Saturday, December 10, 2011

Final Ford Ranger sold to Orkin

Production of the Ford Ranger has come to an end this month and the final Ford Ranger unit is sold to Orkin, a pest control company. Orkin told that they have enough Ford Rangers in their arsenal and since the Ford Ranger is declared "DEAD" (as in, discontinued), the company will find a replacement for the Ford Ranger when that time comes.

Guess the Ford Ranger is officially gone now with no direct replacement because Ford has no room in the midsize pickup category, whereas General Motors has room for the 2013 Colorado soon.

Marian gifts Dingdong a Ducati?!

Ducati Diavel

Now, we don't talk about bikes on this blog, but now, we are. And now, we're doing the news. We heard news that star of GMA's Amaya, Marian Rivera, gives Dingdong Dantes an expensive gift, and that is none other than a Ducati motorcycle, which the pricing is not under the 1,000,000 Philippine Peso mark, according to Philippine Entertainment Portal or PEP. No exact Ducati model is told but this is somewhat an expensive gift that shocked Dingdong that's for sure...

*Photo shown for illustrative purposes

Another Pikes Peak Monster made by Suzuki!

Climbing Kaido

A whole new "Dirt Trial Car" Forza Motorsport 4 only have is called the Monster Sport Suzuki SX4 Hill Climb Special. This is the car Monster Tajima drove it on the Pikes Peak and by result, it broke the 10-minute barrier on that venue. Guess this is the reason why Suzuki is included on Forza Motorsport 4 because of the explosive surprise and that explosive surprise is when the December IGN Pack arrived with the introduction of the Monster Sport Suzuki SX4 Hill Climb Special. How's that compared to the old "Dirt Trial Car" from a rival video game?!

They haven't featured this on Top Gear...until now!

Amazingly though, despite this one's an R1-Class Car, it doesn't have potential to topple down Le Mans Prototypes because they're from a completely different league. I love this kind of Suzuki because this is just another Pikes Peak-born monster that made the SX4 so hardcore for many.

"Betcha by gulay!"

What just happened on the December 9, 2011 episode of Bubble Gang?

- Bubble Gags interrupt the rehearsal for the Christmas Party!

- Health Center arrest? What health center arrest?!

- Mr. Assimo visits the office

- This guy's having a different kind of job position: BNS (Bagsakan Ng Sisi).

- ANG HOT! ANG HOT TALAGA! Bubble Gang does Oishi Marty's Cracklin Spicy Vinegar Flavor by spoofing this commercial as Toyshi Maarte's Cracklin Spicy Vinegar Flavor! Betcha by Gulay!

Bubble Gang does Oishi Marty's Cracklin!
- Mr. Assimo at the boutique, again!

- Cheche interrupts Bureche's shopping when she told about the broken antique vase and Bureche hides on the LAKBAYAN BOX!

Cheche Bureche

Lakbayan Box

- The neighborhood's complaining about flood-related problems...

- AYT! AYT! Dahon faces a new competitor for some Pick-Up Lines, none other than Champico!


1) Sana, anino mo na lang ako. Para lagi tayo magkasama.

2) Halika, punta tayo sa sementaryo. Dalawin natin ang puso kong patay na patay sa iyo.

3) Tower ka ba? Kasi, I fell in love with you.

4) May panahon na ba para magkasakit ako? Yun yung panahon na wala sa piling ko.

5) Susi ka ba? Kasi ikaw ang nagbukas sa sarado kong puso.

6) Ibang klase ang labi mo. Kasi, dumaan ako sa drive thru at umorder ako ng flashlight!

7) Kailangan ko ng sleeping pill. Kasi para sa panagip na lang kita makakasama.

8) Palanggana ka ba? Boom!

- Mr. Assimo at the fitting room

- This guy's always starting a very ugly conversation to everyone!

- IyoTube in Boom Boom Boom

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Strict "No Wallpapers Featured" Rule

Earlier, I was so angered by your trespassing via search engine, so addressed the all of you that here in Leopaul's Blog to Everything, we don't feature bikes, car tuning, wallpapers, explicit content, and unauthorized downloads. For some, seems that most of you are ignoring my strict "NO WALLPAPERS FEATURED" rule.

Now, when I checked my Google Webmaster Tools, and disastrous results happened on the "wallpaper" keyword. I already told you that...


What exactly do you want from me? Looking for wallpapers at my blog? Sorry to say but...


I'm doing this for the blog's safety. Your next visit, when you're using search engines, is because I did that research!

Complaints? Email me!

Fiat Abarth 500's US TV Ad - What's What Edition!

VH1 featured their "What's What" edition of the North American commercial for the Fiat Abarth 500! Well, whatever, because this is a "What's What" edition of this ad made by VH1, it tells about what's what about this commercial. Weird but it's just like the "What's What" edition of Disney Channel original movies we've watched. Hey! What gives?!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lamborghini Aventador at NFS The Run Japan launch event

Lamborghini Aventador at NFS The Run
Japan Premiere

Last night, a Lamborghini Aventador appeared on the Japan premiere of Need For Speed: The Run, that was scheduled to go on sale in Japan today, December 8, 2011. A special guest model appeared on that event and she said that this game packs exciting car chases.

Prices start at 7665 Japanese Yen for the PS3 and XBOX 360 versions while 4979 Japanese Yen for the 3DS version and 6090 Japanese Yen for the Wii versions.

And now for the memo, NFS The Run is coming soon at the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. No exact date is given but the iOS version of NFS The Run lets players "Race for your Life" anywhere as they venture across 5 stages, car customization, and Autolog connectivity to challenge other players.

The Run of the all new Porsche 911 Carrera S (991)

2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S

Exclusively on Need For Speed: The Run Limited Edition, players can be the first to try out the all new Porsche 911 Carrera S (991).

Name: Porsche 911 Carrera S (Type 991)

Nationality: German

Top Speed: 185 MPH

0 to 60 Time: 4.3 seconds

BHP: 400 @ 7,200RPM

Performance: Tier 3

Handling: Normal

Class: Exotic

Drivetrain: RWD

Manufacture Year: 2012

Description: After its world debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show since September 2011, the all new Porsche 911 Carrera (Type 991) is the revolutionary step ahead of the king of European sports cars since the first one debuted in 1963. It marked a revolution in the sports car industry because the new Porsche 911 Carrera is the first vehicle to be equipped with the world's first 7-speed manual transmission. A 7-speed PDK is also offered as well.

Because of the EA-Porsche exclusivity, the only way to be the first to try the 991 is on NFS The Run Limited Edition! Buy it while supplies last!

Last Chance To Try Out This Rotary Icon

These two are now ENDANGERED SPECIES

Production of the Mazda RX-8 ends this Summer, so with the RX-8 R3 added on Forza Motorsport 4, let's save the last dance with this rotary icon as we're trying to fulfill the RX-8's so-called Bucket List before this rotary legend dies in the Summer of 2012.

Take note that HANCARS never instructed to
sell the RX-8 SPIRIT R unless I demand them to do so...

Players who owned the 2011 Mazda RX-8 R3 at Forza Motorsport 4 via the December IGN Pack have different bucket lists to fulfill this rotary sportscar's dying wish, as is taking out for a run, tune out to be something extraordinary, paint it something nice, or show it among fellow RX-8 R3 owners. Seems that most Mazda RX-8 related clubs will be pleased about fulfilling the car's last wish before the RX-8 facing its death.

The Stig enjoys the RX-8's final days in its lifespan

As for me, I try something different to keep the RX-8 R3 happy, that is slapping out some Spirit R badges to resemble more like the final edition RX-8 Spirit R minus the gold rims. There's no getting away from the RX-8 R3 because the ride is rather excellent and it performs differently than the 2004 Mazda RX-8 Mazdaspeed. At least I have some time playing Stig and driving the Mazda RX-8 R3 round the Top Gear Test Track while listening to Haqua's character song on its stereo...

Richard Hammond tries out the iconic Lotus Carlton

Lotus Carlton at Top Gear Test Track

*Image shown for illustrative purposes only

At the December 2011 issue of Top Gear (UK), Richard Hammond tries out the legendary Lotus Carlton round the Top Gear Test Track.

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun (PSP Game)

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
(PSP Game)

Now, after the launch of the To Aru Majutsu no Index video game for the PSP last January 2011, it seems that most To Aru fans love this game but one question is that is there will be a To Aru Kagaku no Railgun PSP game and Kadokawa Games took the answer, well at least so after facing several delays following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami disaster and of course, the Thai flooding since October 2011. The arrival of the To Aru Kagaku no Railgun PSP game is definitely a dream come true but this is not what it means to be.

The To Aru Kagaku no Railgun PSP game features an all new original adventure for Mikoto Misaka, Kuroko Shirai, Kazari Uiharu, and Ruiko Saten. Unlike the Majutsu no Index game, which is a fighting game, the Kagaku no Railgun PSP game is just a hopeless visual novel game with the "Action Part" that is somewhat similar to games like Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker and Need For Speed: The Run, the part where you have to push buttons while on a cutscene.

Of course, being just a pointless visual novel with an original storyline, that part features two modes as the game progresses such as "Girls Talk Mode" where this was focused like some kind of a dating sim game and "Judgement Mode" where players are focusing on choices. Careful though that your choices at Judgement Mode will affect the outcome of the game. Aside from that, you can enjoy the anime cutscenes at the game and this looks cool.

Logically then, it could and it should have been a must have for the Railgun fans but it was somewhat becoming just a pointless visual novel game with various confusing routes.

I wonder what will happened if I have a Railgun PSP save data, an Index PSP save data with Toma Kamijo finished in Story Mode, and an Index PSP game? Could it trigger a bonus story at the Majutsu no Index PSP game?

Keep in mind that the theme song from the Railgun PSP game is "way to answer" by fripSide. Great way to hear this, huh? This maxi single will be on sale this December 14.

The To Aru Kagaku no Railgun (PSP Game) Limited Edition features not just the game itself but also a special Kuroko Shirai figma made by Good Smile Company's Max Factory division.

Porsche 911 Carrera (Type 991)

2012 Porsche 911 Carrera

2012 Porsche 911 Carrera interior

Forever being the king of European sports cars, the legendary Porsche 911 is became sacred to the brand since the first one came out in 1963. Now, 48 years has passed and after undergoing several model changes, this is it. The much awaited full model change for the king of European sports cars is made to be more stunning, sleek and stylish.

At first glance, the 991 looks the same as the outgoing 997 but take a second look and you'll see all the body panels are new as are the Porsche design DNA carried from the Panamera saloon. In fact, you can see the Porsche label spelled it out at the back. This design really more like an attractive swimming instructor in her racing swimsuit. That looks nice.

Now at the interior, it is well-sculpted and well-refined to meet up with its Porsche design DNA and this exactly looked like the Panamera and the second-generation Cayenne. What's amazing is the new high resolution multi-function screen for the best user-friendly experience. It can be somewhat very essential when it comes to navigation and this is the one that works, well kind of. This looks a lot nicer than the 997's interior that is somewhat "it's cool if you're an 11 year old boy" but it's certainly cool.

Seems that this one is perfect for the road and track because the Porsche 991 remains the same RR (Rear-engine, Rear-wheel-drive) layout that became the epitome of the 911 history for 48 years. At the normal 911 Carrera, it is powered by a 3.4L boxer engine that produces 350PS of power and 390NM of torque. The hardcore 911 Carrera S is powered by 3.8L boxer engine that produces 400PS of power and 440Nm of torque. With the 7-speed PDK is considered to be available, get ready for this because the new Porsche 991 comes with the world's first 7-speed manual transmission! That's right folks, a 7-speed manual transmission. Seven gear stickshift! This is definitely the first of its kind because over the years the maximum gear of a manual transmission is six, which of course we love it, but is there such thing in a world is a 7-speed manual transmission? Here in Porsche, it exists and its exclusive to the 991, providing combined fuel economy of 9,0 Liter/100 km (11.1km/L) at the standard 911 Carrera and 9,5 Liter/100 km (10.5km/L) at the flagship 911 Carrera S. We are very jealous to see this legend equipped with the world's first 7-speed manual.

Available in 14 colors: Schwarz, Indischrot, Carraraweiss, Racinggelb, Basaltschwarz, Aquablau, Platinsilber, Dunkelblau, Anthrazitbraun, Achatgrau, Rubinrot, GT-silber, Cognac, and Limegold.

My comment:
Sacred to the Porsche brand, the new Porsche 991 would become the best Porsche ever built because of its new design, weight loss, and the world's first 7-speed manual transmission. Forever be the king of European sports cars.

The Carrera will be the first 991 model to offer in Europe this month while the 911 Convertible will come next year. Turbo, Targa, 4S, and others may follow soon.

Now all we can do is wait until PGA Cars will bring the new Porsche 991 to arrive in the Philippines soon.

Photo: Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG

El Camino

El Camino

Black Keys' El Camino is the follow-up of the best-selling Brothers album, which features 11 new tracks performed by yours truly, the Black Keys! It also includes the song "Lonely Boy", which was featured on Need For Speed: The RUN video game!

This album sounds great for those who are a big fan of the Black Keys, and the song "Lonely Boy", as heard from NFS The RUN, is just perfect enough while you were racing for your life from San Francisco to New York, overtaking against your rivals and escape against the cops and the mob threat waiting for fear in each of every road. You could be spending hours of listening to this wickedly cool album on the go.

1. Lonely Boy
2. Dead and Gone
3. Gold on the Ceiling
4. Little Black Submarines
5. Money Maker
6. Run Right Back
7. Sister
8. Hell of a Season
9. Stop Stop
10. Nova Baby
11. Mind Eraser

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

IS (Infinite Stratos) Encore -Koi ni Kogareru Rokujuso-

Infinite Stratos Encore

So, this is it. The OVA of the hit TBS anime series, IS -Infinite Stratos- has arrived and this is going to pack more horsepower than a 2UR-GSE engine and I was thinking that this packs more apexes, twists, and turns. It's like you're sitting inside the IS and going for a wild ride to the Fuji Speedway until your neck's broken.

Grip around the corners of life on this original storyline as our favorite IS girls; Houki, Cecilia, Rin, Charlotte, and Laura doing their normal lifestyles and how it affect the outcome of Ichika. This IS OVA packs with scenes you may foudn out to be somewhat interesting, humorous, captivating, and it will keep you drifting all the way to the very end of this OVA.

After watching the whole OVA, you couldn't work it out at all...

Limited Edition packaging includes not only the DVD or Blu-Ray but also a special booklet based on the IS OVA and episodes 4 to 7 of the Infinite Stratos Web Radio titled "RADIO IS".


Kouki Uchiyama as Ichika Orimura

Yoko Hikasa (Mio Akiyama from K-ON! series) as Houki Shinonono

Yukana (C.C. from Code Geass series) as Cecilia Alcott

Asami Shimoda (Ami and Mami Futami from THE IDOLM@STER) as Fan Rinin

Kana Hanazawa (Kobato) as Charlotte Dunois

Marina Inoue (Natsuru Seno from Kampfer series) as Laura Bodewig

...and others.




Businesses never looked this big!

Mercedes-Benz Actros

The arrival of the Mercedes-Benz Actros premium-class trucks is just one of the many reasons why CATS Motors, official Mercedes-Benz distributor in the Philippines, want businesses to be this big and wow, this never looked this big for a big corporation. This is the first time, CATS Motors selling Mercedes-Benz trucks to the Philippines because of the growing market that big businesses, usually local freight and hauling companies, are upgrading their trucks.

Available for order at the pricing of 5,200,000 Million Philippine Pesos and delivery time will take three to four months, which looks disappointing.

Guess, we'll have to make through with Japanese commercial trucks while waiting for four months to have big businesses ready with Europe-made commercial trucks for their businesses.


Welcome Back: 2008 Infiniti G37 Coupe Sport

The Infiniti IPL G Coupe...almost

The 2008 Infiniti G37 Coupe Sport (known by most Japanese as the V36 Nissan Skyline Coupe) returned on Forza Motorsport 4 but with an added surprise for the players. If they have this car and went to the "Aero and Appearance" section of the Upgrade Shop, what they see that they have the option to transform from this into something that resemble like the IPL (Infiniti Performance Line) G Coupe. Now all it needs is the IPL (Infiniti Performance Line) logo which takes some DIY at the "Create Vinyl Group" section under Paint. Now this is "Inspired Performance". This is the way of the Infiniti!

Driving Music (What is the name of the song on car commercial?) Volume 19

Recently, my blog's been attacked again by a hacker who left a message "bmw 6 series, f13 coupe commercial song". Oh no, looks like this is happening. Why you car enthusiasts love car commercial songs anyway? This is how you called "Driving Music"?

Speaking of which, initiate another five Driving Musics (Car Commercial Songs) to shut your mouths!

5) Tarkus Medley by Emerson, Lake & Palmer - as heard on the latest Subaru Impreza G4 Japanese TV Commercial.

4) Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag by Marilyn Manson - as heard on the Citroen DS5 French TV Commercial.

3) Slack Wax - Close to My Fire - as heard on the latest BMW 6-Series Cabrio F13 German TV Commercial

2) Up Where We Belong by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes - as heard from the 1996 Mitsubishi Legnum Japanese Commercial.

1) Landscape by Every Little Thing - as heard from the 2011 Toyota Isis Japanese commercial starring Every Little Thing

...and that's it. If you attack me, better e-mail me instead of attacking my blog by asking me what's the name of the song on a car commercial...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Encounter with the Prius α (Alpha)

2012 Toyota Prius α

Upon exiting the Beacon Hill Dental after my appointment with the friendly Asian female dentist, I've encountered a black Toyota Prius Alpha on my way back to our old 2002MY Mazda MPV heading home before my class starts at 5:00PM at the Seattle Central Community College.

This isn't the first time I've encountered the Toyota Prius Alpha (Prius V in North America and Prius+ in Europe) on the roads of Seattle, WA. The first time I met up with the Prius Alpha MPV is while I was at the 2012 Seattle Auto Show last month.

2012 Toyota Prius α

2012 Toyota Prius α

2012 Toyota Prius α

For a quick recap, the Toyota Prius Alpha was launched in Japan since May 13, 2011. What a weird release date they've set. Friday the 13th... Anyway, this is a Prius with a bigger boot, focused on spacing while retaining the same Prius technology from the regular. The fuel efficiency of the Prius Alpha is about 26.2km/L JC08.

2012 Toyota Prius α

2012 Toyota Prius α

As for the interior, surprise, surprise. It looks more different than the Prius and there's a cool feature that it is somewhat called, and I'm not joking, "One Dial Air Conditioner Control", that allows the user to shift the knob through three different modes and twist it to adjust. This is somewhat a good air conditioner control that I have never seen before.

Monday, December 5, 2011

SNEAK PEEK: Armor Girls Project Infinite Stratos Blue Tears x Cecilia Alcott

Armor Girls Project Infinite Stratos
Blue Tears x Cecilia Alcott
This marks the inaugural launch of Bandai's new Armor Girls Project (AGP) line with the launch of Armor Girls Project Infinite Stratos Blue Tears x Cecilia Alcott PVC figure, which will go on sale this March 2012.

"Armor Girls Project" seems to be a rubbish name for Bandai's new lineup and frankly it deserves better because it could be the next big thing.Having Infinite Stratos' Cecilia Alcott as the inaugural first of its lineup is too rubbish and frankly it deserves better.

Compared to figma models and Busou Shinki models, this was supposed to be even more better. This is somewhat ambitious but rubbish.

If only Houki Shinonono and her Akatsubaki would have been the opening salvo instead of Cecilia Alcott and her Blue Tears...

World's Most Expensive Car Crash?!

Most Expensive Car Crash
in Japan

This is going to be called a big one...

Here in Japan, a mega super ultra bunker-busting accident occurred and it involves high speed luxury sports cars including eight Ferraris at the Chugoku Expressway.

On that incident; eight Ferraris, one Lamborghini, three Mercedes-Benz cars, and most were crashed and this is going to be worth a hundred million Pesos worth of damage. Luckily, however, nobody's injured. Sad to see those owners ruined their prized possessions at the Chugoku Expressway. That's going to hurt...

Wow Mali pranks - December 4, 2011

Hey, it's almost Christmas time! What's better for Christmas is some more pranks from the December 4, 2011 episode of WOW MALI!

1) Hand Dryer (Alupihan) - Wash your hands and get your hands dried by some Alupihan!

2) Doray Alaskadora - Doray's here again to see the difference of "gulat" and "takot". That's this night's topic. Gulat / Takot



3) Sino Yan - A celebrity who forgot to pay something at the store? Be amazed with this celebrity coming in front of you...

4) Star Confusion - It's everyone's favorite segment in Wow Mali and yes, Jenny Miller and Dino Guevarra got their butts kicked!

Jenny Miller

Dino Guevarra

5) Incredible Hook - Watch out for the falling hook that is so big, you won't believe that it's coming from the top!

6) Super Manloloko - Meet your new superhero and his superpower is SUPER PRANKS!

7) Amadong Agimat - An old man will possess you with this powerful agimat that "You can hear me but you can't see me".


9) Some explorer is wandering around town finding people to share tips in case of typhoons and floods.  That's MATAMPUHIN!

Another Baduy...

At the December 4, 2011 episode of Goin Bulilit, what we saw is their music video of Merry X Mas & a Happy, Yipee, Yehey by RJR. Then, we see shopping gags courtesy of Moose Gear.

In Goin Bulilit's Pasko sa Buong Mundo, we learn how the Eskimos celebrate Christmas. Then, there were more Moose Gear collaboration gags. After that, more Goin Bulilit's Pasko sa Buong Mundo, where tribesmen celebrate Christmas,

After that, there were more shopping gags, and time for another BADUY (The Goin Bulilit spoof of Budoy). In here, Baduy's grandmother wants to get rid of Baduy by going somewhere that she claims that this is a mall but it's just a dark alley. Despite that, Baduy went back home and his grandma got lost. Then, we learn how terrorists celebrate Christmas in another Pasko sa Buong Mundo.

It's done by a READY GET SET GOIN game of "Sa-Gift Kapamilya"b

Sunday, December 4, 2011


What just happened on the December 4, 2011 episode of Lokomoko?

- Christmas shopping gags

- In LOKOMENTADO, they interviewed Joey Marquez, and how will the LOKOMENTADO crew speak up about it

- Dr. Long M.D. is in the house again! This time, he deals with some woman who loves the song Banana Boat

- In another spine-tingling episode of Babuyan, guess who's got the car stereo? Angela's family! Guess who lost the bet? Margaret!

- Whose Line Is It Anyhow?!

1) Bakit ba galit kayo tuwing nag-oovertime ako sa trabaho? - Willie Revillame

2) Ako ang pinaka una sa mga talunan - 2nd Place

3) Wala na kayong ginawa kundi sagut-sagutin ako! - Crossword Puzzle

4) Nag all the way na nga ako, tinulugan mo lang ako! - Jojo A.

5) Katawa ko lang ang habol nyo sa akin - Hipon

6) Dahil sa kaka email nyo, nawalan ako ng trabaho - Kartero/Postman

7) Lagi nto na lang akong binabasa pag gusto nyong matuyo - Tuwalya/Towel

Forza 4 meets "the new car"

Time for the Nissan Leaf to revolutionize
Forza Motorsport 4

The Nissan Leaf is "the new car" like what the Japanese ads say. This is a full-fledged 100% electric vehicle that is becoming a commoner of today. Even when the Chevrolet Volt is not on the same league as the Leaf because the Volt is a PHV (Plug-In Hybrid), they're still the arch rivals of today. Even when the Leaf is cheaper and more efficient than the Volt, most still prefer the Volt because "gasoline when you need it, electric when you want it", until news broke out about the NHTSA battery fire investigation. As a big news for the Leaf, it became the first Japan-made EV to win the 2011-2012 Car of the Year Japan, making electric cars no longer a niche market but a commoner to today's road.

Nissan Leaf versus Top Gear's
Reasonably Priced Cars

Having the Leaf featured on Forza Motorsport 4 remains a mystery for now but this is going to be "Clarkson: Heaven & Hell" all over again but this is not what we've expected for. They featured it because they want to make most out of it, even when Forza nerds are trying to revolutionize motorsports by making an All Nissan Leaf Championship by interest. Heh, if Richard Hammond took my advice, this would be the result; Bunch of Nissan Leaf vehicles racing on a circuit!

HANCARS never sold a Nissan Leaf...or did they?

Something cool about the Leaf is this situation; If I went a little Heaven-and-Hell style, like for instance, speeding through the straight part of Circuit De La Sarthe, and when it crashed at the wall on front, the EM61 electric motor still active even when it was crashed! Despite gearbox problems, handling problems, suspension problems, and other problems after the LEAF crashed, the EM61 motor is still running. What's this? This engine is having some kind of "Marauder-like durability"? Oh no. Better shake it off my head.

Zero Emissions is as good as it gets...

Of course, the EM61 electric motor doesn't shout, or bellow, or roar, it's just sort of humming. Humming like a monk... Alvin and the Monks perhaps? Oh sorry! Didn't meant to say it. Guess this Nissan LEAF is isn't the future and like what Jeremy Clarkson said on Top Gear, electric cars are not the future and we're just going deal with something that is even more "ZERO EMISSION" than this...Chicken Wires and Dodgems.

Nope...this LEAF is not a good Dodgem at the game of KEEP THE IT.

Volkswagen up!

2012 Volkswagen up!

Nope, this isn't the title of a Disney Pixar animated movie titled "UP!", this is the Volkswagen up!, a new compact car which is part of the Volkswagen Group New Small Family (NSF) series of models, consists of this, the Skoda Citigo, and the Seat Mii (now why they name it after the avatar made from Nintendo Wii or also Konori-sempai from Railgun?).

Never mind, the Volkswagen up! is the production version of the concept car as seen from the 2007 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany. However, this is not what you expected. Originally the concept version was Porsche-inspired RR layout but for the production version, it's just a hopeless FF layout because it makes a hassle. Still, a clean and powerful design really fits for Volkswagen's latest eco car built for the masses and it was built from Bratislava, Slovakia, along with its Czech and Spanish cousins. On the interior view, it looks clean and simple, but it's cool if you're a woman from 20's to 30's of age.

The up! is powered by a 1.0L MPi petrol engine that produces 44 to 55 PS of power and 95Nm of torque. It can go 0-100km/h in 14.4 to 13.2 seconds and flat-out the up! can go as much as 160 to 171km/h. It is mated with 5-speed manual transmission only.

The up! is available in four colors; white, red, light silver metallic, and black pearl. There is also a limited edition "black up!" and "white up!" as well.

My comment:
The VW up! has a good design that is fit for a box car and for a rule of thumb, the new up! is the replacement to the Brazilian-made Fox because the Fox is simply too rubbish for its own right and the up! takes the pace. Is there a possibility for the new up! to come in the Philippines? Not sure but looks nice. It can be a good seller in Europe against the Toyota iQ.

Photo: Volkswagen


The suspense has just begun because on the December 3, 2011 episode of Banana Split, finding the top 5 at Clown in a Million is tough. The remaining six; James Caraan, Mimi Aringo, Leo Priscilla, Onse, Super Tekla, and Karen Dematera undergo some stand-up comedy act with the theme "malapit na ang pasko".

Officially official! 
The Top 5 Clowns are: 
1) Mimi Aringo
2) James Caraan
3) Karen Dematera
4) Super Tekla
5) Onse

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE TOP 5! Now, I wonder which of these five is the winner. Be sure to watch Banana Split for more Clown in a Million!

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