Saturday, April 21, 2012

ITC280 Update 3

What we learned on Week 3 of ITC280 Class...

1. We don’t need a closing php tag if there are no conflicts.
<? php
echo "does this work?";

2. A function that has data passed to it as a parameter.
$myPay = 50000;


function areYouHappy($myPay)


   if($myPay >= 110000)


  echo "I'm Happy!";


  echo "Not so Happy!";



3. We can use curly braces to identify the variable - with backslash added to escape dollar sign
echo "I'm Happy with the \${$myPay}!";

4. We can pass in a variable via the keyword global.
$myPay = 50000;


function areYouHappy()


 global $myPay;

   if($myPay >= 110000)


        echo "I'm Happy with the \${$myPay}!";


        echo "Not so Happy with the \${$myPay}!";



5. Use the keyword return to pass data out of a function.

$myPay = 50000;

echo areYouHappy();

function areYouHappy()


 global $myPay;

   if($myPay >= 110000)


        return "I'm Happy with the \${$myPay}!";



        return "Not so Happy with the \${$myPay}!";



6. We can pass the data in as a parameter, and add br tags for readability.
$myPay = 50000;
echo areYouHappy($myPay);

echo areYouHappy(5);

echo areYouHappy(140000);

echo areYouHappy(30);

function areYouHappy($myPay)


   if($myPay >= 110000)


        return "I'm Happy with the \${$myPay}!<br />";


        return "Not so Happy with the \${$myPay}!<br />";



7. Text is the default type attribute for the input element.
First Name: <input name="FirstName" />

8. An example of data in a querystring

9. If we have more than one piece of data, it is separated by ampersand.

10. If a value has a space, it is replaced with a plus sign.

11. Our first web application.


echo $_POST['FirstName']; 


12. Our first REAL web application.





echo $_POST['FirstName'];

echo '<br /><a href="forms2.php">RESET</a>'; 



 <form action="forms2.php" method="post">

 First Name: <input type="text" name="FirstName" /><br />

 Last Name: <input type="text" name="LastName" /><br />

 <input type="submit" />







13. Example of a superglobal. It gives us the current file name.

14. Force cast data to an integer
$myTires = (int)$_POST['Tires'];//forced cast to int


Sadly, my scores at Pop Quiz # 4 and Test # 3 are badly. For Pop Quiz # 4, I got 67% then on Test # 3, it's a 50%. Can't believe that most of the questions here are extremely difficult. I tried looking back at past lessons but the questions are too complicated to answer. Next time, I should remain focused on my class in order to get a better grade.

Speaking of which, I am currently working on Assignment # 3, which is the Troubleshooting Exercise. Due Monday, Apr. 23rd. In class, we only finished 5 out of 10 errors to find on this assignment. The trouble is, how can I find the remaining five errors?

Anyway, Mr. Newman set up the fixed version but the link is broken. I e-mailed him to get this link to the fixed "adder.php" page fixed so I can get the five remaining errors found. God, help us...


Pop Quiz # 4 - 7/10 (67%)
Test # 3 - 9/18 (50%)

2nd generation Mazda 3 and Mazda CX-5 arrived in the Philippines!!!

After three years of waiting, the all new 2nd generation Mazda 3 has arrived in the Philippines! Finally!

2012 Mazda Axela

So, what would you expect on the new Mazda 3? Well, you know how it looked like right? As for the engine types; it comes with either a 1.6L or a 2.0L petrol engines.

The cost? 999,000 Pesos for the 1.6 V sedan, 1,099,000 Pesos for the 1.6 V hatch, and 1,299,000 Pesos for the 2.0 S sedan.

Yes, we are happy that it's about damn time the new Mazda 3 arrived but there's something that bothered here....

2013 Mazda CX-5

Oh cock! The Mazda CX-5 has arrived and it only comes with a 2.0L SKYACTIV-G engine mated with either a 6AT or a 6MT. You know that this engine won't work in the Philippines due to the dirty fuel, or is it?

Prices start at 1,392,000 Pesos for the CX-5 MT up to 1,452,000 Pesos for the CX-5 AT


Despite being a full-fledged SPG program, that wouldn't stop Bubble Gang for pulling the stops for their 2012 Summer Special in the April 20, 2012 episode. With Michael V, Ogie Alcasid, Rufa Mae Quinto, Antonio Aquitania, Boy2, Maureen Larrazabal, Ellen Adarna, Gwen Zamora, Jackie Rice, Sam Pinto, and guests like Pancho Macho, Betong, Michelle Madrigal and Chariz Solomon (among many others), they've turned this whole summer day-off into a more sensible one such as...

- Group Picture gags

Group picture

- Mr. Assimo's at the resort

Mr. Assimo

- WARNING! Head & Shonggals causes severe hair touching obsession. Bubble Gang does Head and Shoulders Smooth and Silky by spoofing this commercial as HEAD AND SHONGGALS Smooth and Silky.

Bubble Gang does Head and Shoulders

- Guess who's back? Yes! It's Coach Calmado and wow, ain't he's getting angry at those who's interrupting the wedding at the resort!

Coach Calmado

- Who's going to wear that swimsuit? Cheche or Bureche?

Cheche Bureche

- Pick Up Lines for the summer special!!!

Pick Up Lines

1) Kung saranggola ka, pisi ako. Kasi gusto ko ng lasong nakatali sa iyo.

2) Shooting Star ka ba? Kasi makita ka lang saglit, grabe na ang tuwa ko!

3) Pendulum ka ba? Kasi habang napapalapit ka, nahi-hypnotize ako.

4) Alam mo, para lang tayong EDSA. Kasi, we are made for EDSA-ther!

Boy Pick Up

5) Manila ka ba? Kasi hinahanap hanap kita!

6) Love bird ka ba? Kasi maraming tindang stainless sa San Pablo

7) FEU ka ba? Kasi, TAMA-RAW kung mahal kita!

8) Bibingka ka ba? Kasi, may byaheng Marinduque galing Lucena

- IyoTube in Lady Gaga's Born This Way

- Kuya Bondying's suffering from heart attack! Can you help him? (we say no)

Kuya Bondying

- Vamos! Explore the swash-buckling adventure with ZORO the EXPLORER and his companion, BOOTS! Si! Muy bien!

Zoro the Explorer

..and there you are! Every BG 2012 Summer Special moments remembered for every Bubble Gang fans worldwide! If you think Pueblo Por La Playa wasn't messy enough, wait 'till it gets messy on Part Two next week!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Two of the Top Gear favorites are thrashing the Nurburgring...

Ariel Atom V8

Noble M600

Let's admit it that both the Ariel Atom V8 and the Noble M600 are two of our favorite cars as seen on Top Gear. We seen the Ariel Atom V8 hailed as the fastest car to get round at the Top Gear Test Track. 

The Noble M600? Some say that on its maximum power mode, the power to weight ratio is stronger than the Bugatti Veyron. Question, is it better than the Lamborghini Aventador or the McLaren MP4-12C? Let's see, the MP4-12C has a top speed of 205mph while the Lamborghini Aventador beats that with 217mph of top speed. This Noble M600 can do 225mph, so on paper, this is the fastest of the three or is it?! Remember, the MP4-12C is the 2nd fastest on the Top Gear Test Track while the Aventador is the 3rd fastest. The Noble M600 is the 8th fastest on cold condition so, who cares?!

On the Season 18 opener of Top Gear, this was Richard Hammond's until he broke the gearbox and Noble sent him a replacement.

Anyway, forget chitter chatter because I watched a clip on Youtube that both the Ariel Atom V8 and the Noble M600 are trashing around the Nurburgring 24HR course. I said Nurburgring 24HR because it used both the Nordschleife and the GP Circuit as the basis. Both are driven by Chris Harris so here's the clip...

Doctor Who's Sonic Screwdriver gets real...kind of...

The Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

Every Doctor Who fan has a dream of having a "sonic screwdriver" because this device does almost everything such as opening locked doors or defend themselves from intergalactic enemies. Guess what? The boffins from University of Dundee created their own "sonic screwdriver" but it remains as a prototype and it hasn't been tested against incoming Dalek threats.

Cool, isn't it? But no, it takes time to create a real-life Sonic Screwdriver for those who want to save the galaxy. What's next? TARDIS?

Let's Do The News (April 20, 2012)

So, does the new Porsche Boxster really be an alternative to the new 911 Carrera Cabriolet? I don't think so and now the news but before that, we were really quite bugged about the whole "Cinderella Girls" stuff ever since THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA MASTER series came out in the music stores. Seriously, what's CINDERELLA GIRLS?

Richard, like I told before that THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS is a social game that pits the players as the producer and he/she has over 100 idols to produce. The idea for this social mobile game is to make it to eventually produce a “top idol unit”. As of now, over one million users on Mobage has reached, making it a milestone for the first social game from the mega popular iM@S franchise.

Really, James? 


You know, when I was visiting to a CD store finding the whole CINDERELLA MASTER range, someone told me earlier that "Hey, are those girls haven't featured on the game or the anime?" He's right, those aren't came from both the iM@S game or the anime because they're originals made for this social mobile game made for Mobage.

Seriously, Hammond, what's Mobage?

If you never heard of Mobage, you're not alone. It's a social gaming platform that links up to over 25 million users worldwide. This is somewhat known as Android's biggest social gaming service.

That mobile game didn't go well as I expected Hammond!

Clarkson, what is it?

James, Richard, there was some explanation about this whole CINDERELLA GIRLS stuff, something that drove me up the wall here on this social game. To them, this is more addicting than...well, you know. Some say, it's more like a collectible card game. A player can pay 300 "Mobacoins" (At ¥1 (US$0.012) per Mobacoin) to draw a random idol that they train and compete with. This is the kind of game you would "cock about". I once saw a clip of someone playing CINDERELLA GIRLS and he told me that he's trying to get some super rare idols. Guess how much did he spent? ¥78,000 (US$949)! And did he get any? None!


Wait, 78,000 yen? That's the pricing of um...

James May, there's even more. Some players spent a massive ¥100,000 (US$1,217) for something else, proving that this whole CINDERELLA GIRLS game to be highly addictive.

Hang on a second, Clarkson. HIGHLY ADDICTIVE? How addictive could that be? Spending massive money for "imaginary idols?" You got to be kidding me...

Oh, someone told me a couple of weeks ago that a something something occurred right in the middle of THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS social game. It was something about the "rare" idol has the posing that looked exactly the same as the one from a Japanese retail site. Here's how it look like...

(audience laughing)

You have got to be kidding me Jeremy...

No I'm not! Look look! It does look exactly the same! Remember the once defunct GREE mobile game called Hime Koi? Those girls look more like the exact ripoff of Loveplus! I'm not kidding. They did look more like Manaka, Rinko, and Nene!

Anyway, let's forget about that whole CINDERELLA GIRLS stuff. Wanna eat some fish custard?

Fish custard?

Fish custard! It's from DOCTOR WHO, ever since Matt Smith's maiden voyage as the 11th Doctor. I kinda love that whole Fish Custard stuff since the beginning of Season 5. Question is, which custard do you like most? The Tubby Custard from the Teletubbies or the Fish Custard from Doctor Who? We have to balance it because this is the BBC but anyway, we're grown men. Let's prefer the Fish Custard. I haven't tasted a Tubby Custard but how does it taste? It's pink! How can you eat a tubby custard? It's too complicated!


Clearly, more work for the upcoming Season 7 is underway, and currently, the cast and crew of Doctor Who are in New York for some more filming. More info at

Oh, and about Karen Gillan, the woman who played as Amy Pond on the series, told fans that she has a twitter account to follow. Feel free to follow Karen Gillan at!/KarenGillan2

Anyway, since when did you got addicted to this whole Doctor Who stuff?

Clearly, my addiction of Top Gear led me to this. Oh, and remember one episode of Top Gear Season 18 where Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor Who, stepped out from the TARDIS and into the Kia Cee'd and set a lap time of 1:43.7, making him the fastest Doctor Who round the Top Gear Test Track? You can't deny that HE IS THE FASTEST DOCTOR WHO IN THE TOP GEAR TEST TRACK.

Uh, Clarkson...Please, enough with the whole DOCTOR WHO stuff and let's move on...

I saw someone at AUSTRALIA'S GOT TALENT and this guy sure knows how to pull proper race car sounds all by himself! Here's the clip and judge...

That's unbelievable! That guy can do proper car sounds from his mouth! I mean...OH COME ON! WE ARE A BIT BETTER THAN THAT AUSSIE WHO CAN MAKE RACECAR SOUNDS FROM HIS MOUTH!


Nope, I'm moderate at this...Moving on...

About the Lada Riva, as seen on Top Gear's Communist Cars episode. Guess what? It's officially dead!

Yep, the Lada Riva is dead. No doubt. Communist cars are rubbish!



Remember the time that Audi finally acquired Ducati?

Guess what? Here's an unexpected twist. Mercedes-Benz's AMG division officially disavows partnership with Ducati.


Sorry, it's the rules! Audi's got Ducati and there's no turning back.

That's the news!

Porsche Boxster 981

If the new Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet (991) wasn't your type of Porsche, there is an alternative for you. Welcome everyone to all new Porsche Boxster 981, the 3rd incarnation of Porsche's mid-engined roadster that lives it up to its name because the naming is a portmanteau of the word "boxer", referring to the vehicle's horizontally opposed or "boxer" engine, and the word "roadster", referring to the vehicle's two-seat capacity and convertible top. For the pricing, that's a lot if you're on benefits but that's not a lot if you're a premiership footballer.

2013 Porsche Boxster

At first glance, the exterior of the new Boxster looks similar from the previous model but on the back, this isn't what you've expected, even when there is PORSCHE spelled it out. If you parked the new Boxster among the old 987 Boxster outside Monte Carlo's casino square and if someone is hideously drunk, you wouldn't guess that there's a lot of explanation to do. Clearly, there's more work to be done with the new Boxster.

2013 Porsche Boxster interior

The interior of the new 981 Boxster seems to be fine but it's almost the same as the old 987 Boxster. Think of it as an updated version but it was heavily influenced by the defunct supercar known as the Porsche Carrera GT. The new Boxster do come with a choice of two further sound systems as an alternative to the CDR audio system, featured as standard. First was the Sound Package Plus with seven speakers and the last was the one I'd quite like; BOSE® Surround Sound with 10 speakers. I would prefer the BOSE option because the sound quality is just astonishingly the best! Most cars like the Renault Scenic, Nissan Elgrand, Samsung SM7, or others do come with BOSE Sound System because it offers the best sound experience than any other but with the Boxster, this is much like the other BOSE-equipped cars.

2013 Porsche Boxster

In terms of performance, the new Boxster is like something else but unfortunately, no 7-speed MT found on the new 911. What you do get was either a 7-speed Porsche-Doppelkupplungsgetriebe or a 6-speed manual transmission. The base model comes with a 2.7-litre boxer engine with 265 hp of power and top speed of 262 km/h (PDK) to 264 km/h (6MT). The Boxster S comes equipped with the 3.4-litre boxer engine with 315 hp of power and top speed of 277 km/h (PDK) to 279 km/h (6MT). What's new is the Porsche Torque Vectoring (PTV) with mechanical rear axle differential lock. The new Porsche Torque Vectoring (PTV), available in conjunction with PASM, goes one better: it improves cornering dynamics from the moment the vehicle enters the curve. It improves the steering behaviour and steering precision of the vehicle by selectively braking the inside rear wheel.

Available colors are schwarz, indischrot, carraraweiss, weiß, racinggelb, basaltschwarzmetallic, platinsilbermetallic, dunkelblaumetallic, aquablaumetallic, anthrazitbraunmetallic, mahagonimetallic, achatgraumetallic, GT-silbermetallic, cognacmetallic, limegoldmetallic, Verdeck schwarz, Verdeck blau, Verdeck rot, and Verdeck braun.

My Comment:

So, the new Boxster didn't come with the 7-speed manual from the new Porsche 911 but we did appreciate by the way it looks, it performs, and how comfortable it is but some sports settings will render the Boxster to be more uncomfortable. With the roof on, it doesn't look good and it will render the top speed lowered but with no roof, this is when it all starts to come good. The new Boxster is now evolved into something special not as a roadster but as an epic grand tourer for long distance cruising. I'd recommend you'll drive this to Transfăgărășan in Romania to see the Boxster's true self.

Photo: Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Official: Audi's got Ducati

So, it's officially official! Audi AG confirmed that they finally got their hands on Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. from its previous owner, the Investindustrial Group. Now that Audi got its hands on some Italian names such as Lamborghini and Italdesign Giugiaro, the acquisition of Ducati gave Audi unfettered access to Ducati's expertise in lightweight construction, progressive control systems and combustion chamber process--assets that "offer great potential for Audi AG and the Volkswagen Group."


I doubt I'd asked you to move one of these though. If you never heard of THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS, you're not alone. It's a social idol-raising game that pits the players as the producer and he/she has over 100 idols to produce. The idea for this social mobile game is to make it to eventually produce a “top idol unit”. As of now, over one million users on Mobage has reached, making it a milestone for the first social game from the mega popular iM@S franchise.

For the first time ever, the best five out of the 100 girls to choose from the hit social game are chosen to sing for the new CINDERELLA MASTER series. Starting from...

001 Rin Shibuya (CV: Ayaka Fukuhara)


002 Anzu Futaba (CV: Hiromi Igarashi)


003 Kanako Mimura (CV: Yuka Ootsubo)


004 Kaede Takagaki (CV: Saori Hayami)


005 Rika Jougasaki (CV: Nozomi Yamamoto)


Those five CD's would be far enough to enjoy the sensational sounds of the best idols chose from THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS social idol-raising game. Sounds brilliant and it will definitely be some kind of a skull-crushing experience but as a taste sensation, I'm not sure that really works. Those five CINDERELLA MASTER CDs have all the right ingredients but nothing to soften up, not so shocking or dangerous. The thing is though, this is staggeringly good.

Third-generation Hyundai Santa Fe DM

In June 2000, there was the Hyundai Santa Fe and we saw it and we saw it was good. Then on November 2005, the Hyundai Santa Fe reached its second incarnation and this was the first Santa Fe to arrived in the Philippines. And now, in April 2012, the third incarnation of Hyundai's Santa Fe (현대 싼타페) has arrived and some say this is going to be the best of the best...

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe

If you look closely to the exterior details of the new Hyundai Santa Fe, you'll notice that the front view is likely similar to the 4th generation Honda CR-V while the back looks more like the Hyundai Tucson iX. Despite that, the new look of the Santa Fe The Contrast (as the advertisers called it for the 3rd generation model) incorporates the STORM EDGE design concept, a step further to Hyundai's FLUIDIC SCULPTURE design DNA. With such design, that is really meant to be STRONG OUTSIDE.

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe interior

If the new Santa Fe DM is STRONG OUTSIDE, it is SOFT INSIDE because the interior is much more premium than what you might expect to be. The aesthetics can't even be measured because it was well trimmed and much more preferable than its direct rivals such as the Kia Sorento R and the Chevrolet Captiva. This can accommodate up to seven passengers but to have the kids gain access to the third row seats, the 2nd row seats can be adjusted horizontally or folded for access but suddenly, the legroom for the third row seats just wasn't enough. Sorry Hyundai but you have to think better than that....

Other interior features you might find on the new Santa Fe may include 4.2-inch TFT-LCD color Super Vision cluster, Wide Panorama roof, Hi-Pass room mirror if you want to get your Hi-Pass in a hurry when approaching on a toll gate, climate control, and the new ACTUNE Premium Sound for some very moderate sound quality. Depending on the variant you might get an HDD navigation system or an audio system for something something. However, for the first time ever, the new Santa Fe comes with Korea's first BLUELINK telematics system.

What is BlueLink?

With Hyundai's BlueLink telematics system, you can navigate, connect and discover with the push of a button. This innovative feature sends and receives messages to keep you well connected at all times. Access BlueLink through a smartphone to find your points of interests, learn more about mechanical issues on your Santa Fe, call for help, and many others. Visit the BlueLink site at

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe

The new 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe offers an all-diesel lineup, which the Philippines will have a hard time getting these because both are Euro V (or soon Euro VI) compliant. Sorry but we can't get those, yet. Anyway, the first was the e-VGT R 2.2 engine that produces 200PS of power and 44.5kg-m of torque. Then, the e-VGT R 2.0 engine produces about 184PS of power and 41kg-m of torque.

For fuel economy, a new Santa Fe equipped with the e-VGT R 2.0 engine will provide 14.4km/L of fuel economy while the 4WD option will provide 13.0km/L. On the one with the e-VGT R 2.2 engine, this looks tricky because this model has a choice of either a 6-speed automatic or a 6-speed manual transmission, whatever floats your boat. A Santa Fe with a e-VGT R 2.2 engine and 6AT will provide about 13.8km/L while the one with the 6AT and 4WD would lead this one with 12.4km/L of fuel economy. Now, for the one with R 2.2 diesel and 6MT, this will get up to 14.8km/L while the 4WD version will get up to 14.0km/L. Should be up to getting one of these...

This is getting interesting because the new Santa Fe has a feature derived from the latest Hyundai i30, which is called Flex Steer system that allows the driver to choose from three driving modes; Comfort, Normal, and Sport. The Comfort mode provides easy driving on normal roads, Normal mode for balance, and Sport mode to provide quicker handling on the corners of the earth. Notable features for the new Santa Fe includes Auto Cruise Control, SPAS (Smart Parking Assist System) that allows the car to park all by itself hands-free, Active ECO assist, Parking Guide System, Electronic Parking Brake, Lane Departure Warning System, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, and 7 airbags.

Available colors are: Creamy White, Sleek Silver, Titanium Silver, Mystic Beige, Beach sand, Arabian Mocha, Ocean View, Phantom Black.

My comment:

The contrast of the new, third-generation Santa Fe says it all; STRONG OUTSIDE, SOFT INSIDE. The STORM EDGE design concept really provides a stronger exterior design that gives the Fluidic design DNA one step ahead of the time while the interior is all about being premium for the average Korean driver. Because the new Santa Fe featured an all-diesel lineup, it's hard to say that the new Santa Fe DOESN'T WORK IN THE PHILIPPINES BECAUSE WE'RE A EURO 2 COMPLIANT COUNTRY. Sorry guys and don't you even think of smuggling this one because if cops caught you driving the 2013 Santa Fe in the Philippines, I;m afraid that they'll gonna ask you to step out and have it confiscated because you smuggled it without permission.

Those idiots...

Photo: Hyundai Motor Company

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Top Gear claimed that this is the best selling car in the world...

If Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear asked that what is the best selling car in the world, chances are you'd get it wrong because the best selling car in the world ISN'T ACTUALLY A CAR.

This pickup truck doesn't work in Britain!

It was actually the Ford F150 and you wouldn't guess it that this isn't a car but this is a business phenomenon. There are more F-Series pickup trucks in the world than there are Australians. They sell nearly a million of these every year and that's a 107 an hour. Unlike the VW Beetle or the Toyota Corolla, they sell 107 an hour in North America, meaning that someone's buying now, and now, and now, and now, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In general, we buy everything American; from their food, beverages, TV shows, music, and we even buy them on their walls, but we don't buy their pickup trucks. Why is that? We'll find out at the end...

This pickup truck doesn't work offroad!

This here is the Ford F-150 SVT Lightning that was launched in 1999 and it comes with substantial suspension modifications. The 5.4L V8 engine comes with a supercharger and it churns out 380HP and 0-60mph in 5.8 seconds. This leviathan beast will outrun a German sports car and with the supercharger, it sounds like a jet engine! But the question is, why don't we buy it? Here in America, everyone who walked in the countryside will be eaten by wild animals so they need a car with a gun rack but here in the Philippines, it's not. Here in America, everyone has a dream of being an outdoorsman, where as we really don't have that dream.

In America, when you want some logs with fire, you load your truck with chainsaws and headed out in the forest. What we do is going in the shops. What I'm picturing in my head now is that I went at the Festival Supermall in Filinvest, Alabang. I went shopping for some clothes, then going at the Comic Alley to see some anime figures, posters, and something something. Later, I went to see some movies. And then, I went for some grocery shopping at SHOPWISE. Yep, we're finished shopping at Festival Supermall but it really doesn't make sense for this pickup. Also, this truck is rather thirsty and quite large in European roads. You can't also bring it offroad because this is a RWD or because you might scratch the paint. There is also one small reason why we don't need a pickup truck and the main one was this; IT'S RUBBISH!

This is actually made with technology that was familiar to any 19th century tunneling contractor. It has a ladder chassis which is made from old shovels, the brake discs are the size of milk bottle tops and the interior doesn't match.

Like what the good old pioneers do...

Pickup trucks like the Ford F150 doesn't work in the Philippines because we're a bit more sophisticated and the only way this Ford F150 SVT Lightning work is at Gran Turismo 5 because in this game, it's a bit more quirky than that....

*With thanks to Jeremy Clarkson

Let's Do The News (April 18, 2012)

So, you've been covering three generations of the RX-7, Hammond? Wow, no wonder you've been captivated by the sound of the rotary engines.

Yeah, I like them better than the crappy old RX-8 but it's too bad that rotary engine is dead for now. Anyway, let's put this sadness behind us and let's do the news! Let's introduce to the newest member of the Malaysian automaker, Proton, the Proton Prevé.

The 2013 Proton Prevé is much more of a production version of the Proton Tuah concept car but in general, this is more of a mash-up. On the outside, it's like a mash-up between a Kia Forte and a Jaguar XF but on the inside, it's all business. 

The new 2013 Proton Prevé is available in three variant forms at point of launch, with two engine permutations and three transmissions – the list is led by the 1.6 CVT Premium, in turbocharged CamPro CFE form, followed by the 1.6 Executive CVT and 1.6 Executive five-speed manual, which both feature the normally-aspirated CamPro IAFM+ mill. Available colors include Blue Lagoon, Fire Red, Genetic Silver, Solid White, Tranquility Black and a new shade called Elegant Brown. Prices start at 59,540 Malaysian Ringgit or about 19,500 US Dollars for the Prevé 1.6 MT Executive up to 72,990 Malaysian Ringgit or 24,000 US Dollars for the Prevé 1.6 Premium CVT with Metallic Paint.

So, Proton Prevé, huh? Nah, too rubbish for me but still it looks good. This is somewhat more of a mashup but doesn't matter. This is all about Proton at its best. Few years ago, they've launched a rebadged version of the Mitsubishi Galant Fortis/Lancer known as the Proton Inspira and it was like what the hell?

Anyway, Mercedes-Benz revealed a new model called the Citan and this is the first joint venture between Daimler and Renault Nissan Alliance because the Citan is more like the Renault Kangoo in Benz's clothing. What a tool, you'll look...

Citan? Did Mercedes-Benz made that name up?

Don't know Jeremy, but when I Google searched "Citan", some refer it from the Xenosaga series but many refer to it as a Mercedes-Benz. This is somewhat confusing... I'm guessing that Mercedes-Benz made that up just so search engines will get them more confusing...

But still, I don't like that Citan...This is just a Renault rather than the Benz...NEXT!!!

On this year's Beijing Motor Show, Audi imagines what if the Q3 have the RS version. Here's the pic...

The Audi RS Q3 concept pictures what if the Audi Q3 crossover gets an RS treatment. This concept study utilizes Audi's 2.5-liter straight-five turbocharged gasoline engine, only this time, it has been tweaked to produce 355-horses (360PS) allowing the compact SUV to pass the 100km/h (62mph) yardstick in just 5.2 seconds after take-off, en route to a top speed of 265km/h (165mph).

Don't you think that the Q3's will be more obvious if it have an RS version?

I don't know James but because this is a concept car, we can't tell more about it yet. There's still more than meets the eye, you know...

Anyway, about the third-generation Mercedes-Benz M-Class W166, guess what? It's got tuned by the people from Kicherer, see look.

What you can look at this modified W166 M-Class was a wide bodykit that includes a redesigned front bumper complete with LED daytime running lights, wheel arch extensions with matching rocker panels, and a new rear apron with an integrated diffuser and trapezoid shaped exhaust pipes. 22-inch alloy wheels finished in black while an electronic module that lowers the suspension by 25mm further accentuates its stance.

I think that looks good! But is it as good as this?

So, that's a modified Cayenne by the boffins from DMC. It's called the Terra 650. They'll be feature this on this year's Top Marques Monaco Show. This includes a styling kit that can be installed in as little as 2 hours plus a performance upgrade for the Turbo model.

I think this is rather excellent than the modified W166 from Kicherer!

Anyway, THE IDOLM@STER G4U Volume 7 is coming next week. See, look at this cover idol for Volume 7? That's Hibiki Ganaha. Anyway, the people behind iM@S told everyone that there was this Pandora's Box feature on Volume 7. This feature will include a new "meganekko" (girl with eyeglasses) mode that will allow the player to take pictures of the different idols while they are wearing glasses.

Uh, James May? Can I interrupt? I've sampled the photography of the iM@S G4U but you know what really drives me up the wall is when every time I want my favorite iM@S girl doing several poses. What's more, I can adjust the angle, zoom level, depth of field, and background music during the photoshoot. Here's something that really bothered not just me, but others who tried G4U...

Really, Jeremy?

It's like this!


Jeremy, what the hell was that?

James, this is how I went to the internet and I found these!


This is happening all the time. As if the idols said "Please don't take a picture of me" or the idols said that is enough. No more picture taking. What is it?

It's like they don't wanna got their pictures taken!


Yep, those pictures could have been done by someone who...owns a Toyota Prius Alpha MPV. I'm telling who's that person but never mind.

Anyway, you know Isuzu? Worthless automaker, ever. Worthless automaker ever because they couldn't sell cars in Japan for private use. They've launched another version of the worthless Isuzu Crosswind. It's called the XS.

This new Isuzu Crosswind XS comes minus the third-row seat in the cargo area, freeing it up to carry more than 1.8 cubic meters (more than 1,800 liters) of payload. According to Isuzu Philippines, this configuration makes the Crosswind XS the ideal choice for business use as it can serve as a taxicab, service or delivery shuttle, or even as a courier vehicle that can carry balikbayan boxes and other oversized baggage. The Crosswind XS is also perfect for small families or those with young children as the cargo area can easily accommodate strollers, toys, extra clothes, groceries and other similar items.

Forget about Isuzus. We don't like Isuzus anymore because, why can't Isuzu sell SUVs and pickups in Japan? Let's put this sadness behind us...

Anyway, you know Ward's Auto? They've listed the top 10 interiors of 2012 and the list are;

  1. Audi A7
  2. Chevrolet Sonic (Aveo)
  3. Chrysler 300 Luxury
  4. Dodge Dart
  5. Hyundai Accent RB
  6. Hyundai Azera (5G Grandeur)
  7. Infiniti JX35
  8. Mazda CX-5
  9. Range Rover Evoque
  10. Volkswagen Beetle

Excuse me? The Hyundai Accent RB is listed on Ward's 10 best interiors of 2012? How? It doesn't makes sense? But as for the Evoque, good job. The 5G Grandeur, Mazda CX-5, and the new Chrysler 300 (Lancia Thema) did a pretty good job for the interior details.

Anyway, did you watched BBC America's new show called RICHARD HAMMOND'S CRASH COURSE? That wasn't so bad. Too bad, Hammo couldn't take home the Abrams Tank but he do got the souvenirs from his trip and Richard Hammond testing out the Abrams Tank's capabilities in three days is just one of the basis why Richard Hammond traveled to the USA to master the world's toughest machines that a normal being could took years to master. How hard can it be?

And that's the news!

Three generations of the RX-7! (and a Spirit R for an extra)

Yes, with the very first generation of the Mazda RX-7 (designated as SA22C) arrived on Forza Motorsport 4 via the April Alpinestars Pack, all three generations of the Mazda RX-7, from SA22C to FD3S, are now complete. Those JDM fanatics in Forza 4 are pleased to getting to know more about three different generations of the Mazda RX-7, from Savanna to Efini, all the way to the final Spirit R model that commemorates the end of the RX-7 since summer 2002. We still kinda prefer this more than the least successful RX-8, which was scheduled to end in the summer of this year.

SA22C at the Top Gear Test Track

Now, if you were a Filipino who remembered some classic Japanese super sentai when you were a kid, you would remember that this car was featured on a very classic Japanese super sentai titled SHAIDER. It was driven by Annie, Alexis' companion. Alexis, who was Shaider, drove a Suzuki Jimny/Samurai by the way while patrolling around Japan against incoming alien invaders. This car made me feel like I went for some "TIME SPACE WARP" but no. We're not talking about Shaider, I went DOCTOR WHO-ing with the TARDIS back to the Shaider years. He he he... TARDIS...He he he...Back on the SA22C. When I drive this first generation RX-7, it feels like I'm Annie but no, I'm not playing as Shaider's trusty companion. This car is all about the finesse and an average driver's childhood memories won't be the same.

SA22C at the Top Gear Test Track

About the SA22C, this was launched in Japan since March 1978 under the name "SAVANNA RX-7". It was made using Mazda's SA Platform and it was powered by a 12A 2-rotor engine. During the oil crisis in the 1970's, Mazda developed a combustion exhaust gas thermal reactor system called REAPS, which provided 40% fuel efficiency than others but however, in 1979, that thermal reactor has been ditched and the 12A 2-rotor engine comes with lean-burn mechanisim, and the design of the front skirt and tail lights has been changed. Then, in 1982, changes occurred on the engine that provides fuel economy of 10.2km/L based on Japan's 10 mode.

What's surprisingly about the SA22C is the design because it looks more like the Porsche 924, hence dubbing this car as "Poor Man's Porsche". You wouldn't believe that the Japanese copied the design derived from the Germans but hey! It was worth it!

And now, let's meet the other RX-7's that you would normally get on Forza 4. Now, let's advance it to the FC3S, which is more of a working man's RX-7. However, this was one of my favorites.

Here comes the FC3S!!!!

Fans of the INITIAL D franchise will remember the FC3S as Ryosuke Takahashi's car of choice. In Wangan Midnight, this car referred to as "THE LEGENDARY FC", which became the car of choice of Koichi Kijima upon his sudden encounter with the FC3S on the highway. Anyway, the FC3S is more of a working man's RX-7. It still retains the Savanna RX-7 naming but now, it was utilized using Mazda's FC platform. It was launched in Japan since 1985 and later went a minor change in 1989. It's still a "Poor Man's Porsche" because it looks more reminiscent of the Porsche 944. Firstly in 1985, the FC3S comes with a 2-rotor 13B turbocharged engine that produces 185PS of power, then in the 1989 minor change, that engine now produces 215PS of power. In 1987, a Cabriolet version was launched in commemoration of the rotary engine's 20th anniversary. The production know-how of the FC3C was adopted for the first car under Mazda's Eunos brand, the Eunos Roadster.

In 1991, the FC3S underwent a full model change and now referred as FD3S, the best and last RX-7 ever made for the hardcore enthusiasts...

Say hello to the FD3S!

The Savanna naming is gone and it's now referred to as "Efini RX-7", part of Mazda's Efini brand. The FD3S comes with a 13B sequential turbo rotary engine that churns out 255PS of power and the power to weight ratio is 5kg/ps.

In August 1993, the FD3S was updated with enhanced body rigidity, larger damper and revised suspension settings. 

In January 1996, the Ẽfini RX-7 name has been renamed as "Mazda RX-7". The car's CPU has been upgraded from 8-bit to 16-bit, providing 265PS of power for the MT model and 255PS for the AT model.

There are more updates occured on the FD3S right until 2002 when the RX-7 production was ended, with 68,589 units produced.

Road & Track magazine said "The ace in Mazda's sleeve is the RX-7, a car once touted as the purest, most exhilarating sports car in the world."

In Initial D, this FD3S served as Keisuke Takahashi's car of choice.

So, 2002 was the final year of the RX-7 but to commemorate its last days of a rotary legend, Mazda launched a special final edition model dubbed as SPIRIT R.

You deserve this spot!

Among other cars, the RX-7 Spirit R is a unicorn car on Forza Motorsport 4. Doesn't matter because you might obtain it via Profile Import when this is the first time you're playing Forza Motorsport 4. Anyway, the Spirit R is the last special edition RX-7 made and only 1000 units are available. There are three types of Spirit R; the Type A features a 5-speed MT and red Recaro seats. Type B is a 2+2 seater that comes with a 5MT. The Type C is also a 2+2 seater but comes with a 4AT. One of three types is probably the best type and that is none other than the TYPE A. Mazda said that the Spirit R Type A is the ultimate RX-7, boasting the most outstanding driving performance in its history.

And there we are. All three generations of the Mazda RX-7 and the special Spirit R that marks the rotary sports car's end in 2002, what would you ask for? We kinda prefer those more than the crappy RX-8 and those packed more respect to the JDM enthusiasts. So, if you have the devil's gift, which three generations of the RX-7 is your pick?

Time to give these RX-7's a run at the Top Gear Test Track!

In the end, turns out that the Spirit R is the best RX-7 ever made...
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