Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Leopaul's Heaven and Hell: Concept cars are for motor show purposes only, not for forum show-offing!

2012 McLaren P1 Concept

First and foremost, what is a concept car? For me, concept cars are made for Motor Show purposes, showcasing what would a carmaker be capable of by showcasing the future of the automotive world. A concept can be sometimes be a preview of a new model coming in the near future or sometimes a show car showcasing next generation of car technologies such as next generation of hybrids, car entertainment, performance, and so on.

You know what, there's nothing bad about a concept car but as a rule, CONCEPT CARS are for mtoor show purposes only. You can only see them in car shows held in big cities such as Paris, Tokyo, Geneva, Frankfurt, Detroit, Los Angeles, as well as Concours D'elegance and that's it. I repeat, CONCEPT CARS are made to be showcased in car shows and Concours. That's it.

What bothers me that there are some morons out there thinking that concept cars are not just for show purposes but they think they wanna make what they called it fan art. Uh-huh, a fan art of a concept car that is non-existent by carmakers any. Who would thought of that? Only an idiotic b****** would though of this piece of s***. One such example was this, an idiot imagines what would a concept car be like such as a thinking about what if a carmaker has to revive a dead name or thinking what would a car's next full model change be, thinking about Asean-made SUVs perhaps...Then, what this idiot would do is some chopping, highlighting and shading fully manual using Photoshop CS5 with brush technique and others.

After that, what would he do, is make series of slideshows to put it on websites or worse yet, to the forums saying "hey, this is what a 20XX (name of make) (name of model) concept would look like!" Funny, isn't it? But oh no. This isn't funny. This isn't an official concept car made by the carmakers themselves, this is just a fan art doing absolutely nothing whatsoever. Damn, renders...

When will those idiots face the facts? Who would think that what if a supercar maker participated in a World Rally Champinoship of a kei-car maker participates a Formula One race or Super GT? Who would imagine what if a kei car brand would maker a super kei car with million horsepower? That's just utter nonsense or rather a worthless fan boy's dream came out from his microscopic brain. Did I say microscopic brain? Yeah, those had their IQ physically and mentally dropped after prolonged love for cars. I don't want to explain why but as a general rule, CONCEPT CARS are made to be showcased in car shows and Concours. Need to say more?

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