Saturday, November 5, 2011

"Love Namin Talaga!"

What just happened on the November 4, 2011 episode of Bubble Gang 4x4?

- Some Emergency Phone Call gags...

- Never underestimate the power of the PULIS BATUTA!

- Two old ladies are trying to mess up with some old man via video shooting on a cellphone!

- Teacher says if you haven't bring the required material like batteries for Science class gets to go home. For Cheche, lending the battery for Bureche made the teacher sent Cheche to go out, with Dad at the carnival!

Cheche Bureche

- Bubble Gang does Chippy, if they can pass the initiation: Spoof this commercial as Choppy...if she can pass the initiation! CHOPPY! LOVE NAMIN TALAGA!

Bubble Gang does Chippy

- Ayt! Ayt! Katahimikan! Katahimikan! Time for some Bubble Gang Pickup Lines!



1) Neneng, marunong ka bang sumalo? Kasi, nahuhulog ang puso ko!

2) Sana diamond ako. Para matawag mo akong mahal!

3) Kagabi hinid ako makatulog eh. Kasi ikaw ang sinisigaw sa puso ko.

4) Tok-tok-tok-tok-tok! Gusto kong pumasok sa puso mo!

Boy Pick Up

5) Peanut ka ba? Kasi, peanut-tibok mo ang puso ko!

6) Si Sam Pinto ka ba? Kala ko, si Neneng. Yung nga...

7) Pwede mo bang tanggalin ang damit mo? Kasi gusto kong makita ang pakpak ng anghel!

8) Hermes bag ka ba? Kasi, kapatid ni Jeremy si Coney. Anak ni Tita Ledie. Di ko kilala, BOOM!

- One hospital drama goes with beepings...Toot...Toot...Toot...Ding!

- An interview with Dr. Marino, who invented a secret weapon so secret, we'll never know what it is...

Dr. Marino

For Your Eyes Only

- The boys are attending to some seminar to avoid infuriating the ladies...

- IyoTube in Westlife's I Have A Dream

Friday, November 4, 2011

"What is Helsinki Syndrome?" by Richard Hammond

Is this how get for having Helsinki Syndrome?

The Lamborghini Aventador is the newest V12 flagship Lamborghini that shares the success from its half-a-century of predecessors such as the Miura, Countach, Diablo, and Murcielago. It uses an all new 6.5L V12 engine codenamed L539, which is the first all new V12 engine from Lamborghini for almost 50 years and what's surprisingly that a full-year supply of these Aventador models have been sold out since its unveiling at Geneva.

Aventador vs. Murcielago Super Veloce

Where does the Aventador name come from? It was named after a legendary trophy-winning bull in Spanish bullfighting and this bull that bore the number 32 faced a deadly battle with a torero at Zaragoza, Spain, earning the title of "Trofeo de la Pena La Madronera".

With the arrival of Forza Motorsport 4's November Speed Pack, players can now fight against their rivals to the limits on the all new Lamborghini Aventador. In the past, most Lamborghini cars in the past focused only on top speed, acceleration, and handling. For the Aventador, handling comes first while setting top speed to its lower priority but the Aventador can do 0-60mph in 2.9 seconds and flatout, it can do 217mph.

Wish you were home...

It was truly a dream come true for us to see the Aventador in Forza 4 but would we end up getting HELSINKI SYNDROME just like what Top Gear's Richard Hammond said while test driving the Aventador? Remember, the Lamborghini Aventador accumulated a Power Lap Time of 1:16.5 and it's faster than the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. At first, the Aventador is the scariest Lamborghini ever driven by first timers but as I get used to this Lamborghini, I'm starting to get disappointed because it lacks terror despite impressed from its acceleration and handling. It's not all about pantomime drama theater and this Aventador is the closest thing we get.

The Taming of the Bull at Tsukuba

The Lamborghini Aventador in Forza Motorsport 4 is a dream come true for Forza players who want to try out the newest flagship battle cruiser that is the closest thing from a stealth fighter jet that you will ever seen on the road. Looks like we owe them a big thanks,

New Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

Chrysler's Street & Racing Technology are very adamant that this all new Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 is the most technologically advanced, highest performing Jeep ever made. I surely believed that this Grand Cherokee on steroids would only be fit for cowboys but it wasn't made to be more rodeo-oriented. I wasn't sure that this new model exceeds expectations against the BMW X5 M but it surely is a very difficult explanation to tell.

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 interior

The exterior design looks similar as the Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 but because this is the SRT8 version, it gained muscular aero kits from top to bottom in order to create a meaner sport utility vehicle with meaner looks to scare away the predators at the dark. If you see the SRT8 badge at the back, that's how it goes "Nah-Nah-Na-Na-Nah".

In the interior, the new Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 is backed by a SRT-exclusive seats, SRT-exclusive steering wheel, carbon fiber inserts, and a 6.5-inch navigation system complete with Electronic Vehicle Information Center which provides real-time information on the Grand Cherokee SRT8. It also provides telemetry and data such as 0-60 mph times, eighth- and quarter-mile times, 60-0 mph braking distances and lateral acceleration figures. For sound quality, it has a Harman Kardon 7.3 Surround Sound System with 19 High-Performance, High-Efficienct GreenEdge Loudspeakers to bring out the best sound experience inside the Grand Cherokee SRT8.

The new SRT8 Grand Cherokee is powered by the 6.4L HEMI V8 engine that creates 465 horsepower at 6,000rpm and 465lb-ft of torque at 4,200rpm. It even comes with a Fuel Saver Technology for cylinder management to provide better fuel economy and to accumulate EPA estimated MPG of 12 city/18 hwy. It is armed with a 5-speed paddle shift transmission. As a 4WD, the Grand Cherokee SRT8 comes with the Quadra-Trac SRT full-time all-wheel-drive system that tackles against various road conditions like tarmac, gravel, and snow. It comes with the Selec-Track rotary control that allows the driver to switch through five different modes such as Auto, Track, Sport, Snow, and Tow.

There is an optional Luxury Group Package to provide more luxury to the interior but it can also provide features such as adaptive cruise control, Forward Collision Warning and Blind spot Monitoring. There are 45 Safety and Security features you can find it on the new Grand Cherokee SRT8.

Available in four exterior colors such as Deep Cherry Red Pearl, Black, Bright Silver Metallic, and Mineral Gray Metallic.

My comment:
This is the best Jeep for enthusiasts but it's not as good looking as the regular Jeep Grand Cherokee. However, it's less expensive than the BMW X5 M because the Grand Cherokee SRT8 starts at $54,470 while the BMW X5 M costs $86,400.

Honestly, they messed up with this new model. Well, initially it's a thoroughbred sports utility vehicle but it doesn't. It takes moments to figure out how does the Grand Cherokee SRT8 and the result is that this SUV is not merely a 4WD thoroughbred and it's more complicated than a medium-sized woman.

Photo: Chrysler Group, LLC.

A Toyota Vitz modified for B-Spec Club Racing

2011 Toyota Yaris B-Spec Club Racer

At the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, there was a Toyota Vitz/Yaris modified into a B-Spec Club Racer. I've never seen that this Vitz is modified into a boy racer for the SCCA B-Spec races and wow, IT'S A CAR!

Charlotte Dunois "Jersey version" figure revealed ahead of Spring 2012 debut!

Alter Infinite Stratos Charlotte Dunois Jersey Version figure

If we're going to place it on the COOL WALL, we'll place this on the SUB-ZERO side. Why? This Charlotte Dunois "Jersey version" figure by Alter is just brilliant. I especially love her facial expressions because her cuteness will simply make this new figure up to their wish lists or readying their bank checks to pre-order such an elegant figure, which will go on sale in Spring 2012.

K-ON's guide to Finland-United Kingdom tour by JAL

The upcoming K-ON movie teams up with Japan Airlines (JAL) for a special Finland-London Tour offer. On this special site, the Houkago Tea Time girls gave us pointers on how does this Finland-London Tour feels like courtesy of JAL.

Prices start at 189,900 to 309,900 Japanese Yen and this promo starts at December 3, 2011 (the date when the K-ON movie starts showing in theaters) to March 31, 2012.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Infiniti plans global HQ in Hong Kong

2012 Infiniti M Hybrid

It seems that Nissan's luxury marque, Infiniti, wants to expand even further because the lxuruy marque will have its global headquarters in Hong Kong. Wait, what? You know a country like Hong Kong never sells Infiniti cars but why? The reason why they want to move their global headquarters in Hong Kong because this brand has strong presence in China and it wants to accumulate 500,000 sales as part of the Nissan Power 88, a six-year master plan for the Japanese automotive giant.

My favorite Chevys - 100 years from now (Part Ten FINAL)

This is it! Our final ten at the list of my favorite 100 Chevrolet cars in celebration of the brand's 100th year! Yes, seriously, today's the day! The day the Chevrolet brand was born and time to finish this list before I say happy birthday to the brand!

91) 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air - This is one of the most historical Chevrolet vehicles most of your grandparents probably remember it.

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

92) 1948 Chevrolet Pickup - Amazingly though, this is the most historical midsize pickup made by Chevrolet.

1948 Chevrolet Pickup

93) 1938 Chevrolet Suburban - The Chevrolet Suburban name is considered to be the toughest SUV built by Chevrolet but this Suburban from the 1930's is considered to be the most memorable Suburban ever made.

1938 Chevrolet Suburban

94) Chevrolet Classic Six - this is the car that gave birth to the Chevrolet brand. After 100 years, it's still considered to be a collector's item in the eyes of auctioneers.

1912 Chevrolet Classic Six

95) 1954 Chevrolet Nomad - The first station wagon ever made by Chevrolet.

1954 Chevrolet Nomad

96) Chevrolet S10 - The S10 redefines the midsize pickup genre right before being replaced by the Colorado in mid-2000's.

1999 Chevrolet S10

97) Chevrolet S10 Blazer - The spin-off to the Chevrolet S10 pickup that is too sporty to be called an SUV but not as good as its successors. That car was superseded by the TrailBlazer.

2002 Chevrolet S10 Blazer

98) Chevrolet SS Concept - despite it never went to the production line, the 2003 Chevrolet SS Concept is their attempt to create a 4-door coupe.

2003 Chevrolet SS Concept

99) Sixth-generation Chevrolet Monte Carlo - This car's a NASCAR fan favorite...

2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

100) Chevrolet 34 Coupe E85 Concept - This concept car is as hot as the other hot rods.

Chevrolet 34 Coupe E85 Concept

...and there we go! The list is complete! MY 100 FAVORITE CHEVROLET CARS! We made it in time for the celebration. Time to say Happy Birthday to the much beloved American car brand that has been a world-proven success, Chevrolet!

We'll conclude this list with a memorable event where Chevrolet owners in South Korea are gathered for the BIGGEST BOWTIE!

A whole new compact Peugeot only knows

2013 Peugeot 208

This is a new compact car from Peugeot. It's called the 208. It will replace the aging 207 compact in 2012 Spring in 5-door and 3-door configurations.

The Ferrari that can go anywhere - The Ferrari FF

An epic 4WD gran tourer

The FF name in the Ferrari FF refers that the first F is a four-seater and the other F stands for 4WD. This is exactly known as Ferrari's first four-seater 4WD grand tourer. It is equipped with Ferrari-developed 4WD system codenamed 4RM and this bespoke 4WD system is 50% lighter than convenient 4WD drivetrains, giving this FF some classic Ferrari handling while tackling through tarmac, gravel, snow, and other road conditions. It is equipped with the 6.3L V12 gasoline direct injection engine that produces 660PS of power and 683Nm of torque. This helps the car reach 0-100kph in 3.7 seconds and 335kph of top speed. It comes with a 7-speed paddle shift transmission.

Uh, you know that we're in Sivlerstone but
why are you in Dubai license plate?

With such technology and power, perhaps no wonder this $300,000 toy had all of the customers asked for it. In other terms, Ferrari builds 800 FF models for the year and a full-year supply has already been sold out. Don't worry though that all hope is not lost despite the Ferrari FF is sold out because you can now try the Ferrari FF on Forza Motorsport 4.

Enjoying the open road with the Ferrari FF

About the Ferrari FF, I like its handling because of its 4RM all wheel drive system developed specifically for the FF. It handles just like any other Ferrari cars even though that this is a 4WD shooting brake that throws the curve on the Ferrari brand. In straight lines, I think I found its weakness. It would be difficult for the Ferrari FF to overtake against rivals in a straight line like the Circuit de la Sarthe's Mulsanne corner at a full speed. Slipstreaming isn't a very good idea for this car and it will overtake its rivals if they were on the curves.

Geared up for Top Gear!

But still, it was great for me to try out the Ferrari FF on Forza Motorsport 4. What I like is its handling but what I don't like about the FF is its slipstreaming ability because in straight lines, you can't catch up with high speed rivals right before you overtake them on the corners. Perhaps handling really was the Ferrari FF's top priority...

Modified Velosters in SEMA Show

Hyundai Rhys Millen Racing Veloster

The Hyundai Veloster, first from Hyundai's Premium Youth Lab brand, is engineered for whatever and it was also engineered for the SEMA Show 2011 with a barrage of modified Velosterd engineered exclusively for the show!

Check out the gallery:

Those modified Velosters look nice because of its attractiveness and its "engineered for whatever" tagline.

Another delay for a much awaited Railgun PSP game


Notice this? It seems that the To Aru Kagaku no Railgun PSP video game gets delayed again! This is going to made us very upset about that special Kuroko Shirai figma made exclusively for the Limited Edition packaging. Reason for this delay remains unknown for now...

My favorite Chevys - 100 years from now (Part Nine)

Second to the last part of my favorite 100 Chevrolet cars in celebration of the brand's 100th year! Let's move!

81) Chevrolet Volt - This is the best car that allows us to recharge its batteries by plugging in and fill up the tank with petrol. Talk about good combination. Gasoline when you want it, electric when you need it.

2011 Chevrolet Volt

82) Chevrolet Electric S-10 Concept - there are several attempts Chevrolet tries to revive the electric car but efforts are failed a few moments before the arrival of the Volt.

Chevrolet Electric S10 Concept

83) Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle - This cop car, based on the Holden Caprice, is how they made cops saying "YOU WILL RESPECT MY AUTORITAH!"

Chevrolet Caprice PPV

84) Bumblebee from the Transformers movie - That Bumblebee in the three Transformers movie really made geeks love the Camaro so much.


85) Nihilism's Envoy - This modified Chevrolet C5 Corvette is seen on Shutokou Battle Zero One (Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3) as part of Darts, one of the toughest racing teams in Osaka. Try to overrun these, and it will summon The Lord, a modified Ford GT concept car driven by the Darts boss, God's Estuary.

86) Webster's C6 Corvette - This modified Chevrolet C6 Corvette is seen on Need For Speed Most Wanted and it was driven by the Blacklist 15's Webster. I think this is part of the most memorable moments on this game.

87) Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 RM - A modified Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 is seen on Gran Turismo 5. Players can visit the GT Auto to transform the almighty Corvette ZR1 (C6) into a fantastic race-spec version of this. This was a sensation.

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (C6) RM

88) Chevrolet Camaro SS RM - The race modified version of the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro is seen on Gran Turismo 5, where players can visit the GT Auto to transform the 2010 Camaro into a racing version. Looks can be deceitful...

Chevrolet Camaro SS RM

89) WEST No. 5 - I've seen this modified C4 Corvette at Shutokou Battle Zero One (Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3) and this was modified by Japan's WEST CORVETTE RACING TEAM. You'll find this one roaming around the Nagoya highways.

90) Chevrolet Impala Police (based on the ninth-generation Impala) - It's rare to see this kind of Chevrolet Impala cop car in the States...

Chevrolet Impala Police

..see you in the finale!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Barrage of modified Mazdas at SEMA 2011

2011 Mazda2 Turbo Concept

2011 Mazda 2 3D Carbon Concept

2011 Mazda MX-5 Super20

2011 Mazda MX-5 Spyder Concept

Mazda 5 Laguna Seca Raceway Support Vehicle

A barrage of modified versions of the Mazda Demio (Mazda 2), Mazda Roadster (Mazda MX-5), and the Mazda Premacy (Mazda 5) were showcased at the 2011 SEMA Show and we're impressed about the tuners behind these masterpieces showcased at the biggest convention of modified cars at Las Vegas!

Press Release:

Low-Emissions, Lightweight MX-5 Spyder and MAZDASPEED-Infused Turbo2 
Headline Mazda’s Lineup at Annual Automotive Aftermarket Trade Show -

LAS VEGAS (November 1, 2011) – Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) is known for its Zoom-Zoom dynamism, which is evident in the brand’s lineup of distinct design and divine drivability, and brings to this year’s Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show a fleet of vehicles highlighting Mazda’s motorsports heritage, efficiency aspirations and daily-driver potential.

“There is no limit to one’s imagination and when applying that to the already dynamic design and punchy performance of Mazda vehicles, the end result is nothing short of a well-crafted vision,” said Derek Jenkins, director, MNAO Design. “And because the stock models are extraordinarily versatile, who’s to say some elements of these SEMA concepts can’t be ready for public consumption?”

MX-5 Spyder

Beloved worldwide as the best-selling two-seat roadster in the world, with a secure spot in Guinness World Records to boot, the MX-5 Miata is the vehicle motorsports enthusiasts love to drive on the weekday streets of suburbia and the weekend roads of race tracks nationwide. 
Well-known is the MX-5’s single-hand-operation soft-top and segment-best 12-second Power Retractable Hard Top (PRHT) that the MX-5 Spyder is a re-imagination of the roadster and features a sweeping, single-panel grenadine-red soft-top made by Haartz Corporation. Its design, a collaborative effort between MNAO Design and Magna Car Top Systems, offers an even lower slung stance of the MX-5 without sacrificing headroom. Fitted onto the roadster’s already sleek and sexy “look at me” body style, the MX-5 Spyder has been painted Stratosphere White and features a Yokohama rubber-and-rims set of AO48 225/45R17 performance tires matched with 17-inch, 10-spoke ADVAN RS wheels in Gun Metal Metallic. But as the adage goes, there is more than meets the eye.

Under the hood is where the vehicle’s exterior treat matches wits with an interior trick. Powered by Mazda’s ever-dependable MZR 2.0-liter engine, the MX-5 Spyder is fueled by BP’s isobutanol. The significance? The biofuel supports Mazda’s mantra of “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom,” which means crafting exciting, fun-to-drive vehicles that create minimal environmental impact. A testament to this philosophy is the Mazda/Dyson Racing entry in the American Le Mans Series. The #16 LMP1Lola vehicle features a turbocharged MZR-R 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, runs on isobutanol and beat competing larger-block V-12s to win the manufacturer, team and drivers championships for the 2011 racing season. Mazda also was given the Michelin® Green X® Challenge at the Baltimore Grand Prix, a distinction awarded to category cars that prove to be the “cleanest, fastest, most efficient” in the race.

Although similar to how ethanol is produced from agricultural feedstock, isobutanol does not compromise vehicle performance for the sake of fuel economy and can be added to the current fuel distribution infrastructure without requiring modifications in blending facilities, storage tanks and retail station pumps. Isobutanol’s compatibility with existing technology and infrastructures is a significant step toward meeting the demand in renewable fuels for transportation. 

Another fuel-saving, engine-efficient feature of the MX-5 Spyder is a lightweight lithium-ion racing battery made by Braille Battery. The lead-free advanced battery system is RoHS compliant and constructed of non-hazardous materials, has a high charge retention and offers a longer life cycle than comparable standard batteries. A Racing Beat header, intake and exhaust muffler as well as a MAZDASPEED coil over kit and Brembo brakes complete the vehicle’s mechanics.

The cabin area is accentuated by tanned Saddle black-leather seats with Aqua leather accents and Coal Ash suede inserts. Subtle Spider Silk Gray Metallic-colored trim pieces on the doors and dash panels tastefully adorn the mostly black interior, which is finished off with customized floor mats by Star West. A MAZDASPEED short-throw shifter adds a tasty reminder to the MX-5’s motorsports pedigree.


When introduced to the North American market in 2010, the Mazda2 was referred to as Zoom-Zoom Concentrated. The Turbo2 can almost be defined as Zoom-Zoom Concentrated, Extra Strength. Outfitted with a MAZDASPEED3 MZR 2.3-liter Direct Injection Spark Ignition (DISI) turbo engine, the Turbo2 is as potent as it is practical. 
Start the engine and the subcompact cat doesn’t purr – it growls. Its sinister snarl pulsates through the cockpit and injects itself into your rev-happy feet. A five-passenger subcompact with flexible storage and seating capacity, the Turbo2 leaves a small footprint but lives big.

Always known as the spunky little sport of the Mazda lineup, the Turbo2 adds to the Mazda2’s toss-me-around-and-you’ll-still-be-grinning attitude with an HR coil over suspension kit, Corksport sway bars and customized Brembo front brakes with 13-inch ventilated and slotted rotors. The rear brakes remain Mazda stock parts. Yokohama ADVAN Neova 215/40R17 performance tires are mounted onto shiny black 17-inch OZ Racing wheels.

The vibrant Sonic White tri-coat exterior features Brilliant Black on the lower panels, wheel arches, side skirts and lower front fascia. Unique bright green and neon yellow graphics and trim pieces further highlight the Turbo2’s compact and svelte physique. The exterior’s sunshine happy theme follows through into an interior commanded by Katzin black leather seats featuring Baracuda Yellow perforated leather inserts and Sunrise Yellow seat piping. Customized floor mats are by Star West and the dash is outfitted with an AiM Pista MXL digital racing performance and data acquisition display.

MX-5 Super20

Introduced during last year’s SEMA Show, the MX-5 Super20 is back and with a new ‘do, so to speak. Now blazing in a Hyper Orange Mica exterior treatment, the MX-5 Super20 retains its darker, edgier Mr. Hyde attitude in comparison to its more sociable Dr. Jekyll MX-5 Miata persona. 

With its soft-top replaced with a stationary glossy black hardtop, and matching orange stripes, the MX-5 Super20’s interior also was modified and fitted with a color-matched roll bar, lending to a Grand Touring-inspired feel and function. The black leather seats feature suede seat inserts and channel stitching, which provide improved grip for drivers. Orange contrast stitching adds the finishing touch to the sporty seat profile.

Additional modifications include a DPTune reflashed ECU, Racing Beat 304-stainless steel header and exhaust, Racing Beat hollow front and rear anti-roll bars, ACT organic street clutch, MAZDASPEED coil overs and a shock tower brace, Power Slot slotted brake rotors, StopTech stainless steel brake lines and street performance brake pads, SpeedSource front brake ducts, black 16-inch Enkei RPF1 twin-spoke racing wheels, Toyo Proxes RA-1 245/45ZR16 high-performance tires and 20mm H&R Track+ bolt-on wheel spacers in the rear with 15mm Sparco wheel spacers in the front.

3dCarbon Mazda2

Sharing only the colorful spirit of green with its Turbo2 SEMA Show sibling, the 3dCarbon Mazda2 has an identity all its own. Its 3dCarbon/Air Design body kit is manufactured in high-pressure polyurethane injection molding and either pre-primer or pre-painted in all-factory colors. The customized body kit includes a front air dam, side skirts, a rear lower diffuser and Mazda2 Touring-spec upper rear spoiler. 

The Spirited Green Metallic paint is further styled with a vinyl graphic design courtesy of Sticky Fingers Design. With darkly tinted windows, the small statured vehicle simply pops. 3M Color Stable Metal-Free Window Film is used on the side and rear windows while the front windshield features 3M Crystalline Nanofilm. 

An Eibach® Springs Pro-Kit improves handling as well as visual appeal. Eighteen-inch FIVE:AD S6:F Gunmetal wheels wrapped with Yokohama 215/35R18 tires add the finishing touch.

Mazda5 Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca (MRLS) Support Vehicle

Infamous as a practically perfect people-hauler and un-famous as a race track icon, the Mazda5 MRLS Support Vehicle proves that mini-minivans can go racing, too. Developed by Mazda Design, this particular Mazda5 features lowering springs with height-adjustable perches – ideal for custom tuning to any performance situation. Menacing flat-black-painted 19-inch Mazda 
RX-8 R3-spec forged aluminum wheels add to the street-turned-track look, complete with MRLS logo orange dots. Custom graphics highlighting the world-famous Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca racing circuit emblazon the Mazda5’s landscape as a nod to the orange theme continues – from the MRLS logo on the front doors, icons on the MRLS track map and a striking line along the side skirts – complete the racy package.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

GM Korea Chevrolet Malibu

The eighth-generation Chevrolet Malibu doesn't come out in the Unites States before Spring 2012, moments after the Super Bowl season, but here in South Korea, the new Chevrolet Malibu gets it first before most countries because now, this Chevrolet Malibu is now a global executive midsize sedan.

2012 GM Korea Chevrolet Malibu

2012 GM Korea Chevrolet Malibu

The exterior design was heavily inspired from the Camaro to provide sporty character cues to this executive midsize sedan that gives a commanding presence to the owners. Exterior details include the trademark dual-port grille, HID headlamps, Camaro-inspired rear lamps, 1465mm of height, 4865mm of length, 1855mm of overall width, and 2737mm of wheelbase.

2012 GM Korea Chevrolet Malibu interior

The interior is all marvelous thanks to its new dual cockpit design that provides the new Malibu to its premium level of appreciation. The meters were heavily inspired from the Camaro too and there is a new seven-inch touch-screen navigation system with a hidden six-inch deep storage area behind it to provide USB connectivity and storage for something else. The seats on the new Malibu provides the best-in-class comfort for five people and this is an excellent innovation for GM Korea to create a proper midsize sedan with a proper interior comfort.

Because the Chevrolet Malibu uses the Epsilon platform lifted from the Opel/Vauxhall Insignia, it provides European engineering and improved aerodynamics to give this car a sportscar-like feeling on the Korean roads. For the Korean-spec Malibu, it is available in two engine types such as the 2.0L and 2.4L petrol engines. The 2.0L ECOTEC engine provides 141ps / 6,200rpm of power, 18.8kg-m / 4,600 rpm of torque, and 12.4km/L of fuel economy. The 2.4L ECTOEC engine provides 170ps / 5,800rpm of power, 23.0kg-m / 4,600rpm of torque, and 11.8km/L of fuel economy. Both of these engines are mated with a 6-speed automatic transmission with Manual Mode.

The new Malibu provides the best safety features such as Lane Departure Warning System, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Cruise Control, Electronic Stability Control, Brake Assist System, Hill Start Assist, six airbags, reinforced body, and active headrests. The Chevy Care 357 has your back.

Available in nine exterior colors such as Moulin Rouge Red, Poseidon Blue, Pure White, Carbon Flash Black, White Pearl, Smokey Gray, Switchblade Silver, Daydream Beige, and Placid Gray.

My comment:
What I like about the Korean-spec Malibu is its Camaro cue design, European engineering, impressive interior, and value for money for the fastest selling brand in Korea. What I don't like about the Korean-spec Malibu is that there is no hybrid or turbo GDI versions which the Hyundai Sonata/i45 and the Kia K5/Optima had. Anyway, this could be a good fighter to the Renault-Samsung SM5 though. Because this was made in Bupyeong, South Korea, I think there's a chance we can see the new Malibu arriving in the Philippines soon but in my opinion, TCCCI hasn't planned to bring the Malibu here but gray market importers such as Pitstop Motors or Hancars are planning to get it first. See if we care...

Photo: GM Korea Company

The Traverse has arrived

2009 Chevrolet Traverse

The arrival of the Chevrolet Traverse in the Philippines really throw the curve for TCCCI and this is the first full-size crossover from Chevrolet since it was released in North America at late 2008. Surprisingly though, it's too late to bring it after 2 years since its North American debut but see if we care...

This car is powered by a 3.6L V6 engine that produces 288HP of power and 366Nm of torque. With the 6-speed automatic, the Traverse can go as much as 10.2km/L in terms of fuel economy. Prices start at 3,088,888 Philippine Pesos for the FF variant and 3,488,888 Philippine Pesos for the 4WD variant. This car was assembled at Delta Township, Michigan.

My favorite Chevys - 100 years from now (Part Eight)

Time for the continuation of my list of 100 favorite Chevrolet cars in tribute to the brand's 100th anniversary! Numbers 71 to 80 is here, are you?

71) Chevrolet Cruze (J300) - The best Chevrolet compact sedan that competes against the Toyota Corolla, Mitsubishi Lancer, and the Honda Civic. This car has been proven worldwide with the perfect balance of style and performance.

2011 Chevrolet Cruze

72) Chevrolet Cruze 5 - The sexy and smart hatchback of the Chevrolet Cruze is the envy of the hatchback regime.

2012 Chevrolet Cruze5

73) Third-generation Chevrolet Cavalier - This is the most memorable Chevrolet mid-size sedan and coupe ever made. The pre-facelift third-generation Chevrolet Cavalier is my pick over the facelifted third-generation Cavalier because it looks somewhat nice. Little known fact is that this car was exported to Japan as the Toyota Cavalier. Sounds weird, though...

2003 Chevrolet Cavalier

74) Chevrolet Astra - another Opel car rebadged as a Chevrolet just like the Corsa and the Zafira. This Chevrolet Astra is mainly sold in South American continent and I was amazed that this one exists after all in the past...

2005 Chevrolet Astra

75) Chevrolet Cobalt - The Cavalier successor seems to be rough but I prefer the coupe version because of its sporty character. Thing is, I chose the Chevy Cobalt SS as the starter car in Need For Speed Most Wanted. Anyone remember?

2005 Chevrolet Cobalt

76) Chevrolet Optra - In late 2002, GM Daewoo launched the Lacetti midsize sedan and later on, exported as the Suzuki Forenza, Buick Excelle, and the Chevrolet Optra/Lacetti/Nubira. I think this is the most memorable midsize sedan I have ever remembered in my whole life. I love the interior design though. Never realize that the car's design was penned by Giugiaro and Pininfarina to provide a world-class experience.

2005 Chevrolet Optra

77) Chevrolet Optra5 - When the Daewoo Lacetti received a facelift in 2004, a new addition appeared and it's called the Daewoo Lacetti5, a 5-door hatchback version which later exported worldwide as the Chevrolet Optra5 or the Suzuki Reno. Too bad, the Philippines never had that kind of Optra because some say that the rear view is too rubbish.

2007 Chevrolet Optra5

78) Chevrolet Cassia - This Chevrolet is mainly "ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES". Why? Because of the naming. Try Google search for "Chevrolet Cassia" and the results are that this car is truly made for the Philippines even though it was a rebadged version of the Suzuki Esteem.

1998 Chevrolet Cassia

79) Chevrolet Prizm - This car was essentialy a rebadged version of the US-spec Toyota Corolla E110. Sadly though, it's not popular as the original Prizm during the Geo years.

1998 Chevrolet Prizm

80) Chevrolet Prisma - The sedan counterpart of the Chevrolet Celta, sold exclusively to the South American region, really shaped up the city car regime by its looks, performance, and reliability.

Chevrolet Prisma be continued in Part Nine of this list...
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