columbian Autocar Corporation along with Daihatsu, Kia, and Subaru.

Nighttime driving with Lantis

The Lantis featured in the Gran Turismo series, especially Gran Turismo 5, is the Lantis Coupe 2.0 Type R mated with a 5-speed transmission. In Gran Turismo 5, chances of finding either the Lantis Coupe or the 323F are in the medium basis and you'll have decent chances to add this to your garage full of GT5 cars. It was listed as a Standard Tier car.

This Lantis Coupe is equipped with Mazda's KF-ZE (V6 2.0L DOHC) engine that has the normal power output of 170PS/7000RPM, 18.3kg-m/5500RPM of torque output, and weighs 1200kg.

Playing at the snowfield

It is possible to make upgrades for the Mazda Lantis Coupe Type R but trust me, the handling made me disappointing and frustrating even with its FF drive-train. The Lantis Coupe (323F) might not be a good car for your collection but a little practice goes a long way. This car is definitely a hard-to-master machine not only because it is old, it is because of its poor response to the driver while tacking various corners, from tarmac, gravel, and snow.

Racing in the rain

In the eyes of a seasoned GT driver, he/she may regard that the Lantis Coupe is somewhat underwhelming, not good, boring, dull, or whatever they think about it, but if whoever made the rules at the online races, you may consider it a huge lack of enthusiasm about the Lantis not only because of its turtle-like styling but also the disappointing performance. When I got the wheel on the Lantis Coupe, it's strictly hard to describe how does the "Lantis Appeal" affect the outcome but it can be a good FF car to polish your skills at, if you're a rookie.

Diplomat Kosaku Kuroda Original Soundtrack

Diplomat Kosaku Kuroda Original Soundtrack
The TV drama aired in Fuji TV since 1st quarter 2011, titled Diplomat Kosaku Kuroda (日本名:外交官・黒田康作), is the spin-off drama from the hit 2009 suspense movie, Amalfi: Megami no Hoshu. On the TV drama, Yuji Oda reprise his movie role from Amalfi, Diplomat Kosaku Kuroda, and this time, he's on San Francisco on a race against time against San Francisco's most grueling case yet.

The original soundtrack from the Diplomat Kosaku Kuroda TV Drama contains 21 tracks used on the TV drama, all composed by Yugo Kanno, who is also responsible for the original music score from the Amalfi movie. The song "Time To Say Goodbye" by IL DIVO is included as well. With these tracks, these will relieve Diplomat Kuroda's race against the clock in the most grueling case happened in the streets of San Francisco, unlike his past missions in Italy and Macau.


1. 外交官・黒田康作
2. 新たな戦い〜外交の闇〜
3. 不可解な事件
4. 厳戒態勢
5. 秘密
6. レクイエム〜永遠の安息を〜
7. あの・・・・
8. 最愛の恋人の死の真実
9. 潜入捜査
10. 真相究明
11. 地図オタク
12. 闇
13. 対峙
14. 騙し合い
15. 佃警察署
16. 裏切り
17. 命の灯火
18. 真相は藪の中
19. 日本を信じること
20. 外交官・黒田康作〜邦人の命を守る〜
21. タイム・トゥ・セイ・グッバイ/ イル・ディーヴォ

Andalusia: Megami no Hofuku Original Soundtrack

Andalusia: Megmai no Hofuku Original Soundtrack

After the success of Yuji Oda on the 2009 suspense movie, Amalfi: Megami no Hoshu, and later landed on the spin-off drama titled Diplomat Kosaku Kuroda, aired since early 2011, Yuji Oda reprises the role of Kosaku Kuroda on Andalusia: Megami no Hofuku (日本名:アンダルシア 女神の報復), which co-stars Meisa Kuroki as Yuka Shindo and Hideaki Ito as Makoto Kotari from Interpol, with returning cast such as Erika Toda as Kanae Adachi and Masaharu Fukuyama as Shogo Saeki. Other casts include Shosuke Tanihara as Naoki Kawashima, Isao Natsuyagi as Seijuro Murakami and Takeshi Kaga as Yosuke Ando. The race against time for Diplomat Kuroda on Spain made it more suspense since his past missions in Italy (Amalfi Megami no Hoshu), Macau (Amalfi Begins), and San Francisco (Diplomat Kosaku Kuroda TV Drama).

To remember Kuroda's latest assignment forever, the original soundtrack from the Andalusia movie is now here. Original music score by Yugo Kanno, responsible for the music score from Amalfi and and Diplomat Kosaku Kuroda TV drama. The theme song, Time To Say Goodbye, by IL DIVO, is included as well. All 21 tracks might be good enough to relieve Diplomat Kuroda's race against time to Spain.


1. アンダルシア 女神の報復
4. 国際犯罪の闇
5. 隠蔽工作
6. 駆け引き
7. 仕組まれた罠
9. マネーロンダリング
10. 襲撃
11. 太陽に愛された街
12. 秘めた想い
14. ルカス・ハビエル・ガルシア
15. もうひとつの顔
16. 守るべきもの
17. 彼女の嘘
19. あなたには死んで欲しくない
21. タイム・トゥ・セイ・グッバイ

For international customers:

le fin du Babaeng Hampaslupa

In the Babaeng Hampaslupa finale, after Empang (Susan Africa) was shot by Katarina (Bing Loyzada), Empang told Grace (Alex Gonzaga) that she would go to her real mother, Diana (Alice Dixson), because Diana really is Grace's real mother. While the cops pushed Katarina back at the room, Katarina commits suicide by injecting herself with poison. After cops noticing that Katarina committed suicide, Charles and Diana approaches to Katarina's death and Katarina left a note containing a final word saying that she apologized to them for all her wrongdoings.

Meanwhile, Grace encountered Stephanie and chased her until Stephanie got ran over by a truck, causing her death. Grace went back to Charles (Jay Manalo) and explained what happened. Unknowingly, Katarina was alive but because of Stephanie's death, Katarina will stuck below ground forever until she lost her air, resulting her death.

At the end, Diana and Charles were married and the Wong family back in their normal everyday lives. That concludes the story of Babaeng Hampaslupa.

Au revoir!

Babaeng Hampaslupa ending


What just happened at the July 15, 2011 episode of Lokomoko?

- Lawyer gags

- Talentadong Family visits Jojong Bingi's newly opened parlor;

1) Parlor - Pa-arbor?

2) Negosyo - Boso?

3) Ako - Pako?

4) Pedicure - Ang sakit ng ulo ko, ano ba ang PEDICURE para di maka...

5) Portugal - Wala ka nanamang pambayad para diyan sa pusta mo dahil PORTUGAL naman ang inaasikaso mo!

6) Desperate - Remember to always close the bottle of softdrink because DESPERATE will come out!

- Inday Garutay guests to host some kind of "Eye to Eye" spoof called LIE TO LIE!

- And yes, another round of Whose Line Is It...Anyhow?!

1) Pahipo naman - Mike Hanopol

2) Ano ba?! Dada ako ng dada nakikinig ka lang - Radio

3) Tagapagpainit lang ba sa kama ang silbi ko sa'yo? - Kumot

4) Ang init ano? Pero habang nagbobomba ka lalo kang pagpawisan - Poso

5) Kayo ang may kasalanan kung bakit maitim ang puwet ko - Kaldero/kawali

6) Hindi lahat ng tulad ko ay puwedeng sakyan at ipangarera - kabayo ng plantsa

7) Humanda ka! Papuputiin kita! - An-an

"Ugh! Tom Jones na ako!"

What just happened at the July 15, 2011 episode of Bubble Gang?

- "Will you marry me" gags

- You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm telling you why, THIS IS BALITANG NEWS!

Balitang News

- D Wonder Boys are ready for their first TV commercial in the Philippines, none other than Baby Baby Diapers!

Wonder Boys for Baby Baby diapers

- Cheche Bureche in "Baon sa Recess", with the encounter of someone name Boobsie.


- Pag-tsibugan na, dapat masarap at mabilis because Bubble Gang does Ulalammm Tinapantastik commercial by spoofing its Ulamlam Tinapantastik! TOM JONES NA AKO!

Bubble Gang does Ulalammm Tinapantastik!

- The Bubble Gang version of Talking Twin Babies are back! It's definitely LOL and SO FUNNY!!!

Talking Twin Babies - Bubble Gang version

- You've already know about Pickup Lines, how about using those, Flip Top Rap Battle style! Push Back (Boy2 Quizon) and Bagoong (Roadfill from Moymoy Palaboy) competes and whoever wins, compete against champion Boy Pick Up (Ogie Alcasid)!

Push Back


Boy Pick Up

- Doctors know what you're hiding below that caused health problems...

- IyoTube in Creed's My Sacrifice

- This grampa is meddling the matters of these two; one who is watching TV and one who's playing video games.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Who can stop your husband's addiction to ALAK?

Alpha Bert turns ALAK into ALAT!

When a wife saw her husband getting too much addictive to liquor, she tries to stop him but he's still addicted to liquor no matter what it takes. The wife seek help to Alpha Bert to stop her husbands addiction to liquor. Alpha Bert told him some sad stories that are liquor-related but when he offers Alpha Bert a shot of liquor, Alpha Bert can't resist the temptation. When the misis snaps Alpha Bert out of his liquor temptation, the drunk Alpha Bert responds by turning ALAK into ALAT. The mister drank the ALAK, now ALAT, he spits it out because the liquor he drank is too salty.

May isang ina ang nagsilang ng pangit na bata
Ang sabi ng ina: Isa siyang kayamana!
Ang sabi ng ama: Tara, ibaon na natin!

Gemini - Matatangap ka sa trabaho. Pero kung may trabaho ka na, luma na itong hula ko sa iyo. Congrats na lang. Lucky day mo ay today pero kung sinuwerte ka kahapon, late na naman ako. Congrats ulit!

Tip sa jueteng - 468-rubble. Pag di ka nanalo, maghamon ka na lang ng rumble, baka manalo ka pa doon.

Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ TV Adverts

The facelifted Toyota Hilux arrived in Thailand under the new name; Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ

Why CHAMP? For us, the Toyota Hilux is the champion of Asian pickup trucks. Toyota Thailand released official Hilux Vigo Champ ads starring soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

The new Hilux Vigo Champ is packed with new third-generation CRDi engines called Diamond Tech. Come to think of it, the Diamond Tech applied on the new Hilux Vigo Champ's common rail diesel engines sounds convincing but would that be enough?

As said, the Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ is now arrived in the Thailand and expect to see its showcased at the Indonesian International Motor Show this July 22 to 31 along with the Fortuner minor change and the Innova minor change as well!

Hope this big minor change comes out at the Philippines soon! Look at the new face, we kinda love the latest minor change...

Official Site:

New CLS arrived in the Philippines - first up is the CLS63 AMG!

2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG

Mercedes-Benz's CLS-Class, the founding father of the 4-door coupe category, has just made its full model change. In was debuted at the 2010 Paris Motor Show and later went on sale since January 2011 along with the turbocharged CLS63 AMG since March 2011.

As we know it, the second generation Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class finally arrived at the Philippines and their first offering was the turbocharged CLS63 AMG!


You've already know the specs of the turbocharged V8 engine mounted on the CLS63 AMG but get this; pricing starts at 13.8 Million Philippine Pesos. Sound expensive and this is offered for the adrenaline-seeking wealthy people but doesn't matter. It sure is a thrill ride to the killer highway.

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What if males have their own monthly period?

In Banana Split's "ANO NGA KAYA?" that July 14, 2011, we imagine that instead of females, what if males have their own monthly period. For example:

1) The joke seems to be uncomfortable

Uncomfortable laughter

2) Uncomfortable bedtime activity

I can't because I have...

3) Pain

The Pain

Understood. We should understand females once if they have their monthly period. ANO NGA KAYA?

Art Throb's 3D Glasses

Speaking of which, don't have 3D glasses? Don't worry because Art Throb (John Prats) taught us how to make a 3D glasses with the use of cellophane and illustration board.

Kausap ni Donya ang bagong maid:
Sabi ni Donya: Tandaan mo! Ang almusal dito ay ala-sais!
Sagot si Maid: Don't worry mam. Kapag tulog pa po ako mauna na po kayo mag-almusal!

Capricorn - Hintayin mo lang ang suwerte mo at darating ito. Pag dumating ito. Suwerte mo. Lucky song mo ay Hari Ng Sablay, kaya malamang malas ka.

Tip sa Lucky 9 - Wag kang hihirit pa kung di ka namang kasali sa laro. Ang tawag sayo ay EPAL!

The Adventures of Pureza: Queen of the Riles

The Adventures of Pureza

Year: 2011

Filmmaker: Star Cinema

Cast: Melai Cantiveros
Jason Francisco
Bianca Manalo
Joem Bascon
Martin Del Rosario
Nico Antonio
Gina Pareno

Nope, that's not Purezza, you know, like Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu Purezza. It's called Pureza! Pureza! Need to spell it out for you? That's P-U-R-E-Z-A! (Panting) What's behind the Pureza naming? Well, okay, the Melason tandem finally made it on the silver screen but unfortunately, not as good as Temptation Island. However, all is forgiven because of the Melason misfits fans will love because this is the movie fitting for Melason fans from around the world!

The Adventures of Pureza revolves on a young girl named Pura, played by Melai Cantiveros (Banana Split, I Dare You, Mana Po, Happy Yippee Yehey) who lives in the house which is nearby the railroad along with her stepbrother, Ulam, played by Martin Del Rosario (Shoutout, Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin). Just like that main character from Ang Tanging Ina, Pura does all jobs no matter how dirty it gets for the sake of her stepbrother's tuition fee. One big trouble is that Pura wants to be a model someday. Pura's best pal named Ruben, played by Jason Francisco (Banana Split, Mana Po) works with the criminals as a driver. The criminals asked Ruben to kidnap a Brazilian model but later gone for good. To save Ruben's butt, Pura takes on the most challenging dare yet, disguise herself as a Cuban model whose none other than PUREZA!

This maybe one heck of an idiotic roller coaster ride that fires an automated weapon of comedy but Pureza is an interesting feat Melason fans love. Being Melai is always being Melai and Melai mo...magwork. (AAHHHH!!!) What's boring are the characters played by Bianca Manalo (Juanita Banana), Bekimon (Juanita Banana), Martin Del Rosario, Joem Bascon (Noah), and the others because, it's not our type you know. Having the Melason tandem being the main characters of Pureza is definitely a wipeout of fun and excitement because what the Melason tandem gets, everybody responds on their trademark brand of comedy and also the punch lines used on Pureza. Face it, we may not be fans of Star Wars, Titanic, and Avatar, but once we see it, we are going to be big fans of the Pureza-ism.

Think of it as the comedy "a la carte" is Filipino, handmade by director Soxie Topacio. wktk

Are you the 2012 Toyota Hilux Minor Change?

2012 Toyota Hilux

Indeed it is!

This must be the 2012 Toyota Hilux Minor Model Change!

Set for its premiere at the Indonesia International Motor Show 2011 this July 22 to 31 at the Jakarta International Expo!


Now that's a prize! Imagine what will the facelifted Toyota Fortuner would look like...

Former head of CAMPI and UMC vice president is not going to be a Customs chief - PNoy says

Elizabeth Lee at the Nissan Murano Z51 launch

The resignation of Elizabeth Lee from being the head of CAMPI and vice president of Universal Motors Corporation, had led to many speculations saying that she could be the next Bureau of Customs chief.

On the latest report, it is confirmed that Elizabeth Lee is not going to be the next Bureau of Customs chief, according to President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III.


Well, Elizabeth Lee's not going to be the next Customs chief after all but why did she resign from being the CAMPI head and UMC vice president?

....with apologies to Houki Shinonono

2010 Lancia Stratos Concept

It was a sad news for Lancia fans waiting for the revival of the iconic Stratos sportscar that was once used as a rally car, then followed with a limited production of 500 units back in the 70's. Ferrari, famous for their red hot sports cars such as the 458 Italia and the already sold out Ferrari FF, prevents the limited production of the "New Stratos".


OK, you know what, I'm not going to explain why because I'll hand it over to, you know who.

Houki Shinonono from Infinite Stratos

(Clears Throat) Hello everyone. I'm sure you've probably remembered me from Infinite Stratos. I'm Houki Shinonono! Nice to meet you all! I heard someone's reviving the Stratos machine that was once a legendary machine back in the 70's but later, the revival of the Stratos machine disrupted by some automobile manufacturer...

According to the New Stratos website I saw, Ferrari is not consent for the limited production of the so-called "New Stratos" by either Pininfarina or any other Ferrari-dependent suppliers. I'm getting nervous that a coach-builder may not bring the "New Stratos" project into fruition but I think there's hope for them if they find the suitable suppliers that are not Ferrari-dependent.

That is all I can say! I just hope the revival of the Stratos won't be complicating because of the suppliers. My sincere apologies for how did I came here because of that whole "Stratos" thing...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Say cheese, Mang Ben!

How's that for a portrait?

In Mang Ben on the July 13 episode of Banana Split, Mang Ben (Jayson Gainza) went to the photo booth to take a picture of himself. While the photographer's taking a picture of Mang Ben, seems that the camera's flash making trouble with Mang Ben, probably he shuts his eyes when the camera flashes. One solution can be somewhat horrible, he finds some ipit to make sure his eyes won't shut but shocked the cameraman.

Alpha Bert and Letterman made BADING into DAING!

A gay lost his "DAING" and he needs help from the two arch rivals none other than Alpha Bert (Jobert) and Letterman (Jason Francisco). When the two arrived, the gay wants to kiss the both of them but they take no. To get the DAING, Alpha Bert and Letterman used the BADING word, remove the letter B, arrange, and the word is DAING!

MG MG6 Magnette

2012 MG MG6 Magnette

The launch of the MG6 GT since May 2011 marks the return of the British automobile marque to its homeland after being owned by China's SAIC (Shanghai Automotvie Industry Corporation) and this is the time the Brits fall in love with driving again. Now in the summer of 2011, MG Motor UK introduces a new member of the family and this would be a decent rival to the Renault Fluence, Mazda Axela (Mazda 3), Mitsubishi Galant Fortis (Lancer), Chevrolet Cruze, and the Volkswagen Jetta.

Called the MG6 Magnette, it carries the same features of the MG6 GT hatchback now with the look of the medium sedan. This 4-door sedan is designed and engineered at MG Motor UK Technical Centre and it was a complete knock down unit, meaning it was made from China but remains are shipped through the Longbridge plant for finishing touches. Well, it doesn't matter, the Magnette naming on the MG6 Magnette sounds feminine but don't worry, this Britain-made sedan is made for everyone who shared their life-long passion to the Morris Garages brand. This was the second all new MG for 16 years, the first was the MG6 GT, as told from the new MG advert. This is something new on the road ahead.

On the road ahead, the MG6 Magnette is equipped with the turbocharged 1.8-litre TCI-TECH engine that produces about 158bhp (160PS) of power, 215Nm of torque, compression ratio of 9.2:1, and 0-60mph in 8.4 seconds. The standard transmission is a 5-speed manual transmission, which provides the fun factor for the British car enthusiasts ten-fold.

Three variants are available for the MG6 Magnette such as the standard MG6 Magnette S, MG6 Magnette SE, and the flagship MG6 Magnette TSE loaded with luxurious extras. It is available in seven exterior colors such as Pitch Black, Arctic White, Regal Red, Union Blue, Platinum Silve, Granite Grey, and Champagne.

My Comment:
The return of MG made it even more offensive with the launch of the MG6 GT hatchback but with the arrival of the MG6 Magnette medium sedan, this is going to be a serious threat to the likes of the Renault Fluence, Mazda Axela (Mazda 3), Mitsubishi Galant Fortis (Lancer), Chevrolet Cruze, and the Volkswagen Jetta. They're getting serious about this comeback and they are ready to win the hearts of many British car enthusiasts and win back MG's reputation after being owned by SAIC. This is going to be an interesting feat, I can't wait to see how far will two MG6 models (the MG6 GT and the MG6 Magnette) survive the battle.

Photo: MG Motor UK (via Facebook)

Hyundai's TUIX customizes the Veloster

2012 Hyundai Veloster with TUIX Dynamic Package

In case you missed it, Hyundai's customization program, TUIX (Tuning is Innovation and Expession), made some modifications on the Hyundai Veloster, the stylish 2+1 hatchback coupe which was the first of Hyundai's new Premium Youth Lab sub-brand, dedicated to meet the needs of young adult drivers in South Korea, basically those from 20's to 30's. The TUIX Dynamic Package features an upgraded suspension in a form of stabilizer bar, shock absorber, and springs. That's not all, the Veloster's front bumper can be personalized with either a "High Gloss bumper decal" or "Carbon Fiber bumper decal" to make it more stylish. It even features three kinds of vinyls available, which is somewhat similar to FGP-Mazda's MIYO MAZDA. There was the Arrow vinyl, the Bar Code vinyl, and the Club vinyl. What a great way to personalize your Veloster just the way you want courtesy of TUIX!

More info:

What is TUIX?
In case you haven't heard of it, TUIX is Hyundai Motor Company's customization program that was first applied on the Hyundai Tucson iX and Hyundai Avante (Elantra) MD.

More info:

Kia K5 (Optima) Turbo GDi Advert

The Kia K5 (Optima) Turbo GDi variant was released a few days earlier, about July 11, 2011 I think. There was a commercial for that...

It was pretty damn good! This ad shows the 2000cc is greater than 3000cc! Why? Despite its 2000cc engine, the K5 T-GDI can accumulate the power of a high-end 3000cc engine because of its 271PS of power.

The new Theta II 2.0L Turbo GDi (Gasoline Direct Injection) can accumulate 271PS/6000rpm of power output, 37.2 kg-m/4250rpm of torque output, and 12.8km/L of fuel economy. A six-speed automatic transmission is mated on the K5 T-GDi variant. Geez, we're getting jealous to see a turbocharged version of the hugely successful Kia K5 (known worldwide as the Kia Optima).

Available colors for the K5 include Snow White Pearl, Bright Silver, Satin Metal, Light Graphite, Platinum Graphite, Santorini Blue, and Ebony Black.

It costs 29,450,000 Korean Won (guessing price is somewhat 1,750,000 Philippine Pesos).

Experience Korea's fastest executive medium sedan with its breakthrough 2.0L Turbo GDi engine that provides the power of a 3.0L engine with the fuel economy of a 2.0L engine!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A hybrid SUV version of the Peugeot 508?

2013 Peugeot 508 RXH

Indeed it is. The 2013 Peugeot 508 RXH is the hybrid crossover version of the Peugeot 508 using the 508 SW as its base. It competes against the likes of the Audi A4 Allroad and Subaru Legacy Outback when it hits Europe at the first half of this year.

Details remain slim for now but the 508 RXH is the second Peugeot to be equipped with Hybrid4 technology, the new diesel-electric hybrid feature that was first equipped on the 3008 Hybrid4, providing low emissions and cleaner driving while tackling mud, sand, gravel, and snow.

Expect full details at Frankfurt!


Fashion Pulezzz Case Number 11712

Fashion victim busted!

Fashion Pulezzz Case No. 11712:

On the July 12 episode of Banana Split, the Fashion Pulezzz caught a wrongly dressed Fashion Victim because why? Who can wear fishnet stockings? Sorry to hear but fishnet stockings is not a good part of an office attire! That's another fashion violation!

Sa classroom...
Titser: Magbigay ng English sentence at i-translate ito sa Tagalog.
Pedro: My teacher is beautiful, isn't she?
Tuwa si titser
Titser: Paki translate mo nga.
Pedro: Ang guro ko ay maganda. Maganda nga ba?

Cancer - Mabibitin ka sa sasabihin ko...

Tip sa lotto: Tumaya para tumama. Ang walang taya, walang tama.

Monday, July 11, 2011

FYI: S. Vettel's the fastest at The Top Gear Test Track!?

Gran Turismo Red Bull X2010 S. Vettel

Here's a little tidbit, Sebastian Vettel, last year's Formula One world champ, attempted to race against the clock at The Top Gear Test Track. While Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson interviewed S. Vettel, all the puns got us laughed about S. Vettel's experiences and after one heck of a hilarious interview, we witnessed S. Vettel driving against the clock on Top Gear's "Star in a Reasonably Priced Car" segment.

In the end, S. Vettel scored the lap time of 1.44.0! He beaten the record held by Rubens Barrichello, who was claimed to be faster than The Stig. What can I say? He really is "S. Vettel" after all after having ourselves spending the rest of our lifetime playing GT5 and racing with the X2010 S. Vettel. Heh, KUHA MO?!

*Photo shown for illustrative purposes only.

Hidan No Aria Kyoyogakubu Ongaku Kyozai Original Soundtrack

Hidan No Aria Kyoyogakubu Ongaku Kyozai Original Soundtrack

It's Toradora meets Gunslinger Girl. Aria the Scarlet Ammo (日本名:緋弾のアリア) revolves on the cases of armed detectives in training known as "butei" and highlights on a low ranking Kinji Toyama who is secretly a high-ranking butei due to his Hysteria Savant Syndrome and the high-ranking butei named Kanzaki H. Aria. Their mission of destiny goes a long way and geez, this anime is somewhat hard boiled because this is somewhat a combination between Toradora and Gunslinger Girl because the main cast, Kinji and Aria, were played by the two who were at Toradora, Junji Majima and Rie Kugimiya.

The crazed fanservice, the explosive weaponry held by the butei, and the cunning suspense that leaves viewers away from the days of Guns and Roses and who knows, most viewers became absurd from Kugimiya's acting as Kanzaki H. Aria, the high ranking sharp shooter whom we know her as a tsundere.

Take your friends and arm yourselves with knowledge because the original soundtrack of Aria the Scarlet Ammo is arrived. Takumi Ozawa, responsible for the original music score from the Ookami Kakushi anime series, was behind the music score from the Scarlet Ammo anime and this Cd packs with 39 tracks that will bring Aria fans relieving the high-octane sharp shooting action as seen from the Scarlet Ammo anime, which was based on a light novel serialized from Media Factory Bunko J. There's also TV size versions of the theme songs such as Scarlet Ballet by May'n and Camellia no Hitomi by Aiko Nakano.

Ready, aim, and fire at your nearest audio player!


1. 事件勃発
2. Scarlet Ballet (TV-SIZE MIX)
3. 平和な朝
4. 今日から二年生
5. 暴走セグウェイ
6. 禁止!
7. 銃撃再開
8. ヒステリアモード
9. イライラ!アリア
10. 学園島
11. キンジに春が来た!
12. あんた、あたしの奴隷になりなさい!
13. ももまん食べたい!
14. 泊まってく!
15. 妄想白雪
16. 武器強奪作戦
17. 朝ご飯出しなさい!
18. 東京武偵高
19. 理子登場
20. レキ、発砲!
21. 私には、時間がない…。
22. 面会
23. パートナーへの苦悩
24. 冤罪の証明
25. 理子の調査
26. もう駄目だ…。
27. 何かが違う!
28. こっちにおいで!
29. キ、キンちゃ~~~ん!!
30. 微かな希望
31. アリアを守る!
32. 魔剣
33. 希望
34. このままじゃいけない!
35. 風穴
36. 無限罪1
37. 無限罪2
38. ミッションクリア
39. カメリアの瞳 (TV-SIZE MIX)

Which hurts more? Libreng Injection or BASUKA?

Mang Ben's afraid of needles

Mang Ben visits the hospital for some free injection on another Mang Ben for the July 11, 2011 episode of Banana Split Daily Servings! Bad thing he didn't know what injection is because he's focusing on some pretty nurse but until when he saw the nurse injecting the patient, that's what Mang Ben panics because he's scared of needles. One way to do is to hide his arms on his shirt and when he's next this looks abrasive. The doctor has arrived and injected Mang Ben's butt!

Letterman turns KARITON into KARATE

Alpha Bert turns BASURA into BASUKA!

Another thing more painful than "Libreng Injection" is some karate and bazooka on another Alpha Bert vs. Letterman. Letterman meddles with some junk collector and Alpha Bert approaches. Letterman made his first move by using the junk collector's KARITON and turn it into KARATE. Despite Letterman's KARATE, Alpha Bert wins by using the junk collector's BASURA and turn it into BASUKA! With Alpha Bert's Bazooka, Letterman got blown away!

Hyundai YF Sonata and Kia K5 received the much awaited 2.0L Theta II L4 Turbo

2012 Hyundai Sonata F20 Turbo GDI

2012 Kia K5 T-GDI

The wait is over. Both the Hyundai YF Sonata (known in Australia as the i45) and the Kia K5 (known worldwide as the Optima) received the much awaited 2.0L Theta II 4-cylinder Turbo Gasoline Direct Injection (T-GDI) engine and yes, the new engine provide the power of a 3000cc engine with the 2000cc fuel economy. Need to repeat again? 2000cc fuel economy with 3000cc power.


Power output for the Theta II 2.0L Turbo GDI engine is 271PS while torque output is 37.2kg-m.

That's all I can say. Those two mind-numbing Korean executive medium sedans finally received what they've been waiting for; a turbocharged gasoline direct injection engine. This would be more exciting for the hardcore Korean car enthusiasts looking for some thrills after dark.

Heh, don't expect both the Sonata Turbo GDi and the Kia K5/Optima Turbo GDi come to the Philippines, yet...

And we're still waiting if HARI and CAC decided to bring the hybrid versions of the Sonata and K5/Optima.

What do you think?

Renaultsport Twingo - Forza 3 Owner's View

Citroen DS3 vs. Renault Sport Twingo

"Excuse me, Piccadilly please?"

FINAL IMPRESSIONS: Suppose you're cruising around town with your Renault Sport Twingo, you're finding someone to ask for directions, then that person you're asking for directions thinks you're French and that person tells directions in French. After you said "merci" (French for thank you), the person you asked for directions said "au voir!" (French for Bye Bye) and after that, she said "Get Lost!"

Looks like I better accept what that English woman said on the Renault Twingo Gordini advert because I got lost... a middle of a game called Forza Motorsport 3 with me and the Renault Sport,

It maybe seem a decent French hot compact hatch but with the concept of "Petite Machine Furieusement Sportive" (French for Furiously Small Sports Machine), the Renault Sport Twingo has the agility of a sports car with the sizing of a compact city car. Perhaps few of them have one of these, they can modify it anything they want. Oh and one more thing, they can also make versions of the Renault Twingo Gordini R.S. because of the stripes and white spoiler.

It's fun to modify and decorate the Twingo Renault Sport but once you're behind the wheel, best to get out to someone before she says "Au Voir! Get Lost!" just like in the advert! (Laughing)

Au voir! Get lost!

The Renault Sport Twingo is the Forza Motorsport 3 Euro Hot Hatch "a la mode" is French.

Wait a minute! Kapeng Bulilit!

What just happened at the July 10, 2011 episode of Goin Bulilit?

- Ano daw kape ang...

1) Nakakabitin - KAPE-ranggot

2) Kagalang-galang - KAPE-ta-petagan

3) di nauso - KAPE-npal

4) wala ako - KAPE-ntasan

5) si Miguel - KAPE-kon

6) gusto ng mga media - KAPE-sanan ng mga broadkaster sa Pilipinas

7) mahilig manggaya - second rate, trying hard KAPE-cat!

8) zodiac sign - KAPE-corn

9) lagi para sa barko - KAPE-tan

10) mapanot - na-KAPE-luka

11) paborito ng mga Amerikano - KAPENG Barako Obama

12) di umalis - yung laging KAPE-ling

13) number one - KAPE-milya

14) nagmamadali - 3-In-1

- Cafe gags

- Payabangan ng mga engineer

- Goin Bulilit spoofs The Biggest Loser as The Big Guest Loser!

- Goin Bulilit does Ryan Bang's I Lilly Lilly Like It

- Ready Get Set Goin in Pop The Magic Penguin!

Horse-power triumphs at Silverstone

It seems throttle regulations did hamper the success of both McLaren Mercedes and Red Bull Racing, in fact, a F1 team like Ferrari succeeded the Silverstone GP as Fernando Alonso from Ferrari landed on 1st place at Silverstone. S. Vettel lands 2nd place and Mark Webber lands 3rd place.


Expect the unexpected, even at the Nurburgring Grand Prix Circuit which comes this July 24!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I maybe a huge fan of Mercedes-Benz vehicles because of its "Elegance" concept that was applied in most models, but when I had an encounter with the crossover Benz known as the GLK-Class, heh, I wouldn't mind asking what will I say next...

That model shown was the GLK350 4MATIC and it was belong to my aunt Joji and uncle Ken. Perhaps about one-third of this car had options.

Didn't realize it was a 5-seater crossover but the interior of the GLK looks nice. The sunroof seems to be good but is it worth to be panoramic? There's even a tonneau board that once you cover it, it feels like a sedan, stow the tonneau board, and you got yourself a wagon-like interior. No wonder this was made to be the crossover of Mercedes-Benz.

So much to say that even when it picks fight against the BMW X1 and the upcoming Audi Q3, the Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class is one heck of a crossover most of us would love to indulge with. See ya!

Driving Music (What is the name of the song on car commercial?) Vol. 6

My blog was been rattled by some kind of earthquake with a magnitude of 3.7 on my exaggeration scale. Sorry for my nonsense but some intruder attacked my website once again! Gosh won't you please stop it? I'm sure that North Americans are highly notorious on finding songs heard on car commercials? Go ahead, Google Insights have proof and I don't think the attack between the music industry and the automotive community would never end. They would just continue it because finding music heard on car commercials is part of the automotive community. If that won't stop, the artists behind the songs will sue them for using their songs on certain car commercials that lead them to find that song illegally).

Better yet, another set of top 5 Driving Musics (songs from car commercials) is up to find it and either play it on your car audio or use it as a GT5 Personal BGM.

5) The song titled If Ever There's A Reason by Derby, where did you heard that song? Well, only from the 2011 Ford Explorer TV commercial of course. Need to say it? Hurry up and buy that song on iTunes!

4) The Renault Samsung SM3 debuted in September 2002. You watched that commercial before and you start asking this question; What is the name of the song on car commercial?
The song was Too Much Love Will Kill You and I'm talking about Queen who sang that song.

3) The BGM used on the Korean movie, Thirst, was used on a commercial for Kia's The Prestige K7. Titled Bach On Radio, this BGM was scored by Hong Yoo-Jin. Find it on!

2) The Nissan Juke debuted since June 2010. You watched the commercial, wanna know what was that song on the Nissan Juke commercial? This was titled Sunshine Of Your Love Juke Mix by Orianthi. Exclusively on Japanese versions of Orianthi's album titled Believe II.

1) The Hyundai Tucson iX debuted since August 2009. You saw the commercial and you asked "What is the name of the song on car commercial?" The answer is If You Seek Amy by Britney Spears.

Now that's a prize! Only a true car enthusiast can collect as much car commercial songs on his MP3 as possible!

E-Class (W212) vs. 5-Series (F10) vs. A6 (C7 Typ 4G)

2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

2011 BMW 5-Series

2012 Audi A6

This was one heck of a "March Madness" for sure. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class W212 arrived since March 2009, the BMW 5-Series F10 arrived since March 2010, and the all new Audi A6 (C7 Typ 4G) arrived since March 2011. This was one heck of chronology that those three executive premium mid-size sedans were launched consecutively. CATS Motors already has the W212, Asian Carmakers Corporation already has the F10, and we're still waiting for PGA Cars to bring the all new Audi A6 soon. Either way, those three exceed expectations among German luxury car connoisseurs and their exceptional technology became a leading edge to surpass its predecessors.

In terms of design: I will give the Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W212) 1st place while 2nd place goes for the BMW F10 and 3rd place goes to the all new Audi A6. What can I say?

In terms of performance: BMW 5-Series F10 is my pick while 2nd place goes for the MB E-Class W212 and 3rd goes for the all new Audi A6 (C7 Typ 4G). Why? Let's observe the top of the line models. The BMW 550i can achieve 5 seconds in a 0-100km/h run while the MB E500 reaches 0-100km/h in 5.4 seconds and the Audi A6 3.0 TFSI can accumulate 5.5 seconds in the 0-100km/h run.

In terms of pricing: The all new Audi A6 takes the lead while 2nd place goes for the MB E-Class (W212) and 3rd place goes to the BMW 5-Series (F10). Why? Let's take introductory pricing. The Audi A6 2.0 TDI costs 38,500 Euros while the Mercedes-Benz E 200 CDI BlueEfficiency costs 39,835 Euros and the BMW 520d costs 40,350.

It's up to you to decide....
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