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Report: Mazda to stop producing CX-7

2010 Mazda CX-7

Some reports say that Mazda will stop producing the Mazda CX-7 crossover because of its poor sales and the upcoming Mazda CX-5 crossover with SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY will replace the poorly recognized CX-7 soon. When the Mazda CX-7 released in Japan since December 2006, it ushered in to a new age of Mazda crossovers and by 2007, it sold over 5,000 units in Japan. However, as of this year, it sold over 400 units, which is bad because of the March 11 disaster and the strong Yen.

So, I guess this poorly recognized Mazda CX-7 is about to get axed...





Citroen DS5

2012 Citroen DS5

2012 Citroen DS5 interior

This is what happens when this kind of Citroen was been beamed down from another world. Premiered at the Shanghai Auto Show in April and at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, this is positioned to be the flagship of the Citroen DS range. With the success of the three-door DS3 and the five-door DS4, the new Citroen DS5 is the flagship vehicle that will suit their everyday lifestyles.

When most people saw this on the news portion of Series 17 Episode 2 of BBC's Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson once said that the DS5 is a good-looking hatchback. It's true that the Citroen DS5's design flow is really captivating but it the top is somewhat resemble of a straw hat worn by most Chinese. Possibly though, the design is rather too Chinese rather than being a French luxury shooting break.

The Citroen DS5 offers a first-class interior that is well-trimmed, well-balanced, and touching to accommodate five passengers. This is an all-original interior made specifically for the executives who wanted to take some time off from work. However, it seems that there are so many buttons on the dashboard that some find it confusing, few find it very unique. This is like some kind of a concept car that Citroen created for everyday lifestyles. Like a well-tailored suit, the DS5's interior is accommodated to the owners' unique needs. For the best sound experience, Citroen teams up with Denon for their unique Hi-Fi system and 10 speakers to create realistic sound quality that is truly a work of art. This Denon Hi-Fi option is available at some DS5 variants.

The Citroen DS5 is not essentially based on the C5 because of the naming, it uses the platform lifted from the Peugeot 3008. Depending on three lines; Chic, So Chic, and Sport Chic, customers can choose either a 1.6L THP 200, 1.6L THP 155, 2.0L HDi 160, and the 2.0L e-HDi 110 engine with micro-hybrid technology lifted from the new Citroen C4. However, the crowning glory of the Citroen DS5 is the HYbrid4 technology, first applied on the 3008 HYbrid4. With the 2.0L HDi diesel engine and the electric motor combined, it produces 200PS of power, 450Nm of torque, 0-100kph in 8.6 seconds, 211kph of top speed, and combined fuel economy of 24.4km/L (4.1L/100km). It is mated with a six-speed paddle shift transmission. The DS5's HYbrid4 has four modes to choose from at the twist of the knob. First is the Auto mode that makes the whole system automatically controlled for balance. Second is the ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) mode that allows the DS5 to run only in Ni-MH battery, providing a cleaner driving on the road. Third is the 4WD mode that makes the DS5 go anywhere from tarmac, gravel, and snow. Lastly is the Sport Mode that provides maximum engine response, making it more fun to drive than conventional hybrids.

Available in eight colors: Gris Hurricane, Noir Perla Nera, Gris Galena, Hickory, Gris Aluminum, Bleu Philae, Vapor Grey, and Blanc.

My comment:
This is the second diesel-hybrid vehicle PSA Peugeot-Citroen has ever made since the 3008 HYbrid4! Looks like this flagship model has high potential to challenge against the conventions of hybrid vehicles and this DS5's shaping up to deliver first-class comfort, first-class performance, and all-round economy that you would trust it. It's cool if you bring the DS5 on a midnight trip on the roads of Shanghai, China...

Photo: PSA Peugeot-Citroen

Mercedes-Benz kisses Maybach goodbye in 2013.


In the year 2002, Mercedes-Benz resurrected the Maybach brand to compete against elite luxury brands like Bentley and Rolls-Royce but sales are not like what it seems. As the brand's fate is gone on the downfall and even the sale to Aston Martin ended in a failure, a report from AutoWeek said that Benz will going to kill the Maybach brand at the end of 2013, moments after the next-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class come out in the open.

Der Neu BMW 1er

2012 BMW 1-Series

This is "ONE WAY TO JOY"

Asian Carmakers, official BMW distributor in the Philippines, launched the all new BMW 1-Series F20 and for the first time, this new model is available in two different lines that suit your personalities: The Urban Line and the Sport Line.

Either way, they're equipped with a four-cylinder diesel engine that produces 143hp of power, 320Nm of torque, and 0-100kph in 8.9 seconds. Prices start at 2,290,000 Philippine Pesos.

My verdict:
Things I like about the new 1 Series F20 is its new interior, diesel engine, and a perfect hatchback suited for everyday lifestyle. This is the last rear wheel drive hatchback they'll ever build. Things I don't like is the exterior design, which looks psychotic.

Are you the one?

"Wash away bad odors in the air with Ambi Cure Air Pa-Effects!"

What just happened on the November 25, 2011 episode of Bubble Gang?

- Those Bubble Gags want our concert tickets!

- Ogie Alcasid explains the advantages of having body odor.

- The gang got stranded in The Road 1-4! Kalye ka ba? Kasi ang English ng kalye ay...THE ROAD!

- Cheche & Bureche are out for caroling!

Cheche Bureche

- OH MY GOD! EEW! IT'S SO DIRTY! IT LOOKS SO MABAHO BUT IT REALLY SMELLS SO WONDERFUL! Bubble Gang does Ambi Pur Air Effects by spoofing this commercial as Ambi Cure Air Pa-Effects! Wash away bad odors in the air with Ambi Cure Air Pa-Effects!

Bubble Gang does Ambi Pur Air Effects!

- Cue the Voltes V theme song please because your questions are answered by Brod Pete and the gang in ANG DATING DOON!

Ang Dating Doon

1) Ruffa Mae asked "Totoo po ba ang pagsakay sa ferris wheel ay nakakangongo?"
Ang Dating Doon said that it was from the book of Perya 4:24. Don't worry, ferris wheel don't make you feel ngonog. I DON'T MEAN MAYBE...

2) Antonio asked "Totoo po ba ang Full Moon nakakaapekto sa utak ng tao?"
Ang Dating Doon said it was from the book of Eclipse 6:9. Isang Gabi sa liwanag ng buwan. Sa liwanag ng buwan, naglilinis, naglalagas ng kanyang bakokang sa ilalim ng buwan. Alien? Alien!

3) Bitoy asked "May nasusulat po ba sa sex change?"
Ang Dating Doon said "Do mi mi Mi Sol Sol Re Fa Fa La Ti Ti".

- Ayt! Ayt! Katahimikan! Katahimikan! The best pick-up lines by Bagwis, Bagoong, and Boy Pick Up are here to spit it out for Neneng B!

1) Ang buhay ko'y parang sirang lapis pag wala ka. Kasi ang buhay ko, pointless.

2) Hindi ka dapat nandito. Kasi ang mga anghel ay dapat nasa langit!

3) Buong taon, good boy ako! Para ibigay sa akin ni Santa ngayong pasko!

4) Hindi ko alam kung keilan ang mahal na araw. Kasi mahal kita araw araw!

5) Hindi na ako mahuhulog sa iyo. Kasi lumulutang ako pag kasama kita!

Pick Up

6) Tricycle ka ba? Kasi, may kuto ang lola ko!

7) Nawawala yata ako. Kasi hinahanap ko ang daan sa puso ko!

8) Alam mo bang bagay sa akin? Kasi, diesel ang kotse ni Mang Pedring!

- This guy's escaping from the woman's husband, shirtless...

- IyoTube in You Drive Me Crazy

Friday, November 25, 2011

Suzuki adds IDLING STOP on the Solio. Releases special edition "BLACK & WHITE"

2012 Suzuki Solio BLACK & WHITE

Most people love the all new Suzuki Solio probably because of the commercial starring famous J-POP male group, KAT-TUN. We couldn't confess it but because of such popularity, the new Suzuki Solio won the 2011 Good Design Award. To commemorate its popularity, Suzuki launched the much awaited idling stop variant for the Solio.

The idling stop system equipped on the Solio's K12B engine will provide a maximum fuel economy of 21.2km/L JC08 and 24.5km/L 10-15. So far then, the Solio's ecology is shaping up well.

Also, Suzuki released a special edition Solio "BLACK & WHITE", which is available in two titular colors; Pearl White and Bluish Black Pearl. Special amenities include a smoke-colored grille, black interior, checkered seats, special 15" rims, BLACK & WHITE emblem, and loads of extras. This variant is all about unpredictability.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mitsubishi Minicab MiEV (U67V)

2012 Mitsubishi Minicab MiEV

The second MiEV that follows the success of the Mitsubishi i MiEV, the Minicab MiEV, can be an ideal small electric van for the small business owners across Japan and this promotes zero tailpipe emissions, which is very crucial in the eyes of eco-conscious small businesses that are doing their best to cut their carbon footprint.

The Minicab MiEV offers a seating capacity of two or four people, which is not an ideal family mover who want to go out for a stroll in a quiet Japanese roads, but business owners may find it very unique. The delivery boys, newspaper boys, postmen, or any other employees would be happy to drive the Minicab MiEV to keep their small businesses competitive in today's difficult times.

With an electric motor that produces 30kW of power output and 196Nm of torque output, it is possible for the Minicab MiEV to accumulate 150km JC08 in one full charge via the CD 16.0kWh variant and 100km JC08 in one full charge via the CD 10.5kWh variant.

Available in three colors; White Solid, Cool Silver Metallic, and Titanium Gray Metallic.

My comment:
The new Mitsubishi Minicab MiEV is all about "building your own business" and it's ideal for a Japanese entrepreneur to start his own Zero Emission small business not only that keeps his business happy but also keeping the world happy because of the wondrous ecology.

e:S killer! Suzuki launches ALTO ECO!

2012 Suzuki Alto ECO

This is Suzuki's answer to the Daihatsu Mira e:S, the 2012 Suzuki Alto Eco. Unlike the Daihatsu Mira e:S that accumulates a record-breaking fuel economy of 30.0km/L JC08 and 32.0km/L 10-15, the new Suzuki Alto Eco accumulates, and this will put the Mira e:S "on notice", 30.2km/L JC08 and 32.0km/L 10-15! That's a .2km/L gap between the 2012 Daihatsu Mira e:S and the 2012 Suzuki Alto Eco!

You see, that's because the new Suzuki Alto is equipped with the new R06A engine lifted from the third-generation Suzuki MR Wagon but with the improved CVT and Idling Stop system that provided an impressive fuel economy that ousted the Mira e:S' rule of being the most fuel efficient gasoline-fed vehicle.

Available this December 13, 2011, prices start at 895,000 Japanese Yen for the Alto ECO-L variant and 995,000 for the Alto ECO-S variant. Those guys who made the Daihatsu Mira e:S has one word about the new 2012 Suzuki Alto ECO:

"You're Welcome"

The first bite of the 2013 Ford Focus ST

The evolution of the Focus

The all new 2013 Ford Focus ST was premiered at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show and it doesn't go on sale until next year but that doesn't stop a game like Forza Motorsport 4 to feature this global performance vehicle that was under the One Ford approach.

This hatchback has the heart of the Mustang

Firstly, when Forza 4 came out last month, most players are getting curious about the mystery car appeared on the North American Autocross C-Class event. Players knew that it was the 2013 Focus ST and complaining to Turn 10 how did such an easter egg happened in the Event List section. The problem has been resolved with the launch of the November Speed DLC and thanks to this DLC, the 2013 Ford Focus ST was there. Problem solved, everyone can try it first before the actual model come out soon. Unfortunately, the 2013 Focus ST not classified as a C-class car but it was a B-class car. That makes it a weird gap how did that thing happened. Never mind, what matters is that we finally tried the third-generation Focus, in ST form.

The Stig tries out the prototype Focus ST
on The Top Gear Test Track!

Surprisingly though, the handling of the 2013 Focus ST is very awful even though it was a a turbocharged hot hatchback built for the world. Tuning it can even worsen the handling and if I'm not careful, this would be a devastating opportunity for me to drive this car. I guess I should ask Ford why did they're not careful about the new ST but don't worry. What we seen here on Forza 4 was just a pre-production model. You should better thank the guys that they brought the new 2013 Focus ST here before the actual model arrives next year for evaluation purposes.

Ford Focus ST-R works out at Laguna Seca

So, the 2013 Ford Focus ST is a perfectly balanced blend of refined engineering and undliuted adrenaline, but this turns out to be not so balanced blend of unresponsive handling, redundancy of being a FF hot hatch, and it signifying nothing. Maybe for those who own it on Forza 4, they should need to think the good setup to perfect the 2013 Focus ST's handling so they will stop ending up the same experience as I am.

*Pre-production Model Shown. Actual model may vary.

Driving Music (What is the name of the song on car commercial?) Volume 18

This is like a mob threat. Those car enthusiasts really know how to launch their own well-orchestrated attack when it comes to new car commercials aired, that is, asking what was the music played on the car commercial. An unknown assailant, for example, cyber-attacked my website with the words "song new mercedes b class w246". Agh, every time when a new car has its own TV commercial, you guys really sure know how to launch your own "well-orchestrated" attack, that is, asking for the song played on the TV commercial! Can't you guys have enough for one day? Just one day, okay?

For this, I have my own "well-orchestrated attack for you, that is, another set of five Driving Musics (Car Commercial Songs) that would be rushed on your car audio.

5) THIS IS IT! YOU'RE THE ONE! I KNEW IT! by Dreams Come True - as heard from the 2004 Honda Odyssey Japanese TV Commercial.

4) Tonight's The Night by Rod Stewart - as heard from the 1995 Subaru Legacy Japanese TV Commercial.

3) You're Beautiful by James Blunt - as heard from the 2006 GM Daewoo Tosca Korean TV Commercial. Also heard from the 2006 Toyota Vitz Japanese Commercial starring Rie Miyazawa.

2) Sunglasses At Night by Corey Hart - this is from an old Kia Sephia Korean TV Commercial.

1) I'm Gonna Be Around by Michael Learns To Rock - song heard from the 1997 Kia Sephia II Korean TV Commercial.

My well-orchestrated attack stops here for now. If you car enthusiasts ever try to attack me with your words related to "song" and "car commercial", you better watch out.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Metal Gear Solid HD Edition

Metal Gear Solid HD Edition

In the year 2001, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty was released for the PS2 and since its launch, over 7,000,000 copies were sold worldwide. It even achieved a Guinness World Record Gamer's Edition 2008 recognition for being the best selling video game for the PS2. In 2004, the beginning of the Metal Gear story happened with the debut of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

Now, in 2011, experience these two award-winning titles now in stunning yet remastered 1080p HD resolution for perfect picture, perfect sound, and perfect quality. Both of these were remastered courtesy of Bluepoint Games.

Here on the HD version of MGS2, play the entire Manhattan Tanker Incident as Solid Snake and the Big Shell Incident as Raiden, VR Missions, Variety Missions for added fun, and five Snake Tales to challenge your wits. On the HD version of MGS3, relieve the beginning of the tale as Big Boss, watch the Demo Theater, or even play Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake. There are lots of trophies or achievements to collect!

The "limited availability" PREMIUM PACKAGE not only features the game itself, but also a special booklet called "The Art of Metal Gear Solid The Original Trilogy" and a bonus CD called "METAL GEAR SOLID : The Original Trilogy ~Vocal Tracks~". The KONAMISTYLE PREMIUM PACKAGE, available at Konamistyle for a limited time features the specials mentioned, a special headphone, and two original mug cups.

Give and Take: Suzuki mulls own version of Mitsubishi Minicab MiEV

Mitsubishi Minicab MiEV

It's a give and take situation. After Mitsubishi teams up with Suzuki for the Delica D:2, which is essentially a rebadged version of the Suzuki Solio, it seems that Suzuki are teaming up again with Mitsubishi for their own rebadged version of the upcoming Mitsubishi Minicab MiEV. Once approved, it will happened. The Mitsubishi Minicab MiEV is scheduled to go on sale before the end of 2011.

"See it Through" the latest Chrysler 300

This latest Chrysler 300 commercial, to be aired on Thanksgiving Day during the Lions-Packers football game, reads through a poem titled "See it Through" written by Edgar A. Guest (1881-1959), poet laureate of Michigan. Pity though that this Chrysler 300 featured in this ad was just a prototype model that the disclaimer said that those optional features will be available this Spring 2012. What I found out that this model featured was the "300C Luxury Series", a special edition model available this Spring 2012.

Asking what's the song played? That's Mannish Boy by Muddy Waters. That's the tune that was familiar at some Family Guy cutaway gag...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jolina married to Mark Escueta!

It seems that Kapuso star, Jolina Magdanal, married to Mark Escueta yesterday at some secret Christian wedding at Splendido Taal Golf and Country Club, Tagaytay City, Cavite. We just wanna say congratulations and good luck to the newly weds.

Lawson's K-ON Fair starts right now

Lawson K-ON! Fair

To commemorate the upcoming K-ON movie, showing next month, Japan's popular convenience store Lawson starts the K-ON Fair! At your nearest Lawson Station in Japan, here's your chance to get some K-ON goodies. Knowing what to get at the Lawson K-ON Fair? Check it out:

Daio Paper Scandal

Turns out that Olympus isn't the only company in Japan that faces an outrageous scandal the the result of firing Olympus CEO because of the financial loss evidences. Now, an unfamiliar company called Daio Paper (大王製紙株式会社) got the rage when former Daio Paper chairman, Mototaka Ikawa, has arrested in funds probe.

Report from NHK WORLD:
"Tokyo prosecutors have arrested the former chairman of Daio Paper Corporation in connection with his massive personal loans from group firms.

The prosecutors took Mototaka Ikawa into custody on Tuesday and are searching his home in Tokyo.

The 47-year-old former chairman faces a charge of aggravated breach of trust. He is accused of causing tens of millions of dollars in damage to Daio Paper by borrowing money from 7 group companies.

Sources say Ikawa personally called the companies' executives and instructed them to remit money to his account by the following day. He then allegedly spent almost all the money on gambling at casinos abroad.

Ikawa is a grandson of the founder of Daio, one of Japan's major papermakers. He has reportedly admitted during voluntary questioning that the loans were for personal use, and says that he intends to repay the money by selling stocks and other means."

First Olympus, now Daio Paper. Can Japanese corporations need to be more careful with the funds? This is the question that is too hard to answer in these difficult times.

Prius goes Forza


Yes, it's been around worldwide for 14 years and 10 of those years in some countries like the United States and United Kingdom, it's a complete joke. Now then, we'll see if we can find out that the third-generation Prius has the earnings of being a newcomer on Forza Motorsport 4. In the eyes of owners, the third-genration Prius is light, it's much more kinder to the environment because of its fuel economy of 38.0kmL 10-15 / 32.6kmL JC08, and it tapers down a point with its triangular silhouette. So we're heading to the right direction. But we're not going to strap this with turbocharger and wave this car goodbye, this addition on Forza Motorsport 4 provides them the Toyota Prius Projects - Forza 4 style.

The Prius cruises at the Alps

Now, wherever I drive the Prius on Forza 4, I must have feel like I am a nerd working at some software company while putting all my paperwork next to me. It looks rubbish, the ride is rubbish, there was nothing exciting about it, and it was awful to bring it on online races. In a game of Cat & Mouse and if this car's the Mouse, this is hopeless because you could get bullied by rival cats.

The Stig tries out the Tommykaira Prius RR

Luckily, you can customize the Prius by the way it looks and the way it behaves. The most favorite customization is when the Prius is equipped with body kits courtesy of Tommykaira. Tommykaira Prius RR? Wow, that was a mean green hybrid car and this looks great to stand out the crowd but still you could get bullied by many no matter what car class you're on, from D350 class to A600 class.

A true hybrid car you can afford at...
Suggestion though, you could just use it on the playground but only in the game of Top Gear Soccer because this is not an ideal car to use it on the game of Tag Virus or Keep The It because of its response. The Prius may not be a good car for racing but this car is all about being wise and being a nerd. This is a response because in today's world, practicality trumps adrenaline and the ratio of Miles Per Gallon is championed over Horsepower Per Ton. If you're planning to create a Top Gear Power Lap Time with the Prius, feel free but for the background noise for the Power Lap Time you're making for Youtube purposes, find some boring tunes. Podcasts can be good and see how boring the Prius was when you, The Stig, drives it.

Monday, November 21, 2011

T-Ara's Roly Poly featured in Travel Bug?

Arirang Radio iPhone app

I love listening to Arirang Radio's Travel Bug because of Lisa Kelley. When I listen further, it seems that Travel Bug featured T-Ara's Roly Poly song, it was like what the heck and of course, this was a favorite of my little sister Cecille.

When I listened to that Roly Poly song by T-Ara, it was like this is a cute song and wow, looks like the K-Pop rule is getting a bit evolved to something special. Well, if you're responsible for featuring my little sister's favorite song on Travel Bug, Ms. Lisa Kelley, I say thank you very much indeed.


Lexus LFA's Atlanta Games

Seen here is the first Lexus LFA, under the serial number 003, sold in the United States running around at the Road Atlanta racetrack. Ever since the Lexus LFA really thrown the curve worldwide as the greatest sports car Toyota Motor Corporation has ever made for 500 people who wanted to buy.

That was a cool video though, reminds me of the days of driving the Lexus LFA on Forza.

Mercedes-Benz B-Class W246

2012 Mercedes-Benz B-Class

2012 Mercedes-Benz B-Class interior

When the first Mercedes-Benz B-Class debuted in 2005, it's hard to classify if this is a compact or an MPV but whatever the heck is, it's classified as a multipurpose passenger vehicle, accommodating only five passengers and with a bigger boot for your necessities. When it came in the Philippines a few years ago, we don't really care about it at all. It's just another pointless experiment not only because of the pricing but it is because we just don't want to...

As it reaches the second-generation, under the W246 designation, the new (in German: der neu) B-Class (B-Klasse) made a bit more redundant not only because of the decreased height, but only because of the Viano-like exterior that makes customers saying that this new B-Class looks somewhat familiar.

In the interior of the W246 B-Class, there's not a bit of surprise even though it was lifted from the SLS AMG sportscar to deliver some inspiration to call it a gentleman's club but the B-Class is not fit to be a gentleman's club. This was somewhat a soccer mom's club. To provide room for luggage, the rear seats can be folded and level them in different heights. The optional Easy-Vario-Plus allows both the front and rear seats to be folded forward to add load capacity. However, the COMAND Online navigation system's a bit small and it needs a sharp-eyed soccer mom to handle the navigation system.

For the petrol type, it is offered with the M270 1.6L Gasoline Direct Injection engine that were tuned differently between 122 to 156PS of power. For the diesel type, the new B-Class is offered with a OM 651 2.0L Common Rail Diesel Injection engine that were tuned differently between 109 to 136PS of power. Most variants come with the 6-speed manual transmission or with the all new 7G-DCT developed specifically for the new B-Class. This new 7G-DCT provides smooth gear changes and 9% more efficient than conventional Double Clutch Transmissions. This is the first to offer a 7-speed Double Clutch Transmission.

The new COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST would be the safest feature to be offered on the new B-Class. It outputs a visual and acoustic warning to alert distracted drivers to identified obstacles, and initiates Brake Assist for the most precise possible braking response. For the first time, the PRE-SAFE preventive occupant protection system is available on the new B-Class and this system is by any means of reversible belt tensioning, the closing of side windows and sliding sunroof. Seems that this new B-Class is now focused to be the safest.

Available in 10 colors: Nachtschwarz, Jupiterrot, Zirrusweiß, Canyonbeige metallic, Kosmosschwarz metallic, Lotosblau metallic, Monolithgrau metallic, Mountaingrau metallic, Polarsilber metallic, and Universumblau metallic.

My comment:
This new B-Class W246 seems to be a miniaturized Viano by the looks of it but this is somewhat rather a rare opportunity to recover the pace where the first model fail to impress. The new 7G-DCT and the new COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST were just one of the reasons why this new B-Class should be trusted. It seems that this new model came to the right direction, well almost in the right direction. So, will it come to the Philippines? There will be a 20% probability...

Photo: Daimler A.G.

Mercedes-Benz M-Class W166

The W166 M-Class is the evolution of Mercedes-Benz's flagship SUV that combines efficiency, safety, agility, driving enjoyment and design, to cater the needs of today's market.

2012 Mercedes-Benz M-Class

The new exterior design is an evolution step further to commemorate the brand's 125th year and this new model perfects the angle of being a true luxury utility vehicle. It's been 14 years since the first M-Class came out in 1997 and the second generation came in 2005 but with this third-generation model, this has made to be somewhat special for the audiences and we're very proud to look at it.

2012 Mercedes-Benz M-Class interior

The tale of the tape comes on the new interior. It looks very nice to look at it and this is just becoming a step further to deliver the best interior design on the best M-Class in history. However, there are some issues about the new interior. It still remains the five-seater capacity and why Benz never intend to put a third-row seat because of the added weight that ruins it? Still, it doesn't matter because this five-seater is somewhat classy enough for the VIP to get all cozy about. Surprisingly though, there are two monitors behind the front seats that are good enough to entertain the passengers like watching TV and movies. To perfect the interior experience, the available Harman Kardon Logic 7 Surround Sound System provides the best sound that creates a lively environment for the M-Class' interior no matter how loud the noise is.

At the start, the new W166 M-Class is available in three engines. First is the M276 3.5L V6 Gasoline Direct Injection engine that produces 306PS/6500rpm of power, 370Nm of torque, 235 km/h of top speed, 0-100km/h in 7.6 seconds, and combined fuel economy of 11.8km/L (8.5L/100km). Second is the OM651 2.1L Common Rail Diesel Injection engine that produces 204PS/4,200rpm of power, 500Nm of torque, 210km/h of top speed, 0-100km/h in 9 seconds, and combined fuel economy of 16.7km/L (6L/100km). Lastly, the OM 642 LS 3.0L V6 CRDi engine produces 258PS/3,600rpm of power, 500Nm of torque, 224km/h of top speed, 0-100km/h in 7.4 seconds, and combined fuel economy of 14.7km/L (6.8L/100km). Most of them are mated with a 7G-Tronic Plus.

To make the ride more comfortable for the new M-Class, the AIRMATIC full air suspension system with Adaptive Damping System provides the basis for excellent ride comfort on road combined with noticeably superior handling stability. The ADS II provides four levels of damping force that suits the road condition using skyhook algorithm. There are other features that can be proven to be more useful for the driver such as the ACTIVE CURVE SYSTEM and the ON&OFFROAD package.

The new M-Class is made to be more safer for everyone because of numerous features such as the Distronic Plus adaptive cruise control with Brake Assist Plus and PRE-SAFE brake, adaptive brake lights, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist, Attention ASSIST, Electronic Stability Program, Occupant protection system, and more safety features that makes it the safest SUV ever built.

Available in 10 colors; Schwarz, Calcitweiß, Citrinbraun metallic, Diamantweiß BRIGHT metallic, Iridiumsilber metallic, Obsidianschwarz metallic, Palladiumsilber metallic, Perlbeige metallic, Tansanitblau metallic, and Tenoritgrau metallic.

My Comment:
The new W166 M-Class is here today and ready for tomorrow because of its well-sculpted exterior, tailor-made interior, perfect chemistry of performance and economy, comfort, and overall safety. The previous M-Class from the past never been concern about the welfare of others but the new M-Class addresses the welfare of others thanks to its numerous safety features. If we're itching for the ML63 AMG, please wait because next year, it will come.

The new M-Class is made to be more luxurious against the competition and this new model has potential to come to our shores soon.

Photo: Daimler AG.

Wow Mali pranks - November 20, 2011

Pranks pulled on the November 20, 2011 episode of WOW MALI! Pranks so funny that you may want to buy some 3D TV to see the "ANG SLOW MO NAMAN" part where Tita Chris smacked Manny Paksiw's head with a bottle.

1) Mirror Nose - Behold! The newest process used in the name of science! Stick your face in the glass or what WOW MALI calls it, facial massage!

2) Doray Alaskadora - Our favorite trouble-making explorer, Doray Alaskadora, explores the differences of delicious (delicioso) and not delicious (no delicioso). Yum! Yum! Yum! Delicioso!

Yum Yum Yum!

3) Tamaan ng Kidlat - You might wanna watch out for unexpected lightning strikes every time when this woman says "tamaan ka ng kidlat?"

4) Nye! - This man often wants attention when someone's facing him.

5) SEX - I have a question... What is sex? Sorry, we don't know what's sex is. Parents, hide your kids because this can get very ugly.

6) Fake Hand Experiment - The setup is when WOW MALI set up a booth, put a fake hand on unsuspecting victims, and the accomplice will whack only the fake hand with a hammer.

7) Star Confusion - In everyone's favorite Wow Mali segment, Star Confusion, female celebrities Janina San Miguel and Sexbomb's Sunshine Garcia got confused for being the other actresses!

Janina San Miguel in a Wow Mali episode!

Sexbomb Sunshine in a Wow Mali episode!

8) Kagat Turo - Watch out. They're going to bite your pointy finger...

Dos Por Dos Por Santo

What just happened on the November 20, 2011 episode of Goin Bulilit?

- Problems solved with Atty. Taberna and Gerry Bahaw in DOS POR DOS POR SANTO!

Dos Por Dos Por Santo

- Gags involved in the office, toll gate, and at the hospital

- Goin Bulilit dances through Teach Me How to Dougie by California Swag District

- Goin Bulilit spoofs Budoy as BADUY! HELLO! AKO BADUY!

Gerald Underdog bilang BADUY!

- Ready Get Set Goin!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lokomoko gone biking

What just happened on the November 20, 2011 episode of Lokomoko?

- Biking gags

- This puppet salesman pulls some electronic jokes on the "E-GADGET" sketch

- The Talentadong Family have gone fishing, again...

- In the next Babuyan, Donya Martha (Valeen Montenegro) asked some lawyer (Caloy Alde) to get rid of Angela's family, the lawyer's son takes action on Angela, and Don Lucio (JC De Vera) faces some disconnection notice.

- Whose Line Is It Anyhow!? with special guest host, Wilma Doesn't!

1) Naka-PAROLE ako ngayong pasko - Bintana

2) Ayan ka na naman ha! Porke't pasko hinahamon mo - Baboy

3) Bakit ba balut na balot ako, hindi naman ako giniginaw? - Regalo

4) Sige na nga. Pasko naman na, aamin nako...ako talaga ang baby - Monito/Monita

5) Paliligayahin kita ngayong Pasko - Christmas bonus

6) Wag mo akong paputukin sa loob baka madisgrasya ka! - Paputok

7) Hindi ba pwedeng Ceasefire muna kayo pagdating ko ngayong taon? - New Year

Driving Music (What is the name of the song on car commercial?) Volume 17

We're alarmed. It seems that some idiot yelled "prius v commercial song". Most of them never payed attention. Argh... What's the reason why you Americans love car commercial songs? What's the purpose?

Well, better calm down because we've been attacked by something called the SOPA or Stop Online Piracy Act. I'm sure everyone around the world are doing their best to prevent the SOPA act from being passed by the US Congress and if that happened, I guess I won't be able to share some Driving Musics with you guys. If you don't want the SOPA act to be implemented, feel free to sign a petition to this site:

Look, my point being that if the SOPA bill is passed by Congress, guess this is goodbye...

Anyway, here are another set of five Driving Musics (Car Commercial Songs) for us to share, listen up!

5) Ulysses by Franz Ferdinand - as heard from the 2009 Toyota Mark X Zio Aerial Japanese TV Commercial

4) There Must Be An Angel by Eurythmics - as heard from the 1995 Toyota Estima Emina and Lucida Japanese TV Commercial

3) Until It Beats No More by Jennifer Lopez - as heard on the US Fiat 500 TV Commercial

2) THE EDGE OF CHAOS ~愛の一撃~ by Masaharu Fukuyama - as heard on the 2006 Suzuki SX4 Japanese TV Commercial starring Masaharu Fukuyama.

1) Come Along by Fabienne Delsol - as heard on the US Toyota Prius V Commercial. More Prius, More Possibilities!

...and that's it! Complaints? Comments? Suggestions? Give us a call and we'll feature more soon on this DRIVING MUSIC segment.


On Banana Split's Clown in the Miliion since November 19, 2011; the comedians are playing as clowns to make the Club Mwah audiences happy. Yes, these seven remaining clowns; James Caraan, Mimi Aringo, Leo Priscilla, Onse, Super Tekla, Ichat, and Karen Dematera, spread the fun as clowns in the stage, literally!

The result: James Caraan wins Immunity but Ichat got eliminated! Only six contestants left! Watch Banana Split for more Clown in a Million!

The Run of Nissan R35 GT-R

2008 Nissan GT-R

Name: Nissan GT-R (R35)

Nationality: Japanese

Top Speed: 195 MPH

0 to 60 Time: 3.3s

BHP: 472 @ 6,400RPM

Performance: Tier 4

Handling: Normal

Class: Exotic

Drivetrain: AWD

Manufacture Year: 2008


Back in the 2007 Motor Show, the roar of the VR38DETT engine signaled the comeback of the legendary Nissan sportscar, the GT-R. The names Skyline and GT-R are now separate and the R35's chassis is original and no longer based on the Skyline from the past. The R35 GT-R still remain its "Godzilla" nickname that was admired since the R34 Skyline GT-R. This car is powered by a VR38DETT engine that produces 472HP and can go 0-60 in 3.3 seconds. It is mated with a 6-speed double clutch paddle shift transmission. This is the king of Japanese sports cars without compromise because of its outstanding performance that it can lap the Nurburgring faster than the Porsche 911 Turbo.
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