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Nissan Leaf is 2011-2012 Japan Car of the Year!

2011 Nissan Leaf

BREAKING NEWS! At the public day of the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show held at Tokyo Big Sight, the winner of 2011-2012 Japan Car of the Year has announced and this is none other than...


What a surprise, we never thought that the car that was launched last year deserved today's award and with this outstanding recognition, we see electric cars no longer a niche market but now as a commoner. Of all the cars such as the Toyota Prius Alpha, Honda Fit Shuttle, Mazda Demio Skyactiv, Daihatsu Mira e:S, Volkswagen Passat B7, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, BMW 1-Series F20, Peugeot 508, and Volvo S60/V60, this electric vehicle stands out the crowd.

Wonder how to commemorate the Nissan Leaf's win?


Song played in my Personal BGM: STAR RIDER by KAT-TUN
From the album: BIRTH

Detective Stig reporting for duty!

The 1970's are a decade when detective shows are proven to be a popular. We see them in their muscle cars and exotics but almost none of them drives a Jensen Interceptor. Perhaps the styling that resemble more like a hatchback is quite dull and unpopular for the TV heroes of yesteryears. Imagine, I'm driving this Jensen Interceptor and I was the star of a detective show from the 1970's. Whoops! Mentioned from a Top Gear episode about the Jensen Interceptor...

Chasing against karting hooligans at
some indoor kart track!

Anyway the Jensen Interceptor is a classic car you can hardly find it on Gran Turismo 5's Used Car Dealer. It's hard to classify the Interceptor's true form because some say that this one's a classic exotic vehicle because it was powered by a 7.2L engine but this one's the Interceptor MkIII. The Interceptor MkIII is powered by a 7.2L engine that produces 385HP and it is capable to reach 0-100kph in 6.9 seconds. Flat out, this model can do 225kph. A hotshot who plays GT5 would tune the Interceptor as much as 703HP and 1368 of weight. Once driven with assists off, this gets twisty for this old chap that is proven to be not "detective" material in the 70's. This classic is not a good car to try and that's a load of rubbish, what a load of rubbish but still it looks fun to drift.

Japan's Jensen Interceptor Owners Club, maybe...

It may not be a good detective car from the 70's but the Jensen Interceptor is all about being nostalgia but being nostalgia is not good enough especially if someone has a liking over classic exotics. Once I drive the Jensen Interceptor, it feels like...feels like....feels like....


The One and Only climax

It all goes to this ending of 2012 Camry's web drama, titled The One and Only, starring Lee Min Ho. Enjoy watching it and be sure to have interest on the reinvented 2012 Toyota Camry, now on sale at your nearest Toyota dealers!

Suggested retail price is 21,995 US Dollars for the entry level L variant while the high-end Hybrid XLE costs 27,400 US Dollars! You'll be glad that most Camry models come standard with 10 airbags.

It's ready, are you?

Lancia Voyager

The Lancia Thema is not the only one which is a Chrysler 300 in Lancia's clothing. Here comes the Lancia Voyager, based on the facelifted Chrysler Town and Country, that makes it the Italian brand's flagship minivan because this minivan will end up being on the same level as the Nissan Elgrand and Toyota Alphard. This luxury minivan is always focused to be more premium because this will transform the status of the Lancia brand forever.

2012 Lancia Voyager

2012 Lancia Voyager interior

The exterior design for the new Lancia Voyager is top-notch and it really knows how luxurious the outside is thanks to its elegant grille at the front and the rear details are just perfect, perfect enough to be called the king of European minivans. Thanks to the Voyager's one-touch entry, it can provide easy access at the touch of the button. On the interior, it accommodates seven passengers and best of all, they can be folded within various situations. Let's say that you can fold the second row seats to provide access to the third-row seats, or how about turning the Lancia Voyager into an affordable Royal Lounge by stowing the entire second row. This Stow N Go is all business, especially the interior is all business. It's like an office on wheels. The rear-seat dual DVD entertainment system can be somewhat accommodating and entertaining to the passengers. Think watching a movie at the second row while watching news at the third row.

Two available engines are offered on the Lancia Voyager; first is the 3.6 V6 VVT 24v engine that produces 287PS of power and 344Nm of torque, capable of reaching 0-100 in 8.6 seconds, top speed of 209kph, and combined fuel economy of 9.3km/L (10.8L/100km). Lastly is the 2.8 CRD 16v diesel engine that produces 163PS of power and 360Nm of torque, allowing this minivan to reach 0-100 in 11.9 seconds, top speed of 193kph, and combined fuel economy of 12.7km/L (7.9L/100km). The message then is clear, the Lancia Voyager's 3.6 V6 VVT engine is more powerful than the Nissan Elgrand, Toyota Alphard, or the Toyota Vellfire. However, this petrol version doesn't arrive soon so you have to make do with the diesel version.

Available in four colors; Stone White (Bianco Pastello), Bright Silver (Grigio Chiaro), Brilliant Black (Nero), and Dark Charcoal (Grigio Scuro).

My comment:
This Lancia Voyager, the Chrysler Town and Country's Italian cousin might become the King of European minivans because of its premium status that has a quality of Japanese luxury minivans. The interior of the Lancia Voyager is like a well-tailored suit and it is well equipped to please the customers who are looking for a well-mannered minivan loaded with luxury features to entertain the guests at the back.

Photo: Lancia Automobiles - Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.A.

YouTube revamps

When you log in to YouTube, you will be greeted by its new look. That new look made "Channels" occupy the middle column of your YouTube page. At the right, you can see recommended videos based on your uploads, likes, and favorites. Seems that channels are now playing bigger role on this refresh and as of now, there are new analytics that can check your uploaded video's stats.

K-ON! (2011 Film)

K-ON! (2011 Film)

It's Saturday, December 3, 2011. As most of them know, it was the day the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show is opened to the public. However, there are some people prefer not to go to the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show at the Tokyo Big Sight because why? They are going to the cinemas to watch the highly anticipated theatrical movie version of the phenomenal 2009 TBS anime series that sparked a sensation worldwide, that is none other than K-ON!

That's right folks, Hokago Tea Time finally made it on the big screen after spending two seasons in TV and this is a dream come true to the fans who loved K-ON so much. In here, our favorite girls; Yui Hirasawa, Mio Akiyama, Ritsu Tainaka, Tsumugi Kotobuki, and Azusa Nakano, are going on a trip to London, United Kingdom as a graduation trip. Life in London is not all about living like The Beatles or walking through Abbey Road like The Beatles, especially if you were the girls of K-ON. This is how their friendship is tested and expect some dramas and some laughs at all times, oh and some funny expressions only Yui can pull off. Because they're in England, we're not calling it Hokago Tea Time, but we'll call it ENGLISH TEA TIME, a fitting catchphrase for the movie version of the blockbuster 2009 anime aired on TBS.

Definitely a must-see for every K-ON fan, this movie would be the biggest memorabilia for all not only because this is just film but it's because this is the most ambitious but rubbish masterpiece we're surely enjoy. We're glad to see the girls exploring around the streets of London, United Kingdom, from Piccadilly to Westminster. At the end, it will surely leave viewers shed so many tears not only because the girls are on their bigger and brighter things but these are the tears of joy they can felt after ditching their tickets to the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show in favor of watching the whole K-ON movie.


Aki Toyosaki as Yui Hirasawa

Yoko Hikasa as Mio Akiyama

Satomi Sato as Ritsu Tainaka

Minako Kotobuki as Tsumugi Kotobuki

Ayana Taketatsu as Azusa Nakano

..and others...


Unmei♪wa♪Endless! by Hokago Tea Time


Singing! by Hokago Tea Time

Official site:

Lancia Thema

2012 Lancia Thema

2012 Lancia Thema interior

Lancia's newest flagship premium sedan, the Thema, is how you say "Chrysler 300" in Italian because this is essentially a Chrysler 300 in Lancia's clothing, even when this new Thema is imported from Ontario, Canada. Shame on Chrysler for calling the Chrysler 300 "Imported from Detroit", even when this is Chrysler's brand slogan.

The new Thema's exterior design is a fitting trend to the Italian Mafia, making it a perfect car to initiate a mob threat in Amalfi, or at least it could be because both the Lancia Thema and the Chrysler 300 are perfect mob cars, good enough to turn hapless victims into a mob target. Once you face one while you and your family are on a trip to Italy, you'll be a sitting duck while your family's been abducted by the mob and demanding a ransom on you.

Surprisingly if you're the henchman working for the Godfather, you'll be impressed by the Thema's world class interior that pleases your uncle who calls all the shots. What completes the Thema's interior is the Uconnect system and Alpine sound system that delivers the best experience only a true Italian-American premium sedan would get, that is when you have loads of surprise goons waiting.

Unlike the 300, the Lancia Thema doesn't offer a fire-breathing HEMI V8 engine, which sounds disappointing. Here, it is offered in Pentastar 3.6L V6, 3.0L Multijet II 190cv and 3.0L Multijet II 239cv engine. That's one petrol and two diesel engines available for the Chrysler 300's Italian cousin. Okay, a Lancia Thema equipped with Pentastar 3.6L V6 produces 286PS of power and 340Nm of torque, capable of getting 0-100 in 7.9 seconds, 240kph of top speed, and combined fuel economy of 10.6km/L (9.4L/100km). Secondly, the 3.0L Multijet II 190cv engine produces 190PS of power and 440Nm of torque, capable of getting 0-100 in 10.1 seconds, 232kph of top speed, and combined fuel economy of 14.1km/L (7.1L/100km). Finally, the 3.0L Multijet II 239cv engine produces 239PS of power and 550Nm of torque, capable of reaching 0-100 in 9 seconds, 232kph of top speed, and combined fuel economy of 13.9km/L (7.2L/100km). They are all mated with a 5-speed automatic transmission. Sadly, no 8-speed as expected...

The Lancia Thema is available in seven exterior colors; Bright White (Bianco Pastello), Black (Nero), Black berry (Blu scuro), Ivory (avorio Tristrato), Luxury brown (Marrone scuro), Mineral Gray (grigio Scuro), and Silver (grigio Chiaro).

My comment:
Even though it was imported from Ontario, the Lancia Thema, Chrysler 300's Italian cousin, is a fitting role for the Italian Mob, readying their well-orchestrated attack against you, a wealthy businessman, and your family. Watch out because if you seen one, this is not safe for your Italian travel because with this car, there's bound to be a mob threat. If you were in North America, I wonder there's a way to convert the Chrysler 300 into a Lancia Thema.

Photo: Lancia Automobiles - Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.A.

Clarkson's comments provoked union workers

Jeremy Clarkson

Well, you got admit it that Top Gear veteran Jeremy Clarkson really done a lot of insane things on and off the set. Seems that he's getting out of control when he was guested at BBC's One Show. He said to the One Show hosts that he's getting annoyed by union workers. In fact, union workers got themselves furious about Clarkson's comments, even the heat passes on British Prime Minister David Cameron! OH NO!

"Fun, Family, Pizza!"

What just happened on the December 2, 2011 episode of Bubble Gang?

- Bubble Gags that can escape the wedding for some reasons...

- Looks like Cheche and Bureche are enjoying playing a game of Angry Birds...

Bureche is enjoying Angry Birds
in Cheche's iPad

- Seems to be there is a woman who is hurting herself if she sees a mirror...

- A visit to the marriage counselor is not always helpful for the couple...

- For us but thin crust, SHECKIES! Bubble Gang does Shakey's by spoofing this commercial as Sheckies!

Bubble Gang does Shakey's!

- It's that time of the week again! Bubble Gang Pick Up Lines! Ayt! Ayt! Katahimikan! Katahimikan!

1) Ligaw na bala ka ba? Kasi kahit hindi ka para sa akin, tinatamaan ako sa 'yo!

2) Pressure cooker ka ba? Kasi pinapalambot mo ang puso ko!

3) Turnilyo ka ba? Kasi habang umiikot ka sa isip ko, bumabaon ka sa puso ko!

4) Mukha kang nanay! Nanay ng magiging anak ko!

5) Bagay sa'yo maging amo! Kasi inulila mo ang puso ko!

6) Tubig ka ba? Kasi, paboritong panoorin ng mga chimpanzee ang parada ng mga chimpanzee!

7) Itutuwid ko ang lagdas ko! Para sa'kin ka didiretso!

8) Upuan ka ba? Basilio? Crispin?

- Two guys are watching a video about being gay!

- James Wang storms through the crime scene for some INVESTIGATION, James Wang-style!

- Tita Tete read a letter from a woman about her miserable life.

- IyoTube in Ipagpatawad

Friday, December 2, 2011

Hayate the combat butler Character CD COLLECTION

The success of the 2011 summer anime film, Hayate the Combat Butler! HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH, made them realize that the Hayate the combat butler Character CD COLLECTION has arrived and those compilation of character songs from the past two seasons are a deserving memorabilia for the Hayate fans everywhere.

Five Character CDs are offered and each of these is considered a treasure to them. I'm very sure that you heard of them already but these can be a great gift to your friends who are very fond of the Hayate the Combat Butler series but never gotten any character CDs from the hit anime series. Glad to know that they're here all thanks to Geneon Universal Entertainment, each costs 2100 Japanese Yen. Be sure to have one at your nearest record bars!

1) Hayate Ayasaki & Nagi Sanzenin
Hayate the combat butler Character CD COLLECTION / Hayate Ayasaki & Nagi Sanzenin

01 僕はキミのモノ
02 運命のPrice
03 underage
04 笑顔のために
05 Oh! My Honey
06 だめっ!
07 ぞ!
08 だ・か・ら!
09 恋したらファンタジー
10 カラコイ
11 白皇学院校歌

2) Hinagiku Katsura & Ayumu Nishizawa
Hayate the combat butler Character CD COLLECTION / Hinagiku Katsura & Ayumu Nishizawa

01 Power of Flower
02 白皇学院生徒会心得
03 愛と情熱のカルナバル
04 100点満点なんかじゃない!
05 Do my Best!
06 I miss You
07 キミがいるから ~Just Windy Love~
08 がんばれ片想い
09 キミファン
10 恋待ち
11 本日、満開ワタシ色!

3) Nagi Sanzenin & Maria
Hayate the combat butler Character CD COLLECTION / Nagi Sanzenin & Maria

01 ストロウハット・ファンタジィ
02 Shootin' Star
03 エプ・ロマネスク
04 かくれんぼ
05 完全無休、笑顔です
07 紅茶のワルツ
08 夢の中でもそばにいる
09 AFTER 0:00
10 ピeeeeeeeeeeeeeス! ~ひつじの手もかりたい~

4) Hakuo Three Amiga & Yukiji Katsura
Hayate the combat butler Character CD COLLECTION / Hakuo Three Amiga & Yukiji Katsura

01 「ごめん」で済むなら恋などしない
02 白皇学院生徒会不心得
03 轟轟生徒会タンケンジャー
04 アイ・ラブ・ユーならシャウトして!
05 Princess is me
06 本日、満開ワタシ色!
07 ¥JENNEY ~銭 it’s my Soul~
08 もっと素顔でハーマイオニー
09 自由賛歌!
10 本日、満開ワタシ色!
11 轟轟生徒会タンケンジャー (BONUS)

5) Isumi Saginomiya & Sakuya Aizawa & Wataru Tachibana & Saki Kijima & Sister
Hayate the combat butler Character CD COLLECTION / Isumi Saginomiya & Sakuya Aizawa & Wataru Tachibana & Saki Kijima & Sister

01 十六夜迷子
02 おみくじ 第八千八百拾番
03 道しるべ
04 NA・NI・WA らぶもーしょん
05 Happy Lucky 7 Days
06 ムテキをねらえっ
09 メイド・イン・ラブ
10 C’mon!!
11 1%のキセキ

Apple's iPhone 4S coming to Smart this December 16

iPhone 4S

Smart Communications, one of the finest telecommunications brands in the Philippines, will be the exclusive telecom to bring out Apple's new iPhone 4S this December 16! The announcement came at the official site of Smart.

Love the iPhone 4S but you're still on SMART? That's your one!



This is Elisa's 9th (or possibly her last) single album right before she left for her career break due to her fatigue.

Titled "SCARLET WINGS" this known to be the main theme song of the new XBOX 360 video game, Meikyuu Cross Blood: Reloaded. This maxi single contains six tracks, one is the theme song from Meikyuu Cross Blood: Reloaded, the other one is the insert song from the video game titled Secret Labyrinth, the "short size" version of SCARLET WINGS, two karaoke versions of tracks one and two, and the sixth track is the "Lounge Version" SCARLET WINGS.

Those Elisa fans are sure to find this maxi single CD a "must-have" to remember Elisa forever while she's on a break. However, those video game fans who got addicted to Meikyuu Cross Blood: Reloaded would also love this!

2.Secret Labyrinth
3.SCARLET WING(short size)
4.SCARLET WING(Instrumental)
5.Secret Labyrinth(Instrumental)
6.SCARLET WING(Lounge ver)

General Motors plans to revamp Chevy Volt's battery

2011 Chevrolet Volt

Last month, the gasoline-electric hybrid car, the Chevrolet Volt, caught fire during a crash test from NHTSA. The NHTSA denied that the Chevy Volt or any other electric vehicle have greater risk of fire than petrol-fed vehicles.


Then, NHTSA conducts investigation on the Chevrolet Volt's fire investigation, figuring out how did fire catch up on the Chevy Volt and it turned out that the battery is the caused of this.


Because of this, General Motors may soon plan to revamp the Volt's battery so this event won't be happened again. Those 5,000 people in North America who had a Volt would consider having a "loaner car" until the Volt problem is solved. Also, General Motors delays the launch of the Opel Ampera, the Chevrolet Volt's German cousin, in the European region.


Verdict: If you have a Volt, better not drive it for a while because of the "battery fire" issue or consider driving the Nissan Leaf instead. Besides, there's not even a Leaf-related "battery fire" issue. The question is, are electric cars has greater fire risks that petrol-fed vehicles? We're not really sure....

Toyota launches Hijet-based Pixis Truck and Pixis Van

2012 Toyota Pixis Truck

2012 Toyota Pixis Van

Based on the Daihatsu Hijet Truck and Daihatsu Hijet Cargo, the new Toyota Pixis Truck and Pixis Van is their latest addition of Toyota's new Pixis kei-car sub-brand. These two models are focused solely for small business owners by any means.

Firstly, the new Toyota Pixis Truck and Pixis Van are powered by a 658cc engine that produces 50PS of power and 64Nm of torque in manual transmission variants while automatic transmission variants produce 53PS of power.

Fuel economy for the Toyota Pixis Van 2WD MT is 17.0km/L 10-15 while the Toyota Pixis Van 2WD AT is 16.4km/L 10-15. The Pixis Truck's fuel economy is 18.2km/L 10-15.

Renault Koleos Phase II

2012 Renault Koleos

With the facelifted Renault Samsung QM5 on sale now, it seems that Renault's Koleos is following suit as well. The Koleos' minor change now sports a new front face that makes is sophisticated and the grille can be somewhat similar to the Renault Latitude. As for the interior, it remains the same as the pre-facelift model.

The Renault Koleos Phase II comes with FF or 4WD layouts. It is available in dCi 150, and dCi 175 engines. It seems that this new Koleos is now only focused on the Euro V diesel variants rather than gasoline variants because most of the Europeans think that diesel is cheaper than unleaded, well that's a joke. Anyway, the 2.0L dCi 150 engine produces 150PS of power and 320Nm of torque. This helps the Koleos reach 0 -100kmh in 10 seconds and it can do flat out in 183kmh. It can even achieve a combined fuel economy of 17.5km/L (5.7L/100km) and CO2 emissions of 148g/km but with the 4WD layout, it can achieve a fuel economy of 15.6km/L (6.4L/100km) and CO2 emissions of 166g/km and with the 6-speed automatic equipped, it can achieve a fuel economy of 14.1km/L (7.1L/100km) and CO2 emissions of 186g/km.

The high end 2.0L dCi 175 with standard 4WD layout produces 175PS of power and 360Nm of torque, helping the Koleos achieve 0-100kmh in 9.9 seconds and a top speed of 191kmh. It can even achieve a combined fuel economy of 15.6km/L (6.4L/100km) and CO2 emissions of 166g/km.

With two lines, Carminat and Exception, available the new Renault Koleos comes in six colors such as Beige Mineral, Blanc Perle, Gris Argent, Gris Mars, Noir Métallique, and Blanc Glacier.

My comment:
This facelifted Koleos is all about being update on Renault's first full-fledged SUV but too bad though, it's still not offered in the United Kingdom because of poor sales.


Star Confusion

2013 Subaru BRZ

The Toyota 86 might be the first but it's not the only one. Appeared in the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, the production-spec 2013 Subaru BRZ is a Toyota 86 with a different flavor. At first glance, it looks the same as the Toyota 86 but the BRZ has a different front.

This is a joint venture between Toyota and Subaru, and you should expect the same boxer engine developed within the joint venture.

2012 Subaru BRZ Race Car

What's cool is that the Subaru BRZ is coming at the Super GT300 season soon, replacing the Subaru Legacy B4 GT300 Race Car. We think it's cool to see the BRZ in racing guise but will it work?

We are sure that the BRZ naming is confusing. Think CR-Z and RCZ, that's confusing and it was like Alpha Bert's arranging the letters of these. BRZ stands for "Boxer Rear-wheel-drive Zenith" and this is the first FR car from Subaru. Like the Toyota 86, the Subaru BRZ will debut in the first half of 2012.

2013 Scion FR-S

Let's not forget that the 2013 Scion FR-S is now out in the open. This is just somewhat an Americanized version of the 2013 Toyota 86, and it will go on sale in North America next year.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Run of Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

The Lamborghini Aventador is a special car exclusive for those who bought Need For Speed The Run LIMITED EDITION. 

Name: Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

Nationality: Italian

Top Speed: 217MPH

0 to 60 time: 2.9 seconds

BHP: 690 @ 8,250RPM

Performance: Tier 5

Handling: Normal

Class: Supercar

Drivetrain: AWD

Value: $380,000

Manufacture Year: 2011

The Murcielago is dead. Long live the Aventador! With the success of Lamborghinis in the past that span half a century with V12 engines as their signature dish, the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 continues the legendary tradition with its all new 6.5L V12 engine that produces 690BHP, which in Lamborghini math, it says 700. It can go 0-60mph in 2.9 seconds and flat-out, it can do 217MPH. Upon its world premiere at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, the Aventador became the star of the show and no wonder that a full-year supply of Aventador models have already been asked for, in short, SOLD OUT! Unlike most Lamborghinis in the past that focused only on Top Speed and leaving Handling as a low priority, the Aventador is different. It's now focused only on cornering, leaving top speed a low priority, but this car still cares about acceleration. It features a seven-speed paddle shift transmission, push-rod suspension, and carbon fiber monocoque.

Those who've already bought NFS The Run Limited Edition are going to enjoy the Aventador. It's all about "Conquering The Bull" and this could be an ideal weapon for the master.



The fifth addition of THE IDOLM@STER ANIM@TION MASTER lineup has arrived and this should be a hard buy if your snoozing around for a long time. THE IDOLM@STER ANIM@TION MASTER 05 packs 15 tracks inspired from THE IDOLM@STER anime series aired on TBS.

These includes songs heard from episodes 11 to 15 and there are two bonus tracks for added enjoyment. This is a must have if you're busy collecting the rest of THE IDOLM@STER ANIM@TION MASTER range such as READY!!, THE IDOLM@STER ANIM@TION MASTER 02, THE IDOLM@STER ANIM@TION MASTER 03, and CHANGE!!!!

01. 今日も元気!
02. #11劇中歌「笑って!」
03. #11エンディング・テーマ「START!!」
04. 蒼い鳥(Piano Instrumental Version)
05. #12劇中歌「ふるふるフューチャー☆」
06. #12エンディング・テーマ「ショッキングな彼」
08. #13劇中歌「マリオネットの心(M@STER VERSION)」
09. #13劇中歌「自分REST@RT(M@STER VERSION)
10. #13エンディング・テーマ「 i 」
11. #14劇中歌「キミはメロディ(M@STER VERSION)
12. #14エンディング・テーマ「Colorful Days(M@STER VERSION)
13. #15エンディング・テーマ「MEGARE!(M@STER VERSION)」
14. ボーナス・トラック「音無小鳥の秘密レポート〜3度目の正直だけど、多分いつもと同じ編〜」
15. ボーナス・トラック2「第13話LIVE曲メドレー」



THE IDOLM@STER ANIM@TION MASTER 03 is just another original soundtrack with the music inspired from THE IDOLM@STER anime series on TBS.

With 24 tracks total, this album packs more BGMs from the anime and some songs heard from episodes 6 to 10, keeping the fans craving for THE IDOLM@STER anime series as long as they love the musics heard on it.


01 真剣なまなざし
02 #6劇中歌「SMOKY THRILL(M@STER VERSION)」 歌:竜宮小町(水瀬伊織、三浦あずさ、双海亜美)
03 プロデューサー、走る!
04 #6エンディング・テーマ「THE IDOLM@STER」 歌:765PRO ALLSTARS
05 いつも明るい(原曲:A-PARK)
06 #7劇中歌「キラメキラリ」 歌:高槻やよい
07 心情
08 #7エンディング・テーマ「おはよう!!朝ご飯(M@STER VERSION)」 歌:高槻やよい
09 緊迫感
10 #8劇中歌「晴れ色」 歌:三浦あずさ*新曲
11 #8劇中歌「エージェント夜を往く(M@STER VERSION)」 歌:菊地真
12 #8劇中歌「迷走Mind」 歌:菊地真
13 #8劇中歌「shiny smile(REM@STER-A)」 歌:菊地真、三浦あずさ
14 ガンバル…
15 #8エンディング・テーマ「ハニカミ!ファーストバイト」 歌:竜宮小町(水瀬伊織、三浦あずさ、双海亜美)
16 トラブル
17 #9劇中歌「Next Life(Instrumental)」
18 感情ダウン
19 #9エンディング・テーマ「黎明スターライン」 歌:双海亜美/真美
21 #10劇中歌「L・O・B・M」 歌:765PRO ALLSTARS
22 がんばるアイドルたち(原曲:IA-GRANDFINAL)
23 #10エンディング・テーマ「GO MY WAY!!」 歌:765+876PRO ALLSTARS
24 ボーナス・トラック「音無小鳥の765プロ秘密レポート~世紀末救世主編~」出演:高槻やよい、水瀬伊織、音無小鳥

Celebrity Samurai

Audi A1 Samurai Blue

As seen in 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, the special Audi A1 Samurai Blue is the luxury German brand's commemoration of the Japan National Football Team. That's why, it was named after the "Samurai Blue" nickname that became the identity of Japan National Football Team.

Hey! How come there's no such thing as a "Nadeshiko Japan" special? They did the credit too but why the Audi A1 Samurai Blue is a tribute to the boys who pushed Japan through the ranks of the soccer world? Still, this concept is the PRIDE OF JAPAN. Remember, that Audi is the sponsor of the Japan National Football Team, they deserve the credit.

Looks like this one's a CELEBRITY SAMURAI, ready to play some ANGRY BALLS!


Subaru New Impreza Sport (GP2/GP3/GP6/GP7) and Impreza G4 (GJ2/GJ3/GJ6/GJ7)

Back in the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show, Subaru unveiled the Impreza Concept, from what they refer that this is the next Impreza, then on the following, at the 2011 New York Auto Show, the fourth-generation Impreza revealed in sedan and hatchback form. With the concept "New Value Class", the all new fourth-generation Subaru Impreza provides customers with new value design, new value performance, new value safety, and new value economy.

2012 Subaru Impreza Sport

2012 Subaru Impreza G4

The 5-door Impreza hatchback is labeled as "Impreza Sport" while the 4-door Impreza sedan is called "Impreza G4". In case we're wondering what's up with the G4 name in this 4-door version, there's a huge possibility that you may end up mistaking this as G4U, which is a limited edition IDOLM@STER video game where you can take pictures of your favorite 765 idols.

This car is not all about "Gravure four You", but the new Impreza uses Subaru's new signature design as seen on the Subaru Hybrid Tourer Concept with some hints derived from the 2010 Subaru Impreza Concept. This new design really adds sportiness and glamour at all sides.

2012 Subaru Impreza G4 interior

2012 Subaru Impreza Sport interior

The new interior provides better refinement than the previous Impreza thanks to the improved wheelbase while retaining the same height and width from the original. What drives the attention of the new Impreza's interior is the new Center Display that checks real-time information, which is essential for the drivers. However, even if the interior is all new for the new Impreza, you'll regret that it's not somewhat a big clarity because it looks rather dull and lacks luxury features. Oh well, that's the way this new Impreza's capable for. As for the Impreza Sport model, the rear seats can be folded for luggage capacity, which is great for today's lifestyles.

Firstly, the new Subaru Impreza is fitted with the newly-developed FB16 and FB20 engine, in natural aspiration guise. The new FB16 engine produces 115PS of power and 148Nm of torque. The FB20 engine, lifted from the Subaru Forester, produces 150PS of power and 196Nm of torque. Most models come with the Lineartronic CVT lifted from the fifth-generation Subaru Legacy series. This Subaru-developed CVT with 6-speed Manual Mode provides smooth operation, fuel efficiency, improved response, and (it claims to be) fun to drive. When equipped with this transmission, it promises to accumulation of 17.6km/L JC08 of fuel economy on 1.6L variants and 17.2km/L JC08 on 2.0L variants, making the new Impreza the most fuel efficient car in its class, beating out the likes of the Mazda Axela (especially with SKYACTIV Technology). This is the first model that comes with Subaru-developed idling stop system that shuts off the boxer engine automatically when stopped, reducing emissions and optimizing fuel economy. There's also a 5-speed manual transmission offered at some models but it'll cost you.

Like most Subarus, the trademark SYMMETRICAL AWD is the driving force of the Impreza, providing better distribution of power, enhanced stability, and traction that is beyond compare than conventional 4WD layouts. For the first time ever, the Eyesight Ver. 2, lifted from the fifth-generation Legacy, is now offered on the new Impreza Sport and Impreza G4. The "Eyesight Ver. 2" is a driver assistance system that provides Active Cruise Control, Emergency Braking, and Lane Departure Warning System.

Available in seven colors; Satin White Pearl, Ice Silver Metallic, Dark Grey Metallic, Obsidian Black Pearl, Camellia Red Pearl (Sport only), Deep Cherry Pearl, and Plasma Blue Silica.

My comment:
What we've seen now on this new, 4th-generation, Subaru Impreza (in Sport & G4 guise) is the future of Subaru. To sum up, we are impressed about its fuel efficiency, new look, and that's it. What we're not impressed that the interior's a bit more similar to the Mazda Axela and there's no turbo versions yet. So what we're saying is that this new Impreza is now focused on practicality than performance. It's no longer the rally-born sports car we adorned for, it's now just a baby Legacy.

Sales start this December 20, 2011, at all Subaru dealerships in Japan!

Photo: Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Honda N BOX (JF1/JF2)

This is Honda's answer to Daihatsu's Tanto and Suzuki's Palette. This is known to be as the Honda N BOX, it's their next best thing since the Vamos.

2012 Honda N BOX

2012 Honda N BOX Custom

Two styles are offered on the N BOX; first is the standard Honda N BOX which features simple styling that is perfect for the housewives of Japan. Lastly is the stylish Honda N BOX Custom which is a "mini-me" StepWGN Spada because of its sporty front view you may find it very intriguing.

2012 Honda N BOX interior

2012 Honda N BOX Custom interior

No matter how simple or cool the interior is, both the Honda N BOX and the N BOX Custom seems to be somewhat very intriguing indeed. The red "ENGINE START STOP" button as seen on the new, 4th-generation, Honda CR-V, was included on the inside of the N BOX. It seems that customers find the inside very easy to relax because of the 173cm of legroom, 218cm of length, 140cm of height, and various seating arrangements.

There is a new engine developed specifically for the N BOX, which is known as the S07A engine. This new 658cc engine produces 58ps of power, 65Nm of torque, and 22.2km/L JC08 of fuel economy thanks to its CVT mated on it. Exclusive on the N BOX Custom is the Turbo Package that provides 64ps of power, 104Nm of torque, and 18.8km/L JC08 of fuel economy, thanks to the CVT with 7-speed Manual Mode. Some variants come with REAL TIME AWD system for enhanced traction and steering. The Honda N BOX is the first Honda vehicle to come with the idling stop system that allows the engine to be shut off automatically when stopped. Ideal to reduce carbon emissions.

The normal Honda N BOX comes in eight colors; Premium White Pearl, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, Premium Deep Rosso Pearl, Cool Mist Metallic, Premium Bronze Pearl, Hidamari Ivory Pearl, and Cherry Shell Pink Metallic. The Honda N BOX Custom comes in seven colors; Premium White Pearl, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, Premium Deep Rosso Pearl, Polished Metal Metallic, Premium Dynamic Blue Pearl, and Premium Gold Purple Pearl.

My comment:
You may refer to this as a StepWGN in a Vamos' body but this Honda is all about ecology and this is the first Honda to be ever equipped with the brand's first Idling Stop system that allows its new S07A engine to shut off when stopped at the red light, giving 22.2km/L JC08 of fuel economy.

The new N BOX lineup will be on sale this December 16 at all Honda Cars dealerships nationwide. It will pick the Suzuki Palette and the Daihatsu Tanto as its rivals.

Photo: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Kia Ray

2012 Kia Ray

2012 Kia Ray interior

Nope, that's not a Daihatsu Tanto and that isn't the Suzuki Palette either. It's not the upcoming Honda NBOX as you see it. What you see is not a kei car but this is a Korean compact car that draws inspiration from kei cars from Japan. This here is called the Kia Ray.

The "RAY" name from Kia was derived from the Kia Ray concept car as seen at Chicago last year but unlike the Ray Concept, which is a plug-in hybrid sedan, this new model has no relation to the concept car as seen in Chicago. This is just a box car that draws inspiration from the Daihatsu Tanto. Think of it as a Daihatsu Tanto with the Tiger Nose on it. Get it? Because the Kia Ray steals the ideas from the Daihatsu Tanto, expect seeing a sliding door on the passenger side but it's pillar-less. There's no need to explain what's what with the pillar-less part of this Kia Ray because this was familiar from the Tanto and the Toyota Isis. What's that thing they called? Oh yeah! It's called PANORAMA OPEN DOOR! Why the Kia Ray featured the PANORAMA OPEN DOOR?!

On the interior, this is somewhat intriguing but a little bit rubbish in design terms. The instrumental panel looks similar to the Citroen DS4 and hey, there's the steering wheel as seen on the Kia Pride/Rio UB or the new Kia Morning/Picanto! Well, don't get a little bit excited about the Ray's interior but for a Ray with full options, you'll get climate control, heated seats, navigation system, and USB connectivity. The Ray can accommodate up to five passengers and the seats can be folded for luggage capacity.

The Kia Ray is powered by the 1.0L gasoline engine that produces 78ps of power, 9.6kg-m of torque, and it has 17km/L of fuel economy while on the Kia Ray Bifuel, which comes with the 1.0L LPG engine that has the same power and torque, can go up to 16.6km/L in Gasoline mode and 13.2km/L in LPG mode. It is mated with a rubbish 4-speed automatic transmission, which sounds lousy but it feels like it's shooting an episode of Bonanza while driving.

The Kia Ray comes in 10 exterior colors; White, Milky Beige, Silver, Titanium Silver, Aqua Mint, Celestial Blue, Aries Blue, Signal Red, Coffee Mocha, and Black.

My comment:
Sold exclusively to the Korean market, the new Kia Ray is the Korean's take on Japanese kei cars, but because this has a body of a kei car with a 1000cc engine on it, it's not classified as a kei car but this is somewhat a big rival to the Suzuki Solio. Still, it's too rubbish to bring it on us, even some direct importers from the Philippines such as Pitstop Motors or HANCARS can't consider bringing the Kia Ray directly to the Philippines. Watch out though, this car may end up handled and looked like a pig. In fact, this new Kia Ray compact van is rubbish, and I do mean rubbish.

Photo: Kia Motors

Toyota Prius S Touring Selection G's

2012 Toyota Prius S Touring Selection G's

The much awaited Toyota Prius G's has arrived and this is the latest Toyota ever to be modified by Gazoo Racing since the Noah, Voxy, and the Vitz RS. The new Prius S Touring Selection G's (G Sports) features an aggressive exterior design that changes the way this hybrid behaves forever. Now, that's how they call it "mean grean". As for the interior, it's all nested in black color with some red stitching on the seats and the steering wheel. Once more, the paneling is a resemblance of carbon fiber, making this Prius G's the darker side of the world's first mass-produced hybrid car.

Like most G's models, no engine tweaks occurred. As for the Prius G's, nothing's changed on the 1.8L 2ZR-FXE engine and 60kW 3JM electric motor that produces 136PS of power and 207Nm of torque. For this model, it comes with tuned suspension for precise handling that is really tuned and engineered for Fuji Speedway conditions.

Available in six colors; Super White II, White Pearl Crystal Shine, Silver Metallic, Black, Red Mica Metallic, and Bordeaux Mica Metallic.

My comment:
The new Prius G's really is the darker side of Prius because of its aerodynamics, dark interior, and tuned suspension that makes it a well precised hybrid car that is great when you're cruising around Hakone, Hiroshima, Haruna, Akagi, Ura Rokko, Myogi, Usui, Omote Rokko, Shiga Kusatsu, Nikko, Zao, or Aso. Sales for the Prius G's in Japan starts this December 26, 2011!

Forza Motorsport 4 December IGN DLC!

Let's just say that the November Speed DLC was a complete success. The Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 was a fan favorite for this DLC. Now, Forza Motorsport 4 collaborates with IGN for the new December IGN DLC pack, on sale this Tuesday, December 6, 2011.

Cars to be featured:

2011 Monster Sport Suzuki SX4 
2011 Mazda RX-8 R3 
2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor 
1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS-396 
1977 Ford Escort RS1800 
1981 Volkswagen Scirocco S 
1986 Alfa Romeo Spider Quadrifoglio Verde 
1988 Pontiac Fiero GT 
2010 Maserati GranTurismo MC GT4 
1957 Maserati 300 S 

Verdict: This DLC will be on sale this Tuesday at the price of 2400 Microsoft Points. Those who already have the Season Pass got them covered. Just remember, the Ford SVT Raptor and the Pontiac Fiero were featured in Top Gear USA. So, what would Tanner Foust react when he see these rides he driven in Top Gear USA on FM4?!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Toyota Prius (ZVW30) Facelift

2012 Toyota Prius

When the third-generation Toyota Prius was launched in May 2009, this third-generation model is remarkably an evolution of the world's first mass-produced hybrid vehicle. Now, after being on service for two years, the third-generation Prius deserved a mid-life facelift to keep it updated for the road ahead. Well, it's a start.

The facelifted Prius is now gaining a new exterior design. Expect a new front bumper, front grille, under grille, rear combination lamp, 15-inch rims, and a new rear view that makes this third-generation different from the previous model.

2012 Toyota Prius interior

Inside, the shift knob and the steering switch base is now paneled in silver and there are new seat colors available, especially two-tones such as "Blue & Black" and "Brown and Black". Once more, the instrumental panel's now change to something more vivid and colorful for added accessibility but still, this is the same Prius interior from before.

No changes on the 2ZR-FXE engine that produces 99PS of power and 142Nm of torque. The power output can be increased into 136PS if the 60kW 3JM electric motor is active. It still uses the Nickel Metal Hydride Battery for EV Mode purposes only. As for the fuel economy, nothing's changed and still remains the 32.6km/L JC08 fuel economy at the entry level 1.8 L variant while most models remain the 30.4km/L JC08 fuel economy.

Pre-Crash Safety System is available for the new Prius as this system provides safe braking in an event when this car approaches the car's behind. There is also Radar Cruise Control that maintains speed while cruising on the highway, Steering-assisted Vehicle Stability Control, Antilock Brake System, Traction Control, Hill Start Control, and the new Pedestrian Warning system that emits noise on incoming passengers, especially the approaching blind.

Available in eight colors;Super White II, White Pearl Crystal Shine, Silver Metallic, Black, Red Mica Metallic, Bordeaux Mica Metallic, Frosty Green Mica, and Light Purple Mica Metallic.

My comment:
The third-generation Prius' minor change has the same Prius experience with the new look, just to keep this new model updated after the third-generation was released since May 2009. As of now, there are so many Prius models roaming around the streets of Japan and this new model will drive sales even further but how can it keep up because it was heavily affected by the March 11 disaster and the Thai flooding?

Sales for the facelifted Prius starts this December 19, 2011 at all Toyota dealers across Japan.

Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation

Indonesian Golden Gate bridge disaster!

Markham II bridge tragedy

Would you look at that? This is just like what happen at some Final Destination movie where the teenage boy notices that the bridge is about to collapse. Well, this here's no movie, this is real. In a country like Indonesia, a bridge that resembles San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge over the Mahakam River was unexpectedly collapsed, leaving 11 people killed and over 30 are believed to be missing after the tragedy.

It's hard to count how many people are missing on the Indonesia Mahakam II Bridge Tragedy because nobody knows how many cars and people fell due to "zero visibility".

Our thoughts belong to those who are affected from this tragedy.

Photo: Reuters

A very aggressive hatchback

What a mean looking face!

Appeared via the November Speed DLC, the new 2012 Audi RS3 Sportback is one red-hot hatchback that you can only try this on Forza Motorsport 4. On straight lines, this hatchback performs a perfect launch because of its 4WD drivetrain but because of this layout, perhaps the handling is wasn't as sharper as the Renaultsport Megane because it's somewhat heavy.

A Tale of Two Latecomers

When I tried out round the Top Gear Test Track, it did better than my modified Starion but relax, take it easy, there are other B-class cars that are way better than my RS3 full-tuned to B-Class standards. Because this one's colored red, just imagine if you were at the Red Team of a game of Top Gear Soccer, you could be the captain of the team.

Nope, it's not official...yet.
A car like the Audi RS3 can be somewhat very unresponsive when it comes to cornering because of its weight but it takes a lot of practice to master the fundamentals of the new Audi RS3 Sportback.

A big-time mob threat

As some found out a few moments ago, we read something from the Top Gear magazine, and they rated the Audi RS3 Sportback a 12 out of 20. The staff must have preferred the sound of the engine but the electric power steering was a huge disadvantage. Guess their proof from Top Gear were right, maybe this RS3 Sportback is hard to handle on tight corners, especially at the Nurburgring. Right now, I'd better suit up my Stig costume and drive the RS3 Sportback round the Top Gear Test Track while listening to the theme song of Twin Spica.

A very different approach for this Taiwanese politician

As some may found out that there was an election taking place at Taiwan this January 14, 2011. For a city councilor in Taipei, who is running for Legislative Yuan (the unicameral legislature of Taiwan), named Chien Yu-yen, she made a very different approach to encourage supporters to vote for her, which is somewhat very odd. Something that our country should have pulled that approach for next elections.

Ms. Chien Yu-yen uses a "Moe" character of herself on the campaign poster and other promotional goods which is somewhat very eccentric indeed. Of course, this "bishoujo character" style campaigning for Ms. Chien Yu-yen could be a good idea to attract Taiwanese voters who are fond of Japanese pop culture but will it work?

Monday, November 28, 2011

The new Suzuki Swift Sport (ZC32S)

2012 Suzuki Swift Sport

The Suzuki Swift Sport is back!

Based on the ZC72S Suzuki Swift that was launched in Autumn 2010, the all new Suzuki Swift Sport is ready to drive hard, drive harder, and drive hard with a vengeance. Think you're ready to live free and drive hard? Firstly, the new Swift Sport's design is heavily inspired from the Suzuki Swift S Concept as seen on 2011 Geneva Motor Show last March. This provides aggressive looks, improved aerodynamics and some sporty character most Suzuki enthusiasts would love to enjoy. This provides the concept term "the sporty flagship" referring that this is Suzuki's flagship hot hatch.

2012 Suzuki Swift Sport interior

The new interior is somewhat intriguing. At first glance, it looks the same as the regular Swift but this has comes with a different instrumental panel, red stitching at the steering wheel, and sports seats at the front that also comes with red stitching, that makes it well tailored and bold for the driver to get inside and drive through the Shutokou at night.

2012 Suzuki Swift Sport

It might be a hot hatch that you can use it on the road and on racetrack but the Swift Sport is all about balance of performance and ecology. It is powered by the M16A engine that produces 136PS of power and 160Nm of torque. When the Swift Sport's equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission (available December 2011), it will achieve 14.8km/L JC08 of fuel economy and if the Swift Sport's equipped with the CVT that comes with 7-speed Manual Mode (available late January 2012), it will achieve a fuel economy of 15.6km/L JC08. Best of all, it has Euro-tuned suspension that is capable to take on most corners like for instance, the touge or the toughest curves of Japanese racetracks.

Available in six colors; Champion Yellow, Premium Silver Metallic, Super Black Pearl, Snow White Pearl, Ablaze Red Pearl, and Boost Blue Pearl Metallic.

My comment:
I'm glad that the Swift Sport's back for this current generation model and this would be proven to be more fun to drive, more fun to own thanks to its Euro-tuned suspension, 6-speed manual variant, and its improved aerodynamics. Still, this car is not somewhat very recommended if you're not ready to take on the new challenges led by the new Swift Sport. It could be a perfect track-day car but it is not all right for the new Swift Sport to surpass against its rivals.

Photo: Suzuki Motor Corporation
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