Sunday, September 30, 2012

REMINDER: Leopaul's Blog to Everything does not involve car repairs

Hi! This is Leopaul, in charge of this blog.

I've received numerous inquires, most of them are related to car repairs such as timing chains, how to change stereo, malfunction of some suspension systems, smoke belching, mirrors, some parts of the car didn't work, and something else that is more about car repairs.

May I remind you that Leopaul's Blog to Everything is NOT a website about car repairs. Please understand that. On this blog...

  • I don't tell how often can you change a timing belt on your car
  • I don't tell you how to remove a radio of your car
  • I don't tell you how can you activate certain parts of your vehicle
  • This is a news site, NOT a site for car repairs
  • I don't tell you about a car's problems
  • I will never tell more about warning lights
  • If your car is broken, don't fix it by yourself. Go see a mechanic, NOT ON THIS SITE, OKAY?
  • Importantly, Leopaul's Blog to Everything does not provide car owner's manual. I told about that and do please if you're looking for an owner's manual online, NOT ON THIS SITE, OKAY?
  • I don't solve engine knocks. If you hear one, go see a mechanic, NOT ME, OKAY?
  • I don't involve sound proofing your car
  • I don't tell if dust is coming on your car's interior
  • REFRAIN FROM USING VERY LONG SEARCH QUERIES! Comment or use the chat box on my blog for questions, okay?!

This is very important. I am trying to maintain my blog as a 100% news and personal experience site and not a site involve on car repairs. I repeat, Leopaul's Blog to Everything  is not a website involve on car repairs so, if you're looking for web sites involve on car repairs, don't bother seeing me, okay? I've warned you, this blog has absolutely NO EXPERIENCE on car repairs.


Thank You.

For inquires, e-mail me at

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