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Himekoi Drama CD

Himekoi Drama CD

Once upon a time, back in August 2010, one of Japan's biggest social media network, Gree, launched Himekoi (日本名:ヒメこい), a dating sim perfect for those Japanese cellphone customers who had it with their DS days of playing Loveplus. In that cellphone game, players can choose to hang out with Nadeshiko, Ayane, or Maki.

Because of the character design too similar from Loveplus, Mino☆Taro, the person behind the Loveplus character design tweeted that “The art from Gree’s new gal game isn’t Mino☆Taro’s~!”. It even caused an outrage among fans because they look similar to Nene Anegasaki, Takane Manaka, and Rinko Kobayakawa. As a matter of fact, Himekoi was nothing but a complete knock-off of Loveplus. Didn't see that thing coming right?

Because of copyright issues, Gree decided to end the Himekoi service on February 2011 and yes, it was for their own cause. To compensate this, the people behind Himekoi seek help to Geneon Universal Entertainment for the Himekoi Drama CD, a drama CD which brings Emiri Kato, Mamiko Noto, and Kanae Ito reprising their roles as Nadeshiko, Ayane, and Maki. Also, an original character appeared exclusively on this drama CD under the name of Reina, played by Kana Hanazawa.

The theme song of the drama CD is Mimosa, which was sung by Kotoko. This was a good song to listen and in fact, the storyline is a little bit more decent. We are not sure if this drama CD is good enough for those to compensate for their damages and reputation of being a cheap knock-off to Loveplus. It's a forgive and forget for us if we listen to this drama CD.

1. オープニングテーマ[KOTOKO/Mimosa(short ver.)]
2. イフストーリー:湯煙旅情なガールズトーク前編
3. イフストーリー:湯煙旅情なガールズトーク後編
4. シークレットストーリー:想いを告げた、その夜に… 撫子の場合
5. シークレットストーリー:想いを告げた、その夜に… あやねの場合
6. シークレットストーリー:想いを告げた、その夜に… マキの場合
7. シークレットストーリー:想いを告げた、その夜に… 怜奈の場合
8. イフストーリー:今日はきっと晴れ!
9. ボーナストラック:誕生日イベント『おめでとうの言葉をあなたに』
10. キャストトーク「ヒメこい座談会」
11. KOTOKO/Mimosa(full ver.)作詞:KOTOKO 作曲・アレンジ/C.G mix
12. KOTOKO/Mimosa(instrumental)

What we learned on a 9/24/11 episode of Sabadabadog

What just happened on a September 24, 2011 episode of Sabadabadog?

- Let's count with Sabadabadog and Ate Michelle! Let's count "suha"!

- Our field trip with Don Kahon took us at some "anime cosplay" convention where people like us cosplay as their favorite anime, cartoon, and video game characters! That trip made us smiled...

- Let's move with Bebe Garu! Can you jump sideways?

- We learned the letter "R"

- Kuya Tonipet told us a story about a cat with a long ears that looked like a rabbit who got teased by everyone.

- Mei-mei taught us the number "4"

- Lesson Learned: Teasing is like a sharp knife that can hurt your feelings

Hyundai Veloster in a 100 Days To Heaven episode!

Hyundai Veloster in a 100 Days To Heaven episode!?

It's a "hot in smoke" on Philippine television.

A White Crystal-colored Hyundai Veloster made a surprise appearance on a September 23, 2011 episode of 100 Days To Heaven! Never seen that thing coming, did it?

Take note that HARI will not bring the Veloster to the Philippines because of its GDI engine not suitable for the Philippines' dirty petrol but one smart question is, how did that car appeared in the Philippines too soon even though HARI would never bring the Veloster.

We are sure that this white Veloster is a gray-market unit sourced from South Korea. Kuha mo?

WWEeeW Wrestling!

What just happened on the September 23, 2011 episode of Lokomoko?

- Junk shop gags

- Magalang Republic's WWEeeW Wrestling! Who will win the fight? Brock Obama and Under Caretaker or Rey Mystica and Harlene Batista? This is one heck of a "magalang" smackdown at the Raw!

Harlene Batista vs. Under Caretaker

Rey Mystica vs. Brock Obama

- Wanlu's here with his Mr. Press Secretary for some Press Conference with some Press-related jokes

- Whose Line Is It...Anyhow?! with Tuesday Vargas and the Lokomoko gang!

1) Araw araw lagi mo kong nakikita - Araw

2) Pag ako ay iyong pinaiinit sa gabi lagi na lang ako naluluha - Kandila

3) Kering keri ko yan! - Kargador

4) You will see me at the end of the rainbow - Letrang W

5) Kahit pilipitin mo ako, wala kang mapipiga - Tuyong Damit

6) Punong-puno na ako - Puno

7) Sisihin mo ang sarili mo kung panget ako sa paningin mo! - Salamin

"For him and for her, Head & Shonggals"

What just happened on the September 23, 2011 episode of Bubble Gang?

- Don't just chase him or her, chase these Bubble Gags!

- It seems that this guy's having some life problems...

- The Bubble Gang Talking Twin Babies are reading inside their minds...

Thinking Twin Babies

- How will they brace themselves for the "unexpected" tidal wave...

- Sa wakas, unfortunately, more Balitang News is underway...with a one way ticket to the moon...censored.

Balitang News

- For him and for her, Bubble Gang does Head & Shoulders anti-hairfall by spoofing this ad as Head & Shonggals anti-hairfall! (Uh-oh, I can't find the original one on YouTube!)

Bubble Gang does Head & Shoulders Anti-Hairfall!

- Dan & Serye showing off their moves again

- Cheche and Bureche are waiting at the waiting shed in the rain

The waiting shed

- The best of Pickup Lines men; Sukli (Moymoy Palaboy), Bagoong (Roadfill), and Boy Pick Up (Ogie Alcasid) are here for some more of...PICKUP LINES!



Boy Pick Up

- IyoTube in Aqua's Cartoon Heroes with special guest, Pekto!

The Final Bullet of Guns and Roses

The last bullet of ABS-CBN's action drama, Guns and Roses, has been shot. And on the final shot of this TV drama, Abel Marasigan (Robin Padilla) has to risk everything he had to save Raine (Bea Alonzo) and his mother from the clutches of his Tsong, Phillip (Pen Medina), and Marcus Aguilar (Diether Ocampo) before its too late (about 30 minutes to be exact according to Phillip).

While Raine is under Marcus' prying eyes, Abel approaches to his Tsong's hideout and settle the scores with him. He has 20 minutes left to save the both of them but can Abel make it even though he doesn't have much time?

He stormed through the hideout, using his blend of CQC to fend off against his Tsong's men and saved his mother. After rescuing Abel's mother, he's off to rescue Raine.

Raine was held hostage by Phillip, who was the real Senyor who murdered Abel's father, and the showdown between Abel and his Tsong begins. With all of the persuasion, their revelations are slowly revealing and with that, Phillip shot Abel and with Abel shot, Abel tries to choke Phillip but Raine tries to persuade Abel. With that, Abel freed Raine but Abel got shot again by Phillip but luckily, Raine obtained Abel's gun and shot Phillip but if that didn't work, Marcus approached and shot Phillip. The nightmare's over, Marcus has decided to turn himself in, and Abel has been forgiven to Raine for all the sins he committed to avenge his father's death.

Three years have passed, with Marcus imprisoned and Phillip was in mental correction, Raine finally give birth to a newborn baby. After that, Abel unknowingly appeared behind Raine and the story of "Guns and Roses" have come to an end.

Guns and Roses ending


We interrupt your laughter with some breaking news courtesy of BANANA SPLIT'S ANG TV PATROL NEWS AND OTHER AFFAIRS!

Mr. Mike Arroyco
An air force helicopter was crashed but no one's injured. However, the air force seeks help to the former First Gentleman, Mr. Mike Arroyco. He offered them one reason, sell the crashed helicopter as a second-hand by mistaking it as brand-new! Looks like he's back for some old habits.

And yes, Pratty's here again for "Ibang-Iba si Eba" where women does the male jobs such as:

1) Boxing Referee

Female referee for boxing

2) Referee from some Mixed Martial Arts

Female referee for mixed martial arts

And now on Once Hapon a Time presents Sa Akin Ang Huling Halakhak:


The death of the mayor (Rasheed Collado) made the impostor (Jason Francisco) turned himself in and the real Dolores arrived but suddenly, Dolores stabbed David with a knife. What's happening? Find out on Monday!

And now on Sunshine Sinag-Araw's weather report:

It's raining because a Low Pressure Area has just arrived the country. Men, bring your umbrellas. Women, wear some white t-shirts and shower at the rain!

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All about eAssist

2012 Buick LaCrosse

2012 Buick Regal

Back in November 2010, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, General Motors announced the next generation BAS (Belted Alternator System) Hybrid system called "eAssist" and the first models to be equipped with this new mild hybrid system are the 2012MY Buick LaCrosse and 2012MY Buick Regal.

Before we explain about the new eAssist system, let's talk about what just happened at the Buick LaCrosse and the Buick Regal for the 2012 Model Year. The change was the trim names. As of now, Buick will start ditching the CXL/CX/CXS trim names in favor of something specific like Base, Convenience, Leather, Premium, or Touring. That's all, let's explain about eAssist:

The new eAssist system features a powerful 115-Volt Lithium-ion battery sourced from Hitachi, generating a 20HP, 79lb-ft electric motor that provides aid to the 2.4L ECOTEC engine. This new system will provide useful features such as idling stop system, regenerative braking, and a fuel economy of 36MPG (15.3km/L) highway. The new eAssist system comes standard on the 2012 Buick LaCrosse but on the 2012 Buick Regal, it may be considered an optional feature. Either way, they both come with a modified version of the 6T40 6-speed AT FWD transaxle.


Uh, excuse me. We're not referring to some new drama called "Nasaan Ka Elisa?"

Where was I? Oh yes! The singer behind the theme songs from To Aru Kagaku no Railgun and Hayate no Gotoku 2nd Season of course!

Don't worry she's okay. Word from the mouth is that she's pausing her career due to health concerns according to her agency, Smile Company. This announcement came also with the cancellation her October 2 concert at the Tokyo Globe-za theater, especially her future concerts as well.

As of now, her official twitter account "elisa_tsubuyaki" has been removed for now. Sad to let her go but this is for her good cause.


"I've always dreamt about doing a really high performance sports car on the road" - Gordon Murray

Back in the 1990's a decade before the rise of the Bugatti Veyron, a car company called McLaren created the world's most fastest supercar back then, under the name of McLaren F1. Just like the Bugatti Veyron, the McLaren F1 is one of the most exciting vehicles to drive for an elite driver. Just imagine, if you drive it on the streets of Tokyo, New York, Rome, Paris, London, especially Dubai, Geneva, and other exotic locations, it's no surprise that the McLaren F1 is highly seductive, even after a few decades have passed since its introduction to the world in May 1992, it still looks good enough. From its inception up until its demise in 1998, about 106 McLaren F1 models have been made and it costs half-a-million pounds back in 1993, making it the most expensive car to own back then.

McLaren F1 at Circuit de la Sarthe

The McLaren F1 is powered with the 6.1L V12 engine sourced from BMW, providing 627HP of power and 480.26ft-lb of torque. Fast fact that the McLaren F1's engine bay is lined with gold because gold is the best, it reflects, and a special 6-speed manual was developed because there is no existing gearbox that can survive the torque of the 6.1L BMW engine. The McLaren F1 is the world's first carbon fiber bodied car because most of the components are made of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic. With such idea, the McLaren F1 weighs about 1140kg. What's so special is the interior because the driver's seat was positioned at the middle for some racing driver sensation. What a cool idea that Mr. Gordon Murray made it and I thank him for that. For a trivia: did you know that the McLaren F1's preferred audio system is Kenwood?

What will The Stig reacts to this one? Some say,
The Stig was impressed to drive the McLaren F1 or not

In Gran Turismo 5, the McLaren F1 costs about 1,000,000 credits and you need to be at Level 17 (A-spec or B-spec) to purchase this wonderful machine Gordon Murray created. Once you own it, you can tune it as far as about 840HP of power and 970kg of weight. That's lighter than a fully tuned Bugatti Veyron that weighs about 1424kg. If you've already watched a drag race between the McLaren F1 and the Bugatti Veyron in Dubai on a certain Top Gear episode, you should know that the McLaren F1 is ahead against the Veyron on a 0-100kph run but by 240kph, the Bugatti Veyron's spoiler kicks in, giving much speed to overtake the F1 and obliterate it. If the real-life McLaren F1 has no ABS and no Traction Control, I think you might apply it on GT5 as well, but without these driving aids, the McLaren F1 is hard to master because of the traction and the braking but once you'll get a hang of it, you'll get used to it.

Looks like Top Gun

Not exactly as good as a Bugatti Veyron but the McLaren F1 is finely the most elegant exotic GT5 players can try not only because of its heritage or its power but it can be a perfect car to take it on a Photo Travel. It seems that Mr. Gordon Murray created this machine just so to become the ultimate driving machine ever remembered by many. I'm sure most owners of the legendary McLaren F1 are very happy about the way this car should be thanks to its seamless reputation. It's something that made me smiled.

How to make the Mira e:S a little more attractive

2012 Daihatsu Mira e:S

We feel your understanding that the Daihatsu Mira e:S is a little bit too bland but the problem is solved because Daihatsu offers an optional Original Accessories available to customize your Mira e:S just the way you like it.

First off, the "Earth Color interior" package offers two seat colors such as Aqua Blue and Earth Beige, sky blue colored panels, MOMO steering wheel, Scuff Plate Cover, and a special carpet mat.

Second, the "Sporty" package offers an IR Cut Film Set, special side decals, sporty front bumper, side skirts, rear spoiler, modified front grille, back door garnish, pillar stripe, 14-inch aluminum wheel set, halogen foglamp set, long visor, rear mud guard, and a premium number frame set.

Third, the "Premium" package offers special black leather seats, brown panels, special silver panelings on the front, side, and back, back door garnish, 10-spoke aluminum wheels, long visor, and premium number plate set.

Lastly, Daihatsu offered a "Lamp & Illumination" accessory that features ice blue lighting on the interior, plus a carpet mat, LED headlamp, and an LED room lamp.

For pricing on these accessories, please contact your Daihatsu dealer.

There's no way you can't fit as much children in one van!

In weird news: someone from China was caught driving 64 kids inside the van! Wouldn't you believe it? One time, the police pulled over the driver of a small van because of the overloading law. When the cops saw what's inside this overloaded van, the cop saw that this van packs about 66 passengers - 64 kids and 2 adults. What an unbelievable attempt to fit so much kids inside the van and unfortunately, the driver of the van was quoted "punished" according to related laws and regulations.

We're not sure how the heck did he do that, especially when the seats passenger seats' been replaced with benches...

Mitsubishi wants its own version of the Nissan Fuga

2011 Nissan Fuga Hybrid

With Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors' partnership on full circle, it seems that Mitsubishi Motors want its own version of the Nissan Fuga (Infiniti M) Y51 for their successor to the Diamante sedan.

Thanks to the "give-take" scenario for the likes of Mitsubishi kei cars such as the Minicab and eK Wagon rebadged as Nissan Clipper Rio and Nissan Otti (and a possibility of another Delica based on the Nissan NV200 Vanette that will slot between the Delica D5 and the Suzuki Solio-based Delica D2), it seems that the partnership between the two carmakers gotten themselves "leveled up" and for that, a Mitsubishi version of the Nissan Fuga will be on effect by next year.

2012 Mitsubishi Minicab MIEV

Not only Mitsubishi wants its own version of the Nissan Fuga Y51 but Nissan wants its own version of the Mitsubishi Minicab MIEV as well. We are sure that the Nissan-Mitsubishi partnership will be surely be a good one much like the partnership between Toyota and Fuji Heavy Industries. Looking forward to see them as an ally rather than formidable rivals.


We interrupt your moment with some breaking news courtesy of Banana Split Laughternoon Delight's ANG TV PATROL NEWS AND OTHER AFFAIRS!

Izah Calsado

Is Izah Calsado making ligaw-ligaw with the Philippine president? She said that's not true but if she has the chance, she said "Sorry, di ko siya type eh. Sorry Mr. President, help-off kasi ako. Welcome kang tumakbo, I run every morning." In fact, she has no affinity to politicians, making it a different run.

There's something funnier than that!

...And now, Jane Panda (Melai Cantiveros) is back for some more aerobics! However, there's something funnier than a simple "inhale exhale", in fact, that was funny!


The reason why this impostor (Jason Francisco) came here at the wedding is because he wants to kill the mayor (Rasheed Collado), but David (Jayson Gainza) tries to stop the impostor when suddenly, the gun shot at the mayor and upon the mayor's death, the mayor said...he was the impostor's father!


Is his statements true? Find out soon on the shortest "short drama" in the face of television, SA AKIN ANG HULING HALAKHAK!

...and now for the weather report with Sunshine Sinag-Araw (Sunshine Garcia):

There will be flood...of tears because a character from SA AKIN ANG HULING HALAKHAK will face death. Find out who it is by tuning in on Banana Split every weekdays at 14:45 Philippine Standard Time. 

Sunshine, you're too late saying that, there is a character on SA AKIN ANG HULING HALAKHAK who faced death and it's none other than the mayor.

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Busou Shinki Battle Masters Mk.2

Busou Shinki Battle Masters Mk.2

With the success of last year's Busou Shinki Batle Masters PSP game, the introduction of the all new Busou Shinki Batle Masters Mk.2 enhances the Busou Shinki experience even further through new parts, new battles, new arenas, new challenges, and a new wide selection of Busou Shinki models waiting for you to own it.

And by saying wide selection, Battle Masters Mk.2 offers some of your favorite Busou Shinki models such as Arnval Mk.2 (CV: Kana Asumi), Strarf Mk.2 (CV: Misato Fukuen), Howling (CV: Eri Kitamura), Maochao (CV: Mai Hashimoto), Fubuki (CV: Yukari Fukui), Zelnogrard (CV: Ryoko Shiraishi), Arc (CV: Yui Horie), Yda (CV: Yukari Tamura), Altlene (CV: Megumi Nakajima), and Altines (CV: Kaori Mizuhashi). There was an addition of new Busou Shinki models you might be highly interested with such as Eukrante (CV: Emiri Kato), Ianeira (CV: Marina Inoue), Tsugaru (CV: Rie Kugimiya), and much more. Other Busou Shinki models can be attainable by purchasing some add-on contents from the Playstation Network Store. Each model costs about 600 Japanese Yen and it takes some minor space on your PSP's Memory Stick Duo.

The goal of this game is simple, buy your very own Busou Shinki and work your way to the top to become an F1 Champion while winning the heart of your Busou Shinki model. This ain't going to be easy because you will need some parts and modifications which are essential for your Shinki's speed, defense, attack, evasion, and others.

This gameplay is just like the first one, it has some Zone of the Enders-style gameplay but only you have to take down your rival Shinki in order to win. When you're taking a break from a battle, you can take your Shinki outside and chat. It's like Zone of the Enders meets Loveplus, making it a unique chemistry but your duty to become the F1 champion is a long road ahead.

Plus more, there is a Profile Import feature where your hard work done from the first Battle Masters video game can be carried over to Mk.2 so you can have as much fun if possible but still a long road ahead to become an F1 champion.

The limited edition packaging, exclusively on Konamistyle, not only includes the game but two Busou Shinki figures such as Arnval Mk.2 and Strarf Mk. 2 are included, bonus DLC card, swimwear editions of both Arnval Mk.2 and Strarf Mk. 2, two sets of folders, and an Original Soundtrack of the game as well. The standard version is available now with the limited edition will be available at the end of September.

It's true! - Infiniti M Hybrid's the fastest hybrid car!

2012 Infiniti M Hybrid

The Infiniti M Hybrid, known in Japan as the Nissan Fuga Hybrid, is the first high-performance hybrid that delivers the power of the V8 engine and the fuel efficiency of a 4-cylinder engine thanks to the new Infiniti Direct Response Hybrid system.

By interest, the Infiniti M Hybrid sets a new Guinness World Record as the fastest hybrid vehicle while running straight at the Santa Pod Raceway in the United Kingdom.

According to Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., the Infiniti M Hybrid's time of 5.5 seconds is on par with the 1982 Lamborghini Countach within a few tenths of some Porsches, Ferraris, and Aston Martins.

This is going to be "up in smoke at Tokyo Bay"!

Does Daihatsu really need Bruce Willis to do the Mira e:S commercial?

With the recent launch of the world's most fuel efficient gasoline-fed vehicle, the Daihatsu Mira e:S, this Japanese kei car maker launched two unique TV commercials for the Mira e:S aired in Japan one day after the car's launch date. So, why would we need Bruce Willis to do this ad? Besides, Bruce Willis is an action star, why would you bring a star in a reasonably priced car commercial?

LOL at that ad where Bruce Willis said it wrong. "DAIMOTSU MIRO OOS!"

Mr. Willis, that's "Daihatsu Mira e:S". ミライース!


Luxury for Professional - 2012 Alpheon

2012 GM Korea Alpheon

Einige Verbesserungen für die Alpheon...

韓国GM, アルフェオンを一部改良...

The launch of the 2012 GM Korea Alpheon, the Korean equivalent of the Buick Lacrosse, is imminent. For this updated version of Korea's most prestigious sedan that made it the "Luxury for Professional", the 2012 Alpheon gets new features such as Lane Departure Warning System and Smart Audio Color System. For the 2.4L variant, the fuel economy is improved from 10.6km/L (estimate 25MPG) to now, 11.3km/L (27MPG estimate).

Made by professionals, for professionals.


We interrupt your moment for some breaking news from ANG TV PATROL NEWS AND OTHER AFFAIRS!

A protest held by families of PAL employees has just begun and that protest is turning into one heck of a fistfight!

A protest...

...with a massive fistfight

Looks like this fistfight is only applicable from the misis against the mister's kabit! Ouch!

..And now, John Prats is back for some more "Ibang Iba si Eba" where women does the men jobs such as...

1) Traffic enforcer

Female traffic enforcer

2) Police officer


3) Even the police officer at break time!

Policewoman on her break

..and now for Sa Akin Ang Huling Halakhak, the impostor (Jason Francisco) told David (Jayson Gainza) that he wants to kill the mayor! Why would the impostor want to kill the mayor? Find out soon on Once Hapon a Time presents Sa Akin Ang Huling Halakhak!

The mayor

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NISMO LEAF RC in action!

Japanese motoring journalist, Manabu Kawaguchi, of LOVE CARS, test drives a Nissan Leaf NISMO RC, a racing prototype that shows that even electric cars have the potential to race. In fact, I love the sound of the NISMO LEAF RC accelerating. Whoosh! Ha ha ha!

Mayo Chiki! Character Song Album - Mayo Uta! -

Mayo Chiki! Character Song Album - Mayo Uta! -

With Mayo Chiki (日本名:まよチキ!) on full swing, King Records is pleased to announce the arrival of the Mayo Chiki! Character Song Album Mayo Uta!

This album has character songs from your favorite Mayo Chiki characters; from Subaru Konoe (CV: Yuka Iguchi), Kinjiro Sakamachi (CV: Satoshi Hino), Kanade Suzutsuki (CV: Eri Kitamura), Kureha Sakamachi (CV: Kana Hanazawa), Masamune Usami (CV: Mariya Ise), and Nakuru Narumi (CV: Kana Asumi). Yes, this is a 9-track CD and don't complain about everything we ask in this one-of-a-kind Mayo Chiki character song collection.

You could say that this can be a good addition to your anime CD collection but is Mayo Uta, perfect enough to please your Mayo Chiki fandom? The Mayo Chiki girls would say fine once if you listen it on your audio or rip it on your mp3 player to listen to these Mayo Chiki character songs anywhere you go! Feel free to ask about it, okay?


01 I'm A Butler!
02 Give Me Everything
03 あ・ま・の・じ・ゃ・く
04 キラキラ☆サブミッション
05 イケナイ?シャングリラ
07 溺愛上等!
08 Flower
09 Happy Happy Birthday

Greetings from special agents Elysia de Lute Ima and Haqua d'rot Herminium

Greetings from special agents Elysia de Lute Ima and Haqua d'rot Herminium

This looks promising... If you already watched the whole The World God Only Knows (日本名:神のみぞ知るセカイII) series and read the whole manga volumes, you should be familiar with the special agents from Hell who helped Keima Katsuragi on such misadventures and this is it. Elysia de Lute Ima (or Elsie for short) and Haqua d'rot Herminium (or Haqua for short) are together at last on their own full album titled Greetings from special agents Elysia de Lute Ima and Haqua d'rot Herminium. Both Elsie and Haqua had the best audience impact on the anime series but we want to know what is like having them singing together for their first full album and now for the first time, thanks to a generous Kaminomi fan, we can tell you.

Geneon Universal Entertainment seeks this full album as a delicious investment as much as toys. With Elsie (CV: Kanae Ito) and Haqua (CV: Saori Hayami) back to back, we will be able to tell how does this new album has the biggest thrill and come on, this is our Enzo for the day!

This album contains 10 unique tracks made specifically on the album such as Nonstop!! Hunters, アタフタNight & Day!, ご機嫌いかが?, 1'st EVOLUTION→, Good Night Song ~同じ空の下で~, and much more.

A limited edition includes not just the music CD but also a special DVD with the music video of Nonstop!! Hunters by Kanae Ito and Saori Hayami as Elsie and Haqua.

Seems that my solution needs refining but when the next time you woke up and realize that you are not along but you need some help here, remember the Kaketama-tai are here to help.


01 Nonstop!! Hunters/駆け魂隊(新曲)
03 アタフタNight & Day!/エルシィ(新曲)
04 ご機嫌いかが?/ハクア(新曲)
05 コイノシルシ feat. 駆け魂隊(ハクアボーカル新録による新音源)
06 Oh!まい☆GOD!!/エルシィ
07 1‘st EVOLUTION→/ハクア(新曲)
08 アイノヨカン from Elsie/エルシィ(新音源)
09 Good Night Song ~同じ空の下で~/駆け魂隊(新曲)
10 アイノヨカン feat. 駆け魂隊(フルサイズCD初収録)

IS FACTS 開発へのこだわり - Vol. 06

In honor of IS (Infinite Stratos) DVD & Blu-Ray final volume's release...

IS (Infinite Stratos) Blu-Ray Final Volume

Our guests will be the main IS girls (or as we say it, アイエス・ガール) such as Houki, Cecilia, Rin, Charlotte, and Laura. As a matter of fact, this is the final volume of the IS DVD and BD range so let's wrap it up something special. Besides, it's all about language, connection, and intelligence but that's nothing, a hybrid of "mech" and "bishoujo" is that's what "IS" is all about. Let's take this finale something special.

I shall be the Lexus IS (for this I'll be the TRD LEXUS IS F CIRCUIT CLUB SPORT) and I'll interview one IS gal at the time from Rin, Cecilia, Charles, Laura, and Houki. Perhaps, they'll should start asking now. Think of it like AutocOne's JOY×女医 ~新型車、診察しちゃうぞ!~, only different.

Location: Shanghai International Circuit (上海国际赛车场)

Fan Rinin we approach at the first corner...

Lexus IS: So, your name is Rin right? Fan Rinin or Huang Ling Yin? Should I call you Rin just for sake?

Rin: (Hysterically) How did you know mine? Wow! When I first taking a seat at something they call it "IS" but I got confused for calling it Infinite Stratos. Are you some kind

Lexus IS: That's right. And thanks for calling me that because that's how "IS" stands for, Rin. Excuse me as we're taking on the sixth corner of this track.

Rin: WHOA!

... as the IS corners through the sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth corner of the track...

Lexus IS: Rin, hold on tight! We're cornering through the 11th and 12th corner of the track! the IS corners, we can see a big smile on Rin's face!
Rin: You're amazing! You kinda remind me of Ichika!

Lexus IS: Yeah, right, besides, if Ichika was there, he would explain more about this.

Rin: Like what?

Lexus IS: Never mind. Just to tell you that you are the nicest person I have ever let you sitting in the driver seat of the IS. If you were on my steering wheel, you would have called me a...

Rin: Shenlong? Yes! Yes I know! (Kissing the steering wheel)

Lexus IS: Hey! Wha-?! What are you doing?

Rin: You're the best! I want to see more of you!

Lexus IS: Can you please calm down Fan Rinin? We're almost at the finish line!

...and that concludes it. Let's move on to the United Kingdom.

Location: Silverstone Circuit (The Grand Prix Circuit)

Cecilia Alcott we get through the starting line...

Cecilia: You remind me of my Blue Tears...and also Ichika. Are IS?

Lexus IS: Yes, Cecilia Alcott. Yes I am. For an English woman like you, I appreciated your charm and wit not only because you have something special, it is because...ugh I can't explain it.

Cecilia: What? Oh come on! When I sat through your beautiful leather seat, I never felt this kind of reaction before because this says "IS". It was like what is it? Is this the Infinite Stratos?

Lexus IS: Cecilia, please. Stop confusing me. Hold on as we corner through the Farm Curve to the Village Corner of the track.

...the Lexus IS manages to corners through the Farm Curve to the Village Corner of the Silverstone GP but Cecilia seems to be unhappy.

Lexus IS: Why are you still unhappy, Cecilia?

Cecilia: As far as I know, this is not the IS I know!

Lexus IS: Oh, really?

...Cecilia was shocked when the Lexus IS cornered through the Luffield Corner and went straight through the Woodcote Corner. By the time we crossed Copse Corner, Cecilia had a smile on her face and started to get excited.

Cecilia: (Laugh) WOW! You really are an amazing piece of machine! All these moments is like I'm spending time with Ichika but you, you may be a machine but I had a lot of respect for you!

Lexus IS: Cecilia., knock it off. You making me blush...

...and for the real excitement, the Lexus IS cornered through the Maggotts Corner, Becketts Corner and the Chapel Curve until we made it to the finish line.

Cecilia: You're starting to like me! I like you! You know what, we're not such bad partners at all! You made me complete after you went past through the difficult corners. What's your secret?

Lexus IS: I have no secrets. Probably thanks to the engineers who made me a better suspension. I may have flaws but thanks to you, I'm glad you find me to be enjoyable.

Cecilia: Yes I know! Should I start to kiss you for a while?

Lexus IS: Wait, what? Cecilia what are you doing! Hey! Wait! Stop it!

... okay that concludes it. Let's go to Le Mans...

Location: Circuit De La Sarthe (Circuit des 24 Heures)

Charlotte "Charles" Dunois

... as we went through the starting line, we find her getting nervous as the Lexus IS maneuvers through the first corner. Even through the Lexus IS cornered through distant gaps, she's still a little bit nervous.

Charlotte: Um, are you some kind of

Lexus IS: Don't be shy Charlotte. Of course I am. Why would you expect that this car has the name "IS" on it?

Charlotte: I thought you remind me more of my IS, the Rafale Revive Custom II, but you're a bit different.

Lexus IS: Yes, I maybe different than your IS you used but you want me to see the different side of me?

...and now, the Lexus IS pushes through the Mulsanne Straight, readying for its top speed attempt. Charlotte got startled upon the Lexus IS' top speed.


...the Lexus IS cornered through the chicane and after that, it went back, pushing its top speed to the max! Charlotte got panicked!

Charlotte: WAAAHHHH!!!! NO!!!!

...after such top speed, it went through the second chicane and after that, back for some top speed madness! Charlotte couldn't keep up!


Lexus IS: Because...I am...your IS! I am your very own Rafale Revive Custom II!

Charlotte: THAT CAN'T BE!!! we went through the end of the Mulsanne Straight, Charlotte questioned.

Charlotte: So you were my Rafale Revive Custom II? That's impossible! As far as I know, you are some kind of an insane machine!

Lexus IS: Sorry if you had to call me an "insane machine" but look around the cup holders. I have something special for you.

Charlotte: Cafe au lait? Wow! My favorite! You know what? I'm sorry if I had to call you an insane machine. You must be very generous to me, kinda like Ichika.

Lexus IS: Really? Besides, that coffee someone made it must be Ichika. He must have made this whole cafe au lait for you. Why don't you taste it? we went through the Arnage corner, Charlotte took a sip of cafe au lait. Charlotte seems to be happy when she didn't realize that this cafe au lait was superbly delicious! We can see Charlotte smiling.

Charlotte: This cafe au lait tastes delicious! I would never realize how gentle you are not only because you are fast but because you are somewhat special to me!

Lexus IS: As I said, I am special indeed.

Charlotte: You know what, I guess you're not such a mean machine after all.

Lexus IS: Indeed I am not. Okay Charlotte, hold steady because here comes the finish line.

...and so, we went through the finish line...

Charlotte: Thanks for cheering me up. As of now, you are my IS now. I'm glad we've met each other as friends.

Lexus IS: You're welcome. If you need me Charlotte, feel free to get inside.

...and that concludes it. Ready for the Ring?

Location: Nurburgring (Nordschleife)

Laura Bodewig

Before Laura gets inside the Lexus IS, she asks this car some questions...

Laura: Is this the right venue? Are you my IS?

Lexus IS: You must be Laura Bodewig, right?

Laura: Indeed I am, who is this?

Lexus IS: I heard that was your codename given by the German military and you were a part of Schwarzer Hase (Black Rabbit).

Laura: Wait, how did you know all about me?

Lexus IS: Well, Miss Laura, why don't you sit inside my driver seat and see for yourself?

Laura: I don't know but okay, I'll seat through...the driver's seat. Ugh, I wonder who set up this bizarre venue and why would I have to get inside...a car that was called IS?

...Laura sits on the driver's seat and closes the door. This Lexus IS starts its 20.8km torture at the Nurburgring Nordschleife. After three minutes and still on the corners...

Laura: Well, I got to admit it, you're not such a bad machine after all. You remind me of my Schwarzer Roegen. You maybe tough like me, but I think you had a good side at all.

Lexus IS: What about you? Do you have...the lighter side of yourself?

Laura: Eh...What? I'm sorry. I don't really understand what you said.

Lexus IS: Oh come on. Last time, you got hit by some volley ball and then you said you never looked to be...

Laura: CUTE?!

...after a few minutes, with Laura got provoked, the Lexus IS cornered through the Carousel. After cornering through the carousel with Laura still got her head on fire after all of the teasing, it's off to the Wipperman to Brunnchen. While at the Pflanzgarten...

Laura: Who do you think you are? What exactly were you made of?!

Lexus IS: Laura, I am your Schwarzer Roegen. This IS is your IS, remember?

Laura: What? My IS? That's impossible, I would take granted by this...Japanese-made machine! the Galgenkopf...

Lexus IS: Laura, are you ready to see what I can do next?

Laura: Like what?!'s off at the straight part of the Nordschleife, the Dottinger Hohe. Laura got shocked when she experience the top speed of the Lexus IS. With such top speed, she couldn't keep up until she say...

Laura: WHOA! the end of the Dottinger Hohe, it went straight from the Antoniusbuche, Tiergarten, Hohenrain, until it went straight to the end of the lap. Laura asked...

Laura: (Panting) You must really be the Schwarzer Roegen I had. You really are an amazing machine. I would gladly take back everything I said about you.

Lexus IS: That's a nice way to say it, Laura.

Laura: I'm glad to meet up with the one-of-a-kind IS. So, what's next?

...and now, we'll wrap it up at Fuji...Speedway!

Location: Fuji Speedway (富士スピードウェイ)

Houki Shinonono

Houki Shinonono stops by at the Fuji Speedway's Pit Buildings. At some pit area at the Fuji Speedway, she met an elusive Lexus IS F CCS-R, waiting for her to get seated. Houki asked...

Houki: So, are you my IS? (I wonder what my sis is up to...)

Lexus IS: Houki Shinonono, right? Yes, I am the IS

Houki: But you don't look more like my IS, the Akatsubaki. Are you some kind of And why did you want me to meet at this...racetrack?

Lexus IS: (Sniff) Mmmmm...that's a nice smell from your hair. What shampoo are you using?

Houki: Eh? You can smell my hair? I'm not sure but that's TSUBAKI Shining shampoo with natural tsubaki oil.

Lexus IS: Tsubaki? More like...Akatsubaki! (Mmmm...)

Houki: What did you said?

Lexus IS: Never mind, get inside and you'll see how worthy I am to be called the Akatsubaki...

...Houki sits at the driver seat. The Lexus IS F CCS-R exits the pit building and races through the straight part of the Fuji Speedway...

Lexus IS: Hold steady Houki, this is going to be a long brake!

Houki: Wait what?!

...The first corner has been a test between Houki and the IS...

Houki: You're starting to scare me! What was that for?

Lexus IS: Ready for another?

Houki: Another what?! WHOA!

...with so many technical corners at the Fuji Speedway, Houki gets a little more tense. When they went through the chicane...

Houki: Hey, watch out!

...The Lexus IS F CCS-R braked through the chicane and turned right and left.  As they made it on the final corners of the Fuji Speedway...

Houki: I've never thought you were as sharp and cool as the Akatsubaki. How can you do all this?

Lexus IS: Because Houki, I am your Akatsubaki! But don't tell something to your sister, ok? It's just the both of us. Woman to machine, right?

Houki: Uh, okay. I'll never tell.

Lexus IS: Alright, let's go back to the pit building!

...The Lexus IS F CCS-R went back to the pit building. Houki exited the car and then...

Houki: Uh  hey. I just want to say, thank you for spending some time with me. If only Ichika was there, he wouldn't complain more about this wild ride.

Lexus IS: You think so? Look inside, I have something special for you...

Houki finds something special inside the Lexus IS F CCS-R...

Houki: WOW! Infinite Stratos BD Volume 6! Thank you so much!

Lexus IS: You're welcome!

...before she left...

Houki: Just one word, your interior does smell like my Tsubaki shampoo!

Lexus IS: Tee-hee!

About IS DVD & BD Vol. 6:

Houki: We would like to thank everyone who supported Infinite Stratos. We thanked those who've enjoyed watching the anime from January to March on TBS, supported our merchandise, collected five volumes of IS DVD or BD, and supported from the IS One-Off Festival.

Cecilia: And to that, we'll wrap you up with the final volume!

Rin: This DVD or Blu-Ray contains the last two episodes (episode 11 and 12) of the Infinite Stratos anime! They are loaded with audio commentary by Houki (Yoko Hikasa) and Cecilia (Yukana)!

Charlotte: That's not all! There is also a textless version of the ending as well!

Laura: For limited editions, there is a special booklet containing info about the IS and a special DVD called "RADIO IS ARCHIVES", containing the first three episodes of the Infinite Stratos Web Radio titled "RADIO IS", hosted by Yoko Hikasa as Houki Shinonono and Asami Shimoda as Fan Rinin.


For English-speaking customers:

...and that concludes the special IS FACTS presentation regarding the IS (Infinite Stratos) DVD and Blu-Ray range. We would like to thank Toyota Motor Corporation president Akio Toyoda, Lexus IS chief engineer Junichi Furuyama, Lexus IS F chief designer Yukihiko Yaguchi, Lexus IS C engineer Keiichi Yoneda, IS author Izuru Yumizuru, director Yasuhito Kikuchi, character desginer Tomoyasu Kurashima, Lexus Manila president Danny Isla, the Project IS team, the employees at the Toyota plants at Tahara, Aichi prefecture and Miyakawa, Fukuoka prefecture, the Lexus owners clubs (especially the Lexus IS owners clubs), and the people behind Infinite Stratos! This wouldn't be done without them and this is going to be best "Lexus Fiction" to remember because it is the IS.

Until then, see you at the OVA! Bye!


We interrupt this moment for some breaking news courtesy of Banana Split's ANG TV PATROL NEWS AND OTHER AFFAIRS!

- Manny Poohkyaw accepted a warm welcome from some Mexican fans. Turns outs those Mexicans are armed with torches and wanted to get rid of Poohkyaw!

Manny Poohkyaw

- Meet Jane Panda (Melai Cantiveros), the aerobics queen. Today, Jane Panda teaches us some "pakwan" aerobics!

Jane Panda - Aerobics Queen

- In Once Hapon a Time's Sa Akin ang Huling Halakhak: A woman interrupted the wedding of both David (Jayson Gainza) and Dolores and turned out, this woman wants to say hi to the both of them. Later, another woman interrupted the wedding because Dolores is just an impostor (Jason Francisco)!

The impostor

- And for the weather update by Sunshine Sinag-Araw (Sunshine Garcia): It's sunny on the morning but bring your umbrella tonight. Nope, it's not raining tonight, use your umbrella to smack the heck out of the crooks!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Enemy from Without...

2012 Daihatsu Move Custom

2012 Mazda Demio

2012 Daihatsu Mira e:S

So, the Daihatsu Mira e:S has arrived and claimed the title of being the world's most fuel efficient gasoline-fed car today because of the record breaking in Japan's JC08 mode scale, meaning that's 32.0km/L in 10-15 Mode scale, making it higher than the Mazda Demio 13-SKYACTIV's fuel economy and the fifth-generation Daihatsu Move's 27.0km/L.

Didn't realize that the records really put a slam in the fronts of the Daihatsu Move and the Mazda Demio because it the world of fuel efficiency, the higher the fuel economy, the better, but we're not talking about hybrid cars, we're talking about gasoline-fed cars. With today's gas prices, people are looking for fuel-efficient cars but they prefer more about gasoline-fed cars because that's the norm. Thanks to the fuel efficiency of the new Daihatsu Mira e:S, it seems that someone finally found their new partner on the road.

This is how you call it "The Enemy from Without" and no, we're not referring to something from an old video game called Incredible Crisis. We are referring about the arrival of the Daihatsu Mira e:S because of the fuel efficiency that puts the new Daihatsu Move and the Mazda Demio SKYACTIV to shame.
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