Saturday, June 2, 2012

ITC280 Update 9

What I learned on Week 9 of the ITC280 class?

1) Here is a stub of a class:

class Car{}

2) Here is a simple Car object created from the car class:

$myCar = new Car();

echo $myCar->mph;

class Car


 public $color = "";

 public $mph = 0;

 public $price = 0;

 public $model = "";


3) We add a constructor to be able to load data into our object

$myCar = new Car("ferrari",100000,140,"red");

echo "MPH: " . $myCar->mph . "<br />";

echo $myCar->model;

echo $myCar->color;

echo $myCar->price;

class Car


 public $color = "";

 public $mph = 0;

 public $price = 0;

 public $model = "";

 function Car($model,$price,$mph,$color)


  $this->model = $model;

  $this->price = $price;

  $this->mph = $mph;

  $this->color = $color;

4) We can Create accessor methods (get/set) to allow read/write access;

function getMPH()

  {//will allow read access to a private property

  return $this->mph;



It's almost the end of this class and I haven't decided on what will my final project be. Should I use the theme we used in class or use something different? That is a question I cannot answer but hey, how many lessons left before we do the final project? What should I do? I'm still stuck and I can't figure out what will my final project be...

Only one way to find out...soon...

Forza Motorsport 4 announces June Meguiar's Pack

Another month, another Forza 4 DLC Pack coming and this time, it's the June Meguiars Pack. Available this June 5 (June 6 if you're in Asia), 10 new cars are here for you to POLISH your skills. Get it? Polish!

2011 Chevrolet #4 Corvette Racing ZR1 
1959 BMW 507 
1940 Ford De Luxe Coupe 
2011 Aston Martin Cygnet 
1958 MG MGA Twin-Cam 
1997 Maserati Ghibli Cup 
2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series 
1987 RUF CTR Yellowbird 
1992 Toyota Celica GT-Four RC ST185 
1963 Volkswagen Beetle 

It costs 560 MSP and thank goodness, I now have a chance to try out the Cygnet and the C63 AMG Black. Wait, RUF CTR Yellowbird? Uh oh. Feels like we stole this from a rival video game... The iconic old Beetle, the one who crushed the 911 Turbo cabrio in a race thanks to gravity, is there, waiting to get its Herbie colors. Famous icons! Yay!

"Tikman ang Kiss"

In the June 1, 2012 episode of Bubble Gang...

- "Pagsabihan" gags

- Mr. Assimo gets robbed

Mr. Assimo
- Pickup Lines!

1) MRT ka ba? Kasi nakikipagsiksikan ako lagi, maabot ka lang!

2) Gusto ko magpa-blood test ka. Kasi gusto kong malaman kung type mo ako.

3) Electric fan ka ba? Kasi pag gumagalaw ka, tinatangay ako!

4) Holdapper ka ba? Kasi gusto kong ibigay sa'yo.

5) Wag kang magalit kung ikaw sa tingin ko ang bungo ko. Kasi pag wala ka, sasabog ang utak ko.

6) Alam mo ba na malinis ang hangarin ko sa yo? Kasi ang English ng cleanliness ay malinis.

7) Hindi mo ako masisisi kung nababaliw ako. Kasi yung aso, nauulol, tao pa?

8) Alam mo ba kung bakit ako lagi nagtatanong ako sa'yo ng mga tanong? Bakit nagtatanong ka rin?!

Boy Pick Up

Boy Pick Up


- Tikman ang kiss! Bubble Gang does Coffee Mate Creamy Caramel by spoofing this commercial as Bestle Choppy Mate Creamy Caramel! May special intro price!

Bubble Gang does Coffee Mate Creamy Caramel

- Alien? Alien!! Brod Pete and his pals are here to answer your questions on ANG BAGONG DATING DOON!

Ang Bagong Dating Doon

1) Boy2 Quizon asks "May nasusulat po ba tungkol sa likas na bulak bolero?".

From the book of Judas 1:3, written by Maverick Sotto (?) - Lagi na lang akong nagsusumikap. Grade 1 lang ang inabot ko, no read no write pa.

2) A PM from someone asked "kung may mahirap linisin". Brod Pete asks about the dirty kitchen, dirty ice cream and irty dancing.

3) Michael V asks "May nasusulat ba tungkol sa mga tsismis tungkol sa impeachment?"

From the book of Judas 3:3, the Lady Gaga part...
Juda, Juda-a-as, duda duda-a-as, aaaaahh, I bring him down. I bring him down down. A king with no crown.

4) A PM from someone asked kung merong pang maraming napapansin na mali. Here comes another set of words that turned out...wrong;
  • tuka ng ahas (can snakes peck?)
  • housekeeping (can you keep a house?)
  • witness stand (how can you call it a stand if a witness is just seating?)

- IyoTube

- There's only one heart left but which of these two gets the heart?

- Walang Papalag

Friday, June 1, 2012

A few too-good encounters...

Last week, the producers gave us some free time so we have to visit some three dealerships in Renton.

Right, on that week, we visited dealers across Renton; mostly from Mazda, Toyota, and Honda. We came there because we're there to check out what's new.

First up, WALKER'S RENTON MAZDA. And I came here for this...

The 2013 Mazda CX-5. Yep, this full-fledged SKYACTIV crossover was our first stop. Unfortunately, someone bought it and we're too late to stop by its interior. Despite that, the Mazda CX-5 is now one of my favorites partly because this was made to be fuel-efficient and fun to drive. That's right. Who needs dull eco buttons and hybrids? The CX-5 is just the car for me because its a car that promises clean driving without sacrificing performance.

Since because I didn't have the chance to meet up with the new Mazda CX-5, I bump instead with this;

The 2012 Mazda 3 with SKYACTIV Technology. Like the CX-5, the Mazda 3 comes with a 2.0L SKYACTIV-G engine. Like the CX-5, it comes with a 6-speed SKYACTIV-DRIVE automatic transmission. This transmission promises Good Fuel Economy, Easy Start up, Direct feel, and smooth shifting. 

Now, I don't need to worry about not having a SKYACTIV variant on the second generation Mazda 3 because earlier, the new Mazda 3 was already on sale in the Philippines for 999,000 Pesos. Sounds tempting but should you?

The CX-5 was already available in the Philippines for 1,452,000 Pesos in case you missed it.

In the tradition of following Top Gear's footsteps, we decided that we DON'T DO CONSUMER ADVICE AND NEVER WILL. We will never answer questions such as "which is better?", "how does it work", "is it all that better?" so on so forth. WE DON'T DO CONSUMER ADVICE. IT'S A WASTE OF TIME.

Now, we move on to TOYOTA OF RENTON and we found these...

This is a Prius PHV. This is Japan's answer to the Chevrolet Volt. You can do both; refueling it with petrol or recharge the batteries.

Here's the 2012 Scion iQ, which some say that this is a cheap blue-collar knock off to the Smart fortwo. A smart fortwo is like a Porsche because the engine is placed at the wrong place. This Scion iQ is not. It's a FWD micro mini.

It's a Toyota Prius with a bigger boot. It's called the Prius V. What it makes me feel though is sad. Thanks to conditions like the environment, the economy, tensions in the Middle East, and the relentless war on speed, ALL CARS WILL SOON...BE CONSIGNED TO THE HISTORY BOOKS. :-(

What? Did I said a Top Gear dialogue? Sorry. This kind Prius is essential if you're gone camping with you and your four pals. I even have that on Car Town and use it for CAR SHOW purposes thanks to the uniqueness I hardly worked on. What? What do you mean "you copy paste it"? Never mind. It's just bits of IDOLM@STER-ism, to be honest. But no matter. Prius V or Prius Alpha or Prius + is not available in Asia. Sorry, it's the rules.

It's the third-generation Toyota Yaris/Vitz. A car that I sure wish a video game will feature this...

The Toyota FJ Cruiser, an offroader's favorite and a complete Hummer copycat. Maybe something that I should prefer rather than the terrifying Marauder as seen on Top Gear. Overall, it's cheaper than the indestructible Marauder. He he he....

Now, we wandered off to the Renton Honda and we found this...

The facelifted 2012 Honda Insight. Yep, this one's far too cheaper than the Prius but only a few bought it.

This is one of my favorite hybrids, the Honda CR-Z. It happens when they have their brown rice smothered with Tabasco. A few CR-Z models have CVT but many have a 6-speed manual, making this special.

Don't worry, a few video games featured this...

And here it is, the all new 4th generation Honda CR-V. A car that has a rear view of a Vovlo XC60. How pity...

And that concludes of the front runners. If I was a complete clattering buttock who has a choice, what would be? The CX-5 because of its SKYACTIV technology? The Mazda 3? The Scion iQ because it has a sensible size? The Prius PHV because it can be refueled and recharged? The Prius V because it made me sad? The new Yaris because of its looks? The FJ Crusier because it's much more affordable than the Marauder? The Insight? The CR-Z because it is a sport hybrid? Or the new CR-V? Ugh, I wouldn't blame anyone who bought these because they deserve it. I am surely wish I want the CX-5 because for me. It's my winner. Yeah.

Let's Do The News! (June 1, 2012)

It's time for the news but it's raining and it always do because when June comes in the Philippines, it will always rains, even in school days.

Uh, excuse me. You know June is the start of the new school year and I know that it starts this Monday. Is the K12 in effect?

I'm not sure...

Anyway, I am not very very familiar about the K12 education curriculum but how does it work?

K - 12, an education curriculum I think it's too complicated because some say, kids from the school age (6 years old, perhaps?) have to start from kinder and their level of education has to end in the 12th grade before advancing to college. In the beginning we have, Kinder, Elementary (Grade 1 to 6) and High School (First Year to 4th Year).

Wait, wait, wait. Kinder, Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, First Year, 2nd year, 3rd year, and fourth year. That's eleven. K to 12? What's for? Are they gonna add Grade 7 or 5th year?


I don't know. Either they gonna add another one for elementary or in high school This whole K to 12 curriculum issue is a bit too complicated. If you guys going to school in June 4, take precautions because you don't know what comes next. He he he...


Anyway, forget about this K12 stuff. That's not the most of my problems. Now anyway, my 64GB fourth generation iPod Touch.


I got this one as a gift since Christmas 2010...

What happened?

There is a big problem on my iPod Touch because the Home button seems to be broken or stuck. I can't press it.



I tried everything but it never worked. My iPod Touch 64GB was been in my possession for two years and now this. The home button doesn't work at all. Surely I want to find someone to repair it but sadly, they won't, and never will, fix an iPod Touch!


Yeah. It doesn't matter any broken Apple gadget you have. Even iPhone or iPad. If the home button is stuck, they'll never repair it but they'll trade you in a replacement within half the price.


Half the price? How much is that iPod Touch 64GB of yours?

I think its 399USD but they'll charge me 199USD for a replacement! I think its too pricey.

Come on, either pay it or stuck with an iPod Touch with a broken Home button. You have a choice...

My money, I often spend it on mp3 music, Japanese music CDs, apps, figures, and now to put it on my shopping list, die-cast model cars. Is there time to accept the risk?

Some say, you have until tomorrow for this. Either accept it or stuck with it. You decide.

Oh, come on... It's too hard to decide!!!! Now anyway, Forza Motorsport 4, okay? Community Bounty Hunter, beat the Autumn Fallout lap time set by Forza player, F1SH0, to win a customized Jaguar D-Type. I think it was one of the hardest challenges the producers asked me to do.


I tried everything using tuning kits provided by the people who beat F1SH0's time of 1:36.550. Even cars like the Nissan 370Z (last used by F1SH0), Lancia 037, and my unicorn car I got since March, the Honda NSX-R GT. I spent a whole hour to beat his time but nothing worked.

Whoa there? An hour worth of gameplay to beat F1SH0's time using the recommended cars but nothing worked?

Yeah, I tried. Until I came in at the final hour of the Community Bounty Hunter event. I used an NSX-R GT with a tuning kit set by someone who beat F1SH0's time and after a few laps elapsed. I did it. I eclipsed F1SH0's lap time.

Wow. What was your best?

1:36.454. A .096 seconds quicker than F1SH0's.


Wow. Well done. Seems that you are going to get that D-Type, right?

Yes! Indeed I am!!!

Uh, if you get that, we're going to send it on the Top Gear Test Track for the lap time, right?

Yes! We will!


Anyway, bad news. I got a message from T-Mobile about the AT&T merger deal.

Really, what is it?


"Free T-Mobile msg: The AT&T merger is off, but we've never slowed down. We're investing billions in network coverage & reliability."


Long story but I believe, the T-Mobile AT&T merge deal was cancelled. Axed. Gone. Removed. No more. That's it. T-Mobile never collide with AT&T.


Yeah. That really is bad news to T-Mobile subscribers. Sorry.

Now, anyway, Aquaplus, a maker behind the ToHeart2 series, they said that there's going to be a...get ready to groan ladies and PSP game coming late this year. No further details for now but a teaser site that says "A New Game? A Sequel?" on it with illustrations by Misato Mitsumi (ToHeart2, Comic Party games), Hisashi Kawata (To Heart, ToHeart2, White Album games), Tatsuki Amazuyu (Utawarerumono game), Kokonoka, Syungo Sumaki, and Bou (Muv-Luv).

Oh, come on! Nooo!!! When will Aquaplus make a PSVita game?


Come on, no one can hear you scream. Most Japanese game makers still rely on making PSP games rather than PSVita games because PSP sales in Japan are still strong.

Oh....How's this?!

Hatsune Miku PS Vita

What's that?

It's a PSVita with a Hatsune Miku on it! It was made to commemorate an upcoming Hatsune Miku game on the PSVita. This kind of PSVita will come out in the 3rd quarter of this year and what you also get are some of the peripherals, a 4GB bespoke memory card developed for the PSVita, and a new Hatsune Miku PSVita game. This was announced since the announcement of a new Crystal White PSVita color.


And the cost...34,980 Japanese Yen. Which in Top Gear math, its about 35,000 Pesos. Sort of...

Gosh, even with Hatsune Miku on it, I think they wouldn't want to buy it because the games list on the PSVita is a bit less. If that new Hatsune Miku game on the PSVita is here, can the PSVita reach the top? Not so...


Look at this!


2013 Volkswagen Scirocco GTS

It's a special edition 2013 Volkswagen Scirocco GTS debuted at this year's Leipzig Auto Show to celebrate 30 years since the MkII Scirocco's GTS variant. It comes with a 2.0-liter TSI petrol with 207hp (210PS) and comes equipped with bespoke styling cues that hark back to the more colorful 1970s and 1980s.

Oh that's real nice. It looks the same as the one that James and Jeremy making a commercial. Oops! 2-litre TSI! Can't do BERLIN TO WARSAW IN ONE TANK!


Anyway, when in Miami, some guy succumbed to drugs ate someone's face! I'm not joking! He ate someone's face!


What? Oh no! Is this a zombie?

What? No. He's not a zombie. He's a guy succumbed to um...deadly synthetic pot known as Bath Salts!

Bath Salts? What was that?

It's an illegal drug that was made in China, sold online.

Aha! Another China-made product. Maybe those Chinese want to retaliate with a bit of bio-terror...

(audience laughing)

Now, in the case of a drug-succumbed man who ate a hobo's face like a zombie, the senate proposed a federal ban against bath salts and synthetic drugs, hopefully that this whole "Miami Zombie" thing won't be happened again. Period.

Is this a ZOMBIE?

Speaking of zombie, have you seen the second season of "Kore wa Zombie desu ka?" known as "Kore wa Zombie desu ka? Of The Dead"?


Oh, nice anime. I give credit to that.

Guess what? Kore wa Zombie desu ka? Of The Dead ends next week. That was verified by the official Twitter account.


Oh, how sad...

But! After the end of the final episode, they will said a "super, super, super important announcement." on the official "Kore wa Zombie desu ka?" web page. Find out soon, okay?

Now anyway, breaking news. The Mercedes-Benz GL Class gets the AMG treatment. Here it is. Look:

2013 Mercedes-Benz GL63 AMG

It is by far most the mammoth of the Mercedes-Benz AMG SUV range. Purely jurassic. A GL-Class mated with a V8 Twin Turbo engine. That's the Mercedes-Benz GL63 AMG!

Oohh! This what happens when this guy ate too much HUNGRYMAN! Heh...


That's some biceps on this one.

It is!

And that's the news!

Audi S8 (D4)

Two years ago, I discovered the third generation Audi A8 and on my observation, the new Audi A8 is one of the most advanced German premium full-size sedans ever made because of its sophisticated wizardry applied from head to toe. I love its design despite being the same as the old one, I love its legroom, I love its sat-nav, I love its Google Earth feature, I love its Bang & Olufsen audio system, I love everything. This Audi A8 is all about the ART OF PROGRESS. And now, a more tamed Audi S8 is here to suppress the most of the fat, boring, middle-aged, businessmen and make them feel like a hitman.

2013 Audi S8

2013 Audi S8

On the outside, you'd expect the same A8 exterior but because this is the S version, the Golf GTi of the Audi A8 range, you can expect a beefed up exterior that feels like it was injected with steroids. It kinda feels like an evil kapre showing up hundred percent of his power and tries to shake a young adventurer half to death. Yep, like an evil kapre on steroids. That's what that is.

The old S8 had a V10 FSI engine that is somewhat a blue-collar version of the Lamborghini V10 engine expected from the Gallardo. On this new one, downsizing was occurred and now, the magnificent Lamborghini-derived V10 engine has been thrown away for good and replaced it with a 4.0 V8 TFSi engine.

Audi V8 TFSi engine

Sometimes, downsizing is bad because most car enthusiasts think that engine downsizing is more like a downgrade but you have to think again because sometimes. downsizing is good because on this new 4.0L V8 TFSi engine, it can go 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds, it has 520PS of power, 70 more than the old one, and 80lb-ft additional torque, a lot more torques, and it's quick! The reason why this new V8 engine equipped on the new D4 series Audi S8 is quicker and more powerful than the old S8 is simple, it was the twin turbos mounted on it. In reality, most European car makers have to rely on turbocharging if they want to pass stringent emission standards. Anyway, the new S8 is mated with an 8-speed tiptronic transmission and it comes with an idling stop system. The fuel economy of the new S8 is 10,1 l/100km combined and CO2 emissions of 235 g/km.

With such power do come with the price. It costs 111,900 Euros and there are some options and accessories that will make it a bit complicating. Let's a 21-inch 5-spoke rotor-design rims, that will cost 2,100 Euros. 7,800 Euros for the Audi design selection interior, 920 Euros to have the car connected with Bluetooth Connectivity and Wi-Fi hotspot, 3,020 Euros for the seat massage, 490 Euros for the rear view camera, so on so forth. It takes a flappy-paddle head to spend that! What are those?! I'm confused!!!!

Available colors are Brilliantschwarz, IbisweiƟ, Eissilber Metallic, GletscherweiƟ Metallic, Havannaschwarz Metallic, Oolonggrau Metalic, Quarzgrau Metallic, Smaragdschwarz Metallic, Prismsilber Kristalleffekt, Phantomschwarz Perleffeket. Daytonagray Perleffekt, Impalabeige Perleffekt, and Nachtblau Perleffekt.

My comment:

Even though the new S8 costs 111,900 Euros and it has a turbocharged V8 engine more powerful than the old V10 engine it replaces, this new S8 will try to tempt you that the king of German premium sedans has now became a lab rat's gym. Trust me on this, if you're gone crazy with this, you are going down.

Photo: AUDI AG

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One down, 76 to go...

One-77 crash

The Aston Martin One-77, a million pound car that is limited to 77 units and it's already sold out, fast. Now, in Hong Kong, here comes the very first One-77 wreckage. That is one down, 76 to go. Perhaps it should have been renamed One-76. Get it? One-76 because the 77th is gone in Hong Kong.

Volvo V40

With the entry-level Volvo S40 sedan and its wagon counterpart, the V50, officially officially DEAD, as in no more, discontinued, axed, bye-bye, disappeared on the Volvo lineup, the V40 name, as you are utterly familiar with this as the wagon counterpart of the first generation S40, has been revived from the start as Volvo's new 5-door hatchback that you can think of it as a C30 taking a Cialis. Oh wait, the Volvo C30 is DEAD too, I forgot to tell you...

2013 Volvo V40

With the S40 sedan, C30 3-door hatch, and the V50 wagon gone for good and off to the junkyard in the sky, this Nya Volvo V40 cannot act the same thing as those three does. It does not have the handling credentials of the C30, the riding comfort of the S40, and the versatility of the V50. I mean seriously, this new V40 was made to compete the likes of the Citroen DS4, Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Renault Megane, and the Volkswagen Golf.

A Brit designer, Peter Horbury, said that the new Volvo V40 is the last Volvo to be designed by him before he transfer himself to the company that recently owned Volvo, which is Geely from China. That sounds weird but the Volvo design DNA first applied on the XC60 and the second-generation S60 is a reach for the V40 but sad to say, this design feels like a V60 with its shortened length. It's like doing something with a ball pen back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. You see?

2013 Volvo V40 interior

Inside the V40, what you expect is somewhat a mash-up between the familiar buttons you can find on the now defunct S40, in-dash monitor with sat-nav straight from the S60 and the instrumental panel, well, this is a bit too futuristic, to be fair. This instrumental panel maybe new to us but it changes if you select three driving modes; if someone is focused on performance, the V40's instrumental panel goes all red hot, if you're driving in normal mode, the instrumental panel's all a bit simple but if you're focused on Eco Driving, the instrumental panel's all green and an Eco Guide is seen at the left side. If that wasn't put you, how about looking at the roof of the V40? What you see here is a huge panoramic glass roof which can be a bit too problematic if bright sunlight comes directly at you. Talk about a design flaw but still, the V40 accommodates up to five people, 335L of load capacity, 1073mm of front leg room, 847mm of rear leg room, 953mm of front head room, and that's it.

2013 Volvo V40

There are various variants of the V40 available such as the 115HP D2, 150HP D3, 177HP D4, 150HP T3, and 180HP T4. Those choices may come with either a 6-speed manual and for some, a 6-speed automatic transmission for those who are not hairy chested. A V40 D2 variant will have a combined fuel consumption of 3.6L/100km while the turbocharged V40 T3 will have 5.4L/100km of combined fuel consumption. Most variants do come with an idling stop system that shuts off when stopped and then start again when your foot is on the pedal, to save fuel. Overall, most of these are certified EURO 5 COMPLIANT. Stefan Jacoby said that the V40 wraps you in a much comfortable interior with such ergonomics and technology that will make you feel informed, focused, and relaxed. I kinda agree to that but no. That's not far enough.

There are tons of safety features offered on the Volvo V40 such as Pedestrian Detection, Blind Spot Information System, Park Assist Pilot, Lane Keeping Aid, City Safety with automatic braking and then there was the world's first PEDESTRIAN AIRBAG. What is it? How does the V40's pedestrian airbag work?

So, convinced how the pedestrian airbag works? It's somewhat an airbag bolted to the V40 bonnet and it inflates when this car hit the pedestrian, saving a life in an event of an unfortunate accident. We know this is a world's first feature but take extreme precautions about this pedestrian airbag because not most of the time this new feature works in an event of a collision between you and the pedestrian.

The Volvo V40's colors include; Svart, Passion rod, Ice vit, Silver, Svart Metallic, Titanium gra, Caspian bla, Flaminco rod, Biarritz bla, Vibrant koppar, Raw Copper, Misty Blue, and Electric silver.

My Comment:

So, a very complicating new feature, a panoramic glass roof that can be somewhat a design flow, class leading driving dynamics, and a proof that the V40 is not a replacement to the S40, C30, and the V50. You might think that this nya V40 has the handling of the C30, the riding comfort of the S40, and the versatility of the V50, fused into one Scandinavian packaging but this new Volvo has a long way to go. If I were driving this car, I am not somewhat likely to be succumbed by the V40's elegance, sportiness, and the versatility. You have to think better than that, Volvo. It takes Juan to know Juan but in here, it doesn't.

Photo: Volvo Cars
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