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What just happened on the February 3, 2012 episode of Bubble Gang?

- Are those Bubble Gags hurt the little kids?

- To avoid getting fired, these two girls are using their "temptation" to save their jobs.

- Sweat is "ecching" back in his new show called "Don't Die To Me"! First up, he's trying to reveal the dirty truth behind Papa Closeta by any means of torture!

- Mr. Assimo meets the kasambahay

- Bureche loses her voice!

- Want change? Bubble Gang does Chowking Value Kings by spoofing this commercial as Chowqueens Value Queens! All below P50! ♪Sulit!

Bubble Gang does Chowking Value Kings

- A doctor meets up a patient who can't sleep well...

- Tita Herminigilda reads a letter...

- Some say, a new pickupista has arrived under the name of Garil, and that he's facing against Push Back. All we know is, it's called PICKUP LINES!

1) Sana, itik ka na lang, para ikaw na ang baby ko!

2) Humingi ka na ng tawad. Dahil masyado kang maganda, makasalanan yan!

3) Baby, sana ulan ka na lang. Para kahit anong gawin mo, sa akin ang bagsak mo!

4) Pag lumayo ka sa akin, magkakasakit ako! I'm so cold without you!

5) OK lang napagupitan mo na ang buhok mo. Dahil pagdating mo sa akin, ang haba na ang hair mo!

6) Ang ganda ng panaginip ko kagabi! Magkakatraffic kapag hinog na ang mga rambutan!

7) Kung driver ako, delikado ka sa akin. Dahil grabe ang curves mo!

8) Bukas, sasagutin mo na ako! Anong narinig ko? Gutom na ang palaka!

- Mr. Assimo asks a man...

- Balitang News

- IyoTube in UPTOWN GIRL with Mikey Bustos

- Mr Assimo makes a phone call!

Friday, February 3, 2012



I know this is getting a bit more like status quo farewell tours but apparently THE IDOLM@STER ANIM@TION MASTER 07 serves as the final explosive addition of THE IDOLM@STER ANIM@TION MASTER range. Only 17 tracks are here on this CD and this is your last chance to hear batch of in-anime BGMs and songs you've heard from episodes 21 to 25 (which is the final episode of the IM@S anime).

You would think you would hold back from your IM@S fandom, but believe me, you won't. THE IDOLM@STER truly became Japan's favorite video game since the original arcade version came out in 2005, and later jumped through the XBOX 360 console in 2007 following with several video games and a Xenoglossia anime. Last year, THE IDOLM@STER 2 came out on the XBOX 360 since February 2011 and later on for the first time, it came on the Playstation3 since October 2011. But we didn't come here for a brief history lesson, you should know that this is all about passion for iM@S. THE IDOLM@STER ANIM@TION MASTER 07, the last of the ANIM@TION MASTER range, really served as your last bet for iM@S fandom and no matter how far they go, even though they'll be celebrating the game's 7th anniversary this June, THE IDOLM@STER has become the Japanese otakus' bedroom wall pin-up of the 21st century.

Loveplus, Dream C Club, ToHeart2, and others, you have lost that crown. It's the IM@S now. And that ends this chat about this whole IM@S stuff. So if you don't mind before somebody goes for a little "search overload", you'd better buy it now.

For international customers, it's available at:


01 春香の葛藤 1:10
02 眠り姫 (#21劇中歌) 6:09
03 花 (NEW MIX) (#21劇中歌) 5:27
04 空 (#21エンディング・テーマ) 4:04
05 The world is all one!! (BGM VERSION) 2:17
06 My Wish (#22劇中歌) 5:02
07 Happy Christmas (#22エンディング・テーマ) 5:04
08 relations (BGM VERSION) 2:51
09 見つめて (TV VERSION) (Instrumental) (#23エンディング・テーマ) 1:20
10 さよならをありがとう (#24劇中歌) 5:29
11 まっすぐ (#24エンディング・テーマ) 2:06
12 激励 2:05
13 メドレー READY!! (#25劇中歌) / CHANGE!!!! (#25劇中歌) 2:30
14 私たちはずっと…でしょう? (#25劇中歌) 3:59
15 いっしょ (NEW VERSION) (#25エンディング・テーマ) 5:07
16 音無小鳥の765プロ秘密レポート~さらば地球編~ (ボーナス・トラック) 18:59
17 見つめて (ボーナス・トラック2) 5:27

Subaru BRZ (ZC6)

Over the years, Subaru makes 4WD cars that is proven to be the trademark of this Japanese carmaker. Cars like the Legacy, the Impreza, the Forester, and the Exiga, spanning several years using the same layout that truly becomes the "beauty of all-wheel drive". What will Subaru happens if they went to a completely different direction by creating their first RWD car in collaboration with Toyota?

2013 Subaru BRZ

Meet the BRZ, Subaru's first rear-wheel drive sports coupe that truly sent this brand to the opposite direction. When I say opposite, well you get the idea. This car is a joint venture between Toyota and Subaru, and this is how they see the TOYOTA 86 in the Pleiades' point of view. At first glance, it looks the same as the TOYOTA 86 but take a second look and you'll see that the front bumper is completely different, or think of it as an inverted version of the TOYOTA 86's front bumper. The 86 emblem you found on the TOYOTA 86 has been ditched in favor of something that I can't understand what it is. I have no idea how can there will be some minor alterations to make this BRZ more identical to the 86 (Hachi-Roku), but still, this design looks completely sleek in every direction.

2013 Subaru BRZ interior

The similarly identical interior of the BRZ is how you get the same feeling from the TOYOTA 86 but you'll see that the steering wheel is different as are the instrumental panel. What bothers me is when the SLS AMG-style tachometer from the TOYOTA 86 has been ditched in favor of somewhat conventional or somewhat similar from the old Mazda Axela. Guess you have finally spot the differences between the TOYOTA 86 and the Subaru BRZ!

2013 Subaru BRZ

So, what about performance? The BRZ is equipped with a new 2.0L D-4S BOXER engine, which is a joint venture between Toyota and Subaru, and they called it FA20. The new FA20 engine develops 200PS of power and 205Nm of torque. It promises about 12.4km/L to 13.4km/L of fuel economy based on Japan's JC08 mode test cycle. There are two transmission types available such as a 6-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed Paddle Shit transmission. Those who are looking for some hardcore fun should prefer the 6-speed manual transmission because it completes the BRZ's characteristics.

Colors available for the BRZ are Satin White Pearl, Dark Grey Metallic, Lightning Red, WR Blue Mica, Sterling Silver Metallic, Crystal Black Silica, and Galaxy Blue Silica.

My Comment:
So, is this going to be a five-minute argument or a full half-hour? The point is that Toyota already made the 86 for people who are so enthusiastic about JDM cars but why would Subaru making its own take on the TOYOTA 86? Don't you know what that is? This would have been my car!

Anyway, sales for the Subaru BRZ will start in Japan this late March 28, 2012. Yeah, that car would be the first to go on sale in Japan this spring, earlier than the TOYOTA 86's April on-sale date. Gosh, that's insufferable...

Photo: Fuji Heavy Industries

Chevrolet quits BTCC!

Chevrolet Lacetti

Although Chevrolet has been quite a dominating competitor to the BTCC, the British Touring Car Championship, they were announcing that they will be pulled out from the BTCC once and for all. The reason for this withdrawal is because Chevrolet wants to focus its engines on the WTCC rather than the BTCC.

Leopaul's Heaven and Hell: Tell Me a Tale, Hammo

Back in September 2006, Richard Hammond, a Top Gear presenter, was involved in a serious accident crashing a jet-powered dragster while filming for a Top Gear episode. That accident caused Hammo to suffer comatose that jeopardizes not only the show but also his family. The following year, Hammo was recovered from his coma and went back for another season of Top Gear, happily. Because of Hammo's near-death experience, he wrote a book titled "On The Edge: My Story", his autobiography about how did Richard Hammond live a wonderful but annoying life as a Top Gear presenter.

At first glance, you might think that being the host of Top Gear, like Richard Hammond, would be that easy but in real life, it's HARD being a TG host because of the long-ish hours, hard-ish work, and scant-ish rewards. On the latter part of his book, his wife, Mindy, was responsible for this part and she explained about how did she and her children struggle while Richard's in a complete brain damage after the crash. Hammo's tale concludes when Richard Hammond was recovered and returned at Top Gear. This book is all about the life and times of Richard Hammond and I'm sure I want to buy that book because the Seattle Public Library doesn't have this book due to regulations. (DARN!)

After Hammo's biography, he wrote another book called "As You Do", recalling his adventures from the North Pole, the USA, and Botswana, where he developed his bonding with an old Opel Kadett, which he called it Oliver. It's hard for having Richard Hammond being away for several weeks from his family but being as adventurous as Richard Hammond must need to balance family manners and a job of being a Top Gear presenter. Again, I can't find that book at the Seattle Public Library so I have to buy one online and read all about Hammo's fun-filled adventures.

Later on, while Richard Hammond was appointed a presenter on another show called "Total Wipeout", he wrote another book called "Or Is That Just Me?", whereas he recalls his past adventures that is similar from his "As You Do" book. This includes his Vietnam Bike Trip adventure with his Top Gear pals, Jeremy and James, and his trip to Hawaii for some "Engineering Connections" episode. What also explains in this book is Richard Hammond's life in his 40's. Seems that Richard Hammond's already becoming a mid-aged male even though he looks a bit younger than expected. But still, this book packs some sense of humor and this is the kind of book I also want to buy it not because of me being a Top Gear fan but it is because I want to know all about his tales.

Those three Hammo Tales such as "On The Edge", "As You Do", and "Or Is That Just Me?" explaining the hidden truth behind our favorite Top Gear presenter, Richard Hammond, and how did this man rose his fame right until his fateful accident that changed his life...FOREVER. I have no idea why did Richard Hammond recalls his experiences he want to share it to everyone but sure, I want to know more about him.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Survey says...Clarkson's the worst driving companion

Jeremy Clarkson

Yep, another Jeremy Clarkson-related criticism and this time, a survey held by Continental Tyres saying that who are the top 10 worst driving companions. The person who is on the top was none other than...Jeremy Clarkson himself! :-P

1. Jeremy Clarkson
2. Katie Price
3. David Cameron
4. Kate Moss
5. Carol Vorderman
6. Christine Bleakley
7. Nick Clegg
8. Madonna
9. Simon Cowell
10. Lewis Hamilton

Why? Simple. According to Continental Tyres spokeperson, Clarkson lacks practical skills or his outspoken views mean most people leave him behind, despite his motoring credentials. Let's just say that he's more annoying than an orange. Bad mark for Clarksie there...

Mini JCW Clubman in Forza Motorsport 4

Back at the studio, boys!!

The Mini John Cooper Works Clubman seems to be the kind of car that I haven't tried it yet but wow, this ugly-looking, squarish, MINI really gonna put that James May's "bloody awful" dialogue spent where it matters. This car was a pre-order bonus for those who've pre-ordered Forza Motorsport 4 at Wal-Mart and for the last time, I didn't pre-ordered Forza 4 there because I pre-ordered mine at Gamestop. With the Launch Bonus Car Pack now available worldwide, I got myself a chance to drive this ugly-looking MINI that I though it was ugly on the outside but this one's still a fun-to-drive MINI that you would want to have it on your personal car collection. Take note, it still has the same turbocharged 1.6L engine that comes from the original MINI JCW hatchback but this wagon look really made a bit squarish and slightly heavier. Still, it looks fun to decorate something else on the outside of the JCW Clubman. Think of something checkered, something cute, something cool, something funny, something, well you get the idea...


When the Toyota MR-S was discontinued in 2007, it seems that Toyota is no longer creating cars that fuels the excitement of the average car enthusiast who are looking for something sporty. Seems that they've only focused on cars that follow the eco-car genzei system and they kept making boring cars that ruined Japan's no. 1 carmaker, until now...

2013 Toyota 86

Inspired from the 2009 FT-86 Concept at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show and this is Toyota's first sports coupe in collaboration with Subaru, welcome to the dawn of the new Toyota as we know it today. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new Toyota 86. A sportscar unlike any other.

86, or Hachi-Roku in Japanese, is the name given in tribute of the best drifting cars of all time, the Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 and the Toyota Corolla Levin AE86. So, the main question is, can the Toyota 86 be a modern take of the classic AE86 hatches? You know what? Let's find out. The exterior design of the Toyota 86 is heavily inspired from the two FT-86 Concept cars, one by Tokyo and one from last year's Geneva. This provides a menacing appearance up close and personal and a prolific rear view, making this a very unique sportscar that was started as a concept and turned into a reality. On the side view, you can expect seeing the "86" logo with some pistons on it, which makes it also unique to the eyes of car enthusiasts.

2013 Toyota 86 interior

Inside the Toyota 86, it's all business for the driver. The interior is just focused solely to be more race-inspired rather than being too comfy, well that is if you have variants like the "GT" and the "GT Limited". If you look closely at the instrumental panel, you should notice that the tachometer looks somewhat similar to the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG but who cares? That instrument panel is a genuine "86" trademark on it. Because this car's interior is not focused on being luxurious, the driver doesn't bother at all because he was surely focused for some thriller at the Shutokou, the kaido, or at the racetrack, especially at the Fuji Speedway.

2013 Toyota 86

Now, we're into the performance zone. Under the hood, the TOYOTA 86 is equipped with a new 2.0L D-4S BOXER engine, which is a joint venture between Toyota and Subaru, and they called it FA20. The new FA20 engine develops 200PS of power and 205Nm of torque. It promises about 12.4km/L to 13.4km/L of fuel economy based on Japan's JC08 mode test cycle. There are two transmission types available such as a 6-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed Paddle Shit transmission. Those who are looking for some hardcore fun should prefer the 6-speed manual transmission because it completes the 86's characteristics. While the 86 may not be the fastest, it excels in handling because of the sport-tuned suspension system. If the driver switches to Sport Mode, that sharpens the throttle response and handling, making this 86 a hoodlum you won't escape.

Is the TOYOTA 86 safe? Well, yes because Toyota added some safety features to the 86, which makes it hard to explain what are those, such as the Vehicle Stability Control, Traction Control, Limited Slip Differential, and six airbags. Uh, why I am explaining about the 86's safety? I don't need it because I always want to turn the traction control off and get this car to drive more dangerously if you're on Mt. Haruna.

Colors available on the TOYOTA 86 are Satin White Pearl, Sterling Silver Metallic, Dark Grey Metallic, Crystal Black Silica, Lightning Red, Orange Metallic, and Galaxy Blue Silica.

My Comment:
This is the Toyota 86, not the AE86, because this FR sports car is more than just a car, it's a culture of its own right. I've never seen a car that can be proven to be one of the best FR cars in Toyota history but I drove this car a lot thanks to Gran Turismo 5.

The TOYOTA 86 will go on sale in Japan this April 6 and also, Toyota will be opening some "AREA 86" specialty shops at selected Toyota/Toyopet/Netz/Corolla dealers throughout Japan that is more than just a specialty shop, it's socialization for people who really love cars. Perhaps this was been the opening salvo for Toyota's FUN TO DRIVE AGAIN slogan...

Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation

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2012 is Jaguar XJ220's 20th Anniversary

1992 Jaguar XJ220

Last year, we said happy 50th anniversary to the groovy Jaguary E-Type. Now, in 2012, we say 20th anniversary to Jaguar's first and memorable supercar, the XJ220. This car was produced in 1992 and it ended in 1994, about 281 units were produced, which sounds pretty rare to see Jaguar's memorable midship exotic roaring around in the streets of Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, Barcelona, Dubai, Moscow, and others. Numerous video games featured this car and this one's an icon. This car set the Nurburgring lap time of 7:47:37, making it the fastest Jaguar ever built.

Challenger SRT8 now in the Philippines

2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8

In response to Chevy selling the Camaro modern muscle car to the Philippines, it seems that CATS Motors is joining the muscle car war with the launch of the 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8. The Challenger SRT8 is a Dodge Challenger powered by Chrysler Group's Street and Racing Technology (SRT). It comes with a powerful 6.4L HEMI V8 engine that produces 470HP of power and 637Nm of torque. Available transmission types were a 6-speed manual and a 5-speed paddle shift transmission. Also, it promises 9.8km/L of fuel economy thanks to the engine's Fuel Saver technology, available only on the AT variants. Prices start at 3,950,000 Philippine Pesos so better get this American sports car that was built by people who love cars for people who really love cars. WE LOVE CARS!

[Obituary] MOMO founder Gianpiero Moretti

MOMO logo

It was a sad day for us, petrolheads, because the founder of MOMO, Gianpiero Moretti, passed away at the age of 71. As we're sure you know, MOMO is an Italian brand famous for making steering wheels and sometimes the rims. In his twenties, Gianpiero Moretti created steering wheels that amassed a success after Ferrari factory driver John Surtees adopted a MOMO wheel in his 158 F1 racing car in 1964.

Farewell, Mr. MOMO

Gianpiero Moretti (1941-2012)

BMW Z8 tuning by Senner Tuning

Senner Tuning BMW Z8

A memorable BMW roadster, the BMW Z8, got a new lease of life thanks to the tuning done by Senner Tuning. This modified Z8 is packed with a sports filter, custom exhaust system, and ECU upgrades, it reaches 450hp of power and 535Nm of torque with a flat-out of over 300kph.

Also, Senner Tuning added a Variant 2 Inox-Line coilover kitwith an adjustable rebound and new front strut bar, Racing Gold varnished brake calipers, and 19-inch rims to complete this modification the Z8 deserves. Take that, BMW Alpina Z8! :-P

The Koenigseggisseggggnignigsegigisegggg Agera

Oh come on. Don't worry. That's just a joke. Of course I can spell "Koenigsegg" correctly because if the Koenigsegg Agera's got featured in Top Gear and once The Stig lapped this, it may end up looking like this on their lap board:

"Koenigseggisseggggnignigsegigisegggg Agera"

Whoa! Just like what happened on the past models tested on Top Gear such as CC8S and the CCX (notable for Stig's accident round the Top Gear Test Track).

Agera vs. CCX at the Ring

So what is the Koenigsegg Agera? At first glance, the Koenigsegg Agera is the spiritual successor of the "Koenigseggisseggggnignigsegigisegggg" CCX and when I say spiritual, there is some "ghost" badge located at the Agera's 5.0L twin-turbo engine that produces 940HP of power. If performance is getting a bit more better, it's somewhat as powerful as the Bugatti Veyron or a Ferrari Enzo. No wait, the Agera is somewhat lighter than the Veyron but it's a bit heavier than the Ferrari Enzo, so there's a bit of a gap if I'm honest.

Agera for another Top Gear episode

Of course, as I'm sure you know, this car is part of the Launch Bonus Pack, a bonus available for those who've preordered Forza 4 before the release but it's too late. If you think you're too late for that, don't worry because thanks to the Launch Bonus Pack became available for the public for just 560 MS Points, you can now try the ultimate Koenigsegg ever built to satisfy your passion for cars.

As our passion for cars keeps on burning through our veins thanks to continuous gameplay of Forza 4, the Koenigsegg Agera served as a perfect example of "car passion" on this game. I once tried it round the Top Gear Test Track and it was made to be somewhat faster than the "Koenigseggisseggggnignigsegigisegggg CCX with Top Gear wing". I was thinking about 1:15.4, my personal best on this car, and yes, it was proven to be quicker than the CCX but a bit problematic than my seriously problematic Pagani Huayra. Who cares?

The Agera speeds through Japan

With the 1,400,000 CR pricing, it maybe seem to be difficult to get the Agera but if you belong to a certain car club, your best bet is to borrow the Agera from your fellow car club member if you want to try it out on online races. However, if you have the allowance, you can buy the Koenigsegg Agera, tweak its performance figures, or even do a Top Gear Power Lap Time with your Agera. It may seem to be difficult to master the Koenigseggisseggggnignigsegigisegggg (sorry again) Agera because of the speed that can't keep up with its handling but with practice, you have a Koenigseggisseggggnignigsegigisegggg that has a force to be reckoned with.

Some say...he's taking a stroll in the Philippines...

Multiple reports said that racing driver and one of the presenters of Top Gear USA, Tanner Foust, was in the Philippines. But what? What would a Top Gear USA presenter do in the Philippines? No, he's not doing a part of the car chase sequences for the fourth Bourne movie but what would Tanner Foust do in the Philippines? Being part of the marketing for Rockstar Energy Drink in the Philippines because Rockstar is Tanner's sponsor on his motorsport activities?

Apparently, some say, that the official Facebook fan page for Rockstar Energy Drink Philippines has shared Tanner Foust's Facebook activity that says "Made it to the Philippines, watching the closing hours of Daytona 24. Ford is crushing!" and a picture of the room where he's at.

Some say, Tanner's at Makati City. Oh no. While we're not sure what would Tanner Foust do in the Philippines, let's just wait until this Top Gear USA presenter's making his move.

Forza 4 announces February ALMS Pack

Because February is another ALMS season, Forza Motorsport 4, proud sponsor of the American Le Mans Series, has finally unveiled the February ALMS DLC Pack. This pack includes 10 new cars ranging from the Mazda 787B, Audi R18 TDi, Audi Sport quattro S1, Panoz #050 Panoz Racing Abruzzi, Alfa Romeo 155 Q4, 1995 Ford Mustang Cobra R, HSV GTS, the new 2011 Polo GTi, as well as customized favorites such as the Platinum Motorsports Continental GT and Rampage Jackson's Dodge Challenger. This pack will be available worldwide this first Tuesday of February.

As I'm sure you know, the 787B finally made it on Forza 4. There's even the Alfa Romeo 155 Q4 because what players are going to do is transform it into the Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Touring Car. HSV GTS? Wow. Even though the 2011 HSV GTS is sold in the U.K. as the Vauxhall VXR8 GTS, this looks perfect because it was featured in Top Gear at the Movies DVD. For the first time, the all new Polo GTi has arrived and can't wait to get my hands on this.

Toyota Prius PHV (ZVW35)

2012 Toyota Prius PHV

Like the Chevrolet Volt, the Toyota Prius PHV has a similar idea that goes "gasoline when you need it, electric when you want it". It served as Toyota's first gas-electric vehicle that you can either refuel it with petrol or recharge it at home. It maybe not in the same league as the Nissan Leaf but this Prius PHV is the ultimate eco-car for the masses.

If the Prius PHV runs on gasoline, it will take advantage of the 2ZR-FXE engine, that produces a normal 99PS of power with 142Nm of torque, capable of accumulating a fuel economy of 31.6km/L (74MPG) based on Japan's JC08 test cycle. If the driver switches from HV Mode to "EV Mode", only the 3JM electric motor kicks in as well as the new Lithium-ion Battery that is proven to be more useful than the conventional nickel metal hydride battery. Of course, the first Toyota hybrid to imply a lithium-ion battery was the 7-seater variant of the Toyota Prius Alpha MPV. The Prius PHV was the second Toyota to use that battery and who knows, in the future, most car companies are switching to Lithium-ion batteries because it is proven to be more useful and a better range for all.

Anyway, the 3JM electric motor produces 60kW of power and 207Nm of torque. Therefore, it will have a fuel economy of 61.0km/L (144MPG) based on Japan's JC08 test cycle with a top speed of 100kph (60mph). So, in Top Gear math, that's twice as efficient as the Chevrolet Volt or a Nissan Leaf, but again, they're not on the same league.

If you have a smartphone, you can keep in touch about what's happening to your Prius PHV via eConnect and Toyota Friend. First, the eConnect allows you to monitor the Prius PHV's charging status, find nearest charging stations, access ESPO, or even use the remote aircon to turn on or off the Prius PHV's aircon while you and the PHV are far away. The Toyota Friend gains access to the social network of Prius PHV owners.

When you say charging time, we say that the Prius PHV's Li-ion battery takes about 90 minutes of charge via AC200V, while it will go for about 180 minutes of full charge via AC100V.

There are eight colors available for the Prius PHV: Super White II, White Pearl Crystal Shine, Silver Metallic, Attitude Black Mica, Red Mica Metallic, Frosty Green Mica, Dark Blue Mica, and True Blue Mica Metallic.

My comment:
This is the first time Toyota come up with a car that is fully dependent on gasoline and electricity just like the Chevrolet Volt. The Prius PHV is the ultimate eco-car made for everyone who wants to buy an efficient vehicle in times of the current environment, economy, problems at the Middle East, and the relentless war on speed. Is there room for the PHV in the Philippines? No...Not yet...

Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Of scary-sounding sliding doors and surprises...

Hello everyone. It's me again, Leopaul.

Earlier, when I joined my daddy to take my Lolo and Lola to the Group Health Medical Center at Broadway, Seattle for some checkup, I just notice something strange about the sliding door at the North Building of the Group Health Medical Center...

When the door slides, that sound coming from the sliding door is like a panther roaring. I never thought that this sliding door from Group Health medical center has a sound of a wild animal. Now that's scary. Hope some mechanics better fix that sliding door from the Group Health North Building or there will be some serious trouble that people think that there's a wild animal at the hospital.

Okay, enough of that scary sliding door from Group Health North Building at Broadway, Seattle for now. Also earlier, I saw something even better...

This is the 2012 Subaru Impreza G4. When I said G4, no. It's not G4U. It's not THE IDOLM@STER G4U. This is G4. Subaru Impreza G4. A few moments ago, I just saw the 2012 Subaru Impreza Sport just a few blocks near my home but here, this G4 looks good. It looks more like a decent competitor to the Mazda Axela sedan, I think....

While peeking on the Impreza G4, we were taking too long at a parking garage until Daddy gets my Ate Elise. It's 4:00PM. I got to go to Seattle Central before 5:00PM because I have a class. When Daddy came back with my Ate Elise, I went to school. By 9:30PM, I left school and when I went home, I came into this.

This is it. SUDA 51's SDATCHER -Inspired by SNATCHER-. A drama CD in collaboration between Kojima Productions and Goichi Suda, the man behind the No More Heroes fame. I bought it via CDJapan and I put most of it on my iPod Touch for convenience. By now, I should be listening to the whole story...

Thanks for reading!

The McLaren F1 in Forza Motorsport 4

Doing like what The Stig does...

The McLaren F1 costs half-a-million Pounds when it came out in the public in 1993, and an engine bay lined in gold, essential driving position, and more power than you can ever imagine. It has a top speed of over 240mph, making it the fastest production car in the 1990's, serving this as an inspiration for Bugatti to create the Veyron. If the McLaren F1 didn't exists, the Bugatti Veyron was not existed. Unlike the Bugatti Veyron, the McLaren F1's 6.1L V12 BMW engine is Naturally Aspirated. It does not have safety features such as traction control and anti-lock brakes, making it one heck of a dangerous ride if you're not careful but who cares? This is the first carbon fiber bodied car. Of course, if you don't mind, I would be heading to the Police Box (Doctor Who's time machine) and go back to the 1990's when Top Gear was a bit more boring, Jeremy Clarkson's hair was still black and a little bit more afro, The Stig wasn't born yet, and of course, the old Top Gear presenters are far too many.

It was featured in "old" Top Gear when Tiff Needell test drives the McLaren F1 round the Millbrook  Proving Grounds in Bedfordshire. Although, Tiff Needell was impressed by the McLaren F1's performance, I disagreed however on his opinions. Besides, "old" Top Gear is boring and Top Gear with The Stig on it is better. Better to watch, better to re-enact, and better to laugh at. Okay, in the Series 13 episode of Top Gear, the McLaren F1 faces off against the Bugatti Veyron in a drag race in Abu Dhabi. As a matter of fact, the McLaren F1 has a better 0-60 time but the Veyron is better in a flat-out.

The McLaren F1's butterfly-type doors

Hey! I was right! There was
a Kenwood on it!

The McLaren F1 makes it a perfect debutante in Forza Motorsport 4. Not only you can race with it, you can also explore more about the wondrous facts about the McLaren F1 via Autovista or even hear Jeremy Clarkson's comments about the McLaren F1. This is the sportscar that was built without compromise.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Showtime to be renamed as "It's Showtime", replacing HYY this February!

If you think you've seen the last of this unkabogable TV show you often watched on ABS-CBN every mornings, titled SHOWTIME, don't worry because this unkabogable TV show will return as the new noontime show that will replace Happy Yipee Yehey, this February 6. That's right, madlang people. Showtime will be renamed as "IT'S SHOWTIME".

Refined, recharged, and reloaded, IT'S SHOWTIME will be proven to be even more better than the original and it will pack more segments that they will never stop the madlang people from being happy. The original Showtime presenters such as Vhong Navarro, Anne Curtis, Kuya Kim Atienza, Vice Ganda, Billy Crawford, Karylle, Jugs and Teddy returned and there will be new presenters on IT'S SHOWTIME such as "Sample King" Jhong Hilario, and all-time favorites such as Ryan Bang and Coleen Garcia.

To be honest, I'm glad that they never left. That was a big surprise to keep the show alive and kicking!

GT5 meets Aston Martin's most exhilarating sports car

Song played in my Personal BGM: LOST by Yukiho Hagiwara (CV: Azumi Asakura)
From the album: THE IDOLM@STER MASTER ARTIST 2 -FIRST SEASON- 07 Yukiho Hagiwara

Re-attempting the sad ending from Top Gear Series 13

If you watched the finale of BBC's Top Gear Series 13, this is how they end the 13th season with the Aston Martin V12 Vantage, with Jeremy Clarkson on it. Even when Jeremy Clarkson said that the V12 Vantage is "wonderful, wonderful, wonderful", the Series 13 ending made me sad, very very sad and it made me cried at the end. Don't worry though, even it made the viewers cried at the Series 13 ending, the Aston Martin V12 Vantage unleashed its fury when it was featured at Jeremy Clarkson's DVD titled "Duel". When Jeremy Clarkson asks, "Which is faster? A car or a man?", the V12 Vantage duels against a very fast rugby player. We thought that the Aston Martin doesn't stand a chance against the rugby player's speed but it did, barely.

Plenty of smoke but no cider...

I really don't need to be sad right now because even though I am utterly familiar about the V12 Vantage, Aston Martin's most exhilarating sports car has arrived on Gran Turismo 5 via DLC, which is available now. For a quick refresh, the Aston Martin V12 Vantage was revealed at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show and it is equipped with a 6.0L V12 engine, producing 510bhp of power and 570Nm of torque. It achieves a 0-60m time of 4.2 seconds and 190mph of top speed. Even though the V12 Vantage still carries Aston Martin's tagline "Power, Beauty, Soul", it's still has a long way around. It may have the beauty and the soul but does it have the power?

The V12 Vantage logo

A well-designed exterior seems to be enough for
the V12 Vantage

Never mind, but what about the way it moves? When I drift the V12 Vantage, it's simple; Plenty of smoke but no cider. Even if you leave as much white smoke coming from the tires, it's taking a hard time power-sliding through the corners but still it corners well. This is much more better than the DB9 thanks to the power and weight. Weight? Oh yeah right. While the 2006 DB9 Coupe weighs about 1710kg, the V12 Vantage weighs about 1680kg. Impressive...

We caught The Stig going to the pub.

This car is a complete masterpiece and this is one of the most beautiful beasts I have ever tried on this game. Getting familiarized with the V12 Vantage is one too many because you already tried this one on other video games that featured this one but here on Gran Turismo 5, it's all about starting over from scratch when you get behind the wheel of the V12 Vantage.

Renault Twingo II - Phase II

When the second-generation Renault Twingo was released in 2007, this nippy little rascal is proven to be "99% serious" because it was proven to be more serious than being too cute. For the 2012 model year, the second-generation Twingo is getting a "99% serious" facelift make it even more serious than the previous one.

2012 Renault Twingo

For this minor change, the 2012 Twingo received an all-new look, the first to imply Renault's new design language that will imply on all future Renault models carrying that look as seen on concept cars. As a matter of fact, the front and rear design is all new and this new look makes it even more serious than the previous model. What's new for the Twingo's minor change is personalization. For the first time, customers can personalize the 2012 Twingo the way they want with various vinyls, side mirror colors, or even an available "canvas top" option.

2012 Renault Twingo interior

There are some minor tweaks on the interior of the 2012 Renault Twingo thanks to the choice of new audio systems especially the new one that serves as a docking station for your iPhone and permits the use of the GPS navigation system thanks to Renault's iPhone app. This app uses Bluetooth to communicate with the car and analyses the driver's 'eco-driving' behavior in real time. Like the exterior, the interior of the new Twingo can be personalized just the way you want, making it unique for you. Still, this is a 4-seater hatchback and the rear that made me think that it has enough space for Ross Kemp to fit in but forget about the whole Ross Kemp thing because Jeremy Clarkson drowned him in his "Sensible" Twingo Test in one episode of Top Gear.

There are numerous engines available for the New Twingo such as the 1.2 LEV 16V 75, dCi 75, dCi 85, and a 1.2 16V 75 engine. The engine available exclusively for the Twingo Gordini is a TCe 100 engine. That engine produces 100ps of power and it has a top speed of 185kph. To explain more about the 1.2 LEV 16V 75 engine available on the entry-level variant, some say that this engine has a CO2 emission of 105g/km, combined fuel economy of 22.2km/L (4.5L/100km), and 169kph of top speed. Most engines are certified to be Euro5 compliant and they're fitted with a 5-speed manual transmission on most models.

Six colors are available on the new Twingo; Bleu majorelle, Brun Cajou, Fuschia, Gris Platine, Noir Nacré, and Bleu Malte.

My comment:
As the Twingo gets even more serious, there will be even more serious customers shopping for this nippy little French 3-door hatchback that competes against the Peugeot 107 and the Citroen C1. If you own one, just one word; try not to attempt Jeremy Clarkson's ridiculous moments you saw on Top Gear's sensible Twingo test because this could lead in some serious trouble. I had no idea what happened to Ross Kemp...

Photo: Renault

Think of it as an E46 M3 with Bulimia

Time to warm up that new Stig!

There was a simple story. When Series 3 of Top Gear began in 2003, the original, black-colored, Stig was killed in action. When he performed his ultimate challenge at HMS Invicible using the old Top Gear Jaguar, he was supposed to do 100mph at the runway of the HMS Invincible and stop but The Stig went too fast and then The Stig got drowned himself to death. On the second episode of Top Gear Series 3, Jeremy Clarkson introduced the new Stig in white color and the first car to put this new Stig to the test is none other than the 2003 BMW M3 CSL. Before that, Jeremy Clarkson test drove the BMW M3 CSL at the Isle of Man. After the test drive, the white Stig lapped the BMW M3 CSL round the Top Gear Test Track in 1 minute and 28 seconds, that's quicker than the original BMW M3. So, what's it all about this lightweight M3 E46?

A duel between the two M3 CSL models

Launched in 2003 and limited to 1,400 units produced, the M3 CSL made to be even more quicker than the standard M3 thanks to its lightweight technologies inherited from the Formula One racing applications. As a matter of fact, the M3 CSL weights 100kg less than the standard E46 M3, that's a good mark for that. 

Like what Jeremy Clarkson said, think of it as an M3 with Bulimia because this sports coupe threw up a hundred kilograms to make it as firm and slim as a bulimic woman. 

The M3 CSL comes also with a tuned suspension, brakes, tightened steering ratio, roof that is made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, SMG II manual transmission, and an improved 3.2L engine that has 17HP more than the standard M3. 

This variant is somewhat more of a track-day car rather than an everyday grand tourer...

The M3 CSL finds it's driving heaven

...and here on Gran Turismo 5, it does just the way we want. We may want to throw up more weight to keep the M3 CSL lighter and more agile on city streets and racetracks of our desire because this M3 CSL is all about being competitive. Also, you may want to recreate the Top Gear Power Lap Time using the M3 CSL and oh, make it as faster as you can if you want to show off with your online friends.

Wow Mali pranks - January 29, 2012

Pranks pulled at the January 29, 2012 episode of Wow Mali:

1) Kagat - Hey! You have a meal! Can I bite...YOU?!

2) May dumi sa salamin - Excuse me, you have a dirt on your face. Oh, sorry, my glasses...

3) Libreng BP - No. Not Blood Pressure. It's BABY POWDER!!!!

4) Doray Alaskadora - Learn how to "SUBTRACTION" with Doray Alaskadora

5) Hindi Ako Waiter - Those who look like waiters...aren't waiters. They're customers.

6) Tawa nang Tawa - This woman can't stop laughing while asking for directions. Guess she thinks you're funny.

7) Gusot - This woman's getting angry at you...Until some tanod's readying his iron.

8) Palit Damit - Anyone noticing a man dressed in black swapped his clothes to fool the barangay tanod?


What just happened on the January 28, 2012 episode of Lokomoko?

- Office gags

- Tanong ko lang, kulang...Bakit ba tinawag na driving shoes? Sila ba ang sapatos na nakakapagdrive?

- E Tan Ong is back to answer some daily questions!

- Tanong ko lang, kulang...Tumatakbo ba ang mga fastfood?

- Tanong ko lang, kulang...Hotcake pa rin ba ang tawag mo sa hotcake kahit lumamig na ito?

- Lokomersyal in Meow Siopao! Mapapahiyaw ka talaga!

Meow Siopao

- Tanong ko lang, kulang...Pwede bang hindi tumakbo sa runway?

- Awesome Roces returns as well with Awesome Marie Chan on another Awesome Show. This time, an interview with Tom Dela Cruz (Empoy) who enjoyed his success in baking as well as his assistant, Bread Pete (guest star Wendell Ramos).

- And it all wraps the the show with Whose Line Is It Anyhow?!

1) Sana sagutin mo ako - Test Paper

2) Wala akong mukhang inihaharap - Batok

3) Pangako, no brownout! - Motel

4) Ang kalusugan ay kayamanan - Fans ni Sharon

5) Hindi ko kayo kakilala, pero naalala nyo ako kapag gipit kayo! - Sanglaan

6) Subukan mo akong hilahin at mag-iingay ako! - Kampana

7) ZZZZZZZZZZZ....ZZZZZZZZ - Sleeping Beauty

Sunday, January 29, 2012

REPORT: ABS-CBN's Happy Yippee Yehey to be finished this February!

If you think the SHOWTIME finale really saddened you up in a deeply moving manner, get ready to shed some more tears because ABS-CBN's axing the noontime show, Happy Yippee Yehey, this Saturday!

According to Yahoo! Philippines OMG, the final episode of Happy Yippee Yehey will be held this Saturday, February 4, at the AFP Theater, along with their "My Girl" Grand Finals.

ABS-CBN's Press Release:

Happy Yipee Yehey' (HYY) will have its last episode with the grand finals of its "My Girl" search at the AFP Theater on Saturday, February 4, 2012.

ABS-CBN is very grateful to the HYY hosts and production staff for their hard work and contribution in giving our noontime viewers a "happy, yipee, yehey" experience for the past year.

We also extend our deepest gratitude to our viewers, here in the Philippines and in The Filipino Channel (TFC) markets worldwide, for their support to the program.

The HYY hosts will be given new projects that kapamilyas will surely enjoy.

Driving Music (What is the name of the song on car commercial?) Vol. 25

Yesterday, I just got a "tweet" from someone I don't know, probably some who read one of my "Driving Music" posts while I'm away. That tweet goes "What is the 2012 kia optima song heard in the commercial? It's a uptempo rock song. Please help". Yeah, bare enough, I must respond, and this Driving Music portion is stepping through the bridge...again.

Sorry to say that song played on the 2012 Kia Optima commercial as seen in the USA is "original" and it's not available for the public.

Anyway, to cheer you up, here are another set of 5 Driving Musics (Car Commercial Songs) to enjoy:

5. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps by the Pussycat Dolls - from the 2009 Kia Soul Korean TV Commercial.

4. Mr. Tambourine Man by The Byrds - from the 2003 Toyota Estima Japanese TV Commercial.

3. Smile by Rod Stewart - from the 2004 Toyota Estima Japanese TV Commercial

2. I Ain't Superstitious by MEGADETH - from the 1987 Honda CR-X Japanese TV Commercial

1. Wild Child by Enya - from the 2004 Honda Elysion Japanese TV Commercial

...and that's it. We're done on this section. Just remember, this "Driving Music" segment is always open when you need it, otherwise, I could get some serious complaints from someone named "Mr. Needham". Bye!

Thank You Showtime!

Yesterday, January 28, 2012, our favorite ABS-CBN variety show, SHOWTIME, was ended in a deeply manner. I did not get that memo but thankfully I caught up on the SHOWTIME ending. On that ending, the Showtime presenters such as Vhong Navarro, Anne Curtis, Kim Atienza, Vice Ganda, Jugs & Teddy, and others are relieving the great moments in Showtime history such as how the show began in late 2009, the celebs who are the judges on the show, laughter, mishaps, friendship, thrills, that sort of thing that made SHOWTIME great for the past four seasons.

That show changed the lives of many people because of their newly-found talents. The talents shown are very unique for them and it created "more fun" and "more happiness" for the Madlang People. Those people who've joined, especially the first team that won the first season of Showtime, XB Gensan, were truly our inspiration for all of the Filipinos from here and the rest of the world. Every late morning, at the flick of the remote; how can we hardly miss about Kuya Kim's trivia, Anne Curtis' Madlang People chant, the face dance that smiled us, Vice Ganda's jokes, the celebrity judges' SAMPLE SAMPLE SAMPLE (especially faves from the past judges such as Ryan Bang, Gladys Reyes, Jhong Hilario and Dimples Romana), and others that made it "more fun" in Showtime? Poor us. That SHOWTIME was been our all-time favorite program from ABS-CBN but now it's all gone for good. That made me sad...


Welcome Back: 2010 Peugeot RCZ

The RCZ's rear design

Peugeot RCZ in Top Gear? It's a YES
if you live in Korea

Seriously though, did the Peugeot RCZ has a place in Top Gear history. If you asked that question to The Stig's Korean cousin, well yes, the Peugeot RCZ does have a place in Top Gear history.

In an episode of Top Gear Korea, presenter Kim Gam Soo introduces to the Peugeot RCZ. Then, this car had a drag race against the Audi TT Roadster and the MINI Cooper S and the Peugeot RCZ won that race. The only problem Kim Gam Soo faces on the RCZ is the rear headroom because of the RCZ's double bubble roof.

In the hands of The Stig, it set a lap time of 1:40.86 round the Top Gear Korea test track, making it faster than the P_rsh_ P_n_m_r_ Diesel and the Range Rover Sport but just a few seconds slower than the Cadillac CTS-V. What a remarkable coupe made from PSA Peugeot Citroen.

The Peugeot RCZ has returned on Forza Motorsport 4 and that is why it's your turn to set the RCZ's personal best round the Top Gear Test Track. Hope that Top Gear executive producer, Andy Wilman, got that memo...

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