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My favorite Chevys - 100 years from now (Part Five)

Time now for numbers 41 to 50 of my list of 100 favorite Chevrolets in celebration of Chevrolet's 100th anniversary!

41) Chevrolet Captiva - The real SUV packs with more pace. This was a direct competitor to the Kia Sorento and the Hyundai Santa Fe because this car was made in South Korea. Normally, this was sold as the Daewoo Winstorm in summer 2006 but now, it was renamed as Chevrolet Captiva as part of replacing the Daewoo brand with Chevrolet.

2012 Chevrolet Captiva

42) Eleventh-generation Chevrolet Suburban - The Chevrolet Suburban was a legend in the Chevrolet lineup and on its eleventh-generation, it looks as much luxurious as the Ford Expedition and the styling is somewhat average. Imagine if politicians are riding with this one!

2007 Chevrolet Suburban

43) Tenth-generation Chevrolet Suburban - The eleventh-generation Suburban looks luxurious but the tenth-generation model looks highly memorable to me. Ruggedness and luxuriousness is the main theme on this one.

2003 Chevrolet Suburban

44) Second-generation Chevrolet Equinox - Undeniably this is the best Equinox I have ever seen in my life not only by its looks and its comfort but I think because of its reliability and now I can see lots of second-generation Equinox models roaming around. A practical crossover made for the practical American family.

2010 Chevrolet Equinox

45) Chevrolet TrailBlazer - The TrailBlazer is the successor to the Blazer and this SUV is somewhat good. Even when this model no longer produced since 2008, Russia still makes one of those and a successor, based on the new Colorado, is in the works. Sadly though, this new model won't come to the USA.

2006 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

46) Chevrolet Forester - A Subaru Forester with Chevrolet badge? Yes, it does exist in India.

Chevrolet Forester

47) Chevrolet Tavera - Chevrolet's Asian Utility Vehicle is a rebadged version of the Isuzu Crosswind. Looks suspicious but still this is a Crosswind dressed as a Chevy in India. Not bad.

Chevrolet Tavera

48) Chevrolet Tracker - A second-generation Suzuki Escudo rebadged as a Chevrolet might seem to be redundant but it doesn't matter for me.

2002 Chevrolet Tracker

49) Chevrolet Captiva Sport (based on the Opel Antara) - In some countries, there was a feistier side of the Chevrolet Captiva and this was a rebadged version of the Opel Antara. This crossover is called the Captiva Sport. Although there is no Saturn Vue, this Opel Antara-based SUV landed in the USA again as the Chevrolet Captiva Sport but unfortunately, this is for rental purposes only so you can't own it.

2011 Chevrolet Captiva Sport

50) Chevrolet Traverse - a common crossover in the USA, the Chevrolet Traverse is the first full-size crossover that brings more pace than the Equinox and I think this Chevrolet looks somewhat very practical to the average American family. As of now, I can see plenty of these.

2009 Chevrolet Traverse be continued in Part Six of my blog...

Bentleys are coming!

2011 Bentley Mulsanne

PGA Cars, official distributor of Audi, Porsche, and soon, Lamborghini in the Philippines, is pleased to announced that British luxury marque, Bentley, is indeed coming to the Philippines very soon. The announcement was made by some source who believed there are some customers are already placing orders for a Bentley. We don't know what Bentley was but I believe that it could be the Continental GT. So, is Bentley readies its arrival in the Philippines?

What we learned on the October 29, 2011 episode of Sabadabadog

What we learned on the October 29, 2011 episode of Sabadabadog?

- Count with Sabadabadog and Ate Michelle about yarns!

- Don Kahon takes us for a trip to the costume shop where we can see good and scary costumes and how does these costumes made!

- Bebe Garu teaches us some new moves! Act like monkeys!

- We learned the letter F!

- Kuya Tonipet tells us a story about a Tikbalang with a different attitude...he never scares anyone!

- Mei-Mei showcases the number 9!

- Today's Lesson: Everyone has different likes and beliefs. We respect their understandings.

"May I go out with Jessica?"

What just happened on the October 28, 2011 episode of Bubble Gang?

- Some "Dito na lang ako matulog sa kwarto mo" gags that disrupts your slumber

- Two remaining soldiers from rival factions fake their deaths to their commanders!

- Time to get ready for the arrival of The Godfather, who is gay...

- This guy complains about the taxi he's riding...


- "May I go out with Jessica?" Bubble Gang does Lewis & Pearl Body Mist by gagging this commercial as Low Waist & Curl Body Mist!

Bubble Gang does Lewis & Pearl Body Mist!

- Bagoong, Bagwis, and Boy Pick Up sizzles up Neneng B for another set of Pick Up Lines we all love to hear it only on Bubble Gang 4x4!



Boy Pick Up

1) Araw ka ba? Ang hot mo kasi!

2) Ayoko na sa sarili ko. Kasi ang gusto ko, ikaw!

3) Sigurado akong wala kang kakambal. Ang hirap kasi maghanap ng katulad mo!

4) Dadalhin kita sa Home For The Aged. Kasi I wanna grow old with you!

5) Sana tubig na lang ako at ikaw ang isda. Para hindi kita mabuhay kung wala ako!

6) Sana statue na lang ako....

7) Asthma ka ba? Kasi you take my breath away!

8) Athlete's Foot ka ba? Happy birthday!

- Here we are again and there you are again for another Balitang News!

Balitang News

- Cheche & Bureche are getting scared at some old house

Cheche Bureche

- Iyotube with Moymoy Palaboy and the boys!

- Kuya Botchie's here again for some new answers for some old Bugtong Dugtong like this; 

1) Isang princesa, nakaupo sa tasa - Princess Kate, nasiraan ang tiyan!

2) Dumating si Tarzan, nawasak ang daan - Driver ng bus, sa flyover!

3) Heto na si Pina, kayrami ng mata - Isang babaeng maraming pigsa sa mukha!

4) Baboy ko sa pulo, balahibo ay pako - Hardware!

A very explosive Top Gear original video coming this November!

Richard Hammond and James May navigates this special action packed Top Gear original video coming to DVD and Blu-ray this November 14 in the United Kingdom under the title of "TOP GEAR AT THE MOVIES".

Top Gear At The Movies recreates the most famous movie car chases and stunts with a wide variety of cars. Oh, and did I mention that there will be new cars to be featured on this original Top Gear video such as the all new 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG, BMW 1-Series M Coupe, and the Vauxhall VXR8 GTS.

2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG in
Top Gear at the Movies

2011 Vauxhall VXR8 GTS in
Top Gear at the Movies

This is one explosive treat we sure wish to have...

Friday, October 28, 2011

My favorite Chevys - 100 years from now (Part Four)

Okay, now for numbers 31 to 40 on my 100 favorite Chevys in celebration of the brand''s 100th year!

31) 2012/2013 Chevrolet Colorado - This would be the best midsize pickup from Chevrolet yet. Thailand gets it first because this country has strong presence of midsize pickups. I just hope this model will come to the USA and in the Philippines soon...

2012 Chevrolet Colorado

32) First-generation Chevrolet Avalanche - This first-generation Avalanche is highly memorable because this is the first full-size sport utility truck that has a special open bed that opens to the back seat area by a midgate for convenience.

2002 Chevrolet Avalanche

33) Chevrolet SSR - this kind of Chevrolet is made to be somewhat retro when it came out in 2002 as a 2003 model and considerably confusing if this one is a pick-up truck or a roadster. Either way, they've created the most memorable masterpiece that combines these two body styles as a ute (coupe utility).

2003 Chevrolet SSR

34) First-generation Chevrolet Silverado - I remember this full-size pickup truck when it first came to the Philippines to take on the likes of the Ford F-150. Too bad they didn't last long because of poor sales.

1999 Chevrolet Silverado

35) Chevrolet Colorado (US Version) - So this midsize pickup truck follows where the Chevrolet S10 left off and believe me. This pick-up truck became much more better than the Chevrolet S10 in the past. Commonly, this US-spec Colorado was used by the government as roadside assistance.

2004 Chevrolet Colorado

36) Chevrolet Colorado (Thailand Version) - This is a different Colorado I have never seen in my entire life. The Philippines never had one of these Colorado trucks but that's okay, this Colorado uses the platform from Isuzu so, it's just the same feeling.

Thai-spec Chevrolet Colorado

37) Second-generation Chevrolet S10 - A memorable Chevrolet medium-sized pickup truck. Even when this one's already out of production, Brazil still makes one of those...

2001 Chevrolet S10

38) Chevrolet Montana - This small Chevrolet pickup is definitely based on the Opel Astra. No wonder the Brazilians had this kind of cool pickup and we're getting jealous to have this kind of compact pickup truck. This pickup truck is small but terrible.

2011 Chevrolet Montana

39) Second-generation Chevrolet Silverado - This model is the best Chevrolet full-size pickup truck in North America. An average American become so proud to this pickup truck that this Silverado always listens to the heartbeat of America.

2012 Chevrolet Silverado

40) Second-generation Chevrolet Avalanche - this latest Avalanche is somewhat a Suburban with a cab. Anyway, this Chevrolet looks good and its more made to be more utilitarian rather than being classy.

2007 Chevrolet Avalanche be continued in Part Five of my blog...

Suzuki Alto K10 arrives in the Philippines

Suzuki Alto K10

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 has arrived in the Philippines as the "Suzuki Alto K10" and this new version of the Suzuki Alto compact comes with the all new 1.0L K-Series engine which produces 68PS of power and 90Nm of torque. The Suzuki Alto K10 features refined exterior, refined interior,  power steering, and a 5-speed manual transmission. Prices start at 439,000 Philippine Pesos.

Honda's new kei car makes a surprise appearance!

New Honda kei car

During the launch event of the new Freed Hybrid lineup and Insight minor change, a new kei car from Honda makes a special appearance.

Honda calls it the N-BOX. Okay, we don't know its specs, we really don't know its specs, no one knows its specs, we don't want to know because it made a surprise appearance and surprises do come with small brains.

This new kei car from Honda will be a direct rival to the Daihatsu Tanto, Suzuki Palette, and Nissan Roox. It will come at the end of the year.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Motor Trend 2012 Sport/Utility of the Year is the Evoque!

2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Coupe

The Range Rover Evoque is definitely one of the best crossover utility vehicles I have ever seen in my life. The design is sexy, the interior is top notch, the performance is too good to be great, and above all else, I love it.

Because of such impression, the Range Rover Evoque won the Motor Trend 2012 Sport/Utility of the Year. According to Motor Trend's Angus MacKenzie, the Evoque is the bold step ahead on the fastest growing category.

Honda Freed & Freed Spike facelift / Honda Freed Hybrid & Freed Spike Hybrid

I want to talk about the Honda Freed. Okay, that car was launched in May 2008 as a 2009 model and this was the most practical Honda minivan ever made in Asia using the platform lifted from the Honda Fit/Jazz as a foundation. It was later exported in countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. Then on the July of 2010, the Freed Spike debuted and it features a sporty profile and made to be more utilitarian than being a minivan. With these two gained success, the Honda Freed series welcomes them their first facelift and that's not all, Honda welcomes the Freed Hybrid and Freed Spike Hybrid in the ever growing Honda Hybrids line-up consisting the Honda Insight, Honda Fit Hybrid, Honda Fit Shuttle Hybrid, and the Honda CR-Z.

What's new on the Freed?

2012 Honda Freed Hybrid

2012 Honda Freed

2012 Honda Freed Hybrid interior

On the standard Freed, we should expect new rims depending on the grade, a revised front grille, new side view mirror, Vehicle Stability Assist, Hill Start Assist, standard three-point ELR seat belts, Plating + Clear rear combination lamps, headlight garnish, and impressive cosmetic updates on the Freed's G Aero variant. Now, they dropped the 5-seater Freed Flex variant and this model's available only in 6-seater and 7-seater variants.

The standard Freed is powered by a L15A (1.5L i-VTEC) engine that produces 118PS/6,600rpm of power output and 144Nm/4,800rpm of torque output. FF variants come with a CVT that provides them 17.0km/L of fuel economy based on Japan's 10-15 Mode test cycle. On the other hand, 4WD variants of the Freed come with the 5-speed automatic transmission that provides them 14.0km/L of fuel economy based on Japan's 10-15 Mode test cycle.

You will be able to distinguish the Freed Hybrid from the crowd of its unique front grille, HYBRID badge on the side and rear view, unique rear lamps, and the 1.5L i-VTEC engine with Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) that provides 24.0km/L of fuel econmy based on Japan's 10-15 Mode test cycle (21.6km/L on JC08 cycle).

Available in seven color variations such as Premium White Pearl, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Super Platinum Metallic, Polished Metal Metallic, Premium Blackish Pearl, Cobalt Blue Pearl, and Premium Blue Opal Metallic.

What's new on the Freed Spike?

2012 Honda Freed Spike Hybrid

2012 Honda Freed Spike

2012 Honda Freed Spike Hybrid interior

It was been there last year but the upgrades on the Freed Spike keeps this utility minivan updated such as new rims, new side view mirrors, standard armrests, Vehicle Stability Control, Hill Start Assist, standard three-point ELR seat belts, and ECON button.

The standard Freed Spike is powered by a L15A (1.5L i-VTEC) engine that produces 118PS/6,600rpm of power output and 144Nm/4,800rpm of torque output. FF variants come with a CVT that provides them 17.0km/L of fuel economy based on Japan's 10-15 Mode test cycle. On the other hand, 4WD variants of the Freed Spike come with the 5-speed automatic transmission that provides them 14.0km/L of fuel economy based on Japan's 10-15 Mode test cycle.

You will be able to distinguish the Freed Spike Hybrid from the crowd of its unique front grille, HYBRID badge on the side and rear view, unique rear lamps, and the 1.5L i-VTEC engine with Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) that provides 24.0km/L of fuel econmy based on Japan's 10-15 Mode test cycle (21.6km/L on JC08 cycle).

Available in seven color variations such as Premium White Pearl, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Super Platinum Metallic, Polished Metal Metallic, Premium Blackish Pearl, Cool Turquoise Metallic, and Premium Blue Opal Metallic.

My comment:

The addition of the Hybrid lineup on the Honda Freed and Honda Freed Spike really tries to keep this minivan update even when these two Honda minivans updated with new extras. Those minivans can be highly essential to the average Japanese families, especially the soccer moms everywhere.

Photo: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Honda Insight (ZE2) facelift & Honda Insight Exclusive (ZE3)

2012 Honda Insight

2012 Honda Insight Exclusive

Since the Honda Insight's return in February 2009 as a 2010 model, this car began the Honda Green Machine revolution as HONDA GREEN MACHINE 001 and its comeback truly shaped up the hybrid regime that ruled Japan and the world market. Two years later, the Honda Insight is ready for its midlife facelift and this minor change gained two types such as the original Insight and the all new Insight Exclusive.

For this minor change, the Honda Insight received a new front face complete with some lighting at the front grille and new front bumper design that makes it sporty. On the back, mild revisions have been made courtesy of some silver paneling. Here on the all new Insight Exclusive, expect a different front bumper and a different rear view to differentiate it from the standard Insight.

2012 Honda Insight interior

2012 Honda Insight Exclusive interior

The Insight's interior remains the same quality as the pre-facelift model, accommodating up to five passengers and the rear seats can be folded down for spacious uses. There is an optional seat heater that provides warm on the seats, which is essential on the long cold nights on the road.

The standard Insight is powered with the LDA (1.3L IMA) engine that produces a standard power output of 88PS/5,800rpm and 121Nm/4,500rpm of torque output. It comes with the MF6 electric motor that produces 10kW of power. Previously, the Insight's 1.3L engine has the fuel economy of 30.0km/L in 10-15 Mode scale but thanks to its aerodynamics on the exterior, the 1.3L engine now achieves a new fuel economy of 31.0km/L on 10-15 Mode scale. For easy driving, a CVT is equipped on the standard Insight and it comes with the Drive-By-Wire for throttle control.

The Insight Exclusive uses the LEA (1.5L IMA) engine lifted from the Honda CR-Z, producing 111PS/6,000rpm of power output, and 142Nm/4,800rpm of torque output. It even comes with the 10kW MF6 electric motor. The Insight Exclusive lets you fully enjoy both "Eco Driving" and "Sports Driving" because of the 7-speed Manual Mode on its CVT. With all these, the Insight Exclusive's 1.5L engine provides 26.5km/L of fuel economy on the 10-15 Mode scale, on par with the seventh generation Toyota Camry.

The new Insight has eight color variations to choose from:
1) Super Platinum Aqua Metallic (exclusive on the standard Insight)
2) Premium Bronze Pearl (exclusive on the Insight Exclusive)
3) Premium White Pearl
4) Premium Deep Rosso Pearl
5) Premium Dynamic Blue Pearl
6) Alabaster Silver Metallic
7) Polished Metal Metallic
8) Crystal Black Pearl

My comment:

The latest Honda Insight facelift is everything but luxurious. The standard Insight looks simple enough and the all new Insight Exclusive is way beyond premium. These two styles are a different point of view on Honda's mainstream hybrid car that became a top rival to the Toyota Prius.

We're still waiting when will the new Honda Insight hit the Philippine market soon!!!

Photo: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

My favorite Chevys - 100 years from now (Part Three)

Time for numbers 21 to 30 in the list of my 100 favorite Chevrolet cars of all kinds in tribute to the brand's 100th anniversary!

21) Eighth Generation Chevrolet Malibu - This eighth-generation Malibu, on sale in the USA early next year, would be the best Malibu I want to see because now, it will be marketed globally and South Koreans have it first before China, USA, Europe, and others. I hope the Philippines will have one too!

2013 Chevrolet Malibu

22) Chevrolet Lumina (based on the Holden VE Commodore) - While Americans are mourned at the death of the Pontiac G8 sedan, which was the Americanized version of the Holden VE Commodore, it seems that Arabs are getting more fun with the Dubai Version of the Holden VE Commodore, which is the Chevrolet Lumina. This is the coolest Chevrolet sport sedan we, Filipinos, want but don't worry, because this is a Dubai Version, there's a big chance we can see it on gray market dealers that sell Dubai Version cars at high prices.

2008 Chevrolet Lumina (Dubai Version)

23) Chevrolet Caprice Royale (Dubai Version) - Dubai Version Chevrolet Caprice Royale, which was based on the Holden WM Statesman, is definitely the most drool-worthy premium sedan that takes on the likes of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7-Series, Audi A8, or even the Lexus LS460. I kinda love its interior though because it made me feel like a CEO of a big company.

2011 Chevrolet Caprice Royale

24) Chevrolet Epica (V250) - Back in January 2006, GM Daewoo launched a new medium sedan that replaces the rubbish Magnus, which is none other than the GM Daewoo Tosca. Later on, it was exported worldwide as the Chevrolet Epica and too bad, the USA didn't get it after Suzuki discontinued the Daewoo Magnus-based Verona sedan. Only Canadians get it until this Epica will be replaced by the global Chevrolet Malibu next year. But still, this is the most memorable Chevrolet I will surely miss it because of its "epic occasion" but the interior kinda looks like the fourth-generation Subaru Legacy, which is nice.

2011 Chevrolet Epica

25) Chevrolet Lumina (based on the Holden VZ Commodore) - This is the kind of Lumina we should be getting, not the one that was based on the China-spec Buick Regal six years ago as the Chevrolet Lumina 2.5 V6. To me, this is the best Lumina the Arabs drove it.

2004 Chevrolet Lumina SS (Dubai Version)

26) Seventh-generation Chevrolet Malibu - Although I'm not utterly impressed about the seventh-generation Malibu's behavior, I'm still impressed by this car from the way how it looks. I commonly see those models on American roads.

2008 Chevrolet Lumina

27) Eighth-generation Chevrolet Impala - I love this kind of Impala because the rear view kinda looks like the R33 Skyline GT-R. Still, it's common to see those as taxis just like the Ford Crown Victoria,

2004 Chevrolet Impala SS

28) Fifth-generation Chevrolet Malibu - The only thing that surprised me about the fifth-generation Chevrolet Malibu is the trademark Malibu logo used on the front and back when it came in 1997 but in 2000, the trademark Malibu logo was ditched in favor of using the corporate logo. When the Sixth-generation Chevrolet Malibu came in 2004, this generation remained as the Chevrolet Classic up until 2005.

2000 Chevrolet Lumina

29) Ninth-generation Chevrolet Impala - This latest Impala seems to have a rubbish front view, good-looking rear view, and a decent-looking cabin. I've probably seen those everywhere as taxis but it wasn't as good as the Ford Taurus. Despite that, I'll mark this Impala as one of the great moments in Chevrolet history.

2006 Chevorlet Impala

30) Chevrolet Lumina Philippine Version - Six years ago, we got this one instead of the Commodore-based Lumina from Dubai. Why did we get this? Doesn't matter but still this is the kind of Chevrolet Lumina that is somewhat "Only in the Philippines".

2005 Chevrolet Lumina (Philippine Version) be continued in Part Four of my list...
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