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What does Hyundai had something that the Germans didn't have?

2012 Hyundai i30

What does Hyundai had something that the Germans didn't have? Just ask the CEO of Volkswagen, Martin Winterkorn, as he went inside the all new Hyundai i30 and he was impressed about what Hyundai have that the Germans never had.

Looks like the Germans are getting upset about Hyundai's NEW THINKING, NEW POSSIBILITIES,,,

Aluminum Mustang!

"The first all-aluminum body Mustang in the world and it was made by a Filipino craftsman"

Top Gear Philippines visited media personality and classic-car collection, Cito Beltran, who fashioned an iconic old-fashioned Mustang with, and if you're sitting down, aluminum body. He claims that this is the world's first all-aluminum Mustang in the world and wow, that made me smiled to see a resurrected muscle car made of something precious.


We interrupt your laughter for some breaking news courtesy of BANANA SPLIT'S ANG TV PATROL NEWS AND OTHER AFFAIRS!

PNP is taking action against cops who have "beer bellies" because a cop's belly shouldn't reach the 34-inch limit or else, these fats will be taken of by some "itak" or "jungle bolo"!

The chief of Police

That sounds painful but this is for a good cause...

On SA AKIN ANG HULING HALAKHAK...Aling Maring broke another one, which is another vase in a form of a dog. What would Aling Maring do? Tune in on Monday to find out!

And time for Windy Valdez's weather report: PAGASA said it will rain. Her mom said it will not. If she believed in PAGASA, her mother will get angry. If she believed in her mother, PAGASA will be angry. But that's okay, because her mom works at PAGASA! Get it?

This is how you say Mitsubishi RVR in French

2013 Peugeot 4008

2013 Citroen C4 AIRCROSS

They maybe using the Mitsubishi RVR (known in others as the ASX and Outlander Sport) as its foundation but Peugeot's latest debutante, the 4008, and Citroen's latest addition to the C4 range, the C4 AIRCROSS, are those kind of crossovers you do want to watch out for next year.

More details coming soon!

Lokomoko Gone Fishing

So, the Lokomoko guys gone fishing on the September 30, 2011 episode. Because they're gone fishing, there will be fishing gags. And when there's fishing gags, TALENTADONG FAMILY gone camping for some jokes like these:

1) Bonfire - Iha, nabalitaan ko sa twitter na dito sa gubat na to, meron daw Dracula! Iha, wag nating lalapitan yun, BONFIRE yun eh!

2) Gadgets - Bagets?

3) Vacation - Playstation?

4) Fishing - Masyadong maikli ang tali mo. Kumuha ka ng FISHING mahaba!

5) Kamote - Tingan mo ang pantal mo, ayan hindi na yan mawawala, kamot ka ng KAMOTE!

6) Snakes - Who's SNAKES in line?

7) Camping - Paano ka ca-camping, wala kang pinggan!

...after this whole camping, let's go to Inday Garutay's sari sari store for something Inday Garutay called it "MISCOMMUNICATION". For instance;

1) "Lagi may toyo sa ulo"

2) "Yung kasambahay ni Dianne, lagi siyang sinasabon ni Dianne"

3) "Tinubuan ng sungay"

4) "Make-up test"

5) "Nagsusunog ng kilay"

6) "Nag-iisang dibdib"

7) "Binabakuran"

8) "Anak ng tupa"

...and that's it for Inday Garutay's Miscommunication. Hope we like "cold cats" as our pulutan. Ha ha ha!

Time to wrap it our fishing trip with a little game of "WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYHOW?!"

1) Sige, hubarin mo na ang suot mo, tatanggalin ko ang lamig mo sa katawan! - Masahista

2) Hindi ako rocker, pero kayang kaya kong mag rock! - Rocking chair

3) Lagi na lang akong tagasalo - Bra

4) Nakunan ako! - model

5) Bakit hindi kayo sigurado tuwing sinasabi n'yo kung ano ako? - baka

6) Ako ang biktima ng murder - Daliri/kuko

7) Bakit kahit matanda na ako binebeybi nyo pa rin ako? - Aling Baby

Friday, September 30, 2011

ARK Performance Veloster for SEMA 2011!

2011 ARK Performance Veloster

The 2012 Hyundai Veloster is definitely an eccentric hatchback because it has one door at the driver's side and two doors at the passenger's side.  It was even featured on the Korean drama, City Hunter, as Lee Min Ho's car of choice.

If that wasn't good enough to your tastes, tuning team ARK Performance decided to kick it up a little to the Hyundai Veloster for this year's SEMA Show this November 1 to 4 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

While specs became scarce before the show, the ARK Performance Veloster is tuned to have a turbocharger on its GDi engine.


We interrupt your moment for some breaking news courtesy of BANANA SPLIT'S ANG TV PATROL NEWS AND OTHER AFFAIRS!

Congressman Roman Romulo lets Shalani to go for showbiz!

The congressman

Uh-huh, he accepts whatever Shalani wants. Whatever Shalani wants, Shalani gets.

And whatever we want aerobics, Jane Panda (Melai Cantiveros) is here again for some new workout routine. 

Jane Panda

Oh wait, Jane Panda has fatigue...

On SA AKIN ANG HULING HALAKHAK, the million peso vase was broken because Aling Maring, Dolores' mom, knocked it by accident. David got mad and the only way to pay off to the damages is her daughter, Dolores. Will this deal work? Find out soon!

On Windy Valdez's weather report, there will be two typhoons coming. If one hasn't rain, the other one will rain.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

2012 Honda City Minor Change

2012 Honda City

What an unsuspecting move...

Here in Thailand, the 2012 Honda City (known in some as the Ballade) minor change has arrived and for this minor change, the City gained a new grille, new X-shaped bumpers, new rims, new rear lamps, ECO indicator, blue-colored instrumental panels, and that's about it.

I hope that Honda Cars Philippines got the memo about the Honda City minor change and bring it here soon.

Driving Music (What is the name of the song on car commercial?) Vol. 13

So, our blog's too "insecure" against incoming attacks coming from people who kept on asking what was that song played on a certain car commercial, eh? Earlier, we got attacked by a hacker who want to find out the song on the BMW 1-Series F20 ad or perhaps an unknown enemy who's asking what was the song in the Kia Sportage commercial. These guys never learn, eh? You better not Google search what you heard on that ad, understood?

Okay, for emergency reasons, another set of Driving Musics (Car Commercial Songs) are on the way:

5. Welcome To The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance - as heard on the latest Subaru Forester "Sunset Drive" Japanese TV ad!

4. Open Up Your Door by Hawley Richard - as heard from the Renault Megane GT Line French TV ad.

3. Sparkle by Ayumi Hamasaki - as heard on the Honda Zest Spark TV ad from Japan since December 2008.

2. Love Will Keep Us Together by Captain and Tenille - as heard from the Philippine Toyota Innova TV ad. I LOVE MY INNOVA!

1. Party Rock by LMFAO - as heard in the latest Kia Soul TV ad (as you know it, the Hamstars are dancing!)

...That's it for now!


You've never seen a BMW 7-Series wearing that kind of rims. Of course, this is one heck of an insane idea. You would see its rims all rigged with some LED lighting. This weird kind of lighting brings the new meaning to the word "BLING BLING" and it goes "IN THE DARK LIKE A BOSS", you know what I'm saying?

Whoever did it must have meant it.

Pedal-powered 5G Grandeur in China!?

In country like China, where the Hyundai 5G Grandeur sold as the Azera, those guys created a pedal-powered version of the Hyundai 5G Grandeur that made everyone fooled that this was a 5G Grandeur.

It was some kind of a Korean luxury car minus the luxury features because this is a pedal-powered version but whoever done it must have meant it.

Special-edition WISH MONOTONE

Toyota Wish 1.8S MONOTONE

On sale next week, the Toyota Wish 1.8S Monotone is the special variant that offers only two colors such as Black and White Pearl Crystal Shine. If you choose black, then the paneling on the inside is black. If you choose white, then the paneling on the inside is white. Simple as that because it's MONOTONE.

Prices start at 2,170,000 Japanese Yen while the 4WD variant cost about 2,359,000 Japanese Yen.

Available for bookings at Netz dealerships this October 3.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We interrupt this program for some breaking news on BANANA SPLIT'S ANG TV PATROL NEWS AND OTHER AFFAIRS!

Lowering the age of those who have criminal liability, rejected by Commission on Human Rights Chairperson Etta Rosales! Why? Because they won't do that to be fair because...they should need "kid cops" to do the jobs against the juveniles.

The kiddie cop

Yep, just to be fair, there should be "kiddie cops" patrolling against juvies. Whatever...

On "Ibang Iba si Eba", we witnessed that what if women are doing the tricycle job.

Female tricycle driver

On another SA AKIN ANG HULING HALAKHAK, Dolores' mom accidentally knocked off the million peso vase! Will David catch the vase? Tune in tomorrow!

The vase! The vase!

And for the weather report according to Windy Valdez, a tropical depression will arrive. Nope, not the typhoon, the TROPICAL DEPRESSION band. We have tickets.

Windy Valdez


Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR '08

This is it. After speculations, Chrysler Group LLC released a raw video footage of the 2010 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR showing that this model reigned as fastest production car at the Nurburgring at the lap time of 7:12.130, making it the 4th fastest!

Here's the proof of achievement:

Is this the perfect time to return the Dodge Viper soon? I mean look at this achievement, this is the proof that we want the Dodge Viper back and hey, I love the SRT10 ACR's crispy engine sound. Congratulations Chrysler Group LLC for such an achievement you've never know you had.

Kia Pride UB meets KARA

Kia Pride UB meets KARA

To keep themselves salivating over the all new Kia Pride UB, the Korean car brand has launched a special site featuring famous K-POP girl team, KARA.

Check out the special site:

On this special Kia Pride site, not only you can find out more about its new exterior, interior, safety, and performance, the KARA girls will tell you how the new Kia Pride is done with their special videos on that special site. Why not check it out?


Since its premieres at Geneva, New York, and Frankfurt, the all new Kia Pride (Rio) UB really throws a curve to the compact car buyers thanks to its distinctive design Peter Schreyer penned it to make it more recognizable and saucy indeed in today's market.

The Pride naming dates back in the year 1986 as a three-door hatchback following with the 5-door version in 1988 and a 4-door sedan (the Kia Pride Beta) in 1990. It was later discontinued in 1994 to give way to the Kia Avella, which was discontinued in 1999 to give way to the Kia Rio. However, in the summer of 2005, the Pride naming returned as the Korean version of the second-generation Kia Rio JB and it was available in sedan and hatchback forms.

2012 Kia Pride

2012 Kia Pride Hatchback

While this new model used the base Hyundai Accent RB as its foundation, the all new, 2012 Kia Pride/Rio UB was a different kind of Korean compact car, using its odds to beat the likelihood of the Hyundai Accent RB, Ford Fiesta, and Chevrolet Aveo/Sonic. The front end can be somewhat rounder than the previous model but with some swooping details because of the trademark "Tiger Nose" grille, which became the center of Kia Motors. It was available in either the 4-door and 5-door hatchback so there are choices to consider for the customers.

2012 Kia Pride interior

The new interior is well-sculpted and well-mannered because of the high-grade finishing materials but it lacks character rather than the Hyundai Accent RB's interior, which has the finest luxury features equipped for their own conveniences. What surprises them is the supervision cluster with a clear back-lit trip computer mounted in the middle, which provides real time information such as distance to empty and optimum fuel consumption. Looks somewhat interesting because that supervision cluster reminds us of that feature we found at the Kia Sportage R. For the Kia Pride Hatchback, there is a 60:40 split folding rear seat to provide plenty of flexibility when carrying loads of baggage.

The main transmission available is a 6-speed automatic transmission with the manual + automatic gate for a smoother driving and the new Pride has two engine types available such as the Gamma 1.4 MPI engine and the Gamma 1.6 GDi engine, both were sourced from the Hyundai Accent RB. The Gamma 1.4 MPI engine is an all new engine that provides 108ps of power, 13.9kg-m of torque, and 16.1km/L of fuel economy while keeping low emissions. The high-performance Gamma 1.6 GDi engine provides 140ps of power, 17.0kg-m of torque, and 16.7km/L of fuel economy. The Pride Eco Plus variant features an idling stop function that can automatically shut off the Gamma 1.6 GDi engine when stopped, providing optimum fuel consumption and lower emissions for a cleaner driving no matter what.

The All New Pride offers a host of safety features such as Cruise Control, Hill Ascend Control, six airbags, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Emergency Signal System, Rear Camera, and back warning system for convenient parallel parking.

Both the All New Kia Pride sedan and hatchback are available in 10 color variations such as Bright Silver, Formal Deep Blue, Electronic Blue, Wendy Brown, Fresh Beige, White, Black, Platinum Graphite, and Signal Red.

My comment:
Of course, we know all about the All New Pride since its world premiere in Geneva, New York, and Frankfurt. We were going to see this new model on the new Korean drama, Poseidon, but does the new Pride got what it takes to win the hearts of many customers who were shying away from the Mazda Demio, Hyundai Accent RB, Toyota Belta, Toyota Vitz, and the Chevrolet Aveo/Sonic? With its seamless design, intuitive performance, and impressive packaging, no wonder that this new model won the Automotive Brand Contest 2011 Best of Best.

One question is, can the new Kia Pride be available in the Philippines as the new Rio like the rest of the world does? See if we care...

Photo: Kia Motors

For your viewing pleasure - 2012 Alphard and 2012 Vellfire Customize Car Lineup!

2012 Toyota Alphard

2012 Toyota Alphard

2012 Toyota Alphard

2012 Toyota Vellfire

2012 Toyota Vellfire

2012 Toyota Vellfire

Both the 2012 Toyota Alphard line-up and the 2012 Toyota Vellfire lineup have a range of Customize Car Lineup for your viewing pleasure in case that you want your 2012 Toyota Alphard and 2012 Toyota Vellfire customized to meet your demands.

First, the 2012 Toyota Alphard "Recommended Exterior" package features a front grille plating, front garnish, three different fog lamps to choose from (Daytime Running, LED, or standard), Door Mirror Cover plating, and side garnish plating.

If the 2012 Toyota Alphard Recommended Exterior package wasn't enough, you can take advantage of the TRD Sportivo version that features front spoiler, rear bumper garnish, LED Daytime Running foglamp set, HID Bulb Set, LEC Crystal Bulb set, Winker Bulb Set, rear roof spoiler, TRD Sportivo suspension set, performance damper set, a choice of 18-inch or 19-inch rims courtesy of TRD, High Response Muffler Version S, and loads of extras.

For those looking for style, an available AERO TOURER KIT, MODELLISTA, KENSTYLE, and MODELLISTA SELECTION customize parts are here and for the ultimate VIP treatment, there is an Alphard Royal Lounge and Royal Lounge LE available with loads of luxury features that are fit for royalty.

Now, let's move to the 2012 Vellfire Recommended Exterior package. This package includes a front grille plating (that looks cool), upper front bumper garnish, lower front bumper garnish, three different fog lamps to choose from (Daytime Running, LED, or standard), Door Mirror Cover plating, and side garnish plating.

The 2012 Vellfire TRD Sportivo package features front spoiler, rear bumper garnish, LED Daytime Running foglamp set, HID Bulb Set, LEC Crystal Bulb set, Winker Bulb Set, rear roof spoiler, TRD Sportivo suspension set, performance damper set, a choice of 18-inch or 19-inch rims courtesy of TRD, High Response Muffler Version S, and loads of extras.

They also offer AERO TOURER KIT, MODELLISTA, admiration, and MODELLISTA SELECTION customize parts and also the mega luxurious Vellfire Royal Lounge and Royal Lounge LE.

For further details about the 2012 Alphard & 2012 Vellfire Customize Car Lineup, contact your nearest Toyopet or Netz dealer.


We interrupt your relaxing pleasure for some breaking news courtesy of ANG TV PATROL NEWS AND OTHER AFFAIRS from BANANA SPLIT LAUGHTERNOON DELIGHT!

An airplane just got engine malfunctions and returned to the airport. A witness told the reporter that he heard something like "BANG! BANG! BANG!" and then, another witness comes it. The reason how did the words "BANG! BANG! BANG! come it is because Ryan Bang's here!

Hey guys! What did I miss?

Turns out Ryan Bang's held responsibility for this...

Then, Jane Panda is here to show a different kind of exercise is called "CHEST BURGER". Just imagine that you're holding a hamburger.

CHEST BURGER with Jane Panda

On SA AKIN ANG HULING HALAKHAK, David revealed that...ugh, there was a flashback, and then David asked Dolores' mom to be careful not to hit the vase but Dolores' mom asked how much is that vase is. HOW MUCH IS THAT VASE IS? FIND OUT SOON!

Dolores' Mom

On the weather report: Dry forests will get wet because of the typhoon that often comes out, comes in.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The second-generation Mazda Axela was arrived since June 2009 and it help revolutionized the "idling stop" boom thanks to its "i-stop" feature that automatically shuts off its engine when stopped. This car was already exported worldwide as the all new Mazda 3 and the Philippines was the only country that didn't get it until next year. While we are mourning on our poor predicament, we are getting mow down with the introduction of the minor change of the second-generation Mazda Axela and if that wasn't enough, the minor change will see its arrival of the 20-SKYACTIV variant, the second Mazda to be equipped with SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY since the Mazda Demio/2.

2012 Mazda Axela

On its latest minor change, the Mazda Axela gained a new, engaging, efficient exterior that provides well-round sportiness and it offers in two body styles such as the 4-door sedan and the 5-door Sport hatchback. The refined design is made to be more appealing to the crowd and the improved aerodynamics provides a deduction to its carbon emission. This is how the true beauty of the new Axela outshines the crowd.

2012 Mazda Axela interior

The interior of the Mazda Axela minor change gains some minor cosmetic changes such as a silver-colored, satin-polished details, silver-on-black color scheme, color adjustments at the Multi Information Display (MID) and liquid crystal display (LCD), and sporty twin-meter design of the instrument cluster highlighted with new, continuous-lit white graphic meters for vibrant clarity. To add some convenience, the Mazda Axela comes with BOSE Surround Sound System for the best sound experience like no other.


The PE-VPS engine on the 2012 Mazda Axela SKYACTIV

2012 Mazda Axela SKYACTIV's i-DM

Marked as the 2nd Mazda to be equipped with SKYACTIV Technology, the Mazda Axela 20-SKYACTIV comes with the new PE-VPS (2.0L 4-cylinder DOHC 16-Valve SKYACTIV-G) direct injection engine that provides the best compression ratio, 4-2-1 exhaust system for the excellent knock-resistant technology, and combustion improvement. If the PE-VPS engine wasn't enough, a new SKYACTIV-DRIVE was equipped and this one has all the advantages of a conventional step CVT, Dual Clutch, and Step Automatic Transmission. The new SKYACTIV-DRIVE is the ultimate automatic transmission developed exclusively to the Mazda Axela SKYACTIV variants, which provides good fuel economy at both low and high speeds, easy start up (Launch feel), easy start up on hill (Creep), direct feel, and smooth shifting (Shifting Quality). This new transmission is "ideal for global market" like a region-free Playstation 3 if you know what I mean. With this region-free SKYACTIV-DRIVE, the fuel economy of the Mazda Axela SKYACTIV is good for 20.0km/L based on Japan's 10-15 mode scale and 17.6km/L based on Japan's JC08 mode scale. This has bound to be the best SKYACTIV-powered model ever made and it also comes with the exclusive i-DM (intelligent Drive Master) which provides real time information and some advices before you get off the Axela SKYACTIV.

2012 Mazda Axela

Despite this, they still offer the conventional MZR 1.5L DOHC engine that comes with [CVT+7-speed Manual Mode] that provides 18.4km/L of fuel economy based on Japan's 10-15 Mode scale.

2012 Mazda Axela

The Mazda Axela understands that safety is its top priority and it comes with a host of safety features such as Adaptive Front Lighting System, Bi-Xenon Headlamps, Rear Vehicle Monitoring System that detects incoming vehicles from behind, Emergency Signal System, Dynamic Stability Control, anti-lock braking system with Electronic Braking Distribution, MAGMA (Mazda Geometric Motion Absorption) body, and SRS airbags.

2012 Mazda Axela

The Mazda Axela sedan and Sport comes with seven unique color variations such as Sky Blue Mica, Graphite Mica, Indigo Light Mica, Velocity Red Mica, Black Mica, Aluminum Metallic, and Crystal White Pearl Mica.

My Comment:
The arrival of the second-generation Mazda Axela's minor change and with the addition of the new Mazda Axela SKYACTIV really have Philippine Mazda fans begging to FGP-Mazda to bring the all new model soon and yes, we can't take it too long before the all new Mazda Axela/3 to come to the Philippines at the first half of next year. Couldn't come closer...

Photo: Mazda Motor Corporation

The Berlinetta Boxer

Song played on my Personal BGM: NAKED GENIUS by Haqua (CV: Saori Hayami)
From the album: Kaminomi Character CD.00 Haqua starring SAORI HAYAMI

Nighttime driving with the Berlinetta Boxer

The "BB" in the Ferrari 512BB naming stands for "Berlinetta Boxer" and this 512BB was the updated version of the 365 GT4 BB, which dates back in the 1970's. The Ferrari 512BB was produced from 1976 to 1981 with 929 units built and it was replaced by a much updated version called the 512i BB, which lasted from 1981 to 1984 with 1007 units produced. However, we're talking about the Berlinetta Boxer featured on GT5, which is the Ferrari 512BB, the lowest priced Ferrari you can get on GT5 for just 102,500 credits (Level 8 required).

We can see the 512BB hanging out in Kyoto

When you talk about "Berlinetta Boxer", this is bound to be Ferrari's first to be equipped with a Boxer engine, meaning that this engine has its pistons positioned horizontally, but the "512" naming in the 512BB refers to its 5.0-litre, 12-cylinder engine. Perhaps there is such thing as a boxer-12 engine and this was the kind of Ferrari your dad drove it back to his highschool days. This 5-litre boxer-12 engine is capable of releasing 355HP/6800rpm of power output, 332.71ft-lb/4600rpm of torque, and it weighs 1400kg because of its steel tube space frame. It was designed by both Pininfarina and Scagletti and this car had a top speed of 302kph, meaning that's 2kph faster than the Lamborghini Countach.

When Berlinetta Boxers attack

A proud owner of this legendary supercar nostalgia could tune this car to as much as 540HP/7600rpm of power, 448ft-lb/5400rpm of torque and 1166kg of weight. However, if you tone it down to meet its 550PP regulations at the Supercar Nostalgia Cup, the Ferrari 512BB is highly "not recommended". Why? You may think that this Supercar Nostalgia is faster than the Countach but no, it will get its back kicked by the 1960's pre-production Lamborghini Miura P400. Honestly, it was lived in an era where Traction Control and anti-lock brakes hasn't been invented yet and mastering the 512BB takes a lot of effort because of the braking. Of course, because the 512BB in real life doesn't have TCS and ABS, this is going to be a bit difficult to master and it requires a few tricks to figure this out.

Ferrari 512BB attacks the Shutokou
The Ferrari 512BB is all about Supercar Nostalgia at its best. Like most Ferraris, it was listed as a Premium Tier car, allowing owners to change its rims or take them to a Photo Travel. It may not be a good "bragging right" that you own this car on this game but the Ferrari 512BB is focused to be somewhat a good part of your collection.

Ferrari 512BB relaxing in Kyoto again

FIAT 500C meets J-LO

Well, what do you know?

A Fiat 500C was appeared in Jennifer Lopez's music video of her new song, Papi!

I was impressed to see the Fiat 500C debuted in Jennifer Lopez's latest song and hey, that 500C looks great even though this music video is one heck of a riot for men who just can't get enough of J-LO!

Man, I just want that song! And also that car! ^^

Jean Alesi considers taking on Indy 500...

Despite being aged, former Formula One racer and Group Lotus brand ambassador, Jean Alesi (ジャン・アレジ), has a lot of stuff to do on his quota, especially if he's taking on INDY 500 next year with Lotus.

This is the first time Jean Alesi's taking on the oval racing, especially Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and his role as a global brand ambassador with Lotus will serve as the key role for the 2012 Indy 500 race this May.

For someone like Alesi, age is just a number and it's not a hindrance to his career.

Wow Mali pranks - September 26, 2011

Joey De Leon and Enchong Go at the bar

Pranks pulled on the September 26, 2011 episode of Wow Mali:

1) Payong Kapatid - Need some advice? Don't worry, we're here to fool you, I mean, to help you.

2) Doray Alaskadora - This troublemaker's painting everyone's faces "OSCURO"!

Paint this guy's face "black" with Doray!

3) Takbo Barbero Takbo - Hey Mr. Barber man! My haircut's not yet done! Where are you going?!

4) Shocking Pen - This street magic will shock you, literally, at the click of his ball pen!

5) Pulubi Black Mail - Those beggars are taking it seriously....TOO SERIOUSLY.

6) FX MAKE-UP - One joyride at the FX would ruin your make-up, seriously, if this FX braked. Don't blame the passenger sitting next to you...

7) Magic Ipis - If you say "ipis", I mean yes, the "ipis" is on your hand.

8) Star Confusion - Celebrities like Gio Alvarez and Nikki Bacolod got "confused" on another STAR CONFUSION!

Gio Alvarez in a Wow Mali episode!

Nikki Bacolod in a Wow Mali episode!


We interrupt your laughter for some breaking news courtesy of BANANA SPLIT LAUGHTERNOON DELIGHT'S ANG TV PATROL NEWS AND OTHER AFFAIRS!

Ang palaboy sa kalye

Several "palaboy" in the streets will be caught by the MMDA, but this guy thought the word "palaboy" is "Playboy". Not only he's deaf, he's blind.

Then, for the weekday gags, inuman gags!

Let's drink!

On "Ibang-iba si Eba", we witness what if women are collecting your garbage.

Let me take your trash

Then on "Once Hapon a Time presents Sa Akin ang Huling Halakhak", the reason how did Dolores stabbed David is..."Naaalala mo bang ginawa sa nanay ko?"

What did I done?

And for the weather report, expect a very "dark" weather or as this weather reporter called it FLOYD MAY-WEATHER!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Toyota Pixis Space (L575A/L585A)

Over the years, Toyota Motor Corporation never made any single "Light Weight K Car" or "kei car" but their interest was made by Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd., which in fact Toyota owns Daihatsu for that reason. At the past, we see Daihatsu Storia models wearing Toyota badges as the Toyota Duet, the Daihatsu Boon as the Toyota Passo, and the Daihatsu Be-Go (known in emerging countries as the Terios) as the Toyota Rush. And now for the first time, thanks to the joint custody between Toyota and Daihatsu, Toyota finally start selling its first "kei car" under the "PIXIS" sub-brand. Meet the 2012 Toyota Pixis Space, a Daihatsu Move Conte wearing a Toyota badge!

2012 Toyota Pixis Space

2012 Toyota Pixis Space Custom

The 2012 Toyota Pixis Space is the first of the Toyota Pixis sub-brand, where these models are sourced from Daihatsu, and this is the first of its kind. The Toyota Pixis Space comes in two unique styles; standard version for simple tastes and Custom version for fashionable tastes. The Toyota Pixis Space features a boxy look which is too similar from its big brothers such as the Toyota bB and the Toyota Corolla Rumion and hey, looks like this is start of something we would like to call it Toyota's "box car" club but enough of this laughing manner because we are getting serious about Toyota's first kei car sold in Japan in cooperation with Daihatsu. On the standard version, we're looking at something simple such as the squarish headlamps, odd-looking grille, and simple rear lamps while the Pixis Space Custom, on the other hand, features a billet-style grille, odd-looking headlamps, rectangular fog lamps, and some Altezza-style rear lamps to bring out something sporty.

2012 Toyota Pixis Space interior

2012 Toyota Pixis Space Custom interior

What you will see on the interior of the standard Pixis Space are some red lines accentuated on the seats and the dashboard to give it a little something French because these red lines look more reasonable on the light interior but on the Pixis Space Custom, a blend of dark interior and white lines does suit well but if your choice was the RS version, an exclusive MOMO steering wheel is equipped to make it well mannered.

Most Pixis Space variants come with a 658cc Twin Cam DVVT 3-cylinder 12-valve engine that produces 38kW(52PS)/7,200r.p.m. of power output and 60N・m(6.1kgf・m)/4,000r.p.m. of torque output. It provides CVT as the standard transmission available on most variants and it will provide a maximum fuel economy of 25.5km/L (2WD variants) in Japan's 10-15 Mode scale thanks to Daihatsu's Eco Idle feature which provides idling stop to this engine, making it to stop automatically when stopped at the red light. On the Toyota Pixis Space Custom RS, it will have an exclusive turbocharged version of a 658cc Twin Cam DVVT 3-cylinder 12-valve engine, providing 47kW(64PS)/6,000r.p.m. of power output, 103N・m (10.5kgf・m)/3,000r.p.m. of torque output and the fuel economy of 19.0 km/L (2WD variants) based on Japan's 10-15 Mode scale.

The standard Toyota Pixis Space offers seven exterior colors such as Bright Silver Metallic, Black Mica Metallic, Plum Brown Crystal Mica, Pearl White III, Light Rose Mica Metallic, Cotton Ivory, and Mist Blue Mica Metallic while the Toyota Pixis Space Custom offers five exterior colors such as Bright Silver Metallic, Black Mica Metallic, Plum Brown Crystal Mica, Pearl White III and Urban Night Blue Crystal Metallic.

My Comment:
The team up between Toyota and Daihatsu realizing the dream to have Toyota selling its first kei car under the Pixis sub brand and the Toyota Pixis Space, based on the Daihatsu Move Conte, was the first of its kind. Consider it the petite of Toyota's box cars such as the bB and the Corolla Rumion, the Toyota Pixis Space has a lot of learning to do, even though it comes in two different flavors such as the standard version and the Custom version. Adopting the concept of "my space", the new Toyota Pixis Space is best suited to your everyday lifestyles. It wasn't easy being the first kei car sold from Toyota but the Pixis Space has a few tricks on its sleeves.

Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation
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