Saturday, August 13, 2011

The time off cars with quality time

In life, we always wanted to be available, 24 hours a day for everything and everybody. We always know our time is precious. If stress slows our lives down, we'll be glad to know that there are "time-off" cars that possesses its quality time. Let's find out how long we got to discover the time off cars. Here are my top ten favorite cars "recommended" to be called a time off car, having us some space to breathe away from our everyday stress.

10. Third-generation Suzuki MR Wagon/Nissan Moco - These were built for music lovers because of the special "Touch Panel Audio" feature that acts like an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. This is the best feature equipped on the new MR Wagon and new Moco and most music lovers across Japan love to listen to songs placed on their iPod devices and it will be glad that USB connectivity is top priority. The biggest priority for both of them is the all new R06A engine developed for enhanced fuel economy and with the idling stop equipped, it reaches 27.0km/L in 10-15 scale.

2012 Suzuki MR Wagon

2012 Nissan Moco

9. Fifth-generation Toyota Crown Majesta - I may consider this a time off car because Toyota is putting so much emphasis on the exterior and interior quality that has a level of the Lexus LS but it retains its Majesta quality. What's favorable for me is the rear-seat entertainment system, ottoman seat at the left passenger seat, and the Fine Graphic Meter. What would the rich people react when they ride inside the Majesta?

2010 Toyota Crown Majesta

8. Toyota Prius Alpha - This hybrid MPV really has space to breathe in. The Prius Alpha really made Toyota achieved the dream of having the Prius a reality. It was the first Japanese hybrid car to be equipped with Li-ion battery and it was applicable only at 7-seater variants. 5-seater variants get a conventional Nickel Metal Hydride battery. Either way, the silence of the Prius Alpha relaxes both the driver's mind and the environment. The most relaxing part is the interior because of the special "One-dial Air Conditional Control" but being inside the Prius Alpha for too long makes me kinda sad...

2012 Toyota Prius Alpha

7. Second-generation Nissan Teana - The second-generation Nissan Teana emphasizes the concept of "Omotenashi" because of the relaxing interior design fit for a very wealthy person in the Metro Manila.  The exterior design looks gorgeous, reminds us of the V36 Skyline sedan.

2009 Nissan Teana

6. Second-generation Toyota Mark X - It may be more similar to the Lexus IS but the second-generation Toyota Mark X is made for the hard-working businessman who want a good companion on their quest to find the answers to his everyday problems. Consider this your ultimate lesson in leadership.

2010 Toyota Mark X

5. Nissan Elgrand E52 - the interesting bit on the new Elgrand is the world's first triple ottoman seats, 11-inch rear monitor, Bose surround sound system, and loads of extras only a bad businessman would welcome for.

2011 Nissan Elgrand

4. Third-generation Renault Samsung SM5 (a.k.a. Renault Latitude) - If you don't want to remember your everyday trouble, just sit down inside the Renault Samsung SM5 (Renault Latitude) and relax. The new interior can be somewhat a relaxing treat to forget about your everyday troubles.

2010 Renault Samsung SM5

2011 Renault Latitude

3. Mazda Demio with SKYACTIV Technology - The minor change Demio with the new 1.3L SKYACTIV-G engine (designated as P3-VPS) is the ultimate in eco-car history, providing a 30.0km/L fuel economy on the 10-15 Mode scale. This gas-miser compact car is what something we can fall in love for because of the optimized fuel economy. We hope that this new technology will go worldwide thanks to its success in Japan.

2012 Mazda Demio 13-SKYACTIV

2. Volkswagen Eos - If technology-induced stress slows you down, silence yourself by getting inside the Volkswagen Eos. It is true that the new Volkswagen Eos is dubbed as the "time off car" because with the roof open, you can getaway from it all. Take your time to discover the features of the Volkswagen Eos and see for yourself.

2012 Volkswagen Eos

1. Peugeot 508 - The Peugeot 508 is the ultimate time off car that possesses "Quality Time". Because you value your time mostly, the new Peugoet 508 understands what you feel. If time stresses you down, that is the time to get inside the new Peugeot 508 because the elegant interior really calms you down. With such technology, the new Peugeot 508 is your perfect companion in your everyday life. This is where you have so much space to breathe in.

2011 Peugeot 508

When the next time that when you are always available 24 hours a day for everything and everybody and you know that your time is precious, just relax because these cars listed are here to help...

What we learned on the August 13, 2011 episode on Sabadabadog

What we learned on the August 13, 2011 episode on Sabadabadog:

- We learned the letter "Y"

- Bebe Garu invites "Kuya JC"  and show us how to dance like we're getting some palayan

- Kuya Tonipet told us a story titled "Si Meee-ann at ang kanyang Lolang Meee-lay"

- Mei-mei showed us everything that has the color BLACK, or in Tagalog, ITIM!

- Don Kahon took us for a ride to Lolo Marco's farm filled with animals!

- Our lesson for today: Be trustful to your parents or grandparents for those they have special needs!

On the ending of Mula Sa Puso (2011 version)

Mula Sa Puso (2011 version) ending

What happened on the ending of Mula Sa Puso (2011 version):

After the bus exploded with Nicole, Selena's daughter, on it, Selena (Eula Valdes) rushed on the exploded bus and she was burned. Nicole's death sparked grief to Olivia (Lauren Young) and upon Olivia safely returned home with Gabriel (JM De Guzman) and Michael (Enrique Gil), she cried next to her mother, Magda (Dawn Zulueta), because of such threat happened on Nicole. At the morgue, Selena was unexpectedly alive. Despite the unexpected twist, Magda was outside for some fresh air and when Fernando (Ariel Rivera) approaches to her, Magda told him that everything's okay. Days later, Olivia saw Michael and Michael told Olivia that everything's okay for Olivia and Gabriel to get married. At the wedding, Gabriel saw Kate and he didn't realize that Kate's alive because of such miracle happened. Kate moved on as a nun and what a surprise for Gabriel.

After the wedding, Olivia, Gabriel, Magda, Fernando, and the whole family are taking a vacation in America, which makes them happy to move on. Meanwhile, Selena, who is unexpectedly alive but now burned, appeared at the slums and the neighborhood are arguing against her. With the neighborhood angry, Selena got ran over by a truck, releasing all of her flashbacks about her heinous crimes and soon died. Selena is dead, everyone saw it, especially Gabriel, Olivia, Fernando, and Magda, and that concludes the story of the 2011 version of Mula Sa Puso.

That was a close call for such ending like this...

"Youthful White with Maita Vitawhite"

What just happened on the August 12 episode of Bubble Gang?

- "Bago akong mamaalam..." gags

- Bubble Gang does Tween Hearts as Tween Arts!

- The teacher says "Who wants ice cream?". Selected students but either Cheche or Bureche gets ice cream...

You can take Bureche!

- Agriculturist Jerry Bulanglang (Michael V) introduces a new kind of vegetables!

Jerry Bulanglang

Check these out! Who knows in the future, your neighborhood market will start selling these Bagong Gulay!









- Bubble Gang does Myra Vitawhite by gagging this commercial as Maita Vitawhite! Youthful White with Maita Vitawhite

Bubble Gang does Myra Vitawhite!

- The Bubble Gang Talking Twin Babies gone "El Bimbo"

Talking Twin Babies go "El Bimbo"

- Bubble Gang Pickup Lines is back! Bagoong returns to take down the likes of Rigodon and whoever wins, challenges against the unstoppable Boy Pick Up!



Boy Pick Up

- One date with a vampire goes ugly...

- The brothers Phil and James visited the Philippines for a new game they called it Sipa! (Ugh, British accents galore....)

- Time for JOKTIBEE: Terrorists never know what's with that bomb, a cure to treat his wife's sore throat according to one doctor, and a closet full of 12 underwears with the same colors

A package...

- IyoTube in Brian McKnight's One Last Cry

Battle of the Brainless: Mindless Masters Edition Round Three!

What just happened on the August 12 episode of TV5's Lokomoko?

- Survivor gags

- For the third time, another Battle of the Brainless Mindless Masters Edition with Angel Locsintus Bacillus Shrotastrain (Tuesday Vargas) and the contestants!

Angel Locsintus Bacillus Shrotastrain

Valeen Malalim

JC Ejercito

Edgar Sya

Arcy D Horsie

Question 1: Sinong senador ang Majority Floor Leader ngayon na may initials na T.S.?
Answers: Tony Santos Sr., Tony Santos Jr., Tita Sawrding, Tatay ni Sharon, Tiyuhin ni Sharon, Tito ni Sharon

Question 2: Sino ang dating PCSO chairman na iniimbistigahan ngayon sa Senado? Ang initials siya na MM.
Answers: Mickey Mouse, Melanie Marquez, Margie Moran, Mike Magat, Mario Montenegro, Mokey Mountain, Mokey Manaloto, Manolin Meynes

- Inday Garutay and the dudes who went "Usapang Lasing"

- Another Whose Line Is It Anyhow?!

1) Kung hindi naman ako bubukaka hindi mo ako pakikinabangan! - Gunting

2) Sasamahan kita kahit saan wag lang sa dilim. - Anino

3) Bakit kayo kinakabahan pag sinabi kong think positive? - Pregnancy test

4) Humanda kayo may bomba akong pasasabugin! - Terorista

5) Lagi nyo na lang akong pinagtatawanan - clown

6) Maghanda ka pag napuno ako! - alkansya

7) You have the right to remain silent! - Pipi

Friday, August 12, 2011


Here's today's ANG TV PATROL text joke:

Reporter: Sir, bilang po isang senador, ano po ba ang balak ninyo para sa ating mga homeless na kababayan?

Senator: Marami. Maraming akong proyekto para sa kanila. May isa lang problema...

Reporter: Eh, anong problema?

Senator: Mahirap silang hanapin. Wala silang address...

(Consider this the lamest because 356,000 homeless people never laughed at that joke! Only 6 were laughed on this joke!)

Capricorn - May magsasabi sa iyo na ikaw ang pinakamagandang nakita nya sa buong buhay niya. Pero mangyayari lang ito kung may kilala kang bulag! Lucky number mo ay mas mataas sa lucky number ko. Kung ano yun...SECRET!

Bukas, may darating sayong pera bilang sukli...

An die Freude

As Infinite Stratos DVD and Blu-Ray Volume 5's on sale date draws near for the next two weeks (about August 24, 2011), we're almost spilling the beans about the whole IS thing. Before this whole "An die Freude" starts, let's check out on the IS....that is the Lexus IS F in Euro-spec.

2011 Lexus IS F

Yes, the Black Rabbit...WOW MALI! We're getting a bit of Star Confusion right now! Please leave it to someone special (and also away from the Conyo Drivers on the street)...

Laura Bodewig from
Infinite Stratos

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am Laura Bodewig. I am sure most of you remembered me from Infinite Stratos. Anyway, someone dragged me over to explain this "IS" I am not particularly familiar of but it reminds me of my "Schwarzer Roegen" I used.

When heard about the Lexus IS F, it was like this kind of machine used the "IS" naming from my IS and this color truly reminds me of the IS I used. This is different but it looks exactly the same from my IS.

Reports say that this upgrade includes an improved chassis for the best driving experience and comfort via the new shock absorbers, large stabilizers, and improved suspension. What haven't changed is the specs of one engine they called it "2UR-GSE", a 5.0L V8 engine that goes from 0-100kmh in 4.7 seconds and limited top speed of 270kmh.

As I heard, there will be new options such as an 19-inch alloy wheels and an available two-tone, black and crimson leather trim for the IS F's interior. These options really resembled to look like the "Schwarzer Roegen" I was using...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Quiz Magic Academy VIII Original Soundtrack

Quiz Magic Academy VIII Original Soundtrack

The Quiz Magic Academy series can be somewhat known to be Konami's twist between adventure and some "Trivial Pursuit" style questions and answers most arcade players would love to take part of but Quiz Magic Academy VIII, the eight installment of the Quiz Magic Academy arcade games, is much more different from the previous seven installments. The addicting arcade game that leaves players had fun with the blend of adventure games and Trivial Pursuit just got even more better. The multiple choices, the fill in the blanks, the true or false, the guessing, you wouldn't believe that Konami's take on Trivial Pursuit just got all grown up. The whole Battle of the Brains will never be the same...

The original soundtrack of Quiz Magic Academy VIII is here and listening to this will relieve the whole Battle of the Brains experience felt from playing the Quiz Magic Academy VIII arcade game. It features 40 memorable BGMs perfect enough to remember back the moments of playing this arcade game. Consider yourself a Mind Master when you listen to the original soundtrack from QMA VIII.

The QMA8 OST is available exclusively at Konamistyle. Good luck finding this, mind masters! Looks like the Battle of the Brains has just begun...

01 オープニングムービー 1:50
02 カードエントリー 0:31
03 モードセレクト 1:25
04 ウィーズ 1:26
05 トーナメント参加者発表 0:55
06 予選前半戦 3:27
07 予選前半戦結果発表 0:28
08 予選後半戦1 2:51
09 予選後半戦2 3:28
10 予選後半戦3 3:01
11 準決勝戦1 1:43
12 準決勝戦2 1:30
13 準決勝戦3 2:25
14 準決勝戦4 2:36
15 予選&準決勝戦結果発表 1:08
16 決勝戦クイズセレクト 0:45
17 決勝戦 2:36
18 決勝戦結果発表 0:44
19 検定試験 1:33
20 塔 -フロア1- 1:54
21 塔 -モンスター 1:18
22 塔 -フロア2- 1:28
23 塔 -ボス1- 1:29
24 塔 -フロア3- 2:13
25 塔 -ボス2- 1:51
26 塔 -フロア4- 1:57
27 塔 -ボス3- 1:53
28 討伐成功 0:43
29 討伐失敗 0:38
30 魔法石授与 1:13
31 購買部 1:11
32 PRムービー 0:40
33 ニュース 0:41
34 全国大会チーム分けテスト 1:36
35 全国大会参加者発表 1:27
36 全国大会 2:45
37 全国大会結果発表 1:19
38 魔神戦 2:29
39 スタッフロール 1:41
40 ピアノトリオのためのコンチェルト in QMA Symphony Orchestra 5:06

One last upgrade for 911 GT3 Cup

2012 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup

Before the next generation Porsche 911 (991) arrives next month in Frankfurt, the premiere German sportscar maker upgraded the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup for one last time!

Press Release:

Most successful race car now suitable for wider range of motorsport

Stuttgart. It is the most successful race car on earth: The Porsche 911 GT3 Cup. With over 2,200 units sold, it is the undisputed number one amongst customer racing teams all over the world. Now, the new 911 GT3 Cup features a 100-litre FT3 safety fuel tank, which is filled via an opening in the front bonnet. Compared to its predecessor, the vehicle is now suitable for an even wider range of endurance racing. Moreover, the new fuel tank contributes to a further improvement of the high safety standards.

The 2012-spec Porsche 911 GT3 Cup is based on the lightweight 911 GT3 RS (997) street sports car. The power unit is largely identical to the production engine of the 911 GT3 RS with the same output of 450 bhp and the same maximum engine speed of 8,500 rpm. A race exhaust system with a controlled catalytic converter keeps emissions to a minimum.

The flared wheel arches at the front axle accommodate light alloy rims measuring 9.5Jx18 with 25/64-18 Michelin race tyres. The light alloy rims at the rear measure 12Jx18 with 30/68-18 tyres. Depending on the type of racing, the new 911 GT3 Cup features different rim specifications. The blade-type anti-roll bars at the front and rear are adjustable in seven positions allowing an extremely precise set-up for each race track. Exclusive to the Porsche Mobil1 Supercup which runs as support to Formula 1 is the PCCB Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake. This is also available for Porsche's road models. Compared to the composite cast brakes in the Carrera Cups and the GT3 Cup Challenges, PCCB reduces the weight of the car by around 20 kilograms.

The cockpit of the new 911 GT3 Cup caters for the needs of the driver. The controls for the info display are positioned on the steering wheel which houses six switches. As in the production car, the reach and height of the steering wheel can be adjusted.

The new Porsche 911 GT3 Cup will be delivered to teams around the world from September and will be run in this specification for the 2012 and 2013 race seasons in selected one-make cup series. The price is 161,750 Euro plus value-added tax of the respective countries.

Currently, the 911 GT3 Cup competes in 19 Porsche brand trophy series worldwide. Moreover, it is run in various GT race series and at long distance events. The 911 GT3 Cup is the basis model of Porsche's racing vehicle range. Additionally, Porsche Motorsport offers the 911 GT3 R for championships complying with GT3 regulations and the 911 GT3 RSR built according to GT2 rules.

My verdict: The upgraded 2012-spec Porsche 911 GT3 Cup was made to be the ultimate right before its demise that makes way to the 991 Porshce 911, soon to be unveiled in Frankfurt Motor Show next month. Like the previous one, the 911 GT3 Cup is for racetrack purposes only and its not for city driving, which is bad news. For those who are playing Forza Motorsport 3, time for you to go to the drawing board and replicate this! I'll see if they have one in their storefronts!



The official theme song from THE IDOLM@STER TV anime series is now here and get ready because you are ready to listen to the official theme song from the anime series that based on the highly successful IDOLM@STER video games.

In the standard version, it features three music tracks but in the limited edition packaging, not only you'll get one music CD but you'll get also a special bonus DVD featuring that features the non-credit opening sequence from THE IDOLM@STER anime. It really doesn't matter which edition you'll pick but what matters is that you're ready to listen the official theme song from THE IDOLM@STER anime series.

2. おとなのはじまり
3. おもいでのはじまり



Back in June 2011, Mazda released the facelifted third-generation Mazda Demio (known in world market as Mazda 2), which is now packed with the new SKYACTIV technology. When it went on sale at the end of June, about 13,500 units were sold, making SKYACTIV technology a success. To commemorate the success of the new Mazda Demio with SKYACTIV technology, the official commercial song titled "Hello" by Naoto Inti Raymi is now here!

This is the latest single by Naoto Inti Raymi featuring the song titled Hello, which is the official commercial song for the new Mazda Demio with SKYACTIV technology! Whoever loves the new Mazda Demio SKYACTIV may also love this song too! It's time to fall in love with Naoto Inti Raymi's latest single much as more as you fall in love with the new Mazda Demio with SKYACTIV technology! Once you have this song, only the sky is the limit!

1. Hello
2. 今のキミを忘れない 〜Strings ver.〜
3. Hello (KARAOKE)

Showdown in Japan: Nissan GT-R R35 vs. Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Battle in Japan

Both the Nissan GT-R R35 and the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 are speed kings in the automotive industry and they are fierce rivals at the ring.

Japanese motoring journalist, Manabu Kawaguchi (河口まなぶ), made a comparison against these two rivals via his official Youtube account and for the September 2011 issue of XaCAR magazine, available now. This battle will be called "NISSAN GT-R vs CHEVY CORVETTE ZR1 Battle in Japan" and for Kawaguchi-san, he's not comparing which one is the fastest. He's comparing which one is fuel efficient.

At the end, the Nissan GT-R R35 wins the fight! The Nissan GT-R's fuel economy is 10.8km/L while the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 is 10.4km/L. Now that's a .4km/L gap! Godzilla snags the prize!

The next Swift Sport

Suzuki Swift Sport

The new Swift was launched in Japan since Autumn 2010 and it garnered the 2010-2011 RJC Car of the Year award. In India, Maruti Suzuki will launch the new Swift by next week, However, if the current Swift is somewhat too dull, here's the answer.

Debuting at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, the next Suzuki Swift Sport is powered with a new engine designated as M16A. The new M16A engine will accumulate 100kW/6900rpm of power output. We'll just wait 'till Frankfurt Motor Show for more details.

They will also introduce it in Japan but no official announcement was made. Euro-spec Swift Sport will get 3-doors but JDM-spec Swift Sport will have 5-doors.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ang Alamat Ng Pigsa

What makes a pigsa? One old granny on Banana Split told us about "Ang Alamat Ng Pigsa". Actually, she'll meant to say Alamat ng Pinya but changed it to pigsa in the spirit of gagging.


One day, there was a little girl who can't see what she's looking for. When her mother asked her for chores, she said that she didn't because she can't see until her mother got scolded for not using her eyes. Later, a fairy appeared and punished the little girl with magic. Then later, the mother tries to look her daughter until she felt something painful that she didn't realize that her daughter became her PIGSA!

Dok: Grabe, ang laki laki ng bibig mo! Grabe, ang laki laki ng bibig mo!
Lalaki: Dok naman! Inuulit mo ng dalwang beses!
Dok: Hindi ko inuulit ng dalawang beses! Echo yun! Echo yun!

Aries - Mamalasin ka ngayon dahil ipinagpalit mo ako sa ibang babaeng Aries. Walang hiya ka!

Wala akong tip! Bad trip ako!

Getting to know more about CT

Hello there, it's me! Now, I've visited Lexus of Bellevue to check out more about the all new Lexus CT 200h, the Japanese luxury brand's first 5-door hybrid hatchback that shows the darker side of green.

What they have here is the base model. Expect no remote touch, no flip-up monitor, nothing. Except for the USB connectivity! Now, let's think about this front view. At first glance, the front view will take a bold new step on Lexus' L-Finesse design philosophy. The CT200h is designed to be more European.

The side view is pretty much more elegant if you asked me.

The rear view looks sophisticated

The real action takes place on the interior. The seats are far too comfortable if you asked me.

This is the audio system.

Time to turn this on and let's get the party started!

This is how a tachometer looks like.

This is how a tachometer looks like when placed to Sport Mode.

Selecting which mode depends on road conditions. If you're up for some fuel economy, switch to Eco Mode. If you're up for some piece of action, switch to Sport Mode. The EV mode switches on the 60kW electric motor engine only for some low emission driving. Needless to say, the Lexus CT200h is one heck of the overpriced Prius but not in that way because of the Drive Mode Select. Eco Mode for fuel economy and Sport Mode for performance. Hybrid owners, consider yourselves doomed.
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