Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Who!!!

Best Christmas ever...

Christmas Day turned into Christmas Who and when I said Who, I mean of course BBC America did aired this year's Christmas Special of Doctor Who titled The Snowmen.

Well, I just watched the whole episode and the ending did pack a huge twist that I will never ever forget. That Clara person...Clara Oswin Oswald? The soufflé girl? Yes. My thoughts exactly. She died...twice! Once when she became a Dalek and now in Victorian London after The Doctor stopped the icy menace. Kinda salty but it's a huge sacrifice.

It's a bit of a twist but...yes we might be able to see soufflé girl...yet again. Spring 2013, see you there for the second half of Season 7.

Just before that, I once watched a marathon of K9 episodes on SyFy and would you look at that, the new K9 is very loyal to his "young master".

Never mind about that but still, BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!

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